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#mlm yearning
r0mantic-l0ver · 2 days ago
just to feel some type of intimate action, i’d be thankful. i crave a warm, intimate love.
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sleepytimemlm · 2 days ago
I don’t really need much, just a boy to lay side by side with while we listen to a playlist we made together
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mlm-mf · 2 days ago
Why can’t I kiss a boy on Halloween hmm?
Why haven’t I gone on a cute pumpkin patch date with a boy hmmmmm??
Why haven’t I gone walking with a boy and we both huddle up to each other to keep warm hmmmmmmmmm??????
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smol-gay-boi · a day ago
I've been baking all day and just a little while ago, I was kneading the bubbles out of my bread dough and it turned into a heart. I wish I had a boy to bake heart shaped bread with...
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candyheart-mlm · a day ago
I used to think my hands were weirdly shaped, but now I've realised they're made to fit his in mine. i love my hands because they're his to hold, and isnt that wonderful?
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fuzzybeesknees · a day ago
If I don't get a cute, goofy boyfriend, then what's the point of any of this
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mlmpigeon · 10 months ago
*puts the sticker i’ve been saving for a special occasion on your forehead*
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pissgay · a month ago
i’m the genderless girlboss, he’s the trophy husband with a fat ass. it’s called being in a perfectly balanced and happy relationship.
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stupid-nblm · a day ago
coming home to him, late in the evening. he’s curled up on the couch; he fell asleep waiting for you to get home, your pets are laying with him. you pull his blanket up on him and give him a forehead kiss, leaving him to rest.
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r0mantic-l0ver · a day ago
i wish he and i could rule the world together. i wish we could run away together, hand in hand, living a city life. i wish we could run forever and ever, only relying on each other. i wish i could escape this small minded town with him by my side forever.
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skrimshaw · a year ago
If you shake me you can actually hear all the gay little thoughts rattling in my brain
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punkboy-mlm · 15 days ago
oh so you're a boy kisser?? *quickly puts on flavored chapstick* yeah??? im a boy. come over here and prove it coward
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pastelprincemlm · a month ago
oh dont mind me. just taking a stroll through a dimly lit abandoned castle. oh gee i sure hope theres not a hot vampire that will bite my very exposed neck :] thatd be the worst haha :]
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