mlmpigeon 2 days ago
holy SHIT i need to kiss my boyfriend
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softgayboy 2 days ago
it's dangerous to go alone >:0 take this!!! *makes out with you*
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stupid-nblm a day ago
Tumblr media
me everytime i see my boyfriend
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corpseslut 2 days ago
the thought of you being scared makes me throb
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my-gender-is-void 2 days ago
Me trying to explain my gender identity and sexuality: "so I am afab right, and I'm non binary, I identify as agender because I don't feel like I have a gender but my presentation is more of a transmasc, androgynous in the way an amab person can be, so I define myself as an agender transmasc. And I am both aro and ace, but I actually do want a QPR and that QPR would be t4t preferably with another nonbinary person or a trans man (not really interested in dating people who identify as girls) so I say I'm queer in my platonic orientation because it's easier to explain that way".
And that's why I just say I'm an enby aroace or queer af when people ask.
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hadleyfrasergender 11 months ago
on all levels except physical i'm crawling into my friend or lover's arms so they can hold me while they play on their phone or read or something
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imfindingsolace 6 months ago
Why are pretty boy and lover boy considered insults sometimes? If a guy called me either of them I鈥檇 simply pass away.
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cozycreaturescorner 10 months ago
too much love inside me disorder
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catpop12343 2 months ago
The masculine urge to cuddle a sleepy man
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anarchist-mlm 2 months ago
- If you have a caffeine dependency, you will experience withdrawal effects because you鈥檒l most likely be too out of it for a couple of days after surgery to drink caffeine. The headache you get will mostly likely be a lot worse because of any prescription pain medication you鈥檒l be taking. Acetaminophen (Tylenol) will be your best friend.
- Getting drains removed isn鈥檛 necessarily painful, but it is the most unnerving feeling ever, especially since they don鈥檛 do anything to numb you beforehand. I鈥檓 warning you now that you鈥檒l most likely feel sick and potentially black out for a few moments. The feeling will pass quickly though, and the nurses are prepared for this.
- Your scars are going to look a lot bigger and messy when you first see them. This is because of swelling and surgical glue. After about 2-3 weeks the glue will crumble off, and the swelling will mostly go down, so you鈥檒l be able to get a better look at how your chest/scars will actually look
- You won鈥檛 be able to reach most things you鈥檇 normally be able to after surgery due to both scarring and pain. It鈥檚 taken me 3 weeks just to be able to properly wash my hair because I couldn鈥檛 lift my arms high enough to touch the top of my head long enough.
- Your surgeon will probably ask you to stop taking your testosterone (if you鈥檙e on it) for 2 weeks before surgery, and 2 weeks after surgery. This is about a month without testosterone. Be sure to prepare for that in advance so you鈥檙e not surprised with any changes that might happen to your body. I know I got my period after 2 years of not having one because of this, so just be prepared so it鈥檚 not too big of a surprise and/or dysphoria spike
- You won鈥檛 be able to wear deodorant for about 2 weeks. It sucks, but as long as you鈥檙e able to shower frequently and change your shirt, you should be okay
- Get button up PJ sets. You can get them at Walmart. They are lifesavers, especially since you can鈥檛 really lift your arms or bend properly in order to take off normal shirts.
- Do not be alarmed if it looks like your nipple is falling off- it is just the scab I promise. Unless you smoke, you should have no fear about your nipples falling off. If you do smoke, talk to your surgeon about what to do well in advance to limit the risk!
- You won鈥檛 be able to drive for a hot second due to being on the pain medications, so make sure you have someone you trust to get you to and from places!
- Around the 3 week mark you鈥檒l get a second spike of bad pain. This is because around this time is when you鈥檒l be mostly back to normal routine, and moving around a lot more. Your body isn鈥檛 caught up yet, and so the soreness and the pain will be worse. This is normal, and unless the pain is unbearable, you shouldn鈥檛 have to contact your surgeon/doctor about any complications
- For any fellow poc, your nipples will most likely heal pink/light. This is fucking weird and I don鈥檛 like it, but I鈥檝e heard they鈥檒l eventually go back to normal over time. It鈥檚 most likely due to scar tissue
- When you go to put back on your medical binder with padding after you shower or take it off for scar cream, etc.: lay down to put it on. I promise you it鈥檚 so much easier than attempting to hold all the padding against your body and put on the medical binder without hurting yourself!
That鈥檚 all I got for now! I鈥檒l add on if I remember anything else! Please remember that everyone鈥檚 surgery experience is different, im just illustrating some things that happened to me and might happen to others as well! Im only 3 weeks post op as well, so I鈥檒l update if anything else weird happens!
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yorninghours 7 months ago
yes i know youre miles away but its incredibly urgent that you come and give me a forehead kiss right now
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dinoboulder 11 months ago
adore is such a soft word...
I adore you. I adore the way your eyes light up when you're excited. I adore everything about you. I look upon you in adoration. I adore your affection and what it does to me. I adore you
so yeah, anyways...adore
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softgayboy 8 hours ago
im at the library, who wants to make out in the corner
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mlmpigeon a year ago
*puts the sticker i鈥檝e been saving for a special occasion on your forehead*
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shitty-mlm 2 months ago
I need a boy to call me sweetheart actually
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grumpytrans a year ago
so loving men isn't a curse. loving men isn't "unfortunate". loving men isn't a bad thing. yes, we can joke about how awful men can be, but it gets to a a point where this mentality can really hurt. it can really feed into you hating yourself for something you can't control. loving men is something special. loving yourself is just as beautiful.
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cowpokeprose a year ago
When Adam bit the apple he did it because he trusted Eve. Because he loved her. Adam bit into the apple because the woman he loved told him to, no matter what God said. No matter the rules of heaven. What鈥檚 heaven to a woman鈥檚 love anyway? What鈥檚 God to your wife? The first sins of humanity, were trusting others. Eve trusted a snake, Adam trusted Eve, and I trust you. Maybe that鈥檚 a sin, just like the first couple. Maybe everyone鈥檚 right about us and we鈥檙e sinners and we offend God. But like I said, what鈥檚 God to a woman鈥檚 love anyway? What has heaven got that I can鈥檛 find sitting next to you on a cool autumn morning?
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pastelprincemlm 2 months ago
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queerism1969 4 days ago
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webkinzpossum 18 days ago
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