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After a month i havent seen my boyfriend Mark, I was surprised to see him standing in the bedroom wearing only his pants, he looked sexier than ever. His black hair was longer then i could rememmber and a short beard appeared on his face, his new tan bring out the long scar on the right side of his stomach. As soon as he noticed me standing next to the door, his muscles stiffened with tension and the brown in his eyes sparkled. I could barely speak, and he an amazing longing kiss. Mark ran his hand through my hair from there to his cheek and gently stopped on the lip as he whispered “I miss your soft touch.” In this second neither of us could hold back the burning passion in our budy .We started to take each other’s clothes off and step by step we got closer and closer to bed where he gently pussed me on the bed. I looked at every part of his body from his feet to his stomach to his palms and his beautiful face. As i close my eyes in bliss he got so close to me so fast i felt his lips on mine burning with passion his touch was so addictive so i opened my eyes i wanted to look at him again. I opend my eyes i realized it was the middel of the night i was alone in my bed with tears in my eyes forgetting he left me and it was all a dream.

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Fisso il cielo


Da tutta quella bellezza

La regina della luce

Si tuffa nel mare

Provocando un esplosione straordinaria

Di colori e luce

Nonostante le nuvole

Si intromettano

Lei non si intimorisce

Splende di più

E le trasforma in un capolavoro

Ma ora È il momento in cui lascia spazio a lei,

La dea della notte

Bianca, bianchissima

Ma altrettanto affascinante

non è mai sola,

Al contrario della regina splendente

Lei è sempre accompagnata dalle sue sorelle

Simili a piccole lentigini

Color latte

È vanitosa, lei

In quell'oscurità

È sempre l'unica a brillare

Baciata dalla luce

Che solo la sua regina gli può donare.

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You are like the ocean. I miss you, I adore you, and I love you - but I can’t swim. So, I’ll be savouring how extra ordinary you are from the beach, where I can be myself and you can express yourself freely. See you at the shore, where we can touch, without being destructive to each other.

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If you are missing someone smile 🙂☺️ then mention the name into the #comment #box. and Say I MISS YOU. Find More Miss You Shayari IN Hindi: #miss #you #shayari

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moça dizes pra mim o que teu coraçao esboças
se voce ta feliz ou se esta desmoronando
que eu corro pra te ver daqui até a av rerouças
amo voce porque quando te abraço meu mundo volta a vida girando.

desde o primeiro dia eu lembro de te ver no canto
corpo seduzente cheio de brilho reluzente
sorriso lindo cheio de encanto
eu queria ter dinheiro pra poder comprar o mundo pra gente.

quero lutar por você e estou disposto de até enfrentar o ginasio de kanto
sempre que te vejo feliz até meu me espanto
quero te fazer feliz nem que seja com 50 conto em um banco
da praça com um vinho e duas taça
seu sorriso me enche meu peito de encanto
seus olhos me tiraram da rua quando eu estava perambulando.

sonho que te levo daqui até a lua
na rua, lembro como você é linda nua
sou capaz até de gritar na rua
“eu te amo tanto que dou minha vida pela tua”.

moved me again to the front side of the train
i think thats outside is having rain
like my inside its only pain
tell me the truth i just beg in to you
have being hard to say love you?

whats your hearth have been throught?
don’t want be on infinity disgrasses
please god make we dont have fighting by race
just for more happier surprises
we deserve peace and only one more piece of happiness.

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