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#mlp fim

Love her a lot 💜🧁✨

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17-18 January 2021

Wanted to draw what I always imagine when listening to Vylet Pony’s Mistress ( one my favorite songs to come out of the MLP fandom), which is Rarity on stage rehearsing to an empty lounge.  And I imagine it’s raining outside too.


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i ❤️ evil women

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Sandbar: Hey, if we got a hamster, I’d still be your favorite roommate, right?

Silverstream: …

Sandbar: Right?

Silverstream: I mean… Do you want me to just lie to your face?

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The Great and Poweful Trrrixie!

“Trixie” by Nnalyart

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Discord: Do you want to hear a joke?

Trixie: No

Discord: Yes you do. Ok here it goes-

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Sandbar: Let me get this straight…

Gallus: More like, let me run this Bi you.

Silverstream: Let’s see how this Pans out.

Swift Foot: I say we Ace-ess the situation.

Ocellus: Gay.

Smolder: Good contribution, Cell.

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The new CMC, Floral Fire on the top, Hit Point on the right and Pixie Cloud on the left. I don’t feel like describing this image much so here’s the dA link :>

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im back on this blog is been year or two im sorry i just been working on my other blogs and some time i got lack inspiration on the blog and stop posting but now im inspired to go back i got some old/new ask but you guy can send more i dont mine i get on them

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Fluttershy: Come on, Sandbar! You’re such a natural born leader. Why do you insist on messing around?

Sandbar: Low self esteem?

Fluttershy: We all have low self esteem.

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