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#mo xuanyu

it has come to my attention that xiao zhan as mo xuanyu in the first episode of the untamed was one of things that put off some people from the show and made them stop watching. i’ll have y'all know that, yes, the cgi in the first episode did make me go hmmmm… but the moment wei wuxian started acting as a chaotic gremlin and throwing himself on the floor and his everything all over the place i was hooked

rip everyone else but i’m different

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I have no idea why I thought of this

But you can take my out of the blue mdzs angst on something I’ve never thought up until now

Also, mdzs spoilers

So imagine Wen Ning locked up in the Jin sect during the years WWX was dead with the nails in the back of his head, except he’s completely conscious. He can’t move without someone controlling him, he can’t control his own body, but he can still hear and smell and see and feel and he most definitely remembers.

And so after years of being alone down there, a youth in Jin sect robes stumbles in the room, staring at him in awe.

This is Mo Xuanyu.

At first Mo Xuanyu studies Wen Ning, commenting on various visual aspects. He wonders if he’s a perfect statue, but he quickly concludes that everything about him is too real to be fake. And why would the Jin sect lock up a statue in a place most people can’t see just for the aesthetic? The only problem is that Wen Ning’s skin is cold. He’s too cold to be alive.

Did he die in prison?

No, everything is too preserved.

So somehow he decides (or figures out rather) that Wen Ning is a fierce corpse.

Eventually, he leaves.

Despite what he thought, living in the Jin sect isn’t as great as Mo Xuanyu thought it was cracked up to be. He was glad his dad took him back, but the only son of Jin Guanshan anyone ever respected was Jin Zixun. Of course, rumors about him weren’t as bad as the ones surrounding Jin Guangyao, so he was lucky he didn’t have it as bad as he did, but he still didn’t have friends to talk to, or anyone to vent to. So the next day, he came back, and he came back every day after that to see Wen Ning.

Most times he would just vent his life problems or general inconveniences. Sometimes he complains to Wen Ning about how hard it is to find a boyfriend. Sometimes he muses aloud about how he wishes Wen Ning could actually understand what he was saying.

When Mo Xuanyu is lonely (which is a lot, admittedly), he pretends Wen Ning is a good friend of little words. He dramatically tries to lean on Wen Ning or drape himself across an object, and sometimes he leans straight into Wen Ning’s chest and cries.

Of course, Wen Ning could understand everything, though he could not talk back, nor could he comfort him.

Seeing Mo Xuanyu every day is the highlight of his day. Partly, it’s because there’s nothing else, no one else, but his empty cell, but partly because he genuinely enjoys this little dramatic gay boy.

But one day, Mo Xuanyu doesn’t come back. It’s the day he’s kicked out of Carp Tower, and Wen Ning hasn’t felt this lonely since he left WWX and the burial mounds behind to die for him with his sister and fellow sect members, and then got dragged into this dungeon instead. Wen Ning fell in love with that dramatic gay boy over those years of interactions and secrets, and now he’s gone, and he misses him so much.

So now imagine when WWX calls him to the forest on that mountain. He may not be able to control himself because of the nails, but he knows WWX’s playing when he hears it, and he’s so happy to be out of this…dungeon. WWX came back. But then he arrives and sees WWX…

…wearing Mo Xuanyu’s face.

He understands now. Mo Xuanyu was kicked out of Carp Tower, and he gave his body to bring WWX back.

But he feels so hurt. He accepted years ago that WWX wouldn’t return his feelings, and he was happy that WWX had found someone like LWJ, even if WWX couldn’t see his own feelings.

But now WWX is back, in the body of his second love.

One of the thoughts that runs through his head is “Now LWJ has them both, and I have no one”. And he knows it’s not true, but it hurts. It hurts so damn bad. He definitely won’t say any of this to WWX because he really is happy for them, but he’s bitter. He’ll be in control of his body after WWX removes the nails, but he’ll never get to run up to Mo Xuanyu and comfort him for real. He’ll never get to tell him “I heard everything”. And even if Mo Xuanyu didn’t return his feelings, Wen Ning lost one of his only friends.

Maybe it brought back WWX in the process

Maybe everyone else is gonna be happy now

But you can’t blame him for being a little bitter.

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For fytheuntamed’s Untamed Fall Fest Day 18: Crisp

Rated T, 1,406 Words. Blood mention, canonical character death mentioned (MXY), post-canon, angst, POV Lan Wangji, Mo Xuanyu deserved better (but canon still happened in this one)

(Technically CQL-verse for Mo Manor layout and sword spirit mention, but these are pretty minor)

Also available on AO3

It took weeks after everything had ended before Hanguang-jun even thought of the place. Months more before he found the time (and will) to go back, only being able to bear it with Wei Wuxian by his side.

“It looks the same,” Wei Wuxian commented mildly, twirling his flute and looking up at the placard, still proudly reading “Mo Manor.”

Lan Wangji nodded, not much else to say beyond that. Wei Ying was right, of course, but they both knew that appearances had never held the true story here.

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*sometime when wwx was still pretending to be mxy*

jc : they are gonna know

wwx wearing his signature colors : how would they know?

jc : they are gonna know

wwx playing the flute with wn by his side : how would they know?

jc : they are going to

wwx not letting go of lwj : ???

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More drabbles

13. Birthday               (post-canon WWX feelings re: MXY)

It’s not Wei Wuxian’s birthday, but it is the anniversary of his rebirth. It’s also the anniversary of Mo Xuanyu’s death, and four years later, Wei Wuxian’s feelings about that are still immensely complicated. He never asked to be brought back at all, let alone at someone else’s expense, but now that he’s here, he’s thankful for it. It’s a strange feeling, being grateful to someone he never knew for something he never wanted until he got it, and knowing that he’s alive only because someone else is not.

After four years, Lan Wangji is aware of this day and of what it means to him. They’ve talked about it a little, though never in too much depth. Whenever Wei Wuxian expresses any sort of guilt or regret, Lan Wangji gets this look on his face that says he doesn’t regret for one second that Wei Wuxian is alive, despite the cost. “Mo Xuanyu made his choice,” he said once when Wei Wuxian asked him if it bothered him at all.

It’s true, and he did get the revenge he wanted out of that choice, but the world pushed him to make such an extreme choice. Wei Wuxian understands all too well how that feels, to be pushed to extremes by an uncaring world, and so he will always mourn what could have been. In a kinder world, perhaps he and Mo Xuanyu could have both lived, and maybe Mo Xuanyu, like Wei Wuxian in this second life he’s been gifted, could have been happy.

14. Indirect Kiss               (canon proto-Wangxian)

Lan Wangji finds Wei Wuxian’s constant drinking irritating for many reasons, not least of which is that maybe he would have a little more self-restraint if he was sober more often. It seems doubtful, but there’s at least a chance that he would spend less time meddling in Lan Wangji’s business and invading his personal space without alcohol lowering his already very low inhibitions. It’s also not healthy to drink that much, and Lan Wangji can’t help wondering, despite his irritation, if Wei Wuxian simply enjoys it or if there are things he’s trying to escape in one bottle after another.

If he’s honest with himself, a big part of why it bothers Lan Wangji when Wei Wuxian drinks is how he looks while doing it. The way he pours the liquid into his mouth, inevitably spilling some down his chin and neck in a path Lan Wangji would like to kiss, or the way he presses the bottle to his lips and Lan Wangji imagines it being his lips there, pressed flush against Wei Wuxian’s. He dreams of pulling the bottle away and tasting the wine on Wei Wuxian’s lips and tongue, of kissing Wei Wuxian until he gets drunk on Lan Wangji and feels the need for nothing else. He dreams, but his own self-restraint is such that he never acts.

15. Quiet               (canon Yanli gen)

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This is actually the one I’ve titled One More Day, but UncleUncleUncle is the doc title because… well. The planned end relation is JC/MXY/LXC. So three uncles. Which. Is technically almost any threesome in MDZS tbf. XD 

So here’s the plot basis rather than actual snippet, but I’ve only written the first part so far and that’s all angst.

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Appearance: Episode 1

Functionality: Practical, worn out, was once high quality but has not been maintained.

Hair: In beginning; loosely half up, lots of hair disheveled around face. Ponytail in loose bun at back of head. Later; half ponytail mimicking Wei Wuxien’s common style with black hair piece.

Undergarments: white drawstring pants, socks (assumed)


    Under robe: White cotton/linen, tied

    Inner Robe: Light blue cotton/linen. Fitted sleeves, bound hem. Geometric pattern, squares. Full length, bottom hem reaches top of shoes. Pleated.

    Main Robe: Raw silk, beige, crinkly. Fitted sleeves, bound hems. Full length, bottom hem reaches top of shoes.

    Outer Robe: Grey white, line/vein pattern similar to wood grain. No sleeves. Three ½ inch pleats around neckline. Cut like tabards but one piece. Bottom hem three inches shorter than main robe. Belted with sash.

Sash: Brown, suede. Line details. Wrapped, secured in back (somehow)

Shoes: Black with white soles.

Accessories: Mo Xuanyu’s mask; grey ceramic/clay with filigree, ½ face masquerade mask

Other: Four cuts with blood on left arm from ritual, hems of robes are bloody and red. The inner robe is a mock and sewn to main robe to look like a complete piece but is only the skirt, collar and cuffs.

More Photos Below

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It’s so interesting to me that so much of the story in The Untamed/MDZS centers around queer / queer-coded boys and men who were disparaged for their parentage or the way they led their lives just out of step from the rest of the cultivation world.

I’m mostly thinking of WWX, MXY, and JGY, but I think it applies to NHS too. These actors ultimately shaped a lot of the events that occurred in the story.

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Do y'all ever think that eventually wwx or jc is gonna realise that Mo Xuanyu is technically related to Jin Zixuan and that now means WWX is too?

Like one day Jiang Cheng is calmly reading through reports or a letter and he thinks now his brother is now technically related to Jin Zixuan. A small smile will curl at his lips and he’ll let out a soft laugh imagining his reaction before schooling his expression and continue his work.

Meanwhile in Gusu WWX would sneeze and LWJ would be worried his poor gremlin husband is catching a cold.

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