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FICTOBER 2020 - day twenty-two

  • Prompt #23: “Do we have to?”
  • Fandom: Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse
  • Characters: MJ Watson, Peter Parker
  • Words: 697
  • Author’s Note: Parents are complicated, life’s a mess, and bad things don’t destroy good things or vice versa. Note: this 100% a recontextualized 1am version of a deleted scene from my ITSV WIP, it could’ve been anyone (it was always you), but details. Pre-ITSV. MJ POV.

>> it’s not you (it’s me)

MJ is a sophomore in college when her dad dies.

It’s not unexpected. He’s been drinking himself into an early grave since before she was born, and he’d been admitted to the hospital for liver poisoning three months previous, without much hope of recovery.

It’s not tragic, either. MJ’s dad was—for lack of a better term—an asshole. Abusive in almost every way imaginable, and never showing an ounce of remorse for it. She hadn’t been on speaking terms with him in years, and had no intention of changing that, either. He was cruel to the very end.

She doesn’t regret not going to see him.

It’s both very unexpected and very tragic, then, that when MJ hears the news—she sobs for hours, and hours, and hours.

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FICTOBER 2020 - day twenty-one

  • Prompt #21: “This, this makes it all worth it.”
  • Fandom: Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse
  • Characters: MJ Watson-Parker, Peter Parker
  • Words: 100
  • Author’s Note: Mid/post ITSV. MJ POV.

>> this was (this isn’t)

“This,” he says, placing a kiss on the tip of her nose, “this makes it all worth it.”

“You,” he says, a ridiculous smile dancing on his lips and a laser focus in his eyes, “you are the best thing that ever happened to me.”

“We,” he says, staring down at the matching rings shining on their fingers, still giddy from the night before, “we are going to be the best couple this city’s ever seen.”


MJ stands over the grave of Peter Parker, dead at twenty-six, and wonders what makes it worth it when there’s no this anymore.

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To them who commented their response on my IG…. and you know who you are -.-… you nearly killed me. I choked on a tostada while reading your response. You nearly killed me.

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a/n: @tom-hlover i hope this was to your liking! it was a lil hard but i do love tom holland’s spidey so here it is! i just assumed that it was a romantic relationship too !!

lets get it!



Originally posted by tom-cinnamonroll-holland

  • okay so first things first?
  • yall are ATTACHED at the hip
  • ned and mj clown peter for this all the fucking TIME
  • like he always walks you to class and sits next to you in class
  • peter we get it you want this melanin dial it back
  • and you are a superhero FIEND
  • anyone who knows you knows you go feral for superheroes and spiderman specifically
  • mj knows this, ned knows this, peter definitely knows this
  • mj always just gotta give peter a look like
  • whenever you start gushing about whatever spidey did that night
  • “peter did you see him last night?! he looked so amazing!”
  • “ah yeah n/n i saw!”
  • internal SCREAMING
  • like his beautiful amazing talented spectacular crush and best friend is fawning over him ???
  • mind boggling brothers
  • i mean your lockscreen is one of those press hold ones that move? so at first it’s a group picture of you, peter, mj and ned then you hold and boom its spidey swinging
  • peter found this out by accident and simply lost his mind in his room
  • you would do ANYTHING to see spidey in action and anYTHING TO HELP
  • bbg just wanna be a hero too 🤪
  • this day peter couldn’t come over to your house this time bc of his internship and had to leave early
  • aka code word for spidey shit to do lmao
  • and you’re a lil bummed
  • “but petey it’s wednesday and we were supposed watch mean girls and legally blonde.”
  • “i-i know i’m sorry n/n i’ll make it up to you”
  • mj and ned heard that and LOST IT
  • you frowned watching peter book it outta there like the lights were out
  • i mean my mans usain bolted it
  • mj and ned couldnt go home with you either so that sucked
  • you didnt usually walk home by yourself and honestly you really didn’t want to
  • it mf queens man. it’s not the safest place in the world
  • you started walking home and decided to buy some snacks n shit bc you saw them glazed donuts lookin real SCRUMPTIOUS AND FRESH in that packet
  • now you got the snacks secured in your bag and ready to go
  • you’re walking down the sidewalk when you hear some grunts and scrapping sounds?
  • you look down the alleyway and literally see your idol spiderman cornered
  • nuh uh not on your watch
  • you dropped your bookbag and tied ya braids/locks/afro back and took a running start
  • just as spidey was about to get punched you KICKED that mf straight in the cheek
  • spidey is like ????
  • “get got bitch!”
  • y/n???? awSHIT
  • its YOU
  • on one hand that was badass and two WHY ARE YOU HERE AND NOT HOME???
  • you grabbed a random pipe laying around and went ham on that bitch
  • peter is like confused and panicking as he stands up
  • you are handling your shit you aint need no mf powers
  • you got the black nasties on that was powerful enough
  • you are deadass yelling BITCH each time you hit them
  • peter snaps outta it and pulls you back
  • bc damn they knocked out alr you were bashing that hoe IN
  • you drop the pipe and turn to spidey with that big ol smile
  • peter felt his knees buckle
  • “you okay spidey? you looked like you needed some help?”
  • holy shit?
  • “u-uh t-thank you y–miss”
  • he had to speak from the belly with that
  • (i can hear my chorus teacher going SING FROM YOUR DIAPHRAGM)
  • while yall chatting it up another villain swooped in and threw some shit at yall?
  • idk how to describe it but it damn near almost impaled you but thankfully peter’s spidey sense kicked in and he pulled you out of the way
  • even though now you’re in fucking DANGER you’re losing your mind bc you are pressed up against peter’s chest
  • like damn spidey you really built like that?
  • peter on the other hand is like shit
  • cant let the loml aka crush slash bestfriend get hurt but i gotta fight these mfs….
  • he’s like fuck it man we gon dip just this once and picks you up
  • “hold onto me real quick?”
  • “o-oh okay????”
  • you’re living the fuckin DREAM and wrap your arms around his neck
  • peter’s trying to stay professional but … girl you smell good asf and you basically intoxicating babyboy
  • then he just tHWIPS it outta there and hooks his foot onto your bookbag
  • shit was sexc even tho that didnt make much sense
  • yall SWINGING thru the streets with a lil funk and soul
  • you’re fully living the dream now baby!
  • he kinda just kicks his foot up and you catch your bookbag before wrapping your arms around his neck again
  • he swings yall onto a building roof top and you’re in awe
  • you’ve never seen queens like this before
  • he lets you go
  • “woah….”
  • “beautiful right? one of the benefits of being able to swing around”
  • “i know thats right…”
  • he’s just admiring you now
  • lil did we know tony stark PEEPED that shit thaNKS KAREN
  • you noticed spidey just staring at you and you lwk feel your cheeks heat up (bc black people don’t blush ❤️)
  • spidey you deadass left two CRIMINALS out in the open like hurry up
  • “h-hey can we take a picture together? i wanna show my petey that i met you!”
  • MY PETEY?????
  • “o-oh uh sure? also who’s…. who’s petey?”
  • “oh he’s my best friend! technically his name is peter but i love giving him nicknames.”
  • bitch oh???
  • you turned on your phone and show him your lockscreen pointing at peter
  • “isnt he just adorable?”
  • palms are sweaty knees weak arms are heavy
  • “ah. do you. do you like him?”
  • you kinda just unlock your phone while looking away
  • “y-yeah i mean who wouldn’t? he’s perfect… 👉🏽👈🏽”


Originally posted by jupiter2

  • YOU LIKE HIM????
  • HIMS???
  • “you like peter?”
  • “yes.”
  • “peter parker?”
  • “yes?”
  • “oh thank god”
  • “i beg your pardon?”
  • PETER….
  • “oh i um i said that b-because i know him and im pretty sure he likes you back”
  • “oh???”
  • “y-yeah. he talks alot about you”
  • my mans are you really… snitching on yourself?
  • he really being his own wingman…
  • “really?”
  • “yup. i get it too. you’re. you’re beautiful.”
  • you went
  • 😳
  • 🕶🤏🏾
  • are my eyes deceiving me or is spiderman calling me BEAUTIFUL???
  • now yall both flustered
  • you’re thankful for your beautiful melaninated skin
  • peter’s thankful for that mf mask
  • “t-the picture”
  • “o-oh right”
  • cue tony PLOTTING like a mf
  • yall take two cute lil selfies together before spidey realizes he on the fuckin JOB
  • “ah i have to go let me take you home. where do you live?”
  • and you tell him your address even tho he already had it memorized by heart
  • he swang you to your doorstep and waved you goodnight before going back to handle those criminals
  • after that peter’s finally on his way home when tony pipes up
  • “was that the girl you always talk about”
  • “m-mr. stark??? you saw that??”
  • “all of it. she’s badass i want her on our team.”
  • “?!”
  • that night you got an email from tony stark and you RANG UP PETER SO QUICKLY TO LOSE YOUR SHIT ABT NOT ONLY TONY BUT SPIDEY TOO
  • “t-that’s amazing n/n!”
  • the next day at school you absolutely GLOMPED him and mj
  • you are BUZZING with energy
  • mj’s kinda like?? did peter dick you down or some shit why you this hyped in the morning???
  • peter alr knows and is internally screaming into the void bc you like him back????
  • you’re already showing mj the pictures like “BRO LOOK HE EVEN HELD MY WAIST YESTERDAY!!”
  • ned is like 😏
  • mj is like 😌
  • they giving peter the LOOK

  • bc bro…. cmon now peter.
  • mj and ned dip leaving you to gush to peter alone
  • “do you think i can really be a hero petey?”
  • “d-definitely n/n i mean you did save spiderman yesterday”
  • “you’re right!”
  • peter has lost his shit too many times
  • “also petey. i like you alot.”
  • cheek kiss and dip
  • petey boy is stunned standing there in the halls like 😳
  • then he revives himself like ik this pretty bitch didnt just kiss and dip me like that
  • now he chasing you
  • alls good
  • mj and ned got blackmail too
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@avatarconner this is a great petermjane headcanon! I see this as something they absolutely have in common.

Mary Jane’s mother instilled a love for classic film in her. Madeline was practically fond of sweeping epics with period costumes while her sister Gayle was a fan of the technicolor musicals with huge dance numbers. Mary Jane loved film noir that practically featured a femme fatale.

Uncle Ben and Aunt May also instilled a love for classic film in Peter. Peter in general is a big fan of movies and watches everything, but classic film holds a special place in his heart because Uncle Ben was a fan of the old hollywood leading men such as Humphrey Bogart, Marlon Brando, Carey Grant, James Cagney etc. Peter has all the lines memorized from Uncle Ben’s favorite films.

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