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Tumblr media
violence for violence is the law of beasts
[image is a 2-panel comic. the top panel is taketora and kenma fighting comically, while fukunaga hoists a bucket of water in preparation to break up the fight. the bottom pannel is osamu and atsumu fighting in a similar way, while suna photographs the scuffle calmly, smirking.]
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risumu · 4 months ago
says “you’re a pretty little thing, aren’t you?” to try to fluster you but is actually internally screaming on the inside because he thinks you’re really pretty and is totally swooning
ATSUMU, oikawa, mattsun, KUROO, yamamoto, tanaka, LEV, semi
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chibishae34 · 2 months ago
Colored Hair, Don't Care
Playing with their hair: HQ colored hair edition ❤️
characters- kozume kenma, miya osamu, miya atsumu, yamamoto taketora, terushima yuji
genre: fluff, crack
Tumblr media
✫彡 Kenma: Kenma doesn’t mind if you play with his hair. It surprised him the first time you touched his widdle head. He ended up liking it so much he purred, which surprised you; you couldn’t help but laugh. Feeling flustered that he purred in front of you. Occasionally while he's playing games or streaming, he lets you play with his hair. You can’t help but squeal because he’s like a cat. Kenma has to restrain himself from purring on stream; he doesn’t want his fans to catch him in 4k. You occasionally braid his hair and try out different updo hairstyles. You still call him your little pudding head even though the blonde hair is almost gone.
✫彡 Atsumu: Is very particular when it comes to his hair. He’s open to trying different ways to style his hair and always asks you for advice if he should try it out. He’ll only let you or his stylist touch his hair. In high school, he wanted you to help him, and Osamu retouch his hair color and not make his hair color look like piss color because everyone, especially Suna, kept teasing him. Coloring the twins’ hair was chaos; you were glad Suna wasn’t there to add to the chaos. They kept arguing or pushing each other out the way from hogging the mirror. Both the twins came out of the shower with different hair colors other than the ones they picked out. Atsumu’s hair came out pink, and Osamu’s hair came out with blue hair, and you couldn’t help but laugh. They looked like the little twin stars Atsumu screamed and started pouting. You had to reassure him he looked terrific in pink hair. Suna was the culprit and switched out the hair colors when no one was looking.
✫彡 Osamu: After the chaos in high school, Osamu decided to stick with his natural hair color. As much as you loved his ash grey hair, you couldn’t help but appreciate his natural hair color more. One day, Osamu had a splitting headache after work; you decided to massage his head, hoping it would help. You remembered you had one of those head massagers that looks like a spider with lots of legs. Your cousin gifted it to you, ending up hating it. It tickles your head than does it’s job of making your scalp feel massaged. The gift has been collecting dust in the back of your closet, and what better to put it into good use. Osamu was expecting a nice massage but ended up with a ticklish sensation; instead, it felt like something was crawling on his head. He jumped out from the couch and made a weird noise. You ended up dying from laughter, and glad you got it on video—time to share the video with Suna.
✫彡 Yamamoto: When he confessed his feelings for you, he said, “you can shave his head whenever the sides got long” you thought it was a joke and accepted going out with him. It wasn’t a joke. He would beg you to shave his head even though he can ask someone else. You gave in eventually, or else he wouldn’t leave you alone. You’re the only one he allows to shave his head, trying to give him cool designs even if he didn’t request it. The first few attempts were the worst. Yamamoto didn’t have the heart to tell you how terrible you shaped the designs. He loved you too much to care, even if the Nekoma team teased him. He gives you a gold star for trying. Over time you got better, which was a plus.
✫彡 Terushima: Terushima loved coloring his hair and constantly trying new hairstyles. After a while, he wanted to get more practice with your hair. You were hesitant at first, afraid he might mess up your hair, but he had a talent for it. Let’s just say he practiced on himself before he started practicing on your hair and had a choppy fringe. You encouraged him to become a hairstylist and pursue a career in it. Lucky for you, you get free haircuts; how can you complain about that—perks of dating a hairstylist.
Tumblr media
©chibishae34 2021 reblogs and likes are appreciated 💜
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kurooslove · 4 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
HCS Ep 8 — How The Yandere Boys Get Your Attention
Tumblr media
+ Content Warnings: Dark content, murder, kidnapping
+ Genre: Dark content (18+)
+ Cast: A variety of Haikyuu boys x GenderNeutral!Audience
+ Director’s Notes: Finally some more dc!
Tumblr media
Hacks Into All TV Channels And Broadcasts Their Undying Love For You
Kenma | Oikawa | Lev | Goshiki
Kidnaps Your Family And Tells You He’ll Let Them Go If You Date Him
Bokuto | Hoshiumi | Sugawara | Yamamoto
Kills All The People Closest To You
Matsukawa | Suna | Shirabu | Tendo
Straight Up Kidnaps You
Kuroo | Iwaizumi | Atsumu | Ushijima
Tumblr media
[Previous / Next]
Tumblr media
© 2021 kurooslove. All rights reserved. You do not have permission to repost or change any of my works.
Tumblr media
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noramsblog · 9 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
You can't tell me small iwa didn't sacrifice small oiks at one point in there childhood 💀
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oikawasmommy · a year ago
HQ Boys And Their Favourite Pegging Position
A/n: So I’ve seen this article from Cosmopolitan about pegging positions and I thought I should share with you which one would be each of the HQ boys’ favourite one. I will not take any criticism. Also in a previous post, I stated that Daichi, Tsukishima, Kyotani, Shirabu, Semi, Sakusa and Osamu would not take the strap-on so I excluded them. Unfortunately, I can’t post the pictures so they are all linked. Enjoy and come share your thoughts with me!  
Bend Over Boyfriend: Kuroo, Iwaizumi, Ushijima, Terushima, Matsukawa This position will allow some deep penetration which these boys are crazy about. They want you to give them a sense of how they make you feel. They want you to fill them up fully.  
Strap-On Stroke: Tanaka, Lev This one will allow you to study your boy’s physical reaction while you thrust into him but also stroke his dick. It’s also a huge turn on for him to be able to see you towering over him in your full glory.
P-Spot Peg: Suga, Nishinoya Those who enjoy this position want you to bend them over a table and show them who is the boss. They enjoy it when you’re particularly rough with them and they have to grip onto whatever surface you decided to wreck them on.
The Primal Plunge: Goshiki, Kindaichi, Ennoshita I can see the extra devoted kind of partners being into that position. They really want you to know that you have complete control over them and they love it.
Backdoorman: Bokuto, Kageyama, Kunimi, Kenma That position will have your man sitting on your lap and make him feel like he’s cared for. He enjoys being embraced by you as he feels the strap-on slide into his tight hole.
Bend Him Like Beckham: Yamamoto, Aran, Ukai This position will have your man working if he doesn’t want to brace himself against something which is a good way to test him too. He also loves the idea of you having to wear some sexy heels to be able to perform properly.
The Chairman of the Board: Asahi, Yamaguchi, Akaashi, Kita Your man loves this position for different reasons. The first one is that your legs are obviously the best seat around. But he can also look into your eyes and kiss you as you penetrate him slowly. This will also allow him to control how deep you go.  
Reverse Doggy Style: Atsumu, Tendou, Suna This position is great if you want to spank your boy. So the brats enjoy it a lot. He loves having his ass up in the air for you as you apply pressure on his back and thrust deeply into his hole.
Ass Display: Yaku, Hinata This position is for the show-offs. They want to be able to control the way they take the strap while also showing you their sexy ass.
The Mating Press: Oikawa This position is for the flexible hoes out there. Your man wants you to fold him like a piece of paper. He wants to have his legs dangle on either side of you as you destroy his hole. This is the perfect position for you to see his pretty crying face.  
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jyn · 12 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Haikyuu!! 30 day challenge - Day 20
Favorite friendship: Karasuno and Nekoma High
What? are you thinking I want to get to the Dumpster battle together only for your sake? So I can be a good grandson? Just so you know, the ones who want to make it happen the most are the kids on the team. Nekoma's whopped the pants off them way too many times now. Gramps... these teams aren't "old" rivals anymore
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iwaizooming · a year ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
⭒ synopsis: in which you and kuroo have always been the closest of friends, and he has always assumed that he’ll be your number one forever. but when you moved to an entirely different prefecture, your attention was captured by a certain fox-like middle blocker, and kuroo has to deal with being your second choice—for the first time in his life.
Tumblr media
⊱ pairings. suna x fem!reader ; kuroo x fem!reader
⊱ genre. frenemies to lovers? with a lil bit of jealousy? hell yea.
⊱ warnings. language, possible suggestive themes
—started: 1/11/20
—last update. 05/12/20 (dd/mm/yy)
⊱ disclaimer. i do not own any of the pictures & characters in this story
Tumblr media
yn’s babies | the GOATs
01 — your membership card
02 — i’m not gonna be a fucking farmer
03 — dumbass #2
04 — the most beautiful man i’ve ever seen
05 — your words, not mine
06 —
07 —
08 —
09 —
10 —
Tumblr media
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akkaash · a year ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
冫𝙧𝙖𝙣𝙙𝙤𝙢 𝙢𝙖𝙩𝙘𝙝𝙞𝙣𝙜 𝙞𝙘𝙤𝙣𝙨
冫𝙡𝙞𝙠𝙚 / 𝙧𝙚𝙗𝙡𝙤𝙜 𝙞𝙛 𝙮𝙤𝙪 𝙨𝙖𝙫𝙚
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fukuncga · 11 months ago
hinata, BOKUTO, yamamoto, atsumu, FUTAKUCHI, hanamaki, KAGEYAMA, tanaka, gao:
Tumblr media
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ridiculouslly-ridiculous · a month ago
Tumblr media
HQ Boys - Who Would Eat Tamales With the Husk Still On
Tumblr media
Because it’s his first time and didn’t know you’re supposed to remove it
Daichi, Asahi, Tanaka, Hinata, Yamaguchi, Ennoshita, Goshiki, Koganegawa, Aone, Kuroo, Akaashi, Osamu
Because he is a menace and actually enjoys eating it
Nishinoya, Kageyama, Terushima, Lev, Yamamoto, Atsumu, Kindaichi, Bokuto
Tumblr media
© ridiculouslly-ridiculous 2021; ᴅᴏ not ꜱᴛᴇᴀʟ, ᴄᴏᴘʏ, ᴏʀ repost ᴍʏ ᴡᴏʀᴋ. All work posted is original.
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gimmedemballs · 5 months ago
Haikyuu Characters And What They Smell Like In My Opinion
Characters: Karasuno First Years, Inarizaki Second Years, Fukorodani Second Year, Nekoma Second Years, Shiratorizawa Third Years.
Obviously they’re all volleyball players and they sweat like mad but aside from the stinky sweaty smell this is what I think. And yes I did miss out Aoba Johsai on purpose I got lazy and my brain stop working.
*✧・゚: *✧・゚:*✧・゚: *✧・゚:*✧・゚: *✧・゚: *✧・゚: *✧・゚:*✧・゚: *✧・゚:*✧・゚
Karasuno First Years:
Hinata Shoyo - Kids bubble bath. You can not convince me otherwise most likely it’s his kid sisters, could be his though.
Kageyama Tobio - Kags likes to be clean but he’s clueless as what deodorant he wants so definitely just uses any he finds. He smells of whatever he has on hand.
Tsukishima Kei - I don’t think Tsukki would smell of anything strong, just a subtle vanilla smell or maybe a hint of musk.
Yamaguchi Tadashi - this baby smells like laundry day is everyday. Fresh linen and a hint of lavender from his fabric softener.
Fukorodani Second Year:
Akaashi Keiji - The smell of a new book, just a crisp earthy odour. I’d sniff him for hours if he was real.
Nekoma Second Years:
Kozume Kenma - Buttery popcorn. With all his gaming and being holed up in his room he needs his snacks and what better snack than popcorn.
Yamamoto Taketora - To match his spicy attitude he needs some spicy smelling scent so cinnamon comes to mind first for me.
Fukunaga Shohei - He likes squid and I get the feeling he eats it a lot so he’d smell of the ocean. Cool, slightly salty breeze. Definitely more than a little fishy sorry bro.
Inarizaki Second Years:
Miya Atsumu - A very earthy and fresh smell. Like grass in the morning after a night of rain. Just comforting and slightly tangy.
Miya Osamu - He cooks a lot so fresh pastries. The slightly yeasty smell of the dough and the sweetness of the fillings mashed together make up Samu.
Suna Rintaro - I don’t see Suna as the high skater boy everyone paints him as, to me he’s more of a soft goofball who occasionally gets mixed up in shit because he’s with the Miya twins. So something sweet and lulling like chamomile with something more tangy but still sweet like green apples.
Shiratorizawa Third Years:
Tendou Satori - A smoky slightly burnt odour. It’d be subtle obviously, I’m like 70% sure Tendou doesn’t become an arsonist in his free time. As a weirdo who loves the smell of things burning I’d latch myself onto Tendou’s back and never let go.
Semi Eita - Semi definitely gives off a minty scent. Not super strong like peppermint more like if you brewed some tea with some mint leaves. That light smell of mint that hangs around for a bit.
- Kiki.
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kitababie · a year ago
Asdfghjkl;; I’ve never done this before but what about a HC about the teams reactions to their manager getting hit on- tysm!💜
Agsjodkd yes! I love manger and team fics so much, anywho you didn’t say which teams so I just picked some, if you want some others then definitely request them and I’ll try my best!
Sorry these took so long my brain sucks
Tumblr media Tumblr media
ofc I’m doing Inarizaki first,,,I love them
After a quick win against a team who’s name you couldn’t be bothered to remember you heard Osamu grumble about wanting some bubble team
You then suggested all everyone should go get some, Kita agreed saying it would be good team bounding. You jumped and grabbed his hand pulling him the little shop you had spotted before the game, the rest of the team following
Suna took a picture of the two of you, it was a cute scene after all
The guy at the counter was rather flirty when you asked which was the best flavour, trying to stray from your regular order
He shot you a wink as he went to make your drink, writing his number on the cup telling you to text him as he passed it to you
Atsumu notices and started clinging to you, basically begging for your attention
Osamu slapped him upside the head “Oi don’t be annoying or Y/N might just go running to bubble boy.”
“Bubble boy? You’re both too much...” Aran grumbled before ordering
“You’re telling me. This is why Aran is my favourite.” You state as you join Kita, Suna and Akagi at the table. Aran only grinned at the twins yelling in protest
The twins came running over once they got their drinks demanding to know where everyone stood on your favourites list
You joked “whoever let’s try a sip of their tea is my new favourite”
Each boy was quick to hold their drink towards you, you blinked in surprise, even Suna and Kita had done it
“Jeez what’s gotten into you guys?”
“It’s because that boy was flirting with you.” Suna said with a hint of bitterness as you reach for his drink, a matcha tea
Omimi pouted cause he had the same flavour
Osamu shoved his drink in your face, now this was surprising, the twin never willingly shared his food
Atsumu was quick to beg you to try his next, clearly upset that you tried his brothers first
Kita half glared at the two for causing a ruckus
Does this still count as team building?
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Nekoma would surprisingly be the most chill-minus Yamamoto of course
Practice matches are a constant for Nekoma; as manager you tend to interact with lots of other managers
One team had a practically boisterous manager, he was a little touchy too, not quite over the line but enough to make you squirm
Kuroo is quick to pick up on it as the match ended, sauntering over with a very fake smile
“Hey Y/N you ready to go?” You eagerly nod but found you couldn’t get far with the managers hand grabbing your wrist
“Awe but we haven’t exchanged contacts yet” he pouted
“I wouldn’t count on that happening either!” A snarl from Yamamoto called from behind you
Oh god you didn’t want to make a scene, but the intimidating glare from the gathering team was enough to make the boy drop your wrist
Yaku was quick to pick up things you were meant to tote and tugged on your sleeve to pull you away
“Tora you’re being weird again.” Kenma spoke trying to calm the second year, seeing as Kuroo was preoccupied in a staring contest with the flirt manager
Lev was starting to mirror Yamamoto
Yaku yelled that the bus would leave without him if he didn’t get his freakishly tall ass out of gym, still pulling you away from the gaggle
Kai picked up where Kenma left off wrangling the now feral Yamamoto
You made a mental note to avoid other boys when the team was near because this was pure chaos
Fukunaga starting walking with you and Yaku mumbling something about wishing he had a mop bucket, you giggle at the mental image
He blushed fukunaga supremacy ahsj I love him so much
On the bus ride back to the school they all seemed much to happy with themselves
You baked them cookies as a thank you nonetheless; Kuroo and Yamamoto teared up, bumbling words about you being too kind
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Ohh seijoh my first loves~
During the practice match with Karasuno you were a little bored, Oikawa was still missing so the team was playing with less than their true potential
You went to refill the water bottles, waiting for the grey haired crow to finish with his. He apologized for hogging the fountain, you waved him off saying it wasn’t a big deal
Conversation flowed from there, his name was Sugawara you found, he was good company
“Ne Y/N-chan what are you doing out here?” Turning to finding Oikawa half glaring, half pouting. “How am I suppose to win the match without my favourite manager cheering me on, huh?”
“I’m your only manager Oikawa!” You sent Suga a smile and wave before walking off with the captain
“Tch I’m gone for half a practice and you find another setter”
“Stop pouting, I’ll tell Iwaizumi that your causing trouble again!”
After the match Oikawa made a big fuss about your subtle flirting, the team was rather surprised
Makki and Matsukawa gathered on either side of you slinging an arm other your shoulders, making some joke about you finding a prettier setter
You give them both a quick jab to their sides, this only added to their laughing
Oikawa yelled in protest, Yahaba grumbled saying he was just as pretty, Iwa throw a volleyball towards the brunettes head
You look at Kunimi who was rolling his eyes, Kindaichi was beside him saying how glad he was that it wasn’t Kageyama you were talking with, you giggled in agreement
“For the record my type is much more inclined to aces, you guys don’t need to worry so much” you shoot a smug look as you walk towards a flushed Iwaizumi
“You’ll walk me home yeah?” He grumbled but held out his arm for you to grab
“Y/N-chan! You wound me so!!”
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noramsblog · 10 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Haikyuu memes 😗👌🏼
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clubsouya · 8 months ago
icks 💘
cw: mentions of masturbation, dick, balls (+all their smells), skidmarks, fingering, UTIs, feet, toes, boogers, and my excessive use of lol and lmao
contains: asahi, makki, goshiki, noya, atsumu, kenma, suna, yamaguchi, tsukki, lev, daichi, yamamoto, and kunimi
a/n: lol i promise i don't hate any of these characters!! these are just the cold hard facts, sorry <3
Tumblr media
asahi doesn't wear socks with his shoes. like. ever?? when someone asks him why he replies with "what for?" minimalist king we love him
makki doesn't wash his hands after he pees OR rubs one out. will sniff his hands throughout the day to see what his dick and balls smell like with no remorse you know what tho? i'd still pop his fingers in my mouth
goshiki has an oily scalp and doesn't use the right shampoo so he has a bunch of buildup. when he scratches his head his nails come back full of gunk and oil. cleans his fingernails and then plays with the buildup, eventually cleaning his fingers on his clothes and leaving white smudges in the process : )
noya does not clean the insides of his ears. if you stand next to him you can see the gold earwax almost spilling out
atsumu doesn't brush his tongue bc he doesn't like gagging on his toothbrush, every time he smiles in his pictures like 😛 theres just a coat of white staring back at you
kenma has smegma, it rhymes and it's true <3 ignores the smell and goes about his day lol
suna forgets to clean his nails when he paints them and thinks if he can't see them they're not dirty. was fingering his hookup and ended up giving her a uti from his dirty ass hands and chipping nail polish <3
yamaguchi has had athletes foot for like 2 years because he's too embarrassed to say anything to anyone and keeps hoping it'll eventually go away on its own -it doesn't. never takes his shoes off with other people in the room bc they smell so bad. sweaty feet king i love him
lev's gooch grease is especially pungent after practice and he's completely oblivious LOL kenma gives him the nastiest side eye as if his dick isn't sticking up the place too smh
tsukki another icky feet king, must be a bestie thing lmao, has a toenail fungus he's also too embarrassed to talk about so he just... ignores it lmfff. they stink too, when he's cleaning the cheese out from under his nails he brings it up to his nose to get a good wif. always declines invites to the beach or pool because he doesn't want people to see his feet LOL
daichi does not fully wipe his ass lmao i'm sorry, he'll wipe with a babywipe as best he can but if by the third wipe it's still coming out dirty he's calling it quits and leaving his ass as is
kunimi booger boy. will pick his nose and leave his boogers anywhere and EVERYWHERE. you're driving n he's sitting in your passenger seat? he's gunna pick his nose and discreetly wipe his fingers on the side of the seat. laying in bed? will pick his nose and wipe his boogers on the side of the duvet. sitting on the couch? he'll wipe his hands in between the seats. boogers everywhere he's a menace
yamamoto also doesn't wipe his ass properly, when tanaka called him shitty boy he wasn't lying LMAO. skid marks galore, varying in size but he's thrown a handful of underwear away bc he doesn't wanna wash them. the team saw them and clowned him SOOO hard (he started cleaning his ass w vigor after that)
other works
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babiedeku · a year ago
Hi! I love your Inarizaki boys headcanons! Can I ask some more headcanons about Inarizaki boys with their manager in the training camp?
i love inarizaki sm babie im so in love with them esp atsumu 🥵🥵🥵💖💖💖 also! i hope you like this babie hehe tried to fit in as much ppl as i could!
Tumblr media
- you were still a bit new to the team and so this is your first time being able to go to camp!
- while each team was playing and training, you were able to become fast friends with the other managers of each team, but you were closer to kiyoko and yachi
- knowing full well how tired the boys would be by having multiple games in a day, you made sure to bring lots of snacks for your boys. this makes the entire team smug, knowing that every team was looking at how you dote on them.
“you’re too good to us, (y/n), but i’m glad you’re our sweetheart of a manager.” atsumu smirks when you gave him his snack and water bottle.
“stop showing off our manager and take a proper break.” kita shushed him. “but yes, thank you for taking good care of us, (y/n)”
- kuroo and bokuto immediately gravitated toward you, both boys smitten by your looks and your kind heart. they’re always talking to you even as you were bustling around the court to help with the set up.
“how do you keep up with them? just transfer to nekoma, we’re a bunch of sweethearts.”
“or to fukurodani! c’mon, (y/n), you’re such an angel! right, akaashi?”
“bokuto-san we already have two managers.”
- akaashi and aran have been keeping the twins and bokuto from one upping each other during breaks and overall just preventing chaos that might ensue whenever you aren’t around to reel those two in.
- you love your boys, you really do, but you also took a liking to kenma, hinata, and yamaguchi. always talking to these babies during meal times and complimenting them about the skills they’ve shown for the day.
you and suga were immediately friends! the both of you being complete moms for your respective teams and being so proud of your boys were what drew you to one another
- kuroo, bokuto, akaashi, and tsukki were practicing just before dinner, so you decided to drag suna and kita along to be able to have them hone their skills and interact more with other people seeing as these two mainly keep to themselves.
- constantly cheering on the team and giving them tips on how to play better!! i mean you are their personal cheerleader and coach all rolled into one beautiful and loving girl that they all love and care for
- yamamoto, tanaka, and noya are already simping and head over heels for you, admirning you from afar while you talk strategy with the team (mainly scolding the twins for pulling a new stunt on court)
“an angel” noya sighed dreamily.
“what a goddess” tanaka whispered.
“ethereal beauty” yamamoto said with the dopiest smile.
- during the barbecue you were flitting around making sure all the guys were getting their fair share of food, but to be honest you were just keeping an eye on osamu so that he doesn’t end up finishing inarizaki’s portion of the barbecue by himself.
“(y/n), can i cook - ?”
“‘samu, no, just relax and i’ll do the cooking. you boys have played so well these past few days!”
- before leaving kuroo, bokuto, akaashi, and tsukki took a picture with you (with noya, tanaka, and yamamoto photo bombing you guys from behind) and quickly exchanged numbers with you
“you know where to find us if they give you a hard, kitten.” kuroo smiled, his words may be playful but he really did like you
atsumu was already beside you, eyes boring into kuroo. “keep dreamin’, bedhead, she’s our manager.”
- the camp was eventful and it was nice to see your boys thrive and improve from their peers and rivals. it was something you were thankful to witness first hand; you really are proud of your babies :’)
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oikawasmommy · a year ago
HQ Boys And Their Favourite Bondage Position
A/n: The idea was given to me by @crushzone and it’s based on an article from Kinkly. Originally I was only going to do it with the submissive boys but I figured that all of the boys would let you tie them up with some convincing. The images are linked!
The Headboard Missionary Position: Daichi, Kyotani, Shirabu, Semi, Osamu, Kenma, Kunimi This position is the most basic of the list and the only reason it’s these men’s favourite is because they wouldn’t let you try anything else. Still they do enjoy it (to their surprise). They don’t like giving you control usually (except Kenma and Kunimi) but the fact that they aren’t completely restrained made them give into it.
The Four-Point Bondage Position: Tsukishima, Sakusa, Kuroo, Asahi This position isn’t very complicated and just adds a little more to the previous one. These men love it because it gives you access to pretty much everything with added restraints. They think it’s particularly hot because if it wasn’t for whatever you used to tie them up they could easily switch things up.
The Bondage Chair Position: Kita, Iwaizumi, Suna, Yaku  The appeal of this one is that it gives you good access to pleasure these men but it’s also comfortable for them. They love it when you use a gag on them too. The idea of you having complete control over them is very arousing, whether it’s a one time thing or something you want to experiment with more.
The Wide Open Position: Oikawa, Atsumu, Tendou This position will allow you to do anything you want with these men. They love it because they are put in a vulnerable position and give you full permission to abuse that. They also know they look pretty like that. Yes, they expect you to try it with their face down and ass up too so you can play with their asshole properly.
The Over-the-Chair Position: Goshiki, Tanaka, Yamamoto, Yamaguchi This position is perfect for you to play with their pretty ass, which is exactly what they are eagerly waiting for you to do. Don’t hesitate to hit hard and thrust deep, they are bending over for you for a good reason. Yes, they all love spanking and some of them flogging.
The Bend-Over Position: Nishinoya, Hinata, Aran, Terushima, Bokuto, Suga This position is great to them because it took them some time to master it and they like a good challenge. I don’t have much to say except that they would all look insanely hot tied up and exposed like this for you to torment. They also enjoy that position for spanking and flogging mainly.  
The Wall-Bound Position: Ushijima, Kageyama, Matsukawa, Akaashi, Ukai This position is appealing to these men because despite being tied up they still feel somewhat in control towering over you. They also enjoy looking down at you on your knees ready to please them. They pull hard on their restraints though and it’s a pretty sight as they moan your name and groan.  
The Pole Bondage Position: Lev, Kindaichi, Ennoshita This position is a little tricky but these men think the struggle is worth it. They enjoy it because of the vulnerability and helplessness they feel. These are also the ones who would like to try suspension bondage the most.
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crushzone · a year ago
Which characters do you think would actually use tools/toys instead of just their hands to spank??
Contains: Impact play
OOOOH good question, because I realized almost all my responses had been with just hands.
Wing Spikers and Their Favorite Impact Play Toys
This is listed in the order of pain infliction from lower to higher intensity (in my opinion!!), but keep in mind that they can also go lighter or harder with the hits haha.
Faux Suede/Fur Lined Paddle
❥ Daichi ❥ Yamamoto ❥ Amanai (but she doesn’t really hit you with it LOL, just likes the softness of the fur) ❥ Akiteru
Riding Crop
❥ AKITERU ❥ Daichi (He actually prefers his hand) ❥ Aran (only lightly though cuz he is a softie) ❥ SAKUSA
Leather Slapper
❥ KITA (it feels like a belt, he likes the sound it makes.) ❥ Iwaizumi (prefers his hands tbh, only brings this out when u are being extra naughty) ❥ Sakusa ❥ Akiteru (but will be light handed)
Wooden Paddle 
❥ Shimida (he is a sweetie but I know he can be freaky too, I just know it) ❥ Daishou ❥ OSAMU (idk, it just looks like a cutting board, it feels just right in his palms lmao)
Rubber Flogger
❥ Kyotani ❥ Sakusa ❥ Hoshiumi ❥ Hanamaki (is absolutely in love with the way the strands drape across your skin)
Anything more painful than this
❥ ENNOSHITA (veteran tier brat tamer) ❥ Sakusa (but he will go easy on you because he just wants you to have a good time) ❥ Daishou
Which Wing Spiker would you like to have your bum smacked by? (Closed)
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luvnami · 11 months ago
𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐡𝐪 𝐛𝐨𝐲𝐬 𝐝𝐮𝐫𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐜𝐧𝐲
𝐚𝐮𝐭𝐡𝐨𝐫'𝐬 𝐧𝐨𝐭𝐞 - just for fun and from my own experience!! happy lunar new year everyone, may your wishes all come true and stay safe!! wear a mask and stick to covid guidelines for visiting houses :-)
Tumblr media
trying out all the snacks and drinks. has literally gobbled up at least two (2) servings of your grandma’s cooking but she’s still refilling his plate 😭 the aunties’ favourite because he eats so well - OSAMU, hinata, DAICHI, lev, kageyama
at the carpark taking ootd shots to post on their instagram with the caption ‘初一 🍊🤟’ or some shit. probably leaning against someone else’s car that isn’t theirs and has at least one hand stuck into their pocket - oikawa, ATSUMU, goshiki, taketora, matsukawa
the ones taking the photos 😬 - hanamaki, SUNA, ushijima (forced), kenma (forced pt 2)
hiding in a corner with their phone and the family dog because they don’t want to interact with relatives 😭 literally doesn’t say anything besides ‘thank you’ when handed a red packet, probably has a hoard of empty drink packets with them - KENMA, ASAHI, kyoutani, shirabu, suna, aone (because everyone’s scared of him 🤡), yamaguchi
in the gambling room beating everyone at ban luck, poker, bluff etc. amassing hordes of peanuts and red packet earnings 💰💰; the inexperienced cousin’s nightmare — and they’re not sorry about it - akaashi, KUROO, sugawara, TSUKISHIMA, tendou, sakusa
the ones losing - lev, bokuto (but akaashi earns everything back for him), kageyama, goshiki
talking with all the relatives (how???) and calling everyone by their right names. being praised for their good grades, looks, and personality. the crush of an extended cousin you see once a year - kuroo, OIKAWA, kita, USHIJIMA, ennoshita
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