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caemidraws · 9 days ago
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[studies 59/--]
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appaeve · 9 months ago
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big fan of whatever they have going on
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cowsaresushi-coral · 2 months ago
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Do. Not. Separate. Them.
WIP of the boys. I was doing lineart, but I just...really wanted to paint. Also, them. The twins.
(Not fun fact, but I drew Ingo first and then Emmet, and Ingo looks way better. Just lost my steam with Emmet even though I spent more time on him. Oh well, art be like that sometimes. Maybe I’ll give him another go a different day. Both still looked better than anticipated regardless!)
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woahajimes · 6 months ago
do you ever see a fic with all your favourite tropes in it??? like YES slight angst childhood friends to lovers fake dating getting together sharing a bed mutual pining UH OH ITS MORE THAN SLIGHT ANGST happy ending
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sastheforestspirit · 3 months ago
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this guy is going to die isnt he
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archangelgabriel · a year ago
society if supernatural didn’t forget asian people exist
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(yes this is technically racebending, but like, in a cute way)
assorted (azn-chesters?) (winch-inese-americans?) half-chinese sam and dean headcanons below:
they’re wasian just because 1. john deserves to be white 2. i’m projecting. go away
since mary died when they were young, only dean can speak chinese, and even then only the kind of fluency you get when it’s your first language and you haven’t spoken it often since you were young
sam grows up speaking very little chinese, the kind you get from only speaking to family and the kind only family can understand because it’s basically incorrect (he is most familiar with the names of food)
SPEAKING of sam he has issues w his identity !! he does not havw those chinese influences in his life other than diluted through dean and yet he feels distinctly un-white. it isolates him :(
sam also has internalized colorism issues because FUCK YOU i do what i want
growing up dean gives sam hongbao on new years even though it’s not proper just because john never does. it always contains like two bucks. sam is happy anyway
omg... when they are older they can both give it to jack... order restored...
you know how spn takes random cultural/spiritual divination stuff and grossly misrepresents it but makes it more cool and magical? there is heavy use of the trigrams/hexagrams of the yijing (i think it’s called the book of changes in english? i ching?) for divination in wasian supernatural . like they use it like spooky tarot cards. i jsut think it would be funny,,,
correction: sam uses it. it’s too complicated for dean
sam, fucking about with a book and a handful of coins: “UH OH. HEAVEN OVER WATER” dean: “what the fuck are you even saying to me”
(his predictions are always right and mysteriously specific)
wait going back to the language thing — yes dean only speaks chinese at like a child level but also he knows all the swear words and DOES teach them all to sam when sam is like 10
HJHHDJ sam smacks dean upside the head occasionally and calls him a 笨蛋 (dumbass/fool/ “stupid egg”) and dean is just like i brought this upon myself
this feels SOO stereotypical but it is fucking accurate so i’m gonna say it: during pilot dean finds out that living in stanford sam doesn’t own a rice cooker and disowns him
sam also doesn’t wash his rice before he cooks it. i’m sorry i’m sorry i promise i’m a sam stan i swear
actually dean probably doesn’t either they’re both hopeless
speaking of food dean makes hong shao rou like it was forged by Gods Hands Himself. this is canon
jack is like my 3 year old cousin and subsides off of a diet of xiaolongbao and hello panda after the winchesters accidentally fed it to him Once (“kids like this stuff, right?”), cas probably enables him
when he was little, instead of being obsessed with batman, dean wanted to be happy monkey king. he had a staff and everything
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pynkhues · 4 months ago
Kenstewy for the headcanon meme: nsfw no.6 👀
6. Dom/top? Sub/bottom? Any switches?
The idea of Kendall being a Dom absolutely kills me, anon, so I think we can strike that one, hahaha.
I think it's probably kind of complicated for both of them when it comes to Kendall, as I think what Kendall actually wants and what he thinks he should want are frequently at odds with each other. The internalised homophobia and ideas of masculinity his dad's instilled in him I think collides with Kendall's desire to be taken care of and give up / lose control, and when that contradiction alone is then compounded by his selfishness and his neediness and his absolute eagerness to please - - just !! Yes, haha. I think the sex is great but generally messy and confusing and full of feelings neither of them know what to do with.
Stewy on the other hand I feel is pretty relaxed and confident sexually, and can go with the flow, but I think he's naturally more of a top and that he likes being in control in a way Kendall, despite himself, responds to. It creates this push-pull though, because Stewy knows what Kendall wants, what he needs, but Kendall's often resistant to admitting it and so they end up switching more when Kendall's trying to prove himself to people who aren't in the room (and maybe himself too), and Stewy knows there isn't much he can do to make Kendall know that it's okay, that he doesn't have to, that when it's just them, it's just them, but that's the thing with Kendall, isn't it?
He never feels like it's just him in a room, the shadow of his dad's expectations weigh in every facet of his life, so the nights he needs it, Stewy lets him pretend he's in control, that he wants to be the one on top, before Kendall lets him take it back. Lets Stewy take charge and take care of him in the way Stewy's wanted to since they were teenagers and fucks him so good neither of them can think about anything but each other.
Ask me for my shipping headcanons!
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lovelylogans · 2 days ago
as a fanfic writer do you ever have a moment where you write an interaction between two characters, lean back, and go “oh so THIS is why people ship this couple???”
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ghostat7am · 7 months ago
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The sibs getting ready for their dad's birthday party
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natjennie · a year ago
the ancient greeks in the various layers of the afterlife, watching us all being gay and going absolutely buckwild horny for legendary figures from their mythos that they also went buckwild horny for thousands of years ago:
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clarisse-doodles · a year ago
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amidst all these ships I forgot how cute they are together
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that-one-bi-wizard · 10 months ago
Newbians, Lumity, and Mabcifica all have the same vibes
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vampireyongsun · 3 months ago
The moonsun tag is now full of people shipping Sun and Moon from FNAF and I’m screaming
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purgetrooperfox · 3 months ago
Hi! It's been a while since we've interacted, but I have a question and you've always been kind to me so I thought I'd come to you. I remember you saying that you didn't like Fox/Riyo and I'm curious as to why. I have never liked the two as a couple, but for the life of me, I've never been able to figure out what turns me off it. I also haven't seen a lot of posts on why people don't ship them, so I thought I'd ask you. Sorry if this isn't something you do; feel free to delete if you want. xD
hey Grace! I'm just gonna put this under a cut 😊
I guess there are a few things that turn me off of the ship, the main one is that Riyo's so young. I don't think they ever specify her age and I know this is just how I perceive the character but she comes across like a kid, especially in her earlier appearances in tcw. like. Ahsoka's age, give or take a bit. that's not canon but I can't unsee it so
then the concept of Fox getting romantically involved with a Senator refuses to process in my brain,,, it contradicts all of my hcs about his core beliefs, and there are definitely some sticky issues with the Senate upholding the clones' enslavement. idk what the exact terms of Republic ownership are but. I wouldn't personally pair any of the clones with any of the Senators for power imbalance/ownership reasons, unless I really wanted to explore how fucked up it would be. especially for Fox (or any of the corries), since he works around them and presumably gets more exposure to Senators treating his troops like property
I've seen others write him in a more "this is a child even if she's an adult and must be protected" role, and I can get behind that if it's written well
I also just. think Fox is gay wldkdkfj
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genshins1mpact · 10 months ago
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ah yes, however could i forget kazuha's beatbox giggles.. he must clearly be the rapper in 4nemo then.. right?
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nullians · 16 days ago
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Compilation of sketches driven by me losing my mind over Midnight & Scarlet throughout the last half of the year ✌️
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whoreiaki-kakyoin · 4 months ago
I wanna cuddle into Abbacchio’s chest rn 🥺 I’m worn out after tonight and I know he’d be so warm… I’d probably fall asleep cuddled into him. 💕💖❤️💕💖❤️💕💖💕
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halflifeanalysis · 5 months ago
Reading through your Valhoun analyses and tbh?? I’m getting into it! Everything is well thought out and makes sense. Oh no! Guess I’ll have to make content now..
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>>on the outside: haha cool, I'm so glad! ^^
>>on the inside: tries not to go "Content? ...Did you say 'content'? COOOOONTEEEEENT" like the chocolate guy from Spongebob and vibrate every molecule of my being into the fifth dimension
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cindyburman · 9 months ago
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SOOO what i’m hearing is startemis enemies to lovers era??? 😈
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vanityloves · a year ago
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bedhead :]
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i liked these judes too so you may see them
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