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#mlm love
transtagonist · 2 days ago
thinking about comforting a lovely boy after he's had a bad day. lay your pretty head between my thighs and look up at the ceiling and talk to me. i'll run my fingers through your hair and squeeze your hand and give you a shoulder rub and a kiss on the forehead. don't want to talk? let me run you a bubble bath and throw your favorite blanket in the dryer so it's warm when you get out and we can lay together while you enjoy some hot chamomile tea. we can watch a movie or listen to whatever music you feel like or just lay there. the world is cruel and cold in the daytime so let's be warm and safe together for the night.
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mlm-werewolf · a year ago
I see no reason why I can’t be both the love interest and the antagonist
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marshmallow-mlm · 19 days ago
Ok but where's my emotional support boyfriend who just lets me cuddle him when I'm sad and then bakes cookies with me??
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doubledare-mlm · 2 months ago
reminder that you are allowed to be gay and trans and express it! your love for men isn't weird or gross and you're not "just a straight girl" you're gay and it's valid, accepted, and celebrated here!!
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jules-hazard · a month ago
Tumblr media
hey guyzzzz
it's August 31, sooo
IT'S BEEN 🔟 YEARS SINCE @al-yen AND I MET (in this life)
such a grand occasion calls for a proper tumblr party! gather in replies and have fun with us 💥
@auroraismex @deadwhisper @wanderingmoon @unbalancedscale @blog-the-protagonist @wigilda @lijs-bedroom @transtagonist @rarainwinsomeacademia @musingsfromeve @an-opozto-phe @dirtyfilthy @l-is-for-love @darcy-is-my-spirit-human @fille-de-joies @her-scattered-pages @lilithvessel89 @dumbfucklovestruck
and anyone else who'd like to join the fun xD
(huge bonus for a cool entrance!)
(also, bring cute and weird gifts!)
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mlm-apollo · 3 months ago
the tender love of two men is so sweet and pure, like two men just hugging or holding hands so tenderly makes me so happy.
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imfindingsolace · 3 months ago
Why are pretty boy and lover boy considered insults sometimes? If a guy called me either of them I’d simply pass away.
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transtagonist · a day ago
i want to be so warm with love on a chilly night. let's sneak out and go down to the stream and lay down a blanket. we'll drink a little and play a few sleepover games like little kids and then we can take our shoes off and dance to all of the songs we listen to together. i can't dance but you know that already; you'll lead me and we'll both laugh when i trip over my own feet. eventually we'll be tired and we'll lay down and you can lay your head on my chest. let's just talk to the stars about everything under them until we see the sun starting to rise.
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transboys-lovin-boys · 17 days ago
Kissing boys
Kissing them on the lips, the forehead, noses, cheeks, hands and palms.
Sleepy kisses, stolen kisses, kissing them because you're just so overwhelmingly in love and you need to show them even a fraction of that love.
Kissing them out of nowhere so they get a big grin on their face.
Just like, kissing
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mlmshowerthoughts · 18 days ago
the intimacy of touch is so human and important and understated. the soothing sensation of having someone wash your hair or rub your back, the moment of bliss when your arm brushes your friend’s arm, the comfort of a hug can mean so much
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cryptid-graveyard · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
mlm nblm only
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