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#miya atsumu x reader
sxtooru · 2 days ago
hq boys and handjobs;
Tumblr media
character(s): bokuto koutarou, kuroo tetsurou, tsukishima kei, miya atsumu.
warning(s): nsfw! handjobs(not too many descriptions bc i suck at detailed smut(how ironic)), reader with a vagina, gender not specified, also a bit of edging, not proofread.
a/n: sooo if you wanna you can send me your thoughts on things like this and overall if you wanna request smth don't be shy, my inbox is open! love y'all, stay safe <3
Tumblr media
˚₊· ͟͟͞͞➳❥ bokuto loses it the second your hand lays on his upper thigh, slowly rubbing up and down, and he feels so hot just thinking about what's coming next. lets out the sweetest moans, knowing how much it pleases you to hear him; and even though it's not better than the feeling of your pussy, surrounding his cock, your hand still feels so good against the sensitive skin of it. kōtarō whines on and on about how he wants to cum for you and only for you, such a sweetheart and the way his free hand clutches your shirt, bringing you closer to bury his face in the crook of your neck. panting and whining, sometimes sucking the skin of it just to distract himself from finishing too fast(and failing because it's too good, hell), and then cumming so hard he has to take a moment to get himself together, poor baby, i love him :(
˚₊· ͟͟͞͞➳❥ with kuroo it's really intense, lemme warn you with that first. his breathing heavying as you hurriedly take his cock out of his pants, sharp gaze following every one of your movements only to stop at your face the moment your soft hands envelope him in a tight yet pleasent grip. tetsurō feels so good, so so good under the charm of your own lust-filled eyes and slightly parted glistening lips and he wants to push some of his fingers down your throat but the steady and sweet rythm of your hand is doing so many things to him, he is losing his mind. it's his small groans let out with his velvety voice, it's the way he stares right into your soul, and for a moment it becomes too much to handle as he lets go with a long pleasing moan; hand cupping the back of your head to bring you in for a sloppy kiss and, ugh, kuroo is so hot, i can't-
˚₊· ͟͟͞͞➳❥ atsumu is a mess but, god, does he love it when you touch him like that. he can't shut his mouth at some point, blabbering about how he is gonna cum soon if you keep squeezing him like that. he's got a lot of options on what to do but istead he chooses to grip your jaw and bring you in a for a kiss, deep and fast just so he can hear your sweet moans too. tsumu enjoys everything you give him yet the desperation takes over him most of the time; his fingers line between yours, palm enveloping your hand in a hot trap, helping you, showing you the best way to move it, and he feels like he is im heaven, cumming just a few seconds after.
Tumblr media
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inarizahki · 5 hours ago
Tumblr media
[KITATOBER — 4 — double penetration]
Tumblr media
warnings: 18+, minors dni, poly relationship, locker room sex, double penetration
a/n: i am a whore
Tumblr media
“just like we practiced, m’kay?” Kita’s breath is warm, brushing over the back of your neck as he places a soft kiss against your skin. you nod, reaching a hand back to thread your fingers through his hair, keeping him close.
it’s quiet, save for the sounds of your shuddering gasps, labored breaths from the man whose lap you’re on, and wet slaps of skin on skin. everyone else is gone for the day...or at least, you hope they are. because if anyone were to enter the MSBY locker rooms right now, they would be greeted by quite the obscene sight. 
“practice...?” Atsumu draws back with difficulty, eyes unfocused because of the dizzying pleasure he’s feeling from your tight walls clinging to his pulsing length. big hands settle on your hips, stilling you. he frowns at you on his lap, and then at Kita behind you. “you’ve been...doin’ stuff without me?”
you giggle at the pout on his face, tracing his lower lip with your thumb before leaning in to kiss the frown away. “for your reward, silly.”
Atsumu’s expression softens, lips curling up into a pleased smile. “my reward?”
“yes,” Kita replies, and something coils tighter inside you when you hear the clinking sound of metal behind you as he undoes his belt buckle. “we had every faith that you’d win.”
“mm,” you nod, echoing the sentiment by rolling your hips, forcing a choked groan out of Atsumu. “congratulations again, baby. you did so well out there.”
“a-ah...fuck, so what...what’s my-” he doesn’t even get to finish his sentence before he’s letting go of you in favor of gripping the wood of the locker room bench beneath him so tightly his knuckles turn white. his pupils are blown wide open as he stares at you, gaze flickering to Kita. “holy shit- oh my god.”
you place a hand on his chest and push Atsumu down slowly so he’s lying on his back, trying not to think about the sheer stretch. tears of pleasure and pain prickle your eyes and you gasp, dropping your head down and squeezing your eyes shut as Kita presses in from behind, his cock joining Atsumu’s in your already stuffed cunt. 
“fuck- fuck, oh my god,” Atsumu babbles, hands coming up to frame your face, “this? this is my present? spoil me.”
“mmh-” you whimper, trying to relax your muscles as Kita slowly sheathes himself inside your wet heat. he runs a hand up your back, murmuring sweet praises in your ear as you take him- "you’re doin’ so feel so good...almost there, just bear with it for a little while longer, sweetheart.”
and then he’s all the way in and Atsumu’s swearing up a storm and you’re lightheaded at the thought of two cocks inside you, pressing against each other, stretching your pussy out so much that you’re don’t think it’ll ever be the same again. Atsumu’s gaze shifts to over your shoulder, where he must be able to see Kita. his cock twitches inside of you...or maybe that’s Kita’’re so far gone you’re not sure you know left from right anymore.
“y’know...Atsumu,” Kita leans over you, bracing a hand on the bench next to Atsumu’s head. his voice is low and raspy and just a tad bit breathless as he pulls his hips back slowly before pushing forward again to sink back into you, eliciting a strangled sound from you and yet another curse from Atsumu. the friction must be overwhelming for the setter because he looks like he’s going to pass out, but he remains cognizant enough to pay attention to Kita’s words as the other man grips your hip with one hand and starts to thrust.
“’ts goin’ to feel so good when she cums around the both of us.”
Tumblr media
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saintmanjiro · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
warnings: fem! reader, slight public sex (in bathroom), blow jobs, throat fucking, hair pulling, degradation, & cum swallowing
Tumblr media
Atsumu watches in pure, unadulterated rage as you peek over Osamu’s arm and watch him cook, so suddenly interested in the way his brother runs the restaurant. He can’t do anything but bite the inside of his cheek with a clenched jaw as you giggle at a joke Osamu makes over his shoulder. He knows your game, and he intends on beating you in it.
A small part of him is wounded, somewhat hurt right in his weakest spot, the subtle fear that always resides in him that his brother is more desirable, a better version of himself, growing into a larger doubt. But mostly, he’s wounded in his pride, ego crushed that his girl was parading around, giving the attention that should be on him to someone of the likes of his twin.
He’s hit his tipping point when your hand rests on Osamu’s bicep, and Atsumu is overwhelmed with his anger, consuming him in every which way, festered to the point he needs to release his frustrations.
And he does.
Oh, how pretty you look he thinks, tears running down your face, mascara smudged, lipgloss smeared across your lips and his dick as he hits the back of your throat over and over again with his swollen tip, pulling your hair harshly with no second thoughts.
You’re insatiable, really, and Atsumu likes to think he’s doing you a favor by using your little mouth—might as well put it to good use. Better use than flirting with his bastard younger twin.
“H-holy shit,” he groans, smirking at the way you choke on his shaft, groaning when despite it all, your hands still move to fondle with his balls, making him inhale sharply. “F-fuck. Yer just a little slut, huh baby? Did ya wanna—oh shit—did ya wanna f-find out if Samu could treat ya better,” he growls. Atsumu intends on proving to you that maybe he and Osamu weren’t identical everywhere. “Ya’ll n-never—hah—never find someone like me,” he spits, pulling you down by your hair until your nose meets the hair of his pelvis, shuddering at the way your throat constricts around him.
The bathroom is cramped, it’s only meant for one person, but Atsumu’s gonna make it work if it means putting you in your place. He hopes Osamu watches through the cameras later of the two of you entering the bathroom together. He smirks at the image of his brother watching with wide eyes as he tugs you along harshly.
With another loud groan, he pulls you off his dick, hissing when the cool air hits it, contrasting the warmth of your mouth.
“Why’d ya have ta insist on bein’ a little whore, huh?” With an innocent pout, your hand reaches for his member, thumb grazing the reddened tip, making him grit his teeth and swallow the whine he wants to let out.
“Sorry, Tsumu,” you whisper, though you don’t look all too sorry, he notes. With fluid movements, your hand starts to stroke him, grip tight, making him throw his head back and choke out a string of curses.
“N-no, yer not,” he growls.
“I am,” you insist, pressing a tiny kiss to his tip, and this time he does let out a breathy whine, suddenly impatient. He shoves himself into your mouth once more, and you don’t object, hollowing your cheeks and swallowing around him as he all but fucks your throat.
“Ah, fuck,” he grunts, stomach clenching as he finally cums hard, shooting his load down your throat as you continue sucking him off through his orgasm. Panting heavily, he stares down at you for a moment before dragging you up to stand, slamming you against the wall and tugging your pants down. “We’re not done yet,” he promises, an angry glint still present in his eyes. Your legs press together in excitement.
Tumblr media
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cielcius · 2 days ago
blows a raspberry on your tummy after kissing it
bnha: bakugou katsuki, dabi (he’s a little shit), kaminari denki, kirishima eijirou, mirio togata, monoma neito, sero hanta, takami keigo, todoroki shouto (also a little shit who says it’s out of love but knows what he’s doing)
hq: bokuto koutarou, hinata shouyo, konoha akinori, kuroo tetsurou, miya atsumu (he cackles cause it gets you every time), nishinoya yuu, oikawa tooru, sugawara koushi, suna rintarou
jjk: gojo satoru, itadori yuuji (pls he’s so cute for this), sukuna
bllk: karasu tabito, kunigami rensuke (i stg i’m gonna marry him), nagi seishirou, shidou ryuusei
Tumblr media
a small edition to this post
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mooshys · a day ago
mystic messenger homewrecker
genre: humor, fluff
summary: in which a misunderstanding occurs between you and atsumu in the dead of night because of a mystic messenger notification.
wc: 1.2k
author’s note: does jumin han is gay?
Slowly rising out of bed, Atsumu turned in the direction of where the noise was coming from. He could barely keep his eyes open as his head lulled back and forth, the spell of sleep still present.
Another chime came from the nightstand, accompanied by the lighting of a screen. He kissed his teeth. Talk about annoying. Who the hell was texting him in the middle of the night?
With a sloppy hand, he reached for his phone to read the message notification and send a few nasty messages accompanied by a couple curses to shut them up. (Unless it was Mama Miya. Or Kita. Either one would get a nice reply back. Even though he was barely awake, he still had enough sense in him to not cross them.) Still half asleep, Atsumu brought the phone to his face and readied his thumbs.
However, as soon as he looked at the screen, Atsumu realized that it wasn’t his phone going off in the middle of the night.
It was yours.
He wasn’t trying to be nosy... it was a simple mistake and your screen was right in front of him now. He couldn’t help that the notifications caught his eye. Frozen in place, he read the most recent badges displayed.
I miss you more as each day passes.
Let’s chat soon. Your voice soothes me.
I want you more than Elizabeth the 3rd. What can I do to make you mine?
Atsumu could only stare at your screen, his mouth hung open and ready to catch any flies. His eyes zeroed in on the sender of the messages.
Jumin Han.
He squinted, focusing on the name.
Who the hell is Jumin Han?
His name had never come up in conversation before and he couldn’t recall being acquainted with anyone new recently. Well, it didn't matter now. Whoever this guy was… Atsumu knew there was one certainty.
Jumin Han was a bastard. The ultimate bastard of all bastards.
Poor Elizabeth the 3rd. That chick should cut off all ties with Jumin. The dude was obviously a filthy little homewrecker who held no regard for her wellbeing.
And then Atsumu turned to you. Oblivious you. Sleeping away as he found out about your well kept secret boy toy Jumin Han. He could hardly believe this was happening. After years of a steady, healthy relationship… to throw it all away for some random nobody scrub named Jumin Han. Atsumu doubted this man could take care of you like he could.
Unable to wait until the morning to confront you, Atsumu grabbed your arm to shake you awake.
“Hey, get up,” he whispered, trying not to sound too mad. After all, he wouldn’t want a yelling match in the middle of the night. That wouldn’t solve anything (and, much to his chagrin, you would probably win even when half-asleep). “We need to talk... C’mon, wake up!”
You groaned as a response, first trying to swat his hands away to continue your slumber. Instead of leaving you alone, he kept pestering, pushing on your back as if you were needing CPR until you finally got up in annoyance. Exhausted, you slowly sat up in bed, facing him with a scowl.
“Ugh..." You could barely keep your eyes open as you turned to face him. "What’s so important that we have to talk in the middle of the night right at”—you turned to look at the clock on your bedside table—”four in the morning? I swear... if this is about the vacation planned—!”
“Who’s Jumin Han?” he blurted as he held your phone to your face. From the close proximity, you had to move your head back to properly look at the screen.
“Who’s Jumin Han! Who is this guy and why’s he texting you in the middle of the night asking for you to call him and bein’ all sweet...!”
You could only stare at him. It was four in the morning and your boyfriend was asking you why a fictional game character was sending you generic programmed cheesy love calls. Between the two of you, you weren’t sure who was more pathetic.
To Atsumu, your silence spoke volumes. Jumin Han, the homewrecker of the century, was going to get his ass whooped as soon as he found out more about him. How could he break such a wonderful relationship between you two? When you pinched the bridge of your nose, he wondered if this truly was the end and if he should start packing his bags.
“Atsumu…” You couldn’t help but let out a sigh as you ran a hand through your hair. “He’s…"
Holding his breath, Atsumu waited for your answer, clenching his jaws as he prepared himself.
Here it comes... The truth hidden beneath all the lies!
"...It’s a game. That’s a game notification. Jumin Han isn’t a real person.”
He kept still, the only movement being the furrowing of his brows. Even in the dark, it was easy to see Atsumu’s face turn pale. Your phone slipped out of his fingers and fell onto the plush of the comforters.
“Game... notification…?”
“Yeah, I saw people online talk about it, so I wanted to see why people were playing it,” you explained and grabbed your phone. You tapped on the notification and it brought you to the app. “See…? It doesn’t even bring you to iMessage... It's just a funny game...”
Atsumu kept quiet as he stared at the intro video of the game play in front of him, the upbeat music accompanying the line-up of good looking men barraging the screen. He couldn’t make out any words as he realized his terrible, terrible mistake.
“You woke me up because you were jealous of a man who isn’t even real,” you said, getting comfortable in your bed again. You had half the mind to kick Atsumu off the mattress and have him sleep on the couch. “I can’t believe you sometimes.”
Too flustered to defend himself, Atsumu threw himself into the covers next to you, accepting defeat. Yeah, it was embarrassing, and maybe he could bag on you tomorrow for playing such a game, but right now he had to keep his cool and forget about the fact that he thought Jumin Han was a homewrecker.
“Well, why would you play that thing when I’m right here!” he countered as he shifted closer to you. His words were now an angry whisper since his head was right next to yours. “I think I’m waaaaay better than that Jumin Han guy, real or not. He’s cheatin’ on his girl Elizabeth to get to you.” He scoffed, getting mad all over again. “I read that message and I just know he’s the worst outta all of 'em.”
At this, you couldn't help but snort. Yeah, he was jealous. So jealous.
“Elizabeth the 3rd is a cat, Atsumu,” you said between chuckles. “What are you so worried about now, anyway?”
His body stiffened for a moment before huffing out. Another mistake. “Whatever! Just forget about him!”
“I don’t think Jumin would treat me like this,” you teased to which he groaned and turned so that his back was against yours now.
“Let’s just go to sleep... I got practice early in the morning and I don’t wanna talk about this anymore…”
But you were the one who woke me up in the first place, you wanted to argue back, but you held your tongue. It was already late and you were sure he was going to feel the consequence of this conversation within the next couple of hours.
As the minutes passed, before you finally drifted off, Atsumu turned his body so that his chest was pressed against your back.
“Night,” he mumbled under his breath, unsure if you were even awake to hear him. You decided to keep silent, instead choosing to hold his hand in yours. His breathing slowed, turning more rhythmic as you felt his chest push against you every so often.
Before you fell asleep, you made a mental note to delete the app first thing in the morning.
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kotarotea · 2 days ago
🤍 stupid cupid -> having a radio show dedicated to giving love advice is definitely something that’s keeping you going during your college career. there’s a slight downside to it, though. surrounding yourself with all this love and helping others is fun and all, but who will be your cupid?
pairing: reader x atsumu, reader x osamu genre: college!au, fluff/angst/humor a/n: we getting closer to the end omggg ;; also i may have been a little too lazy to write a whole cupid session😅 it’s also my bday today (the 28th) so hopefully i’ll be getting done some birthday blurbs later!
part twenty-eight: selfless atsumu
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
taglist:​ @mirakeul @miyalove @qangaji @tsukishumai @bakugouswh0r3 @kyomihann @s0utien @tsumuki @bombardia @literatelogan @lenathesimp @mint-mai @whipped4nu @softiebadbitch @orchid-tea-party​ @siriiel @hxked @acsycharm @reina-de-tay @ggukiefrappe @tendo-sxtori @snowsmuse @waitforitillwritemywayout @clean-soap @simpletype @yuhsta @shizukusimp @hi-kenam @babyshoyo @nightstar165 @mellowknightcolorfarm @ysatrap @sensels @memorableminds @tendousfingertape5
taglist closed!
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haikyuutothetop · a day ago
Tumblr media
as miya atsumu met your eyes, two less-than-appropriate words crossed his mind:
oh shit.
he had first seen those eyes in a coffee shop a few days ago, staring at him with shocked undertones.
it all started when atsumu failed in his attempt to discreetly go on a coffee run. the morning practice sessions were really getting to him—he was never one for waking up early. even if he knew coffee before practice wasn't a good idea, he needed the energy. desperately.
as atsumu sneaked out the gym door, he was faced with the energetic figure of hinata shoyo, waving at him with boundless spirit. "miya-san! where you off to?"
gritting his teeth. atsumu turned towards his teammate with a plastered smile. "shoyo-kun! 'm, uh, planning to go out for coffee."
"coffee?" sakusa kiyoomi came into view, in the midst of conducting finger stretches. "i'd like a cup. straight black, please."
hinata took a moment to look at sakusa before directing his view back at atsumu. "i'll have a caramel latte! oh, and of course, a mocha espresso for bokuto-san."
even if he was disgruntled by the sudden role of errand boy, atsumu still went over to the nearest coffee shop to fulfill his teammates' orders.
looking back, he supposes he shouldn't have.
after atsumu received the coffee, he somehow tripped over air, losing control of the cups in his hands. he tried to issue a warning towards the person right in front of him (in other words, his soon-to-be victim), but it was too late.
miya atsumu could only watch as he drenched you in coffee.
you turned back in disbelief, a pungent mixture of caffeine-charged drinks staining your clothes.
then and there, panic took over atsumu's senses. it wasn't one of his proudest moments, he'll admit that. but in the heat of the moment, atsumu dashed out of the coffee shop, leaving you to deal with the predicament on your own.
as he ran back to the gym, atsumu chided himself for his stupid, stupid desire for coffee, and wished with all his heart that that was the last that he would see of you.
guess not.
you stared at him with the same disbelief from a few days ago. pointing at him with an accusatory finger, you yelled with apparent frustration:
"me?" atsumu asked, trying to wash his hands off his crime. he was still hanging on to the hope that you would forget the unfortunate incident—
"don't play innocent," you snarled, jabbing into his chest. "remember spilling coffee all over me? running away right after? you didn't even bother with apologising!"
osamu glances at you and atsumu, confused as to how this animosity came about between his twin brother/best man and his bride's bestfriend. "ya two know each other?"
you swirled your attention towards osamu, eyes blazing with anger. "don't tell me," you started, noticing the similarities in features across the miyas. "don't tell me that he's your twin brother."
"uh," osamu replied, unsure of how to proceed. "yeah. he is. meet atsumu, i guess?"
after a recount of the story (atsumu knew osamu's coughs were laughs in disguise) and feeble attempts at mediation, you plopped down on the seat beside atsumu begrudgingly.
"this does not mean that i forgive you. but for the sake of osamu and akane, i'll work together with you. just throughout the wedding."
an awkward silence ensues, before atsumu clears his throat. "for, uh, what it's worth, 'm sorry for spilling coffee on ya. and, um, running away. that was irresponsible of me. sorry."
you hummed in response, and although atsumu hadn't known you for long, he could tell that you were somewhat closer to forgiving him.
"i mean," he continued, "ya can step on my foot as many times as ya want on the dance floor in exchange."
that incited a laugh from you—an imperfect chorus of melodies. "maybe then. maybe then i'll forgive you, miya."
"please," he grinned, ignoring the way your laugh made his heart leap to and fro. "call me atsumu."
Tumblr media
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jeagerism · a day ago
single (teaser)
Tumblr media
⤷ word count : more than 10k!! woo !!
⤷ characters : miya atsumu x reader
⤷ warnings : roommate!atsumu, f2l, little bit of angst, major fluff, he keeps a hair tie around his wrist for you, atsumu is heartbroken at first, he’s not poor but can’t find a house to stay in, slightly suggestive shit, atsumu is kinda a crybaby abt his feelings !!
⤷ summary : Three years after graduation, and Atsumu’s life is nowhere near what he’d planned. He’s being kicked out of his apartment in three days, the roots of his hair are starting to show, and he really fucking hates that Driver’s License song.
⤷ author's note : the title has absolutely nothin' to do with what's in the actual fic !! it's that the neighbourhood song bc the lyrics "i don't know if we should be alone together / still got a crush that's obvious" and "i don't think that we should be around each other / when you're in a room you get my eyes" is miya atsumu tysm. (i actually wrote this for @tetsurobunni bc he is a whORE, but yk :D) (@gojossalamistick is in on it too cuz eye <3 let them read all of it in advance, guard dog rights)
Tumblr media
Without wanting to or not, most of Inarizaki knew Miya Atsumu. Not as himself, but they knew of him. They knew his jersey number, how many victories he’d helped carry their school to, knew him by his last name and his brotherly duo. 
Atsumu hated that.
"M’not." He could feel the smooth material of his ruined button in his pockets. "Did ya enjoy graduation?"
"I guess so," you’d sighed, tapping the bottoms of your shoes against the concrete. "Don’t know, it’s just a day. But it kinda feels sad."
"What d’you mean?" Atsumu knew what you meant. He hated nearly everyone there, and yet a part of his chest ached at the thought of leaving. It had been all he’d looked forward to, and now that the moment was staring him in the face, he wanted to run away from it. 
"I think I’m gonna miss it, that's all." And then you’d pushed your shoulder into his. "Gonna miss you, Atsumu."
"Hey, c’mere." You’d stood, reaching down for his hand with an expectant gaze. And Atsumu’s grandmother had always taught him to never keep a good thing waiting. So he’d grabbed your hand, had let you tug him to his feet and over to a random kid—he still can’t remember his name.
"Will you take a picture of us, please?"
You had been cold when you’d pressed into his side. Not freezing, but cold enough for him to shuffle a little closer to you, pull his fists from his pockets to fall by his sides, consider wrapping an arm around your waist, and think against it. "Here," he’d murmured, and had pressed the button into your hands with a wince. A button. Goddammit, Atsumu, a button? But he’d wanted you to remember him. You’d always remembered him as Atsumu. The Atsumu who liked that NSYNC song that played on the radio for a week straight, even if he didn’t know the lyrics. The Atsumu who’d failed a math test and cried about it. You’d always taken care to know the boy he was. 
He wanted that to stay.
"Say cheese."
Atsumu can’t remember if he smiled.
Tumblr media
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tsumooo · 11 days ago
tags: NSFW, best friends to lovers, fluff and smut, lots of kissing, a little bit of praise, oral (m!recieving & f!recieving)
Tumblr media
“You’ve never had a blow job?” You repeat slowly, as if the idea was ludicrous. Atsumu knows his face is turning red, the hot flash of embarrassment climbing up his neck.
“Ex said she didn’t like doing it, I’m not gonna ask her to if that’s the case am I?” He mutters defensively. “An’ ya know I don’t want some random to do it, so no I’ve never had one”.
“So, you wouldn’t mind receiving one from someone you already know?” You hesitantly ask, your tone slightly suggestive, closely watching his reaction. Truthfully you weren’t sure where this little spurt of bravery had come from but you weren’t going to back out now. He squints at you suspiciously.
“Who’s offerin’?”
“Me,” you reply under your breath, uncertain but sincere with the suggestion, tongue swiping across your bottom lip. His eyes widen but that’s your only indicator that he heard you.
Atsumu had been your best friend for a while now, so long that you couldn’t remember a point that he wasn’t in your life. It hadn’t taken long for you to realise as a child that it was odd to think of Osamu as a brother but not Atsumu. Your feelings grew and evolved over the years, they became something you accepted as if they were an integral part of you, and you only ever flirted with the possibility when you were alone.
You trusted Atsumu, you told him everything and he did the same. He had heard a myriad of horror stories involving your sex life, you spoke openly about those things to each other without judgement. This was definitely much more than toeing the line you had drawn in the sand, you were completely erasing it.
“Yer serious?” He frowns thoughtfully, and your heart speeds up at the prospect of him even considering it. You anxiously take your bottom lip between your teeth and nod.
“If you’re ok with—”
“Yes,” he abruptly and loudly interrupts, startling you. Wide eyed you stare back at each other, unblinkingly, for a few moments before you have to look away to hide your laughter.
“That was a little too quick, don’tcha think?” You snort, covering your mouth with the back of your hand. He glares petulantly at you, pink glow flooding across his cheeks to his ears.
“You freely offered to give me a blowjob and yer makin’ digs about my enthusiasm?” He grunts, arms crossing over his chest. His lack of composure about the whole situation leaves you grinning, almost predatorial as you crawl toward where he's sitting and place your hands on his knees. The expression in his eye tells you he's still reserved, still doesn't know if this is a joke or not, just waiting for you to say 'boo' and laugh but you don't. You slip your hands a little further up his toned legs, thankful for his decision to wear loose shorts, your thumbs massaging his inner thighs in circular motion.
“Let me know if you need me to stop,” you murmur gently, indulging yourself thoroughly and squeezing the meat of his glutes, watching on as his gaze grows heady and wanting.
“Unlikely,” he sighs, the exhale stuttered and breathless, slipping a little further down the sofa and spreading his legs wider for you to slip further between them. You huff out a quiet breath of laughter, fingers dancing under the hem of his shorts, smiling when his muscles visibly tense. You slip your hands into the material.
Suddenly, he grabs your wrists to stop you. “Wait,” he rasps, expression nervous as he realises his actions. “Before ya start, can I kiss ya?”
Affection floods through you at his request. You can’t deny that you’re happy he asked, a part of you would be deeply disappointed if this ended up being a detached, casual encounter. Some guys even rule out kissing because it’s ‘too intimate’ for a hook up.
Atsumu isn’t anything like that, though. Before you get the chance to move he’s already leaning forward and looming over you, taking your face into his hands. He kisses you eagerly, drinks you in like he hasn’t had water in days, his tongue smoothly sliding between your parted lips to tentatively explore your mouth. You whine and he groans in response as if the sound had physically caressed him.
Between breaths you try to speak but he chases your mouth, swallows your words, his large warm hands cradling either side of your face. They aren’t forcefully keeping you there, yet you can’t shake yourself of his hold, completely taken by how gratified he is just by kissing you.
“Atsumu,” you complain weakly, feeling his grin widen against your cheek, a puff of laughter through his nose.
“Ok, ok,” he surrenders, voice strained like the act of pulling away from you requires considerable effort on his part. He seems to take a moment to appraise you, you can’t imagine how disheveled you look where you’re knelt between his legs. However bad it might be he’s clearly mystified by it, eyes heavy and unblinking as he repositions his hips for you, leaning against the cushions with his arm outstretched along the back of the sofa.
Now that he’s stopped distracting you the tent in his shorts is glaringly obvious. You cup your hand around his clothed cock, rubbing your palm along the length with a light grip just to get a feel for it, sliding down further to squeeze his balls. His head falls back, adams apple bobbing as he swallows back a whine.
You let go, fingers dancing over the waistline of the shorts, hooking under the material and waiting for his go ahead. His eyes meet yours half lidded with a subtle nod of his head, lifting his hips to give you room to pull them off.
His cock sits curved and hard against his hip below his adonis belt. You can’t find it in yourself to be embarrassed by how quickly saliva pools beneath your tongue at the sight of it. Like he can read your thoughts you watch his hand slip under his shirt and slide it up to his chest, resting it against his sternum.
Again you run your hands up his inner thighs first and his abdomen flexes under the attention, cock twitching with the movement. He’s gorgeous, a little tan and well kept, the tip blushed pink. Wrapping your fingers around the base you swirl your tongue across the head before taking him into your mouth.
You hollow your cheeks and he exhales harshly as you lift your head, dragging the flat of your tongue along the underside of his cock, your fist following closely behind. One hand remains fisted in his shirt but his other hesitantly moves to thread through your hair and you purr happily around him.
“Fuck,” he quietly chokes. His thighs tighten against your sides when your thumb rubs along his frenulum, pulling a wounded sound from deep in his chest. You glance up, gifted with the image of his reddened chest, heat spreading up his neck to his cheeks, lips agape pink and bitten, eyes glassy and unfocused.
“You sensitive here?” You ask with faux curiosity, smiling at him as he glares at you. He grits his teeth while you continue to circle the pad of your thumb against the delicate band of skin.
Without giving him a chance to answer you lean forward again, wet lips engulfing the tip of his cock into your mouth. You suck, this time tensing your tongue and massaging it against that same spot whilst your hand occupies the rest of his length. He moans, drawn out and wanton, hips slipping a little further down the cushions and rutting helplessly.
“Shit, sorry,” he hisses, eyebrows creased in earnest concentration as he tries to maintain his self-control beneath you, not wanting to get carried away and overstep.
“S’ok,” you murmur, paving kisses up the side of his cock, hand sliding to where his balls sit tighter than before. “Feels good?”
Cupping them firmly while simultaneously taking his cock into your mouth, feeling the tip hit the back of your throat, he whimpers sinfully and his legs fall further open. “So fucking good,” he chokes, fingers tightening against the crown of your head.
You repeat the motions over and over, jaw loose and throat open for him. You want to make this memorable. The crude wet sound of you fucking him with your mouth alongside the heady, breathless chants of your name have your pussy aching between your legs.
“M’gonna cum,” he mumbles, words slurred together and you barely catch them. You’re thankful for the warning when his hips start canting upwards in stuttered motions, his heavy cock twitching on your tongue.
“Fuck, baby,” his body tenses, folding forward and keeling over you. “You- you’re gonna make me cum—”
You relax your throat as he cums in your mouth, his mouth shaping around a silent sob, breathing steady through your nose and humming contently while he continues to ride the high with shallow thrusts along your tongue. You swallow what you can quickly, and feeling somewhat selfish you keep him in your mouth until he begins to soften.
“Holy shit,” he exasperates in disbelief, appearing to be very much ‘limbless’. You bite your lower lip to stop yourself from laughing, a dangerous warmth sidling itself alongside the pride you feel at having reduced him to such a mess.
“See what you’ve been missing,” you joke cheekily, throat rough. He snorts, still collecting himself, and the hand in your hair slips down tenderly to your cheek, thumb pressing to the corner of your mouth.
“Think ‘ve just been missin’ out on you, actually,” he drawls. You desperately want to kiss him again. You wonder if he’s the type to be bothered by that kind of thing.
“Can…” he stops himself, nervous even after having had his dick in your mouth. “Can I return the favour?”
“You don’t need to do that—”
“A’ want to, though,” his thumb gently pulls your lip from between your teeth and smooths over the marks left there. The emotion in his eyes can only be described as desperate, insatiable, and you find you can’t deny him. Or maybe you can’t deny yourself.
He bends to lift you from the carpet, turning to drop you against the cushions and switching positions with you easily. Before getting to his knees he cages you in with his arms resting either side of your shoulders, ducking his head to move his lips fluidly against yours. You hadn’t even needed to ask. Heat rises to the surface of your skin when he tempts your tongue into his mouth, suckling on it with a low hum. You wonder if he can taste himself, if he likes it.
Any tension left in your muscles bleeds out with your pleased exhale as his kisses descend down the curve of your throat to your exposed collar, his hands purposeful and firmly massaging the soft dip of your waist. His fingers tighten their grip around your hips and drag you down so your lower half hangs over the lip of the sofa, thumbs sitting against your hip bones waiting to curl into the fabric of your shorts.
You wriggle your hips toward him, giving an enthusiastic go ahead. He draws them down your thighs with bated breath, sharpened gaze drawn to your pussy. He pushes your thighs up with both hands, folding them closer to your chest, and leans forward to press his face between your legs.
You’re partially surprised by how he starts savouring you with barely there kisses, whimpering under his tongue, languid in it’s strokes against your clit. He inhales deeply, nose nuzzling into you without care for appearances and his eyes peer up through his damp bangs to catch your stare, pupils wide and shining.
He holds your gaze while he slips his tongue inside you, the lewd squelch of the saliva gathering in his cheeks meeting your own wetness, he fucks you with his mouth with a glint of mischief in his expression as if he knows it isn’t enough for you, so good it has you squirming yet still missing that itch. Let me return the favour he’d said, but it sure seemed like this was all for his own enjoyment too.
“Atsumu,” you whine in complaint, pushing back against his hold on your thighs only for them to be pushed tighter to your chest. He sits up for a moment to take you in, lips red and chin soaked.
“Look at you, angel,” he sounds wrecked, looks it to. “Got such a pretty pussy, y’know that?”
“Shut up,” you rasp, mortified by how you feel yourself throbbing needily at his words. You hoped he hadn’t seen but his eyes are drawn back between your legs and he grins, feral, bowing forward to lap at you with more fervour than before. His broad shoulders hunch forward as his hands begin to flock across your body, stopping to grope every curve, no part of you left untouched. He takes your clit back between his lips, tantalising and softly rolling the tip of his tongue against you.
Thighs clamped helplessly around his head, hands dashing into his light coloured hair, your pussy pulses as you squirm with sensitivity. Disjointed curses tumble from your mouth, jumbling together the tighter the spring coils, accompanied by the pleased rumblings of your best friend as he devours you.
“Fuck, ‘Tsumu,” you gasp, the warning rushed and pitched. A moan catches awkwardly in your throat and your back arches, with hands still fisted into his hair you press him roughly to your pussy as your orgasm washes over you and he groans, completely unshaken and relishing the taste.
It becomes obvious that he doesn’t want to stop and you hips jump under his eager ministrations, already tender from all the attention.
“Off, off,” you hiss, heels of your feet digging into his back and making him wince. He pulls off you with an exaggerated pop, face beaming and covered in your cum.
“Sorry,” he laughs sheepishly. “Got carried away with ya”.
“No kiddin’,” you breathe, unable to bite back your own satiated smile. He observes you thoughtfully before leaning up to press your chests together so he is practically laid on top of you, tucking his face under your chin. You wrap your arms around his shoulders, dutifully ignoring the damp patch that is seeping further into the sofa cushions.
“So you’re the cuddly type, huh?” You muse, rubbing your cheek to the crown of his head. “Not usually,” he mumbles. Your heart soars at the implication.
“Just with me then?”
“Just with you”.
Tumblr media
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iwasbunny · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
# headcanons. 674 words.
# warnings. twt porn links, afab reader, choking, degradation, praise, daddy kink.
# contains. daichi, suna, atsumu, sakusa.
# note. my baby ( @storms-playhouse ) gave me the idea so credits to him.
Tumblr media
loves to fuck you on your back, it just gives him the best view possible.
he gets to watch your cute little cunt perfectly wrap around his cock, practically pulling him in and milking him dry with every single thrust.
the way your tits bounce while he fucks into you is just addictive to him.
not to mention the whines and whimpers being pulls out of you when you feel his fat cock buried all to way to the hilt in your tight heat.
his hands get to wander from wrapping around your throat to gripping your hips while he fucks you impossibly harder.
“Fuck yeah, doll. You look so pretty like this.. all exposed for me. Bet you like that, don’t you? Mhm, you love it when I fuck you like the needy little slut you are.”
Tumblr media
hits it from the back, we all know it.
suna’s obsessed with watching your ass bounce each time he pulls you onto his cock.
he also gets off to seeing your ass all bruised from his harsh slaps, the way you squeal after each spank has him growling into your ear.
part of him is a little sadistic, which is why he loves to have his hands roughly gripping your hair or jaw while he pulls you into a messy kiss.
sometimes he’ll have his fingers deep in your throat and he loves to hear you gag while he forces it in deeper, just to see those pretty tears.
“S’too much? Too much for you already? Tch, you begged for this cock, angel. Now, shut up and fuckin’ take it like a good girl—my good girl.”
Tumblr media
he likes to fuck you with your face shoved into the mattress.
isn’t afraid to manhandle and be rough with you, especially because he knows you love it, you get off to him being needy for you.
hearing your moans and cries for him all muffled while he keeps you pressed down underneath him is exhilarating.
you just get so fucked out in this position, the angle that his cock is hitting you makes you see stars and leaves you a panting mess.
definitely coos at you when he knows you can’t talk back, too stupid too even try.
“Awh, what’s wrong, princess? Ya sensitive already, mm. I bet’cha enjoyed cumming all over my cock, didn’t even bother askin’ for my permission.. tsk, guess my needy girl needs to learn a lesson.”
Tumblr media
usually likes it when you’re on top
as much as he likes having the control he doesn’t mind letting you take over either.
the desperation in your movements while you grind against his cock has him biting his lip to hold back his groans.
he loves that he gets to see all your adorably dazed expression, your face contorting into one of pleasure while you fuck his cock brings him even closer to the edge.
the position allows him to be close to you; needing pulling you into a kiss and sucking on your nipples, it’s heaven for him.
“That’s my good girl, takin’ this cock so well.. you were made to be my little slut, hm. Let me see that pretty face.. I want you to look at me while you cream all over my cock.”
Tumblr media
all content belongs to @iwasbunny. reblogs are appreciated.
Tumblr media
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iwaizumis-bitch · 3 months ago
you pervert!
perverted things the haikyuu boys do (pt 2)
nsfw (no actual smut), minors go away please
hajime iwaizumi couldn’t resist accidentally spilling water over you when you were in your white t-shirt. he couldn’t resist seeing your face heat up and nipples perk up at the sudden coldness. not when you looked so cute and embarrassed, apologising and changing into a different top quickly.
miya atsumu always preferred to use his phone calculator than a real one. you were certain he was working out the equations you were helping him with. you were not even close. he’d take out his phone, turning it downwards towards you, before taking a few photos of your legs in your little skirt, saving them for later.
tetsuro kuroo loved coming up behind you and scaring you whenever he saw you. you would always jump up in shock, before laughing and telling him how ‘it’s not funny!!’. he knew it wasn’t funny, but the way your breasts jiggled whenever you’d jump always made his day a bit better.
koushi sugawara always had a hand on you. he was the kindest person you had ever met, so of course you thought he was only being friendly. you didn’t think anything of it when he’d sling his arm around your shoulder, resting on your breast, or when he would pull you into hiss side by your hip, squeezing down innocently.
yuu nishinoya (biggest perv) pulled all the classics on you. ‘hey, can you make your elbows touch?’, he’d ask, doing the motion himself. you copied him, pressing your arms together as your cleavage became much more visible. or maybe he’d ask you to say ‘aaaah’, or ‘mmmm’, with your mouth closed, keeping the noises in his memory.
kiyoomi sakusa was your neighbour. he was so sweet, always helping you carry all your groceries in. always letting you walk up the stairs first so you could lead him the way to your apartment, right? he wasn’t being a pervert, letting you get a few steps up before he started walking so his face was mere inches from your ass. and even if he was you would never find out.
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jinkicake · 4 months ago
That Boy Is A Real Pussy Pleaser
Matsukawa, Atsumu, Tendou, Tsukishima, Ushijima when their s/o sits on their face. 
Matsukawa Issei x Reader
Miya Atsumu x Reader
Tendou Satori x Reader
Tsukishima Kei x Reader
Ushijima Wakatoshi x Reader
A/N: This is all I have to offer today,,, I was just in a silly goofy mood and thought hmmm hmmm! Face-sitting with the besties!!! This is sooo much crack bc I wrote this during a thunderstorm while being scared shitless so.... muah, pls try to enjoy! 
WC-3,339 (I cannot believe how long I made this)
Matsukawa Issei
Now,,, I had already written for other four earlier but as I was staring at my wall I thought to myself… why the fuck don’t I add my favorite pussy eater of all time, the hottest man on this planet and in this universe: Matsukawa Issei. Thank you, genius idea, I know. 
He was born, placed in this world, to eat pussy…. You can’t tell me this boy isn’t a real pussy pleaser?
Matsukawa would treasure his s/o, treat them with such care and be the softest sweetest boyfriend and then fuck them like he hates them! This man is nasty
He’ll eat you out any time that you need like you want a good distraction? Sit on his face. You’re anxious about something? Sit on his face. You feel like shit? Sit on his fucking face!
Facesitting is one of his favorite things ever because he gets to watch you, he can stare up at you as he eats your sore cunt out, and watch how you shake for him
I just think that he would love to see you cry too, he’d be super into that so literally overstimulating you or edging you would be his go-to things
Getting his poor baby so fucked out to the point of tears would be his everyday mission,,, his goal if you will~ He knows you enjoy it and he enjoys it,,, he’s giving more head than receiving and tbh he wants it to be that way!!!
I just like the whole big man who would treat you properly then fuck you like he doesn’t respect you at all….. bitches got issues!! 
Anyway,,, I put massive daddy kink in this so enjoy, I love Matsukawa and he is a daddy and I want to be his cheese-filled hamburger steak!!!
“Let daddy see that pretty pussy, baby.” Matsukawa’s thumb gently brushes against the inside of your thigh, coaxing you into crawling up even further on his chest. 
“I’m not going to ask again.” And you know that to be the end of it. The knee-high stockings on your thighs pair so nicely with the short skirt you have on, the white material just barely brushes over the curve of your ass. 
The skirt with no panties is Matsukawa’s favorite combination. 
The large man audibly groans when he sees your bare cunt glistening from his previous teasing, he can’t help but sit up and gently kiss your clit. 
One small kiss then turns into a small lick, once Matsukawa has had the slightest taste he isn’t finished until he’s completely full. His kisses and licks turn passionate, it’s as if he is making out with your cunt the same way he does with your lips. 
The feeling of his two fingers gently stretching your hole causes you to instantly clamp down on them, squeezing your thighs around his head. 
“Relax, be a good girl for daddy,” Matsukawa coos into your thigh, biting gently on your skin when he is finally able to stuff his fingers knuckle-deep inside of you. He quickly busies himself with sucking on your clit, lapping at the bundle of nerves as he curls his fingers and caresses your walls. 
Your hands tightly grip onto the sheets beneath you, pulling and tugging as you try to keep yourself stable. Each rock of your hips against his face causes your knees to grow weaker and weaker. 
Matsukawa’s fingers curl just behind your clit, finding that spongey spot that always has you gushing over him. That, with his tongue lapping and drooling all over your cunt, turns you into his perfect little cry baby. 
Tears pool in your eyes and you bitterly try to push them away but, to no avail, the sob that leaves your throat causes Matsukawa to start fucking you with vigor. His fingers scissor inside your cunt while he teasingly bites down on your clit. 
“I’m gonna cum, daddy,” You whine and Matsukawa doesn’t let up his intense pace once. 
“Let daddy have it.”
Miya Atsumu
He is an avid pussy eater like literally his twitter handle is @/pussyeater69, he told me himself!!! I follow him on twitter, okay! 
Atsumu will never shy away from oral or anything about it, he adores it. All he does all day is think about having his head between your thighs so honestly, he will never turn you down if you ask~
Having you sit on his face will probably be the hottest thing that has ever happened in his life and he might just cry! Once he gets you to do it once it will become a regular thing because he becomes soooo obsessed
He just loves using his tongue on you and he knows how much you love having his tongue in you so it’s like…. </333 ya know? Perfect compromise!!! 
Atsumu will hold you so tightly against his face, so closely that he gets the best position to satisfy the both of you. If he can’t get his tongue deep in your cunt, like his whole nose pressed against your clit then you aren’t close enough for him, babe~
As much as I hate to admit it, Atsumu is just so skilled. Like this man might be a mega dork virgin but he knows exactly what he is doing all the time. He prides himself in listening to your reactions and figures out how to give you exactly what you need so like… 
He doesn’t need the pussy eating practice! Atsumu is simply the master! 
However, you know he will always want it. Please sit on his face at least every other day, his lifeline will deplete if you refuse to do so! We can’t have Atsumu desiccating on us!
Didn’t you know? Miya Atsumu runs on pussy! 
“You’re so fucking hot, come on, babe.” Atsumu grins underneath you as his hands run along the curve of your spine, gently pausing just above your behind before grabbing a handful of your ass. 
Needless to say, your boyfriend is excited. 
“I’m gonna fuck you stupid with my tongue, you ready?” It’d be a lie if you said that you didn’t know just exactly what Miya Atsumu’s tongue could do. If anything, you would have to blame your dirty thoughts on whatever genius thought it would be a good idea to have your boyfriend pose with his tongue out in an official photo. Maybe Atsumu already knew what he was doing, he knows you like the back of his hand. 
“Just eat me out, ‘Tsumu.” You groan and finally lower your core to his face, impatiently waiting for your boyfriend to meet your cunt in blind pleasure. Much to your surprise, none of that happens and, you’re met with nothing. 
“Is that any way to ask?” You can see his lips curled up into a shit-eating grin, his eyes light from his teasing and all you can think of is how you could suffocate him right here and now with your thighs. 
“I’ll just go get my vibrator then-”
You had never seen Atsumu move so fast, shove his tongue so quickly up your folds to then swirl around your clit. 
“Stupid fucking vibrator,” He murmurs into your skin, flattening his strong muscle before flicking the tip of it against your clit. His hands dig into your thighs, lowering you even further onto his face. Atsumu truly cannot get enough, not as he runs his tongue through your slit and sucks on your folds. If there was one way to describe Atsumu and his need for eating you out, it would be messy and intense. 
But, damn, does it feel so fucking good. 
He truly eats you out like a man starved, groaning into your cunt whenever your thighs tighten around his face. His tongue begs and begs for you to cum so he can finally get a taste of all that you have to offer him. 
Knowing Atsumu, he’ll get exactly what he wants much quicker than you would ever expect. 
Tendou Satori
Omg, Tendou, my baby….. This man is literally a chocolatier, he loves sweet things, and his favorite sweet to eat is right between your thighs
He has been dreaming about this one for AGES, all of his wet dreams include you sitting on his face…. It’s just that neither of you are bold enough to say anything about it
You have to voice your desires, ya know!! Neither of you are mind readers!!! 
So when you finally show interest, Tendou has to literally hold himself back like grip onto the sheets to refrain from throwing you on top of him
He tries to act all cool and collected like it’s no big deal, but that couldn’t be any further from the truth!!! It is a big deal, he’s just as nervous as you are but tbh he’s hornier so the horny has victory over the nerves!!!
Oh! Tendou loves when you tug on his hair so don’t be afraid to do that!! Kinda dumb that he shaved it but whateverrrrr,,,, the feeling of your nails against his scalp will have his eyes rolling to the back of his head
He likes to take his time with you, tease you slightly until his cock practically bursts from nothing, and then he will completely devour you,, like tongue-fuck you until your legs start to shake!!!!
This is just my mind dump Tendou thirst post, please…. bear with me….. I will get this man some coochie okay! 
Oh also,,, his pretty ass nose- omg that skinny bitch will literally be the best for grinding against when you’re riding his tongue like literally…. 
Tendou simply has the best face for sitting on,, it is scientifically proven and I have the research and the labs done right here in my brain,,, cover sheet done and all
“Don’t be shy,” Tendou coos as his hands gently tug on your hips, he’s so close to finally getting to live his ultimate wet dream. “sit on my face, pretty girl.” 
He’s so determined for this, you can see it in the way his red eyes have glossed over and how his wet tongue hungrily runs over his bottom lip. Desire swirls in the pit of your stomach as you impatiently squirm on his lap. His cock twitches against your thigh and you’ve decided that you’re done torturing the both of you. With your heart in your hand, you timidly crawl up his body, gasping lightly as his large palms run up the sides of your thighs. You bunch up his shirt that you have on, gathering the material so that it rests just below your stomach and gives you the perfect view of your playful boyfriend. 
The grip you have on the material is all but lost when his tongue makes its way along the inside of your thighs. A soft moan is ripped out of your throat at the heat of his smooth muscle tracing random shapes and patterns until he meets your lower lips. 
The first stroke of his tongue through your folds catches you off guard, it throws you into a new sense of pleasure. The new angle provides all the opportunity to feel his tongue in a new light. Your hands tightly grip his red hair, pulling on the strands as your stomach lurches at each euphoric turn. 
However, nothing compares to the bridge of his strong nose. It grinds against your clit the deeper his tongue explores your folds, licking and sucking to gather every drop you have for him. His tongue is not nearly as big as his fingers, or his cock, but he still fucks you roughly. He pumps the muscle in and out of your core, purposely rubbing his nose intensely against your swollen bundle of nerves. There is nothing that your boyfriend doesn’t do on purpose, each of his movements is meaningful. 
Tendou’s fiery passion can be felt in each stroke of his tongue and you know better than to believe that this is all he is going to do with you tonight. 
Tsukishima Kei 
Tsukishima is a bitch, so naturally, he is going to be good at pussy eating LMFAO 
Like you can’t tell me this man who banters with everyone and has insults that can cut someone’s confidence in half wouldn’t have the skill to back it up
He’s another one who lives for eating his s/o out,,,, tbh it’s mostly because it’s the easiest way to get them to shut up!!! Like all he has to do is one little kiss, one little flick of his tongue and you’re putty in his hands
Why wouldn’t he enjoy all the little moans and gasps that leave your cute lips, it’s better than when you’re talking his ear off!!!!
Okay, I’m kidding… sorta…. Tsukishima loves hearing his s/o talk he just likes eating them out better!
Anyway,,, he’s a natural. During his first time, he’ll literally be eating pussy like a pro! Tsukishima hates being wrong, he’s a big nerd so of course, he is going to know just exactly what to do and how to make a bitch purr!!!
It’s his pride, really! You’re trying to tell me this libra bitch doesn’t spend his nights looking up how to eat pussy, because he has! Especially if he knows how much you enjoy it, wow!
I just really think he would like the position of having his s/o on his face, it gives him more of an opportunity to fuck them senseless with his tongue, ya know?
He’d love to do shit like suck on your clit gently and kiss it with his pretty ass lips and then fucking bite on it and pull it between his teeth because he is an asshole!
You cannot tell me Tsukishima wouldn’t be the absolute worse when it comes to teasing, he’d laugh into your fucking cunt like, he sucks!
“If you break my glasses-”
“Then take them off you fucking dork.” Your sneer causes Tsukishima’s eye to twitch, how the hell he got underneath you is beneath him. He’ll never complain about it though. It’s always worth seeing a bratty bitch like you melt under his touch, his fingers, his cock. 
He takes off the thick-rimmed accessory and tosses them onto one of the other chairs in his living room, focusing on yanking you up from above his chest so he can finally -forcefully- shut you up. 
“Awe, are you sure you’re even going to be able to see now?” You tease him, grinning down at his irritated eyes. The bright color of his iris nearly makes your heart skip a beat but you easily squash the feeling with hostility. “Oh, now you definitely won’t be able to find my clit. Shit,”
Tsukishima finally gets what he wants, silence. Your mouth falls open in a silent moan as his tongue traces your clit, softly circling the nerves before gently pressing his lips to it in a kiss. 
Serves you right to get fucked speechless, you never shut up. 
His teeth gently nibble on your clit and provide a hint of pain after such a sweet amount of pleasure. It’s enough for your thighs to slightly shake as they tighten on either side of his head. 
Tsukishima slowly glances at you as he runs the pad of his tongue over the same area, he has to hide his grin as your brace yourself against the armrest of his couch. You’re holding on for dear life and he hasn’t even started with you yet, you’re a fool to think this is all Tsukishima has to offer.
Who knew that the smart-ass from your environmental science class could be this delectable? 
Truthfully, you did. It wasn’t hard for either of you to get tangled up in one another after being at each other’s throats for all but three classes. 
“You’re so fucking good at this, baby,” You praise and nearly sing as he starts to suck on your clit. If either of you noticed the nickname, no one said a thing. “you’re now as good as mine~”
Ushijima Wakatoshi
Okay,,,, my favorite m*n ever like omg, does he ruin my ‘I cannot stand men agenda’ but fictional men don’t count,,, Ushijima Wakatoshi!!! Pussy eater #1!!!! 
In this corner, coming in at 197cm (6’3 *blushes*) and 90kg (199lbs *faints*).. my favorite pussy eater…. Miracle boy Wakatoshi!!!!!
He would literally eat ass heheheh okay anyway
Ushijima is not a patient man…. We see the Leo characteristics, he will not be able to remain still if you’re hovering above him literally ready to be devoured. Ushijima will sit up with no remorse and bring you down with him so he can eat you out
Does Ushijima know what he is doing? Yes! He is not dense, he knows exactly what you like and don’t like but,,,, he was trained…. You gotta train him to become the best pussy eater ever!!!! No pressure though~
I 100% believe that Ushijima could and would cum from eating you out, hips bucking into the air as his poor cock begs for any kind of stimulation,,,, and he will keep eating you out until he is shooting blanks
THAT is how much this man loves pussy eating,, he becomes the nosiest he has ever been when his head in-between your thighs 
If you’re not riding his cock or his thigh, chances are you’re gonna be on his face and grinding down onto his tongue and his beautiful ass nose until you lose feeling in the lower half of your body!!!
I’m sorry I just went light-headed thinking about his big ass fingers…. anyway…..
Ushijima could make a bitch cum in less than three minutes I am certain of this, I know it to be true because my brain is smart. His entire presence just screams panty-dropper, sorry!!! Like yes, even blunt canon Wakatoshi,,, he knows what he is doing! 
Large hands run along your sides, caressing and squeezing your skin which only adds to your pile of nerves. Having such a large man underneath you always sets ablaze to your belly, want and desire swirling around until you can no longer think straight. 
You have a sneaking suspicion that Ushijima doesn’t have a single clue of what he is doing to you. 
His eyes had darkened the moment you hovered above him, his gaze is now serious and intense as he memorizes every inch of your bare skin. Your boyfriend does not know patience when you’re dangled in front of him like this, it can be seen in the way he roughly tugs on your hips and pulls you toward his face. 
He just looks so big beneath you, splayed out with his cock aching against the confines of his boxers, chest rising and falling with each one of his breaths. 
For Ushijima Wakatoshi, his patience had just run out. 
A sharp slap to your ass has the impact of your body lurching toward the headboard and, just as your hands grab out to hold it, your boyfriend’s tongue finally meets its sweet release. 
Ushijima groans loudly at the first swipe of his tongue, letting out a messy ‘ah’ as he slowly gathers your wetness before swallowing it whole. He’s soft with your cunt, treating it as kindly as he does with you, by absolutely fucking devouring it. 
His jaw doesn’t let up once, continuing to work generously to swipe his tongue along your slit before thrusting the muscle inside of your cunt. 
Each powerful stroke along your walls causes your stomach to contract in pleasure, you’re completely and utterly weak for Ushijima’s touch. You’ve never been able to last long with it either. 
You grind down on his face, rolling your hips, tossing your head back when the bridge of his nose deliciously stimulates your clit. The bundle of nerves grows swollen under his rough care, you’re going to cum no doubt before the minute is up. 
It’s all too easy with a view like a focused Ushijima underneath you, eyes closed in concentration and a completely blissful look plastered on his face, your orgasm always comes quickly. 
Your boyfriend never leaves you unsatisfied. 
@atsushii-tora​ @xhanjisungiex @chaosamu @angeltsumu @augustdearly @kunimwuah  @chuuyasbunny @osamuonigiri @pearzuko @darksxder @macaronnv @nerdygremlin @buzzybeebee @miyaxs @badboysdoitbetter2 @blossoms-nursery @bibliophile221b @curiouslilbeast @eunxhi @apollochjld @jojoforthesoul @kiyoojima @kit-tea @my3ammadness @miamiya @tnu-ree @yatogamisenpai @lollyzen @differentballooncollection @ynjimenez @therainroguefanfiction @cutiekawa @ohbyunhunn @i-will-eat-your-trousers @virqgo @thelilyflowersworld @wompwomphq @kageyama-i-want-tobiors @answer-the-sirens @jeshicore @kurooloves @itsmeaudrieee @noisyalmonddreamer @peteunderoos @dai-tsukki-desu @sakusasimpbot @wisepandaslimeland @sushijimawakatoshi @whorefornoodles @crystal-lilac
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tsukishumai · 6 months ago
HQ boys + Obsessed with you
when they think about you... brain go brrrrr
✧・゚: *✧・゚:*    *:・゚✧*:・゚✧
Kuroo carries a portrait of you, and a Polaroid picture of the both of you together around in his wallet. He breaks it out whenever he gets the chance, and often uses it to show off during business meetings. Every intern that works at his company has been shown your picture by Kuroo during orientation.
Tsukishima has your initials engraved into his sports glasses so that you’re close to him during every game. He has them engraved on every single pair that he owns.
Atsumu won’t stop talking about you during every single one of his interviews. He always finds a way to bring the topic back to you. “What are some important rituals you perform before every game, Miya-san?” “Eat a good meal, do my stretches, and get a kiss from y/n!”
Ushijima makes sure to only accept sponsors from all of your favorite brands so that he can get you free merchandise. Don’t even bother asking him why he’s in a commercial for Potato Chips when he doesn’t look like he’s touched a bag in his life. It’s because they offered to give you limited edition flavors.
Iwaizumi loved letting you borrow his clothes, bc when you returned them, they always smelled of your perfume. Iwaizumi doesn’t admit that he sends hours inhaling your scent, avoiding washing his clothes so he could be surrounded by you. But when you stopped giving his clothes back (sigh), iwaizumi resorts to keeping a bottle of your perfume in his room, and sprays it whenever he misses you
Sakusa moved in with you after one week of dating. He literally showed up once, and then never left. He’s there when you wake up, and he’s there when you go to sleep. You haven’t spent one single night apart since making it official. Sakusa tried going on a boys trip once and literally called you to pick him up from the train station just four hours in. He’s not going anywhere.
Kageyama brings items of your clothing with him to away games. Whichever he can get his hands on — a shirt, shorts, a sweater, whatever. You nearly had a heard attack when you were helping him unpack and you found underwear. It took you a few seconds to realize it was yours.
Suna got your name tattooed on him. He may have been drunk, and it may have been on a dare, but he displays this tattoo proudly. He hates when people ask “well, what if you guys break up?” as if Suna would be dumb enough to ever let that happen.
✧・゚: *✧・゚:*    *:・゚✧*:・゚✧
rbs v appreciated! <3
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bratinc · 10 days ago
Tumblr media
+ headcanons. 562 words.
+ contains. tanaka, nishinoya, oikawa, kuroo, tendou, atsumu.
+ note. kinda stuck to the whole if you were on your phone too much theme, so yeah!
Tumblr media
he will absolutely not tolerate being ignored, this man will literally lay on top of you and purposely put his weight on your smaller form just to get you to go off of your phone and talk to him.
“Finally! Took you long enough, babe. So this is how I get ya to talk to me, hm? Stop ignoring me, I’m way better than whatever’s on that stupid phone anyways.”
he sulks, a lot. he’ll just lay close to you with an obvious pout on his face as he practically shoots daggers into your soul with how hard he’s staring at you.
“Babyyy, do you even love me anymore? Because I don’t feel like you do, so you better fix it quick..”
you ignoring him? yeah, that’s not happening. he’s immediately snatching your phone away from you and forcing you to chase after him just to get it back.
“You want it back, angel? Why don’t you gimme a kiss for it, hm? I think I deserve at least that after being depraved of your attention for so long.”
he’s so annoying, all he does is sigh. that’s it, he just sighs and sighs, making sure you hear each one because he purposely gets louder and louder till you finally ask what’s wrong.
“I’m glad you asked, princess. I’ve been here for about half an hour and my girlfriend has yet to give me my kisses. I’m feeling a little underappreciated, honestly.”
his solution to being ignored? repeatedly poking your shoulder and practically clinging onto you, he won’t stop no matter how many times you slap his hand away either not until he gets your attention.
“I knew you’d give in eventually, sweetheart. Why don’t you admire your gorgeous boyfriend instead of staring at your phone all day, hm? I’ll make it worth your while.”
he just whines and repeatedly calls your name, with a few pet names mixed in there as well. he’s just so needy but he’d rather die than actually admit it.
“Babe, baby, babe, angel, princess, love of my life? I’m dying here, give me something to work with, please.. I’m dying!”
Tumblr media
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rice-hime · 16 days ago
How They Fail No Nut November 1
A/N: Back at clowning the guys again. Who should I do next? Buy me a coffee?
Part 1. Part 2. Part 3.
Miya Atsumu
Fail Date: November 3, Wed
Let’s start with this clown. It was a bet amongst the MSBY Jackals. Of course, Atsumu was so confident, he’d easily win the bet. Day 1, he felt so cocky, like, “Heh, I’m so in control of myself.” By Day 2, he was ready to cry, seeing you lying beside him, sleeping peacefully, and just oh-so-fuckable. You actually woke up to him just watching you with a pained expression on his face. With a smack of the pillow to his face, you roll over, muttering, “It’s the fucking second day, ‘Tsumu.”
On the Fail Date: Atsumu just got home from practice, tired and frustrated. He walks in the kitchen to see you clad in his shirt and your sweatpants, busily cooking dinner. His brain immediately got wiped blank, only occupied with the thought of, “I want to marry that. I want to fuck that.”
“Shit, ‘Tsumu!” You moan, grabbing onto the kitchen counter as Atsumu hammers you from behind. He barely gave you any time to shut the stove off or even speak before you’re being bent over the counter and he’s haphazardly pulling your pants off.
You fucking knew he wouldn’t last a week, but god damn it, does he have to do this while you’re cooking dinner? The complaint on your mouth swiftly dies into a scream as he pulls back your hair and harshly biting on your shoulder. “‘Tsumu!”
“Fuck. Yer cunt feels so good, babe. ‘M the only one who’ll ruin this pussy. Wanna fill ya up– ngh, everyday. Come home t’ this,” Atsumu groans, hips stuttering. He turns your face around for a desperate kiss as he stills, spilling his load inside you.
In a moment, he pulls you down with him to sit on a chair, making you jolt and whimper as you feel his still hard cock reach deeper inside you. His cum leaks, dripping down his thighs as he holds you in his arms, head thrown back as pants.
You gasp for breath, taking in what just happened. Craning your neck to look at him, you announced, “You lost. On the third day, Atsumu.” With a sigh, he just wipes a hand over his face, “Damn it.”
Aftermath: You message the Jackals confirming Atsumu’s lost. You win the side bets with your friends, Osamu, Suna, and god knows who else; because Atsumu totally announced his No Nut November and you secretly made bets with all of them. Cue your clown shrieking, “YOU BET AGAINST ME?” But you can’t hear him over your newly acquired 20,000円.
Miya Osamu
Fail Date: November 27, Sat
It started with Atsumu boasting he could do No Nut November, so Osamu agreed to also do the challenge to prove his twin wrong. What a fucking clown. As time went on, both of you started getting frustrated. Osamu would work longer hours, only give you pecks on the cheek, and refuse cuddle nights. Even when sleeping, he’d have to turn over on his side, or else his mind would wander dangerously as he looks at your sleeping form. Time spent together was fraught with palpable sexual tension between the two of you.
On the Fail Date: You two were spending the weekend, watching a movie, sitting on the couch but on opposite ends. Throughout the film, Osamu was basically the horny grip meme. He finally breaks when you get up and bent over to pick up a stray pillow. His brain short circuited and went, “Fuck the wife.” (You aren’t even married yet.)
Osamu groans, hiding his face in the crook of your neck as his hips hammer against you, scraping your insides with his cock. He has you folded in half on the floor, moaning partly in confusion, but you’re not really complaining.
One moment you were picking up the fallen cushion, the next you found yourself laid on your back with Osamu’s hulking figure towering over you. You couldn’t even voice your questions as he immediately shut you up with a kiss, hands going under your shirt to grope your breasts then pull at your shorts. 
“‘Samu, what–”
“Lemme fuck ya babe, please, please. Fuck–” Osamu growls, not waiting for your answer as he sheathes his fingers between your spread legs. You keen, pulling him closer, whining for more. It wasn’t long before he’s fucking you with his cock, nearly imprinting your shape on the wooden floorboards. 
“S’ good. Love ya so much. When I– fuck, I marry ya, I’ll breed this cunt everyday ‘til yer swollen with my babies. Love ya, ngh–” Osamu comes with a final groan, biting your shoulder as your pussy clamps around him, milking him dry.
With heaving breaths, you both lay there on the floor, filthy and exhausted. “Annnndddd you almost made it too,” You break the silence in a sing-song, voice still a bit raspy from your earlier screaming. Osamu just sighs in defeat.
Aftermath: Atsumu threw an entire celebration (as if this clown didn’t lose earlier). You and Suna won the bet against Kita; and Kita just looked at Osamu so disappointingly he almost cried. Osamu was grumpy that day, pouting at you every time; but he wins anyways as you pampered him all day – letting him cling to you and giving him every hug and kiss he’d ask. 
Matsukawa Issei
Fail Date: November 7, Sun
Did not care at all about No Nut November, but his friends were doing it so he jumped the bandwagon. When he told you, you only raised an eyebrow like, “Yeah, sure, Issei.” You didn’t voice it, but he still felt like he’s being challenged. Looked chill about it, didn’t look like he was struggling at the slightest. As the days went on, he’d be internally cursing at how soft your body is and how smooth your skin is whenever he made contact. The hardest part for him was sleeping next to you at night, looking so innocent and defenseless as he imagined devouring you.
On the Fail Date: Past midnight already and Issei still could not get a wink of sleep, watching you peacefully sleep next to him. Next thing he knows, his hand is also tracing up your thighs, caressing your body carefully as he leans in to leave butterfly kisses on your neck.
Your eyes flutter open, feeling the breaths on your neck and large hands gently groping your body. “Issei?” you croak, already melting under his touch, spreading your legs to give him space to work with.
“My pretty girl always letting me do what I want with this pretty body. Thank you, baby, gonna make sure you feel good,” Issei whispers, already kneeling between your legs, pushing your nightgown up and reaching for your panties to pull them aside. 
You sigh as you feel wet kisses on your inner thighs, moving up and up until it reaches your heat. Long licks laps at your folds, slender digits spreading your cunt open. “Issei~” you moan breathily, arching your hips to rut against his face. He takes that as his cue to speed up, the wet sounds growing louder and filthier as his fingers join the fray.
With his tongue and digits fucking you, you writhe, pulling your nightgown all the way up your chest so you can fondle your unattended breasts. Issei groans darkly, watching you play with your tits as he tongue fucks your cunt. With a wet smack, he pulls away, sitting on his knees as you whine and call for him.
“Sshh, it’s okay, baby. Gonna give you my cock now. Be a good girl and spread those legs wider for me.”
Aftermath: Casually went, “Oh yeah, I lost,” the next time he was with his friends. Had to pay for the drinks, but it was worth seeing them annoyed by his smug mug. When you arrived to fetch Matsukawa, there’s a shit-eating grin on his face as he bids all his jealous friends, “Bye losers. I’m getting laid later.” You just rolled your eyes, dragging your boyfriend home; but also smirking as you look forward to your activities later.
Kuroo Tetsurou
Fail Date: November 18, Thurs
Quietly thought he’d make it even though he knows he’s incredibly horny, but since he’s also incredibly busy at work. (Q4 corporate life, let’s go!) You’re just as busy, so you didn’t really mind it, amusingly wondering if Kuroo would actually last that long. Through the days, you find yourself anticipating, “Is this the day he loses?” Meanwhile, Kuroo found himself staring at your form more and more every passing day. You’d be doing the most mundane things like reading a book or doing laundry and yet his brain would go, “Sexy.”
On the Fail Date: Kuroo got home exhausted, mindlessly pulling you on his lap as he groans and talks about his day. You’re just idly kneading his sore muscles and chatting with him when you feel something poking you from underneath. He didn’t even recall the stupid challenge as he huskily coos at you to ride him.
“Ah, kitten, always such a good kitten spoiling me like this,” Kuroo sighs, sitting back – suit disheveled, shirt unbuttoned, tie askewed, and pants opened as you sit yourself down on his cock. His body relaxes as you start moving above him, riding him slowly, letting him watch his thick cock plunge into your tight heat over and over again.
“Mm, so tight and pretty creaming around me,” he groans, hands moving to your hips to help your pace. Your thighs burn, but with a moan, you just let him use your body like a toy, whimpering as you feel every inch of his cock plunging into you repeatedly.
“Kuroo~” you chant his name, moaning by his ear as you clung onto him for dear life. Kuroo starts bucking up into you, groaning as he chases his orgasm. “Shit, baby. ‘M fucking close– Kitten–” With a growl, he spills into you, clenching his eyes shut as he feels your cunt spasming around him.
You lie on his heaving chest as you also catch your breath, enjoying the scent of him. His sudden groan has you looking up at him, “What?”
Kuroo sighs, “I...just lost a bet, kitten. Well, I didn’t expect to win anyways.” You pause, taking in his words. “Oh my bet on that challenge, didn’t you?” He just closes his eyes as you cackle at him.
Aftermath: You asked Yaku about the bet and he confirmed that Kuroo did indeed join. He was absolutely gleeful when you simply told him, “Kuroo lost already.” To which Kuroo later messaged you with a sad emoji with matching, “How could you, kitten?” You reply, “Tbh, didn’t expect you to make it this far.” “Same.” Less than five minutes later Kuroo followed up with, “On a scale of yes to absolutely yes, would you wear that red lace set later?”
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kotarotea · 4 days ago
a/n: i’m pms-ing so enjoy this angst ;) part two perhaps?
feat. oikawa, ushijima & atsumu
Tumblr media
˚₊❏❜ 𝐎𝐈𝐊𝐀𝐖𝐀 ꒱
“ma’am?” the waitress who’s been checking on you walks up to your table for the nth time that night. from the sympathetic smile on her face, you already know what she’s about to say. “we really need the table, so if you’re not going to order anything...” her voice trails off, averting eye contact and chooses to look at the menus sitting on the edge of the table, just where she left them when she first showed you to the table.
“i understand,” you smile politely, bringing your small purse closer to you. “sorry for the wait.”
“no, no, we’re, i’m sorry for...” she begins stammering, embarrassed – maybe more embarrassed than you are – about the ordeal.
“have a good night!” you give the nice waitress a winning smile, appearing unfazed about being stood up on. but your eyes tell all.
it doesn’t help that it’s raining out. your heels click against the damp pavement and rain patters against the top of your umbrella as you attempt to hail a cab over. after your second attempt, you smile warmly at the driver who pulls in front of you.
returning home, you’re not surprised at the dimness and silence you hear. oikawa’s been busy at long practices for weeks now. you can’r recall the last time you’ve sat and had a proper meal with him. well, tonight was supposed to be an attempt at that but... he never showed.
you slip off your heels and leave them near the entrance, padding your feet in the direction of your bedroom. stripping yourself from the gorgeous dress you’d spent hours shopping online for, you settle into your ratty pajamas and white fluffy slippers. 
at the rumble of your stomach, you frown with a sigh. 
cup noodles, it is then.
it’s meanwhile you’re picking at the styrofoam cup with a spoon that oikawa bursts through the door.
“hey tooru,” you murmur a greeting, without bothering to look up at the man, knowing he’ll just make the sinking feeling in your heart worse than it already is.
“baby, i’m so sorry,” oikawa quickly rushes to you, kneeling in front of your sat figure at the kitchen table, taking your hands from the cheap meal. oikawa frowns at the sight of it. “i...i totally forgot.”
“it’s okay,” you sigh, pushing yourself from the table and standing up, making oikawa drop your hands. “how was practice?”
“y/n...” he trails off, nibbling his lip. 
this isn’t the first time oikawa’s flaked out on a date. hell, in the past few months, he’s flaked out on at least two. and those times he did, man, did he hear your wrath.
“it was humiliating!”
“why didn’t you call me?”
“everybody was staring at me!”
but now, here you were, dejected about it all. oikawa almost wants you to yell at him instead.
“y/n,” he tries again, reaching for your hands but they’re occupied holding the cup you’re walking over to the trash to throw out.
“i’m heading to bed. it’s been a long day.”
“i’m sorry!” he apologizes at your turned away figure walking toward the bedroom.
“yeah,” you hum, chuckling dryly. “aren’t you always.”
Tumblr media
ushijima is a hard worker in everything he sets his mind to. he was a hard worker in school, and an especially hard worker when it came to being on court. as a boyfriend, though, there are some doubts that swirl in the far back of your mind.
you love your boyfriend, you do. some would call him aloof, rarely matching your energy when you gush about something your excited about or when you tug his arm on one of your days out shopping. but there a warmth in his eyes, albeit a twinkle, that only you can see during those moments.
“can you please wait a few more minutes?” there’s optimism in your tone as you ask the waiter, who looks rather exhausted with his job. or maybe it’s just you he’s exhausted with… this is his third visit to your table, after all.
“i’m sorry miss, but it’s been thirty minutes. you need to give up the table.”
“my boyfriend is just running a little late, that’s all,” you mumble firmly as you twist the fabric napkin on your lap between your manicured fingers, maybe to convince yourself. maybe if you speak it into existence enough, it’ll make the fact true. ushijima is just running a little late. he’s racing through traffic at that moment, just to sit in the seat across yours.
“again, i’m sorry miss, but the restaurant’s policy says to give up the table exceeding thirty minutes without order.”
“oh,” you sigh glumly, shoulders drooping in defeat.
of course a fancy restaurant like this one would have that sort of policy, it only took months for you to snag the reservation at the popular establishment.
you gather your belongings and tuck them under your arm and stand from the table. couples all around stare at you with either perplexed expressions, or just plain pitiful ones. you hated being pitied for.
you leave the restaurant with a quickness, walking through the parking lot, searching for your car among fancy, expensive cars parked. only when you settle into your car, does your tight lipped facade drop.
you sigh, frown pulling your cheeks downward, as you drive in silence back to your home. when you reach your home, you head straight for the bathroom and get the bath ready.
while you bathe, you look over at your phone, in case your boyfriend happened to text you back but ti no avail.
ushijima usually silenced his phone while he was at practice so it isn’t very surprising to receive no answer from him. still, you thought he would’ve remember your date by now.
hours later, ushijima steps inside your home, dropping his keys on the hook near the door and shuffles out of his shoes, taking note of your heels at the foot of the door. his resting frown deepens further at the recollection of your planned night.
he walks swiftly to your bedroom, opening the door and his eyebrows crease in regret at the sight; you’ve already gone to bed.
you never go to bed without saying good night to him first.
Tumblr media
“atsumu,” you seethe into the phone, trying to remain as quiet as possible in the restaurant. “where are you!?”
“‘m practicing,” he drawls through the phone, tone sounding too casual for your liking. “why?”
“what do you mean why? we have a date!”
“oh, right,” he sighs. “i forgot about that…”
“they’re asking me to give up the table.” your lip is caught between your teeth as his words, as blunt as they came out, strike into your heart. he forgot?
“i wouldn’t make it in time,” he mumbles. you half expect an apology from him but he quickly perks up. “hey, how ‘bout you just order my usual and bring it to me as leftovers i’ll eat when i get home?”
your lips part in shock at his request. he wanted you to continue the date... all alone?”
“atsumu, you can’t be ser-”
“crap, gotta go babe. i’ll see ‘ya later!”
he has the audacity.
with a newfound pride, you sit back and call the waiter over, ready to give your order.
it’s nine o’clock when atsumu comes home and your cuddled on the couch, watching whatever rerun you could find that you found appealing.
“i’m home!”
you only avert your gaze when atsumu begins rubbing his hands together as he makes his way to the refrigerator in anticipation. opening the door, he looks at the inside expectantly, only to furrow his brows in confusion.
“y/n? where’s the food?”
“hm? oh, i didn’t have leftovers so i didn’t bring any.”
“i said to order my meal, too!” he whines, turning to you.
you let out a laugh, though it’s humorless. “i was not doing that.”
“why not?”
“you stood me up!”
he scoffs. “tch, stood you up. i had practice!”
yes, but you, you both made plans.
your roll your eyes. “yeah, yeah, it’s always practice isn’t it?”
“whats that supposed to mean?” his tone harshens and his eyes narrow down at you.
“it means what I said,” your tone is equally as firm and you stare him down as well.
something about you and atsumu’s relationship is that you matched each other’s energy. while, it could be seen as something beneficial like when the two of you work together, in place of an argument, like where this conversation is going, it’s not so helpful.
the staredown only breaks off when he looks away, scoffing again. “s’rsly…? this is how the night’s going to go? i just got back, i’m tired, hungry-”
“you didn’t even apologize…” your voice falls to a whisper, fiery tone and eyes long gone as you recall the reason for your poor mood. “i was so embarrassed and then you told me to order something for you?”
atsumu’s own glare falls when you look down.
“shit, y/n-”
“forget it.” you shake your head, sighing. “you don’t have to say it. i’m just going to bed.”
you’re tired.
atsumu reaches his arm out, as if being feet away from you with his arm extended would be enough to grasp you. you slip out of the room, quietly closing the bedroom door behind you.
Tumblr media
🪧taglist:  @mirakeul @kimkai-is-my-man @jeannie-beannie @camcam1617 @lvrkuroo @kookie-doughs @mellowknightcolorfarm @waitforitillwritemywayout @toworuu @miyalove @erinoikawa @ebiharachan @kawaii-angelanne @satosimp @ochabby @miyadarling @kac-chowsballs @crapimahuman @perqabeth @amarinthe
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ceijoh · 18 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Relationships: atsumu x reader, matsukawa x reader (issei calls reader ‘my girl’ once)
Content/Warnings: angst, fluff, suggestive in both parts (highly suggestive in matsukawa’s part), mdni. atsumu is a lil bit toxic but he redeems himself. me bullying oikawa for five minutes straight. 
Summary: You get jealous of their managers. 
masterlist | kuroo’s part| daichi’s part
notes: this is absolute word vomit and very self indulgent, hope you enjoy. i do have a daichi one in the drafts, it was supposed to go in here but it was just too long so i’ll probs put it up later. if y’all like this, let me know, and if you want others hmu, if i can, i’ll write it! 
Tumblr media
Dating Atsumu meant two of many things. 
1. that you were prone to see girls fawning over him, constantly, no matter where the two of you were. 
Whether it was at school, the park, the grocery store, or even on public transport. 
You were used to it. But that didn’t mean that you felt comfortable with it. 
2. Atsumu absolutely loved teasing you. 
It was the first week back, and you knew that there was a new manager for the volleyball team. 
The team wanted you to try out for the manager, knowing that you would get it but with your study load and extra activities there was just no time at all. 
Turning the position down called for external recruits. 
While it looked fun and maybe would have brought your social status up by being the manager of the volleyball team, it was also hard work. Especially when you had someone like Atsumu on the team. 
Which is why you were happy when you visited the team after the first week back and saw that the manager was getting along with your boyfriend. 
At first it was fine. Atsumu could have friends that were the opposite gender, just like you were. 
You visited as much as you could but each time it seemed like they got closer, it didn’t help that Atsumu was raving about her to you every time you hung out. 
Each visit after the first week consisted of you greeting him, then the rest of the team. And you watching, hurt stewing in your heart and belly as Atsumu paid more attention to the manager than his own partner. 
It was fine at first, really it was. He was a player on the team, and he had to listen to the manager. 
But did he have to tell jokes to her that made her laugh throwing her head back
Did he have to grin at her while he did a perfect serve?
“Do ya want me to beat up my shitty brother for ya, (Y/N)?” 'Samu asked as he picked up his water bottle. “Sunarin and I make a pretty good team if you would like us to beat him up.” 
“Please don’t do that,” you shook your head. You knew that the team was picking up on the weird tension you were giving out whenever you saw the two of them together. “I have to go, I have a meeting for the debate team, I’ll see you guys when I finish.”
Without a goodbye to anyone else, you left the gymnasium, unaware of a certain someone paying attention to you. 
You never did return back to the gymnasium, well that was a lie. You just didn’t stay longer than you needed to. Your meeting finished earlier, and you walked back to the gym, but walking in and seeing Atsumu grin at his manager while she gave him his water bottle and wipe him down with the towel.
You left after seeing that.
Tired and confused, you ignored Atsumu for a couple of days. You needed to get your head and heart sorted because this was getting too much. 
If he wants to be with someone else, then he can. 
It was after couple of days that you decided to visit practice again. The other boys on the team were also your friends. 
Dusting the invisible lint off your school clothes, you opened the door. glad to see she wasn’t there just yet and the boys starting their warm up. 
Walking over to them, you greeted them starting with Suna and Osamu. 
“Hey, aren’t I yer boyfriend? Why aren’t ya saying hi to me first,” Atsumu whined, poking your side as you continued greeting the team. 
“I don’t know Miya, I didn’t think we were even together anymore,” you spat out, yanking his arm off you. 
“Ooo, she brought out your surname,” Suna remarked as he walked up with Osamu. 
“‘Yer in big trouble pig-ass,” Osamu joined in, receiving a high-five from Suna. 
Atsumu glared at them, and then turned to you, an uncomfortable feeling in his gut. “What do ‘yer mean?”
“I mean you spend so much time with the new manager, that I thought it was you and her together, and not me and you,” you licked your lips and narrowed your eyes at him, “am I wrong?” 
It wasn’t like you to blow up and make a scene, especially in front of people. But the weeks of hurt and discomfort caused by the boy standing in front of you, and the girl watching from the sidelines was just too much to keep in. 
You looked around, beginning to feel uneasy with everyone watching your dirty laundry being aired out. 
You tugged Atsumu’s hand and you led him out of the gym, into the nearest empty classroom. 
“What do ya mean you don’t think we’re together anymore?” Atsumu accused as soon as you closed the door. 
“Jesus, Atsumu, look at your behaviour for the last couple of weeks! How many times have I come to visit you just for you to ignore me and pay attention to her instead?” 
Atsumu grinned and he got you where he wanted you. “Aren’t ya just jealous?” 
You flared your nostrils, rolled your eyes and crossed your arms, “Not jealous, ‘Tsum, I was just…” 
You took a moment to determine what you were feeling and how you could tell him in a way where it wasn’t word vomit. 
“Hurt?” You shrugged. “I was hurt that you could do that so easily with her. Why could you do something you do with me everyday with her, so easily?” 
Subconsciously you began rubbing your arms, your eyes downcast refusing to meet his gaze. “It’s stupid,” you finally decided and walked away from him. “Forget about it.” 
It was as if the fight left you. The anger that was silently brewing was gone, instead it was just defeat and hurt left. You didn’t want to fight anymore, this was exhausting. 
A grip on your arm prevented you from walking away. “It’s stupid ‘Tsum, I know, you love me. We can forget about it. Look, let’s take a couple of days from each other and we can talk about this during the weekend, alright?” 
“‘M sorry,” Atsumu spoke softly. 
He truly was, he didn’t realise how hurt you could be even though Osamu has told him before, even the girls he’s dated before have told him.
That while flirting with those girls truly meant nothing to him, he couldn’t deny that giddiness that he got knowing that you loved him so much that you would get jealous. 
It was toxic but it was something he loves to do to you. 
Well loved to do to you. 
If making you jealous meant that you got hurt, and that you ever doubted your permanent place in his heart then Atsumu realised that he needed to get his shit together. 
“I just liked knowing that ya got jealous, yer face gets all scrunched up and in some fucked up way I liked knowing that you love me so much that ya wanna stake yer claim on me.” 
A little bit of your hurt was gone as Atsumu explained his tactic, “What the actual fuck, ‘Tsum?” 
Atsumu let out a ‘yikes’ under his breath, sounding it out did sound pretty fucking stupid. 
“I just didn’t realise that instead of being angry, you would doubt my feelings for you.” 
At the incredulous look on your face, Atsumu
“I never told ya I was the smartest.” 
“You’re in the smartest class in the school.” 
“When it comes to loving ya!” Atsumu explained. “‘M gonna fuck up a lot, I know that and I have things to learn but I don’t wanna learn it without you, don’t wanna learn it for anyone else! Just ya! I wanna do it right and ‘m gonna fuck up along the way but I’m hoping that you’ll be there to help me.” 
He got red in the face, and turned to look away from you. 
You knew that it took a lot for Atsumu to voice out his feelings like this. 
“Oh, ‘Tsum,” you pulled him into your arms and hugged him tightly. 
Yeah, he wasn’t the smartest when it came to love but he was willing to learn, and you knew while this didn’t change that he hurt you in the past, the fact that he wanted to change for you was enough for now. 
“‘M so sorry, and I promise never to hurt ya ever again,” feeling you in his arms made everything feel right for him. 
This was nice being in his arms once again, it felt good. And Atsumu being soft was always a nice change. 
Atsumu pulled back and cheekily grinned at you, 
“Now, why don’t I show you just how much I love you?” 
There he is. There’s the man that you fell in love with. 
“We’re in a classroom!” 
“Yeah, please don’t! We don’t want to hear that!” You pulled away from Atsumu and looked towards the door, seeing two distinct shadows. 
You yelled at Suna and Osamu to leave, and once you were sure of it, you turned back to Atsumu. 
“”M sorry (Y/N),” Atsumu whispered and brought his face down to nuzzle into you. “I’m so sorry, love ya, love ya so much. ‘Yer make me a better man everyday by being by my side, so thankful for ye.” 
And yes, while he did love to see how your face reacted when you got jealous, and the fact that you get jealous somehow equals to reaffirming your love for Atsumu, without him directly asking for it. The look on your face when he tells you he loves you, or the way your eyes light up and the smallest shyest smile adorns your face when you tell him you love him, yeah that beats your scrunched up face by a mile. 
Tumblr media
“Ooh, is (Y/N)-chan jealous?” You heard Oikawa tease behind you. 
Beside you Iwa passed you the volleyball which you quickly threw at Oikawa but damn his stupid reflexes he was able to catch it easily. 
“Not very nice, (Y/N)-chan,” he pouted and you put your middle finger up. 
You turned back to the scene in front of you as you watched as the new recruited manager flirt with your boyfriend. 
Well, was he really your boyfriend? You and Issei never really put a label on anything. You were childhood best friends, and then one night you decided to kiss and ever since then you’ve been doing everything a couple does except there was no label. You didn’t really think a label was necessary for the two of you when it was obvious how much in love you were with each other. You never had a reason. 
Until now. 
As you watched her blatantly flirt with Issei, her hands touching him, as he laughed good naturedly. 
Maybe it wasn’t anything to Issei. 
Maybe your “relationship” wasn’t anything to Issei. 
You felt like throwing up. You walked into the direction of the changing rooms, suddenly feeling overwhelmed by everything. 
The other three boys noticing your discomfort followed you.
“Do you want me to kill her? I’ve been watching those American movies, got my skill up to par,” Makki grinned at you, and you couldn’t help but laugh. 
“We can kill her,” Oikawa piped up, not liking your attention solely on Makki while he was there. 
“Don’t you want to go pro, ‘Kawa?”
“You’re right, I can just get my fanclub to do it, that’s how much I love you, (Y/N)-chan.”
At that you rolled your eyes and you bumped your shoulder with his. 
Wrapping his arms around you, Oikawa whispered, “Look, you need to talk to him if this is messing you up that badly.” He rubbed your shoulder and you couldn’t help but lean into him. He sat you down and you fiddled with his free hand. “You two are great but if it’s hurting you, it’s better to let it out than fester and cause bigger problems in the future.”
“You know when you’re not being annoying, you’re actually quite wise.” 
Oikawa flicked your forehead and you nuzzled closer to him. It was comforting, well as comforting it was to be in the boys changing room with your best friend humming the theme song to Jurassic Park.
“Hey hot stuff, can we have a word?” 
You both lifted your head to see Issei by the door, Makki and Iwa by his sides. They looked at you with an apologetically. To anyone else it would have seem like Issei was his usual self. But both you and Tooru know that the way Issei had his arms crossed, his face impassive with the exception of his left brow arched that he was pissed. 
“Sorry, but they’re busy with me,” Tooru grinned as you tighten your grip on his hand. 
Issei’s eyes focused on Tooru’s hands on your body and smiled tightly. “Mind leaving then? Need to talk to my girl.” 
At that Tooru sighed loudly, knowing that he can’t prolong this anymore for your sake. He slowly let go of you and glared at Mattsun. 
“They were mine first!” Oikawa retorted as Iwa and Makki pulled him away, letting you and Issei talk by yourselves. 
Issei looked at you knowingly after Oikawa’s statement, at which you rolled your eyes in response. 
He walked up to you, gone was his impassive face, now was the face that he often looked at you with. Love. 
He tapped your foot with his when you refused to meet his eyes.
“You jealous, pretty baby?” 
A beat of silence and still refused to look at him. 
“No, I’m so stoked seeing another girl feel you up, ‘Sei,” you deadpanned. 
Issei grinned at you, and pulled you up, pressing you against the lockers. HIs arms  wrapped around you. You could feel his fingers run up and down your waist. “My pretty baby is jealous.” 
You pulled your head back a bit and groaned. 
“My pretty dumb baby thinks that some stupid girl is worth more than them,” he pulled you closer
“Think I have to remind my pretty baby that I’m theirs don’t I?” He unwrapped his arms around you and held yours with his, he dragged them to his chest, then down towards the waistband of his shorts. 
“Think my pretty baby has to mark me up to show everyone who I belong to.”
As he left you to do as you will, he began slowly tugging down your pants, “Think I have to show you just how much I love you don’t I? Gonna worship you, pretty baby.” 
You walked out of the changing room thirty minutes later, hair mussed up and hickies littering both yours and Issei’s skin. 
He grinned smugly, as his shirt was barely covering the marks that you left him. 
As you walked up to the team, your face grew redder as you realised that they heard what you guys were doing, and clearly saw what you were doing. 
Makki raised his eyebrows and winked at you, “Can’t believe you call Mattsun daddy.” Makki shook his head, “Actually, makes perfect sense that you call him daddy.” 
Iwa looked at you once, and then glared at Issei, “You guys are gross by the way.” 
Oikawa looked at the clock on the gym wall, “Just thirty minutes? You know if you were with me it would be longer than that.” 
This time Oikawa wasn’t fast enough to dodge the ball aimed towards his face. 
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omikazu · 23 days ago
Tumblr media
brat pack // m. atsumu
dad!atsumu with twin sons? gotcha.
*•.¸♡ haikyuu masterlist
Tumblr media
"it wasn't me, mommy, i swear it was daddy," your five year old son says earnestly, his twin brother nodding along.
"stop lying, brat!" atsumu complains, pointing a finger at him accusingly before turning to you. "baby, ya gotta believe me! ya know how kids lie 'bout stuff like this."
you sigh deeply, rolling your eyes at the disaster trio. this was a daily occurance, after all, with one of your three boys doing something stupid and then pointing fingers at each other. the worst part is, it's usually atsumu that lies, knowing you'd go easier on your sons than you would on him.
"i'll ask you all one last time. who made this mess on my beautiful rosewood cabinet?" you say, crossing your arms against your chest, glaring at your husband and sons. "and don't even bother trying to lie your way out, all three of you suck at it, anyway."
"it was daddy," the elder one of your twins speaks up again, adamantly. "he ordered pizza and then spilled it all over the cabinet while tickling me." you half smile at his words, almost close to believing him. that definitely sounds like something atsumu would do, alright.
"is that true, 'tsum?" you ask, narrowing your eyes at atsumu, who cowers, eyes darting to look anywhere else but at you. "thing is, sweet cheeks, the brat's only being half honest, true, we were playing around and i was tickling him but, we don't know whose hand knocked the pizza on yer counter," your husband hurries his words, sounding panicky. he knows how much you love that cabinet, it was very expensive and it had been a wedding gift from your parents and you've cherished it ever since. "ask the other brat if ya want! go on, kiddo, tell yer mom the truth and i'll buy you icecream."
"yeah, daddy's right," your younger twin cheers, "can we all go get icecream now?"
"now you're just bribing him," you snap. "you know what, i'll never find the culprit like this, how about i just let all three of you take the fall for it, instead?"
"oh no," your younger twin son says, his good cheer dying down. "mommy's really mad this time, daddy."
atsumu's hopeful smile fades, and your twins take a step back each. your two little brats were ready to run, and your big brat was ready for flight too. "no, no," you groan, "don't you three dare run away from me." too late. the twins take off first, screeching loudly as atsumu follows closely behind with you in tow, waving your arms around frantically as you try to reach him, although your efforts are fruitless.
"fuck, at least clean that mess up first, then you can run," you scream at atsumu, throwing a cushion at his head. "don't ya go swearing when the kids are around, baby! yer such a bad influence on them," he teases, dodging the cushion and ducking behind the sofa.
"says you," you retort, scooping the younger of your twin boys into your arms, squishing his chubby cheeks. "shall we make daddy clean it up all alone?" he nods frantically as your older son shrieks from under the dining table, voicing his agreement. you hear atsumu groan from behind the sofa.
"that's no fair, baby!" he whines, getting up and trudging over to where you are. "stupid brats, this is all because of ya two, now if i had a little princess like samu did, this wouldn't have happened," he mutters, sticking his tongue out at your sons, who repeat his actions back to him, unfazed.
"tell ya what, baby, fine, i'll clean up these little fools' mess," atsumu grumbles as you set your son down on the sofa, then leans close to your ear, hands squeezing your waist. "but in return, give me a cute little baby girl this time, 'kay?"
Tumblr media
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iwasbunny · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
# headcanons. 879 words.
# warnings. dacryphilia, degradation, afab reader, praise, daddy kink, slight brat taming and size kink.
# contains. mean akaashi, tendou, atsumu and kuroo—repost.
Tumblr media
he tries to be mindful of you, he really does.
but as soon as he hears you say that, it sparks something he didn’t even know was in him.
all he wants to do is fuck you even harder
and make you let out even more of those pretty moans.
Akaashi can’t find it in himself to even try and stop the groan that pushes past his lips at those words, his hips still and he can feel every inch of your tight little pussy clamping down on him. “Fuckk-”
His chest heaves with sharp breaths and a light sheen of sweat covers his chest, while his hands are rubbing soothing circles against your hips before he’s easing himself into you once more.
Softly mumbling praises against your skin and admiring the tears that rolled down your flushed cheeks, “You can take it, princess. I know you can.. just relax, let me take care of you- ah- wanna see you cum all over my cock.”
Tumblr media
he thinks it’s adorable that you’d say it, really.
if he was enjoying himself earlier well now it was on a completely different level.
his eyes darken with lust, and you can feel his grip on you tighten.
the urge to fuck you stupid growing even stronger.
Tendou merely chuckles at the state you’re in underneath him, already a drooling mess with only half of his cock buried inside of you. “Stop squirmin’, pretty girl.”
You think he’s being nice and giving you the chance to get used to his size as he pulls out of you at a painfully slow pace, only for him to suddenly slam back into you and force the rest of his length into your pretty little cunt. 
He basks in the warmth of your welcoming walls, before looking down and smirking as he notices the mess you made all over his pelvis. “Look at you, bunny. Taking my cock so well, hm. Cumming jus’ from that? Didn’t even bother asking me for permission.. tsk, we’ll have to fix that, won’t we?”
Tumblr media
the smug smirk on his face only intensifies at the words.
any self-control he has instantly snaps.
he ends up even more of a tease afterwards.
and now all he wants to do is to make you beg for him—for more.
Atsumu is extremely patronizing, constantly cooing and teasing you as soon as he hears your admittance. “Too much? ‘S too much for ya already, doll?”
It doesn’t take long for him to shove your tear stricken face back into your sheets while he fucks you onto his cock, loving the way your thighs quivered at even the slightest stimulation.
And there isn’t even a slight sliver of hesitation in his movements as he thrusts into you at an animalistic pace, balls slapping against your ass while his hands fumbling to press against your tummy, “Thought ya said it was too much for ya, hm? So why ‘s yer greedy little cunt suckin’ me in so deep, angel?”
Tumblr media
to him, you’re being a brat.
all you had to do was be a good girl for him.
he wasn’t asking for your opinion on anything, and now you’d talked back.
his cocky expression stays in view while his movements and words grow harsher.
Kuroo smirks down at you, the words doing nothing but stroking his ego. He watches you sniffle and writhe underneath him sadistically, loving the way you whined at the mere stretch. 
“You begged for this, kitten—begged for daddy to fuck you like this..” His rough hands grip your jaw, bringing your glossy eyes over to him as his thumb runs over your bottom lip. 
You know what he wants you to do, and you can’t stop yourself from doing exactly that as you parted your lips and stuck out your tongue humming at the feeling of his spit in your mouth and seeping down your throat.
“Good girl.” He grunts out.
“Now, shut up and fucking take it. I don’t want to hear another word out of you unless you’re screaming my fuckin’ name.”
Tumblr media
all content belongs to @iwasbunny. reblogs are appreciated.
Tumblr media
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tetsvhoe · 6 months ago
iwaizumi's part
character/s: kuroo tetsuro x gn reader ; miya atsumu x gn reader
genre/s: angst/fluff, hurt/comfort
warning/s: none
gwen's notes 🤍: this blog was orginally intended to be my hurt/comfort brainrot because i exhaust the haikyuu angst tag literally every night. when i ran out of things to read i was like, fine i'll do it myself.
Tumblr media
kuroo tetsuro
he's literally my favorite idk why i keep hurting myself with these. maybe it's because subconsciously i feel like i don't deserve love and i- yk what nvm.
the recurring theme i see in kuroo angst is him not having enough time for you because of his career;
he's young, well accomplished, charismatic. he had his whole life ahead of him and he could have anything – anyone he wanted. that frightened you, especially when you felt like he was slipping through your grasp and there was nothing you could do.
"i'm trying to understand kuroo, i really am. but you've been so dodgy with me lately!" you flung your arms in the air exasperated.
"are you really though? all i see is you trying to make everything about you!" his back was facing you, his tall figure hunched over the kitchen counter, yet you didn't miss the harsh glance he threw your way.
"i'm not making this about me, i just- i was just asking for a little bit of time. this is our relationship after all," your voice strained to get the words out. tears threatened to spill as you hastily take a step forward, trying to reach out for him.
"nari never nagged me this much and i was just the same to her," he mumbled under his breath, the words slipped before his mind could process them.
you stumbled back, quickly retracting your hand and clutching it to your chest. you stared at his back with wide tear-filled eyes in disbelief. you breathed a small "what?" at a loss for words.
kuroo's eyes widened in realization as he quickly turned to you. it was your turn to hide your face away, not wanting him to see the fresh warm tears that stained your cheeks.
he opened his mouth to say something that could mend the situation but he came up with nothing. mentally, he was cussing himself for even bringing that up just so that he could justify his actions, or in this case lack thereof.
"your ex never asked for attention because she was getting that from other people behind your back," you mumbled monotonously, fists clenched. your voice wavered but words cut through just as sharp. "if you'd rather have that than deal with me, you're free to go."
of course you didn't want him to leave, but he was out of line for even comparing you to someone you both knew hurt him terribly.
he tried to take a step closer to you. his heart sunk at the way you ever so slightly shuffled away from him.
"hey, i know i'm sorry. i just- i said it to make myself feel better. i was wrong," he pleaded, voice now softer.
you let out a tired sigh, quietly making your way into your bedroom. he trailed behind you like a lost puppy. he was praying for you to say something– cuss him out, shout in frustration, anything. the silence was unbearable.
"i'm really sorry. i... i didn't mean it," he tried again.
"i know. i'm just tired and really hurt."
you quickly washed up but he could hear your quiet sniffles through the door. he sat by the edge of the bed, chewing on his bottom lip nervously as he racked his brain on how he could make up for what he said. though when you finally walked out of the bathroom with such empty eyes, he's at a loss for words once more.
you couldn't even spare him a glance as you wordlessly crawled under the sheets, nearly falling off the bed as you tried to scoot away from him as far as your bed allowed.
you tensed up as you felt him hastily wrap his arms around you and rest his head against your back. tears started to stain your pillow even after you thought you've cried your eyes out enough earlier.
"i'm sorry, love. please let me make it up to you." you could hear the trembling in his voice and your heart ached for him too, despite the situation.
"do you... still think of her? am i overbearing?" you choked back a sob.
he tightened his grip, shaking his head vigorously. "no, no, not at all! i know i was being lazy and i wasn't putting in enough effort but i was too much of a coward to admit it."
you turned to face him. "so the next best thing was to compare me to your ex?" you scoffed bitterly.
he was stricken with guilt as his eyes brimmed with tears, suddenly feeling small under your gaze. "i know, i was so wrong for that but please let me make it up to you. i'll do better. i love you so much."
he buried his face into your hair and only sobbed harder when you finally wrap your arms around his shaking figure.
"i love you too, tetsu but i'm still upset. let's just talk about this in the morning okay?"
he nodded, whispering a chorus of thank yous and i'm sorrys.
Tumblr media
miya atsumu
idk why atsumu is always portrayed as a womanizer in fics. i don't think he's all that interested in a lot of girls as he's preoccupied with volleyball.
which is why it came as a surprise when atsumu started dating. who knew he could commit to something other than his favorite sport? he still wasn't fond of overbearing fan girls though. sometimes you wondered if he saw you on the same level as them– a nuisance to him.
"i thought you said you'd understood the demands of my job before we started dating," he spat, arms crossed and eyebrows furrowed.
"i do! but extended training hours and weekend practices aren't your job's demands, atsumu. that's just you wanting to spend every waking moment playing but you have a life outside of volleyball," you argued back, nearly pulling your hair out of frustration.
you've been at it for hours and it felt like talking to a wall. it wasn't like you wanted him to quit, you just asked him not to spend so much of his free time training when he was barely spending time with you.
"by life you mean you, right? what you want my world to revolve around you, is that it?" he scoffed in annoyance.
you let out a groan. it was almost as if he was purposely pissing you off. he kept cherry picking at your words only to use it against you.
"are you even listening or do you just hear the words you want to hear? that's not what i was asking for. at all!"
he stubbornly turned his head to the side to avoid looking at you. without thinking, he grumbled, "this is why i hated dating. no wonder akira's the only relationship i had that lasted."
there was a deafening silence that followed as you stood there, mouth hanging open.
"what did you just say?"
as he slowly turned to look at you, the weight of his words started sinking in. anger and annoyance was quickly overcome with guilt, especially when he saw your tear-stricken face.
"i didn't–"
"if you hate dating so much go ahead and break up with me already you asshole! i'm tired of being the only one in this relationship." you stomped out the living room and into your bedroom. you snatched the nearest bag you could and started stuffing it with clothes.
"what are you doing?" he asked, panicking even as he tried to steady his voice. "hey, slow down. let's talk about this okay?" atsumu tried to seize your hands to stop you from leaving.
you yanked your hands back and shoved your overnight bag onto the floor. "i have been trying to talk to you for the past hour, atsumu! why is it you only wanna listen now?" you sobbed, unable to keep your tears at bay any longer.
he rubbed the back of his head sheepishly, mumbling, "i didn't mean what i said back there. i'm sorry."
you sat to bury your face into your palms as the exhaustion of the night caught up to you. you were tired, emotionally and physically. "i try so hard not to be a bother to you," you whispered, voice small and strained.
atsumu's heart sunk at your state. he hated himself for being the one to cause it. he bent down and wrapped his arms around you, pulling you flush against his chest. you were still mad but didn't have it in you to fight him for it.
"you're not a bother, angel. i was being a dick. i wasn't trying to understand you. i'm sorry." he stroked your hair gently, nervously waiting for a reply.
after several minutes of silence, you finally croaked out, "if you think this relationship isn't going anywhere then what even is the point?" your eyes were dull and lifeless as you pushed yourself off him.
panicked at your words, tears started to prick his eyes. he shook his head vigorously. "n-no i don't want to break up! i just- i said it to piss you off. i didn't mean it, baby please..."
he stared at your eyes intently for some kind of sign that you haven't completely given up on him, but you were too tired and hurt to sympathize with him at the moment. the panic in his chest grew larger by the second.
"i'll take a leave. i'll spend more time with you, i promise. please give me another chance. i really didn't mean it like that. i love you, only you. i... really don't want to break up," he rambled.
sighing, you finally gave in– not that you forgave him that instant. he did promise to make it better after all. "fine, i just- i need time to think, okay? i'm spending the night at my friend's house."
he gently grabbed your hand, stopping you from grabbing your bag again. "you don't have to go. i can sleep on the couch if you want, or stay at bokuto's," he mumbled in between little sniffles.
after giving it some thought, you let out another sigh and quickly stood up. "never mind, let's just sleep on the bed," you deadpanned, making your way to the bathroom. meanwhile atsumu's eyes glimmered with hope as he listed the things he wanted to do to make up for his mistakes.
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