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Dead End
Part IX
They don't leave him alone. It's not like Tanjirou doesn't enjoy their company or that he doesn't want to spend time with them.
It's just that he knows why they're doing this. They're afraid, just like Nezuko is, that he'll leave them and never come back if they look away from him for a second.
Which, to be fair, it's true. He wants to leave so Muzan can stop hurting the people he loves just to try to get to him.
Tanjirou is afraid too, he's not sure what he'd do if something happened to one of the hashira. What if they get hurt because they're too focused trying to protect him instead of protecting themselves?
"I can hear you thinking, darling," Kanroji comments, sitting next to him on the backyard, under a tree. She leans closer to cup his face in her hands and give him a soft kiss on the lips. "And I know what you're thinking."
"I'm worried about you," Tanjirou insists, but the Pillar only presses their lips together again, deepening their kiss; she chuckles before shoving her tongue inside. The boy feels his cheeks turning red immediately.
"We worry about you too, darling," she mumbles, lips moving down his neck, speaking against his skin. "It'd break us completely if something happened to you. That's why we won't let you go. You're safe here."
Tanjirou tries to smile back at her, even though he knows he can't hide the concern in his eyes from her.
Now there's always a hashira in the butterfly mansion; always one of them making sure Tanjirou is protected at all times.
When Uzui's kisses start moving down his throat, Tanjirou starts thinking that maybe he wants to keep him distracted as well.
"Tengen," he corrects him in a whisper before biting lightly the curve of his neck; there's a smug grin on his lips when Tanjirou shivers in response.
"Tengen-san... Are you..." The boy stops because an embarrassing moan escapes from his lips at that moment. "Sorry!"
"Why do you apologize for that? It's hot," the Pillar assures him before putting a hand on the back of his head to pull him closer.
Tanjirou doesn't know what to say to that, but he closes his eyes to try to calm himself and hold back the blush from spreading further down before he speaks again.
"Are you trying to distract me? All of you?"
Uzui chuckles at that before pressing their foreheads together.
"Of course we don't want you to think about what happened because we know you blame yourself," he explains, running his fingers through Tanjirou's soft hair. "But the truth is that we're constantly touching you and kissing you because we can't help it. We want you so bad you have no idea and that was from the beginning..."
Tanjirou is sure his cheeks are completely red now because his face feels like it's burning.
"Hey, darling... Let me kiss you, please..."
He nods, still too flustered to trust his own voice and when Uzui finally smashes their lips together Tanjirou forgets about his concerns, at least for a moment.
The kakushi girl who runs into him the next morning looks different from the others somehow; she moves gratefully and there's something about her eyes... Tanjirou can tell she's really beautiful, even though he can't see her face.
"What does it feel to be loved like that?" She asks suddenly, startling Tanjirou for a moment. He's carrying a tray of food for Nezuko.
"What do you mean?"
"The Pillars."
"Well, it's..." Tanjirou blushes, not knowing what to say at the moment.
"I mean my brother would do anything for me, but it's not the same," she continues. "They're not your family and yet they'd do anything for you, they'd kill for you, they'd die for you..."
"Please, stop," Tanjirou begs her, the conversation is making him uncomfortable and worried, he doesn't want anyone to die for him.
"What's so special about you?" She insists, looking around like she wants to make sure they're alone. "I mean I can see you're pretty and your eyes are mesmerizing, but I'm more beautiful than you'll ever be and I don't have a group of people following me around and worshipping me!"
Even though Tanjirou can tell she's older than most of the kakushi he's seen, the way she speaks and complains makes him think of a little girl. That's what makes him relax a little bit.
"Just give it a little bit of time!" He grins; she obviously just wants to be loved. "Be yourself and I'm sure you'll find someone who'll love you and take care of you! I'm sure you'll be really happy someday!"
"Ah," she mumbles, voice turning a whisper suddenly. "I see now. Too bad you're not–"
A scream cuts her off; one of the butterfly girls is scared and desperate, people around are mumbling things about a Pillar. Someone has been hurt.
The tray falls from Tanjirou's hands before he runs towards the front yard.
Uzui is already there, helping a very injured Rengoku walk inside.
Tanjirou's vision turns blurry because of the tears that are falling from his eyes.
It's like one of his nightmares, the ones he doesn't tell anyone about; when he turns around to ask for help, the kakushi girl is gone.
Kocho assures him Rengoku is going to be fine even though he has an injury on his stomach and has lost his left eye.
Tanjirou can't stop crying; he knows he got into a fight with Akaza (that's what Uzui told him before leaving to hunt the man down) one of Kibutsuji's assassins.
Nezuko and the butterfly girls try to get Tanjirou to sleep for a while but he can't; he starts getting more desperate, it's worse now because someone he loves got hurt because of him.
A huge hand touches his face lightly, gently, before he feels arms around him.
"Mitsuri is right," Himejima mumbles before putting him on his lap. "It's easy to know what you're thinking. Stop blaming yourself for everything..."
"Do you really think we had no problem with Kibutsuji before you arrived? That our lives weren't at risk all the time? Because they were... We're assassins too, Tanjirou. We're not innocent people."
"I don't want anything happening to you," Tanjirou sobs before huge hands cradle his face.
"I know... We know and that's one of the many reasons we don't want to lose you."
Tanjirou is too tired to say anything else; he quickly falls asleep over the man's lap.
Tanjirou is there when Rengoku finally wakes up and the first thing the hashira does is to smile at him and spread his arms.
"Come here, my boy, my darling... My love."
"I don't want to hurt you."
"You won't," Rengoku promises and Tanjirou can't hold back anymore; he gets on the bed and buries his face on his broad chest before cupping the Pillar's face and pressing soft kisses all over it.
When Tanjirou hears Rengoku chuckle happily and loudly, he feels so relieved is difficult not to burst into tears again.
"Stop risking your life for me, Kyojuro-san," Tanjirou pleads and even though he can see the love dancing like fire in Rengoku's eye, the hashira shakes his head.
"I'd give you the world, my boy, but not that... I'd gladly put my life on the line again if–"
Tanjirou shuts him up with a kiss that Rengoku returns without hesitation and a lot of passion. Warm hands are on his hips before he gets pulled closer to a very muscular body, a gasp escapes from his mouth just as he feels fingers under his shirt...
"None of that now!" Kocho stops Rengoku by hitting the back of his head, although it wasn't that bad judging by the fact that the Pillar with fiery hair starts laughing afterwards. "You're hurt."
"You're all just jealous because I'm clearly the favorite now!" Rengoku says and Tanjirou can't believe he's focusing on that instead of everything that happened to him.
Then he finally notices that all the hashira are there with them. Even Uzui is there, but he doesn't come back with good news, it seems he hasn't been able to find Akaza.
Although when Tanjirou asks, they decide to change the topic.
"He's all over you because he's worried about you," Tomioka argues, although he can't hide the jealousy in his voice.
"He'd do the same for any of us," Tokito says, glaring at Rengoku, who's still smiling smugly at them before pulling Tanjirou closer to him.
"If all it takes is a little bit of blood..."
"If you hurt yourself on purpose I will never kiss you again, Sanemi-san!" Tanjirou blurts out before even thinking about it; he doesn't know why he said it honestly, he's not usually like that, but the thought of seeing one of them hurt...
When Shinazugawa presses his lips into a thin line and nods at him, Tanjirou almost gasps in surprise.
"Great! Let him know our weakness! Now he'll do that all the time to make us behave!" Iguro growls at Shinazugawa before Kanroji hugs him with an amused smile on her face.
"But we already did whatever our darling wanted, Obanai..."
"I guess you're right..."
Tanjirou is just too happy to have them all there with him (alive) that he decides not to pay too much attention to that... He purposely ignores the fact that this peace is temporary and lets Rengoku kiss him again.
He even chuckles when he hears complains and feels as Tomioka pulls him away from the other Pillar.
"But I'm still hurt! I need him with me!"
"Injured or not, you agreed to share."
You can read Part X and Part XI on my patreon already!
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lunastrasza · 14 hours ago
Umm hello! Only if you could and if it's not too much ask, could i request the hashiras seeing reader (who's also a hashira) as an older sibling figure?? I hope you are having an excellent day! :D
a/n: Absolutely! Not too much at all! Hope you don't mind these being a bit short as there's a lot to write for :p Please enjoy!! (also why are these all so saaaaadddd omg ;n;)
Tumblr media
The Hashira w/ an Older Sibling Figure
You're the only person he really talks to or spends time with
He never feels any pressure or anxiety when he's around you, and he goes to you for any advice he may need
You keep an eye out for him whenever you're on a mission, and he does the same for you
You're the only one he's confided in about his past and about his guilt surrounding Sabito
You remind him of his sister, he doesn't want to ever lose you like he lost her ;u;
You can easily read his facial expressions, even the slightest little change in his usually stony facade is clear as day to you
Most of the time though you both just sit in silence, simply enjoying the presence of one another
He's always had to be the older, more responsible one in many of his relationships
He's never really had that feeling of looking up to someone like you
Is this how Senjuro feels when he's around him? Because if so, Kyo feels he's been missing out. It's a great feeling!
He appreciates your protective, kind and patient nature
He shares his lunches with you, always 'mistakenly' making more than what he needed, but you always do the same thing too, and you end up with way more food than you both need, lol
He absorbs your tutelage like a sponge, he's always eager to learn more from you
He brings you to his home all the time to hang out with Senjuro, who also loves you very much (poor kid needs some happiness man)
Oh dear this one may be a bit angsty
Uzui still has a lot of painful memories of his family, and it was a bit concerning for him to start to see you as an older sibling
He was just terrified of you ending up the same way as his siblings
But, he does trust you, and he would do anything to keep you safe from harm, even though he knows you're more than capable of keeping yourself safe
You're literally always with him, though, so he rarely has to worry about you being out of his sight
His wives adore you, they know that when Tengen is gone for a mission that he'll come back safe because he has you with him
You both look out for each other and give each other combat tips
There's no one else he'd rather fight alongside
Ok...this one is painful
How are you so much like Kanae? She can't comprehend it
Despite the pain of being around you, how you remind her so much of her older sister, she does enjoy your company very much
When you help her craft her poisons and medicines, she appreciates the help so much
You, like Tanjiro, see right through her smiling, gentle facade and see how much anger and pain she has within her
You help her in coping with it by constantly checking in on her and making sure she's in a good mental space, something she doesn't get a lot
She talks to you about E V E R Y T H I N G
You're one of the few people who know about her love for Obanai, and you're constantly trying to get them together
She shares her food with you, besides Kyojuro, you're one of the few people she eats with because you don't judge her for her enormous appetite
She's very physically affectionate, always hugging you or hanging around you in some way, she just loves being able to do that with you platonically
She's constantly admiring everything you do, you could so much as breathe in her direction and she'd be like <333333
She never has to hide who she truly is around you, and for that she is sincerely appreciative
(I love Mitsuri sm agh she deserves the world)
He ignored you at first in all honesty
He's so used to being alone (and not to mention, he feels like he deserves to be alone) that he was somewhat anxious about you hanging around
However, he eventually warmed up to you
You encourage his relationship with Mitsuri and you know the full extent of his feelings for her
Kaburamaru also trusts you completely, and if he's not wrapped around Obanai in some way, he's wrapped around you
You're also the only one Obanai trusts with information about his past
You do your best to try and reassure him that he is not what his family made him out to be and that not everybody is out to hurt him
How in the hell did you ever manage to get close enough to him to even form a sibling-like relationship, let alone a friendship?
Sanemi...he has a lot of pain when it comes to his past, especially since it involves his family
He blames himself for everything that happened and so he feels like he doesn't deserve to have anyone be close to him
That is, until you came along
You were stubborn enough to stick with him even though he constantly told you to fuck off, threatened you, cursed at you, etc
But when he realized you weren't going anywhere, he kinda gave up and just allowed you to stick around
Your presence is very healing to him, he looks forward to seeing you
You're the only one who knows the full extent of everything he and Genya have been through, and you try to encourage Sanemi to talk to Genya and at least attempt to fix their relationship
Since he was the eldest of his siblings, Sanemi never really had someone to rely on in such a way, he always had to be the one his younger siblings went to
He has to admit though, he likes being able to have someone to go to for advice
Another one who feels deeply that he doesn't deserve to have such kindness from you
He was worried about what you would do if you found out about him
Ever since...you know, what happened in his past, he worries about what people may think of him, especially someone as kind and lovely as you
Though, when you do sort of break through his stone wall (ha, GET IT) he actually opens up to you quite quickly
The trust you have in each other is unwavering, so much so that you spend a lot of time together just meditating or enjoying the scenery in silence
You do your best to assuage his guilt about what happened in his past, saying that he did what he could and that beating himself up about the past will only make him feel worse
He loves your kindness and appreciates that you're able to see him for who he really is (a lovely kind boi <3)
Though he seems a bit out of it, Muichiro does acknowledge your presence
You remind him of someone...he just can't put his finger on it
Your protective nature toward him, it makes him think of someone he used to know (;n;)
You're always so patient with him, knowing that he has little to no memory of his past (though, Ubuyashiki's wife told you everything about it when you asked)
Though he can sometimes come off as cold and uncaring, you understand why, and through talking to him, he eventually regained some of his memories, remembering who it was you reminded him of...;u;
He's actually really lovely and kind! <3
He spends most of his time with you, discussing different topics (cloud types, bird species, etc)
"Y/N...that cloud is pretty, isn't it?" "It is, Muichiro, you're right."
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leoiguro · 2 days ago
hii what about the pillars with gn!reader who has adhd? specifically obanai, muichiro and giyuu bc they are my faves, but ofc you don't have to write for all of them if you don't want to!!
Pillars x ADHD!Reader (platonic)
Tumblr media
Includes: muichiro, obanai, giyuu, and mitsuri
Warnings: mentions of depression, anxiety, not eating. (nothing in depth)
Reader: gender neutral
a/n: sorry this took so long to finish, i hope you enjoy! i have adhd myself, so i based lots of this off of my own personal experience. i also added mitsuri because i love her :)
Tumblr media
♡Muichiro Tokito
Tumblr media
since you both have a bit of difficulty remembering things sometimes, you two have a shared calendar that you use a lot to stay on track
for myself whenever i’m told to do something i don’t want to or am not interested in, it is physically painful to do it
so when you’re assigned something you really don’t want to do, muichiro does his best to turn it into a fun game so it’s a lot easier to manage
muichiro never takes it personally if you struggle with eye contact and don’t look at him when you’re talking
he’s also good at avoiding places with intense lighting or sounds, because those can drain energy like crazy and hurt your head
♡Obanai Iguro
Tumblr media
the way you hyperfocus on things is very interesting to him
a few times he’s seen you intensely focusing enough that you forgot to do basic tasks like eating
which he did not like at all, so now he makes sure to check in you once in a while when you’re in your hyperfocus mood
he makes sure you’re talking breaks
also, lots of time instructions aren’t specific enough for neurodivergent people
obanai is always willing to go over the instructions with you when you don’t understand and help clear up your uncertainties
he’s always making you train and workout with him. he knows it can help calm your mind down so he forces you to do it even when you don’t feel like it
♡Giyuu Tomioka
Tumblr media
he’s acutely aware of your rejection sensitivity
if you struggle with volume control and you’re being a bit loud, he does not outright tell you to be quieter
he understands that makes rejection sensitivity peak, instead he’ll talk quieter than usual so you can catch on yourself
if you ever find yourself completely zoned out, thinking about something unrelated to the topic someone else is currently trying to tell you, giyuu will gently say something and put his hand on your shoulder to bring you back to present
he’s always willing to lend an ear while you talk about your latest hyperfixation
he never lets you feel like you’re annoying him, and he’ll ask plenty of questions about it too
also always makes sure you stick to your sleep schedule
♡Mitsuri Kanroji
Tumblr media
lots of the time due to poor time management people with adhd forget to eat a lot
mitsuri checks in on you to make sure you’ve eaten, and if you haven’t she offers to make you something
she also makes sure to ask what foods you’re okay with eating - does not want to make you something with a taste or texture that upsets you
having adhd means you are way more susceptible to acquiring anxiety and depression, and it can be triggered easily when you feel stressed
mitsuri always lets you hang out with her cats because they can help you destress
she will look into your hyperfixations so she can talk to you about them
Tumblr media
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everythingkny · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
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ravenliz · 9 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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syupon · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
here’s them :-) 🐍🍡💕
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hazemaru24 · 2 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
These are commission works, please do not use 🙏
Commission info; hazemaru.carrd.co
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nest-of-boxes · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
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broresteia · 5 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
yeah they’re together..,.,.
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kurtenshi · 2 months ago
The demon slayer pillars reacting to you taking the blow for them
Every hashira x gender neutral reader (all separate, I'm using Muichiro's personality after the events of the swordsmith village arc, but there aren't spoilers regarding the story)
Warnings: mention of blood and wounds
During a mission, your purposely take the demon's blow that was directed at them
Tumblr media
Gyomei Himejima
He couldn't see it but he clearly sensed that your blood flow had been disturbed and quickly realized that it was due to spilling
After all he was expecting a blow, but didn't receive any
So that's when it hit him. You had just taken the blow for him
Stopped his tears and swung his nichirin chained spiked flail and axe right at the demon's head
Only missed once before beating that said demon
Forgot about everything else that could've been happening and rushed to where your presence was
"Ah, are you alright y/n ? O Buddah Amitabah, I implore your mercy, let them live"
He tried his best to give you first aid and sincerely wished you wouldn't die
He was extremely worried, but had faith in your living
Carried you to the nearest place where you could be healed and watched over you during all of the time of your recovery
"You see me relieved and happy by your healing y/n. However, do not ever take a blow for me once more. I do not wish to see you leave this world because of me"
Embraced you and told you he only cared about your safety, and that he wouldn't fail to protect you again
Tumblr media
Sanemi Shinazugawa
When you took the blow for him, while your blood spilled onto the ground, his heart dropped
He's screaming outside and reprimanding you for it, but is only filled with fear and rage
Will cut that demon in pieces and will make him suffer quickly before rushing to you
"What are you doing you idiot ! That blow was clearly for me ! Why did you take it instead ?"
When you replied you did so because you loved him, he felt tears building up in his eyes
He couldn’t afford to lose you. He would be empty inside and if you were to die knowing that he couldn't save you
"I'll absolutely lose it if you die on me, so you better live" he cried out, while running at the highest speed he could reach with you in his arms
He did not leave your side even just for a second
He was more than appeased when the clinician told him you were going to be okay
When you finally woke up after what seemed like eternity, first things first he scolded you
"Do not ever do that again" you could feel the anger in his voice, but it was mostly mixed with concern
"You have no idea how much I feared to lose you" he then said, while avoiding eye contact by pulling you in a hug
Tumblr media
Obanai Iguro
He freaked out
I really wouldn't like to be that demon because he killed it in the most brutal, painful and deadliest way ever
Even Kaburamaru hissed at the demon
"Why in hell would you do that ?" was his response, but it's only because he doesn't want to lose you
He holds you extremely close to him and his grip is tight, because he doesn't want to let you go in any way
Rushes anywhere you could get medical assistance and if anything/anyone comes in his way he might get violent
He blames himself and wished he could've protected you from it, and swears to give up his life if that were to happen again just to keep you safe
It was impossible for him to sleep during the night that followed, since he kept stressing about your wound
He thought back to all the memories he had with you, and how you accepted him despite his past
He was definitely not a people person, but losing you would equal losing his will to live
When you woke up, he was simply relieved and was finally able to rest knowing you're okay
"I won't ever let you do that again" translates to "I love you, so you better live with me"
Is now extra cautious with you whenever you're on a mission together
Tumblr media
Mitsuri Kanroji
Poor baby she was so scared for you
I mean I understand, imagine the love of your life almost dying for you, and you couldn't do anything about it
"Y/N!!! NO!" she yelled, when she saw you in front of her, blood starting to spill over
She did not want to care about the demon but had to, since she could lose her life if she didn't kill it, and that would mean there would be no one to help you go get treated
"My heart will never beat for people who hurt others for fun, and especially not if you hurt my y/n" she said to the demon, as anger built up in her
"I will never forgive you for hurting them" she added, before linking up multiple attacks to behead the demon
As soon as the demon's head was falling onto the ground, she ran over to you
She was hugging you so tight telling you it would be okay
She was crying really bad too, and even though you could die you felt your heart break at the sight
She carried you and stopped anyone she'd go through to ask for help
When finally someone could treat you, she thanked them endlessly and stayed with you
She saw your unconscious body for so long and was blaming herself for it. She joined the corps in order to find someone to love, and realizing she could've just lost her love because she hadn't been able to do something about it was making her sorrowful
The morning, when you woke up, she almost jumped on you while embracing you, crying in relief as you returned her embrace
"I love you y/n! Please please please don't take the blow for me again! I was so worried"
Tumblr media
Rengoku Kyojuro
He will be incredibly mad, even if he doesn't let it show at first
He literally vowed to protect you and you were the one who ended up getting injured for him ?
Oh he was so angry towards himself at that moment and he took it out on the demon
But then when he saw some red drops tainting the ground falling from your body, he felt like he was about to die
"Love! Are you alright ?" he yelled, as he kneeled beside you, anxiety feeling his mind as he hid it behind his usual smile
"Don't worry! Use your full concentration breathing to at least stop the bleeding, I promise to get you somewhere to have you healed!"
"Mother, please watch over us"
He would have never forgiven himself if you died, so he was way too much careful while carrying you
Once you were being treated, once he was on his own, he finally let the guilt, the sadness and the worry hit him like a brutal wave
He wanted to be strong for you, so that you'd have faith in living, but now he was a stressed out mess
When the clinician told him you would make it, he lightened up, though he was still feeling bad
"Ah! You are doing better y/n, you see me more than delighted! I promise I will be able to properly protect you next time"
-After the Mugen Train events-
By Tanjiro, you had received his final words for you
"Y/n, I apologize for not being able to protect you longer. Please live through this world infested with demons. I love you more than anything, but for nothing would I let you join me anytime soon. Do not let the fire in your heart die, and do not let my death inflict you"
Tumblr media
Muichiro Tokito
He did not see that coming, and he wished he would have never seen it
He feared dearly for your life, and he did not care about his own anymore, just yours
Used the seventh form of the mist breathing : mist veil to confuse the living hell out of the demon to kill it quickly
"Y/N!" he yelled, as he rushed to you, trying his best to stop your bleeding
"You're going to be okay. I'll make sure of it, just stay with me, please"
He picked you up bridal style and begun running until he was choking for air
Bold of you to assume he stopped running though. He kept going until you could be treated
While he was seeking medical assistance, the only thing he was thinking about was you, your safety, your life, your health, your future, your pain, your smile, your laugh... He really did not want to lose you, he lost too much already
Once he found a place that could take you in, he was relieved, but his worry wouldn't disappear. Not until he could be sure that you would live
During the time you were being patched up, he felt like time went by slower than ever, and he felt useless. He hadn't even been able to react properly to the attack. He hadn't been able to protect you when you needed it.
That's why when you woke up, he sprinted to the butterfly estate (you'd been moved from the place you were in to the estate) and wrapped his arms around you as fast as he could, as if he was making sure you were really there
"I'm incredibly sorry I wasn't able to protect you. I'll bear that guilt over the scar the blow left on you, and I will from now on always protect you, no matter what. I promise. I love you"
Tumblr media
Shinobu Kocho
I pity that demon
Your blood wasn't even spilling yet she was already in front of the demon, piercing its head
She had taken out her MOST deadly poison and ended that bitch's life so painfully
She had flashbacks of Kanae's death and was not having it. For nothing in the world would she let someone (especially you) die in front of her eyes, not again.
As soon as the demon was agonizing, she appeared at your side, not wearing her usual smile
"Y/n, we agreed if a situation like this was to happen, I would take the blow. Not you. Because I can't afford to lose you, and you know that. Why did you take it ?" she asked, as she was trying her best to hold her breaking voice
She immediately made you drink a painkiller, and gave you almost all the amount of first-aid you could ask for, except some, since she was lacking some material
She wished she could have carried you, but she had too much of a petite and fragile physique to do so
She blamed herself for being so incapable
Luckily for her and you though, the kakushis arrived pretty fast, so she got their help
As soon as you arrived to the butterfly estate, she rushed to healing you, even if she was also wounded
When you were finally stable, she relaxed but only a bit, before succumbing to the pain of her wounds
The butterfly girls took care of her, but she refused to leave the room you were in even just for minutes
And when you woke up, she was SO relieved you lived, but scolded you for putting her life before your own
She explained it's only because she cares deeply and loves you
Tumblr media
Uzui Tengen
All of the memories he had with you flashed before his eyes
It was almost the same thing that happened with Hinatsuru except that this time you were actually wounded
For the fastest hashira, he wasn't able to react fast enough
He catched you as you fell and laid you down before rushing to the demon to behead it
It took him a little while but at the end he managed to defeat the demon, and with flamboyance
But what wasn't flamboyant was that he had failed in protecting you, and that you had risked your life for him instead
He didn't waste a second in lifting you up and started running real fast, wishing he'd actually make it this time
When he arrived to the place where you could get treated, he was ready to give all his money if needed
He stayed with you even while you were being patched up, not caring about anything else than you, currently
His wives never saw him as worried and stressed. It seemed like he was always tense, and anxious about whatever could happen next
He felt like he had now even more guilt to bear on top of his past's
He blamed himself really harshly and even thought himself as unworthy of you, since he hadn't been able to protect one of the most important person in his life
He would have prefered receiving that blow, if that meant returning from the mission without you having any injuries
He realized that wouldn't be possible, but at least prayed that you would be in a better state
So when you woke up, he felt so much relief it was almost overwhelming. He was extremely happy hearing the news but still felt the need to apologize
"You're finally awake, I was really afraid you wouldn't ever be again. But I am relieved you are. Truly. Let me apologize to you, even if it doesn't change what happened. I'm sorry I wasn't able to cover you instead, but I always will from now on. You have my word"
Spent the whole following day with you and showered you with affection and hugs
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Giyu Tomioka
His eyes widened at the sight of your body in front of his being cut instead of his
He was so scared that he wouldn't be able to save you he was on the verge of panicking
He put all of his strength into defeating that demon before turning to you, wishing there was some hope left for you
Luckily there was. He had beheaded the demon just in time to take care of you, and he was just a bit more relieved (but not that much)
He looked a bit more startled than usual that was for sure, but tried his best to keep his cool, since you both needed to be careful in this type of situation
First he mitigated your bleeding by putting pressure on it, and then started wondering where he could take you to have you treated
He realized the butterfly estate wasn't that far away, so he picked you up from the ground with all the care in the world and kept on running
He just couldn't believe someone else had again risked their life to save him. He simply just thought that he couldn't be worth it, and that he was a burden he's not he just needs love
As soon as he arrived there, Shinobu was shocked, to say the least, to see him like this. Breathless, holding you in his arms, with eyes which could water anytime
She immediately took you in and treated you as fast as she could. She knew that if he was like this, something pretty bad must have happened
As soon as he regained his breath, he asked Shinobu if you were going to be okay, and she answered that with a bit of time and healing, you would make it
He felt his muscles relax, but his mind wouldn't. He knew you would make it, but you were in this state because of him. He just couldn't stop blaming himself for it
He kept on watching over you everyday, and when you eventually woke up, the first thing he wanted to do was hug you and apologize, but he didn't know to initiate it
So he just started looking at you and searching for the right words, and spoke up
"Y/n... I'm sorry for being so incapable and a burden. I couldn't even keep you safe. You have all the reasons in the world to stop loving me if you'd like. I'd understand. But please know that for nothing in the world would I like to lose you, and that I-" he paused.
"I love you. And I don't want to see you die for me. It should only be the other way around"
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how the other hashira feel about rengoku
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Have you taken the time to hold your tiny partner today??
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Demon Slayer Characters as Textposts
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Flexible duo I need to see more
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I like the concept that Inosuke doesn't care what gender you are, he knows male and female have their own strength and weakness...by his observation with animals.
He definitely was traumatized with otters and mantis.
And whatever gender you are, he will fight you.
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fave derp kny scenes
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☆Happy Birthday Kanroji Mitsuri☆
1st June
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┍━━━━ ⋆⋅☆⋅⋆ ━━━━┑
Feel free to repost/reblog !! <33
┕━━━━ ⋆⋅☆⋅⋆ ━━━━┙
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*stands homoerotically*
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Is it okay for a girl to be this strong? I still worry that someone may ask that, as though I’m not human. In my fear, I was suppressing my strength. But not anymore. Leave this to me. I will protect everyone.
✧・゚♥ ʟᴏᴠᴇ ᴘɪʟʟᴀʀ ᴍɪᴛꜱᴜʀɪ ᴋᴀɴʀᴏᴊɪ ♥・゚✧
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