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Posted @withregram • @the_finchmarket Posted @withregram • @cheflumberjack84 Fresh #Japanese #A5 #wagyu …#miyazaki #nagu from japan
Also fresh #austrailian AA 8-9+ from Australia
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it still annoys me how fucking UNDERRATED romeo no aoi sora is!!!! if you are in search for something heartwarming yet heartbreaking, a certain 33 episodes long cel animated show from the 90s is just the right thing for you! it’s from the studio miyazaki worked at before opening ghibli, so the art styles are extremely similar as well! so pLEASE CHECK OUT ROMEO NO AOI SORA!!!!!!!! i beg you!!!! and while you’re at it just watch every other world masterpiece theater-anime (all book adaptations like ghibli movies) bc those that i watched genuinely changed me as a human being i swear

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Listen I did 5 of the 6 things in my planner today. Most days I don’t even acknowledge my planner

As a reward instead of dealing with my problems right now here are the options I’m considering (suggestions welcome actually no suggestions encouraged pease help) 

  • start The Queens Gambit finally 
  • Dive headfirst back into a Miyazaki hyperfixation boy it really has been such a very long time and my soul is ready to watch Spirited Away again (+many more)
  • Embrace my trash habits, give my emotions a break, and totally submerge myself in comic relief by moving right along with my 124693874th rewatch of The Office
  • Excercise my decicion making muscle (the weakest piece of crap about me) and decide for myself for once
  • Enable myself to be the way that I am by demanding that the lowest darkest pits of the internet decide for me. 
  • actually that last one is beyond consideration I already did that I wrote this post

If nobody has opinions within like fifteen minutes though thats fine I literally have an app that is jsut a wheel spinner to enable me to remain decicively impaired forever and its such a thrill to spin too 

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