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Lan Wangji: “I am going to marry Wei Ying one day and we will have a house and a child and rabbits and go night hunting every night and—“

Lan Xichen: “How wonderful. When do you plan to tell him?”

Lan Wangji: *spitting out his tea* “DO WHAT?”

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Do y'all ever feel so devastated at seeing Wuxian just sit down and crumble upon seeing the Lan Sect uniform and be reminded of an old comrade, confidant & soulmate—who he thinks has lost his trust? Because I certainly do…

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More CORNETTO ads! 🍦

CORNETTO! 🍦It tames your bratty nephew!

Making a CORNETTO 🍦ice cream dessert in the usual color scheme of your loved one is a better love gift than stolen chickens!

In which Lan Xichen is a massive troll and gets the Yunmeng bros to compete for CORNETTO! 🍦


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What’s in a name? CQL vs MDZS

To not repeat things others have said, read @hunxi-guilai‘s post to understand the possible meanings of the chinese name for cql and what mdzs means in chinese. 

I realize I have a tiny bit to add to this discussion. 

hunxi mentioned that  令 means command and it can refer to the flute commanding all. But I think there’s another point to add! By changing the name from MDZS to CQL, the writers of the show indicated both major changes they made to the story. 

If you haven’t watched the entire show, please stop reading because spoilers ahead. 

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hi can i kindly request a promo? name’s rhode and i’d love to be ur gay mdzs mutual 😳

- usual dni criteria

- mxtx critical

- i follow back from @transquillity

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