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#missing love

day #31

I miss falling and being in love so much…

But I’m just way too afraid to even think about falling in love again, I don’t think I’m able to feel that kind of love I felt several years ago anymore, and I’m scared that I never will be.

He broke me so bad that in the past four-five years I haven’t felt anything like the butterflies in your stomach etc…

I’m not o-fucking-kay.

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I will not apology for my behaviour as it was ultimate reaction of your attitude , besides u didnt asked reason of my werid behaviour earlier,

Iam not asking you to come back…i know your ego is huge and important then our majestic bound that we shared but i will look for universe to turn around and make true that earth is round when our eyes will collaspe once again ….no matter how much i miss you…its worthy to miss you silently rather then ask you to come back..beacuse i know u wont untill you want or your heart start tickling with warm memories of our togetherness….i know…that u know deep inside it was all true…

I miss you……soulmate…!!

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Ela é única, eu gostaria de passar todos os dias falando apenas com ela, uma pena que pra ela sou apenas um incomodo. 

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I just wanna crawl back into bed and cuddle the one I love. Then we can wake up later and make waffles. Buuuuuut no. I am alone and sore and I have to get ready for work. The one person I was starting to fall for moved away and nobody since. So far the plan is failing.

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