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5:14 AM EST November 23, 2020:

The Misfits - “Devilock”
From the album Misfits
(July 1, 1986)

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File under: Horrorpunk

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Prompt: I wish you’d write a fic where… reader and Nathan are dared to kiss or do some childish thing like 7 minutes in heaven and it obvs leads somewhere…. Sexy
Requested by: Anonymous
Word Count: 856


Originally posted by glamboyl

“We should play a game or something,” Alisha suggested as you took another swig from the increasingly emptying bottle and passed it off to Kelly.

“Like what?” Simon asked and a giggle burst from your lips, drawing Nathan’s attention and he arched a curious eyebrow at you.

“Alright, y’gunna share with th’class?” he asked with a grin and you snorted another laugh, letting your head loll back against the couch cushion behind your head.

“It’s really stupid,” you replied, holding up your hands, but you’d gotten everyone’s attention now.

“Oh, no no no,” Nathan exclaimed, sitting up straighter on the floor next to you.  “Y’can’t just tease an idea and then not tell us.  We wanna hear it!”

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