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god can you imagine pirates loot your ship, kill most of the crew and decide to take the rest of you on. but the captain–who’s twice your size–is enamored with you, and while the injured go to the infirmary and the others lodge with the crew, he wants you in his cabin. the next time you’ll so much as see land is a month away. you spend night after night, week after week, eating with him in his cabin. sleeping with him in his bed. he doesn’t make unwanted advances. but, if he pulls you to straddle his lap, or if he kisses you and his hands span your whole lower back, pulling you in. well. it wasn’t unwanted.

[nblm/mlm only]

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like I hate the fetishization of gay men with a burning passion, but I’m afraid that a large part of that is due to the lack of wlw representation in media. when all wlw couples get portrayed as either overly sexualized and predatory or barely there and “implied”, young lesbians and bi women are left searching. searching for some source that expresses their true feelings. so they are drawn to mlm art/comics/fanfic/etc. while it’s never truly the same, the portrayal of that specific Gay Yearning™ is present and oh so relatable in mlm media - something that lgbt youth are desperate for. knowing that they’re not alone despite the oppression that seems to always creep up behind them. understanding that the all-important oh moment is real and valid. finding a sense of community after being alone in this struggle for far too long. so yes, the fetishization of gay and bi men is a terrible problem that needs to be tackled. but in that process, consider how the imbalance of one part of the lgbt community leads to downfall in the others, and that we simply cannot have structure and contentedness without unyielding solidarity.

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