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#mo dao su zhi

Me *zealously expressing my feelings about Modao zu shi and Tian Guan ci fu the whole evening long*

My friend: oh great, so what is it about?

Me: so…it’s mystics, adventure, a bit of detective and… And no no no! it’s all about staying human when the whole world is against you and about how your dark past is not the reason and an excuse for being a scumbag and about how only one person’s faith can be enough not to break and not to give up and about the ability to forgive mistakes and about love, love, god damn love breaking all the walls, love that time can never stop

My friend: oh. wow.

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La spada non è che un'arma.

Può salvare e uccidere secondo la volontà di chi la usa.

La scelta tra il bene e il male spesso si basa su un solo pensiero.

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A chi importa dell'ampia strada affollata?

Io proseguirò lungo lo stretto sentiero solitario fino alla sua oscura fine.

Wei Wuxian

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La montagna verde non cambierà, l'acqua che scorre non ha mai fine.

Sono sicuro che ci incontreremo di nuovo un giorno.

Wei Wuxian

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to my anonymous friend who requested this 5+1 xicheng fic,
this one’s for you!

ˑ༄ؘ ۪۪۫۫ ▹◃ ۪۪۫۫ ༄ؘ ˑ

Jiu-Jiu” Jin Ling not so discreetly whispers when they’re all sitting around the dinner table. Jiang Cheng has half the mind to hush his nephew, but then decides not to. They’re eating at a busy restaurant by Caiyi Town, not in Cloud Recess. Though, even if they weren’t physically there the two Twin Jades of Gusu bring enough of the cold mountains to their table as if they were. 

Jiang Cheng eats his meal quietly, letting the ambiance of the restaurant and Wei Wuxian’s endless blabber fill up the spaces of his thoughts. It was weird to be sitting in the presence of his brother (and in extension, his in-laws?) without the undertones of business and political discussion. Their relationship and misunderstands had more than enough time to simmer in the past decade of avoidance and misery. 

Family dinners are weird, Jiang Cheng notes to himself as he eats another bit of rice. It still takes time for him to get used to. Jiang Cheng is used to solitude, whether that be out of situation or not. He’s still taking his time learning how to integrate himself into conversation and such, despite not being very good at it. 

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lwj and wwx about each other : i don’t want to be his “husband”

lxc and jc after months of hearing wangxian’s oblivious pining : well, what do you want then?

lwj and wwx : i don’t know. i just want to be with him, all the time. i want to hear about his day and tell him about mine. i want to hold his hand and smell his hair… but i don’t want to be his stupid husband!

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In passato, quando tutti mi temevano e adulavano, tu eri l'unico che mi rimproverava.

Ma ora tutti desiderano che io sia morto.

Tutti mi odiano e mi abbandonano ma tu sei l'unico che rimane al mio fianco.

Wei Wuxian

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