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📽Credit @kingwithglove
this video is a blessing🙌😂
seeing him laughing warms my heart💓
#michaeljackson #kingofstyle #kingofpop #kingofdance #kingofpoprockandsoul #kingofmusic #mj #mjj #mjinnocent #japan #ntv 🤍✨🌻
#MJInnocent #HonorMj #Longlivethekingofpop #MJistheBest #Respectmj #11YEARSWITHOUTMJ

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Anonymous submitted:

Once when I was little, I had to stay at my grandma’s house for the night. I slept in my uncle’s childhood bed. There was a music box that, even during the day, really made me uncomfortable. It was just two wooden frogs on a lil’ wooden stage that would rotate and play a basic jingle if you turned it and let it go.

I woke up in the middle of the night that night. I felt deeply uncomfortable for some reason, like something or someone was watching me. But as far as I could tell, nobody else was in the room. It was almost pitch black, but a little light coming in from the windows showed me that the music box, which had been on the opposite side of the room, was now on the nightstand right next to my head. I swear I saw it turn a quarter inch. And then the music started to play. But it was low, like a croak. I thought I could hear a deep voice muttering something from it. I screamed and ran out of the room before it stopped spinning and finished its song.

James: 8/10 I gotta get me one of those. Thanks for sharing the scares!

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sombysomby said:                                                                

Did you see we’re getting an official Yoshikage Kira tie for cats? You can dress your cat up as Kira.

No I didnt see this I had to look it up, send help.

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OK so maybe I’m late to day 20 of the spideychelle recathon pls forgive me timezones are hard ok? Thank you @spideychelleweek for making us all shamelessly rec ourselves!! Take pride in your work people 💖

Hey y’all, I’m Stella and in 2017 Spiderman Homecoming ruined my life, so of course I made this blog to cope 😇

I have made a few spideychelle moodboards, a teeny tiny bit of art (with more to come), and I have had various fanfic ideas in my head for ages (that I may even write now that uni is wrapping up!)

Watch this space people!

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two episodes isnt a lot but i am so empty without seeing euphoria (specifically rue kat and jules) this summer like i thought i was gonna (up until like april or whenever the hiatus was announced) but i am very excited to see what the winter fashion + looks r gonna be

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rooster teeth shows like c*mp c*mp and rwby im always watching to see what comes out next so i can be angry and dramatic about how much they suck and how much i hate RT. -__- i don’t really watch them though i just see what news comes out about them.

also the other day i watched half of clone high and i hated it so much but then i watched the other half today and yeah i still dont like it. 

I GOT ANOTHER ONE. miraculous ladybug. the writing is so bad and its such a bait show and i still watch it every time a new episode comes out and im always left being pissed cause NOTHING HAPPENED and if something DID happen it was retconned in that very episode….

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me and my brother LOVED sonic heroes i used to play team rose or dark and he’s play team sonic or chaotix. i remember all the music fondly. im 99% sure there was a multipier racing mode and i always lost and one time i got mad and scratched the disc when he wasnt there and it didnt work after that so i blamed our dog but after that i was pissed we couldnt play it anymore. i never told him it was me not even now im still too ashamed to say. 

after that we had to play pikmin or the shadow game

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