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tomochii-chan · 7 months ago
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Tumblr media
🎄Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays~!🎄 From the MLQC boys & MC
Feel free to use the twitter banner! All I ask is for credits c: I think you can use them for tumblr too? I’m not sure about the size here haha
I actually had Gavin, Kiro, Vic, and Luci’s line arts done since.. last year LOL. I just never finished coloring them cause it was well past Christmas so I thought there was no point ahah. Shaw was added in today c: The references I used only had 4 pics to use lol.
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acrispyapple · a year ago
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
MLQC Anime: End Cards
the guys making sweets and the guys ready for a gunfight~ ♡
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lilith-sp · a year ago
Click for HD
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Tumblr media
So who's ready for some Daddy Gavin pics???
Just because is about to be Gavin's birthday, let's start celebrating with more HD wallpapers of him!
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otonymous · 6 months ago
A Softer Touch: The Boys In Lingerie (MLQC NSFW Headcanon) - Otonymous x Meowlayn-art
Tumblr media
Hey everyone!
I cannot tell you how incredibly excited I am to see this collaboration with the amazingly talented @meowlayn-art​ come to fruition!  
These headcanons were originally written for the wonderful @meowlayn-art​ as one of my Follower Milestone Celebration prizes.  So when she generously offered to create some illustrations to go along with them, I was over-the-moon- this-is-so-cool-I-can’t-believe-this-is-happening-to-me OVERJOYED!  And from there, this collaboration was born.
Thank you, thank you, thank you, dearest Meowlayn!  Not only is your art mind-blowingly beautiful, you are also an absolute pleasure to work with — a professional of the highest calibre through and through.  You are detailed, thorough and communicate so well; you really brought my headcanons to life!  I’m thrilled to have had the opportunity to work with you and even happier to get to know you as a friend in the course of this process! 💕
That being said, I hope you all enjoy our work!  Please take note of the warnings listed below, and I wish you all happy reading and lusting over the beautiful pictures! 🤣
Warning: NSFW/18+: Explicit/graphic language - reader discretion is advised.  Potential trigger warnings: men in lingerie, blink-and-you’ll-miss-it mentions of D/s relationships and bondage
Naughtiness ensues after the cut!
Your company is shooting a commercial for a lingerie brand, showcasing their newest products and concept: women AND men in lingerie!  On the day of the shoot however, the male model is a no-show and Minor just had to call in sick.  Hesitantly, you turn and face your last resort...
“Um, Victor, the director said they’ll crop your face out.  Do you think you could—”
“Absolutely not.”  The LFG CEO cuts you off, tone decisive in a way that leaves no room for debate.
“Okay, well…guess I’ll have to call Professor Luci—”
“What am I wearing?”  
Victor snatches the phone from your hands as he strides toward the dressing room, just as you were about to dial Lucien’s number.
“Anything, anything you want!  You’ve got your pick of what’s available!”
He clicks his tongue in annoyance as the door closes behind him.  A few moments later, Victor finally emerges…
Tumblr media
This bitch looks better in lingerie than you do Victor knows how to dress for his body
Speaking of which, his bod is no joke: all that time spent in the pool PLUS eating the finest, freshest foods made by his own hand means his physique literally looks like it was carved from marble
Back in black: the man is wearing a matching set, all in black, just the way he likes his intimates (on you AND him)
For whatever reason, the black caged corset with the lace up back he has chosen makes him seem even more intimidating than his usual three piece suits; it might have something to do with the fact that it accentuates his already perfect posture
We already know that Victor belongs to the Big Tiddie Club™️, so don’t act all surprised when you see those giant pecs busting out of the cups of that corset, okay?
Suspenders directly attached to the corset hold up stockings covering legs that go on for days
A thong has never looked better on a man.  Victor’s muscular ass was perfectly sculpted to be on display in the skimpiest of underwear.  Please resist the urge to sink your teeth into those wondrous globes of flesh (or don’t)
To be honest, his Speedo swim briefs are quite skimpy as well, so this isn’t much of a stretch 🤣
You are shooketh: the contrast of the sleek black satin with the hard muscle of his body awakens something deep inside you.  You’ll be pressing your thighs together during the entire shoot, wondering if he’d agree to wear the ensemble beneath his suit when he returns to work or the next time he’s cooking in the kitchen of Souvenir
Suddenly, you’re getting visions of unbuckling his belt and bending him over the edge of his desk, pulling down those slacks just to admire that slim strip of black satin nestled between those gorgeous ass cheeks.  Go on and slap them, just hard enough to hear him hiss through clenched teeth.  Victor LOVES it.
Victor(ia)’s secret: The man can actually see you staring at him from the corner of those jet black eyes: the way your hands fidget with the hem of your skirt, the way your teeth sink into the pink flesh of your lip.  And he’s trying incredibly hard not to GET HARD from the very obvious fact that you’re thirsting for him.
“I’d be happy to help,” the professor says, the placid smile on his face instantly calming your nerves.  “If you’ll agree to model the same outfit for me privately tonight.”
Those dark, sensual eyes draw into half-moons as his bewitching smile widens — tempting even as you wonder what you have gotten yourself into.  And when Lucien finally reappears from the dressing room, every last bit of air is drawn from your lungs to see:
Tumblr media
The man looks like the Dom of your dreams (please refrain from calling him “Master” in front of the staff 🤣)
Lucien has similar tastes to Victor: he likes his lingerie in classic black, prefers sleek silk and satin to lace, adores matching pieces embellished with gold detailing
EXCEPT there is something distinctly edgier about his selection
Strap-happy: the professor looks absolutely incredible in bondage-inspired lingerie
A high-necked cupless bra with wide black straps criss-cross his chest to create a cage-effect that’s made even more sensual when stretched across the expanse of his muscular pecs
Go on and allow your eyes to travel down that tapered waist to the intricate thong he’s got on: a pair of straps wrapped around both sides of those firm hips, the professor’s sizeable bulge is barely contained by the tiny interwoven triangle of fabric at the front (very little is left to the imagination; please take a moment to wipe the drool off your chin)
His matching garter belt adds even more visual interest to the beautiful six-pack abs the professor’s been hiding beneath his lab coat all this time
Of course, the sheer black stockings he’s rocking is the perfect finishing touch for an equally polished look
The only thing he’s missing is a riding crop (GULP)
“This outfit will go well with the handcuffs you’ve been hiding in your bedside table, butterfly,” he whispers in your ear at the end of the shoot, leaving you a burning, horny mess as he heads toward the dressing room 
Sunset cannot come fast enough 🤣
The man’s face will cycle through all shades of red in embarrassment but he’ll ultimately agree because Gavin just can’t bring himself to say no to a request from you, especially when you’re in a difficult situation.  And when he finally emerges from the dressing room, pink all the way to the tips of his ears, he’s looking at the floor, walls, ceiling…ANYWHERE but at your face.
“Let’s just get this over with.”  
His voice is gruff but he puffs his chest out, striding toward the cameras as fearlessly as if he were leading a mission.
Tumblr media
Of all the guys, Gavin has the most subdued taste.  Count on him to choose something soft, subtle and understated; the least revealing piece of the bunch
At the same time, there’s almost something indecent in the way that innocent looking bodysuit sits on top of that insanely muscular body, the peachy-pink silk conforming to the cut lines of his abs, hinting at peaked nipples as they stretch over the broad planes of Gavin’s chest
The colour actually enhances the reddish hue of his cheeks, especially when Gavin notices you staring at his package — the impressive outline of his bulge clearly marked by the high-legged cut of the bodysuit
You can’t help but fantasize about running your hand over his cock, dreaming about how it would feel to have him grow hard beneath the smooth slide of silk.  Try to contain yourself as you imagine your fingers dancing along the surface, coaxing out the first few drops of arousal until the delicate material darkens from the dampness
Delicate spaghetti straps really bring out the thick, corded muscles of his arms and shoulders
Do try not to convulse in ecstasy when you catch sight of Gavin’s backside, especially when he stoops to pick up something the cameraman dropped.  Has a more perfect ass existed?  No.  Were thong bodysuits made specifically with Gavin Bai’s buttocks in mind?  Hell yes.
“Miss Chips!”  
A bubbly voice greets your ears.  You spin around, eyes wide as you stare into irises of baby blue.
“Kiro!  What are you doing here?”
“I’m shooting an MV next door!  Savin told me you were filming a commercial here today, and we finished early on our end so I thought I’d drop by.  But you,” he bends closer, peering into your face, “look upset.  What’s wrong?”
Sheepishly, you tell him about your predicament; he listens with a serious expression.  Then suddenly, he flashes you that mega-watt smile and you feel your worries dissipate like smoke.
“Is that all, Miss Chips?  Don’t worry about a thing, your hero is here to save the day!  Besides, it won’t be much of a stretch compared to some of the things they’ve had me wear onstage!”
Before you can even thank him, he’s already sauntered over to the dressing room.  And when he reemerges:
Tumblr media
Jaws are dropping left, right and centre
Dressed in a golden body chain, the man literally looks like a god or some kind of immortal being (seriously, only someone with his star power can pull this look off)
Numerous beaded tassels of amber glass drape down the front of his body from an embellished collar, highlighting a lithe yet muscular figure
This little number is belted over the V-line of his abdomen; a few tassels lie tantalizingly against the crack of an ass so perfectly rounded you’ve been yearning to bounce coins off of it
The high collar sitting over the curve of his prominent Adam’s apple is especially arousing, as if it were the only restraint on the sheer power of his sensuality
Not only is Kiro wearing the skimpiest G-string around, it’s also nude in colour, pretty much blending in with the rest of his bare skin
That package is so close to busting out you cannot help but wish for a last-minute wardrobe malfunction 🤣
But perhaps the sexiest thing about Kiro is the way he’s so comfortable in his own skin.  This superstar walks around like he owns the place, as if it were completely natural for him to be moving around practically naked in front of hungry eyes and cameras
Needless to say, this lingerie campaign will be a giant hit (Savin is already negotiating a contract with the company 😆)
“You owe me.”
Poking you in the shoulder with his index finger, Shaw spits out the words as he turns and heads toward the dressing room, studded leather jacket slung carelessly over one shoulder.
You are bewildered.
You hadn’t even considered asking Shaw for help, figuring Hell had a better chance of freezing over before he’d agree.  But then…
Tumblr media
The man emerges, lavender hair damp and slicked back from his forehead in a way that makes you swallow…hard
He’s wearing a simple garter belt in black satin over panties of the same material; thin suspenders attach to fishnet stockings running up to mid-thigh
BUT he’s also managed to find a pair of men’s suspenders; those black straps sit tantalizingly over the nipples of his bare chest (surprisingly broad and muscular, now that he’s shed the leather jacket he wears all the time)
This boy just mixed and matched on you and you are so fucking down for it.  Cue panties falling all around
He’s still rocking those fingerless leather gloves when he looks into the camera, biting his lips and flashing his middle finger.  You feel like you’re doing a photoshoot with a seasoned rock star, NOT an archaeology grad student 😆
It’s the perfect mix of femininity and masculinity; Shaw has managed to create a look that’s entirely his from whatever was available in the dressing room (you’re impressed, but you’ll never admit it to him LOL)
And suddenly, you’ve never been so turned on in your entire life 🤤
Hope you all enjoyed the headcanons and artwork!  Please do check out @meowlayn-art​​‘s lovely illustrations on her Tumblr account 🎨, and if you’re interested in more reads, you can find my masterpost here! 📚
(Please do not copy/alter/edit/repost any of the art or words found here, thanks!)
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lvlcurrent · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
i don’t know– i just want this hell to end 😭!!!
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tomochii-chan · a year ago
Tumblr media
Happy Birthday, Gavin~! 🐺💙
I had this idea for a while, way before I found out that this year’s birthday date was actually in LA this time ahah. Also didn’t know Gav was actually wearing pants;; I think it’s better as shorts personally. Also calves.
I was able to participate in this wonderful project dedicated to Gav with a bunch of other JP artists and fanfic writers. You can check them out here: haku2020.evolxlove(.)com
Lastly, I wanted to make this as a future print, but I’m honestly not happy with it however if people are still interested then I don’t mind lol
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acrispyapple · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
MLQC CH: 热恋密码 SP Karma
look at them! ♡
mc, choose victor, not your drink! ☆
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kokorokai · 11 months ago
I don't know with what courage I'm publishing these fanarts...but here I am! 🙈 
special thanks to @stehkotori​ who helped me find inspiration for each draw 💖 
Tumblr media
full drawings under the cut! they are slightly NSFW, so open them at your own risk 😉
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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otonymous · a year ago
It’s The End Of The World (MLQC Headcanon)
Tumblr media
Dear Nonny...
Tumblr media
I say that now, Nonny, but the truth is that the ONLY thing I love more than smut is angst! Mwahahaha! 🤣🤣 That being said, let’s take a one-way trip to Angst Town!  Everybody got their seatbelts on?!  LET’S GO!!! (Please note warnings below before reading 💕💕💕)
Warnings: angst, explicit language, trigger warnings (mentions of speeding, near-death experiences and flashbacks, nausea & vomiting, insomnia, slight mention of possessive behaviour, workaholism, loss of appetite and weight loss, anger and violent behaviour (not towards other people though!)) and SPOILERS (basically up to chapter 24 in the EN server; includes dates and Rumours & Secrets for the boys) 
Tumblr media
DEVASTATED.  This man is absolutely devastated.
Gavin has known you since high school and loved you since then
You were his dream girl — the one he thought had got away until his duties brought you back into his life.  He had vowed to protect you till the very end, had absolutely no qualms about giving his life for yours.  He made a solemn promise to himself that he would never lose you a second time
Until that fateful day when you invited him out for lunch at Lynn’s Kitchen on the grounds of your old high school
You order his favourites, spicy noodles and lemon tea; wait until his stomach is full before you open your mouth to gently broach the topic
A single glance at your face tells Gavin that something is terribly off.  He’s immediately setting his chopsticks down, asking, “What’s wrong?  You know you can talk to me about anything.  Whatever it is, I’ll help you—”
“Shaw.  We…we’ve decided to be together.  I know you’re not on good terms, and he did insist on coming today, but I thought it would be best if I told you myself…”
He cannot hear  
He cannot move  
And it isn’t until the burning sensation in his lungs catches up with him that he realizes he hadn’t even been breathing
Amber eyes, listless and dull, float from your lips to the wall decorated with Post-It notes just behind you, moving from one colourful slip of paper to another
“I hate it when people leave without saying goodbye.”
Gavin still remembers the loops and dashes of your handwriting on the Post-It note you had written so long ago, the way you dotted your i’s with hearts
And all of a sudden, he is back in his high school uniform, bloodied and bruised and free falling from the roof of the four-storey building
Except this time, he cannot hear the strains of a piano, no matter how hard he tries.  The gingko leaves around him flutter to the ground just before…
“Gavin?”  The touch of your hand on his snaps him out of his reverie.  He tries to force a smile and fails.
“I…I’m sorry.  There’s somewhere…I just remembered…I have to go….”  He hurriedly puts a few bills on the table — more than enough to cover the entire meal — and dashes out of the restaurant
Gavin hops on Sparky and just goes…riding for hours on end with no destination in mind.  He’s taken with an intense urge to go fast, as if his body were trying to outrun the feelings he doesn’t have the means of dealing with.  At one point, an overwhelming wave of nausea hits him and he stops at the side of the road, retching and retching until his stomach is as empty as his hollowed-out heart
He’s still thinking of you the entire time he’s MIA.  The last text from his phone is one sent to you, telling you not to worry about him and apologizing for the way he behaved back at the restaurant.  He’s asking if you’d still be okay with talking to him when he gets back, and of course, to contact him immediately if you need anything at all
He still feels you in the wind
Believe it or not, for a short period of time, Gavin actually develops a fear of flying: it reminds him too much of you, brings up too many memories of him holding you in his arms as you traverse the skies together.  He’s not confident he can do it anymore, partly because he thinks his Evol might suddenly give out when he’s high up in the air
The turning point comes when Gavin visits his mother’s resting place.  There, for the first time since you broke the news to him, he actually cries, and it gives him the strength to carry on
Let’s be clear: Gavin will never, ever be over you.  The two of you will remain friends though because Gavin intends to watch over you for the rest of his life (that is one promise he would never break)
With time, he gets used to seeing you with Shaw, even starts to relax a bit when he realizes that his younger brother is capable of protecting you
Someday, Gavin will marry — likely someone who was set up with him either by Minor or his colleagues (Birdcop would never take the initiative to actually meet somebody).  This person is absolutely smitten with the handsome officer and his gruff ways and cannot wait to start a family with him.  They would also have to be thick-skinned and stubborn enough to turn Gavin’s “no” into an eventual “yes”
And while Gavin would prove to be a loyal husband and doting father who would do anything for his family, a part of him would always, always, continue to burn for you.
Tumblr media
How do you expect this man to behave when he’s lost the only colour in his life?
Lucien would never, ever recover from this.  He doesn’t want to.  The man for whom love was never meant to happen has no need for such an emotion.  He wants nothing to do with it unless it has to do with you
The professor’s world literally returns to being a drab shadow of blacks and greys — the rainbow disappeared when his little butterfly flew into the palm of another’s hand
“Do you love him?” He’ll ask you, dark eyes almost hypnotic in their intensity when he pierces you with that gaze
You’re ashamed to find that you have to think twice before replying that you do indeed love Victor
Ba-bump, ba-bump, BA-BUMP — Lucien breaks out into a cold sweat as his heart begins to race, face becoming pale as a sheet
His shaking hands are pulled into tight fists within the pockets of his lab coat.  He’s running his finger over the cap of his pill bottle inside one of them, not wanting to take them in front of you because in spite of it all, the last thing he wants is for you to worry about him 😭😭😭
Lucien nods, placid smile a mask on his face when he says,  “I wish the two of you nothing but the best.”
“Lucien!”  You start after him when he turns to walk away.  “We…we’re still friends, right?”
For what is possibly the first time in his entire life, Lucien can’t think straight.  His mind is a mess, logical thoughts tangled up with sorrow, hurt, anger, and the sense that the world could end at that very moment and he wouldn’t even bat an eye.
He takes a deep breath, composing himself before he turns to face you again: “Of course.  You can always come to me if you ever need anything.”  It takes everything in him not to fall apart when he lays a hand on the crown of your head, savouring the heat of your body for the very last time
In the days immediately afterwards, the people around Lucien better watch out as his ability to keep cool, calm and collected is challenged: he’s giving the side-eye to his colleagues at the research institute more often then usual, and Black Swan members literally want to run the other way when they see him coming.  If they thought Ares was ruthless before then they’d better watch out now…
As if it were even humanly possible, the professor sleeps even less now: if he’s not in the lab, he’s literally wiling away the hours watching old Hollywood films
Sometimes, he’ll place his hand on the handle to the door of your apartment, closing his eyes and doing his best to pretend that he can still feel your palm in his (he knows you’re not home.  You so rarely are these days…)
Unbeknownst to you, Lucien spends his weekends revisiting the places you used to go together: sitting on the same bench at the aquarium where you kissed him without a second thought, wandering to the theme park you ran away to as a child just to watch the carousel spin round and round, trying his best to keep a smile on his face when the kids at the orphanage ask him where his “pretty lady friend” is
Lucien actually has a kite that he bought ages ago, intent on fulfilling his promise to one day fly it with you.  It sits in his apartment still.  He can’t bring himself to dispose of it.
Gives you his pen, Iridescent, as part of his wedding gift to you.  “May it always bring you luck, wherever you are and…whomever you’re with.”
Regardless of where he is, Lucien will always be keeping tabs on you.  If Victor ever trips up, you can bet that Lucien will be there to swoop in and take his place
The professor will never love another person for as long as he lives.  That’s all there is to it.
Tumblr media
Throws himself into his work when you break the news to him that you’ve accepted Lucien’s proposal
“If that dummy can’t see that I’m the most suitable choice for her, then let her suffer the consequences of her foolishness.” — Victor will tell himself that, but don’t believe it for even a second
Victor has always been obsessed with working, but this is on an entirely new level, even for him: the man’s been missing meals (or taking them at his desk, at most) and doesn’t leave his office until close to midnight, most days of the week
Like a watch whose gears are irreparably damaged, the LFG CEO is broken on the inside.  He has to focus on work because he knows that if he stops long enough to fully consider the consequences of having lost you, he would never climb out of the depths of his despair
Even his dad and aunt become concerned, especially when they notice that he’s lost weight: “Victor, you have employees for a reason.  Delegation is not a weakness.”
His mind often drifts to you, especially when he’s driving.  There are many times when he finds himself absentmindedly heading in the direction of your office after work before he catches himself (the man is so used to picking you up that it’s become like muscle memory, in a sense)
Weekends will find him holed up in his attic space, fingers tracing over the uneven surface of the cup you had accidentally dropped and shattered, the pieces of which he had spent an entire night glueing back together
He shuts down Souvenir for a while: Victor cannot bring himself to step foot in the kitchen because he can’t help but see your face, smiling in rapturous joy to indulge in the caramel pudding he made especially for you
He spends his nights lying wide awake in a bed that suddenly seems much too big, wondering if you would’ve chosen differently if he took the time to tell you all the things he always thought were obvious: that he respected your fighting spirit, admired the brazen way you never gave up on the things you believed in, loved every single thing about you, even the things he seemed to disapprove of
His biggest regret: that he never had the chance to tell you that you were the love of his life
He often fantasizes about what it would’ve been like to stop time before you informed him you were choosing Lucien, to exist forever with you in a single moment when you made him the happiest man alive just by sharing your time with him
He still checks your Moments account religiously, murmuring “Dummy” with the faintest hint of a smile on his face to see your ridiculous posts, but he can never bring himself to reply.  Victor’s pride won’t let him.  He would rather die than let you know that each moment spent without you makes him feel like he is suffocating
Eventually, his worried family — especially his aunt — decides that enough is enough.  They force Victor to take a vacation while trying to discreetly set him up with daughters of other wealthy and prominent families
Victor is beyond annoyed at having his personal affairs meddled with like this, but is essentially strong-armed by his aunt, who turns on the waterworks and starts sobbing about wanting to see the progeny of her dearest nephew before she passes on or withers away from want of new blood in the Li family
Victor will eventually have to marry and have kids — he needs to have someone to pass LFG on to.  It will be a long while before he does settle down though; at one point, it’ll seem like he’s content to be a bachelor for life, married to his work
He will show up for your wedding though, and you can bet the most generous gift will be from the LFG CEO
“Try not to be such a dummy from now on.  I won’t be there to set you straight and your husband may not be as patient of a man as I am.”  Those jet black eyes are wavering with emotion when he reaches out to lay a hand on your head.  But he halts midway, awkwardly pulling back because he’s realized that he doesn’t have the right to touch another man’s wife so casually 😭😭😭
Tumblr media
“Ahahaha!  All right, all right…you’ve got me.  You can stop playing around now, Miss Chips,” Kiro will say, hands held up in defeat when you tell him that you’ve accepted Gavin’s proposal
When he realizes you’re being serious, it’s like all the warmth and light has suddenly been sucked from the room
Those blue eyes go wide, the smile dropping from the superstar’s face.  For what seems like an interminable amount of time, Kiro just sits there staring at you, almost catatonic
When he speaks again, you’re so surprised you almost jump out of your skin: “Gavin…he’s that cop, right?  The friend you’ve known since high school?”
You nod and all of a sudden, it’s like the floodgates have been opened: Kiro’s grasping your hands in his, expression panic-stricken as his questions come a mile a minute:
“Was it something I did, Miss Chips?  I swear I’ll change!  I…I won’t eat junk food anymore!  Won’t even look at that stuff!  If you don’t like your nickname, I’ll call you by your real name, anything you want!  Or maybe it’s because my schedule is always so crazy?  I’ll cut back on my jobs, I don’t care about the money!  If you’re tired of running from the paparazzi, I’ll quit.  Just quit, stop everything — I don’t care, ok?  The only thing I care about is you!  Miss Chips?  Please don’t cry…I’m your hero, remember?  So please…please…”
A single tear rolls down his cheek — you have to look away or else your resolve would crumble
“I’m so sorry, Kiro.  I…I wanted you to be the first to know.  I wanted you to hear it from me…”
It’s like all the life has been drained from him; it actually frightens you to see him like that
“Kiro?"  You hesitantly lay a hand on his.  It’s almost cool to the touch.  Kiro gives his head a little shake, seeming to come back to himself
“I’m…I’m so sorry, Miss Chips.  I don’t know what came over me.  I didn’t mean to get hysterical.  God, what an awful way to react….”  He forces a laugh, but it is wooden and so goddamn heartbreaking to hear.  You almost wish he would scream obscenities at you instead
“He, Gavin…he’s a good man.  He’ll be good for you.  I’m happy that you’re happy, Miss Chips.”
The next day, Kiro drops off the face of the Earth: he’s MIA, no one can reach him
Everyone is panicking: his agent, Savin, and management, his legions of adoring fans all over the world, and most of all, you
That is, until he sends two text messages, one to Savin and the other to you, telling you all that he’s safe and not to worry; he’s just taking some time to work some things out for himself
In actuality, the only thing that’s happening is that Kiro is reverting back to who he originally was before you came into his life
His sun has been eclipsed by crushing sorrow and loss, the brilliance of your light and warmth forever taken from him and he is left in the cold shadow of solitary darkness
Kiro wants to be happy for you, and he hates that he can’t — this dissonance so disconcerts him that he’d rather not feel anything at all
When the superstar does eventually return to the world at large, there’s something about him that’s changed — Savin and the rest will be largely fooled by that ever-cheerful mask he puts on, but you won’t
Those blue eyes seem just a bit darker, the radiance of his being almost imperceptibly dimmed
Poor Kiro, loved the world over, would never love another person for the rest of his life.  It would always be you or nothing.
Tumblr media
Hurt.  Angry.  Confused.
Shaw is angry with himself for ever believing that you and him had a future together; he hates that he saw the signs that you would always, always, always choose Gavin in the end and still continued to lie to himself in spite of it
He hates that he let himself become vulnerable by falling in love with you (Shaw sees vulnerability as the biggest weakness one could have, that’s why he’s always kept himself emotionally guarded in his dealings with people)
But for whatever reason, when it came to you, he just couldn’t help but fall (“Guess brothers are hard-wired in the same way after all, no matter how different we think we are,” he’ll say with a bitter laugh)
A lengthy and most unusual storm will hit Loveland City; expect an extended light show with lots of thunder and lightning
The boy is trashing his place, throwing whatever he can get his hands on: cans of Coke and Pepsi, dishes, clothing and books
He breaks the deck of his skateboard when he smashes it against the wall, bringing down a good chunk of plaster along with it
You won’t be there to witness the destruction.  Shaw will continue to front like nothing could ever faze him when you tell him that you’ve chosen to be with Gavin.  He’ll chuckle, brows raised as he bites on the tip of his straw, saying, “Whatever.  It’s your life.  Do what you want with it.”
Then suddenly, he’s standing up to leave, hand half-raised in goodbye as he makes for the exit without so much as a glance back at you.  
“Take my umbrella.  And don’t worry about returning it.”  
Those are his last words to you.  Not long after, you spy the handle of the black umbrella sitting in the stand near the front of the café (the only one there, since it had been bright and sunny out).  And suddenly, the clouds are rolling in to blanket Loveland City in grey, sheets of rain pouring from a sky cracked in half by a fearsome bolt of lightning
Shaw walks, letting cold rain soak him to the bones to take his mind off the ice that’s already started to freeze the blood in his heart
“Don’t cry…don’t let them f*cking see you cry…" he's saying to himself, over and over again like a mantra
Starts hanging out at the Live House more than ever, losing himself in the music and packed crowds there; he can’t stand to be alone right now.
When he’s not playing bass guitar as a last minute backup for the bands, he’s literally working on his thesis at the bar, sipping on his Coke and Pepsi blend (the staff know him so well that they’re pretty much cool with him doing anything at this point LOL)
STILL blows off every person who comes to proposition him for a good time
I’m sorry, but you know it’s pretty much gonna rain on your wedding day, right?  (The poor boy can’t help it, okay?  He is SAD, SAD, SAD!)
Much like his brother, Shaw will never really get over you.  You were, after all, the first person he ever truly loved
Would likely remain an eternal bachelor, only engaging in meaningless sex but never opening his heart to anyone ever again.  One lesson was enough for him. 😭😭😭
Thank you so much for reading!  Check out more of my work here! 📚
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acrispyapple · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
MLQC Mobile Wallpapers
mobile wallpapers made by the character designer (山口仁七) of the mlqc anime! it’s made to fit an iphone x, but i'm sure it'll work for other phones still~ ☆
she would appreciate it if people would show her a screenshot of the wallpapers being used. send it to the twitter thread i’ve linked on this post. just remove the space in between. ♡
source: bit. ly/2M8NSi0
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r3almellow · a year ago
MLQC Boys and Fights With Their S/o
Tumblr media
Let me tell y’all...I’ve been sitting on this request for like six months. I’ve been trying to figure out how I should go about this because I couldn’t see them having full on arguments which prompts you to leave for a while. Maybe Victor because that mouth can and will get him into hot water with you. Maaaaybe Lucien... But KIRO?! GAVIN?! It was so difficult! I apologize if they come across as OOC!  Please enjoy! 
Warning: Angst
You knew what dating a celebrity would entail. Keeping your relationship a secret, hiding from fans, and dodging questions from overly suspicious paparazzi.
Every now and then it did bother you whenever you saw him in an interview and the interviewer tried to pry into his love life. Kiro skillful dodged all questions which was good, but it also made your heart hurt.
You two loved each other and you shouldn’t have to hide that. It also didn’t help that so many people tried to throw themselves at Kiro thinking he was available. 
News outlets would report the potential connection between Kiro and other celebrities. Costars and musicians that were probably way more qualified to handle the lifestyle of the rich and famous. 
You did your best to grin and bear it...up until his latest interview. Paparazzi had caught the two of you as you were taking a few selfies while on a date and when he was questioned about it, he gave the impression that you were just a fan.
A fan? A FAN?! 
You were way more than a fan! 
When you finally brought your feelings to his attention, it was the day he was leaving for a weekend event.  
In typical Kiro fashion he tried to joke it off. You knew that was just his way to try and make you feel better, but all it did was piss you off. You didn’t need him to joke about this. You needed him to acknowledge how much of a problem this was.
You weren’t sure what you wanted him to say. It wasn’t like this was his fault, but you had reached your limit. You were tired. Tired of feeling like some shameful secret Kiro wanted to hide from the rest of the world. 
It was almost unheard of for you and Kiro to fight. Disagreements maybe, but a full on argument?
Kiro is extremely apologetic the moment it happens. He tries his best to calm you down, but with Savin blowing up his phone and the blaring car horn outside his studio apartment, he has to cut the conversation short.
He takes your hand in his and squeezes it tightly. 
“Miss Chips, I... We can talk about this when I get back, okay?”
You look at him with tears in your eyes, but your hard stare remains. Letting go of his hands, you take a step back.
“I don’t know who you’ll come back to, but it won’t be me. Maybe it’ll be one of your fans.”
You push passed him before he could say anything, heading for the door. Opening it, you were met with Savin who was on the verge of knocking. Not even giving him a proper greeting, you walked out of the apartment with Kiro racing behind you.
He firmly grasps your hand and looks at you with pleading eyes.
“Please... Just wait for me.” 
And you did. 
Kiro left with Savin leaving you still feeling unsatisfied with the turn of events and you’re not the only one...
Kiro is the type of person that will do whatever he can to make you smile. He never wants to see a frown ruin your beautiful face and it would destroy him if he’s the reason you’d make such a painful expression.
Kiro knows how hard its been for you having to deal with so much when it came to your relationship.
This whole situation was hard for him too. He wanted to be able to tell the world about you. He wanted to be able to love you openly and without fear of the media and his fans ripping you to shreds. 
That was it. His contract or the possibility of losing his popularity as an artist wasn’t what stopped him, it was what this could mean for you.
The entertainment world wasn’t as glamorous as many people made it out to be. Kiro has seen so many of his fellow entertainers go through so much and you not being accustomed to this life might lead your relationship to ruin. He wanted to protect you from the chaos and keep you selfishly to himself. 
Kiro is spamming you with text messages on his way to the airport and since you’re still swept up in your negative feelings you refuse to respond. 
Its like that for the rest of the weekend. Him calling and messaging you and you ignoring his attempts. Ignoring him was next to impossible, but you were stubborn and refused to let your resolve wither away.
Deep down you couldn’t help but feel bad. It really wasn’t Kiro’s fault that the circumstances made it hard for you to be together openly. You knew he’d shout out how much he loves you from the highest rooftop if it was possible. 
You loved Kiro more than anything and you didn’t want him to choose between you and his work, but at the same time....
When Kiro finally returns home he doesn’t hesitate to wrap his arms around you. Want to push him away? You can try, but Kiro will make it difficult. 
You won’t resist him. In fact, you just wanted Kiro to hold you just like this while you cried out all the frustration you had pent up. 
Being angry and not talking to your boyfriend for two days really took a lot out of you.
You let out a muffled “I’m sorry” and looked up at him with teary red eyes. 
He uses a thumb to wipe away the stray tear as he gives you a small halfhearted smile. 
“I should be the one apologizing! I made my beautiful Miss Chips cry! I just...” His pauses trying to find the words.
“I don’t want what I do to ruin what we have. The entertainment world is scary and can sometimes be ruthless. I don’t want to lose you because of it. If...If this is too much I’ll leave it all behind. We can move into the country if you want! I’ll dye my hair and change my name too!”
You were listening to the ramblings of a desperate man and you weren’t sure how to process his words. Did he realize what he was saying? 
“Kiro...”  You placed a hand on his chest to get his attention.
“I chose to be a part of your life and that means accepting all the parts that define you. That includes accepting Kiro the artist and Kiro my amazing boyfriend. I don’t want you to make a choice just because I got upset.” 
Kiro shakes his head. “If I have to choose between this life and the woman I plan on marrying someday, I’ll always choose you.”
Poor Kiro doesn’t know what to do at this point. Did he just make things worse?!
“Miss Chips, I’m sorry! Please don’t cry! I’ll shut up!” 
Kiro is panicking!! 
You sniffled a little but managed to give him a small smile. 
“It’s just that. I keep forgetting how good you are with making me feel like i’m the most important person in your life.”
“That’s because you are! I think I’d go insane if I didn’t have you in my life and I plan on making you happy for as long as you’ll have me!” 
You spend the rest of the night cuddling in your adorable animal onesies and enjoying each others company.
After a week, the two of you decide to make your relationship known to the public. It was surprisingly well received by many. Almost an hour into the announcement you have ship name and hundreds of positive messages from his fans.
Best believe Kiro is spamming his social media with pictures and videos of you that he has saved on his phone. 
Gavin’s job is dangerous. You knew that before getting into a relationship with him and you were fine with it.
Did it bother you to see him come home bruised and hurt? Of course. No person in their right mind would be okay with the love of their life going through near death experiences on a daily basis.
But you respected Gavin’s work and never wanted to make him feel like he had to choose between you and his job.
It wasn’t until he mentioned an upcoming mission that he refused to go into detail about. You were okay with it at first, but as the day of his departure grew closer you became apprehensive.
“I don’t think you should go.” You said as you watched Gavin pack his essentials to leave.
“Its out of my hands now. Don’t worry too much. I’ll be back before you know it.” He gave you a quick kiss before leaving.
Gavin was good at contacting you while he was away. Not a day went by where you didn’t get an “I love you.” “Make sure you eat.” and the occasional “Good morning” or “Goodnight” texts, which put your mind at ease.
The messages stopped on the fourth day of his absence, but you figured he must’ve been really busy. You sent him a few messages just to test the waters and would get a response or two a few hours later.
That didn’t stop the nagging feeling in the back of your mind.
His responses were extremely brief and while Gavin wasn’t the talkative type especially through text messages there was something off about his responses.
On the sixth day you got a call from Eli. He didn’t go into details but he told you Gavin was in the hospital because of a gunshot wound.
Of course, you were on full panic mode and when Eli gave the phone to Gavin, you were ready to have a full on heart attack.
“Gavin, are you okay?!”
“Don’t worry. I’m-” You didn’t let him get a chance to finish. He wasn’t about to give you that spiel again especially not when he’s laying in a hospital bed.
“You keep saying I shouldn’t worry like its that easy. You got shot, Gavin. You didn’t get a paper cut! You had a bullet go through your body! I knew I should’ve stopped you from going.” You were beginning to ramble, but could anyone blame you? You heard Gavin heavily sigh.
“This is exactly why I didn’t want to tell you.”
“So you were planning on keeping this a secret?” His silence gave you your answer. He had no intention of telling you and was probably going to do everything he could to hide his injury. You wanted to cry. You felt the burning sensation in your eyes as the tears began to form.
“Ba-” He began but you interrupted him. 
“I thought this would be a partnership and we’d support each other. But you take things on by yourself and you forget that I’m here. What’s the point of me even being with you if you can’t rely on me? If me wanting to be there for you is such an inconvenience in your life then I’ll stop.” Your voice shook slightly at that last part causing you to suck in a sharp breath.
“What are you saying?”
“Don’t worry about it.” Not wanting to take the conversation further you hung up on him. You tried to fight back the tears, but like a dam you broke and within seconds the tears stained your cheeks.
That was the first time you’ve ever hung up on him and you felt terrible. You knew Gavin would do anything to make you happy, but his reluctance to have you a part of his life fully hurt and you were honestly fed up with it.
Your phone vibrated and you glanced at the screen with Gavin’s picture and pet name illuminating from it.
You didn’t have the energy to talk to him. Your heart was too heavy and as much as you hated fighting with him, you were still upset.
Everyone knew that when it came to you, Gavin was your protector. Even if he wasn’t taking care of himself, Gavin always made sure you were okay. 
He hated seeing you upset and he hated it even more when you were upset with him. That was why he tried to shield you from anything remotely dangerous when it came to his job.
Most wouldn’t just sit back and let their loved one battle death practically every day. Gavin was grateful that you were so understanding and continued to be by his side.
When you hung up on him, it took Gavin a few seconds to realize what had just happened.
He called you a few times and when you refused to answer he decided to take matters into his own hands.
Checked himself out of the hospital despite the doctor and Eli trying to convince him otherwise. While his injury wasn’t serious they wanted to run a few more tests before letting him go, but your man is stubborn!
He makes it home within an hour!
When he sees you’re nowhere inside the home he won’t immediately freak out. There’s a reason he put a tracker in your brac- It says you’re here?!
Gavin finds the bracelet he made you on the kitchen counter and that’s when he starts panicking. You never take it of. NEVER. So why now? Were you THAT mad?  Were you finally at your limit? Did he push away the one person in his life that brought him happiness? He had to find you. 
The minute you walk through the door the suffocating feeling of despair that felt like a weight on Gavin’s chest washes away as he envelopes you in a hug. You’re almost caught off balance by the sudden gesture. The bags in your hand falling to the floor.
After your conversation with Gavin, you decided to pick up a few things to bring to the hospital. A few balloons, a get well soon card, and ingredients to make his favorite meal so you could sneak it in to give him. While you were upset with him you still wanted to make sure he was okay. 
In the process of getting ready, your bracelet got stuck in your hair and you forgot to put it back on after removing it. 
You don’t have time to question why Gavin is here or why he left the hospital so early because he’s already apologizing for everything. 
“I’m sorry. I should’ve told you, but I didn’t want... I never want you to worry about me. I want to be the person that makes you happy and feel safe. What good am I if all I ever do is make you feel the opposite? I know I screwed up, but I’m willing to do whatever it takes to make things right. Just don’t...don’t leave. Please.” You hear the shakiness in his voice. The sound of desperation evident in his words.... Your heart couldn’t take it.  
Never have you heard Gavin sound like this. So fearful. So....defeated. 
You cupped his grief stricken face in your hands as a few tears fall against your cheeks.
“I love you too much to ever consider leaving you. I know the things you do are for my protection and I appreciate it more than you know, but we are a team. My fights are yours and vice versa. You don’t have to handle these things alone. Even if the thought of you never coming home scares the hell out of me, I want to be a part of your life. That includes the ugly parts of it.”
These are one of the moments where Gavin believes luck was on his side when you chose to be with him. He loves you so damn much and will forever make sure you know it. 
You won’t have to worry to much about Gavin keeping secrets from you again. He will do better with communicating with you in the future. 
You’ve been working closely with Professor Lucien on an upcoming project much to Victor’s annoyance.You knew the two of them had some unspoken hatred for one another, but you never understood why.
You ignored it for the most part because you had no interest in getting into the middle of whatever they had going on.  
You went over to Lucien’s to work on some last minute notes.You honestly enjoyed Lucien’s company and saw him as a good friend so you didn’t find it weird when he offered to cook you dinner after you were at his place a lot longer than you intended. Who were you to say no to food?
Halfway through your meal and interesting conversations you get a text message from Victor asking about your whereabouts.
“At Lucien’s place be home in a bit.”
The minute you sent the message you realized your mistake. You knew how insufferable Victor got at the mention of Lucien’s name and you were currently at Lucien’s apartment having dinner.
When you got home Victor was giving you the silent treatment much to your annoyance. 
So you called him out on his bs. 
“Lucien and I work together, Victor. Aside from that he’s my friend. I shouldn’t have to justify that.”
“Friend? You sure that’s all it is?” 
And that’s when things took a turn...  
Victor wished he could take back the harsh words he said to you during the heated argument. 
He knew he was wrong the minute his venomous words left his lips, but he was too stubborn to let up and now you were gone. You had grabbed your purse without a single word and walked right out the door.
Victor figures you need space, so he graciously gives you 5 minutes before he calls you. You don’t answer and that only frustrated him more.
By his tenth attempt, your phone went straight to voicemail. Did you turn it off?! 
The two of you needed to handle this like adults! Even though...this whole thing was sparked by his childish jealousy. 
Victor hated to admit when he was wrong, but he would hate it even more if he did something that pushed you away. 
When three in the morning rolls around and he has yet to hear from you, Victor is riddled with worry. Spends most of the night looking for you. He checks your office, his office, the park, the hospitals...EVERYWHERE. 
What if something happened to you?! What if... What if....
The thought of you going back to Lucien’s place did cross his mind, but you wouldn’t do that, right? Victor didn’t push you into the arms of another, did he?! 
Victor honestly feels horrible for ever thinking like that of you, but with the way he acted earlier that night he wouldn’t have blamed you in the slightest. 
He had half a mind to go to the professor’s apartment to check when another option crossed his mind. 
Souvenir....  Victor recently gave you an extra set of keys leading into the establishment which you often visited in hopes of finding his secret stash of pudding. 
Lo and behold there you were practically passed out with a cup of coffee and half eaten pudding by your side.
When Victor saw you it was like a wave of relief washed over him. 
The sound of someone entering the restaurant is what stirs you awake. 
You tiredly rub the sleep out of your eyes, your vision finally focusing on the disheveled man in front of you. You must have passed out without realizing it.
 It wasn’t your intention to fall asleep at Souvenir. All that fighting made you hungry and you knew Victor always had an extra pudding or two hidden in his private fridge at Souvenir. 
You were only going to have quick snack and then return home, but it looks like your body had other plans. 
You half expected him to scold you for being out so late. Knowing him, he probably blew up your phone and was beyond upset with you for being out this late. 
There was a small part of you that liked the idea of making him worry. It serves him right for how he acted towards you. 
But you also weren’t ready for a round two with the man. 
Maybe if you softened him up before he got the chance open his mouth things would go smoothly. 
You’re caught off guard when Victor suddenly kneels before you and pulls you into the tightest hug he can muster. 
“Vic-” He cuts you off. 
“I’m sorry.” You hear him say in a hushed tone. 
It takes a lot for Victor to admit when he was wrong in anything that he said or did. So when you hear him utter those words ever so softly against your skin, you know he means it. 
Victor didn’t fear a lot of things, but the thought of not having you in his life terrified him and he finds it hard to express that. 
Victor was never the type to wear his heart on his sleeve. It was sometimes hard to tell what he was feeling which was always a drawback in your relationship, but you know he tries hard for you. 
You return his hug and sigh softly, gently stroking his back as if to sooth him. 
“All I want is for you to respect my friendship with Lucien. I know he’s not your favorite person, but he’s my friend. Promise me you’ll try?” 
Was that really so hard? Just putting in a little effort to get along with your friend? 
Surprisingly, Victor didn’t object to your pleas. 
“I will... For you.” 
You smile brightly and give him a quick kiss on the lips. “Good! I was afraid I was going to have to lock you two in a room together and hope for the best.”  
Victor wasn’t sure what you hoped to accomplish with such tactics. It was obvious they would try to kill each other. 
And then Victor would go to jail for murder....
Lucien was a man who kept a lot of things to himself, which you respected. 
You had no issues with Lucien keeping certain things private as long as it wasn’t something that would impact your relationship. 
It wasn’t like you had much to worry about anyway. Lucien treated you with the utmost respect and showered you with the kind of love that most could only dream of. 
Nothing made you question his love for you. 
It wasn’t until you just so happen to overhear a private conversation between him and who you assumed was a colleague, when you went to see surprise Lucien with lunch at work. 
“It would be a shame if your little girlfriend found out that you’ve been playing her from the very beginning. Two years really is a long time to be playing house, don’t you think?”
“Did you really come all this way to needle me? You being here will jeopardize everything I worked so hard to achieve. I suggest you leave before I escort you out myself.”
While the person was unknown to you, it was Lucien’s voice you could barely recognize. It was low, acidic, and brittle. A complete contrast to the voice filled with warmth and compassion that you came to know and love. 
You suddenly couldn’t breathe, the world around becoming a blur. You weren’t sure how long you had been standing there until the door to his office opens and the two find you standing there with tears welling up in your eyes.  
You looked from the person to Lucien who looked shocked to see you. Lucien motioned forward ready to say whatever he can to ease your mind, but you’re already gone before he can open his mouth. 
That was a week ago. Since then you’ve been staying with a friend; ignoring all of Lucien’s calls and messages. What was he going to say that could make this right? That you misunderstood the conversation? They weren’t talking about you?!
When Lucien saw you standing by the door leading into his office his heart sunk to the pit of his stomach. He knew you overheard his conversation with his associate it. He also knew that nothing he could say or do could rectify the situation, so there was no point in lying.
What you heard was indeed true. He was using you for plans he couldn’t even begin to explain. You were supposed to be someone he used and disposed of once he got what he needed. 
He knew how to play with people’s heads to get what he needed, but you put a wrench in his plans. What was supposed to be a year of lies and deceit turned into something unexpected. 
It turned into Lucien never wanting to never hurt you, wanting to love you the way you deserved, and wanting to spend the rest of his life being by your side. 
He got in too deep and didn’t know how to get out of this. Unfortunately, for his employers he didn’t want to.  
You don’t know what possessed you to meet with Lucien again. Maybe it was the pep talk you received from your friend or the fact that you missed him so much and hoped that maybe this was all some poorly executed joke. 
When you agreed to meet him at his apartment, he greets you with his usual calm demeanor, but you could tell he wasn’t sleeping well with the noticeable dark circles around his eyes. 
You weren’t going to let the sight of him prevent you from finding out the truth. So you got straight to the point. You didn’t want to beat around the bush or give him a chance to find a way out by lying to you. 
“When you said you loved me was that a lie?” 
All the dates, your plans for the future, nights filled with passion, and words of appreciate and love casually passed between the two of you while you did the most mundane of things had to have been real at some point. 
He looks at you for a moment. The silence and tension that filled the room, suffocating. 
“You have no reason to believe me, but I meant every word.” 
You wanted to believe him so badly. Why? Because you loved him. You didn’t want to believe that after two years of being with someone who claimed to love you was all lies. 
“If you walk out of here tonight, I won’t stop you. But if you stay, I’ll tell you everything.” 
When you don’t respond he takes a cautious step before you. You wanted to move. You wanted to let him know that this wasn’t something a few words could fix. He needed to be upfront with you about everything. 
Between trying not to cry, keeping a steady breath and keeping your focus on Lucien, it was becoming hard to multitask. 
You let Lucien snake his arms around your waist, pulling you against his chest.
You can feel him trembling slightly into the hug and a pang of pain strikes at your heart. The tears you’ve been pushing back for so long staining your cheeks and his shirt as you sobbed into his chest. 
"I’ve done a lot of things in my life that I deemed necessary whether it was good or bad. It didn’t matter who it hurt as long as the plans I put in motion were carried out without fail. Falling in love with you wasn’t a part of the plan and yet here I am; a love sick fool...” 
This HC was long overdo and I’m so sorry to the anon that asked for it! I wanted it to be good enough for you! I really hope you liked it! 
If you want to read more of my writing for MLQC please check out my masterpost here!
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vexillumalbum · a year ago
Just saw this for mysme, but could I possibly indulge myself and ask for a MLQC headcannon or fic of the boys having a wet dream about MC? Whatever you’re feeling my love ♥️ Thank you for your beautiful work 💕💕
Thank you for your request! I hope this satisfy you haha 
NSFW below
„Victor~” your voice filled with need was one of the giveaways of how much you wanted him. And when you spread your legs, sitting in front of him on the desk in his office to show him that in the morning you had totally on purpose forgotten to put on your underwear, something inside him cracked and within seconds your skirt was on the floor.
Blood boiled in his veins and was reaching his cock, causing him to lose his temper. You were so beautiful with cheeks tinted a light shade of pink and eyes begging him to fuck you, he was unable to resist you.
A whimper left your plumped lips when cool fingers of one of his hands marveled upon your slick folds while the other hand made a quick work of his belt and zipper. You kissed him, or maybe he kissed you. It didn’t really matter. You were both too lost in a moment to care.
„So good—” Your moan reached his ears drowning his own groan as his hard length disappeared in you. A feeling so heavenly familiar yet excitingly new every single time his cock was enveloped by your heat.
The scent of your arousal - sweat mixed with floral perfumes, your sweet cries of pleasure as he was senselessly pounding into you, your warmth that was so inviting he—
Bzzzt bzzzt bzzzt
Startled, he woke up in his bed, his pajamas disheveled and sheets creased. He turned off the alarm clock, then ran a hand over his face to discover that his forehead was covered with sweat.
A low grumble got out of his chest. He instinctively glanced over to the other side of the bed, where he would normally find your figure sleeping under the covers, but now it wasn't there due to the business trip you were taking. 
Usually he could control himself and his lust, but your absence was taking its toll on him, and he'd had dreams like that for several nights now. 
Ignoring the aching hardness in his pants, he grabbed the phone to see if he had received any messages from you. And when he saw you assured him in one of your text messages that you would be home tonight that day, his member throbbed a bit.
He replied with a simple „I’ll be waiting” but in his head he already saw all the places and positions he would take you in. He had to make you regret leaving him for so long.
But for now his hand had to be enough
Too much. 
The sight of your breasts bouncing with every swift move you made, the heavenly sounds escaping your plump lips and the way your warmth welcomed him back with your every move accompanied by his feverish thrusts.
It was all just too much for Gavin.
His large hands caught your hips to encourage you to move more and as his calloused fingers dug harder into your flesh, his name left your mouth making him unable to think properly.
Your hands mindlessly wandered along the edges of his muscles and with every second your nails were digging more and more into officer’s skin leaving moon-shaped marks. He was barely controlling himself, every time you rode him, he would had to hold himself back in order not to finish too early. 
He recognized all the signs that you were close. Your hands clenched into fists on his chest as your eyes rolled back, and your pussy squeezed his cock tighter and tighter with every move. 
He had always thought you were beautiful, but it was in those moments when you were on verge, ready to plunge into the abyss of pleasure, that he considered you the most alluring.
Gavin let himself get lost in pleasure knowing yours would come soon enough and when one of your hands went to grab his hair and tugged lightly he—
Ring ring ring
He sit up frantically trying to stop the noise that caused him to wake up. Because of his actions his phone, still ringing, dropped to the floor making Gavin frown. 
Who was calling him on the early Saturday morning?!
Picking up his phone, and seeing your smiley face along with your name on it, he started panicking a bit vividly remembering his dream. Dude, relax, she doesn’t know
„Gavin? Where are you?” 
„What do you mean?” He asked shifting uncomfortably on the bed. There was a big contrast between your voice in his dream and your voice now but hearing it still made him blush.
„You were supposed to help me with rearranging the living room today! Did you forget?”
Shit, he forgot
„Ugh, no. Of course not. I’m on my way.” He mumbled. „See you soon.” He hung up before you could say anything more as he collapsed on the pillow. Painfully aware of his erection he tried not to think about you but it was too hard. He could make love to you a thousand times before but still be turned on even by smallest things so a dream like that was a lot to handle for him.
He groaned, got up and made himself presentable enough to go to your apartment. On the way out he grabbed a few packs of condoms, you know, just to be prepared in case of… ekhem
„Professor, please.” Was the only thing able to be heard in one of the lecture halls one day in the early evening. 
Your body devoid of any clothes was leaning over a large mahogany desk with your ass sticking out in the direction of Lucien, who was sitting in an office chair with a smug grin plastered to his face. His hands folded over his chest as he was watching your curves swaying slightly in anticipation of what’s to come. 
„Naughty girls do not get their treats.” He mused.
„Please! I know I was a bad student falling asleep on your lecture! I’m sorry, now please, please~”
Tired after a long period of teasing from the professor, all you wanted to do was to release the tension he'd been building inside you. But you knew you weren't gonna get what you wanted if you weren't cooperating so you patiently waited for Lucien's next move with your hands clutching the edge of a desk. 
Okay, maybe not so patiently.
You wiggled your ass and arched your back moaning his name. Your juices freely ran down your thighs glistering in the evening light of the setting sun pouring through large windows. A heavenly sight, he would think.
After a moment of silence you heard quiet metal sounds as he was unbuckling his belt and in an instant Lucien’s hands were on your hips. With a delicate kiss between your shoulder blades and a squeeze to your rear, his whole length disappeared inside you. 
The warmth that enveloped his member was addicting and he would never get tired of it. Plunging in and out of you at an insane speed all he wanted to was bring you to your release, that would trigger his and he would spill inside of you or on your ass, he hasn’t decided yet. 
You were close, and he was close and—
Beep beep beep
The sound of his alarm clock has never startled him until now. Usually he would be waking before it even had the chance to start ringing. 
His eyes shot open and for a second he didn’t know if he was still dreaming or not. But the grayish reality brought him back to earth. 
He wasn’t one to like his own dreams, usually they were nightmares, although today he wanted to go back to sleep and finish what he started. Yet, he knew he wouldn’t be able to fall asleep again. 
He reached over to the other side of the bed to hug your body to his chest and leave some butterfly kisses along the back of your neck.
After all, if he couldn't go back to sleep, he’d make his dream come true.
You moaned causing more hot blood run downwards to his member. In that moment he knew he would not let you go until he had you ravished.
„Wake up, butterfly. I think you owe me some apology for falling asleep on my lecture.” He whispered into your ear before grinding into your rear, making you very much awake.
The couch in the music studio wasn’t the most comfortable piece of furniture you’ve ever sit on, let alone have been fucked on, but with Kiro every place was good enough to make passionate love. So when Savin left the room with the producer to discuss more details of Kiro’s next album and the blonde send you one of his trademark smiles promising mischief, you knew what you were up to.
Moments later you were pinned to the cushions with your blouse unbuttoned and Kiro’s lips attached to one of your nipples kissing, biting and licking. 
You tried to keep quiet but there was nothing more that your boyfriend loved than your sweet moans so he made everything to make sure you would whimper and whine with his every move. All the people outside the room be damned.
His painfully hard length brushed against your bare thigh and when you buckled your hips to have some sort of friction one of his hands held you in place. He found your pout adorable and sexy at the same time.
„Someone’s impatient.” He sang as he positioned himself in front of your drenched pussy.
His thrusts were deep and hard and so so good your eyes were rolling back with each and every one of them. The way you clenched around him caused shivers to his spine.
„I’m close~” you sang, and when you finally reached your peak he found himself unable to control his release further. A few more snaps of his hips and—
Bang bang bang
„Kiro, wake up! You’re gonna be late for your rehearsal!” A voice, one that definitely did not belong to you, was yelling outside his hotel room door. „I’m gonna cut out all of your sweets if you won’t wake up!” Ugh, Savin
„I’m comin’. Give me a few minutes.” His reply was muffled by a pillow he put on his head but somehow his manager still heard him and left him alone. 
Palming himself through his pajama shorts he grabbed his phone and quickly dialed your number hoping you would pick up. And you did after a few signals.
„Kiro? Hello! Are you up?” Your melodious voice was a pleasant sound to his ears. 
„Good morning, Miss Chips.” His usual high voice was lower by a few octaves making you shiver at the other side of the call. „Was I in your dreams last night just as you were in mine? Because I think you should make it up to me for not being able to finish.”
You knew exactly what he meant. It wasn’t the first time you and Kiro would have phone sex due to his constant travelling and to be honest every time he called you would wish it was this time of a phone call. 
You rapidly sucked in a breath which made his cock twitched in his pants.
„Oh, Kiro~” Luckily you were still at home, so you had some time for him. 
„I hope you know that when I come back, I won’t let you leave the bed.” He purred into the phone making you wet already. „But for now this has to be enough.”
Your mouth around his cock had been his dream ever since the first time he’d seen you. 
Those pink lips stretched out to fit his girth and gentle hands pumping what you couldn't fit - he thought about it at least once a day.
So when one evening you stepped in the shower with him and dropped to your knees, Shaw thought the heavens finally listened to his pleas. 
You started slow, hungrily staring at his member, which gave him a big boost to his ego. You wanted him as much as he wanted you and hell, was he proud of that.
He slipped his hand through your hair and rested his back against the wall, letting the warm water run down his muscles freely.
„C’mon, baby.” With a little encouragement you started licking and sucking at the head. Shaw’s grip in your hair tightened causing you to moan and finally take him all into your mouth. What you couldn’t reach was enveloped in your hand.
Everything about it was perfect. How you were bobbing your head, how you were gagging with his every thrust making your throat squeeze slightly around his cock, how you would hum feeling him getting close. He had no idea where you had learned giving a blowjob so well but he wasn’t the one to complain.
A few more second and he could reach heaven with your lips around him. A few more—
Ding dong ding dong
Oh fuck
So it was a dream after all
He groaned, tossed around the mattress and stretched out before standing up to see who was knocking on his door so early in the morning interrupting his good time. Sharky lying in the corner of the room gave him a look that Shaw could only describe as disgusted, at what the man muttered "What are you staring at?”. 
Ding dong ding dong
He opened the door to reveal your annoyed, a little red face with wide eyes staring at him angrily. 
„Shaw! I’ve been standing here for— Hmph!” He interrupted you with his lips on yours and his hand around your waist pulling your figure into his chest. He didn’t even let you take a breath kissing you hungrily.
He didn’t know why you came to see him probably because you two had agreed to meet on that day and he overslept but he didn’t give a damn. He had a big problem in his pants caused by you and you were the one who was gonna solve it.
He slammed the door, slung you over his shoulder and carried you into the bathroom ignoring your confused screams.”I have to take a shower, right? I just woke up.” He told you with a hint of mischief in his tone and you knew what was going to happen.
Maybe gods did listened to his pleas after all
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