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wei wuxian: *walks in*

jiang cheng, internally: there he is. my favorite person has arrived. he is so precious and i’d pick all the stars out of the sky for him. i must greet him in a manner that shows him how much i appreciate him.

jiang cheng, aloud: the fuck you want??

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Okay. Denial is futile. I fell. I fell like Lucifer from the skies straight into this hell. I fell like the Yiling Patriarch off the cliffs of Nevernight. My soul is lost forever. But before I shatter into a thousand pieces I absolutely need to know one thing: Please tell me there is a modern AU where these two noted gay disasters play in the same orchestra. Why? Because I need it! Only then I will resurrect and every wrong will be righted.

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Soulbound Modern MDZS AU — Jin Sibs Edition

  • Jin Zixuan is exactly one year older than Meng Yao, as they share the same birthday. Meng Yao, meanwhile, is about two years older than Qin Su, who in turn is about three years older than Mo Xuanyu.
  • They don’t fully meet one another until Mo Xuanyu is around three years old, when their moms figure out that they all share the same father.
  • Madam Jin definitely divorces Jin Guangshan because she can’t stand being married to a man who would force himself on both his best friend’s wife (Qin Su’s mom) and a 16 year old girl (Mo Xuanyu’s mom).
  • The four mothers ensure that their kids get a lot of quality time together. As a means of apology, Jin Guangshan allows all four of his kids to become disciples in the Jin sect.
  • After getting over the initial betrayal of finding out his father is garbage, Jin Zixuan makes it his life mission to get his brothers and sister caught up on everything they need to know to become strong cultivators. This includes Mo Xuanyu, which again, is only like three years old. Former Madam Jin has to be like “honey that’s sweet but Mo Xuanyu is not old enough to learn how to hold a sword.”
  • Meanwhile, Qin Su doesn’t enjoy fighting; she’d rather learn how to help breed and train spiritual animals.
  • Meng Yao is very grateful for the help, though, because he dreams of being a strong cultivator someday. Instead of growing up jealous of Jin Zixuan, Meng Yao develops a healthy and respectful competitive relationship with Jin Zixuan, where they both challenge each other to get stronger.
  • Jin Zixuan is still a tsundere, but Meng Yao, Qin Su, and Mo Xuanyu all become experts at understanding the true meaning behind his words.
  • Qin Su is still naive and a little bit dense, but she has a great affinity for animals which allows her to amass a whole pack of spiritual dogs and cats to watch over and protect her and her siblings.
  • Mo Xuanyu is still a timid coward, but he has to ability to speak his mind without fear of being abused. This is largely because, though his mother’s side of the family is still a nightmare, he has three older siblings that are always there to protect him.
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by Anonymous

Wei Wuxian is cursed to become a Cornetto but it’s okay, Lan Wangji would still love him.

In fact, Lan Wangji loves Wei Wuxian more afterwards.

Words: 169, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

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Wangxian Coffeeshop AU Fic

I put Wangxian, coffee, urban magic, fluff and slowburn into the melting pot and crossed my fingers - read at your own risk. I’ll be updating this story in shorts before revising and posting a full length version to A03 (somewhere in the distant improbable future).

Featuring confused pining over magic tea and magic sweets, cafe shenanigans and baker/patissiere(?) WWX and LWJ. 

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Lan Xichen, pulling his brother aside: Hey, sooo, if you keep ignoring the bathhouse-like steam surrounding you and Wei Wuxian, you could find yourself in permanent friendzone. So, are you gonna, as they say…[Xichen smiles as the theme of “Kiss the Girl” starts]…Kiss de boy? Huh?

Lan Wangji, sits and lets out a groan of frustration: Urgh, I don’t know what’s wrong with me, Xichen. This thing with him is just so big. I feel like a kiss with Wei Ying could just…go on forever.

Lan Xichen, staring: …What has happened to you?

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