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awesomebutunpractical · 7 hours ago
The Black Ops of Time Travel HQ has this central room with a big clock face in the floor. This is so that Dakota can make a “we’re on the clock” joke.
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chimeracreations · 11 hours ago
Tumblr media
realistically theyd spend the summer together but this is funnier
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Melissa and Zack- would you consider them to be a slow burn couple or not? I'm asking this to all the pro-Zalissa tumblrs I know.
They’re DEFINITELY a slow burn 😂👌
The creators and writers love toying with us, so they kept putting in many *microscopic* Zalissa moments, rather than Milanda style- occasional, semi-big, IM TRYING TO MAKE IT OBVIOUS THAT I LIKE YOU moments. Heck if MML was renewed for a season 3 (Disney I’m looking at you. I’m giving you the laser eyes stare.) they would probably just make the Octalia kiss into something small and minuscule even though it was clearly a big step for Zack and Melissa themselves- especially Zack, who’s not the best at expressing his feelings casually and verbally to people he cares about (👀) and he now has the ‘no fear’ development to work on.
Basically, I don’t think they’re getting together anytime soon. I have my money on the end of freshman year in high school, but for all we know it’s gonna happen Phinabella AYA style- literally two weeks before college. I wouldn’t be surprised, though :P
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friesforfreedom · 17 hours ago
A Prototype and A Pain
Finally, Chapter 15, we’re finally done with this long story. All problems are resolved here, and it’s a pretty sweet chapter all together. Plus, this will be the only chapter I’m willing to give Mr. Block credit, so enjoy!
Chapter 15: A Good Chuckle For Reuniting
      It’d been about five hours, and Cavendish was on edge. He thought it would be a piece of cake waiting for the time being. But it was already starting to feel like he was there for an eternity.
      Cavendish almost wished he could just shake Dakota awake, so he wouldn’t have to be stuck with his thoughts. Even if it would get him a nice talking to about following rules from his boss.
      They went and moved Dakota into the infirmary since other agents needed the room they were originally in. Luckily, they put Dakota in the same room as Brick had been put in. In which, he was still in there recovering. Though he was awake by now at least.
      Savannah was sitting in the room against the wall. She was right next to Cavendish. “Little antsy, ehh?” She asked, “What?! Oh…” Cavendish stubbled from being caught off guard. “Of course not. That is a wild accusation to just throw out of nowhere!”. Savannah just stared at him for a minute, very displeased in him overreacting.
      “Alright...maybe I’m a little more worried than I should be.” He confessed. “A little, really?” She gave him a weird mocking face. Cavendish could feel his embarrassment kick in, and he looked away in defeat.
      Cavendish felt like he was nearly drowning in issues and feelings he’d rather tuck away than accept. But he immediately stiffened up when hearing a shift in the bed. He looked over to see his partner's eyes open, in which his immediate reaction was to run over there.
      “Oww, w-what happened?” Dakota mumbled to himself. Though he quickly turned his head to see his partner hovering over his current position. “Oh...hey Cav” He sheepishly spoke, he was most likely thinking of all the harm he had caused to everyone.
      “It’s good to see you again, how are you feeling?” Cavendish asked, sitting on the side of the bed, “Honestly, my body aches. But my mind isn’t tellin’ me anythin’ it was before.”. “Well that’s good to know.” He replied, going in for a hug.
      Dakota hugged him back right away, which assured Cavendish that he wasn’t the only one doing it. Soon after they parted, mainly since they heard someone march in the room.
      Mr. Block. “Good to see you awake and better. Now I can discuss the consequences of this event that took place the last few days.”. Cavendish and Dakota both sighed, they were assuming they’d be downgraded, or just fired again, since...yeah.
      “I’m allowing you two to keep your current position, since these events were not technically your fault. And in the end, you saved the rest of the population from suffering at the wrath of this parasite.”.
      “Wait, really? Sweet!” Dakota cheered. Then Block left. So Cavendish decided to join the cheering. “Would you two idiots keep it down?” Brick said from across the room.
      “Hold up, Brick? How did you get in here?” Dakota questioned. “Um bozzo, did ya forget? You smacked his head against a tile floor, more than once! Where do you think he’d be?” Savannah told him.
      “Whoops, sorry ‘bout that. I guess I forgot.”. Brick just stared intently at him. Which caused Savannah and Cav to chuckle. “My word Dakota, I don’t think that’s an accident situation.” Cavendish smiled. “Your right, Brick I am really sorry I smacked your head against the floor-” He stopped himself, then started to chuckle as well.
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missmoodylilac · 18 hours ago
Wildflowers saps :)
My wildflowers and blue morning glories are coming in sooo nicely. I was scared the weather wouldn’t agree with me this season because it was 60 degrees and stormy the first two days after I planted these buggers. The wildflower mix has some more blue morning glories, too. It’s adorable that you can pick out which ones are going to be more morning glories. The rest are going to be a surprise…
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chimeracreations · a day ago
Tumblr media
lil animation of @lionsnoticeart and  @Verdrehte_katze’s mml au !! i had a lot of fun with this jnedfklsdjn
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chimeracreations · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
couple doodles
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mrsgoodspeed · a day ago
Tumblr media
today on benny should be banned from drawing
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spitjunki · a day ago
How about Dakota wearing a suit? By the way, I absolutely love your art style! I probably said that a dozen times already, but I just love it so much! Sometimes your art has an unsettling/creepy vibe to it and I want to draw like that but my art style is a bit too cute. I need to spice up my work. AHHHHHHH!
Tumblr media
(sorry about how long this took!)
yes of course!
and thank you so so much! i've been worried that art has lost its touch of creepy, but i'm glad you still see it! unfortunately i don't think i have any tips for "spicing up" yer art, all i could say is experiment! n over exaggerate!
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missmoodylilac · a day ago
Not feeling it today!
Not feeling it today!
I am attempting to wake up even earlier than I have been these last few weeks to train my body to fall asleep earlier, wake up earlier. I think part of my fears about going out to parties or literally doing anything fun at all are now related to my sleep schedule. This is the first time in my life when I’ve really had some sort of “normal” sleep schedule. I get tired around the same time and I…
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Don’t Ever Mess With Her Chinchillas
Zack: Violence isn’t the answer.
Melissa: You’re right.
Zack: *sighs in relief*
Melissa: Violence is the QUESTION.
Zack: What?
Melissa, running away: And the answer is YES.
Zack, running after her: NO-
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friesforfreedom · a day ago
A Prototype and A Pain
Chapter 14, and I must say. If you haven’t read the chapter before, this one will make way less sense than most of them out of context.
Chapter 14: Success is Far More Important When It’s Connected to Someone You Love
      Ding? Did Cavendish just hear what he thought he did? He lifted his head off the table to see he was right, he saved Dakota. “How? I didn’t even see what I typed last.” Cavendish wondered. He looked at the screen to see what the wondrous word was.
      Cavendish. But why would he put Cavendish as his last guess? Then it hit him, if he didn’t have any more ideas, he might as well choose his name and be done with it. And it was right. For once this poorly done method was right.
      He jumped in glee for what he just accomplished. Until he remembered there were other people still in the room. And sadly it had to be his boss and a first class agent with plenty of skills in judging.
      The tall man quickly straightened his shirt to act as if that hadn’t happened. “Well, it seems I have succeeded in this labyrinth of a game.” Cavendish appointed. “Indeed you did...and I’m proud of you for it.” Savannah got slightly less professional for the second, placing a hand on his shoulder.
      “Okay, would you two cut it out. We aren’t positive if that did the trick on getting this loser back to normal.” Mr. Block knocked them back into reality. “Sorry sir.” Cavendish apologized, “So when might he wake up?”.
      “There’s no real way of knowing exactly. It could be minutes, to hours, to even days. We’ll just have to wait. Though I doubt that’ll be a problem anymore.” Savannah informed him.
      Cavendish knew he would be able to handle the wait, but he still sighed at the thought of getting Dakota back days from now. But, whatever happened, he’d make sure he’d be the first face Dakota sees when he wakes back up.
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chimeracreations · a day ago
Tumblr media
ended up coloring that hug from the telepathy sketches cuz i rly liked it
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lovelywayniac · a day ago
Tumblr media
Candy on Feebla-Oot was training to be a Chorus singer. 
Though that’s not what she wanted, their mother put them in it saying she, “had the form for it”. 
But she moves on with their day.
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thatonearsonist · 2 days ago
All I ask for is a fanfic where Milo invites Bradley to Ice skate with him and his friends, but Bradley doesn't know how to ice skate so Milo offers to teach him.
But plot twist: they are in love with each other but are too awkward to confess (or, Murphy's Law shenanigans prevent it)
Melissa and Zack see this as a perfect opportunity to "be held back by traffic, and other things" so that Bradley and Milo can have some form of a date
It ends with the two getting together (and perhaps a kiss)
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askanl · 2 days ago
Original Cavendish, do you think... that the reason why your missions have always failed, not just because of Murphy's Law, but because Dakota had to go back to save you which resulted in the mission's failure? because if that was the case, Dakota valued you more then the mission.
Tumblr media
Cavendish: Well, that certainly could be an explanation for our repeated failure. Perhaps Dakota was too focused on my well-being which, of course, is not something I can hold against him.
After all, your partner's safety is much more important than any mission. He surely knew that.
Tumblr media
Cavendish: ...
Tumblr media
Cavendish: I suppose I haven't done a great job letting him know his safety was much more important to me than any mission, have I?
I didn't realize how... dreadful the situation was, if I did I would never have let Dakota end up in such predicament.
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pamesjatterson · 2 days ago
Time travel is inherently a fruity trope. Won't elaborate
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Age Is Just a Number
Melissa: Zack, you realize this Lego set is for ages 3 and up?
Zack: Yeah, well I’m part of the ”up”.
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