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#mister mistoffelees
connladraws · 23 hours ago
Tumblr media
The magical, mystical, Mr.Mistoffelees for @lesbian-pangoro! My first ko-fi comm thus far and a fun one Hope ya like it!
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Rum Tum Tugger: "If I don't receive attention right now immediately I will pass away!"
Bombalurina: "We're literally right here."
Quaxo, flicking peanuts at him: "Prove it."
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misto scars
misto have a scar on his chest form a dog attack when he was a kitten.
he also have a notch in his ear form a magic trick that did go wrong
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lilgiu · 2 days ago
Victoria: Yeah, Misto tried using lipstick today
Tugger: *passes*
Plato: Hey Tugger, where were you?
Tugger: *sweating* W-With Misto
Tugger: *walks fast*
Plato: Hm...what a coincidence. I think that Tugger is also trying lipstick today
Victoria: ...
Plato: ...
Plato: OH WAIT
(I'm sorry if there's any grammar errors)
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emmikay · 2 days ago
Mistoffelees: How did your back get so scratched up?
Rum Tum Tugger: (flashback to chasing a racoon after Misto told him to leave it alone)
Rum Tum Tugger: I’m having an affair
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emmikay · 2 days ago
Cryptid Misto
Munkustrap: I’m going hunting. Does anyone want something to eat?
Mistoffelees, heading spinning 180 degrees, exorcist style: THE SOULS OF THE INNOCENT
Rum Tum Tugger: A mouse!
Mistoffelees: NO
Rum Tum Tugger: Two mice!
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artsybi · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
spent a long ass time on this because of a post that crossed my dash about a creepy miku figure that gave op gender envy, of course, i immediately went "oh same" and had to combine it with my other main source of gender envy: jacob brent's misto from the '98 filmed version of cats the musical.
so, have a cryptid misto who is also peak fucking gender envy
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lilgiu · 5 days ago
Tumblr media
Mistoffelees are you OK?
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I’m so used to the 1998 choreography of Mister Mistoffelees that I always feel like Misto is lonely when other productions’ Tuggers don’t copy his dance moves... damn ;_;
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the-end-is-nigh · 5 days ago
Tumblr media
They're boyfriends, your honor
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emmikay · 5 days ago
Cryptid Misto
Bustopher Jones: Mistoffelees is at that special age where he only has one thing on his mind.
Jennyanydots: Queens?
Kitten Mistoffelees: Homicide.
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roselessart · 5 days ago
Dessert Au Deuteronomy Bros
Demestrap: Demeter makes all kind of dessert and Munkustrap loves every dessert she makes and makes her favorite dessert 😭🥰
Tuggoffelees: Tugger buys Misto favorite snack, Twinkies! Misto buys Tugger expensive cupcakes that are mostly well decorated😁😊
Mungocavity: Mungojerrie baked Macavity cookies. Macavity ate them:
Macavity: It taste awful!
Mungojerrie: *smile drops slowly but then-*
Macavity: *proceed to take more, ate it quickly, didn't notice Mungojerrie face*
Mungojerrie: *confuse* 'He said it's awful and took some more?'
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Happy Birthday! (sings happy birthday to you to the tune of mr mistoffelees)
Awww thank you!!
Tumblr media
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emmikay · 6 days ago
One interpretation of ‘Mr. Mistoffelees’ that I think would be cool (and if it exists, please direct me) is one where there this profound underlying tension. Like, Misto and Tugger are still giving the performance of a lifetime and everything, Tugger is cheering up the tribe, calming them down, but in the facial expressions, body movements, ect. the audience can see this frantic energy, this narrative of both of the them going:
‘keep going, keep pushing, keep dancing/ singing. Don’t stop, don’t think, because if you do, you’ll start thinking about how you’ve never tried anything this big before, and what if it doesn’t work? What if I/ he can’t?’
But they have to hide it from the rest of the jellicles, and just exude confidence, even if they’re both terrified. And when the trick works, there’s just such palpable relief from both. 
Like, maybe, after he pulls away his sheet, Misto doesn’t even turn back around, freaking out that he hasn’t done it, but he doesn’t have anything left to give, he’s exhausted, spent. He simply cannot try again. And he doesn’t turn to see, until he hears Tugger’s voice soften, and he realizes he didn’t fail, and he just melts into Old Deuteronomy’s arms, because he can’t quite believe he actually managed to pull it off.
I dunno man. I think it’d be a cool spin
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emmikay · 7 days ago
Cryptid Misto
Mistoffelees: The Everlasting Cat nerfed me by making me allergic to garlic and sunlight
Bombalurina: So... A vampire?
Mistoffelees: I can confirm that I am not a vampire, as I have blood
Plato: Is it your blood?
Mistoffelees: It is blood, yes
Munkustrap: Is it blood that has always belonged to you, from the moment of your spawning?
Mistoffelees: It is blood, it is in my possession, therefore it is my blood 
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roselessart · 8 days ago
Tumblr media
Genderbend Tuggoffelees😊 I saw a genderbend Tugger and right away drew genderbend Tugger with Misto😁
I always imagine Tugger with long hair and does many hair styles including Misto's hair 🥰
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emmikay · 9 days ago
My contribution to Cryptid Misto
Munkustrap: *accidently brushes up against Misto*
*collaspes, then snaps back to reality, shaking*
Munkustrap: I- I just saw a trillion different realities folding onto each other like thin sheets of metal, forming a single blade-
Mistoffelees: (not even looking at him) Yeah yeah, the time knife, we’ve all seen it.
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the-rum-tum-hatter · 9 days ago
Ngl I think it's really interesting how Timothy Scott's Misto (who in the fandom is portrayed to be creepy, mysterious, strange, and quiet) and Jacob Brent's Misto (who's seen as younger, shy, more outgoing, and beloved) are kinda opposites. Like because JB is the "nicer" Misto you'd expect him to be more outgoing and such. But TS is the "weird" Misto and yet he's always involved. He sings, he dances, he talks, etc. Obviously JB does this too but TS just gives off more confident Misto vibes to me. He has the Invitation, the Jerrie and Teazer trash puppet show, and actually sings proudly in his own song with Tugger. Also (I may be wrong) his Misto may have that tap section in Old Gumbie Cat. I'm trying to say it's kinda ironic that the mysterious cryptid puts himself out there with sm confidence, while the beloved child prodigy feels insecure and shyer
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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some fanfic writers: makes bombalurina a jealous mean spirited queen who got her heart broken because tugger love misto and not her.
tugger and misto: nope. “grab bomba and keep her away form them” you can get her back when you tread her nice and understand her character
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