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I think Lucius had a crush on Pete first :)
Image description under the cut!
[ID: fanart of Lucius and Black Pete from ofmd. 1. Pete in the foreground, viciously stabbing an offscreen pillow with a knife a la episode 1. Text next to him reads "mutiny practice". In the background, Lucius is looking at Pete with interest over his shoulder as he writes in Stede's journal. He has a thought bubble with a heart. 2. Pete in the foreground, gesturing as he tells a ridiculous Blackbeard story a la episode 2. He says, "and then I did a backflip off Blackbeard's sword-". Lucius, laying on his side nearby, is listening with a smile and looking at Pete with desire, another heart in a thought bubble above his head. 3. Through the shelving in the ship's stores, we see Pete in a close-up, one hand poised on a jar of marmalade. He glances to the side with pink-cheeked interest as Lucius enters through the doorway in the background. Lucius leans against it with feigned disinterest, posing and checking his nails, as he says, "So...you need any help...checking the rations?" /End ID]
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bf who “i need chapstick. do you have any?” x bf who “yeah c’mere” and kisses them so they can share chapstick
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Tumblr media
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I need someone to play with my hair it’s an emergency (I’m gay)
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Tumblr media
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i want to make his days better. i wanna be able to turn a bad day into a good one. i want him to be happy always, he deserves it and nothing less.
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What we love, we mention,
and I mention you a whole lot
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i wish i could put your laugh into a locket to keep it close to my heart so i may never lose it
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I apologize for nothing
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Moodboard for @bacchanalian-mlm ♡
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♬ Really didnt mean it / venti x male!reader
Tumblr media
venti cheats on reader , hurt with some comfort ? , angst , modern au , some diluc x male!reader , diluc has a crush on reader , slightly ooc diluc and venti
^ warnings
Tumblr media
it hurt like hell. it hurt seeing your lover drunkingly kiss another guy. what went wrong? what happened? why are they kissing? why are they so happy? why is venti acting like he doesnt have a fucking boyfriend?
all you could do was stand there and cry about it, even diluc felt bad. you wanted to storm out of that bar as quick as possible but you didnt want to have to go back to your shared home with your now ex lover.
so diluc let you stay at his home. he let you gather up your things to stay at his house. someone else ended up having to take venti home too. he was shocked to read the note you left on his bed side table saying you were breaking up with him.
he felt awful. he wanted to fix things but it was too late, the damage has already been done. he just sat there on what used to be your shared bed in what used to be your shared home, staring at the note. he was thinking of ways to make things right again but all his plans would fail.
youre already busy crying about it to diluc. you were layed on the red-heads bed, crying your eyes out as he listened to your sobs.
Tumblr media
months later
it has been months since you and venti last spoke. youve moved on but you and him both know he hasnt. he still misses your touch, your voice, your scent, your love but he knew he was never getting that back.
however, your relationship with diluc feels comforting. diluc confessed not too long ago and now you two are dating. but memories of the past still haunt you sometimes, sometimes you fear you’d find diluc kissing someone else like venti did. but everytime he’d reassure you he would never do that. you felt safe.
one day whilst you were on your way to visit diluc, you accidentally tripped and dropped the snack you were eating. whilst brushing off any dirt on your body you make eye contact with your past lover, venti. you both sadly stare at each other for what feels like forever as the boy reaches out his hand with an apple in it, offering it to you.
you hesitantly walk over to the boy, accepting the apple hes offering you in replacement for your disregarded snack. just before you turn to walk away venti grabs your rist starts crying. “ [you] im so sorry. i really didnt understand what i was doing. please i need you back in my life. i know what i did was wrong and- and you have every right to hate me but please “
you looked at him sadly before replying. “ no venti. i cant take you back. you hurt me and ive moved on. we werent meant to be and you have to accept that venti. im in a relationship with diluc and i just- i just cant “
he let go of your wrist and silently nods in defeat, before sitting back down on the bench he was previously sat on. you look at him one more time before continuing your walk to visit diluc.
when you get there, he greats you with a smile only you get to see and a hug only you get to have. he notices the apple in your hand, the one venti offered to you. “ oh diluc, here you go “ you say as you offer him the apple you havent eaten. “ ah- thank you darling “ he replies, accepting your offer.
if venti saw you offer an apple to your new lover like you did with him, his heart wouldve been even more shattered.
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Tumblr media
Marco Calvani
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Gay
DOB: 11 December 1980
Ethnicity: White - Italian
Occupation: Playwright, director, translator, actor, screenwriter
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Tumblr media
Nathan Drake x Male Reader
(Find the pervious two parts in my masterlist)
From your sitting, you could see the night sky veiling the bustling city of Berlin. A luxurious penthouse with ample room to vacate people. The hours crept by behind your laptop. Steady and slowly, the night sky went dark, and the moon illuminated the long slab of granite from the table. An extravagant piece of furniture that could accommodate a tenfold of people at once. So could the rest of the penthouse.
The table lay covered in maps, layers upon layers of different eras. Folders lay left and right. The tapping of your fingers on the keyboard killed the everlasting silence hanging in the place. "Are you trying to sneak in, or are you waiting for me to offer you a drink?" You call out casually. Pushing the folder beside you to a close.
"How the hell did you know?" The voice coming from the other side of the room. With a slight turn of your head, adjusting your eyes to the darkness, you notice Nathan in the doorway, leaning against the doorframe. "I came in from the roof, dangled myself in through the window." Jabbing a thumb over his shoulder. "Couldn't have tripped an alarm."
"You didn't. I was expecting you. One of your aliases came up on one of the passenger lists earlier today." Leaning back against the chair, folding your arms. "I'm surprised you can still get away with it."
"I'm not as wanted as you are." Fishing out his phone, Nathan shows an article with a blurred image of you. Underneath the picture was a hefty sum printed in fat digits. The reward for the golden tip.
"So, you've been expecting me?" Eying the room from his position. He was clearly hesitant to take the first step into the room as he put his phone away. "What and where's the welcoming committee? Bombs? Lasers? Tasers? Electrified net…?"
"Oh yeah…" Pointing out one of the two slabs of stone in front of him. "Please step on the one marked 'X.'"
"Funny." He chuckles and leans slightly forward, checking the ceiling anyway. "I can't see the anvil hanging." With the slightest feelings of mistrust, Nathan pushes himself into the room. A sense of relief washes over him as everything stays quiet. Stuffing his hands in his pockets, he makes his way through the room, kicking the dirt a little. Wondering and pondering around. "So… you've been following me all this time?"
"Yes and no. Computer does most of the work." Ticking the screen of your laptop and turn in your seat, keeping an eye on Nathan. He wasn't to be trusted. Before you know it, he could probably snatch an entire map under your very eyes.
"You're saying-…" He lingers on his words, slowly walking past the large table. Eyeing the papers you had laid before you. "-...I never had the element of surprise?" With that charming smile of his, he puts a certain weight behind his question. That playful glint. Slowly continuing his stroll in your direction.
"I don't know what you had in mind." You say, and trace his every finger along with your paperwork. Watch him push aside photos. Read little notes. "But no, not since you bought your flying ticket." From the look on his face, you can tell he's trying to piece together your possible target. Scanning back and forth between maps and overlays. Trying to figure it out like a jigsaw puzzle. Piece by piece. "You're… getting sloppy, Nathan."
You can tell he's holding back a remark. Only that little smile showing. Sucking on his lips. Pushing the chair aside beside you, Nathan seating himself onto the table. Planting his ass directly on your work. He lets his legs dangle over the edge. Resting his elbows on his knees, he leans forward, leveling with you on eyesight. "Something got you distracted…?" You go again.
"Who knows…" He grins, as if he did it on purpose, the ring hanging on this small cord slips from under his shirt. Dangling in front of you. Like a hypnotizing charm. "We were off to such a great start." From the corner of your eyes, you watch his hands reach for your laptop. You let him. With a push of his finger, he slowly pushes the laptop to a close. "I forgot where we left…"
"Probably the itch between your buttcheeks…" With your finger, you hook into the cord and pull him ever so slightly closer. Almost to the point of falling off the table. A pervy smile grows on his face as you lean in. Closing the distance and connecting your lips. It's been a while since you tasted his lips again. Felt his embrace. A feeling of longing and wanting flowed through the kiss. It's a tender start. Humming into it. Savoring it. Nathan's one hand reached to hold you, touch you, but has to keep himself from falling. Deepening the kiss in response.
"Expecting company…?" You murmur as you rise to your feet. Only leaving his lips for a second. "I can see the holster under your jacket." Nathan's legs are already spread wide open, welcoming you. You fill that space by stepping in. Drawn into it.
"Security reasons." Kissing you back fiercely. Nathan's arms wrap around you. His legs curl around your back. Locking you into his embrace as you lower yourself onto the table. "I'm also packing heavier equipment." He teases. Feeling his hands caress your sides. Feel you up. And your pockets. You keep eye contact all the while. Both knowing what you're doing.
So does Nathan. He's still a thief, after all. You try to stop him, regardless of the heat of the moment. You push him further onto the table. Pulling one arm free from your pockets. Locking his wrist on the table.
"Playing a dangerous game… Nate." And find his lips again. But work your way along his smooth face. Caress his jawline. Kiss his neck. Sucking the skin. Nathan's moans were a delight echoing in your ear. You can already feel him rub against you. Hard and wanting. "Why are you here, Nathan?" You reach inside his jacket and into one of his holsters. He doesn't stop you, he just smiles a little as he enjoys the moment. Feeling your hand brush over his pec. Those firm muscles teasing you. "Fully loaded… and a round in the chamber?"
"There's more." You notice a teasing play of fingers curling around your wrist. But are captivated by Nathan's charm. Lusting eyes gazing deeply into yours. "Feel free to… strip me of my holster." His jacket lay open, showing the brown leather double holster. The other gun still present.
"Don't try…" And smash his wrist back into the table. His fingers were trying to pry loose the steel sports watch on your wrist. The watch you took from Nathan. A shot of pain winced through his face. You detect a small hint of irritation. But you make yourself clear. "That stays with me now." And let go slowly. Nathan accepting. His arms reach around your neck. Wanting to pull you closer.
"Of all the places…" He asked almost to the point of being breathless in the kiss. "w-why… Berlin?"
"I'd show you why… If you wouldn't be all over it." And throw yourself back into the kiss, pushing aside the valuable papers and maps. Nathan follows you, struggling to discard his jacket. And you sure as not going to help him. You just feel him up. Enjoy him again. Climbing on the table. "You rather be in a warm, humid and stinking swamp hacking your way through vines while sweating like a pig? Sleep in tents… Live off rations…"
"I don't mind getting sweaty." Nathan's hand glides around the nape of your neck. Stroking the little hairs, admiring you. Accepting whatever happened next. Picking on your shirt, urging you to peel it from your body. This smirk growing on his face. "I fucking missed this…"
A sharp ring of the doorbell kills the mood entirely. Both of you shoot glances back and forth between the hall and each other. "What the fuck did you do, Nathan?!" Jumping onto your feet and take a second to assess the situation. Weigh your options.
Both breathing fast and heavily, it's the only thing you hear. Nathan is still on his back. Both on edge. Sharp as can be. Hyperfocused. Watching each other. Mistrusting each move of a muscle. Following each other's line of sight. "You ratted me out?!"
"I didn't do anything!" He hushed in a lowered voice. "I swear!" Trying to find his footing, but you don't let him. You both see the gun beside him. The distance is to your disadvantage. Nathan's position is his. You both pounce on it like a wild animals. Hands and fingers collide. But a foot to your stomach kicks both the air and the respect for Nathan out of you. A kick violent enough to make you lose your footing and crash into the chair behind you. Which sends you to the floor.
"Don't…!" Nathan's words fall short as the doorbell goes again. Voices come from the door that you can't make out exactly. Neither can Nathan as you both stare in the direction. Nathan jumps to his feet as well as you scramble to your feet. A wipe with the back of your hand along your nose affirms there was no blood. The thought spiked through your mind as Nathan's expression turned gravely. Staring at you with big eyes. "I'm sorry." Holding out a hand to you. "It-… It wasn't... I didn't mean to."
"You made a big mistake…" You hiss through your clenched teeth and ignore his helping hand. With the help of the fallen chair, you rush back onto your feet. Dusting yourself down and pushing the folds from your clothing. Nathan takes a step back as he notices your balled fist. Perhaps in time. Who knows. But you fight the urge to hit him. "I'll handle whoever's at the door. You lay low. Or I swear…" Showing him a balled fist. "I'll ask this once. Gimme… a… gun."
"No…" Nathan responds outright. Sheathing it in his holster and straightens his jacket. "I… can't let you take that risk. We don't know-..."
"Whatever happens next… is on you." You mouth furiously at him. "You know who's behind that fucking door…" And storm off towards the door. "...-you let them here in the first place, Nathan." The exchange may have lasted only seconds in total, but you can't keep whoever is out there waiting. The sound and discussion only added to the confusion. "Denying me a gun is a final piece that adds to my suspicion."
Turning the corner into the hallway, you're conflicted in either announcing your arrival or waiting. Indecision strikes you once again. Nailed to the floor. Death loomed everywhere. Nathan could shoot you in the back if he wanted you. Club you in the head. The person on the other side of that door could deliver the same fates. You swallow and mentally push yourself to open the door. "G-Goodevening." Your voice cracks a little as you open the door. "So s-sorry to keep you waiting." Stutters and the like not helping you.
Two German Police Officers stare at you with stale, cold, and hard faces. Both are older of age. A size larger than you. Instinctually you swallow from nervousness and being overwhelmed. They seem taken aback for a moment by your language. Taking a second to adjust.
"Ehm… Gutevening." The one older men spoke with a thick heavy accent. Trying to find the right words and tone. "Whe got a call from conzcering neighbors about movement… on zhe roof. Your roof. Somethzing about a man. Are you aware of dis?"
"I'm… not aware. No." You try to shake it off and cut short the conversation. "But all is fine here." Giving him a thumbs up and a fake smile. A slight unease crept in as they just stood there. Both look past you into the hallway and further on. "Nothing to worry about here."
"Are you… living here alone?" The second man's chest radio clicked and buzzed, relaying a message. It's German and spoken so incredibly quick and in an accent that understanding it was far more complicated than imagined. The policeman replied with a short answer as he checked his watch and returned his attention to you.
What was it about? The thought lingered in your head. Was it about you?
"Yes." You answer short and direct. The man's gaze was stark and penetrating. It's as if he's looking right through your lies. "Yes, I am." It takes both of them a few seconds to get the right words. But it adds to the nerve-wracking sensation and paranoia that was slowly taking over. Your heart is pounding heavier and heavier in your chest. Blood racing. Hands clammy.
"We heard zome noise when we were waiting ghere." The first policeman said, looking at you strangely. That stern gaze locking you on the spot. "Have you been on zhe roof?"
"No. I don't see a reason to. I heard nothing."
"Zhould we… come in and help you check. Just to make sure?" The second policeman offered kindly. "It's a big… place after all."
"No, thank you. That won't be necessary." Flashing him a fake smile, again, you show intentions of closing the door. "Do you mind…?"
"Is everythzing alright, sir?" The second policeman steps in, placing a hand on the door. Holding you from closing it. His eyes narrow, trying to focus on you. But the rather low light conditions don't seem to help. The other policeman takes his torch from his belt, shining it down the hall. You find yourself blinded for a second before you point it beside you. "You look… tense.
"Nervous." The other man adds with a thick accent.
"It's nothing." You chuckle politely. "I-I… wasn't expecting police. I've had a rough day."
"If you hear anythzing, or komes up…" The first policeman fishes into the lining of his vest. Revealing a small card with his name and number. "-... don't hezitate to call uz."
"We patrol zhe area ghere." And nods to you taking his hand off the door. "We're only minutez away." The sentence is meant to give you a sense of security. But it works completely opposite. The thought of the police in striking distance all the time is unsettling, to say the least.
"Thank you." With a slightly shaking hand, you accept the card. Pushing into your pocket. "And a goot night." Wanting to slam the door close. But you know you can't. The two men stare and watch you with this penetrating gaze. As if they're waiting for an on-the-spot confession. Or expect a sound coming from within the house.
"And wizh who… did we… have the pleasure of talking?" The way he voiced the question was slow, but overly intimidating. The accent not helping him.
"Nathan." You said fluently without any hesitation in your voice. And without a second thought. "I'm Nathan Drake."
"Alright, Mister Drake." The first policeman nodded and locked his thumbs in his belt. "Could you spell out your last name?" He watched his other colleague whipping out a booklet and pen.
But both clattered to the floor. Their faces contort with pain. Both men jolted on their spot. Spasms rocked their bodies as you spotted Nathan behind them. Unable to control their muscles. Pressing something to the back of their necks. In reflex, they try to reach for it, but the voltage is way too high, and a second later, their conscious slips and muscles give in. Crashing to their knees and head face-first into the floor. Nathan stood proud behind them, dual-wielding your modified tasers. "That wasn't very clever, (Y/N)..."
"This is…?!" You hiss and run a hand through your hair. Passing back and forth the hallway. Nathan meanwhile checked their pulses. A thousand thoughts and more race through your mind. The one more conflicting than the other.
"They're alive." He smiled while glancing at you. "Lend a hand, will ya?" Pulling on the arm of one of the officers. Dragging the body along the floor into the penthouse.
"What are you doing?" Stopping him. "They'll wake up... in here. I definitely don't want that." Nathan blatantly drops the body he's trying to drag. Propping his arms to his sides. Beginning to get annoyed too.
"You want to throw them out of the building or what?"
"I wanted to let them leave! Which they were about to do!"
"You used my name! They were gonna check it... and then come back here!"
"Still the better outcome." You shoot back. "Their station expects a response within the next few minutes, which they don't get because of your stupidity." Kicking one of the tasers across the hallway. "You guess what happens next!"
"You don't have to lecture me! Cause this isn't ALL… my fault, (Y/N)!"
"If you just used the door, none of this would have happened!" And turn your back on him and walk away. A drink. A strong drink is what you needed right now. You were fuming. Hot with anger and rage.
"Would you just let me-…" Nathan called out, hearing his footsteps follow you. Not finishing his sentence. "...-how about working on a solution?" A hand takes hold of your shoulder. Nathan's firm grasp. Pulling you. "There are pl-..."
A dull thud cracked through the room. A burning sensation and stinging pain pulsed through your hand. Nathan looked at you bewildered. His hand reached for the side of his face. The very spot you just landed a blow against.
It hurt Nathan for sure. A balled fist. Right to the side of his face. It happened in the heat of the moment. Clouded by anger and rage.
The pain in your hand grew. The knuckles turned red, and your fingers began to feel numb. That entire punch had reverberated through your body. You were shaking on your feet. Cradling one hand with the other. You stare at each other. You point out your suitcase, but the words stoke in your throat. "That's… That's what y-y-y-…."
You saw it coming, but also not. A cracking blow connected to the side of your head. The world spun on its axle, as a haze of colors blurred your vision. Your brain short-circuited for a brief second. It sends you stumbling on your footing. Trying to blink away the blur and dizziness, you stumble left and right. Nathan's blow hit fast and hard. You felt it through your entire body. For what it's worth, the anger had subsided. It cleared your head. But the pain was something else. The headache. Your jaw. "W-We're… even n-now." Nathan breathed out. "Fuckin' hell." Rubbing his cheek and gives himself a breather by leaning against the back of a couch. "This… escalated way… quickly."
"You fucking… suck..." And cough a little finding your balance against the table. A few meters opposite Nathan. Allowing for a moment of self-reflection. You both come to your senses. "I don't have time… for this..." Trying to shake the growing headache, you head towards your laptop and stuff.
"Hold up…." Following you after testing his balance the first few steps. "You're bleeding."
With big sweeps of your arm across the table, you collect as many papers as you possibly can into one large pile. To add to your growing frustration, important ones will fold, crease, and might lose crucial details. But you have to live with it for now. Stuffing it quickly into the folder, you continue on the large maps, folding them in on themselves.
Nathan was right. Drops of blood fell onto the paper. Forming large stains, seeping onto the underlying ones.
"Stop…" Nathan's hand smashes into yours, pulling it from the papers and documents. His other hand forces you away from the table, pressing a white napkin to your nose. "Talk to me…" Forcing eye contact up close. Wiping the blood from your nostrils with the touch of a lover's stroke. "What's the plan?"
"There isn't, Nathan. This is all I have." Pointing out the suitcase lying open, contents messy and partially spilled across various chairs. Partly because he had dug around and found the tasers, he used. "I need to gather my stuff as quickly as I can and get out of here."
"Wait…(Y/N)." Cradling the side of your face on the inside of his hand. Thumb stroking your cheek. Trying to control you. "Isn't that… a-… a… bit overreacting?"
"No, Nathan. They know my face. Your name. Europe isn't safe anymore."
"What? No… I don't follow." He looked at you confused. "You think they'll connect us?"
"I rather not find out. I can't travel by plane, train or boat. Not to mention cross a border like any normal person would. I have no time to lose. Thanks to you..."
"What kind of guilt trip are you dragging me-..."
"You changed everything, Nathan!" Tears welled in the corner of your eyes. "Always and everywhere! For years I saw you as my nemesis. A healthy competitor."
"We… still have that rivalry." He stuttered a little, taken aback by your show of emotions.
"Yes… And I'm thankful you saved me on that little gold treasure hunt. Spared me. Even shared with me. Yet you continued to hunt… less treasures… and more me… like an animal."
"C'mon. You and I got something. Like we always did, like the old days, you know, part the game-..."
"THIS ISN'T A GAME!" You yelled at him with all the bottled-up frustration finding its release. "You destroyed everything… I had Nathan! You and I were rivals and petty fugitives to the law. Treasure hunters. Mere annoyances to the system. But you changed my life forever! Because of you… I became a criminal, a tax evader, a smuggler, and a world… wide… criminal! You are the reason I have a bounty on my head!" Nathan took it all in. Watching you. You imagine him picking his next words wisely. But you know Nathan better than anyone by now. "Yet here I am… Here we are…"
"We changed." He whispered, slowly easing his lips from the kiss. "The thrill of the chase… The hunt. It has changed us. Who we are. Who we trust. And how we see the world."
"That's it?!" You try to step away, back out of this idiotic reasoning.
"Wait…" Nathan didn't allow you. A serious and concerned look crept into his expression. "I'm working my way to an apology." Pulling you back in. "I need you… t-to listen to me."
"Nathan… I-...." Your anger was sealed and locked by his lips again.
"Whatever changed, for the good or the better. I'm sorry for what I did. And what I might do in the future. I'm far from perfect. But I'm just as lost as you are. We're always on the run. If it's not from the law, then it's from ourselves or each other. Pushed by our feelings."
"I'm not lost." Trying to blink away the tears. "I… d-don't know what you're trying to get at."
"You keep telling yourself that. It's instinctual. It's a habit by now. Each treasure map I look at, each clue and trail I follow, each puzzle I solve. I keep finding myself… tracing back to you. We always find each other."
"What are you trying to say, Nathan?"
"I live out of a backpack I left out on the roof. Just like you. I have nothing left." Cradling your face with both his hands. Tears welling in the corner of his eyes. "I know what you feel." Slowly letting his forehead rest against yours. "I want your trust. I need it." His voice cracked, trying to contain his emotions. "I need you… to trust me." Reinforcing his words with a kiss. Deep and lingering. Holding you. "Please… I know it's hard after all I've done. And that it feels like starting all over again. That there's no light at the end of the tunnel. But I know a way out. Away from here. From…our… past. Our… way out."
"If I do… If we do… Is that even possible?"
"If you take this step, I promise you… you won't regret it." Pressing his lips to you. "Please… (Y/N)." He begs you, glancing over his shoulder. Time is ticking. And you know it all too well. "I will set right the wrong I did. I promise… whatever comes next. Whatever you choose. I'll be the best version of myself... for you..."
"W-Where would we… g-go if we run?”
"I'll think of something." Nathan smiled thinly, wiping the tears from his eyes with the back of his hand. A sparkle of hope filled his eyes. "Far away from here. We get a car… somewhere. And just drive. There are enough mysteries around the world for us… to discover and unearth. I want to do that… with you. Instead of against you."
"Is that… why you're here?"
"I'll take a bullet for you, (Y/N)." He kissed you and pulled you in for a tight hug. It almost felt like a goodbye regardless of what he offered. As if he came to peace with whatever decision you'd make.
"If you don't want to… take this…" A trembling hand passes you one of his guns. Folding your fingers onto the grip. Turning the gun in your hand against his own. The cold steel weighed heavily in your hands as the barrel poked into his stomach.
"Shoot me… Make it look the way you want. You decide what happens next…" A tear rolled down his cheek as he gazed lovingly at you. "Thank you for listening to me." As the tear continued to roll, it caught the crease of his lips—a tender smile growing. "I know I'm insufferable."
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Edric: Hey, Hunter, are you homophobic?
Hunter: I’m gay?
Jerbo: He’s dodging the question!
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Tumblr media
happy hearstopper renewal!!!!🍂💕
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and whoever created you,
be a deity or the course of nature,
they must’ve been having a good day.
they made your eyes from stars
and your skin from the moon.
the lips on your mouth, so carefully crafted,
intentionally or naturally;
your existence makes sense
and it brings me nothing but bliss.
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Gotham Incorrect Quotes Pt 29
Ed: *walks through door*
Butch & Zsasz: *scream*
Butch: Oh, thank God it's you.
Zsasz: We thought you were Penguin.
Ed: Do you want me to go get him?
Butch & Zsasz: NO!
Ed: What's up with you guys?
Butch: Zsasz and I were trying to-
Zsasz: I got dragged into this.
Butch: It was your idea to pay a guy-
Zsasz: No, you came to me and I-
Oswald: *bursts in from secret entrance*
Butch and Zsasz: *scream*
Ed: Yeah I should've told you, this is a bad place to hide from Oswald.
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i have boyfriend-is-at-work disease. it's a cruel world.
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eruri is canon lads, I am isayama real. (/j)
Tumblr media
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percysblackgirlfriend · 13 hours ago
Harry Potter fans having 'bigots dni' in their bios/carrds/etc feels like this:
Tumblr media
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