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The banners unfurled by the warden
Up high in the air and sink down; the
Is black as a plume on a casque; my
Like a patch of high light on a flask, makes
A gibbering goblin that bars the way-
So noisy, familiar, and safe by day.


My Lantern

Marianne Moore  1887-1972


Graphic - George Tooker  1920-2011

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This is the gutter off the sidewalk leading off the block my apartment complex is on. 

It’s cool having a moat. 

It’s even cooler when you have to walk through it to get to your class at 7:45 in the morning. It’s so cool you think you’ll get frostbite when the freezing cold water soaks your shoes and socks, and so you just give up and die on the inside.*deep sigh*

I’m sorry if you have to deal with worse weather problems. 


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