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The name Tumblr is derived from "Tumblelogs", which were hand coded multimedia blogs.
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#mixed media art

tell me if what makes you someone is something

then why can’t i have mine?

i’ve waited so long!!

something - dayglow

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Thank you so much to all my followers/my insta/social media family for your love and support❤️❤️. I honestly am overwhelmed with all the love and support I’ve received. I’m so grateful and just so excited for the future. I have new content coming soon and I will be honored if you can follow me on this journey 🙏🏻❤️❤️
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Brian Jungen. Horse Mask (Mike), 2016.

mixed media

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💗Reflect on the Positives In Your Day💗 Think about the people and the things you do that bring you joy. Don’t let the stress of others and surrounds effect your happiness & positives vibes.

Shown is my original Painting “Madame Aviv” Mixed Media on Canvas. Original Sold~~

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Prays for Banri to be nice to me


As in be nice and give me Riku because I dragged Mitsuki already and Tamaki came home in a pull

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#MoulinRouge is a historical landmark in

#Paris where the French got a little naughty aand the world got a sexy musical starring @NicoleKidman & @EwanMcGregor so win-win? Bonus #Ladymarmalade is still being sung by drunk girls in karaoke bars to this day. Here’s some rouge vibes in mixed media art.

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🌹✨🌹English Rose🌹✨🌹
Commission Painting on Canvas inspired by Roses, Florals and Tea 🍵❤️

Art Prints Coming Soon to my Etsy Shop…Stay Tuned💕

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