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#missing you
indifferent-oatmeal · 4 hours ago
I don’t really want to move on but should I? It’s been a few months and you’re still ignoring all my texts and phone calls.
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pittedpeachpomegranate · 5 hours ago
anyway one of the comic's main messages is that we can ignore racist or problematic shit all we want but it will always come at the expense of queer people and minorities, and that our (Nicky's) desire to just enjoy stuff can lead to other people getting hurt
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whiskeyandryewords · 6 hours ago
Is my love for you real if my words have dried up?
I'm trying to send you energy in little pulses across the airwaves.
We were always so good at talking.  And so good at staying silent.
You were such a ghost for so long in my mind I can't touch you anymore.
I miss you I miss you I miss you —
Blink and you'll miss me.
It doesn't matter, except when it does.  I'll go back to my real friends.
My real friends.  And what are you?  A shadow?  A miserable little memory.
I heard your eyes light up when you smile these days.
I'd sort of like to see it.  I miss you again.
You've always been mountain spring and boot laces, flowers through the concrete.
You untaught me so much pain and your own aching heart locked away in your chest — 
I want to tell you that I'm grateful.
The time has stretched out between us like a sea, I can't part it, I can't cross it.
I can't remember the color of your eyes but I remember you bright with finery
Angry and barely living, living as well as you could.
I hear you're better now, better now, backsliding.
I'm better now and still never good.
You're better now and you have always been so good.
I'm sending you brown paper packages and pressed flowers.
And love bitter with regret pressed into the pages of the books we used to love.
There's nothing to make right, our well was so poisoned from the start.
I won't brick over you.  I won't. 
I love you with nesting doll hearts.  You should know.  You should know.
I hope this letter finds you well. 
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brennesselflower · 6 hours ago
mood: morning sex and alpro vanilla
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Tumblr media
You have this one life .... make it the best you can. Cherish each moment because you don’t know if it will be your last. Hug your loved ones and friends a little longer and tighter. Kiss and tell them how much they mean to you. Take tons of pics and tell them you love them. Don’t waste another minute. I held a friends hand as he took his last breath this afternoon and though we didn’t talk much, he knew he wasn’t alone and I knew he heard my words as I whispered them quietly while rubbing his hand and he passed peacefully and without any drama and I can say we both knew how rare friendships were, and that we could feel that we touched each other’s lives and were a better person because of it. I hope that when I take my last breath, there will be someone holding my hand and I hope I can say I lived my life to the fullest and I cherished every damn minute of it!!! I had to get this out because it’s been a hell of a day. Time to chill have a shot and toast to my special friend who will always have a place in my heart. RIP RON, you will be missed like no other!
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memoryslandscape · 6 hours ago
Without, O, somewhere, you;
Philip Larkin, from “(A Study in Light and Dark),” The Complete Poems of Philip Larkin, ed. Archie Burnett (Farrar, Straus, and Giroux, 2012)
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unyieldingvalxr · 6 hours ago
Missing Brothers
@impulse-incorporated​ (I took your reply to Billy Lee and changed it over to Hannah Sunderland because she’s willing to talk on that subject)
Tumblr media
As much as she missed Selah, she knew she couldn’t expect the two of them to always live near each other. He was in Philadelphia now; he was a Congressman. And yet, Molly hated the way she constantly had this feeling of want; all she wanted was to be reunited with her younger brother.
“How about you? Do you have any siblings?”
Tumblr media
“Sounds like thee and your brother were close,” Hannah softly assesses. “What’s his name?” The Friend questions curiously. Those initial inquiries are followed up with, “is he in the city, the camp, or one of the prisons?” Or worse, she thinks, he could be dead, but a part of Hannah sincerely hoped he wasn’t. 
“A few. I have a younger sister named Sally and a twin brother named Robert. Robert’s... been arrested as a Patriot. Under Howe’s orders no one can visit him. Not even I.” She chokes. Pausing she debates the wisdom of sharing more. The other woman looked trust-worthy enough. “I’m forbidden to have anything to do with him or this conflict as I am a Friend.”
“Does missing them ever become easier?”
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lavigne37-blog · 7 hours ago
Extraño amor
Hay un volcán en erupción dentro de mí. El dolor que llevo por dentro carcome cada parte de mí ser.
Al caer la noche solo quiero cerrar los ojos y dejar todo atrás. Luego al llegar la mañana irreverente me abofetea para hacerme saber que aún traigo a cuesta todo ese dolor que me causa tu partida.
Hoy me pregunto si esto algún día tendrá fin, o si simplemente sigo pagando las deudas del pasado.
Antes mí vida era una comedia. Ahora es una tragedia.
A nadie le interesa. No tendría porqué. Pero después de todo para eso está este blog. Para lanzarle piedras al lago y al igual que las esperanza ver cómo se hunden y se pierden en la nada.
A veces las cosas no tiene que tener sentido. Hoy solo escribo porque soy una romántica.
Y aunque el dolor siga ahí, aumentando, algo he de soltar hoy.
Lo que si es y será por los siglos de los siglos es que mí ser siempre estará ungido al tuyo, dónde sea que estés ahora en este preciso momento.
Un día te dije que somos átomos de la misma molécula.
Donde sea que estés, siempre serás mía Toshi.
Tumblr media
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momforaminute-x · 8 hours ago
Tumblr media
Happy birthday mom.. I've been missing you longer than I had years with you. But damn, I hope you're happy and I miss you ❤️
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lesbianleona · 8 hours ago
Yuuken is probably a precure fan and he’s probably missing the new season
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formidxble · 9 hours ago
thinking about how hyunjin got casted for sm entertainment as well. with his talent and effort he would've def debuted and probably would've joined nct like that's crazy when you think about it, imagine him with the other members ajhzkak
the way i’ve been listening to love talk the whole week...then you mention it...stalker. HAHA kidding. but yes, sometimes i do imagine hyunjin being in nct and it ruins me, so i prefer not to.
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cuddlynamus · 9 hours ago
Ahh I’m obsesssed with maknae line weight gain atm 😭 do you think you could do one where all three of them gain a ton of weight?
*cracks knuckles* okay anon let’s see what i can do
the universe had a odd way of doing things. jimin, taehyung and jungkook sat back snacking away as they watched tv. not really thinking about their current predicament, squeezed into too tight clothes while they stuffed themselves with food as they had been doing for a while now.
you see, the strangest thing happened and it all started when jungkook decided to take his working out more seriously as a new years resolution, increasing his “caloric intake” as he had read on the internet. trying to eat more to gain more muscle and all that. meanwhile taehyung, who had just returned from visiting his family. they had no problems voicing their concerns saying that he looked so small. one of his aunts telling him that living in the city was no good for him and that he was “withering” away, everyone seemed to voice their complaints on how small taehyung seemed to be to them and while taehyung could admit that he did get a little bit smaller since moving into the city with his best friends he didn’t think it was that bad.
so while jungkook sat and stuffed his face on his rest days from working out taehyung joined him too. although jungkook started off eating healthier foods meanwhile taehyung just ate whatever he could get his hands on. slowing but surely jungkook joined in eating taehyung’s sugary snacks on his “cheat days”.
now jimin took notice of this. he’d come in from his dance classes late in the evening to find taehyung seated on the couch with various food wrappers all around him while he rubbed at his belly fighting off a food coma. sometimes it would be him and jungkook sitting there together trying not to fall asleep so quickly with wrappers and plates around them.
but jimin wouldn’t say anything he’d just quietly gather all the trash up and straighten the living room while they slept. sometimes he’d sit down at the table and put away as much food as taehyung and jungkook did combined, sometimes even more than that. often dragging himself slowly down the hall to his bedroom to sleep off the slight pains from stuffing himself. you think they would’ve noticed the food going missing from the cabinets and refrigerator but they didn’t pay it no mind. figuring that they must’ve ate it and forgotten when they went to sleep.
things went on like that for a while until slowly jungkook’s rest days and cheat days became every day until he eventually canceled his gym membership. he must’ve have bulked up enough since his clothes weren’t fitting him the same. it had to be muscle! that’s it! jungkook thought to himself a lot, seeing as his shirt started getting tighter and tighter in the sleeves and across the chest.
his belly area too but he didn’t pay that any mind
the legs of his sweats started getting tighter too, must be my thighs toning up jungkook thought to himself. he rounded out everywhere and had a reason for it. must be this gaining muscle must be that gaining muscle. but of course it was all soft pudge clinging to him rounding him out everywhere. there wasn’t a are of his body that wasn’t soft.. not that you could tell jungkook that.
taehyung on the other hand was happy with his weight. after visiting family after a few months of not seeing them and everyone rejoicing in his current appearance he was content. the elder women in his family pinching his bread cheeks and telling him how healthy he looked. he took pleasure in outgrowing clothes, it was the best way to track his progress. his belly stuck out. the first thing that caught people’s attention nowadays.
jimin slowly surpassed taehyung and jungkook, who had no clue how he managed to get so huge. jimin, who had to slowly stop attending his dance classes. but of course he didn’t reveal that to his roommates. often saying he was heading out to attend a class but in reality he went to the nearest buffet to sit back and stuff his face for a few hours before returning home.
it all came to a head one night while jimin was up snacking late in the kitchen after everyone went to sleep. slow, staggering footsteps came into the kitchen.
“well, well what do we have here?” jimin froze in the middle of bringing a forkful of cake to his mouth. taehyung waddled into the kitchen.
“i- i was just up having a quick snack.” jimin said. taehyung chuckled.
“so this is what you’ve been up to? this is what you’ve been doing? i was wondering how you accumulated all of .. that.” taehyung said, gesturing to jimin’s physique.
“what are you talking about? this is nothing a few weeks of getting back in the studio can’t reverse.” jimin said, placing his fork down on the cake pan and pushing it away. taehyung sat down at the table across from him pulling the cake to himself and started eating it with his hands.
“i see you’re in denial like kookie is” taehyung sighed. “he said he’s thinking about going back to the gym. he says he thinks his figure is starting to soften up. maybe you two could go together.” he joked. jimin looked down at himself. sure his tummy was a little bit softer than it used to be and sure he had to size up.. a few times but it didn’t mean he was huge. well at least he wasn’t as big as taehyung. he looked up watching as taehyung picked pieces of the cake to eat. he looked comparing their sizes and he quickly realized taehyung was only a little bit smaller than he was.
at least taehyung’s thighs didn’t spill over the sides of the chair like his do.
“what’s wrong jiminie? lost your appetite? that can’t be possible.” taehyung said, pushing the cake on the table so it was equally in between them.
jimin picked his fork back up, taking a bite of the cake again.
“i guess i’ll ask kook about the membership in the morning.”
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thatglowstick · 9 hours ago
My family said they liked my chocolate chip cookies better than my mums >:)
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orhideintheclosets · 9 hours ago
The female brain is wired so differently to a male brain that it lacks the lobe autism is in so it can’t hold autistic qualities, therefore you can’t be autistic. Women also lack the neurological wiring to be able to process complex emotion, organisational skills and simple time-management. That’s why men make better leaders because women’s brains are designed to be foragers and nurturers.
wake up babe new brain lobe just dropped
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seesgood · 10 hours ago
my problematic take of the evening:  i would 100% sacrifice at least 3 phases of the mcu for one more season of the punisher and daredevil. and i don’t think i would regret it in the slightest.
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sirsharp · 10 hours ago
As much as I’d like to finish the rest of the things in my inbox tonight, the day’s finally catching up with me and I need to get some sleep.  I’d just like to take a quick moment to say a huge  THANK  YOU  to everybody who bothered to send me something, whether it was in reference to a prompt I reblogged or not--   it seriously made the brunt of today so much more tolerable, and I’m really grateful to everybody that was willing to take time out of their day to acknowledge my bad one.  Thank you so much, and I’ll try to get on the rest of them tomorrow!
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