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There's almost an equal split between the sexes on Tumblr - 51% male, 49% female.

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what is your turn on? uwu
🖌️: Terrible

You just, uhh… Had to go ahead and ask that, yeah?

If you must know.. I really love girls who are smart. Preferably, smarter than I am.

That doesn’t necessarily narrow anything down… I’m just an English major. o^o

(Oh! And “UWU”, yourself!!)

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Have you ever read a manga?

🖌️: Terrible (artist alias)

I’ve never read one. Comic books are not my cup of tea.

I would rather go for an adventure mystery novel…

From the admin: Who would’ve guessed that my nextdoor neighbor no pun intended catch wind and supply some artwork! Please give a warm welcome to one of our featured artists, Terrible!

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Hey guys! I’m currently in a bit of need and have a few things coming up I need to take care of, so i’m opening emergency sketch and ink commissions! For this reason, I would greatly appreciate any reblogs/boosts! 

The Details: 

  • Normal Ink sketches (bottom 3): $5 
    • Blue or black pen
  • Full body/full page ink drawings (top 3): $10-15 based on complexity 
    • Basic backgrounds only
  • Extra
    • I will mail commissions for an additional $2 (This must be noted beforehand)

Will draw: 

  • Most subjects, including but not limited to ponies, monsters, feral/anthro furries, and humans. Light to medium gore and suggestive themes accepted (ask if you have any doubts).

Will not draw:

  • NSFW
  • Heavily muscled or detailed robotic characters

Please message me to request commissions; payments accepted via Paypal (I also have a ko-fi if you wish to donate!)

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 I was recently followed by and it’s come to my attention that much of their uploads are reposted art. They seem to give a source but do not seem to have permission. I’ve messaged a few artists whose work was on there, but the blog goes back at least a year and I would be much too slow to get them all.

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They make OCs that interact with the characters of a show in the universe of said show.
But then they go on half-hour tangents and report people for “stealing” their OCs even though they just “stole” the studio’s OCs.

But what do I know? They worked hard to draw Octavia and therefore they’re entitled to use her however they want but no one can use their version of “Doctor Whooves.”

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