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I haven't written anything for Breast Cancer Month.
I guess it's so highly capitalized for profit these days I kinda forget it even though I almost lost my aunt to it.
“Black women experience a disproportional burden of poor breast cancer outcomes than white women, which is associated with a higher incidence of triple-negative breast cancer, more advanced stage at diagnosis and lower treatment adherence,” Ying Liu, MD, PhD, assistant professor in the department of surgery and division of public health sciences at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis, told Healio. “However, the differences in clinical treatment and outcomes between Black women with triple-negative breast cancer and their white counterparts have not been well-defined. Therefore, we comprehensively examined the differences in treatment and survival outcomes between these two racial and ethnic groups in a nationally representative cohort of [patients with triple-negative breast cancer].”
Data compiled by the American Cancer Society highlight the need to continue working toward closing this devastating gap. Previously, Black women were found to have a slightly lower incidence rate of breast cancer. This is no longer the case: The incidence rate for Black women is close to that of white women. However, the mortality rates are markedly different, with Black women having a 40 percent higher death rate from breast cancer. Among women under 50, the disparity is even greater: The mortality rate among young Black women is double that of young white women. It is clear that the advances in treatment that have dramatically reduced breast cancer mortality overall have not equally benefitted all groups.
Conclusions: The discrepancy in survival rate between black and white women exists because black women have tumors that are more advanced at the time of diagnosis, because tumor biology in black women is different from that in white women (in particular, black women have a higher frequency of poorly differentiated tumors and a lower frequency of hormone receptor-positive tumors), and because of confounding comorbid conditions and socioeconomic factors. Current efforts to improve survival rates in black women with breast cancer should focus on community education, screening efforts, and early detection. As more information is gained about breast cancer treatment in black women, this may also be an important area for intervention.
It's really hard to find good content in the discrepancies between Black and white women in Breast cancer. Remember any articles that victim blame Black women for having lower survival rates (anything that talks about obesity rates) rather the difference in medical testing and treatment is gaslighting bullshit.
(Also remember by "women" we mean "people born with female breast tissue" because medical reporting hasn't kept up with non-gendered terms.)
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thisismisogynoir · 2 days ago
If you are a Black women or care even remotely about Black women( should), then stay the fuck away from r/unpopularopinion. 
Most of Reddit is fucking deplorable towards women so it’s not a surprise; I myself go on very few subreddits there, but I’d like to specifically call out the unpopular opinion subreddit because most of their opinions on Black women are, sadly, NOT unpopular. 
Just searching “Black women” on that subreddit gives you a whole bunch of posts with people saying they don’t see any Black women as attractive, that this is perfectly okay and not racist to say at all(yeah right), that Black women look too masculine compared to other races--with one person saying that Black women look like they could easily win a fight with an Asian, white, or Latina woman(so now we get Black women denied their femininity AND the femininity=weak, fragile, and damsel in distress bullshit. NICE!)--that we are loud, vulgar, wh*rish, and ghetto, and that the only reason Black women don’t like white guys is because white guys don’t like us(because we’re just longing for white men to pay attention to us lowly lesser beings since they are “envied” and the “standard”, aren’t we?), unlike Asian women who supposedly ALL like white men because white men fetishize them(as if Asian and Black women are itching to be treated as exotic sex carnival attractions by men of the “superior” white race, somehow). Plus that, apparently, Black women don’t deserve to play Ariel and Tinkerbell, a mermaid princess and a fairy, respectively, because it’s just as bad as whitewashing and there’s no “reason” for them to be Black since it’s not like the story’s about racism or anything. And other hateful stuff. 
Which we already get in the real world day-to-day, but now we have to apparently listen to this crap while chilling on the Internet, too?! 
And when you do see someone stand up for Black women on that site and say that we ARE attractive and feminine, you get everybody downvoting them and replying that Black women are ugly and unfeminine, while those people who hate Black women get upvoted and agreed with. It’s depressing. 
My favorite is the white guy who titled their post saying that “Black” women are really pretty...with the rest of the post being about how mixed race(and often part-white) women were prettier than mono Black women, and that if non-mixed Black women aren’t your taste then you can always go for mixed ones, since the less Black, the better. 
I guess we women are just supply and demand sex commodities for men to choose from. 
The one person who defended Black women of all shades and skin tones? Downvoted and cursed out. 
The same shit is true for r/AskMen, too. Only difference is, there, when there isn’t people casting an “ugly” brush on the entirety of Black women, they’re simply fetishizing them instead. The whole of Reddit can actually go fuck itself, anyway. 
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kouhaiofcolor · a day ago
Unpopular Opinion. There’s soooo many dark skinned women who look 100x better than women who are lighter, but won’t get the recognization, representation, credit bc of their skin. It’s kinda like Lizzo. Facially, Lizzo looks bad affffff, but bc she’s a plus size black women, ppl label her as “unattractive” bc of her size. Dark skinned black women set the entire foundation of beauty, but bc receive no credibility. Also, all the looks that society considers as attractive originate from dark skinned women. Ex- Chiseled cheekbones (on dark skin women it’s called “masculine”), Big lips (on dark skin women it’s called “ animalistic”), Textured hair (on dark skin women it’s called “slave hair”) and there’s sm more. If you put “LiGhT SkInNeD” on it, ppl don’t even hesitate to label it as attractive/“exotic.”
Speeeak! 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽
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jonskory · 2 days ago
people have a tendency to call black women entitled just because we ask for basic decency. especially black women in media. candice patton is a perfect example. so sue me if i'm not about to believe that anna diop was 'entitled' on the set of titans. especially after the bullshit that this show, its fans, white people, nonblacks, cishet black men, comic fans, cartoon fans, and the dc enterprise itself has done to her. she's allowed to be as entitled as she wants because y'all think black women should take any kind of treatment and just roll with it because you believe we need to be grateful for scraps. miss me with that shit.
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bonitabby · a month ago
if you’re a Black female or femme presenting person in St. Louis, pls be safe there is a person (maybe multiple ppl) committing violent hate crimes (murder & other gun violence) specifically towards Black women in that area
more info here & here
contact the governor of MO at (573)-751-3222
contact the mayer of StL at (314)-622-3201
pls share Black women’s lives are in danger
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some-days-we-get-sundays · 6 months ago
I guess only some black lives matter.
Yall don’t care about black women or black girls.
I work in a public school system in the inner city. I’ve worked with kids from k4-12th grade. I’ve seen fights that look just like the video of Ma’Khia. People throw chairs, they bang other kids heads into lockers, they punch kids, they kick kids, they grab whatever they can and try to use it as a weapon. I’ve deescalated fights, school security, school staff, teachers, and admin have all broken up fights and deescalated them. Funnily enough, we’ve never had to murder a kid; even when they were hurting other students, we calmed them down and everyone lived. The fact that police can’t calmly break up this situation - what with all their training and their gear that they have- and their first instinct is to fire a gun no questions asked is ABSURD. Especially because it’s not for reasons you all keep making up. It’s not because “she was about to kill the other girl” if that was the case why is Kyle Rittenhouse still alive after walking around with a weapon after ACTUALLY killing folks. Why did police treat him like he was one of the good guys? Why did Dylan Roof not get dropped on the spot after slaying 9 black people who were praying in church!? I thought yall said that police have no choice when they see a weapon and lives are in danger, THEY HAVE TO SHOOT!!! Oh... I guess that’s only when they see black people. And I guess that yall’s empathy is only reserved for black males. 
Ma’Khai was a little too black for yall, and a little too big, and a little too loud, violent, aggressive, and hostile for yall. You saw her as an animal so it was ok that she got put down like one. “Hey, the cops are just doing their job! They didn’t have a choice here!” But wait a minute, I thought ACAB!? My, my how quickly you all change your tune. I thought that it doesn’t matter if someone is breaking the law or not, they don’t have a right to be murdered even IF they aren’t cooperating. Damn, what happened to that song yall were singing when it came to black males?
I’ve not felt this much pain and hurt since Trayvon Martin. I’ve not felt so discarded and so hopeless and let down in a long time. The most disrespected, unprotected, and neglected person in America is the black woman. I knew yall hated black women but I’m always surprised by how much. Yall hate us so much that you think it’s ok for police to unload 4 bullets into the chest of a 16 year old who was defending herself in a fight. And the thing is, even if she wasn’t defending herself, even if she had started the whole thing, she still doesn’t need to be shot 4 times. Not when police are able to take violent white criminals into custody and make stops at burger king while they’re at it. 
We gotta have our own backs as black women and it fukin sucks. But the kicker is that black women themselves are throwing their humanity under the bus to shuck and jive. Why are black women themselves saying that this baby deserved to die and that she needed to be held accountable, killing her isn’t accountability. Basically yall sayin she deserves the death penalty for something she might have done. Black women have to have their own backs because not even other black women will have our backs. And don’t even get me started on the black men who watch us drown as we toss them our life jackets. We are out on the front lines for black men and they just simply cannot show up for black women. Black men, Shannon Sharpe and Don Lemon publicly tell America that it’s ok because Ma’khia was unruly and uncivilized. Nows ya knows ya gots ta ack rite fos massa come round... I feel like now that yall got the verdict for George, now yall don’t wanna step outta line too much and Ma’khia is who yall are willing to sacrifice in order to show white America your utmost gratitude. 
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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kouhaiofcolor · 20 hours ago
I'm curious. How all yall "speak" aave in 2021 when yall used to be so adamant ab being able to "tell the difference" between black ppl & other races of ppl on the phone? When yall used to come up w & perpetuate so many antiblack things ab how black ppl spoke (aave) period. Was that not (1 of millions of) solid indications that yall perceived Blackness, ebonics & Black aesthetics totally "different👀" not that long ago?
If its an internet vernacular & universal at this point apparently, how come so many of you who are non black policed or negatively associated the way black ppl spoke growing up — esp in the US? How come you made aave out to be unconventional & ill-fitting in working & professional environments? How come you made us out to be unsophisticated & lazy speaking like this — yet use it now for an aesthetic, appeals or personas as non black ppl?
Tumblr media
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everythingofcolor · a month ago
Remember that trans WHITE people can still opress cis black people. Trans WHITE people can opress trans black people. Calling them out for doing so doesn't make you a terf.
Getting real sick and tired of white people of the lgbtq community using their sexuality & gender oppression as a shield for when poc go to call them out. Also??? Them mugs will do any and everything to distance themselves from their whiteness, and thats annoying too.
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jonskory · 16 days ago
if you need to rely on your black characters being subjected to violence, especially your black women characters, in order for them to get character development, you're a shit writer.
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shewhotellsstories · 2 months ago
thank you simone biles
for teaching us that winning isn’t just about doing well—it’s about being well. and that giving yourself grace doesn’t mean giving up. and that mental health issues are health issues. and that black health matters because black lives matter—words some only learned after breonna taylor was killed in her sleep. want to know why we’re tired? because it took a black woman dying as she rested to wake up a nation. that’s why your rest is radical, simone. that’s why your rest is resistance and restoration and restitution for life in a country that cages us like canaries, clips our feathers then asks why we don’t want to fly. america never learned why the caged bird sings. how would it know why it flies? if it did, perhaps it would’ve known how high you would soar, and that your wings deserve rest even if you’re better than the rest. 
-a.t. mcwilliams
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harriyanna · 11 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
let’s go more into detail about what misogynoir is so it will be a bit easier for you guys to notice it. on my youtube channel i talk about this subject a lot. if you guys are interested in learning more, please check it out.
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cute-st · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
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thepowerofblackwomen · a year ago
Megan Thee Stallion: Why I Speak Up for Black Women
“I’m not afraid of criticism, and “Protect Black women” should not be controversial.”
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spaceshipsandpurpledrank · 2 months ago
This is... 100% how y'all be sounding.
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rapeculturerealities · 5 months ago
After watching 15 seconds of police body camera footage last week, viewers of various races and political affiliations had made a decision: 16-year-old Ma’Khia Bryant was “the aggressor” — the “fat,” “huge,” “knife-wielding attacker” and “maniac” who deserved to be fatally shot by the police on April 20 in Columbus, Ohio.
According to these viewers, Nicholas Reardon, the police officer who immediately shot and killed Bryant, who was holding a knife, was justified. That she was a teenager in the middle of an altercation, in which she was presumed to be defending herself, did not matter.
Treva Lindsey, a professor of African American women’s history at Ohio State University, told Vox that there are those who won’t see Bryant as a victim but as someone who brought this on herself. And even for those who do see her as a victim, they’ll still victim-blame, erasing the systemic oppression — including that Black children are far more likely to be in foster care than their white counterparts, and kids in foster care are often exposed to high levels of violence — that brought her to being killed at the hands of the police.
“People will say ‘I’m really sad this whole scenario happened, but had she not had that knife …’ That becomes the ‘but,’ the qualifier, the caveat. And too often we have a caveat when it comes to defending, protecting, and caring for Black girls,” Lindsey said.
read more
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