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#misha is dancing
4evamc · 11 days ago
Another angle of Misha being adorable
Better quality
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licieoic · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
"Dancing In Heaven" - Digital Oil Painting
Don't worry about Dean and Cas in Heaven. They're thriving.
Please see the pinned post at the top of my Tumblr for my links if you'd like to help support me in saving for a safe place to live!
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duoblogs · a day ago
"i think we kind of got a glimpse of that with how quickly [dean] got up the stairs" 🤝 "i know how i approached it... and i'll be honest with you, i kind of feel like that came across"
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casmick-consequences · 6 months ago
Here it is, as promised!!! I'm a bit rusty, haven't drawn in almost half a year but yea. Enjoy some married Destiel slow-dancing on their anniversary <3
Tumblr media
And yes: he has Cas's grace in his wedding ring AND in a vial by his heart. He has both ❤️
Please don't repost, but DO reblog :)
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spnsmile · 4 months ago
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
how to trap an Ackles (x) unzipped (x)
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magnificent-winged-beast · 7 months ago
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Q&A PANEL WITH MISHA COLLINS Date: Saturday, March 6, 2021 Time: 11:45 AM – 12:45 PM PST (Convert time) How: Click here for the details and sign up at StageIt! and it’s “Pay what you can”!
Tumblr media
Q&A PANEL WITH JENSEN ACKLES & JARED PADALECKI Date: Sunday, March 7, 2021 Time: 12:45 PM – 1:45 PM PST (Convert time) How: Click here for the details and sign up at StageIt! and it’s “Pay what you can”!
The links go straight to SATGEIT, where you can buy a ticket or try to hitch a ride.
But, if you can´t acquire your own ticket you are welcome to come to our therapy room and share the experience.
The link to the room on KAST:
WE DESERVE BETTER I miss you guys, I hope I can see you all our band of United Clowns of the World, and we can watch the annual dance of avoiding of all the SEASON'S FINALE important questions, or we can finally manifest together the spilling of the tea. Free Jackles!
Tumblr media
As usual. I’m tagging the people I will love to meet there, or can help me to SIGNAL BOOST THIS POST for other people that wants to join. Everyone is invited to both days. I’m very sorry if you aren’t interested or move on from the show, just send me a DM to stop tagging you in this things.
@fangirlxwritesx67 @michyribeiro @naruhearts; @castiel-saved-me-from-myself; @flyingcatstiel;  @4evamc;   @braezenkitty; @julesthequirky; @celestialcastielx @deadspn ; @misccee @thatsnotwhoifuckingam; @gatstiel ; @bluefirecas @ain-t-bovvered;  @helianthus21; @emblue-sparks; @niteowlangel; @mcinspires @mmmexperimental; @dean-cas-in-the-impala; @agusvedder ;  @cassielshalo ; @webcricket; @cas-you-assbutt-dean-needs-you @trenchcoatsandfreckles @legendary-destiel @jessalrynn  @lykanyouko  @lugiadepression  @soleeryx  @joey-ramone-is-my-spirit-animal  @crxstalcas @ryugarika  @verobatto-angelxhunter @fingergunsbidean @rennerator @skycruise @haven3333 @jenabean75 @instantlymellowwasteland @ltleflrt @tranquildespondence @risenlucifer @cateyes315 @drsilverfish @ivegivenupugh @orionsangel86 @amwritingmeta @sketching-fox @dw-sw @pray4jensen @the-faerie-circle @starsinursa @jemariel @mrsaquaman187  @zevbaldwin @winchester-reload  @wanderingcas @headust  @destielle @mishka @nox-lee @dragonpressgraphics @cloverhighfive @bend-me-shape-me @mercurialkitty @zationao3 @celestialangelcastiel  @hewwodean @lizleeillustration @thefriendlypigeon @shixpe @a-bit-of-influence @you-keep-those  @hi-its-teamfreewill  @carolinasacco @daughter-of-the-rain-and-snow  @dimples-of-discontent  @spnsmile @castielismyfavouriteangel @youhaveaguineapigwhere @castielsgal @nevarevermore @casualpandabeliever @santamadredidios @ozonecologne @but-for-the-gods-three-days  @wiseoldowl72   @weathergirl83 @stopmakingfaces @cas-essence @dixseptdixhuit @spn-4-ever @ohmydeancass @pallasperilous @playfulpanthress @eames-with-a-rose @beanie-beebo @starlightcastiel @misha-moose-dean-burger-lover @brazencas @this-is-a-moose-ing @duckie0167 @obsessedandindistress  @holydestiel  @prayedtoyou  @folklorecastiel  @hidefromeveryone @lisafu02 @princesscas  @so-do-you-fondue @gracelands2 @unfamiliar-reference @podajleki @bisexualcrowley @freedomcraziness @superduckbatrebel @castielsgal @youchangedmedean @norwegiandean @fluffiestlou @obliviousace  @podajleki @arvit @saint-raphael​ @unfamiliar-reference​ @godshipsthemtoo​ @sillysunshinesstuff​ @its-a-moo-goddamn-point-mooooo​ @ihatehavingabody​ @hewwodean​ @adoptdontshoppets​ @theres-nothing-rude-about-me​ @licieoic​@redrekhamstreasure​ @dascean​ @d-a-r-y-a-l​ @kamwashere​ @captainhaterade​   @inessencedevided​ @deanwinchestercoded @voidstiel​ @we-all-deserve-to-be-saved​ @wonderbound​ @ishipdestiel-lovesofmylifeistg85​  @pimentogirl​ @livebloggingmydescentintomadness​  @thatisahotsoup​ @lalinhalovescas​ @silvermadi​ @casandhumanity​ @weird-dorky-little-d​ @jtthompson​
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free-byrd · 10 months ago
my dad just asked me to imagine what if one of j2m went on dancing with the stars (he’s a big fan) after supernatural ended and my mind went
l a m p s c e n e
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theyarebothgunshot · 13 days ago
Hi Rose!! So you know Danneel’s post got me thinking today, and to be honest I think one of the main reasons I feel so comfortable believing in cockles (aside from the obvious of course) is because of how supportive Danneel is. When I’d just joined the fandom, I remember watching some really loud cockles interactions and just thinking “man how is Jensen’s wife ok with this?” (I already knew about Misha and Vicki being poly so that wasn’t an issue) but then I actually found out more about Danneel and how laid back she is and more importantly, how it seemed she was good friends with Misha and I thought there’s no way she doesn’t know,in fact not only does she know but it seems she’s absolutely ok with it. Good for all of them really. Anyways to reiterate points that have already been made:SHE TAGGED HIM ON HIS FUCKING HEART, QUEEN SHIT!!
-poker face anon
i think she is at the very very least absolutely okay with it and (probably) encouraged it. and at most, she is a willing participant from time to time shfsdhfhsd but that is just based on vibes they give off.
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dance-world · 24 days ago
Tumblr media
Tasos Pappas Petridis - photo by Misha Fedotov
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spookygaycas · 9 months ago
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Misha and Felicia at this panel are so cute I love them
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farthngdr · 2 months ago
I’mma tinhatting here for a moment, so if you have a weak stomach, please avert your eyes.
Concerning this post from Jensen on Aug. 7:
Tumblr media
(Adjusting my tinhat firmly to my scalp): Unless Jensen not only wishes Steve a happy birthday every year on social media, AND ALSO includes a photo of both of them together every year in said post, I submit, your honor, that the motivation for Jensen to post this specific image and message is partially in response to the livestream with Misha and Darius yesterday. 
Yes, I know, I’ve got a lotta nerve, because a birthday is a birthday, and to suggest any connection between Jensen’s post to his dear friend and Misha’s earlier livestream with his best childhood friend is preposterous tinhatting to the nth degree.
I’m just saying: If the public birthday wish and the PHOTO of them together are both a first, then I submit, your honor, that someone would like to remind someone that he too has his own close male friends other than you, buddy, thank you very much.
But that theory would only be justified, your honor, if JA has been proven in the past to have a jealous personality. 
So: Jealous, or not jealous? You be the judge.
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shedontlovehuhself · 7 months ago
Why is destiel the first thing I thought of when I saw this??😭
Tumblr media
I don't even go to the lamp theory school, but seeing it everywhere has made my mind go immediately to destiel when I see things like this. Help!!
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gish · 9 months ago
Gishers have been hip to the inter-generational dance lesson craze before it was a thing. 
2020 #GISH April Mini-Hunt Item 7: Kids these days with their TikTok and their dance crazes! Have the oldest person you know teach the youngest person you know the oldest dance they know, then have the young person teach the old person the newest dance THEY know. Show us side-by-side video of them both performing the dance they each learned, set to a current Billboard Top 10 song or to a good old oldie.
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