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madbutch · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
How can transwomen claim to be women while being so disillusioned about what womanhood actually is? This person wants to be female because they believe that women get “fucked by a different guy every day”. Transwomen do not know what womanhood is and never will.
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bloodyteacakes · 23 hours ago
Apologies before I type anything else if it doesn't come out right.
Anyways I personally feel like the Ace Attorney fan base trying to consistently make all of the female characters seem perfect and well put together in comparison to a lot of the male characters isn't actually like the cool thing that you think it is. It's not necessarily feminist to portray any of the female characters as if they are perfect or flawless or good all of the time.
Stripping characters of what little depth they have so that you can call them a girl boss or like, portray them as being perfect and well put together is kind of weird. Implying that Maya Fey, a girl who is 17 when Phoenix first meets her, somehow would be his pillar of emotional stability is kind of weird. Implying that trucy, someone who is a literal child oh, we have to take care of her own father and is the true head of the household is weird and kind of just feels like adultification.
Honestly I just think the whole concept of where the Ace Attorney fan base essentially never allows the female characters to have emotional complexity, and always has them be well put together in comparison to the male characters it's just very weird. I understand that a lot of the fanbase quite genuinely loves / likes a lot of the female characters, however that doesn't mean that the way they are often characterized by the fandom isn't misogynistic in some capacity.
Liking a character doesn't necessarily mean that you can't be bigoted towards them or groups of actual real life people who look like them. For example, even if you genuinely like Klavier Gavin, referring to him as a himbo when you're White has vaguely racist implications even if you still like him. (him possibly being at an European has absolutely zero bearing on whether or not this is racist. Do not argue, if you can't see why associating darker-skinned with stupidity even in a joking manner is bad, zip your lips. )
Like I'm sure the fanbase genuinely does love the female characters a hell of a lot more than Ace Attorney themselves loves those characters. However that doesn't mean that the fan base is incapable characterizing them in a way that is misogynistic.
Feeding into the dichotomy of women are perfect and well put together at all times and are more emotionally mature than men and men are filled with turmoil and flawed and are emotionally inept and they need help from the women in their lives to gain any sort of emotional intelligence, is very bad actually.
I'm not saying y'all can't do whatever you want, it's your life it's your headcanons I know nothing about you, person who might be reading this. However I'm just making a general statement. I'm simply talking about a common behavior that I see in the fandom.
Once again I apologize if this sounds accusatory, but I'm not really sure what to tell you if you feel called out by any of what I talked about here. Sorry I suppose.
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tsundere-bellwether · a day ago
Its all that misogyny in the fandom. Stealing an airship is all fine and dandy when it's Jaune’s idea, but putting Ruby in charge of it apparently is crossing the line.
And the same goes for the Ironwood situation. When he wants to sacrifice "a few city blocks" and raise Atlas, he's just making the hard choices no one wants to but when Ruby actively starts looking for another way to do things, suddenly its like she's suggesting Atlas should just die. I swear, this fandom... And I know for a fact if it had been Jaune or Oscar to take a stand against Ironwood, the fandom would've been on board with it
I don't like to dismiss all backlash as misogyny, but it definitely plays a part. If Ironwood and Team RWBY were genderbent, there'd be far fewer complaints about the Atlas arc.
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disastervegan · a day ago
I keep seeing all these posts about how Gabby Petito's disappearance/murder has been covered and comparing it to MMIW and similar cases involving POC women. YES there is incredible media bias that absolutely needs to be fixed. But if your first response to seeing a missing & murdered woman is to bring up a separate case, it's a little tone deaf. Comparing the murders of women makes the primary focus on race and privilege (which are both very important!!) rather than on the true root of the issue: MALE VIOLENCE. Men are the ones murdering these women, raping & abusing them, selling them into human trafficking. Focusing on the race and wealth status of the women rather than the perpetrators of the violence takes away from the fact that they are all abused and murdered by MEN.
Keep this same energy with EVERY missing and murdered woman. Spread the word about BIPOC women who have gone missing or have been murdered. They absolutely deserve the same coverage, the same concern, and hopefully their families can have the same closure. Fucking FLOOD social media with reports of missing women, because there are THOUSANDS in the U.S. alone. Both to help make sure each is found, and make people realize how common it is for women to be missing and murdered in the 21st century. I guarantee if every missing woman got coverage like this, it would be the only thing on the news. And that would shock people.
But please PLEASE quit comparing and belittling Gabby Petito's death. Yeah, she was famous and pretty and white. That should scare the shit out of you - it can happen to ANY woman no matter how privileged she is. NO. WOMAN. IS. SAFE. FROM. MALE. VIOLENCE. DO NOT LET MISOGYNY TAKE A BACKSEAT IN THE COVERAGE OF THESE CASES. THIS IS FEMICIDE.
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thesociologicalcinema · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Believing "hey what if women aren't as smart as men?" is some *radical new thought* you're *shaking up the system* by proposing is .... weird.
It's like strolling into a meeting on "the future of transportation in America" and saying "have you considered the automobile?"
Then getting really upset when nobody acknowledges you as the fucking savior of the whole industry with your radical insights.
Most men believe themselves to be insightful speakers of truth to power, when in reality they don't even pass the Turing Test.
~ @Mc_Heckin_Duff
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one-time-i-dreamt · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
Egypt's first female ship captain Marwa Elselehdar has been falsely accused as being the captain of the Ever Given by some foreign media, in a story that went viral and garnered a lot of hate towards her.
The only problem? She was 370km away at the time, acting as the first mate of another ship (Aida IV) and had nothing to do with the situation in the Suez Canal.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I think we should all help spread this, since some people are still sharing the malicious slanderous fake posts about her!
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sjw-dipper · 4 months ago
she replied with sources
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foureyedfreezy · 11 months ago
If you like Chris Pratt and want to defend him, that’s your decision. But friendly reminder:
Brie Larson was boycotted, had her movie Captain Marvel review-bombed, had thousands of hate Youtube videos made about her, had death and rape threats, and been compared to Hilter, for almost 2 years for her opinions of diversity.
Natalie Portman was blamed for Thor 2 flopping and attacked for playing the next Thor in Love and Thunder. 
Elizabeth Olsen was bullied out of Instagram for not speaking about Chadwick Boseman’s death soon enough. 
Don Cheadle is hated for his liberal opinions. And he, Idris Elba, Zendaya Coleman, Tessa Thompson, Anthony Mackie and the cast of Black Panther had racist hate for playing black superheroes.
Comcisgaters and “anti-woke” people rioted against the idea of an Ironheart Disney Plus show to a point they made a rumor that black people harassed Lexi Rabe believing she would be MCU’s Ironheart when it was really about white people bothering her for signing autographs. And plan to attack whatever child actor who will play Riri Williams.
John Boyega, though not Marvel, has been getting death threats for playing the first black lead in Star Wars and accused of getting in between the Reylo ship, accused of being sexist by white women for making a sex joke about Rey, and called out for Disney’s racism.
Chris Pratt getting defended over a Twitter joke but the people I’ve listed above didn’t get as much of the help from big white male stars when they were harassed for real.   
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phoenixyfriend · 9 months ago
Someone on Discord: Wait, why is there genderbend discourse?
Me, popping up like a dog that just heard the word "walk": Let me give you an essay on how it's a matter of conflicting needs and poor genre rep.
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sa11y-owens · 7 months ago
A lot of the discourse around entertainment media on this site has really shown that the panic over how “women who consume fiction will get Ideas™” never actually went away and in fact has somehow gotten stupider.
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awed-frog · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
My husband and I are expecting our first child in two months and through out our relationship I have been very set on letting him have equal say on all things that matter. Now that we are having our first child I have left my husband to pick and choose what he likes. We are expecting a girl and he has had trouble finding the girl clothing options appealing and as such half the clothing items we end up buying are typically considered boys clothes such as dinosaur prints. His argument is that dinosaurs are cool no matter if you're a boy or a girl. Neutral clothing is often more expensive or a much smaller section in the baby options. 
Please note that it's not that he wanted a boy. He's over the moon to be having a girl but he just feels a lot of the clothes are overly mature for babies, finding it hard to get behind the suggestive themes and styles just not meant for a child that young if for anyone.
While we feel that clothes are clothes, friends and family often complain. MIL complains that she can't buy anything because she doesn't know what theme we're going for. There isn't one. She says we are making it intentionally difficult. Others pull faces but try to be polite about it. Braver people tell us that girls don't wear dinosaurs, among the other boy options we have. Imagine the horror of a baby dressed in a lion decorated onesie.
Recently we've had some friends go out and buy the most aggressively feminine clothing items they can find, frills, shockingly pink, and silly words to boot. Think of those shirts that say "Sorry boys, no dating allowed." Just why? Some looks downright uncomfortable even for an adult and now I'm expected to dress my baby in it, such as baby shoes with heels. They can't even walk yet. The friends smiled sweetly and mentioned that I've been too soft hearted on my husband and shouldn't let him have so much free reign with the baby clothes.
How are so many people stuck in the 1020s.
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justlgbtthings · 21 days ago
misogynistic jokes are still misogyny.
homophobic jokes are still homophobia.
racist jokes are still racism.
transphobic jokes are still transphobia.
ableist jokes are still ableism.
aphobic jokes are still aphobia.
it doesn't matter if you were "just joking." there's a reason you thought that kind of joke was funny. it's still bigotry and it's not okay.
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theroguefeminist · 3 months ago
i haven’t seen it acknowledged before but there is this misconception that getting on testosterone POOFs you into a man while transitioning as a transfeminine person is some near impossible feat that requires tons of restyling, voice therapy, retraining, surgeries, etc etc and even then you might “look like a man in a dress”
i think people underestimate how pervasive this attitude is to the point where progressive minded people talk as if all trans men automatically have male privilege and seamlessly assimilate into manhood, while being a trans woman means enduring endless suffering as a “freak.” this not only results in trans men being cast as the “oppressor” and minimizing their struggles but it also further stigmatizes the experiences of trans women to the point that many remain in the closet for the fear of “never passing” or being “ugly”
but it also results in the attitude that testosterone is all powerful and irreversible: the UK bans HRT for minors for fear of “little girls” irrevocably “destroying their bodies,” nb people are scared off of HRT because, if they’re afab, they’ll become “gross hairy men” and if they’re amab, they’ll stay “gross hairy men.” notice the common denominator is maleness as overriding, powerful, to the point where no one can conceive of the effects of puberty resulting in afab trans ppl enduring mental anguish or struggling to pass while amab trans people’s experiences are reduced to ONLY that. 
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1-800upsidedown · a month ago
do nasty t e r f s not realize how similar they sound to sexist conservatives saying a woman's body has to have certain qualities??
Like there's seriously no difference in saying "women should have a vagina" and "women should be skinny and pretty". Literally no difference, they are both unrealistic and unobtainable patriarchal beauty standards. The minute you force a specific body type onto women, you are a misogynist.
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