ninjasmudge · 2 days ago
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this is a little au me and @lego-sand came up with (that we are co-owning) called the honeymoon au!
its a fun au and while there is some plot, most of the premise is pretty simple: dying was such a shock to the system for macaque that it actually cleared his head, and he realised that both he and swk were to blame for the fight. he started visiting swk on ffm and they grew closer again over a few hundred years until macaque moved back in to live there. pretty much this entire au is them being sweet and fun and arguing over whether or not death voids a marriage
later on, swk still chooses mk as a successor, only this time he has to listen to his two mentors be sickeningly domestic
feel free to send asks about it to either me or kai sand, since we'll share them in dms!
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poemabstrato · 2 days ago
Não importa o quanto preparamos a nossa mente ao longo do tempo, nunca será o suficiente para suportarmos de fato a perda eterna de alguém.
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flordellums · a day ago
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Get in Great Sage, we're going shopping
You can get into a car anywhere, but driven around by your successor on a tuk-tuk around your own propety? I don't think so
Mk wasn't sleepy, he's just a silly guy. Don't sleep and drive even with someone too wake you up, still dangerous, don’t do it. (this also counts if you're tired / exhausted)
Also, what’s in Mk’s bag are peaches, because of course Sun Wukong gives him peaches, as any grandpa with any form of garden does. 
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And maybe we should stop for a second, before all the house is drown on peaches. 
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dreamerawaken · 2 days ago
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They deserve a little break ~
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fangirlingpuggle · 2 days ago
re: time travel mk being think of as Shadowpeach son:
even funnier if: Both Macaque and SWK 1000% believe MK is their son (theyre just trying to figure the wHEN!?!?), meanwhile MK is steadily losing his hope in demon intelligence
YES! 100%
Like at first they're both like '...what no I don't have a kid' and then they see MK and are like '....I don't think I had a kid' to  'when did I get a kid?' just accepting he is their kid…not sure how they never knew about him before… they just end up blaming each other and never resolve where he actually came from.
Just yeah tis out kid don’t know how, where, why or when but he’s here now and he’s ours.
MK is just sitting there face in his hands as macaque and SWK argue about custody...thought that only lasted for like an hour...then they started actually fighting...and then somehow flirting.
MK:....I how???
PIF:I have been asking that question for centuries
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calamityshrike · a day ago
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sunndropcitrus · 2 days ago
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i bring more monke
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flops · a day ago
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MK Your Song
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purgetrooperfox · 2 days ago
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Danver Hakka, callsign: Jag
pronouns: he/him
alignment: neutral
affiliations: Kung Jin's old criminal outfit, Black Dragon (temp), Special Forces (temp)
skills/powers: *shrug* having a gazillion weapons on him at all times. no crazy magic powers :/
[open for better quality, taglist under the cut]
shoot me a message or fill out this form to be added to my art tags!
@just-some-girl-92 @kkrazy256 @shiniest-captain @milfreva @cyarbika @penguinkiwi @maulpunk @milf-plokoon @nctxrejects @thebitchformerlyknownaskenobi @spaceydragons @bucketbrigayd @voidika @spacerocksarethebestrocks @laz-laz-ace-pilot @galacticgraffiti @beroyas @lost-on-kamino @rain-on-kamino @quietplaceinthestars @meerlichts @lleiahsoka @crowbafett @canichangemyblogname @purple-green-witch @ameanstoanendor @d3epfriedangels @misogirl828 @kick-a-droid @thechaoticfanartist
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macaques-mentee-ying · 2 days ago
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CH 01 (Yìng Yuè Returns) Page 24
Prev II Next
Credit to @pyggy-baby for making the background in panel 3!!
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ninjasmudge · 2 days ago
about entanglement au, robomac: does wukong like. ever comfort mac about his identity issues? i feel like it’d be unlikely because mac doesnt seem like the guy to open up or wukong the type to comfort but the heart years so i shall ask anyway
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both of them have a lot of issues, but in this au theyve had a long time on a ship together by the time the story starts so theyre very close
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poemabstrato · a day ago
Não contente-se com o que você tem hoje. Sempre queira ter mais. Porém, o mais importante: agradeça sempre pelo que tem agora. Isso faz toda a diferença.
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Welcome to the City of ONF
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lotusmonkey · 2 days ago
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fangirlingpuggle · a day ago
Re Time travel au: Someone suggests that MK might have been born from a rock that absorbed both wukongs and macaques power, which would explain why neither of them knew it happened.
YESSSS!!! I love this idea!!
SWK/Mac: I mean that sounds right. Don't have any evidence to disprove it let's go with that.
MK has at this point just given up trying to explain to anyone what actually happened...
Bonus: They go out looking for the rock… because they want pieces for the baby book
Mac: Of course we need it kid we’re going to have to rush to keep up with PIF, she has a room full of photo albums of pictures of Red Son
PIF: As if I would ever destroy my collection, would anyone like to see them? Red:NO!!!
MK:…yes please
Red*Combusting in embarrassment*
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neerons · a day ago
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Falling snow on a cold winter night, embracing a wandering kid who lost that place up top and fell to the very bottom.
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The familiar scent of a church, sticking to the boy who turned his back on love when he turned his back on God.
Tumblr media
A small factory being left behind, and two lifeless bodies hanging under the Arakawa bridge.
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calamityshrike · a day ago
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for eternity
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