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#ml season 4
gale-gentlepenguin · a day ago
Is there an up to date list of who knows whose identities?
Okay, Let me take a swing at it
Knows: All of the heroes she picked.
Doesnt know: Chat noir, Shadowmoth or Mayura
Adrien/Chat noir:
Knows: Recently learned (Rena rouge and Carapace). Viperion, Pegasus, Ryuuko, Queen bee, Pigella, Bunnyx,
Might know: King Monkey, Tigress Pourpre,
Doesnt Know: Ladybug, Rena Furtive (doesnt know she exists), Scarabella, Vesparia, Polymouse. Shadowmoth and Mayura
Alya/Rena Rouge/Rena Furtive/Rena Rouge:
Knows: Ladybug, Carapace, Queen bee
Might know: the other temp heroes (If Ladybug told her after Optigami)
Doesnt Know: Chat noir, Shadowmoth, Mayura
Knows: Rena Rouge/Rena Furtive, Queen bee
Doesnt know: The other heroes, Shadowmoth or Mayura
Knows: Ladybug and Chat noir (Without either of them aware of this
Might know: Tigress Pourpre
Doesnt know: The other heroes or villains
Knows: Rena Rouge, Carapace, Queen bee, Ryuuko, King monkey, Pegasus, Viperion
Doesnt Know: Ladybug, Chat noir, Scarabella, Poly mouse, Vesparia, Aspik, Tigress Pourpre, Pigella
Knows: Shadowmoth
Doesnt know: the heroes identities.
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miraculouslybobatea · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Marino from the latest episode! Would’ve loved to draw our fairytale Adrienette, but I’ve been so busy, a drawing with 2 characters was just not in the cards for me. I’m lucky I was able to get this one done! (Sorry it’s so late!)
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littlebluescorpion · 22 hours ago
Spoiler in Master Fu's Letter?
In his letter, there is a part where Master Fu writes:
You find people to whom you entrust your heart, as much as they entrust theirs to you. That trust is sometimes broken, but it can always be restored. 
Tumblr media
Is this a spoiler from the writers about what will happen at the end of season 4? What will be the trust that will be broken?
The trust between Marinette and Alya?
Tumblr media
Throughout Season 4, Marinette has been displacing Cat Noir, placing all of her trust in Alya. Ok... Alya has proven to be trustworthy, loyal, and a worthy heroine. But she is also is prone to making her own decisions and disobey Marinette's orders, as Alya is concious of her flaws and faults, especially how she tends to exaggerate things and worry too much.
While the fact that Nino knows about Ayla's identity as Rena Furtive might turn out to be favorable, Marinette probably wouldn't see it that way. She might consider that her friend has betrayed her and jeopardized her plan ["Rocketear"].
The trust between Marinette and Luka?
Tumblr media
Luka has also proven to be a worthy and trustworthy hero. But in "Wishmaker", he lied to Marinette. His intentions were good; he didn't want to worry Marinette and he tells the truth by stating that her secrets are safe. But Marinette might get mad at Luka for lying to her. "She doen't put up with lies". She might believe that she can no longer trust Luka.
The trust between Chat Noir and Ladybug?
Tumblr media
Cat Noir's trust in Ladybug has been slowly weakening this season. Finding out that Ladybug had planned to manipulate him to reveal his identity to Su-Han without his consent would definitely be the breaking point for him ["Ephemeral"].
Could season 5 be about "restoring that broken trust"?
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its5amandimstillawake · 7 hours ago
So! Me and my brother are watching season 4 of miraculous ladybug, at one point we forgot what had happened in style queen so we decided to rewatch that before watching optigami and I pointed how proud Gabriel looks when audrey compliments Marinette on her hat design
Tumblr media
Which made my brother think of an interesting idea. Back in season 1 Marinette was very interested in fashion design, and although that's basically disappeared throughout the show it would've been interesting if that had actually been a ploy point and played a role in the show. So I'm season one we see Marinette win a contest with her hat and Gabriel compliments it and seems impressed by it
Tumblr media
What if she didn't just win that competition, what if that had an actual impact on the show and plot? What if they added another episode in season one where Marinette once again does something, maybe wins another contest on fashion design and Gabriel recognizes her as the hat girl. Impressed by what she's done so far and seeing potential he decides to take her on as a apprentice of sorts, she takes on the role of an intern, she helps Gabriel with things while also learning things about fashion. This would open the door to a very interesting dynamic
1. The idea of the hero and the villain both spending time together and learning from each other and forming a bond without even knowing who the other is an very interesting idea and dynamic
2. When the reveal does happen. When they learn who hawkmoth is it actually impacts BOTH characters. Marinette really doesn't give a shit about Gabriel at this point and I know they're going to make her sympathize with Gabriel whenever that reveals does happen but that doesn't make sense. But if we go with this idea it absolutely makes sense. She would've bonded with him by that point and formed a connection with him so both Adrien and Marinette would have conflicted feelings and would be emotionally impacted and it would make sense
3. In every episode where Gabriel finds out who ladybug and chat noir are (before the time is reset or they go back in time and fix things) he goes "my son!! And... Some random girl! Ok!" There's no emotional impact. If he has a connection to BOTH our heroes suddenly it's a lot more emotional and he has more conflicting feelings about it
4. Instead of having Lila keep an eye on Adrien which makes no sense and was also dropped almost immediately after.
Tumblr media
We can have Gabriel slowly manipulate marrinete (I've said it before and I'll say it again I would love to see Gabriel be more manipulative and clever) into giving him information on Adrien
5. It helps the ship. Right now the two barely speak to each other or know each other. Adrien going "my love is also my best friend!" Doesn't make sense right now. They're not best friends they barely speak to each other. But if she's always at his house we can have more scenes of them talking, maybe bonding over how cold Gabriel can be, her learning more about Adrien and comforting him when he's sad and him talking to her when she gets stressed. It would give them common ground, stuff to talk about and a opportunity to make them more vulnerable and open up more to each other. So when the reveal does happen then both being happy and excited at finding out who it is makes sense from both of them.
6. We can see more of Gabriel and make him more sympathetic. We mostly see hawkmoth and we rarely get good scenes of Gabriel talking about his grief but if we have Marinette there it could make for some really good scenes of him at least starting to open up a little. Could make him a bit more sympathetic. We can have Marinette question why Gabriel is being so strict with Adrien and have Gabriel explain that while he knows it's hard on Adrien, Adrien is all he has left so he can't help but be strict and over bearing. Making him seem less like an asshole and more sympathetic making him a more complex villain.
The entire idea seemed great and opened up so many doors. But then we had ANOTHER idea!
Let's stick with all of this. Marinette becomes Gabriel's apprentice but let's also say, the episode "wish maker" happened in season 2 instead of the season 4 and it takes a slightly different route. This time Adrien is still trying to figure out what he wants to be but at the end of the episode he's talking to plagg and plagg makes some joke about how Adrien likes sweets and likes making people happy why not combine the two and become a baker? (This can also be plagg trying to set up marrinete and Adrien lol) he thinks about it and the episode ends. Next episode he's asking Tom and Sabine if he can help them out and they feel bad, they know a bit about this kid's home life since Marinette talks to them about it, so them being so caring, decide to give him a safe place after school to relax and just be himself and also teach him how to bake. He helps out around the bakery, cleaning and learning how to bake a bit. This once again provides opportunities for the show
1. It's kind of symbolic that Marinette and Adrien lives are intertwined. Marinette becomes a part of Adrien's life by working for his father, Adrien becomes a part of Marinette's life by working for her parents
2. Once again gives them more to talk about and time to be together
3. At first I think Adrien would still try to be the perfect kid but after a while he feels he can be himself with this family and we see him acting more like chat, we see him making puns, being silly, cracking jokes. Then again when the reveal happens it's not such a shock to Marinette cause at that point she can see them being the same person, and she'll actually KNOW Adrien, not the persona he plays when he's out of the mask, but all of Adrien. Making the relationship and reveal way more satisfying when it happens.
4. We Can have Adrien learn and develop and grow more. All he knows is toxicity. All he gets is shit advice. Imagine Tom and Sabine actually giving him advice and giving him a place to be open and vulnerable and learn from them and become a better person both as Adrien and chat noir
All in all I thought this was a great idea and would improve the show so much and if done well would solve the majority of the problems I have with the show. It would stop having Marinette be fucking creepy and putting him on a pedestal and allow her to actually talk to him, get to know him, and be friends with him. We could actually see some development. We could have them learning from the adults around them and we can see how your environment influences who you become. We could see more of Gabriel and actually get some development there. And it would also make for some great scenes.
Me and my brother were watching wish maker and just Imagine these scenes.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Except instead of Luka immidietly resetting the time, say he gets distracted, has to fight something off. They BOTH detransform and hawkmoth sees BOTH of them. He has adopted Marinette as a apprentice and formed a bond with her at this point and he finds out she's ladybug and his son is chat noir. At this realization we see him have a mental breakdown and he starts to question if he should keep doing this. If it's worth it. He loves his wife but is he willing to hurt two children he cares about and also loves? He begins to question this and he starts to realize, no it's not worth it, Luka, unaware of this resets the time.
This makes an impactful scene, makes a sympathetic and complex character, and would've made a very emotional reaction from the audience (for this to work we'd also have to change chat Blanc.)
I don't know I just feel like this would fix the majority of the flaws in the show. What do you guys think?
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Only Fools Rush In
Chapter 6 Teaser
Marinette kept pacing in her room, peering up at the skylight anxiously every few minutes.
It had only been an hour or so since Alya left, but despite their best efforts the Kwami could only do so much to settle her down. Especially when she had so much to worry about.
Alya snuck back down slowly, careful not to stir any of the Kwami in the slumbering pile.
“Okay.” Alya stepped down at the ladder from her balcony, the blue of Rena Furtive fading in a flash as she descended. “He’s doing okay.”
Sheer relief let her shoulders slump as dropped back into her desk chair. “Thank you, Alya.”
Her best friend hovered at her side until she dared to look up again. “Okay. Now, could you go over this for me, one more time? From the beginning. When did all these nightmares start?”
“Nightmares?” Marinette exhaled slowly, as she glanced up wearily. “I wish that was all it was.”
Alya’s fists rested on her hips, her eyes wary. “I mean… what else could it be?”
Marinette shrugged hopelessly. “A timeline gone horribly wrong?”
“What!?” Alya shrieked before covering her lips. She’d come in from above after all. “Marinette… why would you even think that?”
“Because Bunnyx pulled me through her portal to fix it.”
Read More on Ao3 (Link in the reblogs)
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mari-monsta · 2 days ago
Marc and Nathaniel rly out here drawing fanart of their classmate in a little dress
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wield-the-mighty-pen · 2 days ago
Ephemeral’s impact on the storyline
I’ve seen many people upset over how “Ephemeral” didn’t make a difference to the plotline as it was a “what-if” episode and none of the plot was remembered by any of the characters. While I definitely hear this and while I do wish they had at least brought in Bunnix so that someone remembered what happened and the storyline had some impact, I found that “Ephemeral” did have an impact in its own way.
The impact of “Ephemeral” was that it answered a question that has been asked by the fandom probably since the beginning of the show (I personally only started watching in 2019 so I can’t say for certain). This question prior to “Ephemeral” could only be given a speculative answer but with what “Ephemeral” showed, the answer is clear.
 The question of course that I am referring to is “Who is the real Adrien?” 
Adrien likes to keep his two identities as separate as possible from one another. Whether this is due to his fear and abuse from his father, a bout of insecurity, a method of protecting his secret, an outlet for letting loose, or perhaps all of the above, it doesn’t truly matter. Or rather it does matter but doesn’t pertain to who the real Adrien is. 
Marinette, in “Ephemeral”, takes the role of the audience, as she knows well the “Adrien” and “Chat Noir” personalities well, but now has our task of reconciling the two. 
While we witness Marinette laboring on that riddle, we also get to see Adrien adapt a more neutral role, one that involves both Adrien and Chat Noir. As such, we see him cracking jokes, making cat puns, calling Ladybug M’lady outside of the suit, etc. With the girl he loves now privy to his full self, Adrien is now more comfortable showing that self to the world. He seems to draw confidence from Ladybug knowing, as if he had developed the attitude of “If she accepts me, then surely others will too” or maybe what spurned the confidence what the thought that as long as his lady accepts him as is, it doesn’t matter whether others do too. Regardless, the point here is that Adrien is clearly showing the audience that yes, he is Adrien, but he’s also Chat Noir too, the identities are not mutually exclusive.
What also helps are Luka words to Marinette. Upon the reveal, Marinette is panicked, two people she saw for so long as different, as opposites, turned out to be the very same person. She mirrors the audience’s struggle to integrate Adrien’s different personalities. She wonders, like many of us, if Adrien is a front, if Chat Noir is an over compensation, she honestly has no clue as to who the boy who stole her heart is. In the deepest point of her turmoil, she turns to Luka, who happens to have pretty sound advice for getting to understand Adrien. Luka tells her (although of course without telling her he’s talking about her secret) that finding out the secret doesn’t change the person you knew, it only adds to them, it only gives you more information about them. 
Obviously, this isn’t always the case in real life, but the show is outright telling us that it is the case when it comes to Adrien. Adrien can’t be viewed as someone with two halves. Rather, he needs to be viewed as someone with layers, layers that when peeled back reveal a new but equally present trait or idea about him. 
Finally, we get the montage, a presentation of how Marinette’s view on Adrien/Chat Noir is changing, how she is learning to better understand him. This montage comes to a culmination with the umbrella scene, a homage to when Marinette fell in love with Adrien. This scene symbolizes two things, one that Marinette has fallen in love with Adrien for a second time, and two that just as Adrien is Chat Noir, Chat Noir is also Adrien. 
Just as Adrien likes to joke around and be extra, Chat Noir is that sweet, kind boy that lent his umbrella to Marinette, even though she didn’t like him. The show is reminding us that there is no “true selves”. Adrien and Chat Noir just like Marinette and Ladybug, are a package, you can’t take out one personality without compromising the other. 
All in all, I did wish that there were some lasting consequences for this episode, and who knows maybe somehow there will be. However, I am happy in the fact that we got a better insight into Adrien and got to understand fully who he truly is. 
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lolaagreste · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Post ephemeral
Imagine what marinette went through when she realise that chat noir is adrien
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hufflepuffer-18 · 3 months ago
*someone gets akumatized*
marinette: oh no, i forgot i promised my parents i would help them wash the roof and- i have to go *runs off*
alya, whispering to herself: oh, i can’t believe this girl is the protector of paris
luka, who heard alya and responded without thinking: i know right??
alya: wait a minute
luka: oh
alya: *gasps* YOU KNOW
alya: HOW DID YOU-
luka: HOW DID YOU?
alya: i can’t believe this
luka: do you know who’s chat noir too??
alya: what? NO
alya: DO YOU?
luka: yeah
luka, smirking: and it’s a good one too
alya: i-
- based off this tweet
Tumblr media
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geekgirles · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I see, so being irresistibly extra is a family thing. God bless genetics
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jellybuttons · 3 months ago
okay let's get some things straight
with all the craziness happening in this show lately, i made a handy dandy list of what information each character has/doesn't have as of "Wishmaker" (S4 Ep18)
KNOWS the identities of every miraculous holder except Chat Noir (and maybe King Monkey?? did she ever find that out???)
KNOWS that Alya knows her secret identity
KNOWS that Alya is permanently keeping the fox miraculous
KNOWS that Rena Rouge is still active as Rena Furtive
KNOWS that Chat Noir likes her
DOES NOT KNOW that Alya told Nino she was still Rena Rouge
DOES NOT KNOW that Nino told Adrien that he and Alya were Rena Rogue and Carapace and that they know each others identities
DOES NOT KNOW that therefore Chat Noir knows Rena and Carapace's identities and the fact that they know each others
DOES NOT KNOW that Chat is upset with her and feels like she doesn't need him anymore
DOES NOT KNOW that Nino told Adrien that Ladybug thinks Chat Noir is annoying
DOES NOT KNOW that Luka knows her or Chat's Noir's identity
KNOWS the identities of Ryuko, Viperion, Pigella, and Pegasus, and he recently found out Carapace and Rena Rouge (he could also easily piece together Tigress Pourpre's identity in theory)
KNOWS that Ladybug allowed Alya and Nino to continue using their miraculous despite knowing each other's identities
DOES NOT KNOW that Rena Rouge is still active as Rena Furtive
DOES NOT KNOW that Ladybug told someone her identity
DOES NOT KNOW about Chat Blanc and the reasoning behind Ladybug's insistence on the identity rule
DOES NOT KNOW that Alya is permanently holding onto the fox miraculous
DOES NOT KNOW that Ladybug never told Nino that Chat was annoying and that Nino was just speaking out of hurt
DOES NOT KNOW that Marinette likes him
DOES NOT KNOW that Luka knows his or Ladybug's identity
KNOWS that Marinette is Ladybug
KNOWS that Nino is Carapace
DOES NOT KNOW that Nino told Adrien about her and Nino being Rena Rouge and Carapace
DOES NOT KNOW that Chat Noir is upset with Ladybug because he feels like he's no longer needed (which her behavior in "SentiBubbler" unknowingly contributed to)
KNOWS that Alya is Rena Rouge
KNOWS that Alya is now operating secretly as Rena Furtive
DOES NOT KNOW that Alya knows Ladybug's identity
DOES NOT KNOW that Adrien is Chat Noir, and was therefore hurt by the comments Nino made about Chat Noir being annoying
KNOWS that Marinette is Ladybug
KNOWS that Adrien is Chat Noir
KNOWS that Marinette likes Adrien
KNOWS that Chat Noir likes Ladybug
KNOWS that Ladybug and Chat Noir don't know each other's identities
so uhh. to sum it up. this is gonna be messy when everything comes out
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