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cavesandcats · a day ago
God could you IMAGINE having to live in Hawkmoth's Paris? Your weird aunt brings her grape, pickle and mayonnaise gelatin delight to Thanksgiving and you have to choke that shit down bc if you don't she'll get sad and you risk her turning into Jello Queen who turns buildings and people into gelatin monstrosities? Some creep at the bar wants your number so you give him a fake and when he tries it and it fails he gets pissed and becomes Great Chad who storms around Paris giving everyone he touches a hangover and bad taste in music? You have to walk on eggshells around everyone while trying to maintain some semblance of inner peace so you don't become Human Resource, who goes around telling everyone what their coworkers really think of them and writing people up so they follow your will. Meanwhile you've died 7 times and been erased from existence twice because of the bitchy teen daughter of the mayor intentionally antagonizing everyone she comes in contact with. You see Sheryl from accounting spill her coffee on her new white suede jacket and just silently check your email to make sure your lawyer approved your latest update to your will in case this is the day those two high school vigilantes get their ass handed to them for real. I'd move.
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mlbigbang · a day ago
2021 Adrinette Fic Rec List
Tumblr media
We've decided to compile several recommendation lists out of our contributors' favourite fanfictions that were published during 2021! We'll be sharing these lists with you throughout December, in order to provide you with plenty of reading material before the ML Big Bang fics are published in January.
Can I Date You(r Character)? by @midnightstarlightwrites 36,231 words, Teen, 8/? Chapters
A unique take on the fake dating trope, with slowburn and mutual pining. It has lots of Adrienette, but also other Love Square sides. And if you're into reading about a group of friends hanging out and having fun, this has that, too!
It's Just A Kiss by jokermans 19,231 words, Teen, 4/4 Chapters
They're idiots your honour. Adorkable idiots. In which it is once again proven that with these two, "just a friend" will never be a true statement. Sweet enough for Tikki and cheesy enough for Plagg, this is stupidly wholesome.
Ain't No Mountain High Enough by @alexseanchai 3,674 words, Teen, 2/6 Chapters
It has Adrien eschewing all identity stuff to save Marinette, all around chaos, Alya and Nino being awesome, angst, yes.
A Royal Thief by meeble 6,426 words, General, 1/1 Chapters
I love that it is a royalty AU and the fic is super cute and has a lot of fluffy Adrienette moments.
Marinette, Get Your Head on Straight by @missjoann 2,089 words, Not Rated, 1/? Chapters
Pre reveal Adrienette and it was absolutely hilarious with Adrien literally asking Marinette to be his girlfriend and her thinking he was talking about someone else and basically this whole thing is a series of misunderstandings
Paper Thin Walls by @valiantlyjollynightmare 5,329 words, General, 1/1 Chapters
Adrienette being dumbass sweetheart neighbours who have never met, but talk through their shared wall and are having the time of their life for 5k straight. This fic is full of fluff, familial moments and the trademark Adrienette pining, and it's also incredibly funny!
Si'l Suffisait D'aimer by LadyConstellation 69,212 words, Teen, 1/1 Chapters
This is one of the most magnificent AUs I've ever read. The worldbuilding is excellent, and the plot builds and builds. Well worth the 69k one-shot read.
Totally Not a Rom-Com by @nomolosk 8,518 words, Teen, 1/1 Chapters
Very very adorable au with Adrien and Marinette meeting on a plane
wish you were here by @xiueryn 27,950 words, Teen, 1/1 Chapters
Amazing approach to demon! Marinette idea. I love the development betweeen Adrein and Marinette
two idiots and a hamster by @carpisuns and @botherkupo 12,602 words, Teen, 6/? Chapters
this fic is still a WIP, but i really enjoy that it's very funny and witty, with lots of fluff sprinkled here and there. there's the good old roommates trope, and they get *the* hamster together!
golden (like daylight) by @anna-scribbles 12, 986 words, General, 2/2 Chapters
this fic is SO GOOD, kind of an adrien character study, with a dash of adrienette. i absolutely love the "adrien falling in love with marinette" trope and this fic is full of it, 100% recommend
Adrien understands love better because Marinette is so loving and he loves her so much!! I love the Adrien character study and introspection and some of the imagery is so beautiful. In my mind this fic is full of sunlight.
Dearly despised, (I love you) by @snacc-noir 27,855 words, Teen, 14/? Chapters
a good adrienette enemies au, with ladynoir mutual pining. i put it under adrienette because that's the ship we see up close most of the time, though. gotta love the enemies to lovers dynamic! the way the author writes tension between them is amazing <3
Shipping Status: In Transit by @katieykat513 1,420 words, General, 1/1 Chapters
Luka is good with ships. He had grown up on one, after all. So when he enters the shipping war raging on between Alya and Nino, one better pays attention to him. OR Luka is absolutely fed up with the love-square in the most hilarious ways
certified most embarrassing boyfriend in the world™ by @rosekasa 554 words, General, 1/1 Chapters
just them being stupidly sweet
switching targets. by @theanxiouscupcake 9,139 words, General, 29/? Chapters
its a journey to see how the 2 of them deal with being together, with one’s heart is not entirely in it, but fall in love along the way, while the other? She stops falling
A Miraculous Reveal: An Unintended Confession by @kasienda 5,152 words, Teen, 1/1 Chapters
Okay I know the rule is the works have to be started in 2021, but this is a collection of one-shots and the one-shot was posted in 2021, so I think it should count. Anyway, it's a super lovely piece where Marinette sees how Adrien's been struggling this season and approaches him to offer comfort and they COMMUNICATE and work through their issues.
heaven help the fool (after the flood) by noirshitsuji 821 words, Teen, 1/1 Chapters
The song is such a good choice and just!! It brings so many elements of the Adrinette relationship and makes it all make sense and it's just! Very good!
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maybegonnapostonce · a day ago
Tumblr media
They’re testing the kwamis’ abilities to digest their civilian clothes during a move! It’s efficient! Cheap! And not an abuse of their superpowers cause it’s for research :)
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sofilandstuff · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Ladybug doesn't appreciate you hurting her boi Monsieur Agreste
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gale-gentlepenguin · 18 hours ago
Ladybug: I am not in love with Chat noir. No it isnt because he is a bad person, he is a sweet guy, even if he does clown around a lot. And yes he is gorgeous, the leather suit really helps accentuate the right areas. Heck I have had a few dreams about running my fingers through his hair while passionately making out with him. But that is irrelevant, we are not a couple and I wish people would stop saying we are.
Cashier: Ma'am this is a McDonalds
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parismystere · a day ago
a key difference between marinette and adrien is the way they react to making a terrible (in their eyes) mistake.
marinette has had the good luck to be born into a wonderful family with loving and caring parents, who are so supportive of their daughter, have made it possible that she pursues her creative endeavors, have given her space for self-expression, and so on. she has a healthy sense of self-worth. so when she makes a mistake, she panics because she feels like she's lost the trust of the people who depended on her, as she's a person who places a very high value on her social life and relationships. that's why it's easy for her to switch to 'fix it immediately' mode, because it's not about marinette being inherently flawed, it's about taking the wrong course of action, which is, thankfully, fixable.
now, adrien on the hand didn't have the same fortune, and that's why when he messes up, like in the new york special, his reaction is to give up his ring as a way of self-negation, which utterly baffles marinette, because she does love her kitty the way he is and knows that he has a good heart. adrien feels like affection is earned through continuous performance, and the moment the myth shatters is the moment when he has to leave the stage. he doesn't realize that whatever mistake he made, leaving abruptly could be infinitely more painful. "i'm no longer chat noir". he punishes himself for messing up by giving up on the thing that made him the happiest.
marinette might feel terrible and insecure and like she's awful when she makes a mistake, like any normal person would. but she doesn't deny her own selfhood the way adrien does. another moment where he nearly gave up his miraculous happened in syren, when ladybug couldn't tell him about master fu (which wasn't her fault, of course). i think that among the anger and the sadness and the pain, he also felt that if ladybug doesn't trust him, then it's somehow his fault, and therefore he's unworthy of being chat noir.
so when marinette says stuff like "you'll always be chat noir to me", it's so much sweeter, because to her, no matter how many setbacks chat experiences, he'll always be chat - someone courageous, supportive, kind and good. she recognizes adrien's inherent worth when he himself is unable to see it.
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ladybug: so here we are... marinette's room
chat noir:
chat noir: why are there so many pictures of adrien on the walls?
chat noir: omg does she like have a thing for him
luka: there's already enough to fill your ego you little shit
chat noir: w- what do you mean?
ladybug: wait yeah how is chat noir asking about the pictures of adrien on my- I MEAN HER walls relevant to his fucking ego?
luka: i am so done can i just-
bunnix: no.
luka: existence is suffering
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dailymlgifs · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
[ID: A set of three gifs from the animated series Miraculous Ladybug, featuring Marc Anciel and Nathaniel Kurtzberg. With their backs facing a graffiti wall, Marc is standing and holding his book, whereas Nathaniel is sitting and holding a board with his illustration. /END ID]
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taulun · a day ago
Tumblr media
a little lady on the roof, all alone without her kitty?  (my Coccinelle & Chat Noir AU)
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theluckiestlb · 2 days ago
HC that Marinette offhandedly mentions her “Adrien is Hawkmoth” theory to Alya at some point—and the latter makes an enemies-to-lovers joke.
It has haunted her ever since.
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xcatmo · a day ago
Tumblr media
"Look Kitty, it's snowing!"
I drew this a couple months ago because I NEEDED to draw Marinette in a poofy winter jacket, and now that I feel that it is sufficiently Winter™ enough I can post it 😌
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its5amandimstillawake · 21 hours ago
So! Me and my brother are watching season 4 of miraculous ladybug, at one point we forgot what had happened in style queen so we decided to rewatch that before watching optigami and I pointed how proud Gabriel looks when audrey compliments Marinette on her hat design
Tumblr media
Which made my brother think of an interesting idea. Back in season 1 Marinette was very interested in fashion design, and although that's basically disappeared throughout the show it would've been interesting if that had actually been a ploy point and played a role in the show. So I'm season one we see Marinette win a contest with her hat and Gabriel compliments it and seems impressed by it
Tumblr media
What if she didn't just win that competition, what if that had an actual impact on the show and plot? What if they added another episode in season one where Marinette once again does something, maybe wins another contest on fashion design and Gabriel recognizes her as the hat girl. Impressed by what she's done so far and seeing potential he decides to take her on as a apprentice of sorts, she takes on the role of an intern, she helps Gabriel with things while also learning things about fashion. This would open the door to a very interesting dynamic
1. The idea of the hero and the villain both spending time together and learning from each other and forming a bond without even knowing who the other is an very interesting idea and dynamic
2. When the reveal does happen. When they learn who hawkmoth is it actually impacts BOTH characters. Marinette really doesn't give a shit about Gabriel at this point and I know they're going to make her sympathize with Gabriel whenever that reveals does happen but that doesn't make sense. But if we go with this idea it absolutely makes sense. She would've bonded with him by that point and formed a connection with him so both Adrien and Marinette would have conflicted feelings and would be emotionally impacted and it would make sense
3. In every episode where Gabriel finds out who ladybug and chat noir are (before the time is reset or they go back in time and fix things) he goes "my son!! And... Some random girl! Ok!" There's no emotional impact. If he has a connection to BOTH our heroes suddenly it's a lot more emotional and he has more conflicting feelings about it
4. Instead of having Lila keep an eye on Adrien which makes no sense and was also dropped almost immediately after.
Tumblr media
We can have Gabriel slowly manipulate marrinete (I've said it before and I'll say it again I would love to see Gabriel be more manipulative and clever) into giving him information on Adrien
5. It helps the ship. Right now the two barely speak to each other or know each other. Adrien going "my love is also my best friend!" Doesn't make sense right now. They're not best friends they barely speak to each other. But if she's always at his house we can have more scenes of them talking, maybe bonding over how cold Gabriel can be, her learning more about Adrien and comforting him when he's sad and him talking to her when she gets stressed. It would give them common ground, stuff to talk about and a opportunity to make them more vulnerable and open up more to each other. So when the reveal does happen then both being happy and excited at finding out who it is makes sense from both of them.
6. We can see more of Gabriel and make him more sympathetic. We mostly see hawkmoth and we rarely get good scenes of Gabriel talking about his grief but if we have Marinette there it could make for some really good scenes of him at least starting to open up a little. Could make him a bit more sympathetic. We can have Marinette question why Gabriel is being so strict with Adrien and have Gabriel explain that while he knows it's hard on Adrien, Adrien is all he has left so he can't help but be strict and over bearing. Making him seem less like an asshole and more sympathetic making him a more complex villain.
The entire idea seemed great and opened up so many doors. But then we had ANOTHER idea!
Let's stick with all of this. Marinette becomes Gabriel's apprentice but let's also say, the episode "wish maker" happened in season 2 instead of the season 4 and it takes a slightly different route. This time Adrien is still trying to figure out what he wants to be but at the end of the episode he's talking to plagg and plagg makes some joke about how Adrien likes sweets and likes making people happy why not combine the two and become a baker? (This can also be plagg trying to set up marrinete and Adrien lol) he thinks about it and the episode ends. Next episode he's asking Tom and Sabine if he can help them out and they feel bad, they know a bit about this kid's home life since Marinette talks to them about it, so them being so caring, decide to give him a safe place after school to relax and just be himself and also teach him how to bake. He helps out around the bakery, cleaning and learning how to bake a bit. This once again provides opportunities for the show
1. It's kind of symbolic that Marinette and Adrien lives are intertwined. Marinette becomes a part of Adrien's life by working for his father, Adrien becomes a part of Marinette's life by working for her parents
2. Once again gives them more to talk about and time to be together
3. At first I think Adrien would still try to be the perfect kid but after a while he feels he can be himself with this family and we see him acting more like chat, we see him making puns, being silly, cracking jokes. Then again when the reveal happens it's not such a shock to Marinette cause at that point she can see them being the same person, and she'll actually KNOW Adrien, not the persona he plays when he's out of the mask, but all of Adrien. Making the relationship and reveal way more satisfying when it happens.
4. We Can have Adrien learn and develop and grow more. All he knows is toxicity. All he gets is shit advice. Imagine Tom and Sabine actually giving him advice and giving him a place to be open and vulnerable and learn from them and become a better person both as Adrien and chat noir
All in all I thought this was a great idea and would improve the show so much and if done well would solve the majority of the problems I have with the show. It would stop having Marinette be fucking creepy and putting him on a pedestal and allow her to actually talk to him, get to know him, and be friends with him. We could actually see some development. We could have them learning from the adults around them and we can see how your environment influences who you become. We could see more of Gabriel and actually get some development there. And it would also make for some great scenes.
Me and my brother were watching wish maker and just Imagine these scenes.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Except instead of Luka immidietly resetting the time, say he gets distracted, has to fight something off. They BOTH detransform and hawkmoth sees BOTH of them. He has adopted Marinette as a apprentice and formed a bond with her at this point and he finds out she's ladybug and his son is chat noir. At this realization we see him have a mental breakdown and he starts to question if he should keep doing this. If it's worth it. He loves his wife but is he willing to hurt two children he cares about and also loves? He begins to question this and he starts to realize, no it's not worth it, Luka, unaware of this resets the time.
This makes an impactful scene, makes a sympathetic and complex character, and would've made a very emotional reaction from the audience (for this to work we'd also have to change chat Blanc.)
I don't know I just feel like this would fix the majority of the flaws in the show. What do you guys think?
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