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here’s the bin one i forgot about. i hope that icon wasn’t from a fantaken i don’t remember.. if it was i’m sorry please don’t hurt me i can take it down if you want… anyway, like/reblog if you dig, aight ??

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Part 4 of the Winterprincess x Barbie universe

Winterprincess in The Three Musketeers


“True courage is pursuing your dream even wheneveryone else says it’s impossible”

♪ ♬ ヾ(´︶`♡)ノ ♬ ♪♪ ♬ ヾ(´︶`♡)ノ ♬ ♪♪ ♬

Shuri has always wanted to be a musketeer. But there’s no such thing as a female musketeer…. Not yet anyway. When a plot against the new King unfolds, only Shuri and her friends can stop them.

—————————————————Co-starring MJ as Reneé, Yelena as Viveca and Wanda as Aramina.

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Bucky Barnes x Rogers!Reader (Adopted)


-Warnings; angst, depressed!reader, death, grief, a reference to ‘The Fault In Our Stars’, Peter Parker makes the reader cry-


Originally posted by sleepy-barnes

When Steve had left to return the stones, you expected to see the only version of your dad you knew to come back. He would come back and you would go home and maybe, just maybe live a partially normal life. But no, you, born from a one night stand were not enough for the super-soldier who was still stuck in love with the woman he was truly, madly, deeply in love with.  You clearly meant nothing to him, he left with a hug and a brief goodbye that had lead you on the belief that he would come back to you. That belief left you heartbroken for the first time in the end. 

You were left to Bucky, and how guilty you felt. You felt like a massive burden to him, and no matter how many times he told you that you weren’t, the voice in the back of your head would scream at you, telling you how big of a disappointment you were. How it was you that made Steve go back. But there was part of you that hoped that the figure that handed Sam the shield wasn’t Steve and that he was going to come back for you. You hoped that it was all one big sick trick and that they were just pranking you. 

“Y/N?” You snapped out of your daze and looked up at Bucky, who was looking at you worriedly. “You spaced out again, are you okay?” You smiled and nodded. Bucky sighed as he looked at you, you looked as though you were carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders, you had dark circles around your eyes that hid the still fresh scar that would never fade. “You can talk to me if you want, I’m here for you kid," 

"I know, Bucky. Thank you,” You stood up from the table, and put your bowl in the sink. “Do you think he loved me?” You asked Bucky. He turned around to face you and he frowned. “Because if he did, why would he do that? Why would he-he just leave like-like that?! Was I not-not enough? Did I do something wrong? Because I’m scared that if I had, I might do it again and lose you. And I can’t lose you, Bucky. You-You’re all I have left,” You ranted. Tears streamed from your eyes and down your cheeks. It hurt Bucky to see how broken Steve had left you, his own, biological daughter, just when you needed him most. Bucky himself had barely gotten over losing Steve to a woman, he didn’t dare try to imagine how you were feeling. You had been let down so much, and to be let down by the person you loved the most must have hurt like a bitch. When Steve had said goodbye to him, he knew he would never see that Steve again, but watching you, you were so excited for him to come back, to spend time with him. And to see the heartbreak take over you as you realized you wouldn’t get your happy ending devastated the ex winter soldier.

“You won’t lose me Y/N, I promise,” He stood up and walked towards you, wrapping his arms around you as you broke down into sobs. Steve was the first man to break your heart, and Bucky Barnes damn well wasn’t about to be the second. 

You ran into the forest and leaned against a tree, your chest heaving as your lungs desperately tried to pull in air. You ducked and rolled forward as a blue ball of energy was fired your way.

“A hello would be nice,” You said. They aimed their weapon at you and you dodged their attacks, shielding it with the guards you had on your wrists until you didn’t. You made a rookie mistake, you let your guard down. They fired and hit the left side of your face, more specifically your eye. You screamed in pain, alerting Steve who came sprinting into the forest. He killed the person in front of you and knelt down beside you.

“Y/N? What happened?” He tilted your head up and grimaced at the state of your face.

“Dad, why is everything blurry in my left eye?” You asked him. He helped you stand and he stood in front of you.

“You’re hurt, I don’t know how badly, but I think you need to go get help,” He advised you. You scoffed and shook your head.

“I’m fine, I’m not completely blind.” You reminded him.

“You definitely are mine, you’re stubborn as hell,” He murmured before sighing. “Fine, okay. But stay near me, promise?” He said. You nodded, wiping the blood away from the side of your face.

“Scouts honour" 

It was nearly six years ago that you died for the first time and nearly a year since you came back. Which meant it was nearly a year since you were practically abandoned for a woman who was dead in this time. Bucky knew the day would be hard for you, so he didn’t press you to do much, as long as he knew you had showered, had something to eat and drink and were safe, he would be happy. When the day came, it was just as Bucky suspected. At noon, he decided it would be a good time for you to get out of bed. He knocked on your door.

"Y/N?” The door creaked open and he frowned upon seeing the tear marks on your face, you were sleeping, so you had cried yourself to sleep. He sat down on the vacant side of the bed and shook your shoulder gently. “Y/N, c'mon doll, time to get out of bed,” He said. Your eyes peeled open and you shoved your head back in your pillow.

“Please leave me alone?” You asked him. Bucky sighed and put his hand on your back.

“I know you want to be alone, but I don’t think it’s the best thing for you, especially today of all days. Please, for me?” He asked. You could picture the look he was giving you and you couldn’t say no to his puppy dog face. You lifted your head and looked up at the ceiling, kicking off your covers and getting out of bed. At least he had gotten you out of bed. As the day progressed, Bucky had a weird feeling that it was going to go downhill very quickly. He didn’t tell you that, he didn’t even know if he believed it himself. You were sleeping with your head on his lap and your legs dangling from the couch when the doorbell rang. Bucky stirred you awake and you frowned, you were so very comfortable. “Hey, Sam, what’s up?”

“We need to talk, something’s happened,” He entered the living room and shot Bucky a look, Bucky sighed, you didn’t need a brain to know what had happened. You were sat on the couch, fiddling with your hands, dreading the inevitable words that would come out of Sam’s mouth. “Y/N-I’m sorry-”

“He’s gone, isn’t he?” Your voice broke. You didn’t want to accept it. Sam didn’t want to say it, neither did Bucky. So Sam nodded. Both men’s hearts broke for you when you ran out of the living room sobbing.

You couldn’t deal with any more condolences being thrown at you. You couldn’t feel anything, your feelings went missing with the nod of confirmation that Sam gave you. Most people avoided you though, what can you say to a teenager whose father just died? Not much other than 'I’m sorry’ and 'He’s in a better place’.  You sat on a bench away from the other people, you really just wanted to be alone. Unexpectedly, Sharon came and sat beside you.

“If you’ve come to say that you’re sorry, save your breath, I’ve heard it a million times over the past week,” You told her. She chuckled and shook her head.

“No, no. I came to tell you that even though we don’t really know each other, you can talk to me, I’m pretty sure that we’re somehow related,” She said. You smiled weakly at her. “You’re going to be okay, Y/N.” You sniffled and laughed.

“Wanna hear something funny?” You asked rhetorically. “When I would get hurt, my dad would always ask me, on a scale of 1-10, how bad does it hurt. And no matter how bad it hurt, I would always say a nine. When I got blasted those years ago, he had asked me and I told him a nine. And he was so surprised, he said I called a ten a nine. What he didn’t get was that I was saving my ten," 

"What are you saving the ten for?” Sharon asked. You wiped the tears from your eyes.

“This, this is my big, fat horrible ten.”

Sharon lied. You weren’t okay, not in the slightest. But you were a talented liar, you found that everyone else had started to get over it after the funeral, so you hid the fact that you were struggling to come to terms with the fact that your last living parent had died. In your quest to make everyone believe that you were okay, you convinced Bucky to let you go to school with Peter again. Bucky was now your legal father, not that you minded. As time passed, you found that you had almost gone into an autopilot mode. You called your dad when things got hard, only to be greeted with a dead line ringing. Then it was like getting the news that he was gone again. Bucky had worried for weeks, you had shrunken into yourself, barely slept, barely ate.

You entered the school and looked for Peter, who was walking away with Ned after merely sparing you a glance. He had been acting weird with you for the past few weeks, rolling his eyes,  changing the subject whenever you mentioned your dad. You caught up to him and stood beside him and Ned, listening in their conversation. 

“And so-”

“Hey, Y/N!” Ned was always happy to see you. 

“Hi,” Peter said unenthusiastically. You frowned, you had been nothing but nice to him, you were there for him after what happened with Tony and then Mysterio. “So anyway, Ned,” Peter and Ned continued their conversation while you followed them like a lost puppy, it wasn’t like you had many other friends. You had tuned out and your mind wandered off to thinking of times with your dad. Ned nudged your shoulder.

“Y/N, are you okay? You’re crying,” He pointed out. Peter rolled his eyes and scoffed.

“Yeah, still crying about her dad,” He murmured, just loud enough for both of you to hear. You frowned as you dabbed your tears away. The bell rang and the three of you walked to class. Lunch came quick enough and you had brought your own. You sat and waited for Peter and Ned, you waited for ten minutes, then fifteen minutes, then you saw them sitting a few benches away from you. You saw Ned smack Peter’s shoulder.

“Pete, you should stop being like this to her, she was always there for you when you lost Mr. Stark. She’s just lost her dad, she doesn’t need you being an ass to her,” He said. Peter laughed and glanced over at you. Standing up, you walked over to where they were sitting. You sat down and Peter rolled his eyes. 

“There was a reason we didn’t sit with you,” You raised your eyebrows at Peter.

“And-and what was it?” You gulped and closed your eyes, almost flinching as you anticipated the harsh words that would come out of Peter’s mouth.

“Because you never shut up about your dad!” The cafeteria fell silent and all eyes turned to the table bam smack in the middle of the room. You weren’t overly popular, but everyone liked you, you were as nice to everyone as you could be. “It’s always you and him, you’re always crying over him too! Like, get over it and him Y/N! He’s dead! He’s not coming back!” Peter was now towering above your quivering form. You tried your hardest not to break down, you couldn’t look weak. But your emotional side got the better of you. Bursting into tears, you pushed Peter out of your way and you left the room. Everyone, including Ned and MJ, shook their heads at Peter.

“Real dick move, Parker. You made the nicest girl in the school cry,” Flash said. 

“Really, Peter? Y/N of all people, the same Y/N that has been with you through it all, you hurt her and make her cry. You better hope she doesn’t tell that guy who’s looking after her,” MJ walked away from them as the rest of the crowd dissolved. Ned shook his head.

“I didn’t think you could get any worse, Peter," 

You slammed the front door shut, making a sleeping Bucky jump up from the couch."Y/N? What are you doing home so early?” He didn’t get an answer, only the angry slamming of your door. He sighed, knowing what had happened. You told him a few days ago that Peter had said something to upset you, but he must have done it big time today for you to come home so abruptly. Bucky climbed up the stairs and knocked on the door of your room. “Y/N? Can I come in?” The lack of answer set him off, so he opened the door. You were sitting on the floor at the side of your bed, your knees pulled right up to your chest and your chest heaving with every painful sob you let out. He sat down beside you and put his arm around you protectively. “It’s okay, Y/N,”

“It’s n-no-not,” You stuttered. “I don’t understand. Everyone else can move on, why-why can’t I? Why does hurt every time I think of him or-or when someone says his name, why does it hurt so fucking much?" 

"I really don’t know, Y/N. And trust me, I know it hurts, it hurts like someone’s pulling on your heart and won’t stop. The best answer I can honestly give you is that he was your dad, and you miss him. You’re going to miss him, and it’s going to hurt, probably forever. But that doesn’t mean that it won’t get better. It might take some time to get better, but it does. I promise.” You nodded and sniffled, cuddling yourself further into his side. “Now, where does Peter live?”

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It was so lovely to hear MJ’s voice as she dryly critiqued her own work. It was also wonderful to hear that beautiful smile when she said something happy, to hear the honey of her voice pour out of her mouth as said honey was moulded into the shape of the most beautiful smile in the world. It was heavenly to hear her laugh, to watch her face scrunch up in delight at a joke he made or one she made herself. It was so wonderful to see those beautiful, dark, powerful eyes even if this 480p FaceTime quality didn’t measure up to the real deal.

Yes, Peter Parker had it made, FaceTiming his girlfriend as he sat at his desk working from home.

Until he realized he was wearing just a plain white undershirt.

Peter was always self conscious about how his body, especially his pecs, looked in tight clothes. Even if he had the sculpted superhuman body of a god, he did not have the confidence of one and usually felt as self conscious as he did when he started high school shorter and with a little lingering baby fat.

So he hurriedly asked MJ, “excuse me for a moment”. Not even waiting until MJ responded “kay”, he got up and found a quick, proper t-shirt to throw on. Satisfied with the simple blue t, he raised his arms to quickly hustle it onto him.

And gave MJ a nice look at his abs when his white t rode up.

MJ couldn’t help herself. Much as she loved defying western idealized standards, especially in terms of body preferences, she couldn’t deny how good her boyfriend looked without a shirt. And to see the living definition of core strength, even over FaceTime. She grinned, her hands quickly covering her mouth.

Peter returned to the frame of his phone, his face lighting up when he saw the delight in her eyes. “What’s up?” He laughed.

Ugh. That laugh, she thought. That warm, bubbly, irritatingly perfect, fluffy manifestation of all the good inside the absolute goofball that Michelle Jones had fallen so deeply in love with all those years ago. It melted her.

Not that she would ever admit it. Saving face, MJ snickered instead of squeeing. “Nothing, dork. Nothing,” as they entered another round of smiling at each other like the idiots in love that they were.

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