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fuckyeahchinesefashion · 20 hours ago
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chinese street food in evening market
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tstwitterupdates · a year ago
Tumblr media
TStweet 07/12/20 :
Talking with your closeted non-binary friend’s parent about them:
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changan-moon · a year ago
cr: 方方&波妞
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randomitemdrop · 18 days ago
Tumblr media
Item: roll d16
bottle of salad dressing
the Holy Grail
a bag of money with a dollar sign on the front
credit card
lawn chair
CD player
paint roller
a single red rose
book of tax law
set of dentures
a tombstone
fortune cookie
artificial skull
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kaepop-trash · 2 months ago
If it’s feasible, can you write about y/n and johnny during a serious disagreement about something? Like a life-changing decision of some sorts...(I can’t think of something particularly, just thought it would be interesting)
(I low-key can’t imagine it since they’re so perfect for each other I’d think these characters would hardly let it get bad)
First of all, I know how late this is. Nobody hates it more than me.
Secondly, I thought about his ask for so long trying to find something to write about. Trying to strike somewhere between a situation that is serious enough to warrant a fight but also not serious enough to come to a terrible conclusion, was challenging. But I do love a good challenge and I like to believe I delivered here. Again, I'm sorry for making you wait so long Anon.
WC: 2.6k
Johnny put his phone down on the table, sighing softly to himself.
"She said she'll be here in ten minutes. Asked us to order food." He looked up at Mark.
Mark gave him an unsure look, contemplating his words, "So." He dragged the word, "Why didn't you both come together?" He asked carefully.
Johnny sighed again, "(Y/N) left work late, she said she had something to do and I booked the table for eight." Johnny shrugged. "Our apartment is just two blocks away."
Mark gave him an unconvinced nod, "Right."
"And." Johnny groaned, "We're fighting." He rubbed his eyes with his palm, feeling more drained than usual.
"What?" Mark let out a laugh, "What did you do?"
Johnny looked back at Mark with a frown, making him drop his grin. "Why are you assuming it's my fault?"
Mark nodded, lifting his glass of water with a thoughtful hum, "What happened then?" He took a sip of the liquid.
Johnny opened his mouth, closing his lips as he thought over last night's events again.
"You don't have to tell me if it's personal." Mark reassured once he saw the dilemma in his best friend’s eyes.
"It was nothing." Johnny clicked his tongue, "I paid one of her credit card bills, it ended up on my desk and I was paying mine." He reached for his own glass of water. "It's not like it's a big deal. We've been together for more than two years now. Is it really that bad if I pay a bill?" He frowned again, a small glimpse of his confusion and hurt showing.
Mark winced, "What did she say?"
"She wanted to pay me back. Can you imagine?" Johnny groaned, "I obviously said no, then it became this big thing it wasn't supposed to be." Johnny ran a hand through his hair, taking a breath that came out a defeated sigh.
"Just let her pay you back." Mark chuckled, the solution obvious to him.
"No." Johnny snapped, making Mark sit back with wide eyes. Johnny took a deep breath, composing himself. "It's just a credit card bill. It doesn't matter to me."
Johnny being mad was a rare sight. Not annoyed or a little bothered, but outright angry about something. Mark frowned, finding himself in a tough position of wanting to help but also not knowing if it was his place.
"I mean, I guess it does to her, right? (Y/N) likes to pull her own weight. You know that." Mark nudged softly.
Johnny huffed. Mark was right, Johnny knew this. Yet he still couldn't soothe the part of him that felt like he was allowed to do these things once in a while.
He gave Mark a curt nod, effectively ending the conversation. Mark chewed on his lips for a moment, eyeing Johnny's face. The frown etched across his features told Mark that it was best not to push him further.
"Did you watch the game last night?" He asked with a lighter tone.
A few minutes later, Johnny looked up as (Y/N) walked up to the table. Johnny knew that the restaurant was small enough that she could spot them from the door. Yet he still felt disappointed that she hadn't texted him on arrival.
Johnny really hated fights. As bad as the actual confrontation part of it was, it was almost okay compared to what came later. What Johnny hated most about fights was the few days of awkward interactions that came after the fact. While both of them tip-toed around with words and touches. It was the kind of hesitant interactions that Johnny never liked by virtue of who he was. At home it was distressing.
He toyed with his fork as she slid into the seat beside him.
Johnny's forehead creased, turning to face her as he took a deep inhale. "You smell like me."
She turned to look at him, lips parting for a second too long before she closed them again. She licked her lips, "Yeah. I was in a hurry in the shower and grabbed your shower gel. Sorry." She shrugged, distracting herself by aligning her plate and cutlery neatly on the table.
Johnny snorted, "You don't have to apologise." His voice was a mumble. She looked up and nodded, before going back to staring at the table. He took another deep breath, the idea of her covered in the smell he so deeply associated with himself surrounded him as thoroughly as her presence suddenly did.
His eyes didn't leave hers as he breathed in the air of discomfort between them. She was the first one to look away, turning to face Mark.
Johnny hated fights.
"So," She grinned at Mark, "What is all this fuss about?" She wriggled her brows at him.
Mark fumbled, "Well I had some good news." He looked down to his plate and ran his fingers across the table cloth.
"Are you pregnant?" Johnny questioned with a very serious voice. Mark looked up with a gaze of wide-eyed horror. She snorted.
"What? No!" He shook his head, not processing yet that he was biologically incapable of the task. "I got a promotion." He closed his eyes and sighed when he realised that he blurted out his surprise. He opened his eyes and let out a short giggle, "I'm an editor now. Yay." He said nervously, shaking his hand beside his head like jazz hands.
Both of them looked at him in a little disbelief for a moment.
"Oh my god dude!" Johnny was the first to speak up. "Congratulations!" He laughed, grinning at his best friend.
(Y/N) got out of her chair to give Mark a hug, one he got up for without having to be told.
"That's amazing, Mark. You deserve it!" She squeezed him tight once before letting go.
"I called my parents when I got the news, but I needed to tell you both in person. You're my only family here." Mark let out a flustered chuckle. She had sat back down, but the urge to hug Mark again suddenly felt strong.
The waiter arrived to take their order. Mark gave them a shy gaze, "My treat, you guys." He lifted his eyes from the menu.
"We should get the most expensive wine then." Johnny hummed, making Mark give him a nervous smile. She laughed, the sound sounding too good to Johnny's ears in the moment. He turned to give her a grin, but her eyes were glued on the menu. He swallowed his disappointment and didn't let his smile falter.
"Just remember that my raise doesn't kick in till next month." Mark reminded him sheepishly. Johnny gave him a short laugh and an understanding nod.
"I'll save you your rent." Johnny winked, making Mark shake his head.
Johnny’s focus came in and out of the dinner. Mark and (Y/N) ended up talking about something obscure and he was grateful he didn't have to be involved. His eyes wandered across the room for a while, landing eventually on what they were really wanting to look at.
(Y/N) smiled at something Mark said, giving him a small nod and covering her mouth to chew her food. When she leaned back to eat, her hair brushed against her shoulders. Only then did Johnny seem to notice the dress she was wearing— the off-shoulder neckline wide and resting low on her arm. His eyes traced over her exposed clavicle, her hair brushing against it. She tried to flick her head but it didn’t budge. Without thinking about it too much, or maybe because deep down Johnny became petty when he was sulking, he brushed the strands back. The graze of his fingers lingering longer than was required was proof that he was, in fact, being petty.
The way her breath faltered pleased him more than it should. But she didn’t turn to look, and Johnny was now certain he was being given a cold shoulder.
One that came with clavicles that made his head a little foggy.
“Is this new?” Johnny mumbled, his fingers brushing against her thigh where the dress ended. She took another shaky breath, Johnny smirked.
“Yes.” She turned to him, “I happened to have some extra money this month.” She gave him a pointed look, “So I stopped by a store after work.” She shrugged.
Johnny bit down, his jaw going rigid. He swallowed the irritation that surged at her subtle jab, giving her an impassive smile instead. “Then I guess it’s a win-win for me.” He scoffed, the words stubborn. She turned to give him a glare, earning an impervious grin from him.
She let out an angry groan, turning her body to face him. Johnny licked his lips, prepared for the confrontation.
“Guys don’t fight, please. We’re celebrating.” Mark pleaded.
She narrowed her eyes, Johnny’s eyes lingered on the move before he looked back to Mark.
“Couples fight.” He told Mark.
“We aren’t fighting.” She said at the same time.
Johnny let out a bitter chuckle, Mark gave them an unconvinced nod, taking a big gulp of his wine.
“Let’s just get dessert.” Johnny spoke with a pursed smile aimed at the wine glass he picked up.
“How drunk are you?” Johnny knitted his brows, staring at Mark as he put on the boy’s coat for him. Mark lifted his head to answer, stumbling back a little at the sudden move. Johnny sighed, grabbing Mark’s arm to stop him from slipping onto the floor.
“Enough.” She sighed, “Drink some water, Mark.” She handed him a bottle of water that a waiter helpfully left with her.
“Can you walk?” Johnny tilted his head to meet Mark’s eyes.
He gave a quick nod, “Of course I can walk.” His voice rose with a hint of indignation. He took a few experimental steps with care, raising his head from watching his feet to give them a thumbs up.
Johnny sighed, lifting her coat for her to slip in. She looked up at the gesture but his concerned gaze stayed glued on Mark.
“Let’s just take him home.” She suggested, looking away quickly when Johnny turned to her. Johnny considered the possibility, turning to look at Mark while he counted the tiles on the floor while walking in circles.
But taking Mark back would also make it the second day they would go to bed angry.
“Yay! Sleepover!” Mark clapped his hands.
She laughed, “We can’t put him in an uber like this.” She pointed at the fumbling boy.
“We’ll have a sleepover and you guys can make up.” Mark came and stood behind them, putting his arms on their shoulders to bring them closer.
Johnny cleared his throat, “Alright, time to go.” He clapped his hand on his back, making Mark stumble.
“The wine was your idea.” She reminded Johnny as she put the keys into their door. Johnny held up Mark by what felt like willpower alone at that point, giving her a dry smile at the comment.
She walked beside Johnny as he guided the, by now, too drunk Mark to the guest bedroom. Once Mark’s head hit the pillow, she took off his shoes. She left the room with the shoes in her hand, eyeing Mark with concern as Johnny closed the door to the room behind them.
“We should talk.” Johnny sighed.
“Okay.” She groaned, walking to the door to drop Mark’s shoes. “Take the money for the bill, then we can talk.” She said simply.
“No.” Johnny followed behind her as she made her way into the kitchen. She scoffed bitterly, nodding as she kept her eyes on the floor.
“Then we have nothing to talk about.” She gave him a tired look as she filled the kettle with water.
“You are literally just being stubborn now.” Johnny groaned, pinching the bridge of his nose like it would help him focus.
“I’m being stubborn? You paid one of my bills without asking me.” She turned around, last night’s frustrations coming back to the surface.
“It’s just Money, (Y/N)!” He sounded equally frustrated, “Honestly, it’s literally just money and you’re stretching this into such an unnecessary argument.” He ran his hand through his hair.
“It’s not–” She paused before her voice raised anymore, clearing her throat. “It’s not just money.” She squeezed her eyes shut, sounding desperate.
“Yes it is!” Johnny leaned against the counter, “You’re the person I’m going to spend the rest of my life with, who cares if I paid one bill! You’re the one always talking about how showing love matters more than saying it.” He mumbled, looking away like he was embarrassed. “This is how I do it, I hate that you always do this. I know you just like being your own provider. I know that. But it’s just something I want to do sometimes, I like doing it. I can do it.” He paused to sigh, his head dropping. “But the way you get so against it every single time.” He looked up at her, tentative uncertainty in his eyes. “It’s like you think that me buying something for you means I somehow think less of you.” He sighed as the words finally came out, the fear Johnny had now held onto for years. “I would never in my life, for any reason, think of us as anything short of equals.” Johnny ran a hand through his hair.
“Johnny–” She sighed.
“Do you really think that little of me? That after everything I will hold a stupid fucking credit card bill against you?” He came up to stand in front of her. “What is the point of working my bones in if I can’t even do this much for the person I love?”
“I’m just–” She paused, swallowing her words.
“No, say it.” Johnny walked up to her. “You never say anything. Just tell me.” He looked down at her, holding back his anger the best he could.
(Y/N) had hardly ever seen Johnny angry. She was not prepared for when it was directed at her.
“I just.” She looked down at her hands, groaning when her eyes welled up. “People keep talking about how great you are because of your six-figure salary. My mom, my co-workers act like I’ve won the lottery. I hate it, Johnny.” She tried her best to keep her voice stable. “I am lucky, but not because of your bank account.” She tried not to sniffle, but when she raised her hand to wipe her eyes Johnny immediately leaned over.
“Hey.” His voice softened, “Don’t–”
“I’m not crying.” She shook her head, tears falling on Johnny’s feet from the movement.
“Okay.” Johnny smiled, embracing her tightly. She buried her face in his chest, trying to unsuccessfully hide her sniffling. “I’m the one who hit the jackpot. I don’t care what people think. I care about you.” He kissed the top of her head, “I care about us.” He mumbled into her hair.
“You’re always showing me love, Johnny.” She pushed back to make her voice audible, but kept her gaze on his chest. “You make me feel so loved. Sometimes I think I’m in some dream that I will get ripped out of. I’m sorry, I just don’t want to be a burden to anybody.”
“Shut up.” He lightly tapped her head, “You don’t even let me carry you and you’re afraid of being a burden?”
“Yes. I didn’t say it’s sensible. I’m still getting used to being a partner to someone.” She sighed, looking up at him with a timid gaze.
He sighed too, “I should have asked you.” He pulled her back into his embrace.
“Yes, you should have. But I ordered a new fridge today so it’s fine.” She mumbled, making Johnny laugh.
“Fine. I guess I’ll have to get used to having a stubborn partner like you.”
“You’re more stubborn than I am, John.” She looked up at him with a frown.
“That’s a one person speculation.” He grinned.
“We’ll ask Mark tomorrow.” She took a step back.
“That’s cheating! He always takes your side.” She couldn’t help the smile that drew her cheeks up.
Character from: Unintended Consequences
Send me an ask about a character from one of my fics in a scenario and I'll write a drabble.
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atsuminthe · 2 months ago
types of doms
Tumblr media
★ synopsis: some quick hornknee thots bc i myself am hornknee. might make a post for switches and subs too some other time
★ character(s): various (idk if i missed anyone, i have the attention span of a goldfish)
★ warnings: 18+, female reader, d/s dynamics, soft, mean, strict, service—doms galore, spit, impact play, size kink, praise/degradation, pet names
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
SOFT DOMS; will call you ‘princess’ and shower you with praise and sweet words as their fingers diligently pump in and out of your pussy, stretching it while rubbing your clit with their thumb to make sure it can accomodate his thick cock—‘don’t worry, baby, i’ll make it fit’. they hold you in their lap as they bottom out, rubbing your back and kissing your face all over to get your mind off the burn of the stretch while your little hole struggles to take their entire cock
—OIKAWA, komori, makki, osamu, GOSHIKI, semi, aran, KITA
MEAN DOMS; will degrade you and call you names, smiling at the way tears stream down your cheeks from the delicious sting of their words and their palm colliding with your ass/thighs, as well as the overwhelming pleasure they give you as they wrap their lips over your clit and tongue-fuck you until you cry out. their aftercare is the best—they know how mean they can get when they slip inside youe perfect hole and they don’t want you to think they mean any of the things they say in the heat of the moment
—SUNA, TSUKISHIMA, sakusa, suga, KYOTANI, KUROO, tendou
STRICT DOMS; they’re methodical, patiently waiting for you to adjust to the stretch and burn of their cock in your hole. will lace their mean, degrading words with honey, adding ‘my’ and ‘sweet/pretty/little’ to whatever they might say and always be on guard if you ever decide to use your safeword. they don’t tolerate brats and will deal with them accordingly—they’re swift and efficient. say ‘thank you, daddy/sir/master’ after every spank or when they spit in your mouth and they’ll give you a kiss that’s the polar opposite of how they’re pounding your poor cunt, bruising your hips
—IWAIZUMI, USHIJIMA, meian, matsukawa, DAICHI, yaku, akaashi
SERVICE DOMS; they’re at your every beck and call, you just have to say what you want and they’re already on the job. they get off on your moans, whimpers, pleas to ‘go harder’, ‘please don’t stop, daddy’, ‘yes—right there’ and so on. they will most definitely bury their faces between your thighs and lap at your core for as long as you want, drawing orgasm after orgasm until you’re a squealing mess and you’re gushing all over his face, or they’ll finger you until you can’t remember your name, or they’ll fuck you until you become dumb—all while whispering how good you are to them and ‘you can give me another one, angel, i know you can’
—hinata, yamaguchi, HIRUGAMI S., ROMERO, adriah, ASAHI, NOYA, ATSUMU, bokuto
DOMS THAT LET YOU ‘TAKE CONTROL’ yet they still guide you through pleasuring them or yourself; they’ll grab your hips and slam you on their cock as you moan and squeal their name/title, holding you firmly but genty to let you set your own pace (they’ll flip you over if you start crying that you can’t do it and take over), or push your head up and down their shaft while telling you to pump its base because ‘your pretty little mouth just can’t fit all of my cock’
—kageyama, tanaka, KENMA, shirabu, hoshiumi, HIRUGAMI F.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
taglist (send an ask/dm to be added/removed): @nakizumie; @lovelytarou; @koutaris; @izhyperfixates; @kirakirasaku; @tsumooo;
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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fuckyeahchinesefashion · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Chinese Paradise-flycatcher /Terpsiphone incei in dongzhai 董寨, henan ◇ photo by 仇绍强
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tstwitterupdates · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
TS tweet 02/06/21 : (aesthetic generator)
Thomas: flower abomination
Roman: glam trash
Patton: sweet core
Logan: star band geek
Virgil: hot topic pride
Janus: mom witch
Remus: disease garbage
Picani anime hippie
Sleep: starbucks spirit
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ringoarchive · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Sheena Ringo's Shouso Strip promotional pictures, 2000.
*pictures from Ringo BoOK
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imagineyouricon · a month ago
Imagine your icon telling you that you're their little pogchamp
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klaasfoto · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
Mandatory annual blossom photo 2021, #4.
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sailormoonsub · 27 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
We as a society are ready for Artemis to be the new meme template
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kaepop-trash · a month ago
Chance Encounter Mini Masterlist
Tumblr media
Cover: @hyeinfection
Rated: Smut, Office au, CEO au
Pairing: JohnnyxReader
Summary: Yuta invited you for a Friday night out and the only real reason you accepted was because you didn't want to eat at home. His overzealous insistence should have been the first evidence but it was hardly everyday that he drags you to an adult club where seemingly anything goes. Still, you were nothing if not adventurous at heart and that alone made you strive through. Till that is, you met the most unlikely person behind those debaucherous doors.
Chapters (Complete)
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Before: Doyoung (M) [Suggestive] (Doyoung×Reader)
"I just want to see Rockstar Doyoung have some justice."
Jealousy (M) [Angst]
"would u consider doing a drabble where y/n and johnny go to another party and johnny gets jealous of her interacting with doyoung."
Menage a Trois (M) [Smut] (Doyoung×Reader×Johnny)
The one with a threesome.
Road to Love (M) [Suggestive]
"dying to know how each of them realised they were in love (chance encounter). like there would be sooo much denial haha."
You've Been Ignoring Me (M) [Smut]
"Heloo. So I was thinking for a thigh riding with johnny. And yeah..with some squirting things, oral (f receiving) and fingering...yes."
Being Ignored [Angst]
"would you consider writing Johnny’s pov of this [You've Been Ignoring Me] week that she technically ignored him? From his text on Saturday to the moment he saw her at the break room? I love when you have things from his point of view."
You Go To My Head [Fluff]
"could you do a scenario in chance encounter where johnny is feeling vulnerable/in a vulnerable situation and how would y/n react to it?"
We Belong to Eachother (M) [Angst, Smut]
"Can you write about the fight that johnny mentioned in the last drabble? [ER]"
ER [Fluff]
"now i wanna know what went down the day y/n broke her leg and how he was there for her thru all that"
Sour Candy [Angst]
"i wonder what was on johnny's mind at the end of the last drabble [Studio] u wrote"
Studio(M) [Smut]
"drabble where johnny and y/n hook up in the recording studio?"
Commitment [Fluff]
"would u be open to writing about johnny and y/n eventually being in a committed rs?"
Meet the Parents (M) [Fluff, Smut]
"Can we get a glimpse or idea on what has changed in y/n and johnny’s relationship in chance encounter after they become fully committed to each other?"
Accident [Angst, Fluff]
"how would johnny and y/n react to her being pregnant/having a pregnancy scare (if it’s too early)?"
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atsuminthe · 2 months ago
Mafia headcannons you say? How about... tw mafia, blood, violence
Boss Suna Rintarou who's known among his underlings and enemies as "Basilisk" because of his stone cold gaze. But whenever you're around his eyes soften, and all of his mob are grateful for you.
Or henchman Bokuto Koutarou, called not-so-affectionately "The Butcher" because of his aptitude for violence - he rarely stops before his whole forearms are covered in blood. Sometimes you call him that too, with a giggle, after he absolutely wrecks your pussy.
Or maybe assassin Miya Osamu called "The Chef", who has an onigiri business on a side, known for only two things: his absolutely terrifyingly precise knife skills, and his insatiable hunger for you.
Or would you prefer Head Hitman Akaashi Keiji, known more as "The Scribe", whose detailed descriptions of "putting someone to eternal sleep" are famous for sending chills down everyone's spines. But he's also the one who sends you the most beautiful love letters, with the most beautiful, calligraphic even, handwriting.
Tumblr media
cw — mafia!au, fem!reader, soft dom!suna (body worship, praise), feral!bokuto (rough sex, breeding, size), osamu is insatiable (cunnilingus, daddy), akaashi knows how to write down his fantasies
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
oh i absolutely adore the idea of suna rintaro, nicknamed “basilisk”, fucking you silly in his office, behind the heavy mahogany doors—having you squeal and moan and whimper his name as you’re spread on his desk, his to look at, his to appreciate, his to adore and worship. he makes sure to kiss every inch of your skin (god forbid you say a bad word about your body, how could you insult the most perfect temple in existence? he’s the only one allowed to defile it) before his lips trail lower and lower, licking and sucking on your inner thighs until he can see your arousal glistening in the setting sun behind him. “such a good girl f’me,” he praises, one hand kneading your soft breast as he comes back up to kiss your forehead. “gonna be good and cum for me, pretty?”
also bokuto absolutely wrecking your shit—he’s so big and strong, with broad shoulders and toned abs, pressing his chest on yours as he folds you in a mating press. his cock never stops pistoning in and out of you, his grunts and your loud moans and high-pitched squeaks filling the air. something in him snaps when you say “kou- kou please! wan’ your cum, gimme your cum—” and he turns feral as he fulfils your wish—hot spurts of cum flood your battered pussy, painting your walls while and leaving you warm, happy and full. you giggle, euphoria clouding your mind, as you kiss your husband’s lips and he all but melts into you. “the butcher”, alright. you’ll be so sore tomorrow.
going dizzy over miya “the chef” osamu, who makes the best onigiri in japan, with a three michelin star restaurant in tokyo, who sinks to his knees in seconds when you tell him you’re needy and you’ve missed his touch. all you have to do is sit on his office chair and be pretty as he devours your pussy, tongue pushing in and out of your pulsating core, nose nudging your clit with each move as he laps up everything you give him, humming—he knows you like how it feels when he hums into your pretty pussy. he doesn’t stop after only one orgasm, god, no—he’ll pull as many as he can until you’re shaking and crying for him that “‘s too much, daddy!”—only then will he come up for air, cheeks and chin glistening with your juices and his saliva, grinning proudly. “missed ya too, buttercup.”
and don’t get me started on akaashi, who is a master with words and always prepares a few letter for you in advance, so you’re not lonely while he’s away. they’re no ordinary letters, though—the writing is immaculate, a very beautiful calligraphy (the letters to you are always the one where he does his best so his writing is the most beautiful), yet the thoughts it voices are so dirty they make you squirm in your shared bed, surrounded by silk sheets and expensive pillows. he usually describes his dreams (most if not all of his dreams contain you) and fantasies, but there’s the occasional ‘reminiscence letter’ where he brings back to memory one particular night that he liked, describing everything in great detail.
mafia men my beloveds <3
Tumblr media
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