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Touch 14

“Brushing the hair out of mine’s face” - takes place during Disaster Trevelyan Siblings AU. I made myself v sad while writing this so…


“Go! I’ll hold Nightmare off.” Lis steeled herself, watching Alexander’s expression fall with a small nod of agreement. “Make the Wardens better, Stroud,” she warned with a smile full of regrets, “or I’ll come back from the Fade to haunt you.” Joking made it easier, she thought, already striding away from the Inquisitor, hoping it would be enough in the end.

Across the stretch of rock, Lis caught sight of Varric already falling back through the hole, a bittersweet sadness rippling through her. Good. They’d be following him, one by one, until she was alone in this hellhole. Lis gripped her staff tightly, her magic already surging to the surface as she called up a firestorm. “HEY!” 

The what-ifs of her life and could-have-beens were there at the front of her mind as she let fire rain down from above. She couldn’t look back; if she did, she would fall and they needed time more than anything.

If she was going to die, at least she would go down swinging.

Ioan had come to a halt across the rocks, waiting to usher Alexander through. “Ioan! What are you doing?” Cora was just ahead, while Lis had already begun to run towards the creature instead of away. There was a choice before him as he watched the woman he loved hurrying towards death while the rest of them raced towards safety.

He knew what he had to do.

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2, 7, 19, and 22 for any oc!

ooh thank you!! i just answered an ask for linet earlier so i’m gonna do her here too because i’m already thinking about her lol

2. What is their pain tolerance? Do they close their eyes and block it out, or go into a full blown panic? she has a pretty high pain tolerance but she’s somewhere in the middle about how much she shows it in that she doesn’t completely hide it, but is usually able to keep going through it unless it’s something really severe

7. Is there any emotion they find difficult to control (anger, sorrow, anxiety)? she doesn’t deal with grief super-well, especially after bethany is sent to the circle and leandra’s death. she’s generally very open with her emotions, but situations where she’s grieving just make it really difficult to hold herself together

19. Are they honest to themselves, or do they ignore feeling hurt or sad? she’s very honest with herself regarding her emotions, even when it works against her like in the previous question, because it also means it’s difficult for her to hide them in situations where she probably should

22. Is their community unsafe for them in any way (violence, pollution, etc.)? uhh kirkwall is very unsafe lmao, but she makes a point of taking out any gangs/attackers/other threats she comes across (because she feels like she needs to solve everyone’s problems but also has a genuine desire to keep people safe)

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Miss Olivia always. Also think of Eder, Alistair, marauders, and now winry because of how much we both love her. ❤️

Ahhhhh Liz yes!! Thank you I am happy to be associated with these characters!!!

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2, 9, and 14 for Cassian, 6, 24, and 50 for Trev!

ooo thank you :D

For Cassian:


02. What is one of your character’s biggest insecurities? Are they able to hide it easily or can others easily exploit this weakness?

He’s got tons, but I think his biggest insecurity is his abilities as a cleric. He spent his childhood being told that he had a gift from God and underwent the training.  Cassian choose another path for himself when he became an adult but found his way back to it after the years (and losing his family), he doesn’t trust that his abilities won’t get taken away by a justifiably disappointed God.  Cassian also is incredibly frustrated with how far behind he is too, if he had stuck with it he would have been far more advanced.  He could’ve saved Lilith and he blames himself.  

I think he is just so miserable and grumpy that its difficult for people to distinguish between his general assholery and being insecurity.  

09. Do they have a favorite season? What about a favorite holiday?

He loves Fall and Winter, and his favorite holiday is

Feast of the Moon.  While most celebrate and honor their ancestors and the respected dead, for Cassian it was also always a time when his family (ALL of them) gathered together to catch up and spend quality time together.  Cassian has a lot of cherished memories during that holiday :)

14. Do they live alone or with family? How do they feel about their family/roommates?

For the first time in a LONG ass time, Cassian isn’t alone. He got dragged along by his mercenary partner Edmond on a new mission and now is trapped in Strahds domain.  If he makes it out alive, I think Cassian might actually have a group of friends…

For Trev:


06. Do they have any hobbies that their lover finds unusual, odd, or otherwise annoying?

Trev isn’t really a hobby kind of gal?  She sets a goal / objective and just single mindedly and obsessively pursues it. So…lack of hobbies is unusual? haha.

24. In their own words, how would your character describe what their lover is like?

“Perfectly adequate, not that it’s any of your business”


50. If your character confessed love to their crush, boyfriend, girlfriend, etc, what would they say?

This is actually something that Trev totally has in common with Cassian.  It’d be a totally accidental confession due to distress over her loved one.  Definitely a “Why am I worried?  Because I love you you ASS”.

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!!!!!!! 1, 2, 22, 35, and 50! for any of your babies.

1. I chose the name Io because it’s the name of one of the moons of Jupiter ahahaha it’s pretty simple.

2. Her biggest insecurity is, obviously, her being a godlike. She wants to know that there’s a reason for her being “chosen” by Ondra, and she wants to live up to that expectation. She wants to belong to something and she’s worried that she’ll miss whatever signs the goddess will send to her.

22. Io has played around with some piercings in the past (she got real bored hanging out in forests all the time) so she has several earlobe piercings, a nose piercing, and a piercing under her bottom lip. She has small face markings that she was born with, but she’s never experimented with permanent tattoos. She does draw on herself a lot though, to experiment. Please imagine this small crazy godlike running around the forest by herself with pictures of animals drawn all over her body.

35. She is definitely afraid of death. She’s afraid of dying without having done anything, she’s terrified of dying alone. She wants to have people in her life, and she wants people to care if she’s gone.

50. Hahaha she does do this, and she’s not slick about it. She straight up just tells him “I’m in love with you.” When he tells her he’s not sure he feels the same way bc he doesn’t know if he’s really made for love, she is determined to change his mind.

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25-30 for mila 😈

you are evil, thank you

25. Is there something traumatic from your character’s past that greatly affects them even to this day? 

I think it’s between the revelation that she was an inquisitor/her relationship with Iovara and her dad’s death. The former is something that she didn’t remember, because it was literally a past life cycle but she thinks about it A Lot and what her soul is capable of.

And the latter is just… He didn’t die of anything bad! He was sick and passed away, but it still hurt her very badly because she loved her parents as much as she loves life itself. She tried to take over his business for him when he got sick (dropped out of college for it and everything), but his clients didn’t respect her and tried to take her out, so it was all a mess and she still feels like she failed him for giving up on being a merchant and letting his business die :( Part of the reason she ran away to Dyrwood was shame and she still thinks about it a lot, even though she’s in a better place. She hopes her dad would be proud of her.

26. What is their lover like sexually? How do they feel about their lover’s quirks, needs, etc? 

i licherally hate u for asking this. i’m sweatin’  Σ(°△°|||)︴

dskfbjksb attentive. full of body worship. not very dominant initially. probably keen on doing things in a certain way most of the time - more comfortable with the routine but making the most of said routine. willing to use magic in creatively naughty ways. eager to please, though, so will try things within reason.

Mila is a few levels more interested in sex than he is though, but is fine with that. It’s not like he’s not interested, they are just more often intimate in every other way. They probably do a lot of teasing that goes nowhere by choice – they both value privacy a lot and they don’t really get to have it, so they’ve learned each others limits for what they can do when other people might hear. They have their own wordless language to express how they’re feeling and when they want something and how to say they’re not ready or it’s not time. bahaha their idea of dirty talking when other people are around is tracing words into palms and keeping a completely straight face while the other person is gripping for dear life

27. If your character was going to get arrested, what would be the most likely reason for it? 

omfg. UH. Probably something stupid like trying to do business without a permit. what do you mean i can’t just hawk my wares on this street corner, please buy my garbage

28. If your character became a celebrity, what would they be famous for? 

I think for her singing! In the event that she didn’t try to pursue taking over her father’s business, she would’ve gone down the same path as her mama and become a famous singer. I think it would’ve gone a lot better for her lmao

29. What is one of the most courageous things your character has ever done for a loved one? 

oh gosh uhhhh this one is hard for some reason

Because I think on a regular basis, she is always physically being courageous and going out of her way to save her loved ones’ lives. So often she takes a blow for someone, so often she gets up and keeps fighting, dives deeper into the wilderness when someone gets kidnapped (stupid Kazuwari spiders). She’ll often stand between someone and a spellcaster to intentionally take the mental afflictions, because it’s better her than them – to let someone you love suffer is to fail them.

But I think something that was hard for her was Aloth’s personal quest in 2 – she knows how important the Leaden Key situation is for him but it is still hard for her, because the memories of her involvement eat at the edges of her memory. Still she threw herself into it, trespassed onto an island that wanted to kill her almost instantly, and subjected herself to those memories of Thaos because she knew Aloth needed that closure and confirmation, even when she didn’t want to see it herself, never wanted to see that face again. Gotta do scary things that you don’t want to do if it means your lover’s mind is at ease!! (but also she saves his life on the reg. just constantly. please stop, he is capable and is wearing armor, mila, you don’t need to get stabbed for him.)

30. When it comes to the arts (music, film, theater, etc), what does your character like?

!! Obviously loves music, and does love theater. Loves the make-believe drama of it all, thanks to her mama. Loves when it skews to be more epic and romantic and adventurous.

She’d like stuff like concept albums and modern musicals - things that have themes and characters with strong motivations. She’d like movies that have a strong emphasis on the romantic connection between the leads because she’s a sucker for that. I think she likes all kinds of music, though, and is genuinely one of those people who could say “i like every genre!” and mean it, with no exceptions. Music is too important to her to consider discounting any type of it :’)

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For lua- 4, 6, 8, 11, 12, 14 // for mila- 29, 32, 34, 35, 41, 49!

!!! liiiz <3

For Luana 🐇:

4. Night owl or Early bird? 

More of an early bird! old habits die hard

6. Easily panicked or always chill? 

hmmm… much closer to Always Chill

8. Dogs or Cats? 

despite the trauma, dogs! She’s been working on it

11. Outside or inside? 

Outside. Nice to not feel so trapped!

12. Overprepared or underprepared? 

dskjbsjkdhb she’s probably underprepared for things. An overthinker but an underpreparer.

14. Being surrounded by people or being alone? 

Being surrounded by people!

For Alchemilla 🌲:

29. Love at first sight or get to know them? 

Get to know them for sure!

32. Order the same meal or something new every time? 

Something new every time 😋

34. Hits on strangers or cries because they’ll never meet again? 

dsfjbskdj cries because she’ll never meet them again lmaooo

35. Believes in fate or takes it into their own hands? 

Takes it into her own hands! 💪🏻

41. Puts others first or ‘every man for himself’? 

Puts others first. i promise i’ll make my next oc less self-sacrificial but not today

49. Smiles in every photo or ignores the camera? 

answered this one but smiles in every photo!! :’)

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🌻 🌿 💫 for alchemilla! and another oc of your choice (tell me about the bbies)

Ahhh Liz!! <3

🌻 What little things do they notice about people or the world around them that make them happy? What tiny little treasures do they find in the normal every day that makes the world seem a little brighter for them? 

Alchemilla: When it comes to people, she usually notices when someone is out of place - it’s not that this makes her happy, but it makes her happy to help, so she’s grateful when she’s keen enough to pick up on it. About the world, she can almost always tell where any relative greenery is going to be - like being able to find Cuitztli’s herb shop in Neketaka. honin’ in on those PLANTS
Since she feels a lot more energetic/recharged when around plant life, even the mere act of finding some herbs or flowers while trekking around from town to town is Very Exciting for her. (She likes to buy potted plants for her ship so she can feel grounded when she’s sailing.)

Aoife: (ye I’m gonna do this for Aoife bc she needs more love from me!!) She always notices things like jewelry! She’s a lot like Ariel from The Little Mermaid in that she’s so excited by these cool shiny things and she would very much like to buy them all!! They come in so many shapes and sizes and go all over the body, and if she wasn’t weirded out by piercings (because she’s unsure how it would translate when she’s back in her seal skin), she’d probably pierce her entire body to have more fun pieces of jewelry on her. Whenever anyone is wearing earrings she always has to stop and kind of bat at them

🌿 What way does your OC show that they care without using words? What way do others show your OC that they’re cared about without using speech? 

Alchemilla: She likes to pluck the flowers from her hair and give them to people, and in return people usually put them in their hair :’) oh no i’m imagining her braiding Aloth’s hair with lots of flowers i gotta GO
Alternatively she probably puts a dog or cat (or pig) in someone’s arms bc most people could use a good couple of minutes petting Socrates or Chauncey.

Aoife: If she knows someone well enough, she’ll probably use prestidigitation to conjure up something nice for them. A smell that reminds them of home, or clean them up a little bit if they’ve been hard at work, or simply something visually pleasing if they need the cheering up. Since her magic is often very volatile, it’s one of the few spells she can cast reliably and that in itself makes people happy (bc she is known to make life pretty miserable for everyone by accidentally destroying stuff lmao)
In return, everyone cooks for her because she cannot cook to save her life

💫What is your favourite fact about this character and why? 

Alchemilla: oh gosh UH maybe it’s that I imagine her body as being very ‘alive’ due to the fact that it is like half plant. So she expresses a lot of emotions via the flowers and her hair (which kind of has the texture of really soft leaves, like the ones with the fine fuzzy hairs). Like imagine a Ghibli character emoting with their hair kind of puffing up - it does that, and also instead of blushing, certain flowers bloom. Depending on where she is in the world, different types of flowers will blossom all over her body, also according to the time of the year!! luv my plant girl

Aoife: hmmst. When she’s anxious and thinks it’s going to lead to some kind of dangerous discharge of her wild magic, she instead intentionally casts Grease on herself and slip and slides tf outta there. She’s so used to being a slippery seal that can just swim away from anything! next best thing

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I adore your art style! Love the character portraits you’ve posted. Especially those of your old party!

Thanks. You’ve got a great eye for color design, that’s something that I’m still working on.

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Odds from 1-10 for any of your ocs!

Thanks for the ask! I’ll go with Lily for this one :)

1. What is/are your OC’s nickname(s) and how did it come about? 

Pebbles - Varric gave her this nickname when he saw a small pile of crystals and stones she collected while on a mission.

Darling flower - Her mom calls her this all the time, mostly because of her name.

Love - (mostly copied from another ask) Cullen struggled with not saying it at first and always caught himself at the last second because he wasn’t sure how she would react. He ended up blurting it out one night when he carried her away from her desk when she was being stubborn and wanted to keep working on reports.

3. How tall is your OC?

She’s 5’8.

5. What does your OC normally wear? What would your OC wear on a special night?

She likes to be comfy for the most part. In canon, she usually wears trousers and tunics and in modern, she goes for leggings, jeans, boots, sweaters, etc. She hates dressing up for formal events, but she’ll wear a dress and heels if necessary. She’d just look grumpy the entire night xD 

The Winter Palace was a blast

7. Does your OC have any markings, such as a birthmark or a scar?

In canon, she has a scar over he left eye, claw marks on her right shoulder, and random scars from sparring or missions. In modern, her hands have a few mild scars from working with flowers all the time.

9. What does your OC’s bedroom look like?  His/her living area?

Her quarters in canon are pretty neat for the most part, with the exception of her unmade bed and a few pieces of clothing on the floor. She has a chest filled with the many stones she collected next to her desk, which is filled with reports and random little trinkets she found during her travels. She also has a bundle of mint on the nightstand next to her bed. In modern, her apartment is very cozy, with random books scattered throughout the place. It not completely neat, but its not a mess either - just lived in xD Luna keeps her doggie toys scattered all over the place and sometimes hides them in the sofa cushions too. 

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