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Goodbye Paris
Marinette is 17 and the other 18 in this Au.
Marinette's parents fall under Lila's spell as well. She starts filling them with lies about Marinette and soon they start believing her. 
Lila accuses Marinette of sneaking out and hanging out with the wrong people. Sabine and Tom start believing her, especially when they notice she wasn't there one night. She was out patrolling as Ladybug.
Soon Marinette is on lock down barely able to leave her house. She struggles to even get out as Ladybug.
Her parents become more and more distant, soon not even talking to Marinette. No goodbyes, hellos, I missed you, or I love you, just silence. Marinette tries to combat the lies but her parents won't listen. She slowly gives up focusing on Hawkmoth, school, and designing. 
Halfway through the year she opts to graduate early forfeiting walking at graduation. She doesn't even mention it to her parents, just focuses on getting money together for her own place while applying to colleges overseas. After she stops attending Chloe reaches out to her apologizing for everything she had done and asking for a second chance. Chloe moved to America with her mother, their junior year unable to handle akuma anymore. Marinette tells her their relationship will be rockey and first but she agrees to a new start.
It's right before the end of the school year when Ladybug and Chat Noir defeat Hawkmoth and get the two missing Miraculouses back. Chat gets mad when Ladybug refuses to reveal her identity and attempts to make her. She stops him and takes his Miraculous back as well revealing Adrien. 
"This is goodbye Chaton. If you had taken this more seriously. Perhaps you could know it, but you never did."
She leaves him there returning home and safely putting the peacock and butterfly miraculouses away. After his defeat she stops patrolling as Ladybug and instead plans her move, not wishing to be with her parents any longer.
Once she stops patrolling petty crime begins to pick up again. The city starts crying out for Ladybug to return but Marinette wont. She can't be there for everything, it's time the police start doing their job again. After a month the city is outraged that Ladybug is nowhere to be seen. They take to Adrien who admits to being Chat Noir, he apologizes to Paris saying that Ladybug took his Miraculous. He tells them that he wants to help but she won't help him any longer. After his display Paris begins a smear campaign against Ladybug. Tired of this Marinette transforms and heads to the Eiffel Tower broadcasting to all of Paris her goodbye.
Marinette- I have heard the out cry at my disappearance, and I find it deplorable. I have been fighting since I was thirteen. Did any of you think of that? You have had a child fighting your battles for you with another child that never took it seriously! Now, now you smear my character, saying I am a villain after I have taken down Hawkmoth. All because I stopped patrolling and taking down petty criminals. Instead of looking at me you should be looking at your police force. I am done, I thought of coming back after college but after all this, no. This is goodbye Paris, for good.
After her speech Chloe video calls her asking her if she is okay. Marinette plays everything off saying she is fine until Chloe tells her that she knows she is Ladybug. Marinette hesitates trying to think of a cover but just sighs asking how Chloe knew. Chloe smiles and tells her that she grew up with the girl only and the imbecile would not be able to tell that their 'Everyday Ladybug' was their actual Ladybug. Soon after the girls get a request for Luka to join. Once he is on the call he offers his own word of comfort causing Marinette to groan and Chloe to laugh. Luka simply tells her that her song is the same beautiful piece in and outside of the mask. Marinette grumbles teasingly about Metas being annoying, causing Luka to chuckle smiling at her. She tells them that she is leaving Paris for good now that Hawkmoth is gone. Chloe encourages her to move to America and go to Juliard while Luka simply hums strumming his guitar. When he opens his eyes he tells her to follow the path that calls to her, causing Chloe to groan. Snapping at him Half heartedly he simply smiles at the two girls before saying he needs to get to bed, the girls smile saying goodnight and wishing him good luck with his show the next day before they hang up.
She is really thankful that she changed her designer name shortly after Lila came to her school. Now known as MDC she has a thriving online website and even has a few designers that follow her designs down to every single stitch. While she also helps them get their own lines started. She even begins to employ models, Chloe begging her most popular. Her clientele extended even more and she had a lot of famous musicians commissioning her. She was even commissioned by Megan Markle before she and Prince Harry got married, and was even invited to the wedding she attended with Kaalki's help.
Marinette applies to a few different colleges all in America knowing that staying in Paris was no longer an option. She is accepted at Juilliard, Harvard, and Gotham University, she wants to go to Juliard but something calls her to Gotham. She can't stop going back to Gotham's acceptance letter and ends up researching Githam and talking it over with Chloe and Luka. She doesn't make a decision until Luka tells her once again to follow the call. So she confirms attendance, not telling her parents as she leases an apartment in a safer part of Gotham. She gets in contact with one of her employed designers, Taylor in America and requests her help. 
Taylor is the in-between for Marinette and interior designers in Gotham. Helping both sides design the and decorate the penthouse so its move in ready.
Soon after the penthouse is finished Marinette packs everything in her room slowly shipping out boxes to Taylor. A couple nights later when Marinette has everything except necessities shipped her parents request she moves out saying they don't even know her anymore.
"Don't worry I already have an apartment and everything set up near my college. I leave in three days. And you don't know me huh? Well I guess that's because you two haven't really been parents in a while. Now if you'll excuse me."
Tom and Sabine are shocked especially since Lila told them Marinette had decided not to go to college at all. They confront Marinette telling her not to lie about it. She simply sighs sadly and pulls out all three acceptance letters, telling them she isn't telling them which one she decided to go with because they'll no longer be a part of her life.
The day she is set to leave Jagged and Penny are outside in a limo waiting for her. Marinette walks out of the bakery smiling brightly as Jagged gets out hugging her tightly. She thanks him for coming to America with her till she gets settled in. The driver takes her suitcase, putting it in the trunk before opening the door once again letting Jagged and Marinette in. Before getting in and driving to the airport to take Jagged's private jet to America.
They meet Chloe and Audrey at the Gotham airport, both women wanting to welcome Marinette to America. They follow the three to Marinette's penthouse. Chloe is in love with the place and practically begs Marinette to let her live with her. Marinette smiles laughing and tells her she was going to offer her a room after a month or two. Audrey agrees, telling Chloe to just make sure and call her, so she knows they're both safe.
Marinette's penthouse is big! It has two guest rooms, specially for Jagged, Penny, and her designers, when they come to visit. However now one has become Chloe's room. A kitchen her great uncle would be jealous of. A personal gym. A living room with a ping pong table and flat screen tv. 3 bathrooms. Marinette's own designing room, and the Master suite. The Master suite had a loft bed with stairs leading up to it, not a ladder. A large area set up for gaming consoles and a flat screen tv. Underneath the loft was Marinette's desk and desktop. One wall was a complete window showing Gotham from above, and against the other wall was a large luxury dollhouse decked out with hand made furniture. Something Marinette had requested was special for the Kwami to not have to remain in the box twenty four seven.
Marinette has the entire summer to herself and she doesn't have to deal with her birth parents ignoring her. She and Chloe can't wait to explore Gotham, and although Mari wishes she could patrol like she used to. She knows that this is Batman's city, and she doesn't want to get on his bad side. Instead she'll explore on the ground, and fly in her gym, which she had specially fitted with the ceiling covered in bars and ropes.
She even agrees to teach Chloe how to use the rope nest, with a net underneath them of course.
That next day Marinette, Chloe Jagged, and Penny ended up in the Gotham Gazette. Everyone wanted to know why Jagged was in Gotham and who Marinette was. Penny ended up scheduling a video meeting between Jagged and Gotham's main news station. 
Jagged- I am not moving here, nor am I here for a show. You see my honorary niece. I have to say honorary because we arent actually related which is stupid! Anyway! She is my personal designer MDC, I only wear her clothing. She just graduated high school and got accepted at Gotham University. So she moved here, and Penny, Fang, and I wanted to spend the beginning of the summer with her! Mari! Come say hello!
Marinette- Uncle I swear if you want dinner you need to stop distracting me. Hello Madame, Monsieur, I'm Marinette more popularly known as MDC. Pleasure to meet you. I'm actually in college for my business degree!
Chloe- Don't forget me! Honestly you two can be ridiculous together utterly-
Jagged and Mari smiling mischievously at her- Ridiculous!
Chloe huffs before turning to the newscaster- Chloe Bourgeois, I am Marinette's main model and top female model. I moved here with Marinette as well, though I won't be going to college, you will see me around the city doing photoshoots.
Penny takes over after Marinette and Chlke give quick interviews. Once the food is done both say goodbye and get excited to eat. However before Jagged hangs up everyone watches Marinette picks up Fang like he is nothing and cuddles him to her chest. Jagged burst into laughter and the interviewer's shocked face.
For the next couple weeks Marinette eagerly explores the city with Chloe, meeting people and unknowingly creating a name for herself. Orphans know that they can come to her for food or clothes and never have to worry about her turning them in.
A few weeks into living there they get an invitation to Bruce Wayne's upcoming charity ball. Marinette quickly gets to work making their outfits in time for the ball. While making sure the Kwami can handle Fang and that Fang knows not to eat them.
The three make waves when they arrive. Penny and Jagged wear matching outfits however they are drawn back and more muted than usual, still capturing their rock n roll vibes. Jaggeds favorite part is the music notes hand stitched on the arms of his jacket and the train of Penny's dress. Meanwhile Marinette's outfit is made to resemble the night sky and when she moves in the light her dress twinkles in the light. Chloe's is made to resemble the sun. It's a layer with yellow and orange tulle.
Jagged and Penny talk to the people conversing while Marinette talks to a few people before being able to edge herself away. While Chloe immerses herself with the other model at the gala. Marinette makes a sizable donation, the money a combination of her own and her designers making sure their names are also on the donation before making her way to the food table and snagging a few cookies eating them slowly while observing the people around her. 
Damian stumbles upon her when he finally finds an excuse to slip away. He doesn't speak to her at first just standing there sipping his champagne. They are both silent before Marinette snorts, placing her arm on his shoulder gently and leaning closer to whisper.
Marinette-look to our right the man in the terbile green suit is about to get slapped by his wife
Damian glances over and watches as Mr. Tennor gets slapped hard by his wife causing everyone to go silent as she berates him for thinking he could get away with bringing his Mistress to a charity event. Only for his Mistress to turn on him slapping him as well. Saying that he told her they were finishing their divorce. The Mistress huffs, turning to Mrs. Tennor and apologizes before storming out.
Damian turns away from the facing Marinette as he struggles not to laugh while the room is still silent. Once the talking picks back up Damian introduces himself and Marinette does the same. A little amused by the stars in Damian's eyes when he confirms she's MDC. He admits that her album covers are his favorites of Jagged's and that he has even attempted commissioning her but was unable to get in. Marinette apologizes telling him that recently she's been keeping the same clientele since she was planning on moving. She then pulls out her phone unlocking it and giving it to him. 
Marinette-Put your number in and I'll contact you tomorrow about what you want to commission.
The two spend the rest of the night talking and pointing out things about those around them. Marinette's hand remains on his shoulder and soon she is leaning against him, her head resting on his shoulder and his arm around her waist as they whisper back and forth. Pointing out different things to each other and hiding the laughter as best they can.
At one point Damian notices his father starting to walk over and quickly asks her to dance. Marinette is surprised at first but she notices Mr. Wayne makes his way towards them and smirks before nodding. Damian takes her hand leading her to the dance floor. Marinette smiles at him and starts teasing him asking if he didn't want his father to see her with him. Damian quickly tells her that's not it before realizing that she was joking. He rolls his eyes huffing at her saying that his father would make a scene. This causes Marinette to snort before agreeing to help each other hide from him for the night, and they do so successfully. The only one to catch the two is Chloe who gives Damian a quick one over before deeming him good enough for her Marinette. At the end of the night Jagged and Penny find Marinette and return to her penthouse. Marinette says goodbye to Damian kissing his cheek softly before leaving with them.
When Bruce finally catches up to his youngest he huffs wrapping an arm around his shoulder declaring that they were going to have a long talk on the ride home.
The rest of the night his entire family won't stop teasing him about actually dancing with a girl and not getting her number. They keep bringing it up until he smirks holding up his phone.
Damian- That's because she got mine instead. 
He leaves the room leaving his brother in slight shock while Alfred holds up a camera and asks if they want to see pictures of the two together.
A week later Marinette meets Robin for the first time when Marinette is cornered in an alley. When Robin drops down startling them Marinette jumps into action stomping on one guy's foot getting him to release her before flipping him over her shoulder. Then she attacks at the two closest to her she flips over one's shoulder dropping behind him and kicking his legs out from under him. Punching him hard in the face. After knocking him out she jumps back as the other guy attempts to hit her. She dodges and blocks his punch before flipping back and crouching launching herself forward and punching him in the gut hard. She steps back breathing hard as she watches Robin take out the last guys. Robin turns to her and looks her over making sure she isn't hurt. Marinette thanks him softly leaning against the wall trying to catch her breath. Once she is calmed down Robin escorts her home.
The next day Damian messages her asking her on a date. Marinette teasingly asks if he's just doing this to convince her to give him a discount and he just groans. Marinette laughs telling him to pick her up at 6.
Marinette and Damian spend the summer getting to know each other and going on dates. Meeting Damian's family was an adventure for her, she loved getting to know the boys, Stephanie, Barbara, and Cass. (Dick and Barbara are definitely married in this one.) She also found it extremely easy to figure out her Damian was Robin, who she always caught stopping by on the roof across from her building.
Chloe bonds phenomenally with Stephanie; the two girls are practically glued at the hip. They spend almost all their time together, and while they don't voice it, the majority of the family had a feeling they were dating.
Soon after Chloe discovers their secret as well. They both decided not to tell them they knew because both girls knew how important secret identities were. The only people that knew Marinette was a hero was Cass and Alfred, and that was because Cass had noticed Tikki and Alfred was Duusuu's holder a long time ago.
The three bond phenomenally well, so much so that Damian is worried Cass may steal his Marinette. 
Soon the end of summer is on them and Damian finally asks Marinette to be his girlfriend and she agrees. They are now Gotham's power couple. Pictures and videos of them are everywhere on the news and Twitter.
There are even Tiktoks of them while they're out in public. Marinette's favorite is them dancing in the rain one day both laughing and smiling brightly as some kids join them.
Marinette is named Gotham's new Princess and is praised by Damian's old classmates for breaking through and making the 'Ice Prince' smile and laugh.
Soon after Chloe and Stephanie announce that they are dating as well. Both couples are all over the news and papers.
Halfway through their first year of college Lex Luthor is named President of the United States. This causes the heros to panic however they make no moves instead they begin building a case against him. This comes to a halt when the entire Batfamily is cut off from them. An earthquake wreaks Gotham killing millions and destroying the city and the bridges giving them access to the rest of the states. President Luthor locks down Gotham essentially giving up on the city and allowing no outside contact or help.
It's during this period of time that Marinette and Chloe reveal they know their identities by crashing a meeting in the Batcave.
Marinette- Yes, yes, we know and will explain later, but right now I have a plan on how to get Gotham back on its feet.
Marinette's plan relies heavily on her and Bruce's businesses. The Wayne family and Marinette are going to rebuild Gotham from the bottom up. She tells Bruce that publicly Batman is going to hand over the only way of communication outside of Gotham over to Bruce Wayne during a press conference. Then Bruce will announce their plans of using this resource to continue to bring money into the city through him and Marinette. The family is going to be hiring clean up crews, medical workers, and construction workers to rebuild their city. Marinette and Bruce focus mainly on bringing in money. Jason's focus is on helping orphans, street kids, and newly made orphans. Setting up better Orphanages with better staff and making sure no kid is a meal ticket. Dick's focus is on getting the police force back up with Gordon's help and weeding out as many corrupt cops. Tim focuses on hiring construction workers and clean up crews getting Gotham cleaned up and starting reconstruction. Cass is the one helping find more medical personnel and working with getting hospitals up and going. Damian personally spoke with Gothams bigger villains in Arkham explaining what happened and what Luthor is trying to do. Thanks to him Arkham is pretty much guaranteed no breakouts. In fact many were surprised to see henchmen from different villains joining in on the clean up. Kate also helps out working hard to get electricity back up and running with electricians  while making sure no down wires are active. Stephanie and Chloe are praised for getting out and helping the clean up crews as well as the police with finding bodys of missing citizens.
It takes over a year but the Wayne family, Marinette, and Chloe get Gotham back on its feet better than ever. And they use Luthor's abandonment of Gotham to get him impeached. After they've finally reopened Gotham to the rest of the states, Bruce throws a city wide party. He even sends special catering to Arkham asylum as thanks to the villains for not just remaining there but sending their henchmen out to help. 
Bruce gives a big thanks to everyone for all their help with rebuilding their beautiful city.
It's shortly after his speech Damian and Marinette are enjoying the small fair that Bruce paid for. They are walking through the game area sharing cotton candy when Damian gets lost in the moment and asks her to marry him. Marinette laughs pulling him into a deep kiss causing citizens around them to start cheering. She waits until they've quieted down before pulling back.
Marinette-Yes Damian, I'll marry you!
This causes citizens to burst into cheers again. All of them giving their cities power couple their congratulations. While Damian is embarrassed saying that he doesn't have a ring for her. Marinette just smiles and kisses him softly telling him not having a ring isn't a big deal because she would have said yes either way.
A few minutes later a soft spoken Hispanic woman exits her jewelry booth giving them two small rings.
The woman-This is for until he finally gets you one Miss. Free of charge, consider it a thanks for helping my city and a congratulations present. 
She squeezes both their hands smiling softly at the two and congratulates them before leaving them.
After the city party, they finally address Marinette and Chloe knowing their identities. It happens at Marinette's rebuilt penthouse. Marinette smiles telling them that it was the Kwami that really pointed it out to her. While Chloe tells them she caught Stephanie in her outfit one night and just pretended she had been asleep the entire time. Everyone but Alfred is confused about the Kwami until Marinette asks them to come out. The Kwami fly in spreading around the room, Duusuu sits calmly on Alfred's shoulder, Pollen resting herself in Chloe's hair, while Tikki and Plagg float by Marinette's shoulders.
Marinette-Let me introduce you to Kwami. Gods and Goddesses that grant their chosens their powers. Tikki and Plagg are the two most powerful Destruction and Bad Luck, Creation and Good Luck. I'm Tikki's chosen, I am-'re Paris's missing heros.
Marinette sighs softly nodding thinking about her last day as Ladybug
Chloe- I was Honeywell for a short while until I moved to america. Pollen and I were a great team.
Pollen petting her hair gently-We were the best my Queen.
Marinette-Paris started relying on me for everything. The police stopped doing their jobs and when I finally defeated the villain that was plaguing them, it wasn't enough. I loved being a hero but they expected me to do everything. You all know that it isn't possible to do everything.
Bruce asks why she never went out as Ladybug. Marinette smiles and tells him that while she misses it she knew that this was Batman's city and that metas weren't allowed.
Marinette-I know technically I'm not one, but Tikki gives me powers.
After that Marinette begins to train with Bruce so that she can hit the streets with them, without the Miraculous. Chloe while learning how to fight with Stephanie declines becoming a vigilante with them. Marinette loves every second of it, she loves actually having a mentor to teach her. And it felt nice to have a father figure in her life once again. Six months later she is joining the family for her first night of patrol as BlackBird.
Blackbird spends most of her time with Batwomem, on patrol and missions. Her first big villain was Riddler, however before he could even utter a riddle Blackbird tore into him for his terrible outfit. To the point that Riddler practically threw himself at Batman in tears crying and telling him his new protégé was mean.
Blackbird is a rising hero in Gotham and the hero community. Soon she begins attending Justice League meetings with the others considering joining. It is there she meets Wonder Women, and asks how her mother is doing. Diana realizes quickly that she is speaking with a Guardian and finds out later that Blackbird is the current Ladybug as well.
The family also begins planning Damian and Marinette's public wedding and their private wedding. Stephanie is the one that asks her if she wants to have the private wedding in Paris, everyone only a little surprised she straight out refuses.
Marinette-I said goodbye all that time ago, and I don't think I wish to return.
That night she asks Bruce to walk her down the aisle along with her grandfather. When asked about her own parents Marinette smiles sadly telling them that they no longer consider her their daughter, so they were not invited. Bruce smiles softly brushing Marinette's hair down gently with his hand before agreeing to walk her. She asks Chloe to be her Maid of Honor and Kate, Cass, and Stephanie to be her Bridesmaid
Three weeks later they are sending out invites to people for their private wedding in 6 months and the public one in a year.
Marinette asks Jagged and Luka to be the entertainment for both nights and they agree. Sabine and Tom are not invited; they find out when Gina shows up excited asking why they never told her Marinette had met someone in America. They are even more surprised to find out Rolland is closing up shop and going to the wedding as well. Gina is upset to find out they kicked Marinette out and tears into them. At this point Lila comes into the bakery and tries to sway Gina onto her side. Gina just scoffs and shakes her head, telling her she'd never believe another girl over her granddaughter.
Gina storms out of the bakery refusing to talk to her son or daughter-in-law. After she leaves they google their daughter trying to find out who she is engaged to, they find out everything about Marinette helping rebuild Gotham out of her own pocket with the help of Bruce Wayne, and her engagement to Damian Wayne.
They try every attempt to contact her even going through old friends only to find she changed her number. They don't hear anything more of her until a year later when their wedding is broadcast from Gotham. Tom cries when Marinette is escorted down the aisle by her Grandfather and Bruce Wayne. She stops hugging them both tightly before taking Damian's hands, their eyes unable to leave each other, as they say their vows.
Marinette- Before I even had colleges lined up one of my best friends told me to follow the call. A few weeks later three colleges accepted me, but only one kept calling me back, Gotham University. I couldn't stop researching the city, I couldn't get it out of my head. It was like something was waiting for me here, so I decided to accept Gotham University. I moved here with one of my friends expecting an adventure. I didn't think my adventure would lead me to the love of my life, but it did. I love you Damian, with all my heart. My next adventure is standing by your side till the end of time.
Damian- Marinette Wayne, no I did not mess up. Marinette, you have been a part of my family since the moment you placed your hand on my shoulder and pointed out Mr. Tennor was about to be slapped. Our entire first night together felt magical as cheesy as it sounds. Every day after was amazing, I couldn't believe I met someone as amazing as you. When the earthquake happened and you stepped up helping my family rebuild the city, I knew I wanted you by my side for the rest of my life. So much so that I proposed to you spur of the moment in the middle of the fair, I will forever be grateful that you agreed to marry me. My heart, body, and soul belong to you and solely you Marinette till the end of time.
 When the priest pronounces them husband and wife and announces the kiss Marinette grabs his face gently pulling him down into a deep kiss.
The reception is also broadcast to the public with many famous people offering their congratulations to the happy couple to the camera before heading into the party. Marinette and Damian are the last to arrive and while they don't talk to the camera they stop posing together for the camera. Both unwilling to even leave the other side. Throughout the reception all the speeches are broadcasted. The final speech is from the newly married couple. Both of them thanking everyone that came to the wedding. Telling them that they wouldn't be where they were without their friends and family in the room. They share a sweet kiss in front of the crowd at the end of their speech.
Chloe moves into an apartment with Stephanie, while Damian moves into Marinette's penthouse. They are hardly seen separate from each other, pictures of them together are all over the internet and news.
Damian also leaves the title of Robin behind becoming Redbird becoming partners with Blackbird. The two partners are soon dubbed the new Dynamic Duo of Gotham.
They both graduate college together, Damian going into Wayne Enterprises taking over as Ceo with Tim when Bruce steps down. While Marinette built her own fashion empire soon rivaling Audrey's. Her fashion is known around the world, but out of all the cities the most of her sales come from Gotham. Gothamites still not forgetting the young adult that spent billions to help them rebuild.
Soon Marinette and Damian discover that Marinette is pregnant. The two are ecstatic to be parents, Marinette begs Bruce to hold a big family dinner with everyone, and he agrees. Halfway through dinner Bruce finally asks why Marinette called all of them together. Marinette smiles softly before announcing that she is pregnant.
The family burst into cheers, everyone extremely excited and talking with each other about what the baby's name would be.
A few months later they find out its twins. One boy and one girl. They agree on the names Thomas John Wayne and Mary Martha Wayne. This causes both Bruce and Dick to tear up when told.
When the twins are born they are all Gothamites can talk about. The new Wayne twins, everyone can't wait to watch them grow up.
In Paris their grandparents hold on to pictures they find online, knowing they'll never get to know them. That they'll never get to see their daughter again either.
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trickstermiraculous · a year ago
Another AO3 Fic Rec
Lila Salt
Tumblr media
Unexpected Help - General / Complete - Marinette reflects on the past few months since Lila came to her school and threatened her. She didn't actually expect her to make good on her threats. As she lost all her old friends to Lila, she made a new one she never expected, who vows to bring down Lila Rossi once and for all.
Adrien and Marinette - Frickin Couples Goals  - General / Complete - 
A dash of crack 1 teaspoon of class salt one grain of background character development 1 cup of Lila salt 1/2 a backbone for Caline bustier A hint of Gabriel redemption A pinch of Chloe redemption 16 ounces of Adrien declaring his love for Marinette Bake it for 15 minuter at 360 degrees Remove and let cool Ice it with A BuzzFeed - "10 times Adrien and Marinette were couples goals" Et voila! A quality, fluffy (little bit bitter) Adrinette fic.
Basically Lila pulls some shit, it backfires cuz she’s dumb, and lots of adrinette cuteness.
Best Friends - Teen / Complete -  Dating your best friend is the best thing, especially when they defend you.
Her Boyfriend, My Girlfriend  - General / Complete - Marinette's class is insistent on her turning up to a date with Adrien that Alya prepared.What they don't know is that she already has a date, with a boyfriend that none of them would expect.
Jagged Stone - General / Complete -  Different Lila Rossi exposes. From various celebs to some of her own classmates...
Grudges Can Last A Life Time - General / Incomplete -  Three Kwami hold grudges from their one of their chosens death. What will happen when they realize the current Miraculous wielders have been reincarnated each time and were always their chosen?
Chloé Bourgeois: HBIC - Teen / Complete - Now, Chloé Bourgeois may be a “Queen Bitch”, but these students were her subjects. And Lila was on her turf, dammit.
Remember, the Hive protects the Queen - General / Complete -  The class has no idea that you don’t mess with the Queen if you don’t want to be stung by the hive.
Success is Sweet - Teen / Complete -  Lila may still be out for Marinette's guts. But Marinette has a plan, friends to help her, and a good lawyer.
CONSEQUENCES - Not Rated / Incomplete -  Where Lila suffers for the crimes she commits. Some she's done on the show, others will be scenarios of my own invention.
Fashion Upgrade - Teen / Complete - After the events of Ladybug, Lila goes to Bustier and Damocles with a sob story about how she's afraid Marinette will retaliate against her. Bustier and Damocles decide to move Francois Dupont's "Everyday Ladybug" to a new class where she won't be a discipline problem any more.The lucky teacher? Mendeleiev.New class, new friends, old schemes and a group project worth twenty percent of their yearly grade.
Other Character Salt
Tumblr media
Opportunity - General / Complete -  Marinette has gotten the biggest commission in her young career so far. She’s willing to share the spotlight with Alya, but the blogger needs to do one little thing first.
Home Support - Not Rated / Incomplete -  Marinette decides to prioritize herself after her class isolates her, turns out it's the best idea she's ever had.
Marinette Refuses - General / Complete -  This was it. If they didn't read her proof then let them get hurt later. It won't be Marinette's fault.
Baby Bean - Teen / Complete -  Marinette Wayne has recently been adopted, but old habits die hard. Luckily, her new siblings are there when she inevitably crashes.
Was it Worth it? - General / Complete -  Marinette's been bullied by most of her classmates for months, and has only been hanging on due to her remaining friends and her girlfriend, Kagami. On the day before she's set to transfer out of her class, her classmates come to her with demands for new clothes for an upcoming dance. Marinette snaps.
Extra Fics
Tumblr media
Atlas - Teen / Incomplete -  Burdened with the memories of Chat Blanc, Adrien dating Kagami, Chat becoming distant, losing her allies’ identities to Hawkmoth, finding herself alone and on the receiving end of Lila’s schemes over and over again, fending off akumas that keep targeting her and now finally becoming the Guardian, Marinette is forced to take a step back to re-evaluate her feelings and prioritising some things in her life, and she finds her feelings for Adrien the easiest place to start.
You May Feel Alone... - General / Complete -  Ladybug comes across a young kid crying, kicked out of his home because he is trans, and attempts to comfort him.
So late the party has left - Teen / Complete -  While on the hunt for Gorilla Grodd, The justice League learn that Paris is not what they thought it was.
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artxyra · a year ago
TA Marinette - DC Version
Here’s a little something for Daminette shippers: 
“Oh yes, I am dating Damian Wayne, we just kept it under wraps until we were ready.” Lila started to tell her classmate-- no subordinates when the senior field trip was announced. What a great way to turn the tables back on her.
She could only smirk when she saw Marinette’s upset facial expression. However, the wasn’t the case for Marinette.
For Marinette, she was disappointed with the school’s faculty (aka her co-workers) for choosing one of the most dangerous places there is in the world, and for choosing a hotel that was practically in the heart of all crimes. Now that has made her job even harder. Yay, the joins of being a teacher assistant to the class that was chosen to go.
Now back with Lila, she was spinning more than enough lies under the impression that they would not be meeting Bruce Wayne. So far, her favorite is that he’ll be on a business trip to Europe.
It was when the class period that has ended is when Mlle. Bustier asks Marinette to look over the permission slips and make sure everyone's parents signed. Marinette nods and begins to send out emails regarding the trip that will start in a week.
The trip didn’t come late enough. The moment Marinette entered the airport, Lila and her crew were already making jokes about her tardiness and that she shouldn’t even be on this trip. That would have been true if she was a student, but she’s not. The reason she was tardy was because of airport security and a late-night chat with her pen-pal from Gotham.
“Come along everyone, our plane is about to board.” Mlle. Bustier calls out her students.
Oh, the joy of how much Marinette enjoyed being off the plane. Lila clearly wasn’t secret about her hatred towards Marinette by making side remarks on how Mlle. Bustier forced her to sit next to her. In fact, it was the total opposite, the reason why Marinette was seated next to the teacher was because of papers that need to be graded and that’s how the school funded for their flight.
Marinette was surprised when they were able to make it to their hotel without any problems. Maybe it was her Ladybug luck, and if it was, then can it stay with them until the end of their trip. Filling out paperwork is not fun when there are issues regarding someone’s health.
“Marinette here is your room key,” Mlle. Bustier hands the dark-haired graduate her room key. That caused a bunch of reactions.
“Wha—why does Marinette get her own room?” Alya asks in a very accusatory undertone. “Lila should be the one to get a single room.”
Mlle. Bustier raises an eyebrow at her student. “Do any of you want to room with Marinette then?” She asks and just as quickly as she said that the question was dropped in the motion of a gag. “That’s what I thought.”
Marinette takes the keys and journey’s up to her room. The room was nice, at least nice for a place filled with failed health regulation.
Lila could only internally smirk as she puts on a sad face. The liar, literally, was making her subordinates feel sympathy for Marinette but immediately draws it back to herself by bringing up a new disease she recently just uncovered.
Caline Bustier could only feel disappointed in her class. Ever since Marinette became her TA, she began to see the true colors of her students and play along with it under Marinette's permission. How could she let it get so bad? The universe may never know—well actually it does. It was because of placing Marinette on such a pedestal that was broken the teen had graduated.
The next day, Marinette woke up to messages from her pen-pal about them meeting up in person after several months of video chatting. Marinette knew she would have a few hours of freedom to hang out, so she quickly told them her schedule and ask for potential meet up places.  
They agree to meet at Wayne Enterprises.
Marinette smiles and continues to get ready with the help of Tikki.
The class could not contain their excitement for touring Wayne Enterprise. Today, there’s a long lecture about how the company came to be and what plans they have for the future. Then they’ll tour all the important levels and meet with the directors of each section. Little did they know was that Marinette was going to be taken out of the meetings.
“Good morning, I am Mr. Grayson, and I will be your tour guide for the day.” Dick introduced himself. Marinette tries to hold in a chuckle, however, if it wasn’t for Lila being near her, she would have gotten away with it.
“What’s so funny, Marinette?” Lila asks in the best confused look and childish voice she could perform.
“Nothing, an inside joke, that is all.” The graduate answers sending a smirk to the liar and a sheepish smile towards Dick.
Dick nods and begins to talk about their plans for today. However, Marinette draws him when before catching the sight of her long-time pen pal, Damian Wayne. She quickly whispers a few words into Mlle. Bustier’s ear before disappearing to meet up with Damian.
“You know if you haven’t told me so much about this place. I would have stayed with the group.” Marinette states taking a seat next to the Wayne heir.
“Wouldn’t have it any other way, Angel.” He replies pulling her into his arms. “Are you ready for our date.”
Marinette huffs, “I didn’t get dressed like this for nothing, Wayne.”
Damian smirks and the two get up from their sit and makes a break for the nearest exit. 
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The Betrothal Pt. 1
• Sabine Cheng grew up in the League of Assassins. She left when she was 17 after meeting Tom on a mission in Paris. In order to leave she beat Talia in a fight.
• Talia and Sabine are best friends, and though Talia is pretty heartless she has a soft spot for Sabine's family and holds them in high regards. The last time they saw each other in person before their children's birth was Sabine's wedding.
• When Marinette is born Talia visits and is named her Godmother, she stays until they open the bakery in celebration of her birth.
• When Damian is born Sabine and Marinette visit Infinity Island to see him. Sabine is named Godmother, and Talia proposes the idea of them being betrothed.
• Sabine agrees however she does not want her daughter or godson stuck in a loveless marriage. She and Talia agree on conditions.
1. Every summer they spend it with each other starting when they turn four. Alternating between Infinity Island and Paris.
2. They will be told of the betrothal the summer of their ninth birthday.
3. If either one of them is not in love with the other the betrothal will be broken.
• When they turn four Marinette spends her frist summer with Damian on Infinity Island. They summer consists heavily of training from sun up till four in the afternoon, at which time Talia allows them to be kids. Talia deems that Marinette would fight best with a style similar to the first Robin's. She immediately brings two teaches to the island in order to teach Marinette Gymnastics and ariel arts. Marinette and Damian get along quickly, Talia is pleased to see her usually serious son smile and laugh with her goddaughter. They both have small parties for their birthdays, they turn five.
• When summer is over Marinette and Damian are sad to say goodbye to each other. Talia assures both of them they will see each other next year in Paris. Marinette's gymnastic and ariel arts teachers follow her back and forth between Paris and the Island.
• The next year Talia drops Damian of in Paris. Their summer still consists of training, however Sabine focuses more on letting them have fun. She does take their training seriously she just shortens their sessions and gives them every Friday off. Marinette develops a love for drawing over the summer and drags Damian into it with her. Their birthdays are a bigger celebration this year and they have a joint party when Sabine and Tom take them to Disneyland Paris, they turn six. This time when they part Marinette is crying and Damian refuses to stop hugging her until she stops. Talia promises to visit for Christmas and New Year to cheer Marinette up.
• Talia decides to stay with the family for the holidays and catch up more with Sabine. She even helps out in the bakery during the holiday rush. Everyone that comes to the bakery leaves talking about the beautiful women that comands your attention without saying anything. When leaving Talia agrees to spend the Christmas and New years with them again next year.
• When the next summer comes Marinette and Damian spend their free time exploring Infinity Island. During one of their explanations Marinette stumbles upon Ra. At first Ra wants to get rid of the Mari, deeming her a brat, but he quickly realizes that she was Sabine's child. Instead he decides to indulge their curiosity to learn more of his best students child and his grandson. The next day he shows up and takes over their training session. Talia is worried and panicking even though she is calm on the outside, she is relieved when she sees her father pulling his punches during their spars.
• By the end of the summer Talia and Ra trade off the days they train the kids. Talia's sessions focus on them fighting by themselves, while Ra makes them the perfect duo. Ra even attends their small birthday party giving them both sketch books and pencils. Then he gives Marinette a beautiful necklace.
• And gives Damian a a leather band bracelet with a matching gem fastened on it. They turn eight.
• Ra is there with Talia and Damian when Sabine arrives to pick up Marinette. Sabine is surprised when Marinette extendes andmn invite to Ra to spend the holidays with them. And is shocked when Ra agrees to come.
• That Christmas Talia and Damian stay with the Dupain-Chengs while Ra stays at Le Grand Paris. He decides to begin teaching Marinette and Damian other languages. By the next year it is clear they are fast learners when they are already having shaky conversations together in English. Ra finds it amusing that the bakery's regulars find both him and his daughter to be charming. When Damian, Talia, and Ra are leaving Marinette promises Ra that the next time they meet she'll be speaking to him in English without an accent.
• Before the end of the school year the school conducts a IQ test and are surprised when Marinette's score is 187. The teachers are surprised they knew Marinette was smart, she was the top student in the school and never scored below 100. They gain permission for more tests and discover that Marinette has eidetic memory. After discovering this the school tries to convince Sabine and Tom to let Marinette skip grades. They refuse wanting to keep her with her age group, but agree to allow the school to give her more advanced work compared to the other students.
• When Damian arrives in Paris Talia and Sabine pull them aside and tell them of the betrothal. At first Damian and Marinette are upset and refuse to talk to their mothers, instead they retreat up to Marinette's room curled together on her chase chair. After half an hour Damian breaks the silence teasing her about her room still being almost entirely pink. Marinette pushes him of the chase huffing, claiming pink was her scond favorite color and that none of the paints matched his eyes. They burst into laughter smiling at each other, before deciding that being betrothed wasnt so bad because whats better than marrying your best friend.
• They spend the summer heavily training, Sabine training them more than she usually does out of slight worry. She Talia and Ra have agreed to announce Marinette and Damian's betrothal to the League of Assassins. While she know it is unlike Marinette will become a target she does not want to take any precautions. This year for their birthday they have a small celebration because Tom and Sabine have a big catering order. Ra sends them two engagement rings with a letter say this will do for now until they buy the rings themselves.
• Marinette puts it on her necklace and grabs a necklace chain so that Damian can do that same.
• When the end of summer comes they are sad to part ways and spend their last day together playing video games in Mari's room.
• After that summer Talia takes Damian to make his first kill. Slowly escalating till he is taking missions on his own. He is also told more about his father. When Marinette find out about him killing she isnt happy but she accepts it as long as Damian promises not to kill innocents. She is more upset to see how he becomes obsessed with the fact that he is the blood son of Batman. She is angry with Talia and Ra who are making him see himself as more important, because of it. Marinette spends the school year excelling in class and pulling pranks on Chloe never getting caught once.
• When the next summer arrives Marinette and Damian are excited to see each other. Marinette makes it clear that she doesnt want him to go on any missions while shes there and Damian agrees. They spend the summer learning more about Bruce Wayne together. Marinette panics slightly when Damian closes in on himself becoming angry when he realizes his father adopted three sons and two girls. At first he is insistent that he want to kill them, but Marinette quickly stops that idea pointing out how upset Bruce would be if he did. At the end of the summer Ra holds a meeting calling back almost every Assassin. He announces the betrothal of his heir Damian and Marinette, after this everyone in th League begins to refer to Marinette as Princess or Mistress much to her annoyance. Ra finds it amusing and for their tenth birthday gifts them both crowns.
• Once Marinette returns to Paris Talia announces that Damian is going to Gotham to learn from his father. Marinette is excited for him and encourages him to try to get to know his brothers and sisters as well. His first meeting does not go well when Tim makes a comment about Bruce already having sons. Causing a fight that quickly gets physical. This causes more distance between Damian amd his family. After a month with no changes except for Dick, Damian is considering leaving and joining Mari in Paris. Mari and her parents are more than happy to let him stay in his room at their house but encourage him to stay a little while longer. Damian starts spending more time with Dick, knowing the eldest was actually trying to know him. He grows closer to Dick actually enjoying his company, and the small gymnastics lessons he teaches Damian. He also talks to Dick about killing and although he still believes some people deserve to die he understands most of the family's standings.
• Damian attempts to get closer to his father but he can pretty much feel the wall that Bruce is putting between them. He only admits to Marinette how much it hurts to see his father hug and smile at his siblings, but not him.
• One morning Tim overnhears the conversation, at first he is curious on who Damian was talking to, but then he actually listens to the conversation. He felt bad for the comment he made when they first met. Tim goes to Dick in order to learn more about Damian, then he begins to pay more attention to Damian. He notices Damian has a hidden love for animals. With Alfred's help they find a fiesty little black and white cat for Damian. Alfred convinces Tim to give the cat to Damian, he does it at breakfast infront of the family. Damian is a little hostile at first until the cat swipes at him. He takes the cat nodding at Tim in thanks not able to bring himself to say it.
• The family is shocked to see Tim do something nice for Damian, and even more shocked when Damian softens just holding the cat. Dick snorts when Damian announces the cats name is Alfred. Slowly Tim and Damian become closer, they acknowledge each other more, Damian begins calling him Tim and Tim stops calling him Demon spawn.
• Damian grows closer with Cass both able to easily read each others body language. They prefer to sit in the library together, either reading or Cass watching Damian draw.
• Jason decides to bond with Damian by teaching him how to shoot with Alfred. He is a little jealous at how fast Damian picks it up, he then convinces Damian to spar with him.
• Damian and Stephenie have and unspoken prank war going on. Neither truely acknowledges it, and no one in the family knows, but they both know whos attacking who.
• The only person Damian hasnt bonded with is Bruce.
• One night Damian is sent an emergency message from Talia demanding his presence at the docks immediately. Damian pulls on a hoodie pulling the hood up and puts a mask on sneaking out of the manor. In his haste he accidentally triggers an alarm. Unknown to him he now has the Batfamily following him. His mother is easy to spot on the docks the moment he land he launches into her arms hugging her demanding to know whats wrong.
• Talia frowns softly pulling back looking at his face. She gently takes his mask off brushing his bangs back. She stares at him for a while looking lost, causing Damian to panic.
• "Little Prince, your grandfather is dead, and I am afraid the pits wont bring him back this time."
• Damian is shocked he pulls his arm to his chest rubbing the bracelet his grandfather got him, thinking about the silly crown his grandfather got him, now knowing that its the last present he'll ever receive from him. As Talia explained that she and his Aunt are taking over the League. Damian nods thinking to himself before voicing his thoughts.
• "Mother-Mom" he corrected himself softly signifying that he wanted to speak to the softer side of his mother. "I wish to remain here in Gotham. While father and I arent close I have gotten closer to my new siblings. I also-" Damian stops hesitant to voice what he wants. "Mom, I don't want to kill. I know Im supposed to be the prince of the League and the perfect assassin, but I don't want to kill."
• Talia grabs his face stroking his cheeks gently and kisses his forehead. When their eyes meet the tension in Damian's posture disappears as he melts into his mom's embrace.
• " You will still be the Prince, Beloved. That is a title that I will never let be taken from you. However I will allow you to stay here and no longer kill. Just as father and I did for Sabine all those years ago."
• Damiam nods before asking if Marinette and Sabine know about grandfathers passing. Talia hugs her son tightly telling him that his Aunt is on her way to tell them now. She runs her fingers through Damian's hair as she makes eye contact with Batman her eyes hardening as she glares at him. Her eyes soften when she meets the rests eyes nodding to them, in her own way of thanks. She releases him straightening out pushing her soft side down once again. Telling Damian to return to the manor, before he leaves she reminds him that he'll always have a place on the Island.
• Once he was gone she turned her glare on Batman demanding that he act like a father. Before turning and leaving to the boat where her men were waiting.
• When the family gets home Bruce decides to have a heart to heart with Damian. He knocks on the door before opening it to find Damian laying on his bed Alfred the cat on his chest.
• Bruce sits down on the edge of the bed and apologizes. Promising to actually try to get to know him instead of ignoring him. He even agrees to train with him, and think about bringing him into the loop. A few days later Bruce comes home with a great dane. Dick smiles and tells the story of Ace the first Bat-Hound.
• That stops a month later when Darkseid kills Bruce. After a few weeks with no Batman, Gotham is being over run, so Dick takes up the cowl. He talks to Tim who is convinced that Bruce is still alive, while Dick doesnt believe he decides to support Tim in his research. He also asks him to allow Damian to become Robin.
• When Tim tries to fight him Dick quickly puts and end to it explaining his reasoning to Tim.
• "Tim, Im not doing this because I dont think your good enough. Tim I see you as my equal, yes Batman and Robin are supposed to be partners. However their roles are also as mentor and protégé. Since Damian has been here I took him as my protégé, I want to give him the chance Tim. Just like Bruce gave Jason, you, and me. Not only that, Timmy your ready to step out of the shadow, you've been ready for a while. I didnt want to say anything because I wanted you to realize on your own. I see now that I have to give you a little push, Its time to leave the nest and fly Tim."
• Tim is silent for a while before agreeing to find his own hero persona, and pass Robin on to another. Damian is ecstatic when Tim gives him the mantle, and it makes Tim feel better when he sees Damian actually brighten up. A few weeks later the dynamic duo hits the streets. While people can tell its not the first Batman, they quickly realize he is just as good if not better than the old.
• Stephanie helps Tim in his research both of them switch to online schooling as Tim and Dick take over as Co-Ceos of Wayne Enterprises. Dick is sad when he puts in his resignation to the police chief but he knows he has too. After a while the family moves from the manor to the Wayne penthouse, everyone unable to be there without Bruce.
• On their first big mission Batman and Robin take a cow from a slaughter house that they believe may have been poisoned. It is clear to everyone in the family that Damian has become incredibly attached to the cow. Dick lets him keep it and Damian, he names her Batcow.
• One night the family walks down into their current 'cave' at the hotel, and find the original Justice Leaguers sans Batman yelling at Dick for taking up the mantel. They demand to hold a funeral for Batman and have his title put away for good.
• Dick refuses, he refuses to let them do that and he refuses to give up the cowl.
• "I know my father didnt want me to take up the cowl!! But I will not let Gotham fall while he is gone, and I will not let Batman!! Gotham needs Batman and I will make sure this city has him. No matter what you say, this isn't your city. It mine now and I am keeping the same rules. No metas in Gotham, leave. Now."
• After they leave Dick bursts into tears as Alfred pulls him into a hug comforting him as he accepts the fact that he just got into a huge fight with people he considered family.
• The rest of the night his siblings make sure there isnt a moment of silence, knowing that Dick misses being able to chatter on and on, but wont because he took up Batman.
• Dick slowly changes some rules in the family and Gotham. Everyone now has one night off each week that is mandatory. They also have mandatory family nights once a week before patrol. Dick also allows a few metas into the city, under the condition that they only fight if asked to. He is not surprised when he finds Connor encouraging Tim out of his bedroom to eat breakfast. Instead of staying in the city Kori visits every other day before returning to the Titans.
• The family decides together to announce Jasons return and use a cover up story that in the explosion he lost his memory and only got it back a few months ago. Together the family is taking Gotham over, all of them earning the Titles of Gotham's new Princes and Princesses. Dick and Tim are the faces of Wayne Enterprises, opening new devisions and building and hiring more people. Jason begins working to help street kids opening and sponsoring multiple Orphanages. He makes sure only the best people are working at them, and that no kids are used as meal tickets. Tim focuses heavily on Wayne Enterprises and merges Drake Industries into the company, every news article is about how incrediblly smart he is at 17. Stephanie is working as Tim amd Dick's 'secretary' and organizes all of the Wayne families charities, become the face of their Charity organizations. Cass organizes charities for children and teens with disabilities and for hospitals within three months Gotham's hospitals have beeter tech, more works and programs where heros visit every week. Damian is already all over the news since he is Bruce's blood son but now they are talking about his work towards helping animals and the environment. He opens a few parks and animal sanctuaries in Gotham. And even dedicates one to Poison Ivy stating that while she is radical, she wasnt always and the person she was before that deserved acknowledgment.
• When the summer arrives the family find Damian in his room packing his bags, and they panic thinking that he is leaving and returning to his mother. Stephanie bursts into tears in the door way surprising the family as she rushes in hugging Damian. Begging him not to leave him and saying she'll stop the prank war that she just wants him to stay. Soon Dick is crying and hugging them to begging Damian not to leave them. Soon everyone is in the hug even Alfred and Cass. Talia finds the family like this ten minutes later after she arrives, she is heavily amused and makes sure to comment startling everyone that didnt notice her.
• "Honestly all these tears? He'll be back at the end of the summer, you all were always so emotional, especially you Richard."
• Dick sniffs not meeting her eyes as Tim questions Talia. She quickly realizes that she forgot to tell the family about the summer agreement. Damian notices his mother's shift and tells the family of his trips between Paris and Infinity Island every summer. The family is surprised to find out that Damian is engaged. They all want to meet Marinette but Damian refuses saying they'll meet her when she comes to Gotham next summer. Before Talia leaves Dick asks for permission to adopt Damian, telling her how he had began to think of him as a son, and that he is worried that if Bruce really is dead that CPS will try and take him. Talia gives him her blessing as she fixes his tie looking him in the eye.
• "Although he didn't want you to take up the cowl, Bruce would be incredibly proud of you. As Batman and as Richard Grayson-Wayne."
• Marinette was sad that Damian and Talia didnt come to Paris for Christmas but she understands why. She is there for Damian supporting his in his distress of his fathers passing and in his distress of starting to see Richard as a father. When he becomes Robin she starts training harder determined to join him one day. She also discovers a love for fashion and begins teaching herself how to sew and make clothes.
• When the school years ends Marinette is ecstatic for Damian's arrival. She can't wait to spend the entire summer with him. His arrival is emotional for the two, they stand together hugging for thirty minutes only letting go when Talia announces that she is leaving.
• Damian spends the summer teaching Marinette everything he has learned from Dick. Marinette is slightly jealous that Damian is learning from the hero that her entire style is based off of. He is more than happy to tell Marinette about Dick. He also becomes Marinette's mannequin and model, he smiles watching Mari quickly excel he clothes coming out better and better.
• Before the summer ends they have a heart to heart about their engagement a few days before their eleventh birthday party. They both decide to start dating when they turn fourteen, both feeling that it would be the best time for them to start.
• Damian and Marinette kiss each others cheeks goodbye while Damian promises to show her everything Gotham has to offer next summer when she comes. She also makes him promise to tell his siblings about her so that it wont be akward when she arrives.
• When the school year starts Damian enters Gotham academy and quickly excels becoming the top student with no problems. Meanwhile Marinette has joined the art club at school and began entering Fashion competitions slowly making a name for herself as MDC. Half way through the school year Damian convinces Dick to help him start training Titus as the next Bat-Hound.
• Soon after Batman and Robin have a breakout at Arkham, they ready themselves for a big fight after Scarecrow, Riddler, Penguin, and Ivy escape. They are able to take Riddler down quickly when he gets frustrated and attempts to attack Robin. After he got all the Riddles without missing a beat. Hood and Red Robin take Penguin down a week after he escapes. Batgirl and BlackBat have no luck for two weeks trying to find Ivy, until she shows up at the Wayne penthouse and personally thanks Damian for the park in her honor. She tells the entire family that she is going to be working towards bettering herself, and now longer being known as radical. The entire family decide to leave her be as long as she doesn't commit any crimes. Batman and Robin's worst fight is with Scarecrow, after Robin gets exposed to Fear gas for the first time. Batman calls in the rest of the family to finish things with Scarecrow while he rushes Robin to Agent A after administratering the cure.
• After that night Dick brings up adopting Damian the next day at dinner while explaining to the family that he doesn't want to take the chance of CPS taking Damian away. Everyone is surprised when Damian quickly agrees but everyone knows better than to voice it knowing that Damian would close on himself and storm out.
• A month the family is celebrating Tim amd Stephanie graduating and Dick successfully adopting Damian. However the entire family is also excited to finally meet Damian's betrothed. Wondering if she'll be just like him. They are incredibly surprised by the sunshine that they meet at the airport.
• They love seeing how fast she can get Damian to smile and act his age. Soon every news paper in Gotham is talking about the Newest 'Wayne'. Damian and Marinette do an interview together to stop speculation that shes an actual Wayne. They announce that they have been best friends since they were four and every summer they alternate between their homes.
• Marinette greets Dick with stars in her eyes and pretty much refuses to leave the hug when Dick offers one. When asked Damian tells the family that Talia based Marinette's fighting schedule off of Richard's and that he became one of her favorite heros because of it. Dick is quick to take her under his wing training her in his style personally and teaching her trapeze.
• She is quickly made a part of the family and even helps Alfred cook and clean becoming one of the only people he actually lets help. She soon joins them helping their various organizations, and also designing clothes for them.
• Gotham is taken with her and she is once again given the title of princess. Their next joint charity is for Orphans and foster families. Commercial and interviews are all about how they found their family thanks to Bruce adopting them, however their favorite is the Billboard with the entire family together. Each wearing fancy clothing and crowns, Marinette, Stephanie, Cass, and Barbara are sitting on a couch. With the boys leaning on the couch behind them smiling mischievously with Bruce photoshopped stand behind them smiling with his own crown.
• When asked about the billboard they family bursts out into giggles and Dick is the only one able to answer. Explaining that they felt like playing into their titles given to them by their fellow Gothamites as Princes and Princesses.
• Before the end of summer they hold a Gala at Wayne Enterprises celebrating Marinette and Damian's twelfth birthday
• By the time summer ends Marinette is practically famous in the states she is verified on both Twitter and Instagram. People absolutely love her designs and he upbeat and happy posts. She leaves with promises of showing the family around Paris next summer when they bring Damian, all of them planning to stay for a week.
• A week later Tim finds away to bring Bruce back and in his rush he forgets to tell his family. Until he shows up at the penthouse with Bruce, the entire family is in shock. They walk in at the start of family night and find Dick sitting on his and Damian's couch with Damian ontop of him arms around his waist and half asleep listening to Dick's heartbeat. Jason is in the kitchen with Alfred making food and Cass and Stephanie are picking the movies.
• For a while they just stare at each other before the girls quickly hug Bruce as everyone begins crying. Dick hugs Damian tighter crying form their place on the couch. Soon the entire family is in the living room Bruce is sitting on the catch with Dick and Damian, Dick's feet in his laps as he gently rubs Dick's ankle.
• Jason calls Kori Roy and Wally and asks them to patrol for the family for the night. Telling them Bruce was alive. Bruce spends the night explaining what happened on his side, before the family explains what happened on their side.
• " So let me get this straight. Dick left the police force? Dickie, you loved being an officer. Jason has been declared alive and he has been opening Orphanages?Tim and Stephanie both switch to online schoolng and joined Wayne Enterprises? Cass samtarted her own charity for childs and teens with disabilities and to help hospitals? And Damian not only opened parks and animal sanctuaries, you all found out he is betrothed, and the girl has already earned to title of one of Gotham's princesses."
• The only thing they dont tell Bruce is that Dick adopted Damian. They move back into the manor. Bruce is furious to find out that the Justice League turned their backs on his eldest. After talking with Dick and Damian he decides to take up the cowl and let Nightwing return in two weeks after Dick teachs both him and Damian how to work with each other. He takes up Dicks spot as Co-Ceo with Tim. Dick decides to remain at Wayne Enterprises and becomes a security guard with Jason, but he mainly does tours on Wayne Enterprises.
• After a month of being back Bruce finds out that Dick adopted Damian and it causes a screaming match. This fight causes Dick to move back into the penthouse and stop talking to Bruce altogether. Alfred smacks some since into Bruce pointing out that Dick didnt try to take his place as Damian's father. That he only did for Damian what Bruce did for Dick. That night instead of patroling Bruce goes to the penthouse and apologizes to Dick, asking him to forgive him and return to the manor.
• Meanwhile Marinette becomes close friends with two people in the Art club that are in her class, Alix and Nathaniel. The become best friends and do more and more together. Marinette even teaches them how to fight a bit when she discovers they are being bullied. In return Nathaniel teaches them his art style and Alix teaches them how to skate. When they find out how amazing Marinette is at Gymnastics they encourage her to try out for the nationals. Marinette does and she gets in and wins the national title for her age devision. The three celebrate by having a sleepover at Marinette's house.
• Eventually Marinette tells them about Damian and their betrothal, and how she want them to meet him over the summer. They begin to view themselves as siblings and all their parents find it amusing that they suddenly have two more children in their families.
• When summer rolls around Marinette is excited to see the family again. The only person she hugs as long as Damian is Dick. When Bruce points it out she blushes while Dick proudly claims that she is one of his favorite superheros. Soon after they arrive Alix and Nathaniel arrive too. She introduces her best friends to each other happy that Damian makes an effort to get to know them. The Batfamily spends the week with the Dupain-Chengs before returning to Gotham. Damian and Marinette spend the summer training with Alix and Nathaniel.
• The four celebrate Marinette and Damian's 13 birthday together at Disneyland Paris.
• Before the summer ends both Marinette and Damian tell them the truth about their betrothal and Damian being Robin. Marinette tells them that shes going to join him as a hero one day, and that she thinks both of them would be amazing heros. Both Alix and Nathaniel decide they want to join and support their friends. They begin training with Marinette everyday determined to join Damian one day with her.
• They didnt know Marinette would become one of Paris' heros that school year.
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ficsforthestars · a year ago
Speechless (2) ... Or better known as Marinette is having a bad day officially now
Thank you all so much for liking the, technically, the first part of this story! I'm so happy that many people liked it.
Just a heads up. I cannot write well for DC characters. But i hope this meets your standards anyways. Also!
Hal Jordan or just Hal is green lantern
Diana is Wonder Woman
And bruce is batman
In case you didn't know Okay onto the story! Thanks again!
Also! Warning this chapter does mention assault at least once!
Maribat au belongs too @ozmat
Previous Chapter: Ch 1
Next Chapter: Ch 3
Edited: June 20th, 2020
When the video had reached Justice League HQ, Diana had never been so inclined to murder someone then she had then.
She had caught Hal, Green Lantern, about to delete a video sent in from Paris after finishing up with personal matters regarding her identity down on Earth.
It didn't take long for her to notice the red and black suit that her mother used to tell her stories about as a young child, not to mention the pure rage coming from the other side of the screen.
Pushing Hal out of the way, Diana had pressed play to the video and watched the whole thing at least twice while feeling nothing but rage on behalf of the two teen heroes.
"Uh... Diana??"
Never had Hal ever wanted to duck and hide more in his life until after he saw the look she was giving him in her utmost rage.
 "Were you going to delete this?" She had finally whispered out through gritted teeth.
Hal had nodded, taking a large gulp before adding onto it by saying, "This wasn't a real threat... they've been sending in these pranks for over 2 years now...".
He had no idea he had just added to his own death sentence.
Diana almost skinned the man alive after that comment, grabbing him by the suit and shaking him back and forth like a ragdoll until Superman had pried her off of him and called an emergency meeting to get her to calm down.
It was obvious that whatever Hal had been ignoring was important to her and Superman wasn't going against an amazon warrior princess in a fit of absolute rage. Kryptonian or not, he wasn't getting on Diana's bad side and he didn't plan to start. Definitely not today.
"To piss off a Ladybug user, is declaring the fate of our entire world at stake when we need their help." She had declared the second everyone had entered the room for the meeting.
Bruce overall had been having an okay day at best when he was called in for this meeting, just that morning he had to send Damian and Jon on the plane that would be taking them to Paris, France as a part of their 6 month exchange program.
Damian hadn't been happy to be leaving the hero scene but he reluctantly agreed to go to take care of his "rambunctious" friend Jon, who he was sure would destroy some portion of Paris without ever meaning to.
"Someone has to take care of the imbecile. There's no need to cause an international incident because of his inability to hold back from getting too excited." Damian had told him when Bruce had asked why Damian had changed his mind about going on the trip.
Although Bruce knew that wasn't the actual reason, he didn't press his son any further and allowed him permission to travel with Jon.
But even then Bruce didn't miss the way his youngest son's eyes sparkled with excitement at actually receiving permission to go with his friend.
Maybe the change would be good for him, Alfred had suggested when Bruce had asked for advice on the matter.
Bruce was broken from that thought rather quickly when Diana had gotten into a yelling match of sorts with Hal Jordan, Diana doing most of the reprimanded yelling and scolding while Hal attempted to defend himself.
Standing up, Bruce got their attention rather clearly yelling at the 2 of them to stop the fighting match.
Sitting back down, Bruce looked at the two harshly before speaking.
"Diana. What was so important that you needed to make an emergency meeting with all of us."
Diana stood up proudly in her anger, going over to play a video that was addressed directly to the Justice League from Paris, France.
That caught Bruce's attention immediately as he watched with anticipation for the video to begin.
Something happening in Paris? Where Damian was just sent to...? How did he allow this to go under the radar?
The video started up, dark at first until it became blurry as it attempted to focus on two teens looking like they were wearing spandex costumes.
In the background screams were heard and loud crashes were going off.
The Girl in a ladybug themed spandex seemed to be unfocused, eyes darting from the camera to something in front of them.
The Boy in cat spandex was focused completely on whatever was in front of them. His eyes firm and cold as if he was calculating exactly the right moment to strike.
"M-my name is Ladybug!" The girl blurted out immediately in broken sounding english, staring at the camera with panicked wide blue eyes. She didn't look any older than 14 or 15.
"Chat Noir!" The Boy yelled out, before letting out a war cry and rushing forward towards whatever it was that was causing civilian screaming.
Ladybug seemed to panic at that realization but turned back to the camera quickly.
"We're the heroes of Paris and current wielders of the miraculous. We're constantly under attack by a villain and villainess that preys on negative emotions to create monsters from human beings. We need hel-"
She was cut off by another explosion and in the background the cat boy, Chat Noir, was thrown into a building nearby. The screams from before were even louder than before, almost as if they were closer than before.
"CHAT NOIR!" Ladybug had yelled out with panic in her voice, it cracked from the fear of losing her partner.
Bruce felt his skin crawl hearing her desperation as she cried out for the other hero.
Turning back to the camera, Ladybugs huff of panicked breathing could be heard from the now unfocused camera as car alarms began blaring and Chat Noir didn't seem to be getting up from that hit at all.
Moving the camera closer to her face, Ladybug seemed to be cut up and obviously tired, the whooshing noises from moving around could still be heard.
Bruce couldn't help but grip the table, feeling his own suited gloves cutting into his hands. The room was uncomfortable and even Hall seemed to be watching in absolute awe and horror of the devastation on the screen.
"Look." Ladybug started again, her eyes written with desperation and tears.
"I know you won't believe us. You haven't for the last couple of videos we sent out... but we really need help. I promise I can explain how Paris is always in one piece or how our powers work if you come to us and help!"
She shook her head and she looked ready to drop the camera again, a weakened cry that sounded like Chat Noir roared behind her.
"My people. No... OUR people have been living in fear since our last and most deadliest akuma, a young girl who had just been separated from her parents who were not able to immigrate with her into Paris."
She was gripping tightly onto the camera as she spoke fast enough to pay attention to everything around her.
"Many people died from that akuma just as they do from almost every other akuma! This shouldn’t be normal!"
Ladybug looked close to sobbing as she spoke, her tears falling off her face as she tried to explain, "Paris citizens live in fear to show any emotions and that causes many to blow up and create an even more powerful akumas. People that have died in past akumas can still feel their deaths even after being brought back to life with my magic. I can’t keep letting my family, my friends, My CITY continue to suffer so please. Please send help! We can't defeat Hawkmoth alone. We're just-"
A booming noise blared out in the background and Ladybug stumbled, getting on her feet again and rushing towards the noise.
"We're just kids-"
"AKUMA!" An unrecognized voice screamed out to which you could now see citizens running in the opposite direction as Ladybug was.
In rapid French, she assured citizens to keep running as the nearest akuma shelter was just down the block and to protect the children.
"I've.. I've gotta go! Please when you get this message send help! I-I’ll try to answer in any way I can I-i... P-please-"
Ladybug looked up before glaring at "NightShade" and taking out what looked like a yo-yo from her side.
Ladybug just nodded and the camera slipped out of her hands quickly, showing a glimpse of her panic for a brief moment.
From there the video cut off, the spandex girl letting out a war cry of her own as the camera fell to the floor and the screen cracked, ultimately shutting off the camera completely.
The room was silent from that moment, everyone glancing or glaring towards Hal and Diana in confusion and anger for not knowing anything.
Hal was only sweating buckets like crazy at the video, sputtering and attempting to say anything to defend himself at all but coming up empty.
"That was 3 years ago." Diana announced to the League which only made Hal sweat even more.
"Apparently that "akuma" or whatever they were running from was a young woman in college named Evangeline Thomas. She was "akumatized" after being assaulted at a party the previous night by some boy she thought she could trust that went to school with her." Oracle had spoken out from the laptop screening from the bat cave.
Bruce was unaware they were even listening in but it made matters a little easier when he would eventually have to tell them.
Behind her Red Robin seemed to be typing furiously into his own computer, most likely looking for more information about this and Red Hood had his hand hovering dangerously over his gun.
Nightwing remained silent as the horror from what he witnessed was still evident in his eyes.
On another line several other younger generation heroes seemed to be in shock of what they had seen also, Starfire gripping onto whatever it was she had in her hands that was off screen.
Just how did this seem like a prank to Hal? How did this go under his radar for over 3 years?
"I was... unaware ...of just how big of a deal this was Diana. I apologize for not knowing of it sooner. " Diana looked at Bruce with understanding before turning back to her victim, who was cowering in his seat.
"Do not apologize... It is Hal that must apologize. For never informing anyone of these cries for help. Ladybug and Chat Noir were crying for help to save their people and they went ignored due to your ignorance!"
"How was I supposed to know that what these little kids in spandex were saying was true!" Hal had finally exclaimed out as Wonder Woman seemed to be ready to strike out again.
"To get these messages constantly for over 2 years is suspicious Hal and should have been enough proof!" Zatanna exclaimed, slamming her hands against the table and standing up in anger.
It was obvious this subject had touched her deeply, whether she actually knew about this sort of magic or not Bruce knew she would be the first on the scene if she had heard of what had been happening earlier.
"Besides that," She continued, ready to kill Hal herself.
"We work with magic and magic users are in the league that would have been willing to help answer any and all questions on whether this was a real threat or not!"
"You just choose to be ignorant to what could become an international threat! Besides as stupid as magical evil butterflies sound it isn't that impossible with people like Deathstroke and the man of steel out there." She concluded gesturing to Superman, who was spacing out and most likely thinking of his son and the dangers he would now be in while in Paris.
"You pissed off... one of the most ancient magic users on the planet... oh my god. We're through." Cyborg exclaimed in a panic.
After that comment the League went crazy, comments flying everywhere and people blaming each other for not putting more attention on matters outside their own homes.
"Everyone! Enough!" Bruce barked out, catching everyone's attention. With a sigh, he continued.
"If this turns out to really be a threat like these heroes were exclaiming then were going to have to do some big time work to make up for the mess we made by ignoring them."
Hal could feel the big bat glaring at him with all his might even though he was on an entirely further part of the table.
"We need a plan before going to barge into international lands. We don't know how they're currently handling things now. Firstly..."
Looking at Zatanna and Wonder Woman as he continued, "we need to know more about these miraculous things."
Zatanna only got up and joined Wonder Woman up at the front of the room before Diana gestured for her to speak first.
"The miraculous themselves have been around for several centuries. No one can date back to when these creations were made but they harness a magical god in each piece of jewelry that is basically the embodiment of any thought, plane of existence or fragment of an idea called a kwami... they're a more unknown portion of the magic known by us..."
"The Ladybug and Black Cat miraculouses are the most powerful of all miraculouses put together as they hold the oldest beings of all time with the most powerful of ideas behind their formations.The Ladybug being the holder of creation, creativity, and life. The Cat being destruction, despair and death. My mother was a former Ladybug herself so I've heard the tales of their powers the most during my childhood." Diana seemed to have a look of reminiscence as she thought of the miraculous and her mother which allowed Zatanna to continue for her.
"Together they can bend reality as we know it using a wish to bend the fabrics of time to benefit whoever the users who wield them are." Zatanna had finished explaining, filling in the rest from what she did know.
The discussion from there was mostly focused on what to do, arguments ensuing and reckless plans being made.
When they finally reached an agreement on how to interfere the League was hit with one of the worst news of all for their position.
"Um guys?" Bruce heard his second youngest say from the screen.
"I'm afraid it isn't that simple..." Red Robin quietly told them as he pulled up another video for the League to watch
                                                - In Paris, France -
Marinette was just in shock but she knew very well that she wasn't going to show it, I mean, what were the odds of this even happening?
Wasn't she a ladybug themed superhero?! Shouldn't she be the luckiest person in the world right now?! Not the unluckiest!?
Down below, Damian felt himself regretting letting Jon even drag him on this trip. The class themselves were a bunch of animals and idiots if anything else.
The 3 at the top were the only ones that seemed even remotely normal compared to the rest of the idiots in the chairs.
Rolling his eyes, he looked at the girl in front of him with sausage for hair who was sinking in her seat from what seemed like embarrassment.
Odd really, but not exactly uncommon for either of the boys.
"Alright class. While Marinette and Adrien, the class deputy and president, show our newest students all around Dupont we will be working on Chapter 56 of our booklets!" 
Ms.Bustier had exclaimed excitedly while clapping her hands together like a child.
The girl, Marinette, almost looked like she was going to snap her pencil in half when she heard that she was showing them around. She gathered her belongings and trudged after the boy or Adrien, who already seemed extremely excited for some reason.
Why were these students so odd?
Marinette wanted to strangle Ms.Bustier. She already knew the reason she was chosen to take the new kids around school wasn't for class president reasons.
It was most likely to get Lila, who looked on the verge of a damn panic attack, under control before her defenders started to sprout out something about her and Damiana being ever so close.
After all, as Buster had explained to the "monster" trio, as they had been dubbed by their classmates, that they were causing a problem by engaging with Lila and calling her out on her lies constantly.
But even then, Marinettes luck seemed to be against her that day because as soon as she reached the boys with Adrien and was ready, the liar’s best friend was pouncing in anger.
Alya slammed her hands against the table so quickly that she almost shook the table in her anger.
"Why should they show them around! Lila is Damiens childhood friend! And Marinette... Marinette is just a big bully and So is Adrien!"
At that comment Lila only seemed to be sinking further into her seat.
Adrien only rolled his eyes at the girl but still held a small smirk at the way Damian seemed to be glaring at Lila in the moment.
Marinette visibly flinched at that accusation but then turned to Alya, a viciousness on her face hidden behind a kind smile that did not go unnoticed by Damian.
"That's because I'm still Class President, Alya. And Adrien is my class deputy so it's our job."
Adrien let out a small snort at the face Alya made right after that, looking at Marinette like she had grown 2 heads.
It wasn't often Marinette spoke back viciously against her classmates but it was very entertaining nonetheless.
They only kept her around at this point because she was a good class president.
But Mari knows that Sabrina and even Chloe would probably make a good enough pair to be class president if they really did not want her to be in that position.
Especially since Sabrina did a lot of work as the class deputy. Chloe even when she was younger, took being class president super seriously. She knew the ins and outs of it better than Mari sometimes did.
Without waiting for an answer, Marinette turned back to the two boys with an eyebrow raised.
"Ready to go?"
They nodded, quickly following the two French kids after seeing just how much the "Alya" girl was about to blow up in anger.
The 4 kids walked in silence for a bit while Marinette was thinking of where to actually take them.
"So." Damian started off, rolling his eyes as the two French teens looked at him waiting.
"I'm assuming the only reason that you choose to escort us around the building was to hopefully be friends with the heirs of people who are rich and famous, correct?"
At this claim Marinette just raised an eyebrow in confusion. Did they not realize that she had no choice or..???
Adrien almost burst out laughing at what Damian had said, letting out small little cackles despite attempting to hold everything in.
"You sound like an old man." He snorted out, which was met by Marinette elbowing him in the gut and scolding him for being rude.
Jon couldn't help but let out his own little snort at the accusation,saying in English that he could see it being true while Damian glared at him coldly.
"I'm not going to lie to you two." Marinette started, looking directly at them as she responded.
"The only reason I recognized you was because of Lila's dumb lies about you. I'm not really up to date with any other celebrity outside of the fashion and music scene so if we had met out of school, I never would have recognized you."
Damian couldn't help but raise his eyebrows up in surprise as he looked at the girl.
That was certainly a new answer.
Marinette then shrugged and pointed at Jon telling the utmost truth again, "And I don't even recognize him."
"Aw man! All everyone ever recognizes is hot and smart, prince of gotham Damian Wayne. They never recognize farm boy and famous newspaper reporter’s son Jonathan Kent. I swear I'm just as funny and cool too!" Jon exclaimed in english, pouting as Marinette began to usher them all to keep walking.
At this exclamation Adrien snorted again, obviously enjoying Jons little dramatic act and Jon couldn't help but blush a bit in embarrassment that someone had actually heard and understood him.
"Besides" Marinette started off lazily, before heading towards the next door.
"I'm Class president and my deputy here is a famous model of Gabriel Enterprises." She waved her hand as if the news was nothing as she reached over to open the door.
"There's a ton of famous kids going here really. Some just choose not to reveal their identities and others flaunt it like they’re the next best thing."
"Hey! You know I'm not just your deputy Maribug!" Adrien had whined as Marinette opened the door to the art room without even giving him a speck of attention.
"She's my best friend and I'm your best friend too, right Marinette?" Adrien had exclaimed proudly with a bright smile while placing his head on her shoulder.
To Damian, Adrien was basically like having another Jon but the French version. But he'd suffer through the second Jon if he got more of the information they needed.
After all, a simple school vacation to Paris wasn't the only thing Damian had come over international water for.
Although, Damian wasn't going to deny that these pair of students were a lot more interesting than the other bland kids in their class. Especially with how bonded they seemed to be.
It was the kind of bond Damian hadn't seen in a long time if he was honest. Almost as if they would die for each other if needed be.
Marinette had just rolled her eyes as she heard Chloe dramatically gasp at the blonde boys claim not too far away from them.
How Chloe even got out of class was beyond her but it was expected.
Pushing Adrien off playfully, she turned back to the 2 and grinned lightly, "He's more like a royal annoyance but don't tell him I said that."
Marinette just laughed and looked at Adrien and shrugged, "It's the truth, cat boy."
Chloe rushed over as fast as possible as the rest of the group entered the room with Adrien describing it as best as Adrien actually could.
"Come on Chlo."
With the door shut softly behind her, Marinette released a small smile at the room they were in.
"This is the art room, it’s run by Mr.Winfred who is the art teacher here at Dupont."
Marinette smiled fondly at the room as she remembered just how much she and the other art students in her class used to spend their time here before…
And then Marinette's eyes went dark again. There was no use in saving people that no longer wanted to listen.
"Most students come to hang in here to escape stress brought by ... other.. students-"
Adrien was cut off quickly by blaring alarms and screams and shouts outside of the school.
Pushing her way through towards the window, Chloe looked out to see if it was exactly what the trio feared it to be.
When Chloe had looked back at the group and nodded, Adrien groaned out loud before saying loudly in terrible sounding English, "Ugh seriously. Come on Hawkmoth its Monday Morning!"
Damian just ignored the idiot blond before turning back to Marinette who was looking around the room.
She seemed so serious and so calculated when nearly seconds ago she was laid back and having fun messing around.
It was strange to see her flip so suddenly, like she was an entirely different person. Strange enough that it threw Damian off for a second or two.
"What the hell is that!" Jon yelled out over the screaming while covering his ears in pain like everyone else was in the room.
"That's an akuma signal!" Chloe had yelled back before the trio began ushering them out the door of the art room.
"I'll explain later we have to get you to shelter! Hurry!"
Pulling the new students along, Marinette pushed against the thousands of students who were attempting to escape the school grounds as well.
With panicked eyes, Marinette dragged her group under the arch way and began to push her way through against the students.
She was gripping Adrien's hand and Damian's hand as tightly as possible as she pushed through. When Adriens hand slipped from hers, Marinette couldn't help but falter.
By the time Marinette had noticed though it was too late. Chloe, Adrien and Jon were too far away to be able to reunite again.
Though Marinette looked lost for a moment, she was somehow able to converse with Adrien who was being dragged by the sea of students going in the opposite direction.
Damian noted they didn't have much time before they would basically get mauled by the incoming students and he made sure that she knew it.
"Marinette! We can't go get them. There's no time. We can regroup later!"
To which she agreed, nodding and then getting ready to keep running.
"I'll meet you two there!" She yelled out to the trio being dragged away by the current of panicked civilians.
"Just get Jon to safety!"
With that the two French kids had confidently nodded and sped off with the other students heading in the opposite direction of her and Damian.
As Mari and Damian ran, she made sure to look around for a spot to transform. She could feel the akuma getting closer and Tikki was patting her leg as if to say "hurry up and lose this guy so we can get the akuma already!"
Marinette eventually spotted the akuma shelter on 4th street and ran that way, still making sure Damian was keeping up with her.
"How are you even doing this!" Damian had shouted to her over the screams as they were able to keep up with each other, something Damian wasn't really expecting and neither was Marinette.
"You have to find some way to stay fit in Paris!" Marinette had yelled back in a joking tone before speeding up the pace and grabbing his arm to drag him along.
But even then, something seems to always happens that either drowns or lifts her mood. So much so that she was sure that eventually she would be able to officially decide she could no longer call this an almost bad day.
Shouts from students were not fast enough as the akuma launched something towards the street. But it didn't take Marinette long to notice the launching straw looking weapons heading towards them all at once.
"Look out!" She screamed, before pulling Damian into a nearby alleyway to cover the both of them from the straws.
Damian hid beside her in the alleyway, already covering both of them as best as possible but he wasn't sure if it even was enough.
It wasn't often he had to play the part of damsel in distress but he knew that he had to keep going if he wanted to get the information he wanted.
Besides… Marinette wasn't all too bad at the protection thing either nor did she seem that bad of a future "friend" either.
Though she was able to hide Damian for a good moment, Marinette already felt the consequences of her brashness when she moved her right arm to see if they were all clear.
She was obviously either bruised or cut, which one she wasn't sure about but it didn't matter. Nearby she saw students rushing again and an opening towards the 4th street akuma shelter still there.
Pulling both of them out of the alley, she held her arm tightly from the pain and then started to explain to Damian on where to go from there.
He was confused at first and kept trying to butt in but she never let him speak even once. And if it weren't for the circumstances they were in, Marinette would have considered his surprised face worth it.
"What about you! I'm not leaving a civilian to die by that, that thing!" He exclaimed loudly as she already began to drag him towards the crowd of students heading towards the shelter.
Oh... oh!
Oh no.
Marinette gritted her teeth in annoyance and her face hardened.She'd have to talk to Chat about these two "new kids" now that she got a small feeling of who they are.
Hopefully the pain would be at least bearable until then.
"There's no time! Ladybug and Chat Noir will fix it. Just go!"
And with that Marinette had pushed Damian forward into the running crowd. Damian had faltered for a moment at the suddenness of it all and the response Marinette had given him.
"Oh yeah!" She had yelled out while still making eye contact with him. Before the crowd could sweep him away from view.
Marinette was obviously smirking, which threw Damian off even more so than before when she was just calm and serious and acting like any responsible and normal student would be in danger.
But it seemed even she had a secret from the way he was staring at him. It was making his heart pound with some sort of adrenaline bust seeing her so confident, something he couldn't understand.
"I almost forgot! Welcome to Paris, Damian!" She grinned while seeing his confused look at her words before rushing off in the opposite direction in the crowd.
Who even was this girl?
Damian stood there for a good moment, ignoring the screaming and pushing of the crowd until he couldn't help but grin as well. Eventually he began finally following the screaming and panicked crowd towards the akuma shelter Marinette had said was nearby.
Maybe he would be enjoying Paris after all.
Thank you so much for liking this story so much! I'm glad you all enjoyed it so far!
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Thank you so much!
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miraculous786 · a year ago
My Miraculous Ladybug Salt, Maribat & Adribat Requests and Prompts - Masterlist
All Miraculous Ladybug Works
A Visit to Princeton Academy
Summary: Miss Mendeliev and Bustier’s class take a trip to the expensive private school Princeton.
Wait, the principal there is your best friend’s uncle? Wow, Lila, that’s amazing!
A Grandfather’s Love
Summary: Curious as to why his granddaughter missed one of their weekly baking sessions, Roland Dupain decides to figure out why.
The Assassin - The Protector
The Protector’s Vengeance
The Protector’s Entrance
The Protector’s Plan
The Protector’s Battle
The Protector’s Defeat
The Protector’s Past
The Protector’s Aftermath
The Protector’s End
Summary: He was tasked to assassinate the girl.
Not devote himself as the Protector of her and her best friend.
Fox!Felix (Arctic Fox) Art by @i-will-be-your-ace
Arctic Fox Redraw by @krissykat0207
Summary: Ladybug has had enough of Chat Noir’s pestering for a date.
Too bad they argued about it in public.
Summary: Alya remembers the time she was severely disappointed in Marinette.
But she didn’t expect the tables to turn - and a strong sense of déjà vu when they did.
I’m Surprised You Don’t Recognise Me
Summary: Lila decides to blame Marinette for prank calling the Fire Department.
Luckily her friends and family are ready to defend her.
Angel in Disguise
Summary: Lila’s a demon.
Luka’s an angel.
One wants to steal souls - the other, protect them.
It just so happens the two are targetting one soul in particular.
Summary: King Monkey, or Kim.
The boy with a crush on one Marinette Dupain-Cheng.
And hero that is terrible at keeping his identity secret.
It’s Your Birthday
Summary: Adrien knows she's been tormented by the whole class - all thanks to a liar.
Wouldn't you know, it's Marinette's birthday, and he has the perfect present.
The downfall of Lila.
After all, Princesses deserve to spoilt.
Of Brothers And Beverages
Summary: Marinette, along with her co-worker Adrien, notice an exhausted teen at the coffee shop they work at.
Naturally, they decide to see if he's okay - leading to a sibling-like friendship between them and Tim.
It's no surprise that the delicious pastries Tim bring home catch his brothers' eyes...
...and they decide to investigate.
Domestic Anniversaries
Summary: As a surprise for their anniversary, Damian takes Marinette to the local pet store to adopt some animals.
And man, do they adopt.
An Awkward Reveal
Approvals And Explanations
Summary: Who can blame Edward Nygma for being protective over his adopted daughter?
The very daughter who was dating Damian Wayne right under his nose.
It was only a matter of time until Marinette's dad and uncles found out, along with her boyfriend's family.
Now they want to meet her in person, much to the annoyance of the Riddler's overprotective instincts.
I Expected Business, Not...Babies?
Summary: Tim only wanted to complete his work in Paris - easily, peacefully, and most importantly, safely.
He didn't expect to come across a villain turning people into kids.
Or one of those very kids thinking of him as their "Bwuda".
A Familiar Melody
Summary: Luka can hear a heart's tune.
And can tell who's is who's - with or without the mask.
Crazy Coffee Conspiracies
Summary: A theory about Ladybird and Red Robin dating...
...and both being aliens?
All it takes is an oblivious Adrien Agreste and one sleep-deprived Tim Drake to prove the theory true.
If it is indeed true, that is.
A Mother And Her Instincts
Summary: It's a mother's instinct to protect her children.
And if said children happen to be Paris's heroes?
Well, that only means that there's more to protect them from.
The Teeter In Your Tune Is Destined For Disaster
Summary: For as long as Luka could remember, he had possession of an ability that no one was aware of.
It was both a gift and a curse.
You Were To Babysit, Not Abandon
Summary: Lila thinks that babysitting Alya's sisters is a great way to manipulate the reporter.
Too bad she doesn't realise what little devils they are.
Nor how a certain Adrien Agreste is so keen on keeping his friends, and their relatives, safe from her.
A Bat Protective Of A Cat
Summary: Bruce Wayne, as the godfather of Adrien Agreste and practical brother of Emilie, takes it upon himself to save the boy from Gabriel and his emotional neglect.
Only, he didn’t anticipate the ladybug-themed heroine to barge in and try to bring back the partner that she thought to have been kidnapped.
The Bad Get Outed In Bad Ways
Summary: You know the saying: 'Liar, Liar, Pants On Fire'?
An akuma strikes Lila, with their goals unknown to most. It comes as a big shock to all when said saying ends up being true.
After all, she is a liar.
The Demon And Her Angel
Summary: The demon Marinette Dupain-Cheng comforts her angel boyfriend after a falling out with his father.
And perhaps gives him a reason to think about if he truly wants to stay in heaven.
Her Boyfriend, My Girlfriend
Summary: Marinette's class is insistent on her turning up to a date with Adrien that Alya prepared.
What they don't know is that she already has a date, with a boyfriend that none of them would expect.
A Frisbee Flying At A Fiancée That Fled
A Dinner And Domestic Discussion With A Designer
Summary: Marinette and her partner Kagami flee Paris in an attempt to escape Adrien Agreste, and find themselves relaxing in a Gotham park not so long after.
Only for a stray frisbee to disrupt their date.
My Cousin
Summary: By accident, Marinette and Adrien change Harley Quinn into a young teen using their magic.
What follows are shenanagins involving a jester, a liar, a dumb class and two hyenas.
Queens Have No Need For A Prince
Knights Are The Ones That Save Royalty
Summary: Queens don’t need a prince.
What they want is a king.
A Hidden Hades Hunting For (Hopefully) Her Husband
A Willing Persephone Is Welcome Whenever
Summary: He said he'd love her no matter what domain she ruled over - so why did he leave? Why did he not return to Earth?
Marinette makes the decision to make sure he does, and who knows? Maybe he'll be okay with that.
2K notes · View notes
batsandbugs · a year ago
The Great IKEA Game
Tumblr media
Chapter 1 - Meet the Players
Marinette originally came to the IKEA an hour outside of Gotham to buy twinkle lights for her new living room. She eventually extended her trip into obtaining new dishes since all she had right now was empty takeout containers she kept rewashing. She would have been very content getting what she needed and being on her way, (no, she wasn't lonely Plagg, she had two dozen mini-gods to keep her company, shut up) but halfway between the bedding and lights sections, Marinette’s life changed forever. 
For the better, if she was being honest. 
She never would have realized it if she hadn’t ducked into a showroom to test out a couch. She settled against the fluffy folds, knowing it would be destroyed within minutes if she ever brought it home when she noticed him. A boy, no man, about her age, hiding behind a desk looking for all the world as if he were plotting world domination or someone’s demise. 
They looked at each other in shock for a moment. 
“Are… are you ok-”
“Shhh!” his green eyes narrowed, and boy, Marinette had been on the receiving end of death glares before, but this one had to take the cake. 
“Sorry,” she whispered. 
He rolled his eyes. “Do you see a group of dark-haired obnoxious idiots out there?” he asked. 
The request was an odd one, but Marinette rose from the couch and glanced around outside of the showroom. She didn’t see anyone fitting his description. She shook her head. 
He smirked. “My idiot older brothers dragged me along for a “family bonding experience”." He made the little quotation marks, and Marinette never thought anyone could look cool doing that, but somehow this person nailed it. "Tt. I’ve successfully avoided them for an hour. Didn’t know when the coast would be clear though.” He rose gracefully from the ground, looking all the more like a prince, rather than a crazy person hiding from his family. 
It was absurd. 
Marinette found herself instantly amused. 
“I have friends exactly like that, I totally get it,” she said, thinking how Adrian would be beside himself when she told him the story later. The pang of loneliness that had been present since she’d left her friends in Paris, for college in America re-emerged. She shook her head of the maudlin thoughts. 
The Kwamis would have had a field day with this idea too, thankfully she had left them in her severely under-furnished apartment for the day in order to avoid the squabbling that came with only taking a few of them out of the house.  
Marinette looked back out at the hallway again, wondering if the man's brothers would soon appear, finding herself invested in what would happen. “What are you going to do now?” 
“Well, Drake has the keys, and those idiots will be at their shenanigans till the store closes, so…” he shrugged. 
“Are they like… furnishing a whole house?” Marinette didn’t know how you could spend an entire day here. Sure, it was big, but… 
“No. We’re engaged in a no holds barred game of hide-and-seek.” Marinette’s mouth dropped open. “If one of them catches me I become the seeker.” 
He smirked, “Because I’ve held out the longest.” 
"No, I mean, why are you playing hide-and-seek?" It seemed an odd choice for a bunch of adults. Well, Marinette and her friends would do it. But they also willing became superheroes at the age of fourteen so their judgment was already in question.   
He shrugged. "My oldest brother thought it would be fun, and our father is... out of town at the moment," he said with a bit of hesitation. 
“So, you’re just going to hide in this showroom till the store closes?” 
A devious smile spread across the man’s handsome features. “No. I intend to troll them. If Grayson wants my participation, I'm going to make him regret it.” 
It was at that moment she crossed the point of no return, not that Marinette knew it yet.
Throwing away any idea of finishing her shopping today she returned his smirk. “Any chance I could join you in your crusade?” 
The guy looked her over suspiciously. “Why should I allow a stranger to join me and potentially ruin my chances at victory?” 
Marinette thought for a moment. “Well, your brothers know you well?” He nodded. “Then they likely know what you’ll do to avoid and troll them. You need a fresh perspective. Plus, I can operate out in the open, I’m not officially a part of the game.” 
“Hmm...” his face was impassive; Marinette couldn’t tell what he was thinking. “You make some good points, but I’m not fully convinced.” 
Marinette huffed, “I also grew up in Paris without being akumatized.” 
He looked at her oddly. “What the hell does that mean?”
“Paris had a terrorist for five years that turned people into monsterized versions of themselves if they felt negative feelings. They were called Akuamas. Everyone in my class had it happen to them at least once. More for some particularly loose cannons.” 
The guy looked bewildered. “Why didn’t anyone hear about this?” 
Marinette shrugged, trying to play off her knowledge as what a normal civilian would know. “Combination of corrupt politicians, social media blackouts, and magic. People died during these attacks, but everything was put to rights at the end of every fight due to the superheroes powers.” 
His mouth dropped, but he recovered quickly looking contemplative. “I want to know more about this at a later time, but if what you say is true you can control yourself better than the average peon. But my brothers and I are a combination of street orphans, circus brats, gymnastics freaks, and geniuses - are you sure you can keep up?” 
Marinette nearly laughed at his description but managed to keep a straight face. “Positive.” 
“Alright, I'll do whatever it takes to win.” He offered her his hand. “I’m Damian.” 
She took it, feeling a slight shock as her fingers touched his. “I’m Marinette, nice to meet you, Damian.” 
“You won’t be saying that soon enough,” he said with a slight smirk. He looked over her shoulder. “Shit.” He dove beneath the desk he’d been hiding behind earlier. “Tall guy with the white streak in his hair.” Marinette turned to look. “Don’t make it too obvious,” he hissed. 
Marinette grabbed her phone and leaned against the desk. With small side glances, she saw a man probably mid to late twenties with two-toned hair. He wore a leather jacket and seemed to be searching for something, or someone. 
“Who’s that?” she asked quietly. 
“Second oldest brother, Jason Todd - arguably the most and least dangerous.” 
“Why both?” 
“He did not want to participate initially, so he’s reluctant, but at the same time, he hates losing.  He’ll hang on to the bitter end. More resourceful than the other two, and more violent, although less sophisticated.” 
Jason moved closer to their showroom. 
“Hush, he’s headed this way,” she whispered. Damian remained quiet and Marinette tried to make herself look busy. 
“Quick question miss?” Marinette glanced up from her phone. Jason stood at the entrance to the showroom. 
“Oh, uh, oui? Non, non, I mean yes?” Marinette said in an exaggerated accent, playing into the oblivious tourist stereotype always came in handy. 
“Oh French, shit, haven’t spoken that in a while,” he muttered. “Um...” 
“Non, it iz okay, I speak English well. Can I help you?” She batted her eyes just a bit. Marinette had long since grown from the days of not using all her advantages - courtesy of forced confidence from Chole. A friendship no one had seen coming but had grown quick and strong once they reached an understanding. 
“Oh, I’m looking for my little brother, about yay high, black hair, green eyes, permanent scowl. Have you seen him?” 
Marinette pretended to think for a second. “Non... I do not theenk so, perhaps help desk at zee front?”
“Yeah, maybe,” Jason said, Marinette could see he had already written her off as useless. “Thanks, anyway.” He walked away quickly. 
There was a minute of silence. “Coast is clear,” said Marinette once Jason was out of sight. 
Damian popped up, a gleam in his eyes. “Your lying skills are adequate; we may just win this yet.” 
“I’m glad to meet such high approval, monsieur. Let’s get going.” 
Chapter 2 
Chapter 3 
Chapter 4
1K notes · View notes
"Blacklisted…" Marinette whispered her face blank as she stared at Chloe's worried face. "Adrien and Lila had Gabriel blacklist me." Tears gathered in the corners of her eyes as she choked back sobs, she covered her face with her hands. Chloe moved quickly pulling her shaking friend into her arms. "What am I going to do Chloe? Fashion was my future-and-and they ruined it for me. Four years of college all for nothing." Marinette sobbed into Chloe's shoulder as both girls sank to the ground.
"I don't know Marinette, I really don't know." Chloe said quietly she pulled back and pulled a handkerchief out of her bag. She brushed it across Marinette's cheeks wiping away the tears. "My mother confronted him and he refused to unblacklist you. It ended in a screaming match and mother declaring that Bourgeois would never associate with them again. Mother has been trying to counter the blacklist but Agreste has gotten too far already Mari." Marinette sniffled nodding as Tikki and Pollen flew over to their holders tentatively, the other Kwami remained near Pollen's little mansion.
"There is nothing that can be done? There has to be something!" Tikki said with anger clear in her voice. Marinette gave her a sad smile holding out her hand for Tikki to sit in it. Pollen landed in Chloe's open hand curling her arms around Chloe's thumb.
"No Tikki there is nothing we can do. We just have to move on." Marinette said they could all hear the anguish in her voice. She took a deep breath stopping herself from crying. "Plagg," she called softly , causing the Kwami to fly over. "normally I wouldn't allow this, but I think Gabriel has a streak of bad luck coming don't you?" Plagg was silent before her let out a loud cackle flying around Marinette's head.
"Oh kid, you're my favorite Ladybug for sure! What do you say Tikki, want to take away his creativity?" Tikki frowned part of her wanted to join in, but part of her pointed out that she should be the better person. "Come on Sugar Cube, I know you want to get payback for your chosen." Plagg said softly, smirking more when Tikki sighed and nodded. 
"But only once." She said looking at him with her own glare.
"It's funny," Audrey commented during dinner, she looked up with a smirk. "ever since Gabriel made the mistake of blacklisting you six months ago his designs have really dropped." She let out a laugh before taking a sip of her wine. "On top of that he has not only lost workers, but I heard there is a scandal going on with his son and the model of his!" Chloe snorted at that shaking her head, she took a bite of her steak. She glanced over at Marinette sending her a gentle smile, Marinette returned it before turning back to Audrey. "Mari dear, have you decided on what you want to do? I told you once I have absolutely no problem with you remaining here. On top of that I am more than willing to help you sell your designs under the acronym MDC like you've been doing with Jagged." Marinette glanced down at her food before looking up with a small smile.
"I am going to keep designing for Jagged and Clara. However I will not for others
, no, I have other plans now. Audrey you like my food, pastries, and weird drinks, yes?" Audrey glanced at Chloe in confusion before nodding.
"Yes I find it pretty amazing that you can make pastries from all over the world. Your apple pie is my favorite, although it is the reason that I have to work out so much." The comment caused the two young women to burst into soft laughter. "What does this have to do with anything?" Marinette smiled and placed her elbows on the table resting her chin on one hand. She smirked slightly thinking over her plan. 
"You see they derailed my dream just a bit, yes, but I have two loyal customers so I'm not completely stuck. I am not a one trick pony, I have a lot of talents." The mother and daughter were silent both confused, causing Marinette to laugh softly. "I was raised in a bakery, and my Great Uncle is a world renowned chef. I think a restaurant is in my future." Audrey smirked as she held her wine glass up.
"You see Mari, this is why you're one of my favorites, you never let anything keep you down. You'll have my backing and my husband's as well. With Chloe's help we are going to make your restaurant a hit." She shared a smile with her daughter knowing that Marinette's restaurant would be a hit when it opened. "Just one question Mari, what is the theme?" Marinette smirked looking over at Chloe with a twinkle in her eye.
"It's going to be subtlety themed around Paris's heros. Ladybug, Lynx(Felix), Viperion, Ryuko, Queen Bee and current Honeywell. Each hero will have their own signature dish. That is their personal favorite, Ladybug's is macaroons with her famous spotted design. Lynx's is Soupe à l'oignon, and so on. Desserts will be specially designed after their hero., While meals will be served on dishes resembling their costumes." 
“Well, you know you’ll have my full backing. Once you pick the perfect location I will have construction workers on the site, and once they’re done interior decorators to listen to your every input! On top of that I will make sure to talk up your restaurant to every business partner I have.” Audrey declared gently dabbing around her mouth with a napkin. She placed the napkin down before standing up; she made her way to Chloe grabbing her daughter's face and kissing her forehead gently, before doing the same to Marinette. “Now it is time for me to retire to bed. Don’t stay up too late girls!” She waved walking to the door nodding when Butler Jean opened the door for her. “Much appreciate Jean.” She gave him a rare smile, one which he returned with his own. Chloe and Marinette shared a look giggling softly together as Jean closed the door behind Audrey.
“Well, Dupain-Cheng, shall we retire as well?” Chloe said mimicking her mother’s voice. Marinette snorted covering her face with her napkins as Butler Jean gave Chloe a stern look struggling to hide his own smile.
“It’s beautiful.” Audrey said in awe taking in her once protegees restaurant. The outside of the store was simple yet elegant. Cream bricks with black accents, the two large windows were slightly tinted and had the name written in elegant cursive. ‘Miraculous’ The outside sitting area was gated off with a station for the host that provided shade on particularly hot days. It was divided into different sections, for certain Parisian heroes. Ladybug, Lynx, Viperion, Ryuko, and Honeywell. Each section was styled after their hero, Marinette and the interior designers had managed to make it so the colors didn’t clash. Instead they gave off a look of abstract beauty. In the middle of the outside area sat one table that had a sign stating it was permanently reserved for the original Queen Bee. The table made Chloe shine with happiness that only doubled once she realized that there was also a table inside reserved just for her. The inside was much the same except in the middle of the restaurant their was another table for Chloe. There was a window that took up much of the back wall, displaying the kitchen where ten chefs were divided in two, each learning their heroes menu together. There were two hallways on either side, the right had the bathrooms and the left had five private rooms. Each styled after their hero. "I must say, I was unsure that you'd be able to fit their colors together. However, you and the interior designers pulled it off flawlessly. May I see the menus?" Marinette smirked a twinkle in her eye as she held up five menus.
"Five menus for each hero. Which one would you like to see? The waiters and waitresses are instructed to request what hero's menu they would like to eat from. Each has eight different meals, five deserts, one specialty drink, and specialty salad, the only thing they have in common is drinks. side salads and soups. Two waiters and two chefs for each hero, more will be added if needed. The chefs have their own spaces together in the kitchen."  Marinette surveyed the restaurant, a smile taking over her face as she took in her finished product. Butler Jean walked up placing a hand on her shoulder, his gentle smile already present.
"If I may break character for just a second, I must say and I'm sure Mistress Bourgeois and Mistress Chloe agree, I am quite proud of you Miss Marinette. You've truly outdone yourself." Chloe nodded and came up hugging Marinette's arm smiling at her as Marinette started to tear up. The tears didn't fall until Audrey placed her hand on the back of Marinette's head, a rare smile on her face.
"Thank you for everything." She whispered softly, smiling brightly at them.
"Don't bemused, it's just the news! Nadja Chamack back again! Good afternoon Paris! New in Paris today, I'm sure you have all heard of the hit restaurant Miraculous that only opened a week ago! Well Paris, I have the inside scoop for you today! I was invited by the owner of the restaurant just last night! Now I am sure you are all wondering! Nadja, how did you get a direct invitation?! I was shocked too! Only to discover the owner of the restaurant was my goddaughter Marinette Dupain-Cheng! Marinette is twenty-three years old and now owns one of the most popular restaurants in Paris! Let me tell you! The restaurant is absolutely beautiful and styled after our heroes, you all know Ladybug is my personal favorite. So Marinette set up a private room for my daughter and me. She has five private rooms, all designated with a specific hero, so obviously my room was Ladybug's! I must say the restaurant is truly one of a kind! Marinette has out done herself, and its not just me saying that. Jagged Stone, Audrey Bourgeois, Clara Nightingale, and even some famous actors and musicians have all gone to Miraculous this past week. Each one had raving reviews, so much so that many celebrities and even some heroes are coming to Paris just to eat there. Pictures on Jagged's and Clara's Instagrams show them posing with a bright eyed Marinette, in one of the private rooms together! I think Paris agrees with me when I say this, congratulations Marinette, and I must say this to my goddaughter, I'm so proud of you Marinette. Now it’s time for sports-" Lila paused the tv glaring at is as she stared at the picture of Marinette between Jagged and Clara. She screamed throwing the remote at the wall, causing Adrien to tense up in their share kitchen. He sighed glaring down at his coffee only sparing a glance at the tv as he stirred. 
'When will she stop causing problems, I seriously thought she was more mature than this. But no she just has to keep thrusting herself into the spotlight knowing it'll piss Lila off.' He shook his head turning to watch his fiance finish her tantrum, as a smirk covered her face, a plan clearly forming. Only briefly did he wonder what the new lie was going to be this time. 'I am surprised she didn't just give up when we ruin her dream. Lila and father thought for sure that would break her.' He glanced down at his right hand where the ring use to rest anger growing in his chest. 'She deserves it, if she had just kept her mouth shut things would be different. No, she had to tell Ladybug everything when she discovered my identity. If it wasn't for her I'd still be Chat Noir, things would be different. I'd be with the love of my life and out of my father's control. This is all her fault, she deserves to be ruined.' Lila turned to him with a predatory smirk, her eyes glinting in the light as she walked up to him. She wrapped her arms around his neck leaning against him standing on her toes as she lifted one leg into the air. She bit her lip before kissing him and pulling back their lips barely touching as they stared into each others eyes. 
" We're going to get reservations at her crappy little restaurant, and we are going to destroy it and her name for good." Adrien smiled and placed his mug down wrapping his arms around her waist. He pulled her closer kissing her deeply before pulling back
"I'll have Nathalie set them up for us under my name. Now go get dressed, we have a photoshoot at 5." He let Lila go picking up his phone and texting Nathalie as Lila went to the shared room in their penthouse. He picked his coffee back up and starred at the picture of Marinette on the tv a smirk crossing his face. 
Two days later however they were all furious when the reservations were denied under all their names. They were only given reservations after using a fake name. When the day came they were dressed to impress and arrived in a limo. Lila smirked before letting her mask fall into place, as paparazzi turned to them and started taking pictures. She wrapped her arms around Adrien's arm giggling and waving at them until they reached the door only to be stopped by two guards and a hostess who was looking down at her book. "Name?"
"We are under Anthony Stewart." Adrien said smiling charmingly. The host ran her finger down the book till she came to the name. She nodded and looked up glancing at them before turning to the guards only to turn back surprised.
"I apologize we do have a Anthony Stewart down for reservations but you are not him." Adrien smiled nodding to her glancing at Lila. 
"Yes, you see my assistant set up the reservation for us under his name." The hostess gave them a tight smile before nodding politely. 
"Yes we do allow that to be done here. Unfortunately I am still not allowed to let you in." She said holding back a smirk at their shocked faces as the cameras began to take even more pictures.
"What do you mean you're not allowing us in?!" Lila said anger displayed clearly on her face.
"I'm truly sorry, here Maya let me take over while you take care of our other guests." Marinette said as she stepped out of the restaurant. She hair was pulled into an elegant up do, still wearing her signature black earrings. However she had a simple pairing of silver glasses on and was wearing a pink pencil skirt a white ruffled top and a black blazer. Her nails were a soft pink matching her toes as she wore black open toed heels. Both Adrien and Lila saw the glint in her eye even though she was smiling politely at them. "I really hoped you would all take the hint when reservations under your name were all rejected. You see I refuse to allow petty drama cause problems for my restaurant, and I'm afraid that you two bring drama with you where ever you go. However I can see my hint was not noticed so I'll tell you myself. Lila Rossi, Adrien Agreste, you two and your families are banned from setting foot into my restaurant. So sorry, but after you two repeatedly bullied me, spread lies about me and tried to ruin my future, I simply couldn't find it in myself to allow you in. Now please leave, your blocking other customers." Marinette turned and began to walk back into the restaurant until Adrien grabbed her arm dragging her back roughly.
"Now listen here Marinette!" He started until Marinette turned to him no fear in her eyes as she drew her free arm back and decked him. Adrien released her arm falling backwards holding his nose in pain, Marinette falling to the ground holding her arm gingerly.
"How dare you!?!" Lila snapped dropping down and wrapping her arms around Adrien's shoulders protectively, glaring at Marinette attempting to play the victims. "Thats it! We are sueing you for everything you have, I can't believe you just assaulted Adrien!" She smirked as she watched an officer get out of her car and advance on them. "Officer! Officer please arrest her! She just assaulted my fiance!" Lila cried out as tears began to fall. 
"I'm afraid I'll be taking Mr. Agreste into custody instead Miss Rossi. I was here the entire time and I watched him grab Miss Dupain-Cheng roughly. He assaulted her and she defended herself." Sabrina said staring down at the two as Lila looked up at her in shock. Another officer pulled up with his lights on and stepped out of the car. "Raincomprix, an ambulance is on the way to fix his nose before I take him in. Please make sure to get the photographers names, emails and numbers so that we can get pictures and possibly videos. Then take Miss Dupain-Cheng statement along with pictures of her and her arm, I'll take his pictures. After that get witness statements." Sabrina nodded before pulling out her notebook and walking over to the paparazzi. A few minutes later an ambulance pulled up and took care of Adrien before he was escorted to the back of the police car. Lila stood watching in shock, her mind running a mile a minute, she was quick to flee the scene once she realized pictures were still being taken.
The next day they were all over the news and everyone was on Marinette's side. Videos and pictures were all over social media and Gabriel's lawyers told him that there was no way they could save Adrien from being guilty unless they took a plea bargain. Adrien would admit his guilt and instead of jail time he had to pay Marinette a settlement and was given a restraining order to not come within fifty feet of her for five years. Gabriel's brand took a great hit and for a while Lila and Adrien couldn't step outside with out receiving glares or being refused business. Their reputations were dearly hurt and it didn't look like they'd ever be fixed. While Marinette was higher than ever everyone viewing her as a strong and amazing person after she didn't let his attack hold her back. This drove them crazy but they knew they couldn't do anything, Lila however decided that Hawkmoth just needed to target Marinette. Unluckily for them, it was that targeting that gave away Gabriel's identity to Ladybug and the Miraculous team.
A few months later it was breaking news when the Miraculous team brought in Gabriel, Natalie, and Lila and exposed them as Hawkmoth and Mayura, and that Lila was working with them. Adrien was spared after Ladybug revealed that he was Chat Noir. Everyone was ecstatic, parties were thrown and statues of the heros were placed in different parts of the city. It was shortly after that it was revealed that Gabriel blacklisted many people and allowed his designers to steal work in the hopes that they'd get others akumatized. Marinette was ecstatic that her name in fashion was cleared but she told the press she wasn't planning on going back into fashion. That only a few people would receive her designs, and they would only be those that Clara or Jagged recommended. It was a few months later that Gordon Ramsey visited her restaurant everyone was expecting Ramsey to find something to tear apart and were extremely surprised when he made a tweet praising Marinette's meals and her chefs talents. It actually spurred a friendship between the two and soon Gordon was added to the list of people that received her designs. After this everyone was going to Marinette's restaurant, they had reservations book 6 months out. Every day there is new pictures of celebrities at the restaurant Marinette was the new name in restaurants and cooking. She even agreed to star on some cooking shows. Her favorite guest spot was on Nailed it. The show was themed after heroes Jacques Torres made cupcakes specialized after America's heros, while Marinette made a five tier cake, each tier representing a different Parisian hero. Marinette lost it when she saw the cupcakes for Batman and Robin she couldn't stop laughing and immediately took pictures. Marinette and Jacques held multiple conversations in French, both struggling not to laugh as Nicole made faces at them. When Marinette pulled out the money gun she flicked her head done and a pair of Eiffel Tower shaped glasses covered her face. She looked at Nicole seriously and nodded before saying she was ready to complete the mission. This cause Nicole to burst into laughter.  After the winner was announced Marinette made another announcement, all three contestants and their family had an all expenses paid trip to Paris and a free meal at her restaurant Miraculous. It was shortly after that, that Marinette began to open more restaurants starting in each heroes city. Twenty-five percent of their earnings went to either the heros in question or a charity that they picked. Marinette's restaurants got popular quickly and soon she was named the youngest billionaire and only twenty-five years old. Everyone was shocked when majority of her money was put towards charity and thar she began different foundations to help others. She even began programs to pay for peoples schooling in university and colleges. Soon she was invited to charity events all over the world, from the Maria Stark Foundation to the Martha Wayne charity Gala. When she is twenty-six Marinette moves out of Audrey's penthouse and travels between different homes until settling down into a penthouse in New York. Audrey and Chloe both follow her over Audrey simply returning and establishing New York as her base of operations once again.
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samopotahto · 12 months ago
Jason: Holy shit!! I’m so fucking clumsy today, I keep bumping into things. I have so many bruises, it’s not funny.
Marinette, who broke into Jason's room yesterday to move all his furniture exactly 2 inches to the left: Oh, damn. That’s wild.
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She’s Not Dead
All Miraculous Ladybug Works
"How old did you say they were again?" Superman questioned.
Green Lantern carded thought his memories for a moment. "The girl is, I'm pretty sure, 16, and the boy is 17."
"They're that young?" Flash asked, letting out a slow breath. "Dang, they're probably gonna need some therapy in the future."
Bruce Wayne nodded in agreement, before reminding, "We need to deal with Gabriel Agreste first."
"Yes, he is the top priority," Diana agreed, stepping in front of the League members situated around the room. "He not only used magic designated for good to terrorise a whole city, but he attempted to rope in his own son with the scheme. That will have some everlasting consequences, no doubt."
Wonder Woman shook her head, along with some of the team, in disbelief. It wasn't every day a person turned their own child evil for their own gain.
There was silence for a few seconds, excluding Martian Manhunter's typing at a keyboard in the background.
"Are those gods okay?"
"Those gods are named Tikki and Plagg," Diana corrected, sending a small glare to Green Arrow that commanded more respect. "But yes, they are doing well. Tikki is merely resting after having to use so much of her Creation magic to fix all of the damage in Paris yesterday."
"That reminds me," Superman piped up with. "Has the worker that ignored the situation been fired?"
"Yes. He's currently facing major punishment for going against League guidelines and being partly responsible for the length of Hawk Moth's reign," Bruce responded.
"Three years, can you believe that? A whole city had to deal with suppressing their emotions for that long," Barry Allen stressed. "No wonder the heroes broke under the pressure."
Aquaman, who had been twirling around his trident, spoke up. "That Lila girl will be arrested too, right? Along with Gabriel Agreste's assistant?"
"Nathalie Sancoeur used the Peacock pin to help Hawk Moth, so she will be facing similar charges to him. That Lila girl, however," Wonder Woman replied, a dark look taking over her features. "She both harassed and sexually abused Adrien Agreste, and bullied the current wielder of the Ladybug earrings...Let us just say that the prosecutors in court won't be the ones to declare her fate."
The Justice League wisely chose not to argue against the warrior's words.
To the side of the room, a screen was set, showing footage from another area in the Watchtower. There, two teens lay on separate beds, that had kwami snuggled together between them on a nightstand.
One of the teenagers, a female, had her hair spread out on her pillow, with the strands appearing a midnight black from the minimal light of the stars outside. Bandages were carefully wrapped around her hands, encasing the palms so as to stop the bleeding that had previously been occurring.
The other person, a male, slept in the foetus position, whilst tightly gripping onto a silver ring around one of his fingers. His blonde hair was disheveled, set in a lazy style that matched his black sweater and grey joggers.
Batman caught sight of the TV nearby, suddenly noticing the children also occupying the Watchtower. Dark bags lined their closed eyes, and expressions of discomfort were visible on their faces.
They were having nightmares.
Bruce let out an inaudible sigh, moving to turn to the Justice League. However, his observant eyes caught onto something dreadfully still in the corner of the screen right before he could.
"...Uhh, guys? Where did Batman go?"
Flash's questions caused a stir of confusion to crash over the team, as they scanned about for Bruce's suited figure. After a few seconds, they gave up, all glancing to Superman for a possible answer. That was when Martian Manhunter decided to enlighten them with it.
"Batman is with Chat Noir and Ladybug."
Said female ran into the room at the call.
"Yes? What is it?"
"I, I think she's dead."
Wonder Woman took a glance at Marinette, who was curled up in a ball between the bed's thin sheets, and the heart monitor at the side. Despite the fact that it showed no heartbeat, her chest was rising steadily in a slow pace.
The tips of her fingers, not covered in bandages, were a slight shade of blue. Her lips were also the same tinge.
"She's not, I assure you."
"Are you sure, Diana? Because her breathing is significantly slow and she's hardly moving," Superman asked, raising a worried brow.
"It's a side-effect of the miraculous," she explained, "When one has a true soul that is formed from one of the kwami's, they take on tendencies of the animal they represent. It just so happens that Marinette here has the traits of a ladybug."
A caring smile spread across her face, aimed at the sleeping girl.
" she's just- hibernating?"
"Yes, Hal. That would be correct."
"Well, we better get some warmer blankets to wake her up again. Goodness, it is actually really cold in here," Green Arrow advised, shivering in his costume.
"That is not necessary, I assure you."
Wonder Woman strolled up to Marinette, scooping her up gently, as she then made her way to Adrien's bed. The League could only watch in utter bewilderment whilst she placed the girl by his side and pulled the covers over them.
"Whoa, whoa, whoa. Are you sure you wanna do that?"
The team collectively stared at Clark.
He blushed, rubbing the back of his neck nervously. "I-I mean, they're two teens, alone, and they might ki-"
At that, Superman furrowed his brow, looking to the Flash.
The scarlet speedster was gazing intently at the couple laying down.
When Marinette was set down, she shuffled, squirming slightly, before curling back up impossibly tight. However, the boy beside her felt the disturbance, and let out a quiet whine from the back of his throat.
Adrien stretched, yawning, before reaching his arms out a short distance. He froze for a moment - his eyes showing he was still in deep slumber. Then, he all of a sudden pulled his partner to his chest, and she almost reflexively snuggled closer.
Marinette's face lost its discomfort, instead being replaced by a small smile, as was Adrien's. His body vibrated, letting out a loud purr that could be heard from all four corners of the room as he smothered and curled up around her form.
"Aaaaawww..." several of the adults awed.
The hush of the place was broken by Bruce.
"I think we should leave them to sleep."
"Oh gosh, I see that smile on your face, Bats. Don't go adopting them too."
"What? I am not sm-"
"Flash isn't wrong. I saw that too."
"Well, Batman," Diana huffed. "You won't be adopting any of them. They are both like siblings to me, and I shall treat them as such."
Bruce's eyes narrowed in challenge beneath the cowl.
Tumblr media
Hope you enjoyed it!
This was a very random one-shot that I really wanted to write out for some reason.
And thank you so much @thyladyanput​ for proof reading this! :D
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Maribat by @ozmav
Of all the investigations Alya had done in the name of journalism, finding out that Chloe Bourgeois and Marinette Dupain-Cheng were dating had been... disheartening.
Lila had told her she noticed the strange behavior of Chloe and Marinette, suspecting that the two were together, but Alya dismissed the idea because Chloe and Marinette dating? This could only be a joke.
But it was when Alya also noticed the behavior of the two girls and decided to investigate, that the truth came out.
Lila was right. She would never doubt her best friend again.
Knowing that the Queen of Hearts and Gremhilde were in a relationship came as a shock to Alya, but knowing the reason for that relationship was indeed sad.
Because fake a relationship to get Adrien's attention? That was beyond pathetic.
Alya knew that Marinette was jealous of Lila for being close to Adrien, and possibly was dating the model in secret - the Italian was being difficult to drop the word, despite the continuous blush being all the confirmation that the journalist needed -, which she feels sorry for the designer.
She also knew that Chloe did not love Adrien, but she was unhappy with the fact that the boy was no longer her private toy and that he had despised her in favor of true friends.
But setting up a crazy plan to get the boy's attention was a new level of insanity for both girls. They needed to understand that no meant no.
It was no surprise to Alya that Chloe acted in retaliation, but Marinette with Chloe? Alya felt sorry for her ex best friend.
Alya hadn't told the class yet because she didn't want to humiliate Marinette in front of everyone, but she told Lila, because she deserved to know the truth.
She was sitting in her place in the classroom, next to Nino and behind Adrien and Lila. Mlle. Bustier had given them free time, as long as they didn't leave their seats and keep the conversation low.
Chloe's snorting laughter echoed through the room from moment to moment, Marinette trying to control the blonde and Sabrina looking like she wanted to fall into a fit of laughter. The three problems of the Mlle. Bustier’s class together.
"It's sad, you know?" Lila sighed at her. She and Adrien facing Alya and Nino's table so they can talk. "They force themselves to act like they're happy just to get attention."
"What do you mean, dudete?" Nino questioned confused.
"It's kind of obvious that they keep doing these things to get their attention." Lila had a sad look in her eyes. "If they weren't so mean to me, I wouldn't mind being friends with them."
Alya felt her heart ache for her best friend. She suffered so much at the hands of the three and yet there she was, wanting to make friends with her bullies.
"You don't have to feel guilty, girl." She squeezed Lila's hand on the table. "They don't deserve your friendship, do they, Adrien?"
The boy had a complicated expression on his face, but he nodded cautiously. "Sure..."
Alya did not understand certain behaviors that Adrien had. Of course, the boy lived for years trapped in the ivory tower that was the Agreste mansion, but she thought that after hanging out with them for so long, he would have come out of his shell, but it looked like she was wrong.
At least, from what Lila said, he was much more open to her when they were alone. She hoped that this would soon change in relation to her friends.
The next day, she was casually checking her blog, noting the decline in her popularity, before checking OTS-OnTheSpot. The blog that had debuted in the news world, being the rival of Ladyblog.
Alya was increasingly irritated by Ladybug's clear preference for the new blog over Ladyblog. Of course, the person - because nobody knew who it was and Max was unable to track the IP - obviously had better equipment than Alya, who only worked with the phone, but for Ladybug to betray her like that, it had been a slap in the face.
Somehow OTS got the best photos, the best videos, the best interviews, but no one ever got a glimpse of who the journalist was. Not even Chat Noir - she had asked - knew who the person behind the blog was, since he had never been interviewed before.
That was the other problem she had with OTS.
The person clearly focused on all miraculous and non-miraculous heroes, except Chat Noir. In fact, the times the blog touched on the cat hero's name, it was to mock his behavior in the middle of the battle. Not to mention, they were clearly a RoBug shipper - Robin and Ladybug - which, in Alya's opinion, was an insult to the black dots hero.
Everyone knew that LadyNoir was the real couple there. Chat Noir had confirmed in the last interview that Alya got of the hero.
She was wallowing in self-pity when Lila hurried into the classroom, drawing everyone's attention. All but Chloe who was messing with the phone, Nathaniel who drew on the tablet and Sabrina, who wrote something on a notepad. Marinette as always, late.
"Alya!" Lila ran to her. "You will not believe what I just saw."
The girl rose quickly from her chair, her journalistic senses on alert.
“What was that girl? Is it an akuma?”
With that, both Chloe and Adrien turned to the two.
The Italian shook her head in denial.
"No. It's Marinette.” She takes a deep breath, catching her breath. "Marinette was kissing a very scary guy in front of the school."
"WHAT?!" Alya shouted. "Are you sure it was her?"
Lila nodded frantically. "Absolutely sure. When they walked away, I saw her face and I also heard him call her name.”
Alya sat back in her chair in shock. Incredulous that Marinette would do something so dirty just to get attention.
"I think she realized that the plan with Chloe wouldn't work and tried to get attention in another way." Lila sighed. Only Nino and Adrien being able to hear their conversation.
The DJ frowned in confusion.
"What are you talking about?"
Adrien was pale, but he didn't open his mouth to say anything.
"We found that-"
"MARIN!" Chloe squeaked in the background, running into Marinette's arms.
Alya and Lila were suddenly silent, watching the scene unfold. Alya had a sour taste in her mouth, disgusted by the way Marinette managed to act like nothing was happening. As if she weren't dirty.
"Hey, Coco." The brunette said, hugging Chloe. "Sorry for the delay, I had some things to resolve."
Chloe moved away from her; hands clasped together. "No problem." She smiled. It was rare for the class to see such a sincere smile coming from Chloe. "Come. I want to show you something that Timochi and I found earlier.” And he pulled the girl up the stairs, greeting Sabrina and Nathaniel on the way.
For a moment, Alya considered leaving this problem alone.
Sure, Marinette and Chloe deserved to be exposed to their friends, but technically neither was doing anything wrong. None attacked or did anything to harm Adrien, so no damage was done.
But then Alya remembered the smile that Chloe had shown when she saw Marinette.
This was not a fake or staged smile. That was a genuine and affectionate smile. Then Alya came to the conclusion that Chloe did indeed liked Marinette, while Marinette was only using the blonde as a springboard to reach Adrien.
The journalist might as well have ignored this discovery and let Chloe break her heart, as a vengeance for everything Bourgeois had done against them, but she failed. Alya was a fair girl. She couldn't sleep peacefully knowing that Marinette was playing with someone's feelings.
Even if that someone was Chloe Bourgeois.
She got up from the chair, facing the back of the room and Marinette. Lila had long since moved away to her chair beside Adrien.
Alya was furious.
“Marinette, aren't you ashamed of yourself? Act like nothing is wrong. I didn't know you could be that cold and calculating.” She caught everyone's attention again, especially Marinette.
Marinette sighed, her elbow resting on the table, she laid her head on her palm. There was an air of boredom around her. Chloe, Sabrina and Nathaniel with unimpressed looks on their faces.
“What did I do this time, Alya? I knocked Lila down the stairs? I hit Lila with a piece of wood? I stole Lila's ideas again?” The disinterested tone irritated the journalist even more.
"No, although all the statements are real, I am not talking about that." Alya spat. "I'm talking about you being a fake and dirty person, who's using Chloe in your sordid little game."
Everyone in the classroom began to whisper fervently, curious about the newest drama in the class.
"What?!" Chloe said without a voice. The expression on the blonde's face was pure disbelief.
Marinette raised an eyebrow, moving from her relaxed posture to a stiff one.
"What are you accusing me of this time, Alya?"
"I'm talking about you and Chloe dating and you cheating on her with someone in front of the school!" Alya shouted angrily.
Marinette whistled, unimpressed.
"I still don't know what you're talking about."
“I know everything, Marinette Dupain-Cheng! Don't you dare deny it!” The girl sidestepped Nino's hand, who was trying to calm his girlfriend. "I know about your silly plan to pretend to be dating Chloe just to get Adrien's attention and that Chloe likes you!"
Marinette stared at Alya without reaction and Alya celebrated it, believing she had won the argument.
That, of course, until Chloe, Marinette, Sabrina, and Nathaniel fell into a fit of violent laughter. Scaring all the students and leaving Alya surprised.
"What are you laughing at?!" Lila stood up to defend Alya. "It is true! We know everything!”
Sabrina was the first to compose herself, wiping away the tears that had escaped by the force of laughter. "Really? What else do you know?”
"I don't understand what you're laughing at!" Alya snarled, before turning to Chloe. “You should be thanking us for exposing Marinette. Hello, is she cheating on you!?”
"Alya, dear and innocent, Alya." Nathaniel sighed. Some laughter still escaping. "Where did you get that Chloe and Marinette are dating each other?"
Alya snorted indignantly at the mockery. "What are you talking about? Lila-“
“Oh, of course. Lila.” Chloe rolled her eyes. "The most reliable source of news you can find." The acidity in the words did not go unnoticed by anyone.
"Hey!" Coming from offended Lila.
"Sure, you're not wrong to assume that Chloe and I had something, since well, we dated for a while." Marinette started.
“Aha! So, you assume you were in a relationship!” Alya pointed.
Marinette raises an eyebrow. "Everyone here knows that, Alya." She sighed tiredly. "Chloe and I dated for a while at Collège, but we broke up before Lycée."
"What...?!" Alya murmured. "But you hated each other!"
"... They are telling the truth, Alya." Nino looked away, intimidated by Alya's anger. “You and Lila didn't know that because you entered Dupont at the Lycée, but the rest we did. I think Adrien, too, since Chloe and he are childhood friends.”
“Okay, so, you guys dated. But how do you explain this sudden approach now? You obviously hated each other.” Alya insisted.
Chloe snorted impatiently, maybe even a little irritated by Alya's attitude.
“It's called maturing, Alya. Do you know what is this?" The blonde crossed her arms. “Marin and I talked and came to the conclusion that we still like each other enough to become friends. That fighting wasn't getting us anywhere.”
“It still doesn't explain why you are so lovey-dovey. Let's be rational here, this love is at least suspect.” Lila pointed. There was a calculating air around her.
"Friendships are different for everyone, Liela." Marinette replied dryly. “I was never a person to curb my feelings whatever they are. I like to show my friends how much I appreciate them and they do the same for me because that's how friendship is. The support is mutual.”
"But waiting for you to understand this can be too much, since you probably don't know what it is like to have feelings other than pride, envy and dislike." Chloe waved her hand dismissively.
Lila's eyes flashed dangerously, before changing to a painful expression. The crocodile tears running down her cheeks.
“Why are you like that, Chloe? I tried my best to be friends with you, but you seem to hate me!” She sniffed and Alya was next to the girl, trying to comfort her. "If I were that bad, I would have already exposed your plan to get Adrien's attention, since you and Marinette are obsessed with him-" She brought her hands to her mouth, an expression of regret on her face. “I shouldn't have said that. I'm so sorry!" She went back to 'crying'.
Everyone in the room turned to look at Adrien's expression, who seemed lost. Eyes wide, mouth open. He looked in Marinette's direction as if trying to assemble a 500-piece puzzle.
Chloe murmured an 'oh please' tired of all the drama. Marinette didn't seem at all shaken by being exposed in front of the boy she loved. Nathaniel and Sabrina were just enjoying the show, while eating the macaroons that Marinette had brought.
"You don't have to apologize, Lila." Marinette replied calmly, making Lila swallow the fake tears and look at the girl. She realized that her attack had no desired effect. "My feelings for Adrien died the day he asked me to take the high road and let you lie." She looked at the model who looked chastened, before turning back to Lila. "I understood what he meant by that, but the fact that he prioritized your feelings over mine, killed any traces of love I had for him."
Alya gasped in confusion.
"What are you talking about?"
Lila's eyes widened in panic. "Is nothing-"
"Oh, that's right." Marinette shook her head condescendingly. “You still believe that everything Lila says is true. Even the most absurd things.”
"Again with that story, Marinette?!" Kim complained angrily. "We know you made this up because you were jealous of Lila."
Nathaniel made a confused sound. "Why would Marinette be jealous of Lila?"
"Because Lila and Adrien are dating!" Alya screamed at the boy's lack of awareness.
“Alya! This was supposed to be a secret!” Lila hid her face with her hands.
"WHAT?!" Adrien got up from the chair surprised by the new information. "We aren’t-"
"... But Marin, haven't you been dating Damian since half of Lycée's first year?" Sabrina asked confused.
Marinette sighed at the whole situation.
"I am. But it seems that people still live in the past.”
"You don't have to lie to us just because you're ashamed, Marinette." Lila said sweetly. "We don't judge anyone here."
Chloe got up from her chair, clapping her hands on the table. "OK, that's it." She picked up the phone and dialed someone, everyone froze thinking she was calling the mayor. “Timo, please come and get us. I'm sick of having to share the same air as a bunch of imbeciles.” The person on the other end seemed to agree, because soon Chloe hung up and picked up her things from the table.
Marinette, Sabrina and Nathaniel soon following the blonde's example.
Sabrina had a thick folder in her hand, where it dropped heavily on Max's table. Chloe, on the other hand, left a pile of paper on Lila's and Nathaniel's on Alya's. Marinette came down the stairs in calm steps. Never failing to face the two girls.
“At Max's desk is a compilation of all Lila's lies. We managed to put this together in less than two hours, as her lies are not really good.” She started. Lila swallowing hard behind Alya. "At Lila's table and yours, orders to cease and desist on behalf of Prince Ali, Jagged, Clara, XY, Bruce Wayne, Style Queen and of course, Ladybug."
"WHAT?!" Lila and Alya shouted together.
Marinette didn't even blink at their reaction.
"I didn't intend to do anything against you, as we are in Lycée's senior year and I would finally be free of your mental games, Lila." She looked at the Italian. “But today you really pissed me off. Because in addition to accusing me of plotting to gain Adrien's attention, you accused me of being unfaithful and that is something I do not admit.”
"Dudete, don't you think you're being a little extreme?" Nino tried to ease the situation with Marinette.
The girl snorted in mockery, going back down the stairs, towards the door. And at the door, there was an unknown and scary-looking boy standing against the wood.
"Think on the bright side Nino: at least this way, your girlfriend will learn to check the facts first, before posting on her failed blog and Lila will learn to keep her lying tongue in her mouth."
Alya snarled in anger.
"And how do we know it is not a trick?"
Marinette stopped beside the boy, her hand resting on his broad chest and turned to Alya.
"Now Alya, just a search on google refutes all the bullshit that Lila has been spitting on you." She raised her eyebrow and the girl soon did as she was told, growing pale with every second she remained looking at the screen. “See how easy it is to check the facts? The internet nowadays, huh. Who knew?” She laughed as if she had told a very funny joke.
Adrien frowned at the girl's behavior, disappointed that she had done that. He thought they were in this together, but apparently, he was alone.
"Marinette-" The blonde tried to speak.
“Oh! I remembered something." She hit her fist against her open palm. "Lila, there are police and immigration agents waiting for you at the school door."
The entire class rose from their seats, still shaken by Marinette's revelations and Markov's confirmation that, yes, Lila was a dirty liar.
"... What?" Lila murmured weakly. It seemed that all the blood had left the Italian's body so pale she was.
"Did you think that willingly helping an emotional terrorist would not have consequences, Lila?" Marinette tilted her head innocently. "Wow. You are really deluded.” She hissed in shock.
The Italian fell without reaction to the floor. She had been defeated at her own game.
"Emotional terrorist...?" Adrien gasped. "Hawkmoth?! Was Lila helping Hawkmoth?”
“Yeap. We have evidence in videos, photos and audios. Not to mention that he admitted earlier today when the heroes invaded his operational base.” Marinette waved excitedly.
Adrien froze at the information. "But, but-"
"How do you know all this?!" Alya demanded.
“Didn't you know, Alya? I am OTS.” Marinette replied cynically, a bad smile on her face. "Ladybug gave an exclusive interview to my blog that must have aired two minutes ago."
Everyone was quick to pick up their tablets or phones to do what Marinette had said.
"You-you-" The journalist stuttered without knowing how to react.
“Now I have to go and let the law enforcement officers do their job. Bye!" She waved as she followed the boy from before, away from the classroom.
It was only when the officers entered the classroom to drag Lila out, that Alya realized what she had done and said.
She was a terrible journalist.
"... Cheers to the miraculous team, Robin, Red Robin, Super Boy and Spoiler!" The group of friends shouted, pounding the crystal glasses against each other.
“Another cheers for Lila Rossi having her ass delivered!” Chloe shouted excitedly, making friends laugh and accompany her.
"Today was a day of victory so let's celebrate as long as we can." Marc said snuggling up to Nathaniel who was almost dozing, despite all the noise.
"You had to see Alya's face when we threw the facts in her face." Sabrina hugged Stephanie, a little drunk on champagne.
"We saw it, Rina." The blonde replied, amused by the girl's behavior. "Timbers installed hidden cameras around the classroom for that purpose."
"What I thank my love for." Chloe told the boy, who was hugging her. "If it weren't for you, we would only relive that moment in memories."
"You're welcome Queenie." Tim kissed the girl's cheek affectionately.
"When are we going to visit Chat Noir, Hime?" Kagami asked Marinette. The two were curled together, with Damian on Marinette's back and Kagami between her legs.
"It would be a good idea for us to do this as soon as possible, so that he doesn't have time to use the ring for something bad." Damian kissed Marinette's head while his arms held Kagami against them. "Who knows what's going on in that boy's head."
Marinette sighed thoughtfully. Half melted between her lovers. "Tonight, we will approach Adrien Agreste."
"I hope he doesn't throw a tantrum." Jon groaned from where he was lying with Luka. "I don't have the patience to deal with him."
"I think he will be too distracted by his mother's return to react negatively." Luka murmured, another who was almost asleep. “Adrien may have a closed mind in some ways, but he is not a bad kid. He just needs someone to guide him on the right path.”
"I hope Emillie is that someone." Nathaniel replied sleepily.
All of them agreeing with the boy.
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Goodbye Paris: The Class's View
This is set for after Marinette graduates early, and right after Hawkmoth's defeat.
When Marinette left the class for good many were happy that another 'bully' was gone. They celebrated even more when Hawkmoth was defeated though they made sure to comfort a despondent Adrien. In fact the class didn't think about her much until Bustier asked how their funding for the end of the year trip was going. 
Everyone was just confused asking her what she meant. Bustier mentioned that they should have been raising money for their trip. Since Marinette was gone it fell on the rest of the class. Lila spinned a story claiming that Marinette purposely dropped out half way through the year to screw up their trip. Bustier tries to mention that Marinette hadn't dropped out but the class is already on its tyrant of Marinette being terrible. She simply sighs and drafts up an email explaining to Damocles that her class will not be going on the trip.
The class is terribly upset as they scramble trying to make up enough money to at least do something together as a class. Adrien pulls out some of the money he has from selling his father's company and helps pay for them to go to Disney Paris.
As crime begins to rise Adrien reveals himself as Chat Noir, hoping that with the help of Paris he'll convince Ladybug to give his Miraculous back. He is happy that Paris rallies around him, however it backfires on him when Ladybug announces she is leaving Paris for good.
When the class confronted Lila about her best friend, Lila burst into tears. Leaning against Adrien forcing him to fake comfort her. She spins a tail that Ladybug, 'real name Megra' went off on her a while back for getting akumatized. She claims that 'Megra' insulted her telling her that she was done being friends with a 'disabled' person. Everyone but Adrien believes her, this causes Alya to start tearing apart Ladybug on her blog.
Soon all of Paris is looking for this 'Megra'. When the trip comes up everyone is sad that they aren't leaving the country like other classes. Once they get back Lila starts crying saying that this was all Marinette's fault. This causes the class to get angry. And Alya decides to head over to Tom and Sabine's and give Marinette a piece of their mind.
When they arrive they notice a limo out front this causes them to stop and stare. They watch as Jagged Stone gets out greeting Marinette with a tight hug as the driver takes her bag. She then gets into the limo with him leaving before the class can make it over. When Lila sees Sabine and Tom she quickly asks what is going on, playing the worried classmate card. Sabine tells them that Marinette has moved out to an apartment close to her college.
Lila frowns starring after the limo hiding her anger. Before saying that Marinette must have tricked poor Jagged in some way and then stating that Marinette couldn't get into college because she dropped out of school.
The class comforts Tom and Sabine, both of whom tell them they are sad that their daughter turned into the woman they just watched leave. Lila smirks before smiling gently at the parents and telling them that she'll be there if they ever need help.
Over the next couple years the only time they hear of Marinette is when Juleka is complaining over her brother still being friends with her.
Lila cons Adrien into dating her after she convinces their former classmates to help push them together. Adrien agrees and starts dating her wanting to keep the peace between his friends. Meanwhile the others all have jobs in the field of their passion but they are extremely low level. Adrien and Lila are still modeling. Nino only djs for kids parties and school dances. Alya is working in journalism but rarely gets to write her own articles, and so on.
When Gotham is destroyed Lila is quick to cry out that she hopes the Wayne family is okay. Claiming that she's known them all since she was young. In fact she drops out of contact for six months only to come back claiming she found a way into Gotham. She tells them she was helping the poor Wayne family and Gotham rebuild.
The former classmates gather together excited to watch Bruce's opening speech. Lila and Adrien couldn't make it. The class is shocked when they see Marinette standing behind Bruce. Her head resting on the youngest Wayne's shoulder with her right arm around his waist and her left hand placed on the center of his chest, with his left arm wrapped around her waist. The class blows up when instead of mentioning Lila, Bruce thanks Marinette for all she did helping rebuild Gotham. No one knows what to think, Marinette was there with them on tv. She was live proof that she had been in Gotham the entire time. Meanwhile Lila had no proof, the former class was in shock.
Everyone attempts to reach Marinette to talk to her but they all fail. No one can get through to her, Tom and Sabine have no contact.  Chloe wont even acknowledge them and when Juleka tried to guilt her brother it ended with him cutting off all contact with her. Telling her he was ashamed of how she'd been acting and that even now she won't take no for an answer.
Soon after they begin to separate themselves from both Lila and Adrien spending less and less time with the two. Until they didn't even text anymore, Adrien is isolated with only Lila causing her to gain more control over him. A few months later they become Lila and Adrien Agreste, he hates it but she makes the best out of the grave he dug himself. 
Neither of them know about Marinette marrying Damian Wayne. They don't hear about her until a few years later. Both of them are in America for a photoshoot and a fellow model manages to get them both tickets to the Wayne family's gala.
When they arrive Lila is upset that only a few photographers want pictures of them. She is struggling not to glare as they enter the ballroom at Wayne Manor. The two mingle with other models, Adrien enjoys talking to other people. While Lila keeps a death grip on his arm, talking and giggling with other models.
They are both surprised when they hear Marinette call out to Selina. The two watch her enter the ballroom escorted by Damian, walking behind them were two twins that's only difference was their gender. Both of them are shocked when one of the model exclaims excitedly about her boss Mrs. Wayne finally arrives with her darling twins no less. The small families outfits are elegant and beautiful, each one screaming one of a kind.
The two spend the entire night attempting to get closer to the couple. Both fail spectacularly, someone always coming between them.
Halfway through the night Bruce calls attention to him and Selina, before telling everyone that the Wayne family had a few announcements. He announces that he is handing Wayne Enterprises over to Tim and Damian completely, and that he is signing Wayne Manor over to Marinette and Damian. Richard steps up with Commissioner Gordon and Barbara by his side and the Commissioner announces that he is officially stepping down and naming Dick the next Commissioner. The ballroom bursts into whispers when Marinette and Damian and Damian stand up, causing the others to give them confused looks. They share a loving look before Marinette announces to everyone their own news.
Marinette- First I want to say congratulations to my oldest brother Richard. I have no doubt you'll make a fine Commissioner. I wanted this to be a surprise so only Damian, twins and I know this, but we have an announcement of our own. Come late December the Wayne family will have two more additions, our daughters Gina Gray and Byrce Catherine Wayne!
This causes the room to burst into cheers everyone quick to congratulate the family on their newest additions. It isn't till the end of the night that Adrien manages to talk to Marinette. Before he can say anything though he notices the familiar ring on Marinette's hand. He mutters out My Lady, something he hasn't said in years. Marinette sighs, shaking her head looking at him sadly. 
Marinette- You could've been so much more Chaton. So much more, now if you'll excuse me. I don't want to talk with you. My goodbye to Paris was final. There are only six people from Paris that I still want to see, you're not one of them.
Marinette turns to walk away but Adrien quickly grabs her wrist holding on tightly. He tells her that they need to talk and that she owes that to him. He is surprised when not just Damian comes to her defense but all his siblings. He looks past them trying to get Marinette to listen to reason but she isn't even acknowledging him. She is comforting her twins who are hugging her tightly glaring at Adrien through tears.
That's the last time Adrien saw her in person after he got thrown out with Lila. Both banned from any Wayne galas or functions.
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Rising from the Ashes: Of Bullies and Best Friends
So this story is based on this post by @legendaryhumanskeletonkid I took this idea and kinda changed it without further ado... Part 1. Master List
“All of Paris is invited to a gala that will be held at the hotel this Saturday from six-thirty to ten o’clock. This is a fundraiser gala for natural disasters and a partial celebration for the defeat of Hawkmoth Paris’ previous tormentor,” Mayor Bourgeois announces, looking over the crowd. 
Marinette had been sitting on her family’s couch designing as the mayor finished his speech. She had been invited as Ladybug and wouldn’t be attending as Marinette. She did not need to make a dress and had already changed her costume for a more grown-up look. 
A year or two after she started being the spotted hero, she decided to change up costume as of now her costume was red from her hips to her shoulder blades with black spots strategically placed, along with black knee-high boots that had three spots on her knees, her hand were adorned with fingerless gloves with one red spot on the back of each hand, the rest of her body was covered in her original red with black spots. She had also started putting her now mid-back long hair up in a bun to keep it out of her face as she worked or as her superhero persona. Needless to say, she loves her new look.
By this point in time, Adrien and Marinette became best friends, especially after the reveal. Adrien is happily dating Kagami after Marinettehad set them up. She is one of the few people who knew about Kagami and Adrien’s relationship and is happy for both of her friends. She had lost feelings for Adrien when he had told her to take the high road with Lila’s lying problem. He stopped talking and pushing to take the high road bull after he had to comfort Ladybug to stop her from getting akumatized. He realized someone was getting hurt and it was his Lady, his best friend.
He couldn’t directly stand up to her due to his father, but he would point out a lack of consistency in her lies. He was also an emotional support system for her during the times when Lila was too terrible. He always has Marinette and Kagami’s favorite ice-cream in the mini fridge-freezer combo he had in his room. He also has a playlist of movies for the group watches when they get together. Marinette, Kagami, Adrien, Chloe, and Luka have become family in everything but blood. 
Marinette sighs, being brought back to the present by her parents entering the kitchen.
“Hey sweetie, what was the mayor’s announcement?” Sabine asked, sitting down next to her petite daughter.
“He is holding a fundraiser gala as a celebration for Hawkmoth’s defeat and for other natural disasters. All the heroes are invited as a thank you and probably to help raise more money,” Marinette summed up while her mother hugged her.
“That’s great, sweetheart! Are you going to go?” Tom asked, sitting down on the other side of his daughter.
“I haven’t decided yet but I don’t think I will,” Marinette answered.
“Why not sweetie?” Sabine asked, looking at her daughter, eyes filled with concern. Sabine had noticed her daughter's classmates had stopped coming by the house and she is worried for her daughter's social life.
“I don’t know I just don’t want to go to a stuffy gala,” she answered, standing up. “but don’t worry about me, you guys go have fun. Enjoy yourselves, you both deserve it."
“I think we will, what day is it?” Sabine asked, standing up as well.
“It’s this upcoming Saturday,” Marinette answered.
“But today is Thursday. That doesn’t leave us much time to find and wash the formal clothes,” Tom said, standing as well.
“Ok mama and papa I’ll leave you to that, I’m going to head to bed. Goodnight I love you both," Marinette said, leaving to go upstairs to her room
“Tikki, are you ready for patrol?” Marinette said, looking for her little red friend.
“Let’s go Marinette!” Tikki said, coming down from the bed Marinette had made her.
“Tikki, Spots on,” Marinette said, going through her transformation. Then she jumped out of her balcony trap door and flew across the rooftops towards the set meeting place, the Eiffel Tower.
“Hey Chaton, Queenie. Sorry that I’m late, my parents were asking about the gala,” she said, landing beside her partners.
“It's fine LB you deserve a break after today though,” Queen Bee said, looking at her once rival turned friend.
“I’m fine,” Ladybug started before Chat cut in. “No, you shouldn’t have to be fine. You should be feeling great I can’t believe she accused you of such a thing,” Chat pouted, crossing his arms.
Ladybug sighed and looked over the city thinking back to what had happened earlier that day in class.
Lila had walked into school with a black eye and bruised cheek, probably makeup. Once she had everyone around her and Marinette, who had made it a habit of arriving at class on time, walked in Lila started crying her crocodile tears. “M.. Marinette how co.. could you show your fa...face after what you did to me?” Lila stuttered out between the crocodile tears.
“What do you mean?” Adrien asked before Marinette could respond to the accusations.
“She was jealous over our friendship, Adrien, so she attacked me after we hung out yesterday,” Lila cried, hiding her face in Alya’s welcoming embrace.
“By ‘hung out’ you mean you hanging all over me during the photoshoot I was forced to go to,” Adrien deadpanned, putting air quotes around ‘hung out’.
“Adrien, how could you say that when she’s in this condition?” Alya raged, looking at Marinette and Adrien as she continued to rub Lila’s back comfortingly. “Marinette you gotta stop being so jealous!”
“That’s funny because Marinette and I went out for ice cream with Adrien, Luka, and Kagami after Adrien’s torture his father calls a photoshoot,” Chloe stepped in.
“How do we know you aren’t lying?” Alya asked, standing tall. “You, Chloe, are just as much of a bully as Marinette is.”
“Because,” Marinette stepped in. “We saw you there yesterday. Remember? You and Nino had a date.”
“That is true, babe as we were leaving they were just getting there,” Nino stated towards his girlfriend.
“Then you must have slapped her after that because we all know you have a huge crush on Adrien,” Alya defended a smirk spreading across her face.
“Alya, if you had talked to me sometime in the last two years without yelling at me then you would know that I see him just as a friend,” Marinette said, crossing her arms.
“Awww, Buginette, I thought we were best friends,” Adrien pouted.
“Not the time, Adrien,” Chloe said. “Also why would Lila just bring it up now? Why didn’t she talk to the principal before this?”
“I..” Lila started then cried more while answering. “I thought she would do something worse.”
“This girl wouldn’t hurt a fly,” Adrien defended, knowing that not to be true. He had seen her do some serious damage. The bell rung before anyone could say anything else but by the glares that Marinette kept receiving she could tell people weren’t happy with her over the accusations.
“Buginette, are you sure you’re ok? Queenie and I don’t mind taking this patrol by ourselves,” Chat offered, looking at his long-time friend.
“Mar, you can tell us what the matter is. Even with Hawkmoth defeated we’re still here for you,” Queen said, patting her shoulder.
“I just don’t understand how they can trust someone they barely know over me, their childhood friend,” Ladybug answered, looking into the distance.
“Her lies seem as sweet as honey, but they’re going to sting when the lies bumble,” Queenie punned. Chat looked at her in astonishment.
“Did you just—?“ Chat started.
“Nope Chlo you can’t join him. There are only so many puns people can deal with,” Ladybug said with a laugh. “I can’t wait to see the day her lies will fall.”
They sat there for the duration of the patrol, Paris would be safe for the night. Ladybug needs the heroes’ help more. After her friends had helped her relax she had fallen asleep, Chat took the liberty of taking her home. She needed more sleep with the stress of school, Ladybug, and now going to the gala. Adrien wasn’t going to go as Adrien, but as Chat Noir. He was personally invited as Chat, which he’s thankful for. He can now spend time with his girlfriend and not have to deal with Lila.
As Adrien put his Buginette in her bed and tucked her in he stared for a moment and thought back to a day not too long ago when he thought he had lost her.
It had been a long fight every one of the heroes, even with their strong stamina, were becoming tired. Especially Marinette taking more hits than any of the other heroes, not wanting them, rest of her friends, to be hurt. After hours of fighting, they were in Hawkmoth’s lair now at this point after he had run near the end of his transformation. This had led them to his own house at that moment he knew his lady had been right almost three years ago.
His friends turned to look at him. He looked at them and felt the bile rising in his throat, his father. His goddamn father! He had done this to them. Kagami had been stabbed in the shoulder but she was still fighting. Marinette had received a bad blow to the stomach. Everyone has excessive bruising most of the team had dried blood on them and their costumes were torn. He fell to his knees and threw up.
“My god,” he whispered, wiping his mouth. “Why him? Of all the loners and messed up people, why him?”
“Chaton, you could have not known,” Ladybug said, rubbing his back.
“Adrien, this isn’t your fault,” Kagami said, hugging him.
“Look at you guys!” He said, standing up swiftly. “You all look terrible! He hurt you are all so bad.”
“Thanks,” Queenie answered sarcastically, crossing her arms. 
“You don’t look so hot yourself though,” Viperon said, trying to calm down the blonde.
“Viperon, is right we all look bad but this is what we signed up for as soon as we took the miraculous. Ya, it sucks that the troubles of Paris are placed on the shoulders five teenagers, who are still in high school, but the adults here are morons,” Queenie said, hugging Adrien. “You gotta calm down. I.. we won’t be able to fight you too.”
“You’re right,” he said, hugging her back. “Let’s go get ourselves a bastard.”
“That’s the spirit!” Ladybug said, giving him a fist bump.
They jumped to where they saw Hawkmoth enter. Ryuko offered to go in first, well not offered but barged in first. “Gabriel! You have some nerve!” Ryuko screamed when she saw the dark figure.
“Ahhh.. finally I’ll have what is truly mine your miraculous. It’s finally time to get rid of you, pests,” Hawkmoth monologued hiding in the shadows.
“Father! Stop this craziness! I don’t know why you’re doing this, but it must end!” Chat pleaded.
“Gabriel, we don’t want to fight you anymore. We just want the butterfly and the peacock miraculous,” Ladybug reasoned.
“and I just want my wife back,” Gabriel said, turning to the heroes. “Don’t you want the same, Adrien?”
“I.. She’s gone, Father. I’m going to be gone too if you don’t stop! I miss her as much as you do, but I moved on because it’s healthy! This isn’t healthy and would she want to be brought back like this? All this destruction, chaos, and pain? Would she even be able to look at you the same knowing that you’ve hurt Paris, my friends, and your only son?” Chat asked, stepping forward as Gabriel fell to his knees. “Please, Dad stop this.”
“Under one condition,” Gabriel asked, looking up at his son.
“Depends on the condition old man,” Queenie said from behind Chat.
“I want to be able to stay here with you and try to make up the time I wasted. Also please don’t tell the public who I am, the media would tear you and the company to pieces. You would probably be seen as an accomplice and wouldn't be trusted most likely anywhere,” Gabriel pleads, grabbing his son’s hand, the one without Chat’s miraculous.
“Group talk, huddle up,” Viperon said, beckoning everyone in.
“We could make him do stuff like community service, but subtly so it doesn’t raise any suspicion,” Ryuko reasoned, once everyone had gathered in the huddle of heroes.
“What would we tell the public,” Queenie asked, looking around the circle.
“After Hawkmoth ran, we found his miraculous that he had left on a rooftop,” Ladybug started a plan forming.
“When we went to find the civilian Hawkmoth he had already run,” Chat finished.
“Good enough for me,” Viperon agreed.
“What if we make him start a foundation,” Queenie suggested. “I could help since I am the Mayor’s daughter and have connections”
“He caused a lot of chaos, what if we make him start a disaster foundation? Natural disasters because those are a common thing here. Fires and floods, simple things,” Ryuko added.
“Ok we have a proposition then,” Chat said, breaking the huddle then looked towards Gabriel. “Father we came to a decision you can be unknown from the public, but you have to start a natural disaster foundation. Also something I’m adding get your mental health checked along with weekly therapy. If you choose these conditions you can stay at home as Gabriel Agreste and Hawkmoth will never be you again. If not we can take you into the police station right now.”
Needless to say, Gabriel had accepted the heroes’ gracious offer and handed over the butterfly and peacock miraculous, which was brought back to Master Fu. He had given her the Miracle Box because he wanted to retire soon after the defeat of Hawkmoth. The public was angry at first due to the fact they wouldn’t know the identity of Hawkmoth, but they thought the heroes didn’t know so they were less angry. Adrien sighed and jumped onto her balcony and headed home.
When Marinette woke up the next morning she looks around dazed for a moment or two this had been one of the first times she had gotten a full night's sleep in awhile. It was all thanks to her partners, she hadn’t even woken from a nightmare. She also woke up a bit earlier than her alarm, so she got up and put her hair in a bun, did some light makeup. She put on a white shoulderless short-sleeved shirt with little flowers near the neckline, a bubblegum pink flowy skirt, and a pair of darkish grey tights. She then finished the look with the same bubblegum color of her skirt for ballet shoes. When finished getting dressed she put cookies in her signature purse. She climbed up the ladder leading towards her bed to wake up her kwami. 
“Tikki, time to wake up,” Marinette said, quietly.
“Good morning,” Tikki yawned. “You look nice this morning!”
“I got up early. I must’ve fallen asleep on patrol,” Marinette said. “I woke up on time and I didn’t have any nightmares.”
“That’s so good! You haven’t gotten enough sleep lately,” Tikki said, flying up out of her bed.
“Marinette! It’s time to leave!” Sabine shouted from downstairs. Marinette checked her phone and saw that it was true so she went downstairs. “Sweetie you look extra beautiful today! Did you sleep better than normal?”
“Yes, I slept well, love you mama see you after school!” She kissed her mama and left for school.
As she arrives Adrien’s car pulls up and she sees Chloe waiting by the bottom of the steps near the entrance of the school. Chloe is wearing her hair down straight but with the top part of her hair pulled back and held in with her miraculous. She is wearing a black pencil skirt that ends just above the knee, a flowy light yellow shirt, and paired with black flats.
When Adrien and Marinette meet Chloe they give both give her and each other a hug. They then walk inside to be met with the mess known as Lila and her posse. They meet in the courtyard where Alya and Lila try to get an apology out of Marinette.
"Lila, I didn't hit you. There's enough proof to say that I didn't, but yet you continue with your web of lies. Why would I want to hit you?" Marinette asked, crossing her arms as Adrien and Chloe stand behind her.
"Because you are jealous that I'm dating Adrien. I'm sorry Adrihoney that I told her our secret," Lila cried. "I just can't take her jealousy or torture anymore." 
"Lila we're not dating..." Adrien started but was cut off again by Lila sobbing louder.
"You don't have to lie to them, they already know the truth. I can't let you hide your feelings for me anymore," Lila sobbed.
"Lila, what truth did you tell them the truth or the truth you want? I would never date you, Lila. You are too clingy, annoying, and you're always lying. Plus I'm happily dating someone; I'm pretty sure I love her," Adrien finished.
"Marinette, you slut, you're sleeping with Lila's boyfriend when you know that they are happily together," Alya raged, rubbing Lila's back.
“It’s like I’m not even here!” Adrien said, throwing his hands up in defeat. 
"First of all, Adrien is just a friend. Second of all, how dare you call me or his actual girlfriend a slut and last Adrien's girlfriend could take Lila down in a heartbeat," Marinette said, stepping forward. "Adrien's girlfriend may not be the kindest at first glance, but what I wouldn't do to help one of my best friends."
She then walked to class with the two blonds glaring at the rest of the class following behind. The rest of the day was filled with excited chatter for the upcoming gala. Lila was bragging over the fact the uprising star, who she ‘helped’ found MDC's talent, made her dress just because Lila is so nice.
"MDC, he is so incredibly nice and handsome. He has milk chocolate hair and the brightest blue eyes you would ever see. It was love at first sight when he had first seen me. It was just after I had saved Jagged Stone's cat from the airport's terminal. MDC was with Jagged because he is Jagged's lost nephew," Lila started then her face fell. "I couldn't stay with him though, I was getting ready to fly to Gotham to be with my childhood sweetheart, my Damiboo. I'm sorry or as you would know him, Damian Wayne."
"Seriously! you've met the Waynes and Bruce Wayne's heir is in love with you?!?" Alya exclaimed. "You have to get me an interview with them!"
"Next time I visit my Damiboo I'll ask him, but he's kind of shy," Lila smiles, looking at all of her adoring followers. 
Marinette sighed as the bell rung thankful for the end of her lies even if only temporarily. After her class, which was uneventful, she headed home to help her parents finish up in the bakery and eventually helped them close it. She saw that they had dragged out there nicer clothes.
"Sweetheart, would you be a dear and fit and fix my dress," Sabine asked, looking back at Marinette as she cooked. 
"Of course Mama I'll fix it up after dinner," Marinette said as she was finishing up her homework.
They had a nice peaceful dinner after plates were cleaned, and leftovers were put away Marinette and her mother headed upstairs to fix her mother's dress. "Mama you look beautiful," Marinette said looking over the traditional Chinese red cheongsam.
"Thank you, Marinette," Sabine pauses, looking at herself in the mirror. "Pretty soon I'm going to give it to you. It was your grandmother's and I think you deserve it."
"Thank you, Mama," Marinette smiled, fixing the tear near the hem. "It's all fixed Mama. You look beautiful. I hope you have a great time tomorrow."
"I just wish you would come with us," Sabine sighed, hugging her daughter.
"I would but I had already made plans with Adrien, Kagami, and Luka," Marinette told the decided upon story.
"OK have fun at least," Sabine smiled before heading downstairs to show her husband.
Since it was Ryuko and Viperon's turn to patrol she went to bed early.
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trickstermiraculous · a year ago
AO3 Fic Recs
Lila Rossi Bashing
Tumblr media
Art Club Chat Room - The Art Club has a chatroom and some things get revealed about a certain Italian. 
The Actress - There was a new student in class. One Isabelle Verity. A girl with black hair in pigtails, blue eyes, a habit of wearing red, and supposedly Lila’s long-time bestie. Given Lila’s previous lies, the class immediately latched onto the idea that Isabelle was Ladybug. And as Isabelle only gave them a cheeky ‘Ladybug has her secret identity to uphold’, they went full force. Adrien knew that Isabelle wasn’t really Ladybug. While he could be an idiot sometimes, he knew two things. The first, is that Lila is a liar, and Ladybug wasn’t her ‘bestie’. The second, is that Ladybug would never tell anyone her secret identity.
A Queendom Crumbles -  Lila claims to be great friends with Jagged Stone, so she finds it justifiable to claim that she created his iconic Eiffel Tower glasses and designed his album cover. Since her classmates love Jagged Stone, it would only increase her own popularity, right?
Exposed -  In France it is illegal to video record or photograph someone without their consent, a fact that Marinette had forgotten about until she is expelled a second time from school. Too bad Lila hadn't done her reading on that particular law.
It's Your Birthday - Adrien knows she's been tormented by the whole class - all thanks to a liar. Wouldn't you know, it's Marinette's birthday, and he has the perfect present.The downfall of Lila.After all, Princesses deserve to spoilt.
Baked Jagged -  Jagged tries to bake cookies, and ends up exposing Lila to the class.
Better Late than Never - Post Ladybug. Even after Lila's lies get exposed, no one apologizes to Marinette. It hurts that no one tries to make things right. Lila keeps bullying her, Adrien tries to ignore it all and no one else seems to notice at all.And then, unexpectedly, Chloé shows up at Marinette's door.
Tumblr media
No More Dead Robins (or little Ladybugs) - Mature / Complete -  Fresh out of the Lazarus Pit, Jason had one plan: Take up Talia on her inter-continental training montage until he was strong enough to take out Batman. When his training takes him to France however, Jason learns about the newest supervillian on the streets. Correction: The newest supervillain and superheroes. Seeing an untrained tiny thing flying around the city in red and black was a bit more triggering than he had expected. One dead Robin was more than enough for Jason and he is definately not going to let this little bundle of sunshine and rainbows end the same way he did. 
Jason Dupain-Cheng - Teen / Complete - Jason had two options that night: steal the hubcaps off the Batmobile or break into an under protected bakery.  His stomach made the decision for him. It was probably the best decision Jason had ever made.
Unwanted, Unreliable, Unstoppable - Teen / Incomplete - They were tired. Tired of having to save an ungrateful city from an obsessed maniac and of being ignored by the so called 'Heroes' of the world. But what if someone, some people, reach out to them with an offer to help?
Maribat 2k20 - Bio!dad Bruce - Teen / Complete -  I've never answered prompts or taken part in something like this before, but I thought I would give it a try (even if I'm somewhat twisting the prompts, sorry if that's not allowed?). Instead of a series on one shots I'm working this as a 7 chapter story, each with one day's prompt.
Quarantine - Teen / Complete -  After years of Hawkmoth's terrorism, the Justice League intervened in Paris to mitigate the damage of Hawkmoth's powerful akumas. A Quarantine was put into place, halting all travel at the border without any warning. Ignoring input from Paris's own heroes, Ladybug and Chat Noir, the Justice League took over Paris, vowing to end the Quarantine only after Hawkmoth's defeat. Now, as life under the Paris Quarantine grows darker, Marinette finds herself relying more and more on the comfort of her friend (and crush) Damian Wayne, who she video chats with nearly every night.With no end to the Quarantine in sight, Marinette knows she has to take matters into her own hands. Fear and hopelessness have taken hold of her city. Either Marinette finds a way to end the Quarantine, or there may not be a city left to save once the Justice League defeats Hawkmoth.
Gotham's (Fashion) Disasters - General / Incomplete -  Marinette and her parents are dragged along to the Rock wedding of the year by none other than the groom himself Jagged Stone. To complicate matters the wedding is in Gotham city America. By the grace of her Ladybug luck Marinette has everything prepared for the trip. But her skills are needed in Gotham, and she might find something while she's there.
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ghostcryptid · a year ago
Tumblr media
jason has some Concerns™ but it’s okay mari can swim
kay listen, there are many things i would love to accurately portray in my art but i’m still learning so it’s a work in progress but do not forget, jason is tall and mari is very, very small 
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Betrothal Pt. 2
When Marinette receives Tikki she is freaked out at first but quickly has her explain what she can do as Ladybug, before transforming and taking the Akuma out easily without Chats help.
 She still does the speech to Paris after taking out Hawkmoth's butterfly face thingy.
Alix and Nathaniel are already in her bedroom by the time she gets back, both immediately knowing that Ladybug was their Marinette.
The next day Marinette has Alya claiming they were best friends, she decides to give the girl a chance but doesn't actually bring her into her personal friend group. Plus she really doesnt like that Alya 100% believes that she has a crush on Adrien, all because she had a picture from his recent shoot that she was going to put on her inspiration board.
Alya ignores that and gets all the girls except Alix in on trying to get them together. Marinette continuously tries to get them to stop but after a while she gives up.
Marinette also goes over footage of her fights pointing out to Tikki how under trained Chat Noir is.
"Tikki I'm not doing this because I want a new partner. I'm doing this because I don't want him to die, which he will if we don't train him properly! Stop thinking about this so-called Guardian and think about Chat Noir's life!"
Tikki relents and the next night she and Chat have a heart to heart. She explains to him that she isnt in love with him and won't be, she tells him she's been betrothed since birth. At first Chat points out that the holders are supposed to be soulmates, but Ladybug points out that if anything they are platonic soulmates. She tells him that she wants them to know each other's identities because they are partners and they need to trust each other with their lives. She tells him she'll only allow it if he agrees to begin training with her. Chat Noir agrees and they reveal themselves both a little shocked.
The next day Adrien quits Fencing without telling his father or Nathalie and goes to Marinette's house to begin training with her,  Alix, and Nathaniel.
Adrien realizes after a month that he only thinks of Marinette as a sister. He starts to get annoyed when the boys, except Nathaniel, try pushing him to ask her out.
When it's almost summer Marinette tells Tikki that she is going to Gotham for the summer. Tikki goes to the Guardian and Fu gives her Kaalki in order for Marinette to travel back and forth for attacks.
When the school year ends Marinette's mother is waiting in the car with Marinette's bags on the last day. She kisses Alix Adrien and Nathaniel's cheeks telling them to keep training while she is gone, and promises to be safe. The rest of the class quickly surrounds her asking where she's going and why she isn't spending the summer with them.
"I'm going to Gotham. I go every other year, this is nothing new. I've been doing this for years."
Alya makes a big stink about her 'bestie' leaving and the class tries to convince her to stay. This upsets Alix and Nathaniel, both know the class never cared before, they didn't even help stand up to bullies. Adrien himself wants her to stay but he can see how much she wants to see Damian, so he just kisses her cheeks gently and wishes her a safe trip before opening the door for her. Marinette thanks him as she gets in waving goodbye to her friends before they drive away.
During the school year Damian meets and befriends Jon Kent. At first they dont get along but Damian warms up to him. Damian is proud of Marinette when she becomes a hero, and that their friends are training hard to be ones as well. He even gets permission from Bruce to allow Marinette to train and patrol with them.
Dick and Damian pick Marinette up from the airport and soon everyone in Gotham is talking about Marinette being back. What's even more talked about over the summer is the small dates the two begin to go on.
Halfway through the summer Damian admits to Marinette that he is in love with her and that even if they weren't betrothed he'd still want to marry her. Marinette kisses him softly telling him that she feels exactly the same.
Marinette is excited when she first patrols Gotham with Damian and Dick by her side taking the name Bluebird. 
Bluebird mainly patrols with Nightwing, they both take on Bludhaven side by side. Bluebird patrols  with Robin and Batman every Sunday. Her mandatory night off is on Friday with Robin both of them labeling it their date nights.
Soon after making her debut as Bluebird Marinette discovers Tiktok, and a treasure trove of videos featuring the Wayne family and the Batfamily. She immediately creates two Tiktoks after getting a second phone under a fake identification. This phone is strictly for Bluebird, and so is the Tiktok.
Marinette's favorite Tiktoks are the ones saying that Bruce Wayne is Batman because the butts match. Her Tiktok blows up when her first video is posted.
It starts off with Marinette smiling at the camera with Damian and Bruce standing behind her. When Bruce turns around she gasps opening her eyes widely and whispers to the camera. "Omg...the butts match!"
Marinette continues to make videos of the entire family without any of them noticing, both as Marinette and Bluebird. Both accounts are verified within a week. She posts multiple videos a day all featuring a different member.
The most popular video of Dick is him hanging upside down from a chandelier all smiles while Damian is a few feet away looking up at him.
Damian-It's going to fall.
Dick-No after the first couple times Dad got this one reinforced so it wouldn't.
Tim walked past literally drinking from a coffee pot-No he got the one near the West sitting room reinforced.
Dick looks up when the ceil creaks and a second layer he and the chandelier are falling
The video then cuts off.
Jason's most popular video is him blindfolded as he puts a gun back together in seconds not knowing Bruce is behind him.
Jason- Impressive right?
Bruce- I thought I said no guns in the manor
Jason screams before calming down- Oh its you I thought it was Alfred.
Alfred- Master Jason
Jason screams and tries to run with the blindfold still on but runs into a wall.
Tim's popular video is multiple clips of Tim right as he passes out and falls with a loud thump. After three clips people here three voices yelling Timber in the background after he faints. The last video shows Tim knocking over a bookcase only to look at Marinette confused when he hears Timber screamed from three different parts of the manor.
( @daddybats-and-babybirds Hello! So I saw your headcanon a while back and really liked it. If you're seeing this I tried to find you on Tumblr to ask for permission but couldn't. If you don't want me using this please message me and I will remove it immediately! Thank you!)
Cass's popular video is very sweet. It's different clips of her taking care of and spending time with her family. The first clip is her slowly reading aloud curled up next to Bruce, the next is her pushing a chair underneath Dick as he goes to sit down after Jason pulled the other one out without him realizing. Third is her gently cleaning a cut Jason got after falling from a tree. Fourth is her covering Tim with a blanket and moving his work onto the table. Fifth is her painting Stephanie's nails while Barbara does Stephanie's hair for a date. Six is her carefully moving Damian to his room trying not to wake him up. Seven is her helping Alfred during spring cleaning, and eighth is her posing in some of Marinette's clothes as the boys help with lighting and Stephanie takes the pictures.
Bluebird's Tiktok features a lot of videos of her flipping around and laughing wildly as a few older villains run away yelling about the second coming of the first Robin. After every  one of those videos another is posted of Nightwing bent over cackling at what the villains yelled. Everyone in Gotham is thrilled when it's confirmed that Nightwing is actually the first Robin, all recognizing the cackle. A few videos feature the Batfamily arguing through body gestures without saying anything, she'll flip the camera around to show her grinning and writing will pop up saying what they were arguing about. Most of the time is about getting food while on patrol, but one time Red Hood insulted Nightwings butt. The two most popular videos are one where she is a few feet behind Batman and all you see is his cape and head, and she has "Bruce Wayne???" written in. The second is Red Robin sitting in the back of an ambulance with a shock blanket around his shoulders.
Red Robin-  What now? I'm in shock! Look I've got a blanket!
Batman- Red Robin!
Red Robin- And I just delivered twins while stuck in an elevator! Twins Batman!!
Batman turns and walks away silently while Red Robin looks at the paramedic.
Red Robin- Im going to regret that during training tomorrow.
The only time Bluebird makes noise during a Tiktok is when she is laughing wildly. She does this because both her Tiktoks are popular and she doesn't want to take the chance of someone recognizing her voice. She is not worried about the wild laughter because she is calmer as Marinette but as Bluebird she lets herself be wild and carefree. Batman enjoys having Bluebird on patrol with him, her hero persona reminds him of when he and the first Robin started.
Marinette announces that her and Damian are finally dating in a Tiktok showing them on a date at the parks with Barbara and Dick as their 'chaperones'. The video shows her holding his hand walking behind him before she flips the camera and winks at it, in the background walking behind them is Dick pushing Barbara's wheelchair, while looking down at her lovingly.
An hour later Marinette is recording a video where they had been pulled over by Commissioner Gordon himself. Dick is pale as he nods to everything Gordon says while Barbara is groaning refusing to even acknowledge her dad. Before the video cuts out she whispers, 'I forgot a lot of Gotham officers follow me, oops…'
The family also helped Marinette master the art of coming up with excuses and slip out without being noticed, for when she has to rush back to Paris.
The family celebrates their birthday together before having a Gala the night after celebrating it for the cameras. The family shows up wearing Marinette's own designs and she is buzzing with excitement when multiple people ask for the designer's information for commissions, they turn 14.
When summer is coming to an end Marinette really doesn't want to leave but she knows she must. Marinette promises to visit for Christmas.
When she returns she is excited to see Alix, Nathaniel and Adrien at the airport with Gorilla to pick her up. Adrien smiles mischievously, telling her that his father agreed after Adrien mentioned that his friend was a rising Fashion designer, MDC. 
Marinette enjoys her first day back spending it with her friends. The next day she is slightly annoyed when Alya bursts into her room at 7 in the morning demanding details about her trip and if she met anyone famous.
Marinette decided in that moment that she was very thankful she never shared her Insta with Alya and that Alya doesn't know about Tiktok. She does however indulge the girl telling her she had a lot of fun and tells her some of what she did. Alya is quick to tell her all about what the class did together and what she did over the summer. However her tune changes when she sees a few pictures of Adrien pinned to a board, and suddenly she's once again trying to come up with ideas to get them together. At this point Marinette is thankful when her mother comes up, asking Alya to leave so that Marinette can help with chores.
The school year starts the same as always and Marinette decides to run for class president. She is surprised when she wins and names Nathaniel her vice president much to Alya's annoyance.
Marinette also meets Jagged Stone only a month into the school year after designing glasses and an album cover for him. At first Jagged doesn't realize the rockin' girl that made his glasses was MDC until at a party when someone excitedly points out the MDC signature on the side. He begins talking to her more with her parents permission and takes her in as his new niece. Soon he is only wearing clothes that she makes.
Half way through the year Lila shows up. The class sans Mari, Adrien, Alix, Nathaniel, and Chloe are all taken by her immediately. Marinette is not there the day she arrives.Lila attempts to lie her way into Adrien's graces using her Ladybug excuse. But Adrien quickly tells her that he doesn't want to hear it, because there is no way Ladybug would let her defenseless or possibly disabled friends know her Identity out of fear they'd get targeted.
Lila is outraged that her lie failed, but she wants Adrien under her thumb and starts devising a plan for it to happen.
The next day Lila tries to charm Marinette when she is upset over her desk being switched without even asking her. When everyone heads out for lunch she quickly snatches up Marinette apologizing and selling her sob story of Jagged's kitten. She is shocked when Marinette begins to laugh and tells her that it was a nice try but Jagged Stone has a crocodile named Fang because he is allergic to fur. Lila gets even madder and decides to just threaten Marinette telling her that she'd take away all of the class. Marinette just rolls her eyes and tells her good luck with that before walking away to join her friends.
When the four return from lunch they find Lila sitting and crying with the class surrounding her as Alya comforts her.
Lila is quick to claim that Marinette refused to listen to her when she tried to explain the seat switch and that instead she made fun of Lila's disabilities. Alya is upset at Marinette and tells her that she is disappointed that her best friend would act like this and that she needs to give Lila a chance.
Marinette just signs walking back to her new seat and sits down, Adrien follows her up and sits next to her while Alix and Nathaniel take the bench in front of them.
Alya huffs continuing to comfort Lila until she finally stops fake crying, the rest of the class sits down in their seats and starts talking again. However they don't talk to the four
As Lila is there she slowly learns more and more about Adrien and Marinette planning on getting Adrien under her thumb and to take Marinette out. She learns about Marinette's huge crush, Alya's words, on Adrien and that Adrien's dad is so strict that he won't even let him have a birthday party. She begins studying the two of them before making her final plans.
She attempts to get Marinette expelled but fails when the Principal insists that it must be a misunderstanding . Even when she starts crying and claiming Marinette is bullying her, the teachers do nothing. It isn't until Chloe confronts her that she finds out Marinette is the top student in the school and a certified genius. Chloe smirks, informing her that if the school even attempted to claim she was cheating they'd not only come under fire, but they'd lose their funding from having her there.
Lila decides to just make the class hate Marinette while still trying to get Adrien. She is unable to get a foothold even when she manages to get Gabriel's attention claiming  Adrien is hanging with terrible people. However the moment she mentions Marinette's name she is shut out. Gabriel telling her that Marinette has a higher standing than the daughter of an ambassador any day.
Lila's anger gets her akumatized into Volpina, she goes after Marinette determined to hurt the girl in some way. She finds her at the skate park watching Alix practice. She creates an illusion of Adrien and has the illusion walk up to Marinette. The illusion begins to tear into Marinette claiming that she is a terrible person, and doesn't deserve anything that she has, before telling her that they were no longer friends. She gets angrier when Marinette asks the illusion what her nickname for him was and smirks when the illusion doesn't answer. Volpina gets so angry she just attacks Marinette swinging at her with her flute getting angrier when Marinette blocks each hit with her arms barely flinching until Chat Noir tackles Volpina away from her. Marinette is quick to run away, Alix following her. Soon after Ladybug joins them in the fight, once they defeat Volpina. Ladybug turns to find Lila crying claiming that she didn't want to hurt Marinette but the girl had been bullying her. 
Chat Noir growls but Ladybug quickly stops him from doing anything. 
'I know you're lying Lila. I suggest you stop lying, and have that video removed claiming to be my best friends. The only friend I have while in this mask is Chat Noir. You are putting yourself in danger by lying.'
Lila however just stops crying and galres at the heros huffing and storming away.
The next day everyone is talking about Lila taking another trip to Achu to visit Prince Ali. They get annoyed when Marinette asks Rose if she is going to email the Prince asking about her.
Eventually things return to slight normalcy and they only have to listen to Lila's lies when she video chats the class.
A few weeks after she has left Adrien finds the Miraculous grimoire, he immediately brings it to Marinette and shows her. Once Tikki sees it she insists that they bring it to the Guardian so she and Adrien set off together finally meeting Fu. Half way through their conversation Adrien is called back home by Gabriel. Gabriel demands the book back and is deeply upset when Adrien says he lost it. Gabriel dismisses him and he destroys his room before akumatizing himself.
Meanwhile Marinette is tearing into Fu for giving them the Miraculous without any proper training. Soon after she gets a message from Adrien saying that Gabriel had been akumatized. She quickly transforms meeting up with Chat Noir on the way once they defeat The Collector they return to Fu and take pictures of the book. Marinette then heads to the Agreste Mansion with the book in hand. When Gabriel comes to the door she quickly introduces herself before handing the book over. 
"Adrien was really excited to share the book with me today while we had lunch at my home. However he forgot it in my room, sorry it took me so long to get the book here Mr. Agreste!"
Gabriel takes the book and thanks Marinette before questioning her and Adrien's relationship. Marinette laughs softly telling him that Adrien is like a brother to her. He then asks why brother and not best friend. Marinette grabs the ring around her necklace playing with it gently. 
"Because my best friend is my boyfriend and my betrothed."
Gabriel then issues an invite for her to come over more, saying that she is clearly a good influence on Adrien. Marinette thanks him before saying goodbye and leaving.
That night they all meet in their wearhouse to talk about it. Even though Adrien is distressed he agrees that his father is still their biggest suspect.
Marinette pulls Oracle and Batgirl into a video call as they all sort through Gabriel's dealing since Emilie's disappearance. They determine that he wants Tikki and Plagg for a wish relating to Emilie. Marinette pulls Adrien aside and they have a heart to heart.
"Do I want my mom back? Yes, more than anything, but she-My mom would never want this. She'd be so incredibly disappointed in my father for terrorizing the city she loves. She'd be disappointed in me for thinking for even a second to help my dad."
Oracle looks into every dealing Gabriel has had while Batgirl focuses heavily on going through camera footage.
Oracle points out a few months before Hawkmoth started Gabriel paid the city to remove the camera from around his mansion. Batgirl shows them footage of the house before he paid the city off pointing out the window designed like a butterfly. Showing that the small middle section is designed to open. Oracle finds something big from a few months before Emilie disappeared. She found that Gabriel hired multiple workers to come and build an underground garden, paying them off so that they would never mention it. She also found he bought a pod specially designed for those in coma to keep them from dying.
They all start planning on how to take Gabriel down. The only reason they haven't acted is for fear of his company. They don't want it to fall and have millions lose their jobs. They also want more evidence to take to the police. Oracle hires someone to install a camera facing the window in order to get confirmation.
Adrien meets Kagami much the same way except Marinette confirms that she did win. She however gets akumatized when her mother brushes off her success. After being defeated, Adrien extends his friendship to her, and they slowly grow closer. Soon after Marinette meets Luka when he drops something off for Juleka. He helps her pick up the books she dropped and they are quick friends. Marinette can immediately tell that he is a meta and Luka is surprised but tells her that he can hear people's soul songs.
A few weeks later Gorilla is akumatized after Gabriel thinks he is Chat Noir. Ladybug is easily able to save Adrien getting him to safety before defeating Gorizilla she tells Hawkmoth to watch out because they are on to him.
After this Luka invites Marinette to his family's house boat during the music festival, when his mom gets akumatized Luka is quick to help Mari escape. Afterwards he tells her that he knows she was Ladybug and Adrien Chat Noir. Marinette brings him into their fold and when she does Adrien asks to bring Kagami.
Before the school year comes to the end the class meets Clara Nightingale. Clara becomes fast friends with Marinette and tries to get her to be Ladybug in her video. However Chloe has the shoot shut down and she is akumatized into Frightningale. After the fight Marinette encourages her to have everyone in the video wearing masks showing that they are all heros in their own way. Clara agrees and Marinette is very thankful that neither of her masks in her hero persona a black.
Adrien admits to Marinette that he has a slight crush on Kagami so Marinette enlists the help of Luka and together they go ice skating. While Kagami and Adrien are skating Luka and Marinette are calmly talking about the pair. Mari asks about their songs and Luka is silent for a second before smiling softly and telling her that their songs are beautiful together.
Two weeks before the end of the school year Lila returns to school. Once again the class is listening to everything she has to say.
She quickly convinces the class to exclude the four including Chloe from class plans over the summer. She is dumbfounded when the four don't care. Once the school year is over the class only sees the four in passing and every time there is an unknown boy with them.
Lila gets pissed when Gabriel stops having her do photoshoots with Adrien and gets even more pissed when Adrien announces on Twitter that he is dating Kagami.
Halfway through summer the classes are talking excitedly about Fashion week in Paris, excited to see Adrien and Lila modeling. They are surprised when they arrive and Marinette is sitting in the front row with Nathaniel, Alix and four unknown boys and three girls. One of them in a wheelchair. When Audrey arrives she is greatly upset at the seating until Marinette and Cass politely offer her and Chloe their seats. Audrey calms down but is still upset at the slight Gabriel has given her. She accepts the seats and both girls get up, Marinette moves and sits on Damian's lap leaning back against him as he wraps his arms around her waist. Cass goes to sit behind Jason but he gets up giving her his seat before sitting behind her. Marinette greets Chloe politely before introducing her group.
"You already know our classmates Chloe but this is my boyfriend Damian and his brothers and sisters. Richard, Jason, Cass, Tim, and Stephanie."
Chloe is polite in return introducing her mother, Marinette nods politely
"Pleasure to meet you Mrs. Bourgeois, I am Marinette Dupain-Cheng. Some of my designs are being shown today along with Mr.Agreste's"
Audrey sniffs slightly starring Marinette down before offering a curt greeting. She then attempts to call Gabriel only for her call to go straight to voicemail. She grows more and more angry as she sits in the stands. Half way through the show she gets up and storms out angry that a girl that is unknown got a front seat but not her. When she is akumatized she goes after Marinette, she is unable to fire her because Damian jumps in the way getting turned to gold instead. Marinette is quickly pulled away by Tim who gets her to a safe place encouraging her to transform. Adrien joins them a few minutes later. After they transform Chat Noir agrees to distract Style Queen while Ladybug gets four Miraculouses
Nathaniel- Trixx- Youkai
Alix- Fluff- Bunnyx
Kagami- Longg- Ryuko
Luka- Sass- Viperion
When the fives get back they discover that Chat Noir had to change back, and after he de-transformed Style Queen found him and fired him as a way to get back at Gabriel. They launch into action fighting her. Viperion and Bunnyx sit on the back burner watching the fight. Viperion periodically shifting back using second chance and Bunnyx jumping in to grab one of the others when he tells her. Once she is taken down Gabriel comes and apologizes to Audrey telling her he fired the person that gave her a second row seat. Gabriel then apologizes to Marinette and Damian for this mistake causing her to be attacked. Adrien hurries over quickly hugging the couple telling him that he is happy they're both safe now. Audrey takes note of his clothes and comments that it's far from Gabriel's usual designs.
"Because it's not this outfit that was designed by MDC herself. He and I did a collaboration. She designed all the male outfits and I the female."
Audrey immediately jumps on him, admitting to knowing MDC.
"You know MDC? You know the Wayne family, along with Jagged Stone, and Clara Nightingale's personal designer?"
Gabriel nods gesturing to Marinette who Adrien was still hugging. Tell Audrey that MDC had been standing right next to them along with the Wayne's. Audrey is silent when she realizes she didn't recognize the Wayne family while she was angry. She immediately extends the offer for Marinette to come to New York with her to grow her exceptional talent. She brushes Chloe off when her daughter is upset over her mother never taking her. Marinette however refuses to go before telling Audrey off for telling her own daughter she is not exceptional.
"She may be mean and a bit of a bully but Chloe is exceptional in her own way. I will never work with someone who treats their own family like dirt. Ya know I always thought she was just a mean person, but now that I see who her mother is, I can tell you raised her to act exactly like you."
Marinette then walks away with her friends and the Wayne family following her along with Adrien. The next day Chloe shows up at the bakery and apologizes then thanks Marinette. Tell her that Audrey actually took what she said to heart and decided to stay in Paris to get to know her daughter.This starts a shaky friendship between the two
"Also why haven't you told anyone you're dating a Wayne??."
"Alya is obsessed with famous people, how do you think she'd react to finding out I'm famous in America but also betrothed to the youngest Wayne."
"You have a point but wasn't she your best friend?"
"No she was a friend but honestly she never really listened to me. I mean she thought I was in love with Adrien."
For the rest of the summer Chloe joins the group of friends and even though she is still mean they can tell she does care for them. Much like how Damian acts to the others except Marinette. Damian and Chloe actually enjoy getting into little arguments over different things.
They celebrate their birthdays at Le Grand Pairs at Chloe's place Gabriel even allows Adrien to attend, while Marinette's parents cater the party, they turn 15.
When summer ends the entire group is at the airport saying goodbye to Damian.
The school years start rather calmly with random akumas popping up but none particularly dangerous. It isn't until halfway through the year when Heroes Day comes around and Hawkmoth akumatizes Lila allowing her to create the illusion of an akumatized Ladybug killing Chat Noir.
The fight gets so bad that Fu joins in desperation to help. However at the end of the fight he realizes that his time has been shortened. He proceeds to name Marinette and Adrien Guardians, telling them that he'll shortly lose his memories and a few weeks later die. He tells him that they will not lose theirs unless they recreate the potion he was given.
A few weeks later Marinette is visited by a lawyer, Fu leaves her everything in his will. Marinette has enough money to last a lifetime.
Hawkmoth's akumas are steadily getting stronger and it seems like Lila is getting akumatized every other month. The Miraculous Team begins to think that Lila is working for Hawkmoth, and after hacking her phone Oracle confirms that she has been. 
Before the end of the year Lila convinces the class to kick Marinette as their class president. Marinette steps down without a care however in front of the class she tears apart her notebook that had everything in it for the class's end of the year trip. Telling them to have fun planning another trip, before turning to her friends. 
"Chloe, Alix, Nathaniel, Adrien, you're coming to Gotham with me this year. We'll let Kagami and Luka know when they come over today. You're gonna love it Wayne Manor is beautiful, and we all get to stay there for the whole summer!"
Lila scuffs saying that her Damiboo would never let a bully like her into her house. She then tells the class that she was asked to keep it a secret for a while but her and Damian had been dating for three months.
They are startled when they hear Dick laughing from the doorway.
"My little brother is dating you, good one, especially since my brother has been betrothed since he was born."
Alya immediately jumps to Lila's defense demanding to know who Dick is. Causing him to roll his eyes before turning to Marinette. Telling her that he was taking them to the airport and that they'd be taking the jet to Gotham one their last day. Before he leaves Alya demands to know who he is.
"Richard Grayson-Wayne, now I'd appreciate it if you stopped telling lies about my family. Damian would never go out with you, he has been dating Marinette for almost two years now. Oh and Mari, I'll let dad know your six friends will be coming with us."
The class is stuned and Lila immediately starts crying, telling them that Damian must have lied to her. However Max, Juleka, Rose, Ivan, and Mylene no longer believe her.
When the class ends the group of friends leaving ignoring everyone excitedly talking about their trip.
Once back at Marinette's they all relax talking about what they are going to do while there. The group is upset that Marinette and Batman won't let them patrol Gotham but they don't put up much fuss. Marinette tells them they'll use Kaalki to get back and forth for fights and that while there they'll be finalizing plans to take out Gabriel with the help of Batman.
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I... I have no regrets.
@allthegooddaimenettenamesaregone The art that you probably didn't expect me to make but I did so anyways
I promise I do have some maribat fanart but they are still wips
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when the heist does not go as planned. At this rate Red Arrow will run out of ammunition.
@nobodyfamousposts, @susanphoenix
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