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I’ve had some lovely folks with more linguistic knowledge than I have weigh in on the Gaudy Night title translations.


俗丽 sounds very apt for gaudy, actually - the translation back into vulgar might be somewhat distorting?

since 俗 on its own has the connotations of custom as well as tackiness (for the ostentation bit) and 丽 for gorgeousness/beauty for the other aspect of gaudy

but then it misses all the actual implications of the Gaudy QWQ

Interesting! I figured “vulgar” was highlighting the wrong connotations, so it’s fascinating to see how it really does pick up on the various valences of the English word.


Væld doesn’t mean vault, it means “abundance”. So it’s “an abundance of evidence”



That makes more sense! It’s still a bit “pick a random mystery title from a jar,” but at least it is accurate.


for the record, as a German I’d translate Aufruhr as tumult or commotion rather than rebellion

Aha, that is much more apt. Plenty of commotion going on.

This also makes me curious how “Let’s have one other gaudy night“ is rendered in these languages’ translations of Antony and Cleopatra

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*clears throat* *pulls out megaphone* HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ONE MOST SPECIALEST HUMAN BEAN *throws confetti* *lowers megaphone* I hope you have the best day possible for today and every one following <333


Originally posted by tilldeathdousart

EEEEEEEEEE THANK YOU, FRIEND!!! <333 Thank you for everything, your support and kindness always <33 You are amazing, thank you! 

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neon lights, fire crackles, messy buns, and full moon?

neon lights: describe what you’d do at 2am with your best friends

Usually that’s a great time for playing video games into the wee hours of the morning. Sometimes it’s just more fun to progress through games with someone else nearby to share the experience.

fire crackles: describe your ideal winters evening

It’d be after the new year and quiet, so no holiday stress. The heat is on just enough to make it cozy, but slipper socks aren’t too hot. I’d be kicking back, watching something on Netflix or playing a game with no worries in the world.

messy buns: if you could dye your hair any colour what would it be?

I get my hair did pretty regularly and it tends to have a range of colors (red to purple to blue) but if work appropriateness wasn’t a thing? I would absolutely go full blue. Maybe weave some other colors in there as it fits my mood, but the majority is blue.

full moon: do you prefer the stars or the moon? tracing constellations with your eyes or picking the petals off of flowers?

I love stars!! The moon is cool, but it’s just got light reflected from the sun. With stars, that light has traveled millions of miles. Maybe I’m looking at someone else’s sun. Space is so vast. The stars are like a gateway to so many different possibilities, which is why I love looking at them. Definitely more fun than picking petals off of flowers.

aesthetic meme

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miss-ingno replied to your post: calla lily, lavender, painter’s palette, hyacinth

oooh that’s fun :D I didn’t know you wanted to get into video game design (considering how that industry is growing and independant games are possible, maybe you’ll have a chance to work on one at some point <3) and oh oh what instruments are you trained in?

I haven’t thought about it in a long time, not since independent games started really gaining traction. It’s definitely plausible to do interesting stories on an indie platform, but I can’t emphasize enough how badly I didn’t take to programming. Coding is just not for me. I would be a passable enough artist if I put the practice in (which is a work in progress on its own) but to get a programmer I’d need to prove my ideas are worth the effort, you know?

I think I can do a better job of that by writing, and my dream is to have my stories take off in a such a way they’re adapted into a visual medium of some kind. I didn’t list that on the meme answer, because I’m holding onto the belief that it’s achievable.

It’s been a long time, but I used to play piano and trumpet (FEMALE BRASS REPRESENT). My musical competency is about middle school level, which is frustrating when I want to geek out about musical stuff and can’t find the words for it. Plus, my musical education tanked about the same time I went through a major life failure, so I don’t talk about it quite so much.

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calla lily, lavender, painter's palette, hyacinth

calla lily: are you more of a sunny day or a rainy evening?

Definitely a rainy evening! The sound of the rain is soothing, it’s a little bit cooler, and there’s not as much light to give me a headache, lol.

lavender: what is something that you’ve always wanted to be/have/get but can never have?

I wanted to be a game designer for the longest time. Some of my most enduring original stories have video game elements to them in case it ever pans out that way. Are cash-in movie games a thing anymore? They seem prohibitively expensive to make now. Back when I wanted to do it, I still believed I could do quality work that would overcome the kinds of biases (like sexism) and circumstances that would hold me back. A job I had for a long time (not a current one) taught me otherwise.* I also don’t have any kind of patience for programming lol. It’s an interesting medium and I’d still love to fool around with it, but making my dream game from scratch isn’t going to happen. I’ll stick to writing.

* I learned a lot of things from that particular job, the most important of which was when to know when to quit.

painter’s palette: are you more of a singer, dancer, painter, or instrumentalist?

I love to paint. I don’t get to as much as I like. Set up hassle + creativity + time is not a combination i have enough of in my life. Out of all of those, painter is probably the closest I lean to. Dancer too - not because I’m any good at it, but because I enjoy the feeling of music so much. I’ve had training in the other two but don’t practice nearly enough.

hyacinth: do you name your plants?

I never have, which is odd. I usually name electronics and various things. My big weirdo leaf never had a name (it was supposed to be some kind of flower planter, but the stem and real plant didn’t survive long). My succulent didn’t either, but I’m pretty sure memorial day killed it.

botanical themed asks!

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WiP Game! how about thrust?

Why do I get the feeling I know what sort of sentence you were looking for XP. But I could only find one (so far)! 

“He tugs [the curtains] completely shut - a hand thrusts through before he can return and Ryan opens the part to look at the bouncer trying to stop him.”  

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miss-ingno replied to your post “I suddenly have all this fanart I want to draw :’D”

lmao why would creativity pace itself when it can just DUMP it on you and be done with it? :’D

well that would just be too RATIONAL

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Rules: Answer 28 questions and tag some blogs you would like to get to know better. tagged by @miss-ingno

Name: Dawn

Nicknames: depending on what platform you know me,but for here you can call me Iron(Others are Merry on A03 and Lady/Yuki on PS4/GTA)

Gender: Female

Star sign: Scorpio

Height:  5′2 

Birthday: Nov 3rd

Favourite bands:Icon for Hire and Linkin Park

Favourite solo artists: not one in particular

Song stuck in my head:  “Red Like Roses”-Casey Lee Williams

Last movie I watched:  uh…in theaters i last saw The Last Jedi

When did I create my blog:uh i think it was 2015 off the top of my head? 

Last thing I googled: fire flower mario

Do I have any other blogs?mainly by myself  i have @dangerous-eyes-official for my Ao3 series Dangerous Eyes and  @rimmytimmytim ,a cosplay blog for shits and giggles. With others I’m a half of @askfahcsupport and Lindsay of @textsfromthefahc

Do I get asks? *insert that western scene where its an empty town and a tumbleweed rolls by* does that answer your question?

Why I chose my url? i started as a fairy tail blog-iron for gajeel,fire for natsu wind for wendy and script for levy

Following: 128

Followers: 334

Average hours of sleep: uh like 6 or so?Been a bit fucked since England

Lucky number: 7

Instruments: n/a

What I am wearing: grey sports bra,blue striped pajama shorts and an over sized marbled cardigan

Dream job: artist,specifically a graphic designer

Dream trip: I went to London last July and I want to go back to spend more time,I loved it. Also Japan and maybe RTX or  San Diego Comic Con one day!

Favourite foods:chocolate chip pancakes,mac and cheese

Nationality: American

tagging:shit i got no one XD If you wanna tell me about yourself feel free?

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14, 46 & 47?

i heard good things about both shannara and the good place i should check them out! <3

I highly recommend both, even if they’re totally different shows.

shannara is like a reverse lord of the rings, where our world is gone- it’s post apocalypse, and it’s made way for magic, demons, elves, gnomes and trolls (among other things)  and there’s a quest to save a magic tree that keeps the demons at bay, so it’s like a race to complete a task before it can die kind of thing.

The main hook, after post-apocalyptic fantasy world is that it features multiple, openly bi characters, who are shown to be with both men and/or women and the main three characters are basically poly. 

The Good Place, is kinda like B99 meets Pushing Daisies. Everyone’s died, they’re in Heaven or “the Good Place” and the main character, Eleanor, isn’t technically a good person who was supposed to be in the Good Place. So the majority of the show is her trying to avoid being found out and just creating disasters/glitches in the Good Place and trying to fix them.

Great comedy, wonderful multi-racial cast, Eleanor’s also very openly attracted to both men and women, frequently flirts with the other female lead and it’s a great analysis of moral philosophy without being at all uptight about the subject.

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@miss-ingno replied to your post “I just gave in and bought the Critical Role art book. I now have…”

omg that’s amazing :D how is the book?

Haven’t gotten it yet, only just ordered it!! But I’ve seen the list of artists involved <3333

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As most things I post lately, this is because of Missy. We were having a spontaneous mini angst war when I just spilled this out onto her and then was told to post it.

I’m only at episode 81, but apparently I got close to something canon so no one put any spoilers in the replies/tags please!


There’s a soft knock on the door and Vax quickly wipes at his tears. It’s been a hard few days with Vex’ahlia gone. The mirror in the room has been covered up for the time being, and he can’t remember the last time he was actually outside.

Another knock drives him back out of his thoughts and he gives a very weak ‘come in’. He was expecting it to be Keyleth again, checking in on him. But instead the door opened just a little bit to show a head of white hair and puffy red eyes.

“Gods, Percival. You look awful.” Is all Vax can think of to say at the moment. There’s a moment of silence as he can see the human physically trying to speak but no words coming out. And then it’s all a rush.

“Can I? Can I ask something of you?” Percy asks, edging his way into the room and closing the door behind him. Vax immediately straightens up and narrows his eyes warily.

By all means, this man was his brother. Percy had married his sister, but even before then there was a sense of brotherly bond between the two of them. But they had rarely had these types of conversations; hushed and behind closed doors. These could only mean bad things.

“Suuure,” Vax answered as he motioned to the edge of the bed next to him. Percy took a deep breath in before sitting down. “What’s going on?”

“Can- gods this is going to sound ridiculous- can you just stay there? And listen as I talk?” The half-elf slowly nodded, waiting in silence as the other seemed to steel himself for what was about to happen. “I would just like to say goodbye. And…. And if I don’t look close enough, I can pretend it’s her. I can say goodbye to her-” Percy’s voice broke off as tears started streaming down his cheeks. Vax merely nodded his understanding and closed his eyes for a moment, willing back his own tears that were starting to form.

“You’re such an idiot. To go down like that. You were supposed to soar up on your broom, high in the sky where I could not touch you. Floating alongside your brother while the rest of us looked up at you two in awe. But you were fools and came down to join us. Vax grabbed Keyleth and took off towards the sky again together. But when you tried to lift me, I only held you down.

I couldn’t go where you had. I couldn’t get more than a few feet off the ground.” A sharp and shaky inhale.

“I was supposed to go before you.” Vax opened his eyes to see Percy with his head in his hands and his glasses were being held tightly. “I was supposed to die long before you. But you fell from the heavens and came crashing down. And you left me there on the ground with you at my feet.

“I love you, Vex. And I wish I could have caught you. I wish I could’ve said the right things to bring you back.” Vax gingerly put his hand out onto the shaking shoulder and pulled his brother close into a tight hug.

“Please come back to me. Don’t leave me here alone again. I need you.” The voice was small and weak and pleading. And it absolutely broke Vax’s heart to hear it.

Percival, who was always so collected and who had never shed a tear in front of anyone else, now sounded utterly defeated as he begged to either Vex or the Raven Queen, neither of them no longer listening.

The wings spread from Vax’s back and wrapped around the two as Vax closed his eyes.

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I was tagged by @miss-ingno to list the top ten songs I’m digging rn. Thanks friendo!

1: Girls/Girls/Boys by Panic! At the Disco. This song is me. End of story. I love it

2: Thank You by MKTO. This is my giant ‘fuck you’ song to the world or when I’m feeling rebellious lol

3: The ENTIRE Moulin Rouge soundtrack. Every single song I know by heart and they always make me so very happy when I hear them

4: When You Love Someone by James TW. This song hits me in the feels every damn time. If this doesn’t sum up my childhood, I don’t know a better song

5: Lullaby by Nickleback. Always telling me to stand back up and keep going. This song has come in clutch so many times

6: Or Nah by Nightcore (at least the version I listen to). This is what I listen to when I’m trying to write/read smut and it’s definitely something aha

7: Freaks by Timmy Trumpet feat. Savage. Idk why but it gets me pumped and helps me get over anxiety

8: Bodies by Drowning Pool. This has been on repeat for DAYS now because this is what I listen to when I can’t beat a boss in a game and I start raging. I think the past few harder bosses I’ve beaten have been to this song and nothing else

9: Shots by LMFAO. If I’m drunk and there’s people around me, be prepared to get handed shots and random drinks so everyone is drunk too. And once I start there’s no stopping me until I’m passed out

10: Same Love by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis feat. Mary Lambert.

I’m not gonna talk anyone, but do feel free to use me if you wanna do it yourself!

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@miss-ingno Thanks!! And yep, it is! c: Comissioned by the lovely @trashcan-mika :D

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what's the tag GFY mean? I've seen it on a couple of your fics

Brief summary, because you can also tumbler-search for #gfy and find the relevant posts:

GFY means Go Fuck Yourself, but it’s not aimed at 99.9% of my readers.

One day, I had people come anon onto my tumblr and DEMAND that I tag my SW fic differently because I was a terrible monster for clogging up the TPM tag and I should stop and how dare I write my fic and be prolific and…it went on. When I refused, stating why I would not stop accurately tagging my fic or caving in to their genuinely nonsensical demands, they verbally assaulted my transgender 6-year-old child. Soooo I gave them their tag. They thanked me for it! Which was very, very stupid, given how many fics aside from mine that now bear that tag. I’d say their stupidity/cruelty/bigotry means they’re missing out on a LOT of good reading.

It was over 2k worth of fanfic at last count using #GFY, I believe.

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D: losing a loved one is always hard, whether it's humans or a pet. I'm so sorry friend.

thanks missy <3<3

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Kiwi Tangerine

look, sometimes the ask memes don’t give you the best fodder to work with :D and it’s not often enough so there

<3 <3 *kiss emojis*

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Kiwi Tangerine

Kiwi: Love your blog, equally interested in you as a person.

Tangerine:  We talk on here sometimes and I want it to continue.


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@miss-ingno replied to your post: Sooo I got a hair colour remover today that I’ll…

both sound nice! which colour works better for your complexion?

I wish I had any understanding of things like that but I’m awful with colours

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Are you already a fan or just discovering In Extremo? Fave songs? Want recs? I'm super excited to see them on my dash sorry. I just saw them live last October it's amazing and hot (not because the old guys are shirtless a lot but mostly because of the fire. Mostly.)

I just stumbled over them today when I was researching modern recordings of Old Norse ballads. FIRE PRETTY.

And recs are fine  :D

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