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hanjis-experiment · 9 months ago
MIYA to Reki : you're a slime
MIYA when anything happens to Reki :
Tumblr media
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vancinya · 8 months ago
no cuz do you think miya hangs out at joe’s restaurant because he has no friends in school, lost reki, and wants to avoid his parents? and joe just allows it because ever since kaoru got stuck in the hospital the restaurant feels so empty without him. and miya just reminds him so much of kaoru??? hello????????? found family my beloved??????? miya and joe being each other’s stability in a father-son way????
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selkiefluff · 9 months ago
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family gaming time (and everything is going according to keikaku 😼)
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devikyuu · a month ago
Pairing: Miya Atsumu x GN!Reader Tags: Hurt/Comfort, Drabble Summary: When will you ever be enough for someone like him? Word Count: 743
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“It’s not my fault I’m not good enough for anything!” You shout.
Everything stills and it’s like time has stopped for you and Atsumu. Atsumu stares at you, eyes that used to be filled with frustration, are now filled with pity and they’re so wide open that you see the pity he gives you. You hate it. You don’t want the pity. So you turn away from him.
“I can’t catch up with you anymore, Atsumu.” Your voice is softer. It’s different from your scream earlier and it throws Atsumu off. He was ready to argue with you (through his anger filled mind) and get it over with. He didn’t expect this at all.
You burn holes into the wall you’re staring at. Hoping that the hot feeling in your eyes will go away. Hoping that your lips stop trembling. Hoping that whatever is stirring in your chest, stops. Hoping that your mind stops racing with insecurities you’ve stored away.
Atsumu eyes burn holes into you. He never meant to call you annoying or clingy. He never meant to make you feel neglected (and yet at the back of his mind, he thinks that it’s for the sake of the future he wants with you). He never meant to make you feel worthless. He never meant to make you feel like you aren’t enough.
The silence is so thick and heavy that it’s hard to speak (has it always been easy to speak when you’ve been apart for so long?). Atsumu makes steps to get close to you and you shut your eyes tight. Afraid that if you face him, you’ll come running back. 
“Angel, look at me.” You hear him whisper and you feel his presence. He’s just right in front of you. He could have just hugged you if he wanted to, but you know this is his way of saying he’s sorry and won’t do anything without your consent. “Please.”
You clench your fists so tight that it’s shaking and you shut your eyes even tighter that your face is scrunching up. Your insecurities are just spilling out of you in the form of tears. As soon as Atsumu sees your tears fall and hears you sniffing, he feels his chest get so heavy with guilt but he can't bring himself to just hug you.
So he kneels in front of you and slowly holds your hands like they’re made of paper that is just about to rip. He firmly presses his lips to them. “My angel, my pretty baby, I’m so sorry.” His lips stay on the back of your hands as he speaks. “I never meant to hurt you and I never meant to make you cry.”
His voice is soft as he speaks and you’re silent crying has turned into small hiccups. Atsumu rubs his thumbs on your hands and you slowly open your eyes. The sight you’re welcome with when you face Atsumu’s kneeling form, is of him leaving soft small kisses on your hands.
“‘Tsumu,” comes your broken voice, “I can’t catch up with how fast you’re going. I’m not like you and I--”
“You don’t have to be like me. You don’t have to catch up with me.” Atsumu looks up at you and you gasp. Seeing how determined he is makes your chest feel light. “I’ll go at your pace, angel.”
You whimper a little and go down to Atsumu’s level. His eyes follow your every movement and he squeezes your hand tight, wondering if you’ll allow him another chance to make you feel better. To make you feel special. To make you feel enough.
He brings your hands closer to him, silently asking if he can hug you now and you allow him to. Once his arms are wrapped around you, he sighs and buries his face to your neck. He inhales your scent and his shoulders start shaking.
“I was so scared, angel. I thought you were gonna break up with me.”
You both hug each other tight. Afraid that the other would walk away and disappear from their life.
You both stay that way for a while. Holding each other close, staying in the silence of the room, only hearing each other's heartbeat or breathing. Everything may be off at this point in your lives, but you know that having each other is enough for now.
“Angel, you’re enough for me, okay? You have always been enough for me.”
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Yeah... Imma jus,,, leave that there uwu
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anyanary · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
Redraw of a few manga panels because I’m trying to figure out how to draw this dumbass in a way that I actually like 😔 I hate him, he has a different haircut in every fucking panel 🧍‍♀️
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hajimescutie · 3 months ago
it’s been so long I haven’t talked to u I’m so sorryyy😩😩 hope ur doing well rn !!
can I request any angst to fluff with the msby players as dad and like reader and haikyuu boys r fighting and ur child come to the living room asking why r yall yelling or something like that 😩😩 make me cry but I WANT FLUFFFFF AT THE END 😔😔😔😔
💘anon love u bae
# — msby arguing in front of their kid
Tumblr media
includes: a. miya, k. bokuto, s. hinata, & k. sakusa x gn!reader
genre: angst to fluff
warnings: swearing, sakusa is really mean in his
a/n: HI BAE i hope u like this it hurt my soul. SORRY IT TOOK SO LONG FORGIVE ME PLS
main masterlist
inarizaki masterlist karasuno masterlist
fukurodani masterlist  itachiyama masterlist
Tumblr media
"you're unbelievable 'tsumu!"
"i'm unbelievable?! yer one ta talk y/n!"
you didn't expect that a simple statement such as "hey is there a chance you could take a couple days off from practice?" would turn into a full fledged argument.
the professional volleyball player had been spending hours upon hours into the late night practicing with the other msby players. you'd always been understanding when it came to his career. but when it starts to become apparent to your child that he hasn't been home lately, that's where you drew the line. you hoped that this would've been a simple discussion. but your partner was miya atsumu, the king of being dramatic.
"all i asked was if you could spend more time with me and himiko! is that really too much to ask of you?! to spend more time with your family?!" you felt your throat scratch from all the shouting and yelling between the two of you.
"ya don't understand! i do everything ta support this family and in order ta do so, i have ta go and play volleyball! i don't see you doing anything to fuckin' contribute!!"
"that's not true-"
"shut yer mouth!! god, yer so ungrateful y/n. i don't know why yer so damn needy. give me a break."
you gaped at his words, "i'm ungrateful?! me?! 'tsumu you're not even here majority of the time! you're the one that's being ungrateful!!"
"don't talk ta me like that. i can't believe i settled for-"
both your heads shot to your daughter, himiko, standing at the bedroom door with tears in her eyes. "w-why are you guys fighting?"
atsumu let out a deep sigh, "'s okay sweet pea, go lay down and i'll be in there in a sec okay?"
your heart broke when you saw her lip tremble, more tears trickling down her cheeks, "b-but you guys will start yelling again. i don't like when you yell."
you walked over to the youngling, reaching down to pick her up and resting her against your hip. you walked over to yours and atsumu's bed to cradle her, stroking her hair and humming in order to soothe her cries. you felt the bed dip next to you, strong arms wrapping around you and himiko.
you looked over and saw atsumu give you a sad smile, guilt pooling in his chest at the hurt look on yours and himiko's face after the argument was interrupted. he really shouldn't have let the conversation escalate that quickly. he just gets so defensive and he feels like he's never doing good enough, whether it be with the team or with his family. then again, that doesn't justify the harsh words he spat at you.
after a couple minutes of rocking himiko back and forth and calming her down, you gently stood up to put her back to bed. atsumu let his arms lay limp by his sides, missing the warmth you and your daughter provided. when you walked back in the room, you saw your lover sporting a sad pout and sad eyes. you walked over to stand in front of him, cradling his cheeks in your hands in order to pull his head up from his slumped form.
"'m sorry for what i said. i'll do better when it comes ta ya. ta himiko too. i want ta be someone ya can be proud of," he admitted.
you let out a sigh, leaning forward to press a soft kiss to his forehead, "you always make me proud 'tsumu. i just wanted you to make some more time for us 's all."
he turned his head to kiss the palm of your right hand, "i will, i'll try for both of ya. i love ya so much, my baby."
Tumblr media
bokuto hated fighting with you, especially when your child was home. he was one to communicate with soft spoken words, inside voices, and handle the matter maturely. all he wanted was for you and your guy's son to be happy, positive energy all time. but, relationships and families aren't always sunshine and rainbows. there's going to be disagreements, different people will butt heads, it happens, totally normal.
unfortunately, this was one of those times.
"i can't believe you forgot to pick up haruki again! this is the third time this week kōtarō!" you yelled frantically.
ever since your little haruki started school, you and bo had a hard time with who picks him up on certain days. you guys didn't exactly have a set schedule yet since everything was new, but you would always communicate very clearly who was going to pick up your son that day. today bokuto was supposed to pick him up after he was finished with volleyball practice. you had reminded this man multiple times throughout the day, and imagine your surprise when you had rush out of work early because you got a call from the school saying the haruki was still there.
"i said i was sorry! i lost track of time! it won't happen again i promise," he shouted back, pleading with you to forgive him.
"kou, i get that this is new for both of us and we're adapting, but this can't keep happening. i've had to leave work early three times now!" you exasperated.
"i don't know what you want me to do. practice runs late sometimes and i can't control-"
"then you could at least find out ahead of time that you're going to stay later! that way i can prepare ahead of time in order to pick up haruki on time! we always communicate bokuto, this isn't anything new," you snapped sarcastically.
the more this argument went on, the more frustrated the both of you were becoming. bokuto ran a frustrated hand through his spiky hair, golden eyes filling with repressed anger, "you don't fucking understand! i can't change how long practice runs. and sometimes i don't have my phone near me to text-"
"bullshit!! i text atsumu to check up on you all the time and he always manages to text me back, so what makes you any different?"
"stop acting like a damn child y/n. not everything revolves around you and your schedule. grow the fuck up,"
"see?! now you're the one acting like a child! telling me to grow up? you're unbelievable-"
you were cutoff when you felt a light tug on the seam of your pants, head shooting down to see a very upset haruki with tears streaming down his cute face.
"oh haru... 's okay come here," you cooed, all anger from the argument flowing out and being replaced with concern.
you felt his little arms wrap around you as you sat down on the couch in the living room, his face hidden in your neck and wetness hitting your skin.
you saw bokuto sit next to you with the same amount of concern, all anger gone. you stroked your son's hair to cease his cries, heart growing heavy at the thought of him crying because you and your lover couldn't handle situations like adults.
"i don't like when you guys fight. why are you fighting?" haruki sniffled, face still buried in your neck.
you opened your mouth to speak before bokuto reached over and placed his hand over yours that was still stroking haruki's hair. he explained, "'m sorry you had to hear us argue. we weren't being very nice to each other were we?"
you looked up and realized that that question was directed towards you, your eyes meeting his golden ones. you felt yourself soften at his gaze, mumbling, "no we weren't. i'm sorry too, sweet boy. it won't happen again, okay?"
haruki pulled away and looked between you and bokuto with a teary gaze. he nodded his little head before crawling off your lap and running off to go play with his toys. you let out a sigh of relief, leaning your head back on the couch with your eyes closed. they were shot open again when you felt strong arms start to pick you up and pull you onto bokuto's lap. his arms wrapped around your waist, pulling you flush against his chest as he mimicked his son's actions; burying his face in your neck.
you chuckled at the similarity, running a comforting hand through his hair like you did with haruki. the feeling of the rise and fall of his chest with yours put you both at ease, basking in each other's silence.
"i'm sorry i forgot to pick up haruki..." the feeling of his lips brushing against your neck made you shiver.
"'s okay kou," you whispered.
"and i'm sorry for yelling at you. and for not telling you i was gonna be late. and for yelling at you in front of haruki, did i say sorry for picking up haruki already? i'm sorry for-"
"kou," you pushed his shoulders back lightly to get him to lift his head up, his sad eyes boring into yours with a cute pout on his lips, "it's okay baby. we'll figure it out together. i love you so much."
you leaned forward and pecked his lips softly, then his cheeks, the tip of his nose, his forehead, and his lips again, making the tips of his ears and his cheeks rosy.
"i love you too, sweet baby."
Tumblr media
"baby, please calm down-"
"don't tell me to calm down y/n."
you shrunk back in the passenger seat at the ginger's sharp tone. you really didn't want to get in an argument right now, not with your little girl sleeping soundly in her car seat. but from how hard hinata was gripping the steering wheel, you knew that this was going to end up somewhere bad.
"shō, please. i didn't mean-"
"what? you didn't mean for your parents to berate me and my career? to berate you for being with me? for having a child with me?" he snapped, giving you a side-eyed glare.
"don't blame me for what they said, you know how i think of you. you know how much i love you. you know how much aika loves you. why is that not enough?"
the spiker let out a scoff, slowing the car to a stop at the red light. he grinded his teeth together, running a hand over his face. "who knows, maybe one day you'll listen to them and find someone better! you've always had eyes for sakusa-san, why don't you be with someone like him?"
yours eyes widened at his statement, feeling the car move forward at the green light. "i cannot believe you just said that to me. i don't want sakusa. i want you, shō! what about that is so hard to believe?!"
"give me a fucking break y/n. clearly i'm not someone you should be seen around with. might as well leave while you have the chance," he mumbled the last part.
"hinata shōyō, take that back right fucking now," you said darkly.
"you know it's true! why are you even with me? why did you even start a family with me? we're a fucking joke, y/n. open your eyes-"
"daddy? w-what's going on?"
you looked back and saw aika rubbing her eyes tiredly. you reached an arm back to stroke her knee, coaxing her back to sleep, "shh... it's okay aika. go back to sleep we're almost home."
"but..." she mumbled sleepily, "i don't want you and daddy to fight. it'll... wake me... up..."
her head slumped forward slightly, her soft snores breaking the tension in the cramped vehicle. you relaxed back against the seat, looking out the window in order to keep yourself from breaking down. you tensed slightly when you felt hinata's hand grab yours, intertwining your fingers.
"i'm sorry, i shouldn't have said that. we'll talk more when we get home, okay?" he brought your hand to kiss the back of it, your heart fluttering in your chest.
you knew he didn't mean what he said, but it still hurt nonetheless. you tightened your grip on his hand, nodding slightly.
"i forgive you. please don't speak to me like that again," your voice trembled slightly, your eyes watering with tears.
"hey, that was really stupid of me to say. i know you're not like your parents. it's just, i've grown up with people telling me what i can and can't do all my life. i thought i was over it but the shit your parents said really hit a nerve," the tangerine admitted.
"'s okay shō, i understand. we'll talk more at home," you mumbled.
"i love you, darling."
"i love you too, shōyō."
Tumblr media
you were frustrated, to put it in a nice way. you and sakusa had been bickering left and right about anything and everything. you left a couple dishes in the sink? sakusa's already there to give you a sarcastic comment about how lazy you are. your child spilled a bit of juice on him? he somehow blames you for not raising her to be tidy and organized.
you were tired from the constant insults, the harsh glares, the sarcastic comments, all of it. and not only was it affecting you, but it was affecting your daughter, yui.
"kiyoomi, we need to talk," you demanded, pulling his attention from the practice match he was watching in order to prepare for his next big game.
"can it wait? this is almost over," he said, annoyed.
"no, kiyoomi, it can't wait. pause the damn video."
the curly-haired male let out an aggravated huff, pausing the tv before turning to you with a blank stare.
"i'm sick of how you're treating me and yui," you said bluntly.
he gave you a confused look, "what do you mean how i treat you and yui? i treat you both just fine."
"really? so insulting me when i forget to a simple chore or lecturing yui on being clean when she's already trying her best means that you treat us both 'just fine'?"
he let out a dark chuckle, shaking his head at your accusation, "clearly someone can't handle constructive criticism."
"sakusa kiyoomi, if you don't start taking how i feel seriously i'm packing my stuff and leaving," you threatened, hoping that would get his attention, "and i'm taking yui with me."
"wow! don't you think you're being a bit dramatic y/n?"
"it's called doing what's right for me and my child. you clearly don't give a fuck about how me or yui feel! you don't even look upset!" you shouted, hoping to get it through his thick skull how much his actions are slowly tearing your family apart.
"you know what? i'm sick of this. i'm sick of you nagging me all the time, i'm tired of you being lazy and being disorganized. why am i even with-"
"daddy! you're being mean!" you heard a tiny voice from the doorway.
before you knew it you daughter was running towards her father, hitting his long legs with her tiny fists, "you don't say that about them! you say you're sorry! right now daddy!"
"aika, honey," you cooed, your eyes filling with tears. you picked up the small girl and walked away from the professional volleyball player to put aika in her room. he heard your soft cries through the thin walls, his heart pulling at him guiltily. he never wanted to kick himself harder than he did now. aika's words may have seemed silly, but he took them to heart.
how could he not see how utterly toxic he was being? he sat down on the edge of your shared bed with his head in his hands. a dull headache started to settle within him, his brain reviewing every snide remark he said to you and every lecture he gave to his daughter. he felt like he was going to throw up, he couldn't believe how much he was hurting his family.
his head shot up when you walked back into the room with puffy eyes and tear-stained cheeks. he stood up and walked over to you, pulling you into his chest. you struggled against his grasp, soft sobs escaping your shaking figure
"kiyoomi, lemme go, please," you pleaded.
he shook his head frantically, his grip on you tightening, "no, please listen to me. i'm so fucking sorry."
you stilled at his words, giving him the okay to continue.
"words can't describe how awful i feel about how i treated you and aika. i just- i don't know how you're still with me. the way i spoke to the both of you was completely unacceptable, and i really want to make it up to you, to both of you. if you'll let me."
you were stunned to say the least. you felt your heart flutter, but scared of giving him a chance that he might take for granted again. you felt him squeeze you tighter, a way in order to convince you to stay.
"please," he begged.
you let out a shaky sigh, gripping the back of sakusa's shirt in desperation. you felt him kiss the top of your head, another attempt.
"okay omi, okay," you cried.
sakusa let out a relieved gasp, finally breaking down as he let the tears fall free. he didn't care how vulnerable he looked. as long as he got you and aika to stay, to give him one last chance, he was set.
Tumblr media
reblogs are appreciated! <3
©hajimescutie 2021, all rights reserved.
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aimaigaki · 7 months ago
I noticed this hasn't been done yet so I made it.
Tumblr media
I wanted the draw something before the last episode. Draw the squad meme got a bit old but I love them so here we go. Sorry it's bit sloopy lol
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hazyhoola · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The Found Family Trope in Sk8 the Infinity, gives me the serotonin boost I needed in my life rn. 😌
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