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#mischa for ts

There was a time in which gifmakers used the “insp.” Abbreviation and linked to the post or gifset they were inspired by to make their gifset. Or send a message stating a simple “hey you inspired me to do xyz”. Especially with very original ideas, I feel like some ~popular~ tumblrs are thirsting for notes and sell seemingly unique ideas as their own when there was another person who clearly did a similar thing before them, in the same fandom, but might not have gotten many notes because they aren’t popular. I really miss those times in which original giffing styles were appreciated and praised and in which people weren’t that far up one person’s ass who steals gifset ideas and, on top of that, regularly orangewashes poc without ever being called out for it.

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I’m just gonna say this once. Youtube is deleting my comments about this.

You’re a queer person and you think the way Cas revealed his feelings right before dying is harmful/hurtful?

Those are VALID feelings. You do not have to explain yourself on this. You do not have to make an analysis of whether dean is disgusted or shocked or whether Jensen Ackles is just a bad actor. You do not have to discuss whether Cas actually died or just “went into the empty”, whatever the hell that even is.

Fact is, after years and years of queer baiting, they gave the viewers Destiel by having one of them reveal his feelings - seconds before he dies/disappears forever. To me, as a queer person, this is freaking harmful. I do not need anyone explain to me why it isn’t. To me, personally, it is.

And, objectively, it is bad respresentation of lgbtq+ people. I’m studying this sh*t at University (we usually talk about more quality shows though), but killing off a queer character right after they revealed themselves as queer is just bad representation all over.

Now, this doesn’t mean you are not allowed to enjoy the love confession or even the entire scene. But you have to be critical enough to see its huge problems.

You’re queer and you don’t think it’s harmful to you? That’s okay, but stop trying to discredit the feelings of other queer people and be critical enough to realize why it may seem harmful to others.

I cannot believe I even need to explain this. I thought Tumblr has always been a welcoming community for people of the lgbtq+ community. But, right now, we have straight AND queer white fangirls coming together to fight everyone who tries to formulate more negative feelings towards this scene.

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What would you say are the mbti types of casi ángeles characters?

to answer your first question, yes, i am very interested in mbti theory and i indeed sorted all the CA characters before, for myself. I will make gifsets of that in the next few months (I actually started already here)… but i can give you an overview of the most important characters. some characters i’m not sure of yet, there i put all the options i’m considering…

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wow 6 shows that have all have under 5 LGBT characters- actually 5 no one on jessica jones gay?? and out of those shows only 1 (HTGAWM) has a canon gay couple right now? like i mean those are all great shows but i dont think it's fair to say there's plenty of LGBT representation on TV.

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And granted the ship isn't still together right now, but there's a lesbian and a bisexual women on grey's anatomy and not to mention the guy who alec is falling for in shadowhunters is bisexual. There's also lgbt characters on Orphan Black

I don’t watch Orphan Black (yet) and Grey’s Anatomy (anymore), but here other anon, you have some more examples. :) 

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"There's plenty of LGBT representation on tv currently" ?? where? like no?? not at all? "plenty"? um hell no. like i totally agree with what you're saying about bisexuality that's 100% valid but this statement is super wrong like dude what shows are you watching??
  • how to get away with murder - LGBT representation at its finest. working, healthy, cute, adorable, awesome homosexual relationship between two men AND bisexual relationship between two women. various LGBT characters.
  • the 100 - bisexual girl who has been sleeping with girls and dudes. relationship between two homosexual guys as well. yes, lexa got killed off, but there’s still other LGBT characters on that show.
  • the shannara chronicles - bisexual girl who’s shown to have been in relationships with males and females.
  • shadowhunters - homosexual guy who’s shown to be in love with a heterosexual and now slowly - but very adorably - falls for another guy who’s shown interest in him. very cute and adorable representation.
  • faking it - this! show! only! consists! of! LGBT! characters!… and liam, lol.
  • jessica jones - lead female very much in love with another girl. very adorable as well.

and those are just the most obvious ones out of those i watch.

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You're in the 100 fandom right? Do you know the owner of the URL bellamyblake and do you think they're willing to trade their URL?

I am and I do :) Her name’s Haley and I know with a 110% safety that she’d never trade the URL. Not only has she promised the person who kept the URL before her never to give it up again, but she also loves Bellamy Blake like… idk, like a pirate loves freedom and gold together. Sorry, nonnie, but she deserves the URL like no one else does - even if some ppl don’t agree with that. You gotta look for another Bellamy Blake related URL bcs I can assure you that this certain one won’t ever be available again. ;)

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hi!! i hope this doesn't inconvenience you but i wanted to do your ultimate ship meme but was wondering what you meant by daily life ships and power couples?? thank you!

hey there :)

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i FINALLY figured out my issue with shadowhunters (besides the questionable acting skills)

the main characters have been made 4-5 years older than in the books - which is not a bad thing bcs 18-year-old characters attract a wider audience than 14-year-old characters. the problem is that these 18-year-olds still BEHAVE like their 14-year-old book counterparts. you cannot take them serious. the whole show is based on drama and characters for a younger audience but the characters themselves are actually older and wiser (or should be). and their reactions and problems just seem so overly forced and not in any kind of way relatable for someone who’s about the same age…

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i promise you to make some gifs for this blog later… but it’s 3:15am here. i really should go to sleep :)

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