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metalbuckaroo · 2 days ago
Thot came into my head as I was getting a deep tissue massage.
Beefy!Bucky as a massage therapist? Or reader is a massage therapist to mafia!Bucky? You choose.
SUMMARY// Bucky wants you to be his personal massage therapist
WARNINGS// smut, lil bitta fluff, unprotected sex, oral (f receiving), cursing
AU// mafia!bucky x massage therapist!f!reader
NOTE// beefy!bucky as a massage therapist sounds fucking *chef's kiss* but for now- here's massage therapist!reader
Tumblr media
You had been working for James Barnes for almost a year. His men walking out to your work van bi-weekly to carry the portable massage table and your bags into his home office.
This particular time, was a more impromptu home call when you were suppose to be home. You never minded when he did call with these appointments- he always paid extra for them, and made sure to make good company. Never going past flirty remarks and teasing words.
"Is it the shoulder again?" You asked as you stood behind his smooth leather chair. "In between, it feels strained for some reason." Bucky sighed, leaning forward a little bit as he unbuttoned his dress shirt.
"It's the weight of your arm, putting some strain on the muscles in your back." You droned, running your fingertips over an irritated spot where dark, smooth metal met flesh. Goosebumps prickling his tanned skin. "You should really get this checked out, James."
"Two, sometimes three, times a week for the last year- and I'm still not use to how soft your hands are." He said, breathing a laugh. Ignoring your suggestion. "You're still not getting that happy ending massage." You teased, rubbing the tense muscles. "One day."
These were Bucky's favorite moments- when all of his problems were melted away from your soothing touch. Not able to focus on anything else other than the way your fingers pressed into his skin.
He made light conversation; asking about your week, how work was going. Feeling his blood run cold when you told him about a client who was too touchy.
"Need me to deal with it?" He mumbled, letting his eyes close for a moment. "No, I don't. Did you do anything interesting this week?" You asked, pressing your thumbs up the back of his neck. "Not really, had a business deal go bad a couple days ago." He said with a content sigh. "That when your back started hurting?"
"Mhm- remind me to marry a massage therapist." Bucky joked, making you laugh and roll your eyes at him. "Feel any better?" He hummed in response as you moved away, slipping his arms back into his shirt.
"How much would I have to pay you- for you to be a personal massage therapist. For me." Bucky offered, leaning back in his chair. You shrugged as you stood in front of him. "My boss wouldn't be too happy with it."
"I'll deal with that. Could even stay here if you want, own private room and bathroom. Easier then dragging you out when you're not on the clock."
Leaning against the edge of his desk, you squinted your eyes at him. Thinking of his offer. "What's in it for you?"
The corners of his lips twitched downwards as he shrugged his shoulders. "Massages any time I want them and- I don't have to think of those pervy clients of yours putting their hands where they don't belong."
"What are you saying, Bucky?" You murmured, heart beat quickening as you watched him stand. Taking a step further so he could lean down to talk in your ear, cold, metal knuckles brushing up your arm. "I'm saying- I've thought about stuffing you with my cock since the day I hired you."
Your breath caught in your throat at the sultry tone, large hands holding your waist gently as he leaned away to look at you again. "Have you?" Bucky smirked, waiting for you to nod your head before lifting you onto his desk.
"Gotta tell me you want it, darling." He hummed, dipping his head to graze his lips along the side of your neck. "Yes, please." You breathed, hands clasping onto the sides of his shirt.
Bucky kneeled in front of you, hands curling around your calves to pull you closer to the edge. Cold metal and warm flesh gliding up the outsides of your thighs and under your skirt to drag your underwear down your legs.
A desire for him burning deep in your lower belly as he shoved your skirt up pass your hips. Gentle, open mouthed kisses placed up your inner thigh.
"Need a taste of this pretty pussy, sweetheart." A whimper left your parted lips in response, his tongue going flat against your folds and grip on your outer thighs tightening.
Your fingers laced in his hair, piercing blue eyes looking up at you as he latched his lips around your sensitive bud. Sucking and nibbling as he eased a finger into your walls, curling the digit to elicit a needy moan from you.
Bucky savored the breathy sounds he pulled from you, wanting to imprint the way you tasted into his brain as you whimpered and moaned his name. Something he thought he'd never hear from you.
Heat suddenly bloomed in your veins, a low moan vibrating against your clit as his eyes fluttered shut. Riding you through your high with gentle strokes against your walls.
"Holy hell..." You panted, Bucky letting your legs down from his shoulders as he stood. Working quickly at his belt, crashing his lips into yours.
"Taste so good." He groaned against your mouth, tongue searching for yours as it pressed through your lips. The faint taste of expensive scotch and your arousal tainting your tastebuds.
Your arms went around his neck, tangling your fingers in the back of his hair as his swollen tip prodded your entrance. A guttural moan mixing with your softer one as you stretched around him, his hands caressing your thighs as he pulled his lips away from yours.
"So perfect- soft. God, I just wanna bury my cock in your tight cunt and never stop." He huffed out, the erratic thrusts making it hard for you to focus on anything besides the pleasure that courses through you. His words barely reaching your ears.
Bucky's sturdy left hand grazed up your back, holding the base of your neck as you leaned your forehead against his shoulder. His cologne filling your nose, filthy sounds of skin slapping and nearly pornographic moans echoing off of the walls.
"Fuck, fuck- Buc-" His name died on the tip of your tongue, legs tightening around his waist as another wave of bliss crashed into you. His pace stuttering before picking up when your walls clamped down on him. "Feels fuckin' amazing, sugar. Gonna fill you till you're drippin', sweetheart."
Bucky's words sent a shiver down your spine, lifting your head to lock his lips in yours. His teeth biting your bottom lip when his hips pressed tightly against yours. Thick spurts of his spend coating your walls with a loud moan into your mouth.
You sighed happily, eyes feeling heavy as your hands held his stubbled jaw through the sensual kiss. A quiet whine pulling from your throat at the empty feeling when he pulled out.
Bucky smiled against your lips, tucking himself back into his slacks. "Thought you didn't do happy ending massages?"
"You're an exception."
🌹 🌹 🌹 🌹 🌹 🌹
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stevesbestgirl · 2 days ago
A Moment of Your Time - Part 24
Soft!Mob!Bucky x F!Reader
3044 words
Series Masterlist
Warnings: sexual content, daddy kink, a hint of exhibitionism, cockwarming
A/N: Not proofread yet, sorry this took so long. I've been procrastinating writing this series because we're approaching the end and I don't want to be done with it. I'll proof read and do my taglist later!
Dancing around the kitchen, you hummed along with the music as you cooked. You’d checked in with Wanda and she insisted she was fine, but you knew today was her doctor’s appointment, so you were making them dinner. You’d even called your mom and convinced her to give you her casserole recipe- only after she’d refused to just make it for you.
It was probably better this way though; Bucky was working and you needed to stay busy. All you had to work on was a jacket adjustment for Pepper and you needed to take another trip to the library, but that could wait until you were out with Clint tomorrow. It was a bad idea to interrupt Bucky, considering the mood he’d been in for the past week.
After your comment about the cigarettes, he’d insisted he was done with them. You’d thought it was sweet at first, but at this point, you kind of wished he’d just call it quits on quitting. He wouldn’t snap at you, but the crease between his brows rarely seemed to leave now.
To cheer him up, you started some cookies after you finished with the casserole. Sliding the first batch in the oven, you sang under your breath, excited to see Bucky’s face when you brought him fresh cookies. Closing the oven door, you moved away in a little twirl.
“Whoa, careful!” Bucky let out a soft ‘oomph’ as you spun into his chest, “What’re you doin’?” He wrapped his arms around your torso and nuzzled your neck.
“It was gonna be a surprise,” you pouted. “I thought you’d be busy all afternoon.”
He chuckled, brushing his lips over yours, “You want me to go?”
“No.” You pressed your lips more firmly to his, tasting the faint remnants of tobacco. 
Unconsciously, your nose wrinkled and Bucky huffed, “Good god, woman, you’re like a bloodhound.” He stepped away, opening the fridge with a sigh, “I’m sorry, doll. I smoked a little.”
You rubbed his arm, “Bucky, I’m not asking you to quit. I don’t mind.”
He ran a hand through his hair, “I know, I know. But I want my girl to wanna kiss me, so I am quitting. It was just one.” 
You cupped his face, “James Barnes, you are the sweetest man on the planet. And I do wanna kiss you, smoky or not.”
The corner of his mouth quirked up in a half-smile, “Sweetest man on the planet, huh? Maybe for you, doll, but I gotta feeling some people might disagree.”
You hummed, brushing your lips over his again, “Fine, just for me then. And I appreciate it enough for everyone.”
His palms skimmed down either side of your hips, “How much do you appreciate it?”
You laughed, “Not enough to let my cookies burn.” He scattered kisses over your neck, dragging his teeth over the soft skin. “Bucky,” you pleaded. “Aren’t you supposed to be working?”
He lifted his head, pressing his forehead to yours, “Come keep me company?”
Smiling, you agreed, “Once the cookies are done.”
You pecked him on the lips, “Go on.” 
He let his hands drift further until he was palming your backside, stealing another kiss. Dipping his tongue in your mouth, he stole your breath away, leaving your gazing up at him dimly until he released his hold on you.
He smirked, “I’m goin’.”
You didn’t want him to leave now and he knew it. You glanced at the egg timer ticking on the counter and sighed. Busying yourself preparing the next tray of cookies, you tried to forget the way your skin felt flushed; Bucky always knew how to get you riled up.
By the time you finished the cookies, you’d calmed down a little bit. Plating a few cookies and grabbing the casserole, you decided to deliver the food to Wanda and Vision before visiting Bucky- god only knew how long he’d keep you busy for.
“Hello Thor,” you said as you left the apartment. “Here,” you handed him a couple of cookies from the plate, “Snickerdoodles.” It wasn’t until he brightened slightly that you noticed the faint slump in his shoulders as he thanked you. “Everything alright?”
He straightened, “Of course. Do you require a ride?”
You smiled, “No, just taking some dinner to Wanda and Vision. I’ll be back in a few minutes.”
Leaving him to his post, you took the elevator down to the third floor, hoping that Wanda and Vision were back from the doctor’s office by now. When the door opened, you breathed a sigh of relief, “Hi Wan, glad to see you up and about.”
She nodded, gaze falling on the dish in your hands, “Hi, what’s all this?”
“I knew you weren’t feeling well and I wasn’t sure how long you’d be gone so I thought I would save you the trouble of cooking tonight.” You held out the baking dish with a bashful smile, “And I threw in some cookies.”
To your surprise, her eyes grew glassy, “That’s so sweet of you, Y/N. Thank you so much.” 
“You might wanna taste it before you thank me too much,” you joked nervously hoping you hadn’t come at a bad time.
She chuckled, accepting the dishes, “I’m sure it’s wonderful, I’ll be right back, alright?”
You nodded and took a seat on the sofa to wait for her. A minute ticked by, then two, and you started to wonder if you should check on her. You didn’t want to be rude, but luckily, just as you were about to rise, she returned, bustling over to sit beside you, “Sorry it took longer than I expected. But Vis and I decided it would be okay to tell you.”
“Is everything okay? I don’t want to pry-”
“We’re pregnant,” Wanda said, cutting you off mid-worry.
Your eyes went wide, “Wanda, that’s wonderful! I’m so happy for you!”
Wanda nodded, beaming, “I can’t believe it. We’ve been trying for so long, it feels like a miracle.”
“It is a miracle, Wan, congratulations!” You laughed, “And what a relief too- I’m glad you aren’t sick.”
She rested her hand over yours, “I’m sorry to have made you worry,  but Vision didn’t want to waste Mr. Barnes’ time if we were wrong.” 
“No, of course, I understand.”
“You can tell Mr. Barnes, if you like,” she offered. “Really, you’d be doing me a favor- I think Vis needs some time to process.”
“Of course. Speaking of, I should get back upstairs before he starts to worry.”
Wanda rose, escorting you to the door, “Thank you again for dinner, Y/N. You’re a lifesaver.”
You smiled, “Anytime. And congratulations again, to both of you.” Wanda beamed and waved goodbye as you strode inside the elevator. 
Back upstairs, Thor was still at his post outside the door. You offered him a smile on your way past, but he stopped you, “Y/N, may I ask you something?”
“Of course.” You glanced at the door, hoping Bucky hadn’t noticed your absence. 
“I suppose it’s more of a request than a question,” Thor admitted. “Clint said you may be able to help.”
You felt your brow furrow, “I can try. What do you need?”
“This coming Saturday is my anniversary with Jane.” He grimaced, “It may have slipped my mind and I am scheduled to work.”
“You can’t take it off?”
“The boss gets,” he paused, “Annoyed if we don’t give enough notice.”
You connected the dots, “So, you want me to ask him.” He nodded and you chewed your lip, “I could ask him, but I don’t think he would take that well. I think I can still help though. Give me five minutes with him and then come ask.”
He didn’t look completely convinced, but he nodded. You gave him a reassuring smile and slipped inside, quickly plating a few cookies and nudging the office door open with your hip.
“I was starting to wonder if I was gonna have to come get you, doll,” Bucky’s voice rang out. He sounded playful, which bode well for you and Thor.
Setting the cookies on the desk in front of him, you slid into his lap, draping your arms around his neck, “Sorry, thought I’d give you a little time to miss me.” You brushed your lips over his, your apology more of a tease than anything.
He gave a soft chuckle, dropping his pen on the desk to run his hands over your thigh, “You wanna make it up to me?”
You smiled, brushing your fingers through his hair, which was growing long, “Now?”
His hand dipped under your skirt, “Why not?”
As if on cue, there was a knock at the door. Bucky practically growled, glaring at the door, and you had a moment of panic; you’d wanted to put Bucky in a good mood, but if he was annoyed at being interrupted, it might backfire.
You breathed on the shell of his ear, “After. If you behave yourself.”
He traced his lower lip with the tip of his tongue, “Come in.” His hands clamped down on your hips, keeping you pinned to his lap.
Thor shuffled in, hands clasped behind his back and looking sheepish, “Sir.”
“Thor.” Bucky’s tone was all business, no trace of the softness from moments ago.
“I know it’s short-notice, but I wanted to request this coming Saturday off, if possible.” You sent him a pointed look, urging him to elaborate. “It is my anniversary with Jane and I would like to take her to dinner.”
Before Bucky could respond, you squealed, “Oh, that’s so sweet! Where are you taking her?”
Thor sent a glance at Bucky before answering, “Well, she likes that restaurant, Joseph’s, so I was hoping to take her there.”
“It’s already Wednesday, Thor. A little more notice would have been nice.” Bucky sounded annoyed, just as Thor had said.
You turned your gaze to Bucky, eyes pleading. He didn’t turn his head, but you saw his eyes flicker your way before he suppressed a sigh, lazily waving a ringed hand, “Fine, you’re off the hook. But you’re covering door duty twice next week. Now get back to your post.”
Thor nodded, “Thank you, sir.” He made a hasty retreat before Bucky could change his mind.
Once the door closed behind him, you snuggled into Bucky’s neck, “That was nice of you.”
He cupped your chin, “Nice had nothing to do with it, doll.” He captured your lips in a bruising kiss, his other had disappearing back under your skirt. His rings were cool on your thigh as his palm slid up your leg. When he broke away, he smiled at your flushed cheeks, “You gonna keep my cock warm while I work, baby?” Biting down on your lip, you nodded. He chuckled, murmuring as he unbuckled his belt, “There’s my good girl.”
Your heart skipped at his praise and you marveled for a moment at the way he’d turned the tables on you. You’d come here in control and now your mouth was watering as he pulled his cock out. You adjusted your skirt and paused, your gaze between his legs. He was already hard- you’d known that much from sitting in his lap, but seeing it made your skin flush with heat.
He cupped your cheek, brushing your lips with his, “C’mon baby, let me fill you up.”
A whimper escaped as he rubbed the head of his cock against your core. Lowering yourself back into his lap so you were straddling him, you could feel every inch of his length, a louder whimper following the first. Bucky let out a grunt as he bottomed out, his eyes fluttering shut as his head tipped back. 
Desperate for friction, your walls clenched around him, making his breath catch. But he quickly collected himself, tsking, “None of that, sweetheart, or you’ll distract me from my work.”
“After, if you behave yourself.” He echoed your own words back to you and you almost regretted your decision to tease him. Almost. 
You grabbed the book you’d left on his desk last time you were in here, but you couldn’t string more than three words together. The feeling of him inside you was distracting to say the least. You didn’t understand how Bucky could be reading over a business contract, seemingly unbothered by his cock buried inside you.
Determined not to be the only one bothered, you rolled your hips, adjusting your seat in his lap slightly. “Doll,” he warned, glancing at you with an eyebrow raised.
“Just getting comfortable,” you said, innocently meeting his gaze. 
“Mm,” he pursed his lips, clearly not believing your lie. Playing coy, you snuggled into his chest, book still between your fingers. This time, his voice was a little ragged, “I’ll tell you once more to keep still, sweets.” 
You gazed up at him, “‘M sorry, Bucky, am I bothering you?”
He breathed in your ear, warning low, “You know what you’re doing.” His breath gave you goosebumps and a small whine escaped your lips as you clenched down on him again, this time unconsciously. 
“You just can’t be patient, can you, sweetheart?” he growled, setting down the page he’d been examining. “Need my cock, huh?” Without warning, he bucked his hips up beneath you, making you cry out as his head pressed deeper inside of you. “What do you say, hm?”
“Please, Bucky,” you whimpered as his hips went still again.
He chuckled low, a dangerous sound, “C’mon baby, you know better than that.”
“Please Daddy,” you pleaded, peppering kisses over his neck as though they would soothe the ache inside you.
“There you go,” he purred. He tipped your chin up, slotting his lips over yours, “Go on then. Use me, sweetheart.”
At his go-ahead, your hips rolled against him, drawing a moan from deep in your belly at the the drag of him against your walls. His teeth were on your neck, dragging over your skin, leaving marks that were sure to bruise. 
You writhed in his lap, your mouth falling open as soft pants spilled from your lips. Bucky murmured filthy things in your ear, his breath soft on your neck, “Daddy’s little slut just couldn’t wait for me to finish my work, hm? You needed my cock right away, didn’t you? Needed to fuck yourself right here in my office where anyone could walk in and see how needy my baby is.”
“Yes,” you panted, “Yes, Daddy.”
“Good,” he growled. “I want them all to know that you belong to me. Let ‘em hear you, sweets.” He bucked his hips up to meet you as you sank down on him, matching your pace until you cried out as your climax washed over you with surprising speed. Your hips stuttered as Bucky buried himself inside you, his next words dying on his tongue in favor of a soft groan.
Wrapping his arms around you, he held you close as you buried your head in his neck. Once the high wore off and your breathing began to level out, you realized he hadn’t worn a condom this time. 
“Fuck,” you whispered, thinking of Wanda and Vision. Grazing your fingers over your stomach, you thought of the life growing inside your friend.
Bucky chuckled, misinterpreting your curse word for one of pleasure, “What are you thinking, doll?” He traced his hand down the line of your spine.
You answered without lifting your head, “Vision and Wanda.” 
His chest rumbled with another laugh, “Oh really?”
You realized how strange that sounded, “Oh- no, I mean- They’re having a baby.” You hadn’t meant to blurt it out like that, but it was weighing heavily on your mind with his cock still buried inside you. 
You could practically feel his gaze fall to the hand you had resting on your stomach, “Oh.” You couldn’t read his tone, but his hand slid over yours.
“It’s strange,” you murmured. “I hadn’t really given it much thought before. I was more focused on finding my soulmate and then I thought I’d know what I wanted. But the idea of a baby still scares the hell out of me.” You paused, embarrassment warming your cheeks, “But somehow, I’m a little jealous.”
Bucky squeezed your hand, “I’m no expert on what’s normal, but I would bet that if you asked those two how they’re feeling right now, they’d say they’re terrified.”
“You think?”
He chuckled, “I’m not scared of much, doll. But having a baby would probably do the trick.”
“So, you don’t want kids?” The way your throat tightened in anticipation made it obvious to you which side of the fence you’d landed on.
He brushed his thumb over the back of your hand, “A couple months ago, I would’ve said no. I never wanted to bring a kid into this life- to make them a target in a game they didn’t sign up to play. I didn’t wanna be like my old man.” You waited; he seemed to be musing this out as he went. “But I thought I didn’t want this either,” he squeezed your hand again. “And here you are, making my life better- making me better. So, maybe if we had a kid, I could be better for him too.”
You sat up, brushing your thumb over the scruff on his cheek, “Buck, I think you’d be a great dad as you are- if that’s what you want.” He didn’t say anything else, but the way he met your gaze answered the question. “Don’t change anything- I like you the way you are too.”
He gave you a wry smile, “I dunno, doll. My hair’s getting pretty long, I should probably cut it.”
You rolled your eyes at the joke, sliding your hands back to twist your fingers in his hair, “I like it.”
He laughed aloud, “Sweetheart, I’ll be looking like a beatnik pretty soon here.”
You leaned in, brushing his nose with yours, “Yeah, but you’ll be my beatnik.” You adjusted your hips ever so slightly, relishing the way his lips parted in a soft groan.
His gaze locked onto your mouth, his tongue tracing his lower lip as his hands burrowed back under your skirt, “That might not be so bad.”
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agentofbarnes · a day ago
Okay but like, mob! or mafia! anyone is instantly grabbing my attention 👀👀
👀👀 me too, i mean…imagine mob boss!bucky and how fucking hot he would be 🥴🥴 i love the idea of mob!bucky falling in love with a broke college student that works at a diner and he always gives her big tips and she has no idea who is until she’s already in too deep (but she loves him anyway:)
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christowhore · a month ago
Eye For An Eye
Tumblr media
pairing: mob!bucky barnes x barnes!wife!reader // mob!bucky barnes x mistress!dolores // mob!thor odinson x barnes!wife!reader
summary: you come home one night to find bucky in bed with another woman. after threatening divorce, he begs for your forgiveness and tells you he'll do anything. he should’ve known to always be careful with what you wish for.
word count: 6.6k
warnings: angst, bucky is a scumbag, infidelity, use of pet names, daddy kink, mentions of divorce, mentions of murder, smut, use of restraints, forced cuckholding, sub!bucky?, oral (m/f receiving), fingering, choking, spanking, unprotected sex, cream pie, happy endings for some !!! 18+ MINORS DNI !!!
notes: this is my submission for @ambrosiase 'the hotel indigo' writing challenge. it starts off really angsty, but it turns very smutty. hope you enjoy ! 💗
join my taglist !
room: the honeymoon suite ❦ room service: mobster
You weren’t supposed to witness this. You were never supposed to see your husband of 7 years, laying in your marital bed, fucking another woman. Hearing him call her the pet name that you thought was reserved only for you, while he drove his hips into her. The way ‘sweet plum’ rolled off his tongue with unwavering ease made you nauseous at the revelation.
You should’ve immediately known something was up when you entered your Manhattan townhouse that evening. The apprehensive looks you picked up on from the assigned security details should’ve alerted you that something was wrong, but you ignored it, desperately trying to reconnect with your other half.
Being away from your husband for 2 weeks, while on vacation with you sister, made you stir crazy due to not having Bucky near you. It was with unfortunate, yet fortunate luck that landed you here due to your sibling getting sick with food poisoning; the event resulting in your month-long planned trip being cut short.
Loading into the elevator and clicking on the master floor, glee filled your body as you ascended the 3 flights up. But the second those doors opened up, dread took its place.
The first thing you noticed was the stray high heel; the item was 6-inches and hot pink, a stark difference to your usual choices. The shoe started the trail of strewn articles of clothing that led to your shared bedroom.
Following the string of garments, taking steady steps, you heard the familiar moans of your husband. His deep grunts were distinct, rich and gruff, the acclimated sounds were already implanted in your hippocampus.
Pairing his groans of pleasure were the squeaks of a woman. Hers were shrill, the piercing yelps already causing a headache to form. All you heard were the over exaggerated pleas of a wanna-be pornstar escaping the confines of your bedroom.
Though you had heard the infidelity, nothing could have prepared you for the sight of it unfolding before your eyes.
Bucky had the long haired redhead bent at his will. His large palms pressed her thighs back to where her knees touched the sheets, no doubt causing a burn to run through her legs.
His hips proceeded to rut into her, the sounds of slapping skin bouncing off the walls. You watched as their eyes were trained on each other, a slight smile adorned both faces as they moaned out.
“Fuck sweets, you feel so good taking my cock,” Bucky swore at the woman underneath him, “You like Daddy’s dick tearing you apart, don’t you?” Her yelps of desire were an acceptable response to the brunette.
You stood there for a while, not able to tear your eyes away from their motions. 7 years of marriage down the drain, 7 years of love and tenderness thrown out the window. So caught up with misery, you didn’t realize you had started crying; but the pair did.
Removing himself, Bucky jumped up and grabbed his crumpled boxers off the floor and quickly pulled the material up his legs. “Sweetheart, this isn’t what it looks like, I swear.”
A dry chuckle boomed in your stream of consciousness. It was honestly amusing to think that a idiotic line like that would excuse his actions, yet he said it anyway as if you didn’t just watch him be balls deep in someone other than you, his wife. You continued to stand there, mute, as your thoughts ran wild.
“(Y/N), baby please,” the man pleaded, staring deep into your eyes, “Just hear me out.”
Not wanting to listen to any lame excuse he could try and conjure up, you brushed past him and towards the walk in closet, avoiding his insisting eye contact. Following in tow, he watched as you grabbed a suitcase and started stuffing as much of your wardrobe in the travel bag.
“Wait- wait hey, (Y/N). What are you doing? Where are you going?”
You filled your bag with your clothes and grabbed a carry on, side stepping your husband yet again and heading into your combined bathroom.
“Please, baby, I’m sorry. It didn’t mean anything, just look at me and let me explain.”
Bucky stared at your rigid frame. You did everything in your power to not pay him any mind and it broke him.
He knows he shouldn’t feel bad, he brought this upon himself.
Being the leader of the Barnes Family Syndicate, it was always expected of him to have a wife and a mistress. His father had one, as did his grandfather and so on and so forth.
When he met you, he realized he didn’t want to follow in his family’s footsteps of infidelity so he maintained his devotion to you. But dealing with constant teasing from fellow heads of families of how whipped he was, and how he wasn’t a ‘real man’, made his resolve slowly weaken.
So the day you left for Tahiti with your sister, he thought what better time than then.
He had gone to his best friend’s, Sam, nightclub and that’s where he met Dolores. A pretty little thing, with flowing red hair. She had caught his eye as she danced on the crowded floor. Bucky watched as her hips glided to the beat. The skirt of her dress rose due to her actions, enticing him even more.
An hour later, he had her pinned down in the backseat of his town car. His motions caused the vehicle to rock back and forth as it stayed parked on the sidewalk.
After the moment, he was filled with a tremendous amount of pride. He had lived up to the family name, following in his fathers footsteps. But once his driver, Peter, climbed into the front seat and looked at him through the partition with shame, his bones were riddled with mortification.
He had broken his sacred vows. ‘To love and to cherish’ were burned away as the sweaty redhead laid next to him, stroking the damp hair away from his forehead.
But the ridiculing words from the other syndicate leaders flowed back into his mind, pushing the guilt he felt away. So he ordered Peter to drive him back to your shared home and rolled the barrier up, avoiding the young man's piercing gaze.
Bucky should’ve never acted on the words of his colleagues, because he knew how much they loathed that he got someone as beautiful as you.
It was no secret that you were out of his league. The moment he saw you enter the crime disguised butcher shop, he knew he had to have you.
Your beauty made everyone stop and stare, it caused him to lose friends and colleagues due to their own lustful desires directed towards you. That’s why he married you only after 6 months of dating, to make sure that he could never lose you.
Yet here he was, wearing only a pair of boxers while you packed up your belongings after watching him have an affair, his nightmare coming to life.
You continued with your actions, making sure you had every item of your beauty regime packed away. Collecting your belongings, you began to make your way out of the room before Bucky’s booming voice rang out.
“Jesus Christ (Y/N), just look at me! Talk to me! Say something!”
Frozen in spot, you felt 2 pairs of eyes on your back. One from the redhead who stayed tucked under the covers, and the other from your husband.
You cleared your throat, removing the bile that had built up there upon your revelation. With your back still towards the pair, you found the courage to speak. “How long?”
“Listen sweet plum-” he began, but was quickly cut off by your sharp voice.
“I asked you, how long?”
With a sigh, he revealed to you the horrible truth, “Since the night that you left with your sister.”
A broken sob shot through your being. He couldn’t even wait a day without your presence for him to go and find someone else.
Wiping away the stray tears that escaped your eyes, you picked up your suitcase, slung the carryon over your shoulder and made your way out of the home, making sure to grab the luggage you had forgotten when you first arrived.
You didn’t bother taking the elevator, not wanting to be stuck in the small space with the cheater so you descended the stairs, bags in tow.
Bucky’s apologetic pleas followed you down the steps and out the front door, the security that were posted avoided the unfolding scene like the plague.
Stepping out onto the city sidewalk, you raised your hand to hail a taxi, desperately trying to escape the begging man standing only in his underwear.
“Please baby, she means nothing to me. I got so caught up in the guy's words that I felt like I had to do it. But it meant nothing, it won’t happen again. I promise you.”
You ignored his sorrow-filled confession as you watched the yellow cab pull in front of you. The driver could sense the tense energy and popped the trunk, staying in the safety of his vehicle and not wanting to mess with the well-known mobster.
Lugging the heavy cases into the trunk, you closed the lid and entered the backseat.
Before the driver could pull away, you rolled down the window and finally locked eyes with the brunette.
Bucky watched as a smile found your lips, and he began to feel hopeful. But the words that left your lips next shattered his aspirations.
“The next time you hear from me will be from my lawyer. I’m filing for divorce.”
And with that, Bucky watched as the cab drove away along with his self-sabotaged marriage.
Tumblr media
It had been 3 weeks of radio silence from you and Bucky was an absolute mess. He tried to call you, visit your family and friends, and even used his connections with the NYPD. He did everything in his power to talk to you but you had ignored all efforts of communication.
His empire was slowly collapsing, due to his queen running away. He never admitted it, but the reason he had become so powerful over the years was due to you.
The effect you had on business partners and clientele gave him a leg up in the competition; everyone desperate to be in your presence, in any way shape or form.
Now with you not by his side, he was crumbling. His usual attire of 3 piece tailored suits were replaced with stained t-shirts and baggy sweats. Bucky’s hair was typically kept neat, not a strand out of place, but now it had become unruly, matching the scraggly beard he had developed.
During those 3 weeks, the brunette managed to drink through a plethora of liquor bottles. Finishing off every glass in hopes that it would somehow bring you back, but to no avail.
That night when you left, he threw Dolores onto the street, treating her like the trash that he should’ve when she started flirting with him that night at the club; ignoring the obvious wedding band on his left hand.
Unfortunately he couldn’t escape the sex-filled odor of his actions that soaked the bedroom, so he had it deep cleaned. The action was supposed to make him feel better, but it only made it worse when he realized that the sweet smell of your usual vanilla and caramel perfume was gone.
Bucky spent most days crying on your side of the bed, grasping onto a forgotten sweater of yours that had traces of your scent ingrained in the fabric.
Meanwhile, a few miles south in Greenwich Village, you sat in the office of Stephen Strange, a reputable divorce attorney.
It took a while before you were able to conjure up the courage to step foot into his office. But today you felt better than the days prior, finally wanting to get it all over with.
“So you don’t want any of the houses or the cars. You’re fine with just alimony?” he questioned, his coiffed hair bounced as he turned his head to the side watching you.
“Yes, just alimony, he can keep everything else. I don’t want anything else tied to him.”
He nodded along to your answer. He knew who your soon-to-be ex-husband was, but wasn’t scared of him. The Strange family had their own notoriety that made them a formidable opponent so he wasn’t worried about any backlash.
“So did you want to fi-,” his question cut short at the ring of your cell phone, the 17th time ever since you sat down less than an hour ago.
Growing tired of the nuisance ringing, you angrily picked up the phone, “Did I not say that the next time you’d hear from me would be from a lawyer? Or were you too busy thinking about your side pieces cunt to listen to what I had to say?”
You heard the sounds of a broken man wailing into your ear, the noise making your eyes roll.
“Please baby, I can’t do this without you. I’m so goddamn sorry. Just please give me one more chance.”
Your chest rose as you took a deep sigh, rubbing your temples in the process. “James, you couldn’t even wait 24 hours until I left the country for you to fuck somebody else. How the hell am I supposed to trust you? How do I know this was just a one time thing and you haven’t been making me look stupid for years?”
Stephen slyly listened as you yelled into your device, half-focusing on the papers in front of him.
Bucky had never heard you call him by his first name the entirety of your relationship, only addressing him with pet names. The government name sounded foreign, your tone filled with rage, as it ran off your tongue.
“Please sweetheart, it was only the one. I promise you. I can’t tell you how sorry I am, I feel like shit. I can’t sleep knowing that you’re not here anymore.”
You looked up at the ceiling, trying to maintain composure so that you didn’t cause a scene in the office space. “It’s kind of hard to believe you, considering the fact that I probably would’ve never found out if I didn’t come home early from my vacation.”
Bucky’s tears started to flow freely, he felt like he was in a nightmare that he couldn’t wake up from. “Please (Y/N). I’ll do anything. Anything you want I’ll do, just please give me one more chance.”
The LED lights hanging from overhead, caught the pear cut diamond of your engagement ring. The unplanned action gathering your attention to the 40 carat jewel.
You sat there as your mind raced, pondering all possibilities when one particular thought came to the forefront of your mind. “Anything, huh? You’ll do anything I say?”
Bucky sat up from the plush bed, hopefulness rushing through him like a tidal wave. “Yes doll, anything. You name it, it’s done.”
A smile decorated your face, “Alright. Remember our first anniversary, we stayed in the honeymoon suite at The Hotel Indigo? Meet me there tomorrow night, 8:45.”
You ended the call before you could hear his response. Pulling up your text messages, you scrolled until you found the desired contact. You typed in a message, detailing your plan before sending it off.
Once you were finished, you met the questioning eyes of your lawyer.
“Well, as I was saying,” his voice laced with interest, “Did you want to file the papers or did you want to hold off on them?”
Tumblr media
Bucky had arrived at the hotel ahead of schedule, but waited in the car, not wanting to arrive earlier than expected and ruin his chance of gaining you back.
He made sure to look his best. Getting his haircut and beard shaved, dressing in that black sleek suit with the red floral patterned shirt that he knew you loved so much.
It was 5 minutes until the designated time when he climbed out the vehicle and made his way into the lobby and towards the elevator. His intimidating presence alone made the hotel's occupants stop in their tracks and shy away from the mobster.
Once he climbed up the appropriate level, he nervously walked down the hall and towards the honeymoon suite. The sight of the door bringing back a flood of memories of the night they shared all those years ago.
His ringed hand knocked on the hardwood door, the sound echoing throughout the empty hall. When you opened it, he was met with a sight he never expected to see that evening.
You had donned a red lingerie set. The cups of your bra elevated your breasts, your ass was accentuated with a lace thong. There was a matching garter on your waist, the straps of it leading and connecting to a pair of mesh stockings; the feature allowed your freshly painted white toes to shine through.
You looked absolutely delectable and Bucky could’ve came in his pants right then and there if he didn’t control himself.
“Come on in,” you stated, your voice seemed devoid of emotion as you walked back into the room.
Bucky followed as he watched you sit down on the creme colored silk sheets, your manicured hand pointing to the placed chair in front of the bed. “Sit.”
Listening to your orders, he immediately sat down in the seat directly across from you.
“(Y/N), baby I can explain. I-”
His pleas were instantly cut short at the raise of your index finger, the simple action shutting him up.
“I’m not here to listen to your excuses. You said that you would do anything, right? Anything, and you’d do it without question?”
Bucky nodded along, not even noticing the smirk on your face or the honeyed tone from your lips. He was beyond desperate to get you back. “Yes sweetheart. I can’t lose you.”
You smiled at him, content with his answer. A few seconds later there was a knock at the door. “Oh, that must be room service.”
You sauntered to the door, trying not to seem too excited at the expected guest. Once you unlocked the door, you were met with the 6’6” Adonis himself.
“What the fuck are you doing here Thor?” Bucky yelled, furious that he was interrupting his personal moment and also due to the fact that he has now seen you in such an intimate way.
The blonde chuckled, the noise was guttural and mocking, as he made his way into the suite carrying a plastic bag. It’s evident contents pierced through the plastic. “Hello James. Lovely weather we are having tonight.”
Bucky stood up, getting into the blondes face, “I don’t know what you’re doing here, but you need to get the fuck out now. You’re not welcomed here.”
“Actually he is. I invited him.”
Your confession had his eyes darting back and forth between you two, disbelief overwhelmed him. “Wh- what are you talking about (Y/N)?”
You made your way back to the bed, kneeling as the silk fabric caressed your legs. “Well, you said anything. And well, I realized that you won’t experience true pain, true heartbreak unless you feel what I felt that evening. So, you’re going to sit in that chair and watch as I let Thor fuck me.”
You couldn’t deny the fact that you found the blonde attractive. From his massive stature to his raucous and smokey voice that only accentuated his deep accent. You would always catch his wandering blue eyes whenever he came to visit for the weekly syndicate meetings. And though the thought of actually acting upon the urges never crossed your mind, you did always wonder what it would be like to lay with the Norse god-like man.
So when Bucky informed you yesterday that he would act on anything you desired, your first thought went to him. After scheduling the meet, you found Thor’s saved contact and told him about your plan. How you wanted to get back at your cheating, scumbag husband in the worst way possible.
You weren’t expecting him to agree so suddenly, his accepting response sent in not even 2 minutes after. He even said he would bring a special something to make sure everything went according to plan.
Which brings you back to this unfolding moment.
Bucky’s lips sputtered like a fish out of water, trying to form a sentence but was completely flabbergasted. “W- why him? Why this? Isn’t there anything else, something else I can do to prove how sorry I am?”
“The only way you’ll know what it feels like to watch your spouse fuck somebody else, is to actually watch them fuck somebody else. So it’s this way or the highway, take your pick.”
Bucky stood there and weighed his options. The thought of another man touching what was his made bile rise in his throat. But if letting Thor fuck you just this once would guarantee that he wouldn’t lose you, then that’s the price he would have to pay for his actions.
With a heavy sigh, he nodded his head. “Fine, if this is what I have to sit through I’ll do it. I’ll do anything to get you back, doll.”
Thor clapped his hands together, the mighty sound rang in your ears. “Perfect, now we will just need one more thing before we get this party started.”
Reaching into the hardware store bag, the man produced a lengthy amount of rope.
“What the hell do you think you’re doing with that?” screeched the brunette.
Thor looked at you, silently asking for approval, and was grateful that you nodded to his request.
“This is to make sure you do not get up and try to stop me. Or punch me. It’s for both actually.”
Bucky looked at you, silently pleading to stop this madness but you looked at him with daring eyes, trying to see if he actually wanted you as much as he cried out.
Knowing that his efforts were going nowhere, he sighed and made his way to the chair, sitting down and resting his arms on the wooden rests.
You watched as Thor securely tied him to the chair, tightly restraining every part of Buckys’ body, making sure there was no chance of a sudden escape.
Satisfied with his handiwork, he made his way to the bed, staring down at you. “Oh my dove, I have wanted to do so many things to you the second I met you. He is a fucking imbecile to stray away from a goddess like you.”
His intense gaze and pet name had you giggling, you felt heat rise up your body and warm your face.
“You better not even think about cumming inside of her!” Bucky interjected, his arms testing out the durability of the knots.
The two of you, lost in each other’s embraces, ignored the pleas of the restrained man.
“I am going to make you feel like a queen amongst men when I’m finished with you little one.”
And with that, the blondes hand latched onto your throat, dragging you to your feet to stand in front of Bucky.
With your back pressed against his front, Thor’s hands glided across your body. His rough and large hands were a stark contrast to the soft, suppleness of your frame.
A breathy sigh left you at the stimulation as he continued to massage your body. His warm palms cupped your breasts through your bra, fondling the fleshy mounds while his thumbs stroked your covered nipples. “Oh, Thor.”
All the blonde could do was smile at his dream come true unfolding. He had a crush on you the moment he saw you enter the meeting room of your shared home with Bucky years ago. Dressed in a pair of tight leggings and a crop top, he could barely contain the desire that flooded his being at the sight of you.
So he did everything in his power to break the two of you up, even joining in on the other leader's tirades of convincing the brunette to cheat.
When he heard that you had uncovered the truth he was overjoyed, even more so when he got that glorious text from you yesterday.
So he here was, groping and fondling your body with the grace that you deserved.
“That’s it love, just relax,” he purred in your ear.
Reaching behind and unclasping your bra, he removed the lace material to unveil you to him. Turning you to the side, he bent down a tad to take your left nipple into his mouth. His taut tongue swirling around your hardening peak made you press your chest deeper into the man as your back arched.
With your tit in his mouth, he occupied his hands by grabbing handfuls of your ass, relishing in the soft feel of them. Bringing a hand up, he collided his palm with your flesh, a loud spanking noise ringing out. The feeling of the metal rings he wore imprinting your ass made you lewdly moan into the air.
Your hands grasped the sides of his face, pulling him up to tower back over you. With his suit jacket in your hands, you began to strip him of his attire; starting with his jacket, unbuttoning his dress shirt, and finally removing his belt out of the metal clasp and pulling the leather out of the belt loops.
Looking deep into his eyes, you sank to your knees, tugging his slacks down in the process. Thor’s bulge was prominent through the thin pair of black briefs he wore, his hard on pleading to be free from its confines.
With your hands in the waistband of his briefs, you tugged them down his long legs, only stopping until you heard the thunderous noise of his heavy cock smacking against his abdomen.
You looked up at his manhood with your mouth agape and eyes bulged. Buckys’ cock was big, but Thors’ was huge.
The red mushroom tip was heavily leaking precum, the secretion already sliding down his stomach. His length was thick and veiny and his balls were heavy, the sight making you salivate.
Reaching up, grasping the base of him, his girth only allowing you to circle half of it. Thor sighed in relief at the feel of your soft hand easing his ache. “Ahh, you see what you do to me my love?”
Thor watched you look up at him as you took his head into your mouth, sucking and lapping up his precum.
You knew due to his girth it was going to be tough to take it down your throat, but you were determined to consume as much of him as possible.
Pulling away, you spit on his cock and begin rubbing to get it slick before shoving it back into your mouth.
“Oh yes, little one. Such a perfect mouth of yours.”
You could only take a third of him but you stroked what you couldn’t with your hands.
Bucky sat and watched as you pleasured the blonde, his heart breaking in the process. He knew that his punishment had only just begun but he didn’t know if he could handle watching anymore of it.
Thor grabbed onto the top of your head so that way you could look your husband in the eyes. He bucked into your mouth, the tip of him poking into your cheek and extending the fleshy muscle. “How in the world could you ever stray from a perfect little mouth like this one James? Feels like fucking heaven.”
His taunting words had the brunette tug at the binds, desperate to remove him from you.
“Now as much as I am enjoying your tongue,” the blonde began as he removed you from him, “I need a taste of your sweet cunt.”
Pulling you up by under your shoulders, he lifted you onto the bed. He wasted no time in ripping your thong to shreds before diving in tongue first.
“Oh fuck yes!”
You felt his tongue dart through your slick lips, tasting every crevice of your core before sucking on your clit. The action made your back arch and your cunt press more into his mouth.
Thor placed his left hand on your stomach, pushing down to restrain you. With his right, he pushed his middle and ring finger into your sopping heat. Every push and pull of his digits caused the fire to bloom in your core. Your juices leaked out and soaked his face and ringed hand, making the metal glisten under the light.
He felt your walls tighten and spasm, your impending orgasm evident. Thor sped up his motions with his hand and applied more pressure to your mound with his tongue until he felt your juices squirt out and a loud moan ring in the air. “God- fuck!”
The blonde finger fucked you through your release, until you were a panting mess. Removing his fingers he placed them in his mouth, sucking off your essence and making sure to be loud enough for the tied man to hear him. “You taste absolutely divine, my dove.”
Thor’s cock bobbed at the sight before him; your body spread out as your eyes were hooded, rising chest, and swollen cunt. You were a sight for sore eyes.
Even though you had just experienced an orgasm, you desperately wanted more so you reached out to him with grabby hands directed towards his cock. The action caused a booming laugh to escape him.
“Needy little thing I see,” Thor taunted, “I guess you needed a real man to show you how it’s done.”
All that flashed through Bucky's mind were thoughts of murdering the blonde with his bare hands. “You’re lucky you tied me to this fucking chair otherwise you’d be dead on the floor already.”
Thor ignored his threats as he pulled you up and into him, your legs wrapped around his waist. He carried you until he was right in front of the brunette. Placing you down on the floor, he manhandled your body until you were bent down, your hands holding onto Bucky’s forearms with your face directly in front of his.
He held the base of his cock, using it to run through your folds and getting it slick with your essence.
“Here little one. Let me show you how it feels to actually be fucked.”
A sharp yelp turned moan ripped through you at the sudden intrusion. Thor's cock filled you up in crevices of your cunt that you didn't know you had. He wasn't even fully sheathed inside of you and yet you felt so full. “Ahh- oh god.”
“Fucking hell princess, such a tight cunt,” spoke Thor through battered breaths.
With the compromising position you were in, Bucky felt every sharp breath leave your lips and waft over his face. Every buck of the blonde's hips pushed your frame into his. He watched your eyes roll back into your skull due to ecstasy. Ecstasy that, for the first time in your marriage, he wasn’t the cause of.
“Yes Thor, fuck, just like that.”
You felt the man behind grab onto your hips and pummel inside of you. You felt every ridge of his cock drag against your spasming walls.
The pace he had set was brutal, making you feel how badly he wanted- needed this.
Thor needed to show you what true bliss felt like. He needed to show you how you didn’t need the pathetic excuse of a man in front of you. And more importantly, he needed to show Bucky how much of a dumbass he was for thinking he needed anyone else but you.
He pulled out of you, much to your dismay, before trudging you back to the bed. He sat down on the edge and maneuvered your body to where your back was pressed against him once again while your legs were spread out on either side of his thighs. The position left you bare to the restrained man, allowing him to watch everything that was about to be performed to your soaked cunt.
Thor moved your right arm to sling across his shoulders, allowing the two of you to watch your victim. With both hands on your waist, he raised your body up and sunk you down on his shaft. A content sigh came from you both.
“You feel so warm my dove,” he cooed only loud enough for you to hear, “I could get used to this pussy wrapped around my cock for the rest of my days.”
You moaned at his statement while locking eyes with Bucky.
He unwillingly sat there and watched Thor piston into you. His sharp thrusts continuously impaled you as he matched them by bringing your hips down, creating a sweet tempo.
By the feel of your channel tightening around his cock, he could tell your second orgasm of the night was imminent.
Moving a hand down to your cunt, he rubbed taut circles to your numb, drawing a frenzied cry from you. “Oh yes! Fuck yes, please don’t stop!”
He laughed at your unadulterated request, “Would not dream of such a thing.”
Your head flew back in ecstasy as he continued fucking into you while rubbing on your clit, the pleasure becoming all-consuming.
“Look up,” Thor ordered you, “Look at your husband. Look how pathetic he looks as he watches his wife getting properly fucked. He cannot tear his eyes away from your delicious cunt. Poor bastard even has a hardon at the glorious sight of you taking every inch of me.”
And it was true. Even though Bucky hated the scene in front of him, he couldn’t deny the fact that it had him hot and bothered. The way your breasts bounced and the sounds of his- your squelching pussy had him in a daze.
Thor proceeded with his actions until he heard a mighty shout from you. “Yes- yes I’m cumming!”
He felt your cunt squeeze the life out of him as your juices soaked his cock and thighs. His thrusts began to dwindle down, trying to stave off his own release.
You felt like jelly against the mass of muscle pressed into your back. The two orgasms you experienced felt better than anything Bucky had ever given you in your 7 years of marriage.
Sensing your exhaustion, Thor slung his arm around your torso, keeping you upright. With you secure in his arm, he stood up and walked you around the side of the bed, then crawling onto the mattress. He flipped you onto your back causing you to stare back at him.
He maneuvered his hips until his dick caught onto your hole before slowly sinking in, your warmth engulfing him yet again. “Princess, you're going to be the death of me,” Thor spoke through clenched teeth, making you giggle.
With this new position came a new pace. What began as brutal and quick thrusts turned into slow and deep ones. He made sure to make you feel every ridge and every inch of him. The curve of his dick made your walls flutter around him, the stimulation driving the you two wild.
The both of your foreheads were pressed against each other, your eyes locked in as you savored the moment together.
So lost in the moment, you forgot all about Bucky sitting there watching. So far gone that you didn't register him crying.
Bucky had never thought he could feel true heartbreak until then. When he first got with Dolores, he thought about the off chance of you finding out, but he thought the revelation would be something you would be able to get over.
But sitting there, watching the love of his life being pleasured beyond belief by another man, he finally knew what you felt that evening when you walked in on him.
His chest was hot and heavy as agony filled it, tears fell down his face, and his whole body shook due to quiet sobs. “Please, please (Y/N). I get it. Just please stop.”
The pleas of the broken man fell on deaf ears as you and Thor were lost in your own world. The heavy weight of his large frame was comforting as he slowly drove into you. His hot breath warmed up your face as he looked down at you, his eyes filled with both lust and admiration.
“Who does this pussy belong to, my love?” He quietly questioned, directed only to you.
“It's yours Thor. It's all yours.”
With a content smile, he leant down and connected his lips with yours. His kisses were hungry, desperate even. Thor etched the comforting feel of your lips against his own in his mind.
Your mouth opened, giving the blonde the chance to slither his tongue into you. The wet feel of his tongue massaging your own, paired with his leisurely thrusts brought you to a blissful stupor.
You were both close, your breathy moans signaling your impending third orgasm were swallowed by the man above you.
Though his thrusts were still languid, Thor added a bit more power to them. His soft head repeatedly nudging your g-spot. Every impact from his cock made you lose a bit of reality as your core began to bloom.
“Cum in me,” you breathed into his mouth, “Cum in me and I’m all yours.”
With your blissful words filling his head, he delivered a few more passionate thrusts into your heat until you both came with a shout.
Even though you were blissed out beyond belief, you felt Thor’s cock pump and coat your walls with his cum. Heavy amounts of his seed spilled out from your battered cunt, sliding down and staining the sheets below.
His thrusts continued but were slowed, all of his focus still on molding his lips to yours, drinking in the heavenly taste of you.
Once he had completely emptied himself inside of you, he removed his lips from yours and smiled. “You are mine forever, little dove. I’m not letting anyone take you away from me.”
You looked up at him with a dopey smile and eyelids heavy with lust. It was at that moment that you heard the sobs coming from Bucky.
Looking to the side, you watched as the brunettes head was down as he cried out, but quickly returned your attention to the man above.
“Take me home Thor.”
The blonde removed himself from you to search for his clothes. Picking up the stray material of his dress shirt, he waited for you to sit up before dressing you in it.
“Wait,” Bucky interjected, “What are you doing?”
With shaky legs, you got up from the mattress and went to the bedside table where a manila folder had been sitting; your cum dripping down your thighs and onto the bedroom carpet. Picking up the packet, you walked in front of Bucky and placed it, as well as your wedding ring, on his lap.
“Here are the divorce papers,” you avowed, “Make sure to sign them right away.”
Once he had put back on the remainder of his clothes, Thor went and picked you up bridal style and headed towards the door, leaving your now ex-husband to reflect by his lonesome.
“B-but you said-” the brunette bewailed, his eyes bloodshot and full of tears.
Looking over at the man, you laughed, “Did you really think you could have your cake and eat it too? That’s not how it works James. Have a nice life, I hope she was worth it.”
And with that, Thor whisked you away, down the hotel and towards the awaiting car, leaving the broken man tied to the chair.
Bucky was now a shattered being. Though part of him felt pure rage, his emotions were more consumed with grief. He had lost the greatest thing to ever happen to him, all because of his stupid desires.
So he unwillingly sat there, tears flowing uncontrollably as he wallowed in his self pity, regretting all of his choices knowing that he had now just lost you forever.
Tumblr media
A/N: whew, this was a hot concept. i absolutely love cheating fics for some reason but i hate it when they make reader get back together with them, so decided to change that.
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𝐬𝐢𝐧 𝐜𝐢𝐭𝐲 𝐦𝐚𝐬𝐭𝐞𝐫𝐥𝐢𝐬𝐭
Tumblr media
𝐚/𝐧: 𝐰𝐞𝐥𝐜𝐨𝐦𝐞 𝐭𝐨 𝐦𝐲 𝐬𝐢𝐧 𝐜𝐢𝐭𝐲 𝐦𝐚𝐬𝐭𝐞𝐫𝐥𝐢𝐬𝐭! 𝐢𝐟 𝐚𝐧𝐲 𝐨𝐟 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐥𝐢𝐧𝐤𝐬 𝐚𝐫𝐞𝐧’𝐭 𝐰𝐨𝐫𝐤𝐢𝐧𝐠, 𝐩𝐥𝐞𝐚𝐬𝐞 𝐥𝐞𝐭 𝐦𝐞 𝐤𝐧𝐨𝐰!
𝐚𝐥𝐥 𝐰𝐨𝐫𝐤𝐬 𝐡𝐞𝐫𝐞 𝐚𝐫𝐞 𝐧𝐬𝐟𝐰, (𝟏𝟖+), 𝐩𝐥𝐞𝐚𝐬𝐞 𝐝𝐨 𝐧𝐨𝐭 𝐢𝐧𝐭𝐞𝐫𝐚𝐜𝐭 𝐢𝐟 𝐲𝐨𝐮’𝐫𝐞 𝐛𝐞𝐥𝐨𝐰 𝟏𝟖
𝐥𝐚𝐬𝐭 𝐮𝐩𝐝𝐚𝐭𝐞𝐝: 𝟐𝟖𝐭𝐡 𝐚𝐩𝐫𝐢𝐥 𝟐𝟎𝟐𝟏
𝐬𝐢𝐧 𝐜𝐢𝐭𝐲 𝐢𝐬 𝐡𝐞𝐥𝐝 𝐰𝐞𝐞𝐤𝐥𝐲 • 𝐦𝐚𝐢𝐧 𝐦𝐚𝐬𝐭𝐞𝐫𝐥𝐢𝐬𝐭
Tumblr media
giving bucky head in the morning
riding bucky’s thigh (sugar daddy!bucky)
teasing bucky during a meeting (mob!bucky)
dancing for bucky before going down on him
back alley sex with bucky (40s!bucky)
bucky fucking you in front of his men (mob!bucky)
giving bucky a blowjob after class (professor!bucky)
bucky fucking you after clubbing (best friend!bucky)
bucky fucking you in the bathroom (biker!bucky)
bucky helping you study for your chemistry test
fucking bucky behind your husband’s back (plumber!bucky)
fucking your dad’s best friend, bucky
going down on bucky while he’s driving
fucking bucky in the library (college boyfriend!bucky)
Tumblr media
getting finger fucked by steve (nomad!steve)
Tumblr media
blowing off steam with bucky and steve
getting punished by mob!bucky and mob!steve
Tumblr media
sebastian teases you while you’re on a call 
honeymoon beach sex with sebastian
sebastian eating you out by the pool
airplane sex with sebastian
sebastian fingering you under the table
kitchen sex with sebastian
Tumblr media
riding chris’s face for the first time
chris fucking you before the wedding
chris helping you to cum for the first time
a quickie with chris before dinner with his family
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barnestuff · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
summary the pet names Bucky calls you
pairing bucky barnes x reader
warnings fluff. pet names.
a/n Hope you like it <3 not my gif
✧・゚: *✧・゚:*✧・゚: *✧・゚:*✧・゚: *✧・゚:*
Doll is usually what Bucky calls you.
It’s like your name to him.
Bucky loves that it is familiar so he uses it on every simple occasion.
“I love you, doll.” or just a
“Good morning, doll.”
It just slips out of his lips very easily.
And he loves that you get frustrated whenever he calls you “doll”, no matter how long you two have been together.
it never fails to give you butterflies.
Baby is for when Bucky is needy.
“Baby, please five more minutes.”
He knows what that nickname does to you and he loves it.
You could never resist him when he calls you baby.
He would come home and hug you, mumbling:
“I missed you so much today, baby.”
(yes, he is the baby in the situation)
You two would be making out and he would whisper between kisses:
“Let me take care of you, baby.”
Bucky calls you sweetheart when he wants to comfort you.
He would hold you tightly and whisper:
“I know sweetheart, I know.”
and it always has this very special effect on you
it always calms you down
“I promise It’ll get better, sweetheart.”
Bucky just knows you better than anyone else and always knows what to say.
pretty girl
Bucky calls you pretty girl when he is feeling possessive
No need to lie, green looks kinda good on Bucky.
“You are mine, pretty girl. You know that, right?” he would say softly.
and it would give you tingles down there
“You are doing so well, my pretty girl.”
yes please.
honey is for domestic occasions
“Honey, I’m home!” or
“I made dinner, honey.”
It’s very natural, domestic.
You love it when Bucky calls you honey,
it feels very familiar,
but gives you goosebumps at the same time.
Bucky calls you beautiful when he means something he says.
“I don’t know what I would do without you, beautiful.”
It is a way to assure you that he is serious.
“I love you more than anything, beautiful.”
and you always know he means it.
✧・゚: *✧・゚:*✧・゚: *✧・゚:*✧・゚: *✧・゚:*
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sinner-as-saint · 2 months ago
Yours To Wield (series) - COMPLETED.
Mob!Bucky x Reader 
Tumblr media
Run-through: With the enemy threatening to obliterate your family, you’re left with no choice but to take the hit just so he would spare your loved ones. Belonging to a mafia family requires sacrifices to be made at every step, and in order to save your family you make the ultimate one - you offer yourself up to the enemy. Bucky Barnes isn’t a man one negotiates with, he owns this city and whatever he says is considered law. But when you come to him with an irresistible offer, he bends his own rules for you. What starts out as an agreement becomes so much more, and the two of you find love where it wasn’t supposed to be. But rare are the love stories which don’t include some sort of war. 
Themes throughout the series: mob!bucky, smut, angst, language, (mild) soft dom/sub dynamic, fluff
Yours To Wield: COMPLETED.
Part 1 
Part 2 
Part 3
Part 4 
Part 5 
Bonus Chapter
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buckycuddlebuddy · 2 months ago
𝒃𝒆𝒆𝒏 𝒍𝒊𝒌𝒆 𝒕𝒉𝒊𝒔
summary ─ bucky chuckled. “you gonna put me in a grave early, bun,” he whispered in your ear and kissed your cheek.
pairing ─ mob!bucky barnes x reader
warnings ─ smut, +18, teasing, danger kink, daddy kink (not ddlg/ddlb), d/s undertones, hair pulling (bucky drags reader away by the hair), light dacryphilia, possessive bucky, pole dancing, lingerie, pet names, dirty talk, brief mentions of “killing people because of jealousy”, implied knife play, breeding kink
a/n ─ hope you like it. please leave a comment if you do! thank youuu <33
title is from been like this by doja cat and i’m linking the slowed + reverb version bc it’s weirdly better than the original
Tumblr media
Bucky was watching you; his steel blue eyes never leaving your lingerie clad body, he clenched his jaw as he finished his drink in one go. His hands were twitching and itching to grab the gun he stashed under his suit jacket and shoot every man who was fool enough to look at your way. He promised you, though. He was going to behave and not cause any scenes. Otherwise, Bucky knew, there would be carnage already because everyone was watching you with hungry looks.
Clenching his jaw even more, Bucky gritted his teeth.
You were loving the attention you were getting so far, he knew. You were twisting and shaking your hips with the beat of the song. Your hands slid up and down on the pole you’ve been dancing with. You had high, clear heels on your feet that made your legs look miles long and made you feel powerful and sexy. The lingerie on you was one of the sets that Bucky chose for you to wear it for him, not for the pervert audience he had the terrible itch to butcher.
You were his, dammit, and his only.
Bucky’s eyes darkened as he watched you bend forward, legs perfectly straight, your ass up and the fatness of it jiggling deliciously. He felt a stir in his pants, felt them getting tighter just a little, and Bucky sighed deeply.
“Get me another whiskey, please,” he ordered one of his men. The guy scrambled to comply while Bucky’s eyes stayed on you.
You were on your knees now; hands sliding down, roaming your body and feeling it up. You shook your head to your sides, whipping your hair sexually and fell onto your hands, giving the guys behind you the perfect view of your ass. Bucky growled. You were teasing him; you made that part very obvious. This dance wasn’t for anyone but him, and you were pushing your luck.
Narrowing his eyes, Bucky grabbed the arms of the chair he’d been sitting tightly. The stirring in his pants was getting stronger now, he could feel himself hardening rapidly, and it was only fueling the itch he had going on. His hands itched to feel, lips itched to kiss and teeth itched to bite and place his mark on your gorgeous skin. He took his eyes off of you for a brief moment when one of his men placed another glass of whiskey in front of him. He grunted.
When his eyes lend on you again, he saw you looking at him. Your hair was a beautiful mess, chest moving fast, you slowly descended from the stage you’ve been dancing on. The bright spotlight followed you with your each step as you made your way towards him. Bucky felt the anticipation seeping into his bloodstream, making his heart beat wildly and putting a hitch on his breathing.
You came to a stop when you reached to his table. He looked powerful and dangerous in his seat. He had an all-black suit on him; the jacket hugging his broad shoulders, shirt straining because of his wide chest and his suit pants complimenting on his thick thighs. He had foregone a tie, first couple buttons of his shirt undone, you saw the chain of his dog tags. You bit your lip.
“Hi, Daddy,” you whispered all breathily. His men were used to hearing you calling him that, so they didn’t even bat an eye. You walked around the table, placed your hands on his knees and leaned forward. “I missed you today,” you said, pouting sweetly. Bucky’s eyes darkened as he watched you perch yourself onto his lap. You swung your bare legs over his thick thighs, ass against his crotch; you plastered your chest to his. You knew he could feel your hard nipples through the fabrics between you.
“What are you doing, pumpkin?” Bucky asked, sounding like he was holding himself back. You smiled.
“I’m showing you off the lingerie set you bought for me, Daddy,” you murmured. Leaning in, you kissed his cheek innocently before brushing your nose against his. “You chose this for me, and I wanted to show you properly.” Batting your eyelashes, you gave him a coy look. Bucky’s hands twitched.
“You’re playing a dangerous game, bunny,” Bucky murmured. You smiled widely.
“I know,” you said. Leaning in again, this time you pecked his lips. Your right hand moved down to his crotch, grabbing his growing bulge lightly. “You gonna take me? Drag me outta here? Threaten people around me? Are you gonna own me, Daddy?” Clenching his jaw tightly, Bucky growled.
“Is that what you want?” He asked. You blinked at him innocently.
“Yes, Daddy.”
Bucky stood up with one graceful move and grabbed your by the hair. “So be it,” he whispered into your ear and then dragged you towards the private rooms with your hair held tightly in his large palm. You giggled. You were drunk on the pain already, and Bucky just wanted to take you right there, bent over one of those tables. He didn’t want anybody to see you like that, though, so private rooms were the way to go.
“No interruptions,” he grumbled to one of the bodyguards waiting by the private room entrance. “Do not come inside until I give you the permission.” The bodyguards nodded firmly. “Come on, slut,” Bucky whispered to you and stepped into one of the rooms. He threw you on the bed and closed the door, locking it.
Moaning, you took off your heels and turned onto your front; on your stomach, ass high up in the air. “Please, Daddy,” you whispered, looking at him right in the eye. Bucky shivered. He removed his jacket and draped it over one of the many chairs in the room.
“Tell me what you want, baby,” he asked, walking towards you. You whined sweetly.
“Take me, breed me, own me, please,” you begged. He groaned.
Damn him, you sounded so fucking sweet and Bucky wanted to eat you alive.
“Okay, bunny, I’ll do that,” Bucky cooed at you. “You gonna take your punishment without complaint first, though,” he added. His rings-clad hand roamed all over your ass. “You’ve been showing a lot of skin to the strangers tonight, honey bun.” You whined. Bucky hummed. “I’m gonna let you choose your punishment because you look so damn pretty in that lingerie I bought for you.” You nodded eagerly. “I can spank you…” He trailed off as he dug his nails into the meat of your ass, making you arch your back. “Or I can deny you until I’m satisfied.”
You whimpered. “You’re not fair, Daddy,” you murmured, pouting. Bucky chuckled.
“Decide. You have five seconds or I’m deciding it for you,” Bucky murmured. You whimpered again.
“Spank me, Daddy,” you moaned. You wiggled your ass for good measure. Bucky smiled.
“Knew you were going to choose that,” he whispered. “You’re a pain slut. You love it when I make it hurt, don’t you, honey bun?”
“Yes,” you whined. “Yes, I love it, Daddy. You make it hurt so good.” Bucky groaned. He bent forward to place a kiss on the base of your spine.
“Okay,” Bucky murmured. “I’ll make it hurt. Just like you love it, okay?” You nodded. “Gonna mark this peach as mine,” he whispered as he grabbed a handful. You moaned, stretching and pressing against his touch like a cat. Bucky smiled. “Kitten…” Bucky called out softly. “You want my marks on you?”
“Yes, Daddy, I do,” you whispered. Your eyes glossy, you looked gone already. Bucky shivered again.
Bucky just hummed. His palms were on your cheeks, stroking and petting them lovingly. He pulled them back and brought his right one down for a hit. You gasped with the pain. His left hand was brought down, and then it was his right. He petted, stroked your ass cheeks and hit them one after the other. His rings’ shapes were imprinted on your ass. Bucky knew you were going to be sore tomorrow. He smiled. That meant you were gonna be in your cuddling mood tomorrow.
Bucky grabbed a fistful of your hair, pulling you upright and against his chest. “You do not show off for strangers,” he whispered and brought his hand down on your ass. You gasped and whined, tears rolling down on your face as you nodded.
“Yes, Daddy, I won’t! I promise!” You panted. Bucky kissed your neck, licking away the tears.
“Y’know I’m a possessive motherfucker, honey bun,” he continued. “I don’t share. I’ll kill them all, y’know that, too. I’ll kill them and then come home ‘n fuck you stupid.” You moaned loudly. “Yeah, you’d love that, huh? You’d love to have your Daddy home with his gun in his hand, knowing that he killed all those guys you showed yourself off, wouldn’t you?” Bucky whispered in your ear and slid his left hand, his metal one which you slightly favored almost all the time, into your panties. You jumped with the cold digit swiping at your juices. You rolled your hips down against his fingers for any sort of friction. Bucky tsked. He pulled his hand back and pushed you on the bed again, metal hand ripping your panties off.
He quickly undid his belt and pulled his zipper down. His cock was pushing the confines of his pants, and Bucky groaned loudly at the relief when his cock sprung free. He grabbed you by your thighs and pulled your body towards his.
“Gonna breed you, bunny,” Bucky murmured, rutting against you. You moaned. “Gonna give you a pup, gonna put a baby in you, gonna make you a mama.” His cock head grazed over your clit, making you jump at the feeling and moan loudly. Bucky hummed. Positioning himself, he slid inside of you with one smooth move.
“Oh, fuck!” You exclaimed. “God─” You bit your lip, clenching around him to stop yourself from coming at the spot.
Bucky was your husband of five years now, and you knew you would never get used to how perfectly his cock filled you every time you had sex. He was in deep, was able to reach and stroke every sensitive spot you had there. He was filling you up so nicely that you could feel every vein and throbbing.
“God, been fucking this cunt silly almost every night for almost eight years now, and it’s tighter than a virgin’s still,” Bucky grunted. “Oh, baby, you always make it so nice to breed you with being all tight for me an’ all.” You whined.
“Move, please, Daddy?” You asked, breathless. Bucky didn’t say anything but started thrusting. Even though he wanted to tease you, go slow and deep, he didn’t have enough patience to go with his plan. All he wanted to do was to own you, come in you and breed you. Slow and passionate could be your round two, but now, Bucky had to own you.
So, he set up a punishing pace. His balls and hips smacking against the skin of your thighs and ass, Bucky’s eyes rolled back with the feeling of obscene skin-slapping-skin sounds were giving him. You were so wet, so tight, felt so fucking good around him, Bucky knew he wasn’t going to last. You weren’t too far away from where he was anyway.
Groaning, Bucky draped his body onto yours, caging you under him. You hummed, whimpered and moaned gently when you felt his weight on you. You always told him that it made you feel safe and happy, and Bucky was happy to be your weighted blanket.
“Bunny, you feel so good,” he moaned into your neck. You stretched under him, winding your fingers through his short hair, your other hand held his metal one. His thrusts fastened, got even more desperate, and you gasped when he bit down on your bare shoulder. “Not gonna last when you’re making me feel so damn good, honey,” Bucky rasped. He slid his right hand towards you, palm finding its home around your throat, you let out a whine.
“Yes, yes, Daddy, plea─ oh!” You gasped. Bucky could feel that you were close; your walls were trying to milk the come out of him. “Can I come, Daddy? P-please, please, I wanna come, please!”
“Sssh,” Bucky cooed at you. “Come whenever you want to, bunny,” he whispered. “Your cunt is hungry, love. You come, and I’ll feed it, a’right?” You sobbed. Your stomach cramped and thighs clenched as you came around him; the orgasm shattering the last crumbs of reality you had in your mind. Bucky groaned loud and long. His balls twitched, tightened and he felt the tell tale of his orgasm creeping closer. He started to jackrabbit. His hips moving fast, chasing his own high as he buried one moan after the other into your skin.
“Gonna come,” Bucky whispered harshly. “Gonna fill you with my come, baby. Gonna make you cream, gonna feed that cunt,” he grumbled. His breath was hot against your nape, but you didn’t mind it. “Gonna make you mama, you gonna get all big and ‘round with my pup, gonna─” Bucky cut himself off when his orgasm hit him like a sledgehammer. He groaned loudly as he pumped you full with his come, making you leak.
You hummed happily. Bucky collapsed on top of you briefly, panting and trying to gain his senses.
“Shit,” he gasped. “Goddamn.” You hummed again. Bucky cuddled you against his chest tightly as he rolled on his left, taking you with him. You chuckled. “Damn, bunny.” You giggled.
“It was great,” you murmured a little sleepily.
“Great? It was incredible,” Bucky panted. “I’ve never come that hard before, holy fuck. For a second, I genuinely thought I was having a stroke.” You snorted, hitting him lightly. Bucky chuckled. “You gonna put me in a grave early, bun,” he whispered in your ear and kissed your cheek. You wiggled against him with a smile on your face.
“We both know that if you go down, I’m followin’ you, so,” you said and shrugged. Bucky shook his head. The silence hugged you both; calming you and making you feel safe and peaceful.
“Do you think we did it this time?” Bucky asked tentatively. His right hand was splayed over your bare stomach. You sighed.
“I don’t know,” you whispered. “Even if it didn’t, we have a lot of time to try it again and again and again…” Bucky hummed.
“That so?” You grinned before you pecked him on the lips.
“Yup,” you said happily. “You wanna make sure?” Bucky chuckled darkly.
“You ordering me around, sugar?” Bucky asked playfully.
“Well, I’m a mobster’s wife, so, yeah,” you said, nodding. Bucky’s eyes darkened.
“Your wish is my command, m’lady,” Bucky murmured and flipped you onto your back. “How do you want it this time? Hm?” Bucky moved between your thighs, pussy glistening with your juices and Bucky’s come. “We gotta get rid of that first, though,” he said, pointing at your bra. He pulled a knife from somewhere and cut the bra off from the middle. Your breath hitched. Bucky smirked devilishly.
“You know, I always forgot that you have a danger kink,” he murmured. He put the blunt part of the knife against your throat and watched you getting glossy and blissed again. “Maybe that’s what we should try now. Hm? What do you say?”
“Please…” You whispered.
“Please, what, bunny?” You whimpered.
“Daddy, please.” Bucky leaned in and kissed you briefly.
“Your wish is my command,” Bucky whispered and got to work with an evil smirk on his face.
You were a screaming and panting mess an hour later. Covered in his come, both of you were sated and content. Unaware of the small life you put in the oven that night.
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blanketbarnes · a month ago
Beautiful Mess Masterlist
Tumblr media
summary: your doctor accidentally inseminates you with the sperm of the city's biggest mob boss, James Buchanan Barnes. (Jane the Virgin AU)
pairing: mob!bucky barnes x reader
themes/warnings: fluff, smut, slow burn, accidental pregnancy, angst
part 1
part 2
part 3
part 4
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kinanabinks · 14 days ago
Share Your Blessings • Mob!Steve x Reader x Mob!Bucky
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Summary: Bucky's always known that you're his biggest blessing. A God-sent angel from above. Who's he to keep you all to himself?
Content Warning: Mob!Bucky x Reader established relationship, Mob!Steve x Reader, smut (buck gets cucked, daddy kink, degradation kink, oral sex, penetrative sex, voyeurism, overstimulation, creampie, objectification, fingering, spitting, blowjob, face fucking), slight angst, aftercare and fluff.
dedicated to @chirsevans just because
Tumblr media
Steve loves coming over to yours for dinner. There's something about the dynamic between you and Bucky that relaxes him. Although you've been together for almost three years now, it's as though you're still in the honeymoon period.
"I don't think it's properly set," You say with a pout as you observe your cheesecake.
Just before your eyes have the chance to fill with tears, Bucky wraps his arms around you and holds you tight, kissing your cheek. "It looks incredible, flower. Doesn't it, Steve?"
"Oh, absolutely," Steve replies immediately, watching as Bucky pulls a smile from your pretty lips with a kiss to your cheek.
Once the sloppy cheesecake has been eaten, the three of you retire to one of the big couches in the living room. Bucky sits facing the left with you on his lap, and Steve takes his place on the other end. The fireplace warms up the room as the three of you bask in each other's presence.
"So I tell him; get it right this time, or you'll never be employed in New York again," Steve finishes off his story with a sordid smirk.
"You're so mean, Steven," You say teasingly, resting your feet on his lap. "You oughta treat people nicer."
"I treat you plenty nice, don't I?" He asks with a raised brow, making you laugh.
"Honey," Bucky whispers, lifting your chin up. "Give me a kiss."
You comply, reaching up to kiss him. His hand cups your neck while his tongue slips into your mouth. He usually isn't one for public displays of affection, but you welcome it.
When you pull away, you look back at Steve who was seemingly watching you the whole time. With a smirk, you raise a brow. "Enjoy the show, perv?" You press your foot gently against his inner thigh, dangerously close to his semi-hard boner.
Bucky just chuckles from behind you. He doesn't mind what a flirt you are when it comes to Steve, as Steve is the one who introduced you two to each other due to your flirty nature, knowing you and Bucky were suited. If you weren't so open and forward, Bucky might not have ever met you.
When Steve says nothing in response, you frown. "You okay, Stevie?"
Bucky brings his mouth to your ear and loudly whispers, "I think he's feeling left out."
A laugh leaves your mouth, before you sit up against Bucky's chest. "Come kiss me then."
Steve falters. Did you really just say that? He looks to Bucky for permission, but the brunette just shoots him a wink. Taking that as his green light, Steve leans over to you and gives you a soft peck on your lips. Admittedly, the alcohol in his system is making him more confident than usual.
You sigh when he pulls away all too soon. "A real kiss, Steven."
Once again, he looks to Bucky for approval who gives him a nod. Crawling over to you, Steve brings his lips to yours, kissing you deeper this time. You open your mouth and allow his tongue to slip and slide against yours as you let out soft whimpers. The kiss is hot and passionate, and the fact that your boyfriend is watching only makes it hotter.
Bucky's hand slowly slides under your dress and to your panties. Pushing them to the side, he rubs his fingers over your clit, making you shudder. "Fuck, Steve, you're making her so wet," He groans as the two of you pull away from the kiss. With a smirk, Bucky presses his cheek against yours and looks up at Steve. "It's only right that you taste it."
Overtaken by desire, Steve wastes no time in ripping your panties apart and burying his face between your legs. His tongue laps at your cunt, making your back arch against Bucky. Bucky's hand finds yours and your fingers interlock while you moan out. You've never discussed the idea of doing anything sexual with anyone else, but the spontaneity of the moment only fuels your pleasure.
"Just like that, Steve," You whine. "Eating my pussy so good."
"You like that, you little slut?" Bucky mutters into your ear. "You like having another man tasting what's mine?"
"Mmm, fuck," You groan, running your hand through Steve's hair as he sucks on your clit. "Keep going, please."
Steve happily obliges, swirling his tongue over your folds and poking it into your entrance, fucking you with it as his thumb rubs your clit. The absurdity of the fact that Steve is eating you out while Bucky whispers what a slut you are brings you to your orgasm quicker than ever, and your thighs squeeze Steve's head.
His face reddens at the lack of oxygen, but he doesn't care for breathing right now. He consumes your pussy juices with vigor, growling against you. In seconds, you cum all over his face, letting out a scream. Steve groans loudly, sucking every drop of your juice he can get. You loosen your thighs, allowing him to pull away and catch his breath.
"Fuck," You and Steve say at the same time, both of you breathing heavily.
With a dark look in his eyes, Bucky wraps his arm around your chest, staring up at Steve. "You need to know what the inside of my little whore's pussy feels like," He tells the blonde darkly. "When you have it wrapped around your cock..." He trails off, letting out a sigh. "Fuck. You'll have a taste of heaven, Rogers."
With his eyes on you, Steve pulls out his hard, swollen cock, making you gasp. You clutch onto Bucky's forearm, blinking. "Daddy, it's so big," You tell him with a whisper before looking up at him. "Bigger than yours."
Bucky smirks at your words, getting off on them. "It's okay," He assures you softly. "You'll take it for Mr. Rogers, won't you?"
Swallowing thickly, you nod. "Yes, daddy."
Bucky grins and gives you a sweet kiss. "Good girl."
Steve brings his cock to your pussy, teasingly rubbing it up and down, coating it in your slick. Once his shaft is covered, he sinks it into you, making you cry out. He's a little thicker than Bucky, stretching your pussy out as he fills you up.
"Daddy," You whimper, looking up at Bucky. "It hurts so good."
He chuckles darkly, stroking your hair. "Such a fucking slut, aren't you? Look at you; letting another man inside you like a little cockwhore."
His words fill you with delight. When Steve feels your cunt flutter around him, can no longer hold back. He begins pounding in and out of you, gripping your hips in his hands.
"Fuck, princess," Steve moans, lifting your leg up onto his shoulder and fucking you deeper. "You were right, Buck. This is fucking heaven."
Bucky smirks, filled with pride. "Good little fuckdoll, isn't she?"
Steve groans loudly, pumping his cock in and out of you while you let out feeble cries. "You're a lucky man, Barnes," He grunts. "Got this pretty little thing at your beck and call, every damn day."
Kissing your cheek, Bucky smiles, stroking your hair. "She's such a good little girl for me. Baby, look at me," He orders gently, tilting your chin towards him. Once your eyes lock, he lowers his voice. "I adore you."
Your pussy tightens at his soft words, making Steve groan as his hips move faster. The tip of his cock hits your cervix, making you feel faint with each thrust. Bucky's gentle cheek kisses keep you grounded, and before long, you feel the familiar knot build up in your core.
"Please, daddy, can I cum?" You ask Bucky, tightening your grip on his hand.
He looks up at Steve with an arrogant grin. "I've trained her well, haven't I?"
"Daddy, please," You whine desperately as your hips buck up. "I'm so close."
Steve pummels into you harder and faster, rubbing your nipples through your cotton dress.
"You can cum, baby," Bucky grants you, cradling your upper body in his arms. "Cum all over Mr. Rogers' cock, like the desperate little slut you are."
"Thank you, daddy," You cry out before letting go and letting your orgasm take over. Your eyes flutter shut and your lips part as you gasp, letting out pretty little moans.
Steve takes in how beautiful you are in this moment, and it makes him cum with no warning. His forehead falls forward to lean against yours and with a growl, he cums deep inside your pussy, filling you with his hot seed.
"Oh, princess," He groans under his breath, giving you a kiss. "So fucking perfect."
Bucky strokes your arm and whispers sweet nothings into your ear while you float down from your high. "I'm so proud of you, babygirl," He mumbles with a smile. "Did so well for daddy."
Meanwhile, Steve stands up and collects himself, zipping up his pants and putting on his suit jacket. When he looks back down at you and your eyes meet in an intense gaze, he reaches out his hand. "Give me a kiss goodbye, princess."
Seeing the soft smile on Bucky's face as his approval, you get up onto your knees and reach up as much as you can. Steve meets you halfway, bending forwards to kiss you deeply. His hands trail down your body until they reach your legs, which he pulls up and wraps around his waist. As your tongues dance, Steve lifts up your dress and spanks your ass, making you gasp. He slaps your ass a few more times, making you whimper into the kiss.
"Calm down now, Rogers," Bucky says sternly, leaning back on the couch and taking a sip from his glass of bourbon.
Steve brushes his lips against yours, smirking. "I bet you miss my cock already, don't you?"
Instantly shy, you hide your face in his chest as your cheeks heat up. Steve gives Bucky a cocky wink, but the brunette stays calm.
"She knows where she belongs," Bucky utters coolly.
"Is that right?" Steve asks with a raised brow, before lifting up your chin. "You know where you belong, princess?"
You nod meekly, with your hands resting on his shoulders. "Mhm."
"And where's that?" He asks with a mutter.
You smile widely before looking over at Bucky. "With daddy," You say bashfully.
Bucky's lips curl up slightly and he gives you a wink.
When you feel Steve's hand trailing over your ass and back down to your pussy, you gasp, looking up at him with wide eyes. He slips his fingers back into your soaking cunt, letting out a low groan. "I can feel my cum inside you, princess," He whispers, slowly pumping his fingers in and out of you. "Filled you up good, didn't I?"
"M- Mr. Rogers," You breathe out, digging your nails into his shoulders. "Please."
The sound of your pussy sucking his digits fills the room as he fingers you sloppily, making his cum and your juices drip down your thighs. You bite down on his shoulder in an effort to hide your moans, but when he curls his fingers inside you, you can't help but moan his name.
"That's it, princess," He says softly, fingering you faster. "Cum one more time for me. Show me what a good slut you really are."
Bucky watches on in silence, seeing the way your face contorts so beautifully as his cock throbs against his pants.
When Steve curls his fingers again and just hits that spot, you feel the string snap and immediately tighten your legs around his waist. "I'm cumming," You tell him with a cry as your third orgasm hits you like a wave, drenching you in pleasure.
He continues sliding his fingers in and out of you as your cunt throbs against them, making him groan. "Fuck, princess, your pussy is gold."
You let out a few shuddered breaths against his neck as you come down, utterly weak and broken apart.
Looking over at Bucky, Steve raises a brow. "You sure I can't take your fucktoy home for the night? I promise I won't break it."
Having reached the extent of his graciousness, Bucky stands up. "In your fucking dreams, Rogers."
Gently, Steve puts you down on the ground, holding onto your hands while you find your strength. "Goodnight, pretty princess," He mumbles, pressing a gentle kiss to your forehead.
"Goodnight, Mr. Rogers," You reply sweetly.
Him and Bucky share a silent nod and Steve then walks out, leaving the two of you alone.
Walking over to you, Bucky lifts you up into his arms and carries you to your bedroom. There, he sits you down on the bed before turning to the walk-in closet to find you both some pyjamas. When he doesn't say anything, you feel your heart thud in your chest.
Nervously, you kneel on the bed and lean forward off the edge. "Daddy?" You ask quietly, biting your lip. "Are you mad?"
He returns with a pile of clothing with a frown on his face. "Why would I be mad, baby?" He asks you softly, sitting next to you and pulling you closer to him.
Bashfully, you look down and play with your fingers. "I- I let him cum inside me."
"Oh, baby, look at me," He says soothingly, cupping your face and making you look up at him with a sympathetic look on his face. "Isn't that what you were made for, hmm? Being a good little cumdump?"
You giggle at his words, nodding. "Yes, daddy."
"That's right," He replies, wrapping his arm around you. "You did so well for daddy tonight."
"I did?" You ask timidly.
"So fucking well, made me so proud," He promises, making your heart swell before giving you a sweet kiss. "I love you."
His words light you up and you grin warmly at him. "I love you more," You promise, before slowly trailing your finger down his chest and to his crotch. Before you have a chance to rub his boner, he takes hold of your wrist.
"No, baby, you've had a long night," He whispers, kissing your cheek. "I want you to rest."
"No," You whine, rubbing his boner anyway as he sucks in a breath. "I wanna make sure you know where I belong," You tell him coyly, before dropping down to your knees and looking up at him with an innocent look. "Right here."
He can't protest any further as you take his throbbing cock out of his pants and into your hand. Tilting your head, you open your mouth wide, not needing to say a single word for him to know what you want.
Leaning forward, Bucky pouts his lips together and lets a long string of his spit fall out and onto your tongue. He strokes your hair before spitting into your mouth once more, his eyes darkening.
You close your mouth and swallow his saliva before wrapping your lips around his cock, immediately taking him deep into your throat. Bucky lets out a loud groan as you begin to suck him off, hollowing your cheeks around him.
"Oh, fuck, so good," He cries out, leaning back on his palm while his other hand takes hold of your hair, helping you bob up and down. With a growl, he forces you further down and begins fucking your face, his cock twitching each time you gag.
You bring up your hand and start playing with his balls, rubbing and squeezing them. Bucky lets out glorious noises as you utterly overwhelm him with pleasure. He cups your face in both his hands, wiping away the tears that escape your eyes.
"Such a good little slut for me," He groans lowly. "My perfect little fucktoy."
You moan onto his cock and the vibrations are enough to send him over the edge. With a cry of your name, Bucky cums into your throat, his hips bucking up as he fucks into your mouth sloppily. You make sure to swallow every drop, and continue sucking him once he's done. He shivers at the sensation, his sensitive dick being sucked dry by your talented mouth.
"My good little cumdump," He whispers, slightly convulsing when you finally pull your mouth off of him.
Grabbing your arms, he pulls you up onto his lap, kissing you. His tongue laps at the residual cum on your lips as he swallows his own seed, moaning into your mouth. Your tongues stroke one another and he cradles you in his arm, falling backwards to lie on his back while you straddle his chest.
"Such a good little girl," He whispers, stroking your back. "So good to daddy, aren't you?"
You kiss his neck, wrapping your arms around him. "I love you, daddy."
"I love you more," Bucky instantly replies, believing that he truly means it. "There's absolutely nothing that I wouldn't do for you, my pretty girl. Nothing."
Clutching him tighter, you snuggle into him, warm in his tight embrace. The pile of pyjamas lay forgotten, sprawled out on the floor, as the two of you slip into a deep slumber.
Tumblr media
hi! i no longer use a taglist, but if you follow @kinanabinksupdates and turn on notifications, you'll know when i update 🥰
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cherry-flav0ured · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Basically a list of all my favorite fics.
Bucky x reader:
☽ 𝙇𝙚𝙨𝙨𝙤𝙣𝙨 𝙞𝙣 𝙀𝙭𝙚𝙧𝙘𝙞𝙨𝙚 by @angrythingstarlight Beefy!Bucky x Reader
"Bucky decides to show you how good an intense work out can be, starting with the pull up bar."
☽ 𝙄 𝘿𝙞𝙙 𝙎𝙤𝙢𝙚𝙩𝙝𝙞𝙣𝙜 𝘽𝙖𝙙 by @sinner-as-saint Bodyguard!Stucky x Reader
"You’re a rich spoilt brat, and your two bodyguards are the ones who have to put up with you and your attitude all day every day. Until one day, they’ve had about enough. And they decide to tame the brat in you…"
☽ 𝙎𝙥𝙚𝙘𝙠𝙡𝙚𝙙 by @bucksfucks Dad’sbestfriend!bucky x Reader
"when your boyfriend dumps you over text you end up at bucky’s door."
☽ 𝘾𝙡𝙖𝙣𝙙𝙚𝙨𝙩𝙞𝙣𝙚 by @bucksfucks Neighbour!bucky x Reader
"you have it all— the nice car, the huge house, and the cheating husband. now all you need is a way out."
☽ 𝙁𝙖𝙠𝙚 𝘽𝙤𝙮𝙛𝙧𝙞𝙚𝙣𝙙 𝙍𝙚𝙖𝙡 𝙊𝙧𝙜𝙖𝙨𝙢𝙨 (series) by @bucksfucks Roommate!bucky x Reader
"when your roommate, bucky, begs you to be his fake girlfriend to his best friends wedding, you eventually say yes with some rules. but rules are set only to be broken."
☽ 𝟱 𝙖𝙢 by @bucksfucks Fuckboy!bucky x Reader
"just when you think you’re free from bucky’s grip, he holds tighter. but truthfully, he just doesn’t ever want to lose you, he just can’t tell you until it all comes out."
☽ 𝙉𝙚𝙩𝙝𝙚𝙧𝙬𝙤𝙧𝙡𝙙 by @bucksfucks Hades!bucky x Reader
"they say that evil lurks in the forest, but you’d never expected to be faced with him."
☽ 𝘾𝙤𝙢𝙞𝙣𝙜 𝙃𝙤𝙢𝙚 𝙏𝙤 𝙔𝙤𝙪 by @angrythingstarlight Beefy!Bucky x Reader
"Bucky has to leave for one final tour and then he's coming home to you, he promises. And he's never broken a promise."
☽ 𝙏𝙝𝙧𝙚𝙚 𝙒𝙝𝙤𝙡𝙚 𝘿𝙖𝙮𝙨 by @angrythingstarlight Beefy!Bucky x Reader
"You should have known better than to leave  Bucky alone. He’s had three whole days to think of what he’s going to do when you get back."
☽ 𝙎𝙬𝙚𝙚𝙩𝙚𝙧 𝙩𝙝𝙖𝙣 𝙎𝙪𝙜𝙖𝙧 by @angrythingstarlight Chubby Baker!Bucky x Reader
"She broke his heart but you're not going to let her win. Bucky deserves the best and you're going to give it to him."
☽ 𝙀𝙧𝙖𝙨𝙚 𝙀𝙫𝙚𝙧𝙮 𝙏𝙧𝙖𝙘𝙚 by @angrythingstarlight TFAWS Bucky x Reader
"Bucky had to sit back and watch another man touch you, but now that the ruse is over, he’s going to erase every trace of him off your skin."
☽ 𝙁𝙞𝙡𝙡 𝙈𝙚 𝙐𝙥 by @angrythingstarlight Jealous Bucky x Reader
"Bucky finds out about your little game and he is not pleased. Based on a plot twist for Stretch you out."
☽ 𝘿𝙤𝙜 𝙏𝙖𝙜𝙨 by @baroquebucky TFAWS Bucky x Reader
"bucky is always wearing his dog tags, you like to keep your hands busy"
☽ 𝙁𝙞𝙣𝙙 𝙖 𝙒𝙖𝙮 by @creme-bruhlee Alpha!grunge!bucky barnes x innocent!omega!Reader
"bucky thinks you’re paying too much attention to steve, so he shows you exactly who you belong to."
☽𝙋𝙚𝙧𝙛𝙚𝙘𝙩 by @bucksbestgirl Bucky Barnes x Reader
"Bucky wants a little something to get him through a long mission."
☽ 𝙎𝙪𝙘𝙠𝙚𝙧 𝙋𝙪𝙣𝙘𝙝 by @buckyblues Boxer!bucky x Reader
"Bucky thought he knew what was his, until he accidentally let it roam free."
☽ 𝙇𝙤𝙫𝙚 𝙈𝙚 𝙃𝙖𝙧𝙙𝙚𝙧 by @celestialbarnes Bucky Barnes x Reader
"you and bucky have been flirting and screwing around for months now, after seeing him getting frisky with someone else, you decide to do the same and bucky’s just about had enough."
☽ 𝘾𝙖𝙪𝙜𝙝𝙩 𝙖𝙣𝙙 𝘾𝙖𝙥𝙩𝙪𝙧𝙚𝙙 by @marvelouscaptainrogers Stucky x Reader
"After Steve struggles with a confession he had been holding on to for a while, Y/N walks in on a rather heated moment between Steve and Bucky, who are ecstatic to bring her along for the fun."
☽ 𝘼𝙡𝙡 𝘽𝙞𝙠𝙚𝙧𝙨 𝙖𝙧𝙚 𝙃𝙚𝙡𝙡𝙨 𝘼𝙣𝙜𝙚𝙡𝙨 (series) by @sweet-barnes Biker!bucky x Reader
"When Y/N’s older brother Steve gets into a near fatal accident, she’s the emergency contact. The notorious biker gang she finds littering the hospital is unexpected and so is the news that Steve is the leader’s best friend and right hand man, the infamous James Buchanan Barnes."
☽ 𝘼𝙨𝙩𝙧𝙤𝙥𝙝𝙞𝙡𝙚 (series) by @all1e23 Firefighter!Bucky x Reader
"Orion Rebecca Barnes's favorite thing in the whole world (besides her daddy of course) is spending hours after school in the bookstore by her house and the owner GIVES her any book she wants; she’s the coolest girl Orion has ever met. It doesn't take long for Bucky to notice his daughter’s sudden interest in constellations and the large stack of astrology related books piling up in her room. He’s spent her entire life trying to teach her about the stars and where her name came from with little interest from his little comet and all of sudden she’s in love. All thanks to the girl who owns the bookstore?"
☽ 𝙋𝙚𝙖𝙘𝙝𝙚𝙨 (series) by @buckycuddlebuddy Dadsbestfriend!buckybarnes x Reader
"what they were doing was wrong, both of them knew that. it had to be kept as a secret. not everyone would understand what they have, she knew that much. they’d look at them and see an older man misleading a girl so much younger than him. it wasn’t the thing, though. that had never been the thing. it wasn’t misleading, taking advantage ─whatever they called their situation. it was love. forbidden, not-society-friendly, but love."
☽ 𝘽𝙖𝙗𝙮, 𝙗𝙪𝙩 𝙔𝙤𝙪 by @nsfwsebbie Bucky Barnes x Reader
"He hopes you can feel it, because nobody else can heal it but you. Baby, but you."
☽ 𝙈𝙖𝙠𝙞𝙣𝙜 𝙩𝙝𝙚 𝙂𝙧𝙖𝙙𝙚 by @darkficsyouneveraskedfor (dark) Professor!Bucky x Reader
☽ 𝙁𝙚𝙚𝙡𝙞𝙣𝙜𝙨 𝘼𝙧𝙚 𝙁𝙖𝙩𝙖𝙡 by @sunmoonandbucky Bucky barnes x Reader, past Steve rogers x Reader
"After the events of Endgame, you struggle to come to terms with what you’ve lost, though you’re learning that you still have something to gain."
☽ 𝙎𝙤𝙪𝙩𝙝𝙥𝙖𝙬 (series) by @gogolucky13 Boxer!Bucky Barnes x Reader
"Tied up in the criminal world your godfather has built, you have no reason to leave, until you find one in the man they call Southpaw."
☽ 𝙒𝙞𝙩𝙝 𝙩𝙝𝙚 𝙎𝙣𝙖𝙥 𝙤𝙛 𝙖 𝙁𝙞𝙣𝙜𝙚𝙧 by @babycap TFAWS Bucky x Reader
"Bucky Barnes is a selfish, reclusive asshole who never answers the phone. When John Walker takes up the shield, he emerges from his Brooklyn apartment in a fit of rage that drives the only two people left to care about him in this post-Snap world over the edge. It all comes to a head on trip to Germany. Includes spoilers for TFATWS, episode two."
☽ 𝙎𝙚𝙘𝙪𝙧𝙞𝙩𝙮 𝘿𝙚𝙥𝙤𝙨𝙞𝙩 by @babycap Bucky Barnes x Reader
"Bucky Barnes was a romantic, sure—but a hopeless romantic? He’d never believed in the whole ‘love-at-first-sight’ thing, not before the war and certainly not now. So when he stumbles into his building, fresh out of yet another demoralizing therapy session, to find his new neighbor blocking the stairs with her mattress, he should be his usual scoffing, unamused self—right? Everything changes with her (and that mattress)."
☽ 𝙏𝙝𝙚 𝙈𝙖𝙩𝙘𝙝 (series) by @babyboibucky CEO!Bucky Barnes x Reader
"You come across your boss’ Tinder profile."
☽ 𝘼 𝙋𝙞𝙚𝙘𝙚 𝙤𝙛 𝘾𝙖𝙠𝙚 by @buckybarnesdiaries Bucky Barnes x Reader
"Something happens at Shuri's birthday party that leads to a heated fight."
☽ 𝘽𝙪𝙨𝙞𝙣𝙚𝙨𝙨 & 𝙋𝙡𝙚𝙖𝙨𝙪𝙧𝙚 by @witchysoldier Boss!Bucky Barnes x Assistant!Reader
"You’ve always lusted after your boss, but little did you know, he lusted after you too."
☽ 𝘼𝙧𝙤𝙪𝙣𝙙 𝙔𝙤𝙪𝙧 𝙉𝙚𝙘𝙠 by @beyondspaceandstars TFAWS Bucky x Reader
"Something sparks in you when you watch Bucky wrap his hand -- the metal hand -- around Zemo’s throat."
☽ 𝙏𝙧𝙞𝙡𝙤𝙜𝙮 (series) by @buckycuddlebuddy Fuckboy!bucky barnes x Reader
"Most of the time you were with him, you were used for pleasure only, you knew that, and he wasn’t hiding it. maybe it was how good he made you feel that made you fell in love with him, or maybe it was the fact that he somehow made you feel like you were someone ─ but you fell in love with him. although you knew in the beginning that you shouldn’t have, it was way too late for that, now. you were in too deep."
☽ 𝘿𝙚𝙫𝙞𝙡’𝙨 𝙈𝙖𝙧𝙠 (series) by @babyboibucky CleanRockstar!Bucky x Fem!Reader
"You accept a temp job as a runner for a rockstar’s concert."
☽ 𝙉𝙤 𝙇𝙞𝙛𝙚𝙜𝙪𝙖𝙧𝙙 𝙤𝙣 𝘿𝙪𝙩𝙮 by @buckys-blue-eyes Lifeguard!Bucky x Reader
"A shitty motel pool isn’t the place you expected to meet the man of your dreams."
☽ 𝙇𝙖𝙢𝙗 by @buckycuddlebuddy Tws!bucky barnes x Reader
“he didn’t even take you home, did he?” he smirked. he placed his flesh hand over your stomach, fingers expertly undoing the buttons of your shirt.
☽ 𝙎𝙣𝙖𝙠𝙚𝙨 & 𝙇𝙖𝙙𝙙𝙚𝙧𝙨 (series) by @imaginativeavengers Bucky x Reader x Steve
"You're on holiday with your Mafia boyfriends Bucky and Steve, but the weather leads to you all having a miserable time. Bucky and Steve come up with a great idea to pass the time whilst they wait for the sun to come out."
☽ 𝘽𝙖𝙘𝙠 𝙩𝙤 𝙔𝙤𝙪 (series) by @celestialbarnes Ex!bucky barnes x Reader
"Desperate to find a place to stay after your boyfriend cheated on you, you end up crashing at bucky’s apartment, the problem is he’s the ex that you never really got over and he’s got a new girl who doesn’t like you very much."
☽ 𝙉𝙤 𝙂𝙤𝙤𝙙𝙗𝙮𝙚 (series) by @badassbuchanan Bucky Barnes x Reader
"Bucky’s left to pick up the pieces of a broken heart"
☽ 𝙞 𝙬𝙖𝙣𝙣𝙖 𝙢𝙖𝙠𝙚 𝙮𝙤𝙪 𝙝𝙪𝙣𝙜𝙧𝙮 (𝙩𝙝𝙚𝙣 𝙞 𝙬𝙖𝙣𝙣𝙖 𝙛𝙚𝙚𝙙 𝙮𝙖) by @belowva Rockstar!bucky barnes x Reader
"there's nothing in the world that bucky loves more than spoiling his girl - but sometimes he ends up treating himself too."
☽ 𝙊𝙫𝙚𝙧 & 𝙊𝙫𝙚𝙧 by @mrwinterr Pornstar!Bucky Barnes AU x Pornstar!Female Reader
"You’re an up-and-coming adult film star secretly eager to work with the popular Bucky Barnes, and with just the right connections, your paths cross much sooner than later."
☽ 𝙄𝙩'𝙨 𝙖 𝘿𝙚𝙖𝙡 (series) by @justreadingfics Bucky Barnes x Reader
" You’re out of a relationship of 10 years and you’re just in desperate need to get laid, no strings attached, no romance, no complications. You dear friend Natasha feels like she’s going to regret this later, but she might have the perfect guy to fulfill your needs."
☽ 𝙎𝙪𝙣𝙧𝙞𝙨𝙚 (series) by @wkemeup Veteran!bucky x librarian!reader
"After an explosion takes his arm and his only sense of belonging, Bucky is discharged from active duty and sent back to civilian life. Left with a storm of unchecked guilt, Bucky is content to live out the rest of his days in the hollow comfort of the dark. This is, until Sam drags him down to the local VA and he meets you."
☽ 𝙎𝙖𝙛𝙚 𝙋𝙡𝙖𝙘𝙚 𝙩𝙤 𝙇𝙖𝙣𝙙 by @sunlightdances Modern!Bucky Barnes x Female Reader
"You and Bucky are both standing up for Steve and Peggy’s wedding. Checking in at the hotel for the weekend, you’re horrified to realize there’s been a problem. A big problem."
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bonky-n-steeb · a month ago
Tumblr media
I is here to request the Bonky :3
“You’re going to regret that, sweetheart.” + angst
Let’s get this party started 😏😏
Tumblr media
I loved your gifs! I swear to god I’m chuckling 😆😆 also when I read that prompt, the first thing that came to my mind was, mob!Bucky.
Thank you so much for sending this request, bestie! Ily! 🤩🥺🥰 hope you like it! 😘
stuck inside my head
𝙨𝙤𝙛𝙩!𝙙𝙖𝙧𝙠!𝙢𝙤𝙗!𝙗𝙪𝙘𝙠𝙮 𝙗𝙖𝙧𝙣𝙚𝙨 𝙭 𝙧𝙚𝙖𝙙𝙚𝙧
𝙬𝙖𝙧𝙣𝙞𝙣𝙜𝙨 || ANGST, SMUT, unprotected sex, daddy kink, orgasm denial, orgasm control, oral sex, spit kink???, implied overstimulation, 𝙈𝙄𝙉𝙊𝙍𝙎 𝙋𝙇𝙀𝘼𝙎𝙀 𝘿𝙉𝙄!
this is not proofread :/
also alpine is there! ;)
Tumblr media
“What is all this?” You asked as you gawked at the whole room filled with delicately wrapped presents. It would probably cost you your whole day just to unwrap and look at each and very one of them.
“Happy birthday, doll! All of this is yours. Beautiful gifts for my beautiful wife.” He purposely reminded you of your marital status. He couldn’t let you live a single day peacefully.
“I don’t want this!” You weren’t going to take even a single thing from this scheming man. Once bitten, twice shy.
“It doesn’t matter if you want it or not. It’s yours!” You clenched your jaw and curled your fingers to form a fist. You wished you could punch him in his pretty face.
“Also, this is the most special gift I have for you.” Despite there being all sizes of gifts neatly packed on the floor, he still held one velvet box in his hand.
He opened it to reveal a sparkling diamond necklace. The lustrous diamonds were intricately arranged into beautiful flower patterns. It truly was one of the best necklaces you’d ever seen.
But no matter how magnificent it was, it was still a trap. “Come here, let me put it on you.” He motion you to come ahead and instead you just scowled.
“You know what? I don’t want anything from you. Wear this yourself!” You spat right in his face. You could see his turn cold and dark losing the warmth there once resided.
“You’re going to regret that, sweetheart.”
His tone was deadly and though you were scared, you still put on a brave face. “Guess what? I already am. I asked you once, and look where it landed me!” Huffing, you walked out of the room leaving Bucky fuming with his anger.
Walking up to your room, you slammed the door shut. You didn’t know which gods you had angered to deserve this fate.
You still remembered how it all started. Back then you had heard a lot of the feared mobster James Barnes. People respected him more than they feared him.
He had a reputation of destroying his enemies but at the same time uplifting the people who asked for help. You were an idiot that you fell for that ploy.
Fresh out of college, you had decided to start a cafe. But for that you needed funds, and none of the banks gave a good enough offer. Finally helpless, you turned towards the Robin Hood of the city.
Bucky granted the loan and soon you had started your cafe. In his free time, Bucky used to visit your cafe. What began as small smiles soon turned into full blown conversations.
You hadn’t expected him to be so caring towards you. You knew what he did for a living, but every night you would convince yourself that he was better than the animal others thought he was.
But life wasn’t a fairy tale, and reality was always gritty. Somehow Rumlow, the rival of Bucky, got the sniff of you and one day knocked on your door.
Afraid, you called the one man you knew who would keep you safe. Bucky had come over to save you like a mad man. You saw with your own two eyes how he beat the crap out of Rumlow until his face was a mush.
And that’s when it had struck you, Bucky wasn’t the gentleman he pretended to be. He was a lion who tore down people. And that wasn’t the life you wanted.
Once he was done with Rumlow, he had looked up at you and made the worst proposal of all time. With his face dripping in Rumlow’s blood, he had ordered you, “Marry me.”
You were planing of packing your bags and leaving the city while this man was asking you to marry him. You both couldn’t be on much different pages.
You had denied, you weren’t ready for a marriage. You had just started your business and you had many aspirations from life. Marrying anytime soon wasn’t one of them.
But that’s when the true nightmare had begun. In a cold ruthless voice, he had informed you that you didn’t really have a choice.
His deal was simple, if you denied him, you would have to pay his money the very next day and if you married him, all your debt would be waived.
Bucky just wanted you to be safe. Somehow his rivals were now aware of you and how you had him wrapped around your fingers. And the best way of protecting you was marrying you.
You still remembered how your hand shook as you signed the marriage certificate. You cursed yourself for asking to him for help, you should’ve stuck to a bank.
It was now almost two months to your so called marriage. Your mood hadn’t improved since that day, and in order to make it better, Bucky used to constantly as you what you wanted. He also bought extravagant gifts you weren’t interested in.
Your chain of thoughts was broken by the soft furball that tucked itself in your lap. Alpine purred and stretched herself before settling in your lap.
You had been shocked to know that a dangerous man like Bucky had a beloved pet like alpine. But ever since alpine had met you, you were her favourite.
You could tell Bucky was jealous how alpine only ever came to you and you bathed in taunting him. But if there was a friend of yours in this house, it was alpine.
You ran your hand through her soft fur and petted her. “He keeps on asking me what I want. But even I don’t know what I want. Some days I make meticulous plans of running away but then some days I feel as I won’t be able to live without him.”
You confessed and the cat simply purred in response as if it was listening and understanding what you were saying. You massaged her between the ears as you continued talking.
“There was a time I was in love with him. The truth is I still am. I just pretend to be mad at him because if I don’t, I won’t be able to stop myself from kissing him. He’s kind of pretty you know.”
Busy in your ranting, you forgot to notice that Bucky had entered the room. He was mad beyond his senses when he had come to talk with you, but now, he absolutely melted after listening to your confession.
“What did you say?” Upon listening to Bucky’s voice, you jerked up scaring alpine in the process. The kitty jumped down and walked out of the room swaying her tail.
“Nothing.” You shook your head. Tilting his head, he smiled at you and you didn’t know whether it was terrifying or soothing. “What I heard sure wasn’t nothing.”
“Wh… what did you hear?” Goddamit, why did he hear all the things he wasn’t supposed to? And why were you stuttering at the wrong time?
“You know what I heard.” He started walking closer to you and you backed away. Bucky noticed it and stopped.
“What is it? What is so wrong with me that you won’t even look at me? Isn’t it supposed to be simple? You love me, I love you and we live happily ever after!”
You just stared at him for a moment without moving. “You… you love me?” He hadn’t said that before. “Why do you think I married you?”
“Because of your… ego?” You were somewhat scared to say it out aloud. Unexpectedly he laughed out. “Really? I try to impress you every single time and you lash out at me. And I’m the one with ego.”
Well, he had a point. He had married you, but he hadn’t forced you to do anything else. “So… you love me..?” You asked wiggling your eyebrows.
“Yes and I said it, now it’s your turn.” You didn’t realise when he had walked up to you. Your breath hitched when he gently tucked a tuft of your hair behind your ear.
“Say. It.” You would say it, but he needed to work for it. You shook your head, “Say it doll. Don’t you wanna be my good girl?”
“Yes daddy.” You whispered. Your words affected Bucky more than you thought and at that very instant, he pounced on you, clashing your lips together.
You gasped at the suddenness and taking the opportunity, he slipped his tongue right in to explore your mouth. The moan that tore out of your mouth was muffled by his kiss.
You both walked backwards towards the bed. You were panting by the time you separated to breath. “Don’t you have work?”
You could feel the hunger radiate off him. “Work can wait doll, my dick can’t.” You were about to chuckle but before that he pulled your blouse up and tore your bra.
“Oh Fuck!” He knead your breasts before taking one nipple in mouth and pinching the other. Releasing it with a pop, he pressed kissed down your stomach and pulled down your pants.
He pressed fluttering kisses to your thighs and hips. Leaving behind a trail of his saliva. He wanted to map every single inch of your body, but it would have to wait for later.
Getting up, he pushed you back on the bed. You squealed with surprise as you bounced twice. He started unbuttoning his shirt and your eyes refused to move.
You wanted to lick his Adonis belt and abs. His metal arm gleamed in the light and when he crawled over you, you traced the copper lines with your fingers.
Truth be told, Bucky wasn’t sure you would be accepting of his metal arm. But you seemed to be in love with it. Your eyes followed the movements of your eyes and you were enchanted by the arm.
“Daddy.” You softly called him out. All his anger was dissipated by now. He wanted to gently hold you and keep you safe in his strong arms. “Yes, my girl.”
“You’re so pretty!” Your hand was now tracing the scars on his shoulder. You reached up and kissed from his collarbone to his neck.
They all thought he made you his captive by marrying you. But they were so wrong, his heart was a captive of yours.
Bucky felt heat rise in his cheeks at your compliment. You thought he was pretty, nothing in his compared to this feeling.
You moaned as he started sucking and nibbling as he went down your body. He spread your legs further so that he could settle right in between.
Once he had his share of kissing your inner thighs, he finally licked a stripe of your dripping pussy. As he continued his impeccable ministrations, you lost all your coherent thoughts.
You whimpered as he stopped and looked up at you with lust filled eyes. “Say. It.” You stared with wide eyes as he spit on your swollen folds and went back to devouring you.
“Did you just…. Oh god!” This man sure knew how to pleasure a woman. The way his tongue was flicking your clit was alternated by gentle sucks by his mouth.
Your hand was gripping the short strands of his hair while the other was holding the headboard as your back arched up with pleasure.
You were about to cum as he fucked you with his tongue, before that, he stopped. “You’re not gonna cum until you say it.” You whined as he crawled back and kissed you silly.
“Fuck daddy! Please!” Taking his dick in his hands, he just rubbed it on your folds frustrating you further. “What do you want doll?”
You batted your eyelashes and swallowed thickly, “I… I need you! Please! Please fuck me, daddy!” Your desperation was clear in your voice.
The moment your sentence was complete, he slammed right into you. Your channel was wet enough to take him all at once. You both gasped once he was fully seated within you.
“Fuck!” You wrapped your legs around his waist and while you were clutching him with one hand, the other was still holding the headboard.
He couldn’t control his movements once he was wrapped in your tight heat. His lips sucked while his teeth bit whatever skin of yours he could touch as he wildly pumped into you.
You were close and you had to cum this time. But most importantly you wanted to tell Bucky that you felt the same. “Buck… Bucky, I love you!”
He held you tighter and his thrusts became erratic. “I love you too!…. Fuck…. Cum for me.!” Your eyes rolled back and your legs quivered around him as you came the hardest you ever had.
As your walls gripped him, he too came, filling you up with his warmth. You held each other as you both reached the highs of pleasure.
You lazily rubbed your legs over his as you basked in the afterglow. “Happy birthday!” He once again wished you. “Thanks.” This time you were much mellow.
“Gonna make it your best one yet.” You didn’t know what he meant until his hand snaked right back between your thighs. You were on the verge of being oversensitive. “Bucky!” You whined in protest, without really meaning it.
Bucky simply smirked and replied, “I promised you, you were gonna regret being a brat.”
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bucky-soldat · 12 days ago
Wicked Games
Pairing: Mob!Bucky x Reader, mentions of Mob!Sam x Reader
Summary: You and Bucky meet again. This time Bucky will not take no for an answer.
Warnings: Dom!Bucky, angst, mentions of parent death, mentions of drugs, sexual tension but finally turns into smut, library sex, unprotected sex, rough sex, name calling, creampie, cum kink, slight cockwarming.
Word Count: 4,634
A/N: This can be read as a standalone but it would make much more sense to also read Consistency Not to Comply & Criminal . Any feedback is always welcome in the form of comments, reblogs and likes. Thank you :).
Tumblr media
Bucky Barnes has never felt this tormented throughout his lifetime. Not even when he lost his arm to an accident when he was a teen or when he got caught up once when he was starting out with his mafia gang. He made it quickly to the top with all his sweet talk, swagger and extreme determination to make it there and stay there. In a short time span, he had made many shady deals with all sorts of people and in all sorts of areas. He had bookies, construction companies, financial institutions to be allow him to launder all the money he would get from any illicit activities and he was dipping his fingers into drug dealing but it wasn’t exactly a done deal. Many things were in the way and one of them was his ex-best friend, the other leader of another prominent gang, which was always in competition along Bucky’s. He had friends in high places and held a lot over their heads, from politicians, business executives, celebrities, football players and even the police. To put simply, Bucky Barnes was a powerful and dangerous man - untouchable, he could get away with murder, and he did, countless of times. He was the best and most ruthless businessman in the city. Everyone bent the knee for him, except one. This was Bucky’s current and pressing problem and this problem was you.
At times, he wanted to give up on you, he’s really tried. He’s been currently dating someone. He was taking her on all these lavish dates. His best friend, Steve had told him that she looked like you. Indeed she did. He had his people pick someone for him who looked like you. He gave them a thorough description of how you looked like. They searched for days throughout his clubs to find someone looking like you. In the end, they picked five and had them go to you for an inspection. They were all fervent to comply, all over Bucky the minute they saw him. Bucky rolled his eyes at them, none of them were like you; strong-willed. As much as he detested your smart mouth, what drew him to you was your lack of willingness to bend the rules; he admired your own resolve. There were no grey areas with you; it was either this or that. In fact, many a times he had picked your brain whenever he was faced with a difficult decision. He would use a different scenario from the one he would have been in so he won’t have to look at your disapproving face. You always knew better and at the end of your advice, you would always let him know how much you detest his line of work. He would pull you in for a hug, which would cause you to melt in his arms immediately.
The lookalike you did not melt in his arms, she whined and complained to be spoiled like the good girl she was. Even her laugh was annoying, she did not laugh like you. Your laugh was bright, it lit the whole room, and it warmed his heart. He wanted to make you laugh, he did make you laugh, many times. His fingers would sneak down to your sides to tickle you whenever he hugged you. You would try to kick and take hold of his hands but obviously, Bucky was much stronger than you. His would have you pinned on your couch, his metal fingers holding both of your hands in a cross while you shook beneath him, breathless from all the laughter. He wanted to kiss you, badly but he wasn’t sure how you would react, whether kindly or feral in the worst of ways. He might have caught a glint in your eyes, allowing him to invade your space but he thought that it quickly went away.
You and Bucky were currently in the same room but you had not crossed paths just yet. Bucky had his lookalike you on his arm while you were on someone else’s arm. You have been going out with his enemy. Sam Wilson was Bucky’s ex-best friend, he had conspired against him once and when it became news to Bucky he let him go with some broken ribs, broken nose and shot to the leg and some toes. Bucky was surprised how he did not bleed to death. He didn’t want his best friend’s blood on his hands so he only tortured him. He regretted his decision ever since because Sam was consumed with fury, he made it his mission to try to replace Bucky. So far he only succeeded in one aspect and that was again, you.
You didn’t know that Sam was like Bucky. You really didn’t, neither did your best friend. Speaking of your best friend, you were currently in the same room with Bucky, because it was her birthday. She had gotten pretty cosy with Steve as soon as you and Bucky maintained whatever relationship you two had. You were extremely opinionated in the bad sense whenever she would talk about Steve. You would remind her how she wanted you to block Bucky in the first place on Tinder because of his work ethics. Her reply was always the same, she could handle men like Steve and Bucky, but you were not. Occasionally her reply hurt you but at the same time, she was partially accurate. Your own father was a shady man, he died because he overdosed one night and you were the one who found him lying there on the kitchen floor. Your own mother wasn’t a saint either, she whored herself at any chance she could get. This was why you were so dismissive of Bucky. He represented every bad deed your parents did and all the pain they caused you. They were ruthless in their own ways and you were left to fend for yourself, picking up yourself over and over again, each time they would fuck up. Your father fucked up big time by killing himself and your mother, well, you two were estranged these days, and you could not really care less about her.
Bucky caught sight of you as he was making his way to the bar. The rage he was feeling presently was an understatement really. He was about to explode and lash out at anyone who would dare to cross his way. He watched you laugh at something that Sam had whispered into your ear. For the first time in his life, Bucky was feeling like someone had ripped his heart out and was stomping their foot on it as if it were trash. Sure, he loved his family dearly and they loved him, despite them not knowing all the facts that he was not the good son they thought he was. But this was a different kind of love. A love that he had never felt for anyone else but you. You were all too consuming for him; you had his heart, his mind, and his body, he was ready for you. He was burning for you with a love he never had.
His instinct was to march up to you and Sam instead of going to the bar. However, the two things he has learned throughout his life, which he always counted on, were patience and control. He would be irrational if he did that. Sam would instantly smell his jealously and that would add more insult to Bucky’s injury.
Instead, Bucky fetched the lookalike you and made sure you would see them as they crossed the room. You caught sight of Bucky there and then. You tensed as you saw him. Sam felt you as you tense up next to him. He looked wherever you were looking but thankfully, Bucky and his girl were out of sight already. You mustered a sweet smile to Sam’s way barely able to look him in the eye and excused yourself to go to the bathroom. You barely gave Sam time to reply to you as you hurriedly made your way out, finally out of sight in the hallway.
Your best friend’s parents were very rich people and the current party you were attending was taking place in one of their houses. You had been here before because this was the party house, according to your friend. Confidently, you made your way to the library you so loved to stay cooped up in. It was the last room of the house as it almost took an entire floor. You climbed up the stairs, making your way there as calmly as you could. You knew that one way or another Bucky would punish you like this.
It had been almost three months since your last encounter with Bucky. You knew you had made a mistake by saying that to Bucky. But you didn’t realise the severity of your consequence up until a week later. You were caught up in your work as usual but Bucky was still on your mind. He didn’t call, didn’t text at all. Looking at your phone was making you nervous, especially whenever someone would call or text you. It was never him. He went radio silent, after all that was what you wanted right? I wish I never met you. It played on your mind constantly. His reply as well – Your wish is my command. He kept his word. If he never kept his word before with you, he finally did now. He taunted you by flirting with you incessantly, never ever giving up once. But now, he was doing what you wanted him to do – cut ties with you. That’s what you meant right? You didn’t want him in your life, right?You’ve never been more wrong. You missed him, way too much. You almost couldn’t believe the extent of it all. Missing Bucky made you willing to go out on a first date in years. Sam was outgoing, sweet and reliable. You never wanted to date someone as messy as Bucky. Sam was the opposite. He told you that he was the CEO of various companies, the role was inherited to him when his parents passed away. You did not know much about him but you were enjoying getting to know him. You two met when you were out drinking with your best friend, hoping to forget all about Bucky.
Despite dating Sam, Bucky was still frequently on your mind. You never stopped thinking about him. Whatever mundane thing you would do, your mind would take you to Bucky, wondering what he was doing or thinking. Did he think of you? Clearly he wasn’t. He was very much over you. The slight sight of him with someone else had made so envious that you almost ran away from the party.
Little did you know that Bucky had one of his man follow your every move. Bucky never went anywhere without some of his men tagging along for safe measures. He was told that you were in the library, which did not surprise him at all. He knew how much you enjoyed reading. Bucky had a library of his own in his home. He had picked out many books for you to read, any book you would mention, he had it in his collection. You wanted to see his library as the books he would get you had you stunned, some of them were first editions, and he trusted you enough to lend them to you.
You were sprawled out on an antique, 19th century French walnut sofa, with a book in hand, your partner and the party long forgotten altogether, and Bucky to an extent. Then again, you were here to hide from him. You refused to watch him with someone else. It made you feel queasy. There was an unspoken truth before where you and Bucky were together but not exactly together. He was never in a woman’s company whenever he was with you. But Bucky was never yours to begin with. You tried to reason with yourself, you didn’t own Bucky and neither did he. Yet, you were still too uncomfortable to show yourself back at the party.
You did not hear Bucky come into the library. He slipped into the room quietly, making sure that the door was locked as he heard it click. The sofa was facing the fireplace; it was all you could hear, the yellow flame emitting from it could easily represent your desires for one another. The flame that would never falter, burning hot. If it touched your skin, it would consume you whole, encapsulating the impending need, reminding you how Bucky makes you feel.
Bucky could not see you just yet, but you came into view as he stood between you and the fireplace, ready to devour you. Nothing and no one will stop him tonight, not even you.
“Fancy meeting you here baby girl.” His velvety voice startled you, your eyes shoot up, following his voice.
He was standing casually as ever, his hands shoved down his suit pants. He was wearing an all-black suit, tuxedo pants, with a satin stripe was visible as it went down all the way. You wanted to take him by his black tie, pulling him to you and let him have his way with you. Your own feelings were too damn conflicting. Bucky screamed danger but you wanted him. But Bucky was with someone else and so were you. Your nostrils were filled with his scent, the whole room smelled like Bucky now. It was comforting, you realised you missed it too.
Calmly you closed the book, still not uttering any word to him and got ready to get up. Bucky didn’t intervene, he was simply watching you. His cold stare was giving you chills. Shakily, you stood up and went over to the bookshelf to place the book you had taken back in its place.
Yet again, you didn’t know that Bucky was now standing right behind you. A gasp escaped your lips as you turned around to find him right in front of you. He had you pressed up against the shelf, completely pinned as he wrapped his fingers around your wrists.
“Bucky, let me go. I’m with someone.” You quickly told him.
“Are you now?” He smirked at you, tilting his head to the side, his voice mocking you.
“And so are you.” Your jaw clenched as the words rolled out of your mouth with jealousy.
“Are you jealous baby girl?” He was amused at your reaction. He was clearly enjoying this, everything was at his advantage, as it always were. You could never win the game from Bucky Barnes. He was the mastermind, controlling all of it.
You didn’t reply but simply tried to fight him off you as you tried to move your wrists, in a weak attempt as Bucky’s grip only tightened around them. It sent shivers down your spine just as a throbbing need spread down to your core. Bucky called you out as one of his clothed knees, wiggled between your legs to spread and make room for him to get in between them. He lifted his knee up and pressed gently against your core, feeling your heat, your desire for him.
“Stop denying me.” He whispered as he continued to brush his knee against you, before he crashed his lips against yours in a fiery, needy kiss. A low moan escaped your lips as Bucky was now fully pressed up against you, his hands never left your wrists, he didn’t trust you enough just yet. He needed to know whether you really wanted this or not.
“Tell me.” He demanded huskily as he pulled away from you, his nose nuzzling against your, his big intense blue eyes never leaving yours. You knew exactly what he was you to tell him. You bit your lip as you finally realised that tonight you will be going against all that you believed in and not to mention, you were going to cheat on your date.
Nonetheless, you wanted Bucky, it’s been long enough denying yourself this sweet temptation. You found yourself exhausted, continuously refusing and giving up on the opportunity. What if there was a possibility that Bucky could make you happy. He did indeed already make you happy. He would give you everything, whatever you asked him, ultimately, it was yours. You had Bucky before you even asked. He gave his heart to you willingly. Bucky was always a gentleman toward you, that never stopped. If you didn’t know any better, you would never be able to tell that he was a mafia boss. You had infuriated him during your last encounter and as he lashed at you, he was regretting it. But you were being so stubborn.
“Use your goddamn words baby girl.” He demanded again, his words snapping you out of your current thoughts.
“I…I need you Bucky.” Your words came out in hesitation, which caused Bucky to look at you briefly in disdain.
“Fuck you.” He snarled at you before he quickly moved his flesh hand down to cup your pussy. “You’re dripping wet for me. I can fucking feel you and smell you. Stop denying us both the pleasure.” He said through gritted teeth against your cheek as you averted your gaze, your head down.
“Bucky, you just don’t understand.” You said in a weak voice.
“What don’t I understand?” He bit back. “Help me understand this then – why the fuck are you sleeping with Wilson? He’s like me!”
“What?” You asked bemused, your eyes locking back with his.
“You heard me.” He huffed. “You really expect me to believe that you didn’t know?” He scoffed, shaking his head. “Then again, why am I not surprised? He’s been a liar and a cheat all his life. He would never treat you the way I would and you know it.”
You were hit back with more revelations. In fact Sam had barely spoke about his work with you. Whenever you would ask him about his day, he would just shrug and kiss you all over, making you forget that you even asked him about it. By the time you would even think of something else to ask him, he would be hovering above you, about to enter you. Some nights you would call him but he wouldn’t pick up. Sure, you wouldn’t have agreed to meet but it was nice to hear his voice before going to bed. Your call would go straight to voicemail, leaving you wondering. Now, Bucky was telling you the truth. You had to believe Bucky. Whatever Bucky was, he never ever lied to you or gave you that impression. He’s always been clear with his intensions towards you. Deep down, you knew that whatever happened, he would protect you.
“Please, stop pushing me away.” He pleaded. Bucky Barnes never pleaded with anyone but you had him wrapped around your little finger, completely spellbound.
The next two words had Bucky all over you like the possessed man he was.
Now, with a determined look into your eyes you told him to take you. “Take me, claim me.” You sighed as you finally melted completely into him. You were done fighting against yourself, Bucky won and you won. You needed this, you needed it ever since you met him. Why continue denying yourself? You’ve made up too many excuses, you could barely make any sense. There was one truth and that was your need for Bucky superseded above and beyond everything else.
Bucky left your other wrist to sink down to his knees in front of you. Looking up to you he simply smirked as he lifted up your lacy green dress, to reveal your lacy thong. “Mmm…who would have known, little miss perfect wears a thong.” He chuckled to himself as he pushed the thong to the side to lick your slit, instinctively making you moan as your fingers slid into his dark brown hair.
“Bucky…” You sighed his name as he continued to nip and tease your clit, his tongue lapping at your folds, sucking your nub, hungry for you.
“I would have taken you out on a date but you really left me no choice to treat you like the whore you are.” He said bitterly, pulling away from you only to bury his two metal fingers into you without warning, causing you to buck your hips forward as your legs almost gave out.
Your hands left his hair as they were now gripping the edge of the bookshelf as he kept pumping his fingers in and out of you. You winced at the way he called you a whore but you didn’t really blame him, besides, you actually enjoyed this. It was pushing you over the edge.
“Look at that, all wet and needy for me, what a fucking slut.” He chuckled darkly again before he lapped and sucked at your clit again.
“I would fuck that stubborn mouth of yours but I want you to come all over my cock. I want you to take me like the good little slut that you are. I want to see you as I take you apart, claiming you. Mine.” He groaned, getting up from his knees, pulling your dress over your head with his flesh hand, leaving you almost naked.
You only moaned at his words as his metal fingers were still inside you, hitting your spot. He slipped his fingers out of you only to tug down of what was left of your thong, ripping the flimsy material. Both of his hands were now on your breasts, unclasping it from the front, tits bouncing out at him. He took one nipple into his mouth, while his flesh fingers teased the other one, causing it to harden against his touch as he tugged on it roughly between his fingertips, before slapping it, causing you to whimper against him.
You head was arched back resting on the books, messing your hair, which you were wearing as a bun, fully exposing your neck. You wanted to undress him, as your fingers took hold of the sides of his black tuxedo jacket. But Bucky stopped you as his hands went back to gripping your wrists, plucking his lips away from your nipple.
“You don’t get to do that.” He tutted at you, dismissively. All too suddenly, you felt exposed, completely naked against his clothed self. As much as he wanted his first time with you to be caring and perfect, he wanted to teach you a lesson. He wanted to remind you who was in complete control and to who you actually belonged. You did not belong to anyone but him and he fully intended to lay claim on you, mark you soon enough.
His lips went to your neck, placing gentle kisses all over the side at first before he started to graze his teeth along your pulsating neck. His hands had left yours once again to unzip his fly and pull out his cock. You inhaled sharply as you looked down as his thick, long cock sprung free, pushing against your slit, teasing your entrance with the tip.
Bucky took your left leg, holding the back of your thigh with his metal arm, as he lined himself up. Your other leg wrapped around his backside, wanting to pull him against you to finally plunge himself into you. But Bucky gave you an amused smiled, shaking his head again, looking at you. “I know how desperate you are for me to fill you up. Soon baby girl.” He bit on his own bottom lip as he bucked his hips forward, causing the tip of his cock to slide into you.
“Fuck, you’re so tight.” He sighed against your forehead as his other arm wrapped around you, bracing you as he sheathing you completely. You cried loudly as you felt him filling you to the brim taking you by surprise once again.
“Bucky…” Your voice filled with need, wanting to him to move. “Please…please…” You sighed as he started to move into you, your pleas music to his ears. He was diving into you roughly and deeply, watching himself as he bucked in and out of you, stretching you against his length, his own cock glistening with your own juices.
“Fuck baby girl…you feel so good…too good…this is what I’ve always craved.” He said hoarsely against your ear, his eyes briefly closed, as he got lost into his own rhythm, thrusting into you. “I needed you so fucking badly. You’re mine. You hear me?” He bit on your earlobe gruffly, as he picked up his pace again, clenching his ass he rammed hard into you, his balls slapping against your skin.
“All yours Bucky…only yours…” You mumbled as your hands gripped his shoulders, your nails digging against his skin. With each long thrust you could feel the bookshelf rumble against your back, despite having his arm wrapped around you. Some of the books might have fallen already but you did not really care.
“Bucky, please…” You cried again, feeling your orgasm building up with each thrust. You tried to meet his thrusts as your own hips tried to rotate in the same rhythm as his thrusts, but you couldn’t really keep up. He was moving into you hard and deep without stopping, like an animal. His fingers dug into your thigh and into your side, making you whimper.
“I wish to deny your pleasure, I really do. You’ve been a really bad girl.” He groaned feeling his own release at its peak.
“Let’s come together.” He said as you trembled hard against one another, you both screamed out each other’s names as your orgasms filled the air. You contracted around his cock tightly, shuddering violently as you came around him. Bucky chased his own release, lost into you, your name falling from his lips as he spilled his hot seed into you. You were breathless, lost within him yourself, feeling his come gushing into you. You’ve never experienced such an erotic moment as this in your life. Sex with Sam wasn’t the same, you couldn’t compare anyone to Bucky ever. His domineering way as he split you apart around him left you feeling completely spent but insatiable.
Bucky let go of your leg gently and pulled out of you. You whined softly as he did, feeling some of his come dripping out of you, trickling down the inside of your thigh. Bucky cupped some of it with his metal finger and shoved back inside you. “Fuck Buck…” You moaned out again, looking at him with heavy lidded eyes, your arms wrapping around his neck. He removed his metal finger away from your pussy to wrap his metal arm around your side.
He composed himself just as you did, holding onto each other, your sweaty foreheads pressed against one another. A slight chuckle escaped both your lips, his blue eyes no longer locked in yours in a cold stare. You’ve never seen this side of Bucky. His eyes were looking at you in a rather sweet way; it filled your heart with warmth, knowing that he actually cared for you. Bucky made sure to fuck out any doubts you had about him. He was yours just as you were his.
Realisation dawned onto you, finally blissfully aware that Bucky was the only man for you. You were almost shy at how stupid you had acted around him. Then again, both your communication skills weren’t exactly the best, clearly, you had to work on that.
“It’s not fair that you’re still fully clothed.” You muttered shyly against his lips.
“Nothing’s fair in life, my pearl.” He grinned at you before molding his mouth with yours into a passionate kiss.
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christowhore · 23 days ago
The Thing About Trust
Tumblr media
pairing: mob!steve rogers x girlfriend!reader
summary: an anonymous email was sent, loyalties were questioned, and unforgivable actions were made. unfortunately, by the time the truth is uncovered, it’s already too late.
word count: 6.1k
warnings: ANGST, steve is completely ooc, ‘betrayal’, yelling, slight domestic violence, slapping, excessive drug use & alcohol consumption, heartbreak, no happy endings
notes: this is my submission for @egcdeath ‘Sitcom Challenge’. congrats on 400, i hope you enjoy ! 💗
join my taglist ! ❦ main masterlist
prompt: character a and character b have a nasty misunderstanding that could be solved with a conversation
quote: “I wish I could. But, I don’t want to.” - Phoebe Buffay, Friends
Steve stared at his computer screen, his body filled with a combination of disbelief, fear, and anger. The scotch filled glass that was clutched in his grasp was threatening to shatter under the sheer force of his hold.
For the past few months, 5 of his undercover business fronts were raided. All of them being discovered by the police right when a new shipment of product was brought in, almost as if they knew all about it.
He suspected that there was a mole, there was no other way that the feds could’ve known about the interchanging schedules, unless someone from within was feeding it to them.
It was a notion that he never thought would come up. Being the leader of the Rogers Crime Family, everyone knew not the mess with him. He oozed power and danger was evident in his gaze in any off chance you were met with it. So it was tough to think someone on his trusted team could have betrayed him.
The only person that he could trust without a shadow of a doubt was his right hand man, Bucky. Their long lasting friendship going all the way back to when they were kids. They’ve been through thick and thin together, so it was only obvious that he shared his suspicions with the man.
Steve asked him to check on all the guys on his crew, and make sure that no one was compromised, but his efforts came back fruitless. Everybody on his team appeared to be clean and not conspiring with the feds.
He was about to give up hope when he got an anonymous email that morning. The letter, with a simple heading stating ‘Figure Out Your Mole Yet?’, broke his heart upon opening it.
In the attachment was a photo of you, standing under a bridge in Central Park, a not-so-disguised undercover police detective right in front of you, with an outstretched hand.
He didn’t want to believe that you were the culprit, the one who was dismantling his business from within. Yet, he was riddled with so much frustration that he didn’t bear in mind to just outright ask you about the meaning behind the image.
You two had been dating for 3 years. It was by fortunate chance that he bumped into you one afternoon, spilling your iced coffee across the entirety of your blouse. He was about to mutter a quick apology and go about his business when he locked eyes with you, the most beautiful woman he’d ever seen. It didn’t take much for him to convince you to go on a date with him, in an effort to make up for staining your shirt.
Only after that single dinner did he know that you were the one for him. He invited you into his home and showed you the ways of his business. So it was an understandable assumption that you might be behind it all.
The blonde showed it to Bucky, and watched his eyes bulge out at the revelation, just like his own did.
“No, this can’t be,” he said incredulously. Bucky thought the world of you, you were like a little sister to him. The thought of you betraying the ones who loved you the most had him feeling heartbroken.
Steve shook his head in disbelief, “Buck, she’s the only other person who’s been in the room for these meetings. She knows the ins and outs of the business. And besides, you checked everyone else and they were clean, unless it’s you I need to look into.”
The brunette playfully smacked his shoulder, “Yeah real funny. You and I both know the shit that I’ve done. No way in hell I’d be anywhere near the cops.”
The pair both sat there, pondering over how to go about their newfound knowledge and their next course of action.
An idea came into Bucky’s mind, “I don’t want to- cause I still want to think she’s innocent in all of this, but we can set up a trap. If the place doesn’t get raided, then we know whoever sent that in is just trying to fuck with you. But if it does…” His voice trailed off at the disappointing thought of your possible betrayal.
Steve pondered over the plan for a minute, then slowly nodded.
“Fine, set it up.”
.·:*¨ ☼ ⭒ ☽ ⊹ ☾ ⭒ ☼ ¨*:·.
The atmosphere in the meeting room was incredibly tense that afternoon, the sound of the grandfather clock ticking with every passing second. The usual occupants of his weekly gathering consisted of Sam, Clint, Lemar, John, and of course Bucky. The only other regular that they were waiting on was you.
Steve’s leg bounced due to impatience. It wasn’t rare that you would show up a few minutes late, claiming that you were busy finishing up a tv episode or trying out a new recipe in the kitchen or some other excuse. But with the speculation regarding your loyalty, all he could think about is that you were secretly figuring out a plan to knock down more pegs in his empire.
The mahogany doors flew open as you waltz in without a care in the world, “Sorry baby, nail appointment ran late.”
He watched with narrowed eyes as you made your way around the large oak desk and all of its inhabitants to stand beside him.
You leaned down in hopes of a kiss but was instead met with a hostile gaze from your boyfriend, the intensity had you faltering and taking a step back. “Baby, what’s wrong?” you questioned, your voice full of concern, “Is everything alright?”
Steve surveyed your face in search of any sign of treachery, a slight glimmer of deceit, but couldn’t find any.
“Yeah, (Y/N), everything’s fine. Why don’t you take a seat, we’re just about to start.”
His rigid tone and questioning eyes had you feeling anxious. And the fact that he didn’t address you with one of the multitude of pet names he assigned you didn’t make you feel any better. So you cautiously sat down in the chair beside him.
You took notice of the change of his behavior over the past few days. Everything seemed normal one morning, then when he came to bed his responses to you were short, apprehensive even. Sort of like he was biting his tongue around you.
The usual early mornings that were filled with slow love making and soft conversations were replaced with you waking up by your lonesome to a cold and empty bed.
Whenever you tried to talk to him, Bucky would continuously inform you that he was busy and to try later.
There was even a change with your mutual best friend. The brunette who would always crack jokes with you began to ignore your playful banter. His usual caring looks turned into piercing stares, as if you had suddenly become the enemy.
You tried to go over in your mind what could’ve caused this shift. You knew that there had been some busts in a few of his businesses, the police closing in on his activities. But you didn’t think he would ever take his anger and frustrations out on you.
Deciding to focus on the events at hand, you tuned back in to the scheduled meeting.
“Alright, so there’s going to be a new shipment coming in,” Steve explained, “I know we only coordinate on Thursdays, but it’s a heavy load. And with the feds on my ass we need to replace the seized merchandise. So Sunday, at noon. Over at Parker Shipping Port. Any questions?”
Though he was asking the group, his main focus was on you. He took note of your rigid behavior, and how you didn’t bother looking him in the eyes. All telltale behaviors of a guilty person, the thought made him dejected. Steve looked over at his best friend, the pair sharing the same incredulous look.
With no one bothering to interject his plan, the gentlemen all nodded in agreement before heading out of the meeting room.
You stayed glued to your seat as you watched Sam, Clint, John and Lemar walk out, leaving only you, your boyfriend and best friend alone.
Observing Steve glide over to his desk, without directing any attention towards you, you spoke up before he had the chance to take a seat. “Did I do something wrong?”
The question made the pair freeze. It’s not like you did anything wrong, it’s just that they didn’t have any proof of any foul play. So they treated you as if you were guilty, until they could prove otherwise.
“Nothing sweetheart,” Steve vacillated, “Is there something that’s supposed to be?”
His question made you scoff and push away from the table, “I don’t know Steve, you tell me! You’ve been ignoring me for the past few days, as have you Bucky! Can one of you please just tell me what the hell is going on?”
The two men both exchanged another glance before redirecting their gaze to you.
Steve never liked seeing you upset, though he did enjoy the way your lips would jut out in an adorable pout. But at this moment, all he could wonder was whether it was all an act. Whether you truly loved him or was he just a pawn in yours and the polices’ game.
But he couldn’t let you think he might be on to you, so he donned a strained smile and reached out to you with an outstretched hand.
Begrudgingly, you made your way towards him and went to sit on his lap, a normal occurrence for you both. You wrapped your arms around him and placed your face in the crook of his neck. The smell of his cedarwood cologne had you unconsciously taking in a deep inhale, the aroma instantly calming your nerves.
Steve rubbed your back and was thankful that you weren’t able to see his saddened face. “Just got a lot on my plate lately with these police raids, sweetheart. It’s gonna get sorted out soon. Everything will be alright and we’ll find out the truth. Just you wait.”
.·:*¨ ☼ ⭒ ☽ ⊹ ☾ ⭒ ☼ ¨*:·.
Sunday morning inevitably came and both Steve and Bucky were nervous to say the least. The amount of tension in the air made you desperate for an escape so you informed them that you were going to see a friend for a little bit.
Getting dressed and grabbing your belongings, you were making your way out the door when you felt the fierce stare from two pairs of eyes on your back.
“Jesus guys, I’m just going to Leah’s house, relax. I'll be alright.”
Though your statement only made them the exact opposite. The thought of you meeting up with detectives filled their minds as they watched you leave the New York City townhouse.
Bucky patted the blonde on his shoulder, “C’mon, it’s almost 12. Let’s wait and see that whoever sent that email was wrong about her.”
The two ventured into the living room; Steve turned on the local news channel while Bucky fetched a few well-needed beers.
They both sat there for over an hour, mindlessly watching the tv and when a breaking coverage report flashed on the screen.
“Breaking news, the NYPD attempted a drug bust seizure this afternoon at Parker Shipping Port in Queens, but were unsuccessful. The apparent business was allegedly belonging to infamous crime boss, Steven ‘The Captain’ Rogers…”
The rest of the broadcast was tuned out by the blonde. He sat there staring at the reported images while his eyesight filled with rage-induced tears.
How could you betray him like that? How could he have been so stupid to think a woman like you actually wanted to be with him? How could he let himself be fooled so easily?
The bottle that was gripped like a vice in his hand was suddenly thrown against the flatscreen. The action caused the tv display to crack and the graphics to glitch.
“You can’t be fucking serious!” Steve yelled as he stood up, the booming sound of his voice almost made the brunette flinch. “She lied to me, she lied to us! I trusted her- I loved her.”
Bucky got up and reached out to hold the unfolding mess of a man. “Me too bud. Me too.”
Steve Rogers, the most ruthless and intimidating man in all of New York, was reduced to a puddle of tears. He cried in the arms of his best friend as his mind wandered to you. How he met you that sunny afternoon. The way he fell head over heels for you in such a short amount of time. And how he was planning to propose with the family heirloom engagement ring he had stowed away in his office safe, before the truth of your lies and deceit came out.
.·:*¨ ☼ ⭒ ☽ ⊹ ☾ ⭒ ☼ ¨*:·.
It was around 4 in the afternoon when you arrived back home with a skip in your step after a much needed day spent with your best friend.
Upon entering, you went out in search of your boyfriend, desperate for his attention when suddenly Bucky appeared before you.
“Hey Bucky boy, I-”
You were cut short by the disgusted sneer etched on his face. “Boss’s office. Now.”
He didn’t even give you a chance to respond before latching onto your upper arm and dragging you through the halls. His metal arm quickly formed bruises under its harsh grip. The force of his grip caused your bag to drop, spilling its contents across the floor.
“Buck, what the hell is wrong with you?” you cursed out to the man while in an unsuccessful effort to smack his hand away from you.
It didn’t take long before you two reached the doors of Steve’s office, the wood being kicked open by the brunette before you were thrown onto the auburn rug.
The room went silent upon your brashful arrival, all heads turned down to you with evident disgust. Sam, Clint, John and Lemar watching and waiting for the imminent showdown. Quickly rising to your feet, you incredulously stared back and forth at your boyfriend and supposed best friend.
“What the hell is this? Are you not going to say something to him about manhandling me like that?”
Steve erupted in a drunken shout, “Ha! As if I care about what happens to a piece of shit like you.”
His out-of-character response had you completely shocked, “Have you been drinking? What the hell has gotten into you?”
You watched as the blonde got up and staggered towards you, “I- I know everything. I know it was you all along, you slut.”
His hurtful words made you want to scream at him, but you opted to tear up instead.
“Oh you can quit the crybaby act (Y/N). I figured out your schemes, you’re not gonna get away with playing pretend with me anymore.”
You stood there in disbelief, not knowing what you were being blamed for. “Stevie, I don’t- what are you talking about?”
Steve laughed at your continued act. “Wow you’re still doing it, huh? Is that what the cops told you how to play it? I know you were the one who leaked the info to the feds. You were the fucking snitch all along.”
He lurched towards his laptop, moving the cursor around to reveal the opened email with the surveillance picture. Turning the screen around, he showed you his proof. “Care to explain sweetheart?”
Looking at the screen you sighed, “That’s what this is about? Jesus Christ, Steve! I was in the park taking a walk when that cop stopped me. He kept going on and on about having dirt on you and-”
“Stop lying to me!”
Steve’s roaring voice caused fear to flash through your being. “Why won't you listen to me? Why don’t you believe me?” your broken voice spoke barely above a whisper.
“Because I had everyone looked into and they all came back clean. Then I got that fucking email, and it all made sense. The fact that you just so happened to bump into me that day. The way you slithered into my life and latched on like a snake. Tell me, did they ask you fuck me so quickly or were so desperate for attention you decided to whore yourself out?”
The tears that previously threatened to fall were now pouring out of your eyes due to his hurtful words. 3 years of loving him unconditionally and you were now being blamed for treason. The trust you thought he had in you was gone in an instant.
“I didn’t do anything you asshole. I never would’ve betrayed you like that, I love you.”
Your vision was so blurry due to tears that you weren’t able to see the raise of his hand, but you felt the sting of his actions across your cheek.
Your head sharply turned to the side as Steve’s palm connected with your cheek. The sharp metal of his rings clipped your skin, causing a small cut to appear. You stood there, holding the side of your face, as your mind raced around what just happened.
Steve hit you. The person who swore to protect you laid their hands on you, treating you as if you were garbage and not the supposed love of their life. Shock took over your body as you stood there frozen in place.
Steve took your silence as opportunity to lean down next to your ear, “And I was stupid enough to fall for worthless skank like you.”
His words were the final blow that caused you to loudly sob, your body shaking due to your uncontrollable actions.
Steve rolled his eyes before tutting his head in disbelief. He knows he should’ve never hit a woman, but he was so consumed with rage and liquor that all sense of respect flew out the window.
Growing tired of your wails, he gripped onto your arm in the same place that Bucky once held, the space already darkening due to bruises. He dragged your weakening body out the room and towards the front door where he opened it up and threw you down onto the asphalt.
“Tell your cop buddies to come pick up their trash. I don’t need it stinking up my house anymore.”
He sneered down at you one more time before slamming the door, leaving you alone on the sidewalk while pedestrians looked in curiosity.
You slowly began to ascend and wipe up the tears from your warm and stinging face. You never expected for this moment to ever happen to you. In the three years of dating Steve, you always showed him unwavering trust. Going as far as to cut off some family and friends who had anything negative to say about him or his occupation.
But here you were, by your lonesome and treated as if you were gum beneath his shoe by the man you once saw a future with.
With no spare clothes and without the purse you left inside that contained your wallet and phone, you began the grueling trek back to your friend's house, trying to contain the overflow of grief that threatened to bubble over once more.
.·:*¨ ☼ ⭒ ☽ ⊹ ☾ ⭒ ☼ ¨*:·.
The following 6 months were a liquor fueled, drug induced fever dream for the mob boss. Steve consumed his weight in alcohol and snorted anything that he could crush down into a powder.
To say he wasn’t handling your betrayal would be an understatement.
His newly adapted, drug-filled, carefree attitude had slowly caused his business to crumble within itself. He couldn’t attend meetings sober, and if he did make an appearance, it would be in the arms of a female companion, whom would resemble you, that he wouldn’t be able nor care to remember the name of.
Anybody that crossed him got away with it due to him being unable to throw a proper punch or safely fire his gun anymore. He was losing his edge, his notoriety, and everyone in the city knew it. Even the NYPD decided that he wasn’t a threat anymore so they moved onto other syndicates. His crew eventually dwindled down, with only his right hand man remaining by his side.
Bucky tried his best to uplift the blonde's spirits and put him back on the right path to remind him of the legacy he was tarnishing, but to no avail.
It was late in the afternoon when Steve woke up from his high nap. He had to push away the coked out prostitutes on his bed to clamber out and down to the kitchen for a well needed drink.
Upon entering he was met with the narrowed eyes of his best friend, but chose to ignore it as he made his way to the fridge.
“You need help, Steve,” spoke Bucky, his voice laced with obvious frustration, yet a tinge or concern. “Drinking and snorting up isn’t going to make the past go away.”
Steve ignored his friend's comments and drank directly out of the filtered water pitcher, desperate to quench his thirst. The pair stayed in silence until a thunderous knock came from the front door. The sound continued, much to Steve’s dismay.
Bucky was about to attend to the unexpected guest when Steve beat him to it. Walking up to the door and opening it, he was met with the face of someone whom he never expected to see.
“What the fuck do you want Zemo?” the blonde questioned.
“To talk, that is all.”
The short haired man made his way past Steve and into his home, ignoring the glaring stare from Bucky.
He sat on the couch in the foyer, dusting off any pieces of lint that caught onto his coat, and disregarding the questioning looks from the pair.
“Get the fuck out of my house now!”
Their paths had never crossed for years, only once when Helmut took over his family’s syndicate after his father passed away. Though his introduction into the crime world wasn’t taken seriously due to his way of going about business.
Instead of normally handling occurring situations himself, he ordered others to do it for him. His choices made other syndicate families not take him as a significant threat, eventually ostracizing him.
But what no one knew, nor expected, was that he was playing the long game. Doing everything in his power to make sure that in the end, he came out on top.
“I just wanted to see how the ‘King of New York’ was doing without his beloved queen,” quipped the man.
The mention of you filled him with rage and a bit of sadness. He was about to launch at the man, fists curling at his sides, when again there was another knock at the door.
“Oh, those are my associates”, states Zemo.
Opening the door once more, Steve locked eyes with his ex-employees, John and Lemar. He tried to speak, but was flabbergasted at the man's newly appointed workers. The pair moved in, with hands on their holsters, to stand beside Zemo.
“Wow, quick to join the other side I see,” Bucky intimidatingly spoke. His statement made them roll their eyes.
“It’s been months and you two still never figured it out huh?” John barked, a cocky grin plastered on his face.
Steve and Bucky looked at each other incredulously, not knowing what the hell was going on.
“If I may. My plan, it was actually really easy. In order to take you down and claim my rightful spot on top, I needed to ensure your demise. So I had to start from within, with the help of these two of course,” Zemo explained, nodding his head to the two men beside him.
The best friends stood in silence as they listened to Zemos hidden agenda.
“They told me all about your businesses, and I simply passed the info along to the authorities. But unfortunately, it still wasn’t enough. Then I realized, to take down a King, you need to get rid of his Queen first.”
Realization began to set in Steve’s mind. He was a pawn in his game, not yours.
Zemo continued on detailing his plan, “You see, all I had to do was get an officer to intercept (Y/N), get it on camera, anonymously send it to you, and wait for you to complete the rest of my masterpiece.”
The Sokovian dramatically stood up before making his way to stand in front of the blonde. Before he could speak, Steve croaked out a question.
“Why? Why do all of this? Why bring (Y/N) into this?”
“Simple. To see an empire fall. To regain what is rightfully mine."
And with that, Zemo and his hired goons walked out of the Brooklyn man's townhouse and into their awaiting car.
Bucky replaced Zemos spot on the couch and dropped his head into his palms. He was suspicious about the email from the start, and yet he had a sliver of hope that you were innocent in all of this. But when the fake business got raided, he didn’t know what to believe. So he turned to anger, he let it fuel him. He looked at you in disgust and handled you like you were trash. The memory caused guilt to weigh down his heart.
Across from him, the blonde's body began to shake. The combination of grief from finding out the truth as well as the copious amount of drugs that were in his system caused him to momentarily go into shock, dropping down to his knees.
You were right along; you never betrayed him, he was being set up. Steve kept replaying the moment in his head, the scene breaking his heart every time he reimagined your heartbroken eyes, trembling frame and the sounds of your sobs that came out once he put his hands on you.
He unfortunately couldn't escape the phantom feel of his hand colliding with your cheek, the sound of the smack echoing off the walls caused his body to retreat within itself. Steve felt sick to his stomach at the knowledge of what he did to you.
Standing up and racing towards the nearest bathroom, he hurled out the entirety of his stomach into the toilet bowl. The sudden purge of consumed alcohol and drugs couldn't get rid of the sick feeling of sorrow deep within him.
Not having the strength to retreat towards a more comfortable surface, Steve laid down on the cool tile of the bathroom floor. Content moments of the two of you lying in bed, you intimately gazing into his eyes, filled his head and drifted him off to sleep.
.·:*¨ ☼ ⭒ ☽ ⊹ ☾ ⭒ ☼ ¨*:·.
It had been a few months since the revelation of Zemo's plan came to light, and both Steve and Bucky searched day and night for any trace of your current whereabouts.
Though it had been difficult in the beginning for Steve going cold turkey from all his vices, he persevered in his efforts knowing that staying sober would help him in his quest for you.
The search for you had taken a lot longer than expected since he had lost almost all of his connections. Resulting in the blonde to go back to his criminal roots to get the job done.
Within 3 months, he was able to build back up a portion of his notoriety. Though not as high as before, it was enough to bring back the fear into individuals' eyes whenever he stepped into a room.
It was with the help of his old colleague, Natasha, that he was able to track you down. You were staying in Canada, specifically in Montreal, with your best friend Leah.
After profusely thanking the redhead, he and Bucky packed a bag and headed up north to try and beg for your forgiveness.
The entirety of the 6 hour plane ride, Steve internally drafted an apology worthy of your forgiveness and hoped that you would at least give him one more chance.
.·:*¨ ☼ ⭒ ☽ ⊹ ☾ ⭒ ☼ ¨*:·.
Steve stood before the auburn-colored door frame of the house supposedly belonging to you and your best friend. To say he was nervous would be a lie, he was terrified to face you. Scared out of his mind at the fact that you wouldn't take him back or worse- that you had moved on.
He didn’t know how long he and Bucky were standing there, their thoughts riddled with guilt as well as hope.
After a feeble attempt to shake off the nerves that plagued him, Steve reached a hand up and knocked on the door. He could hear the patter of footsteps trailing towards them as the pair waited. Once the door was opened, Steve was first met with a look of surprise, which quickly turned into anger.
“You need to leave right fucking now,” seethed your best friend.
“Just please, let me talk to her.”
Leah guffawed at his ridiculous request and the audacity that radiated from him, “You've got a lotta nerve showing up here after what you did. What, are you here to hit her again? Relive the moment of you throwing her out in the street? It's been a year, let her have peace.”
“We’re here to apologize. Where is-” Bucky pleaded, but was abruptly interrupted.
“It’s a little too late for an apology, asshole. She doesn’t want to see you, so leave!”
The three of you spent the next few minutes bickering at each other; Leah berated them while Steve and Bucky continued to beg. So lost in the argument that your presence wasn’t registered until they heard a sharp gasp.
Turning his head, Steve locked eyes with you for the first time in little over a year. You looked different than when he saw you last. It appeared as if you had lost weight and your eyes seemed dejected, no doubt caused by his actions.
The blonde immediately stepped towards you, trying to reach out to hold you in any way but stopped when you backed away from him. There was an unmistakable flash of fear in your eyes, that singular action made his heart painfully throb in his chest.
“Baby, (Y/N), I’m so sorry for what I did,” Steve pleaded out to you, but you were having none of it.
After being accused of betraying him and being thrown on like trash, you had to make the trek back to your best friend's house on foot. The entirety of the walk was spent with you pondering in disbelief. For 3 entire years you stood besides Steve, didn’t bat an eye when he unveiled to you what he did for a living, never treated him differently, never accused him of being with other women when he stayed out late doing god-knows-what. Yet for him to see a singular photograph and throw away the relationship so quickly, the act broke you.
It took a while for you to regain a sense of hope, for months you stayed in Leah's spare room, wallowing away in the dark. Almost every night, she would come home after work to find you in tears or passed out due to exhaustion. Over time, you lost weight due to barely eating.
After a while, Leah grew frustrated and also angry with how everything had been affecting you, so she suggested a change in scenery. Having the option for relocation for her job, the two of you moved up north to Canada.
It was only two weeks after moving away from New York City that you began to leave the comfort of your room and ventured out. You began to eat more frequently and laugh at cheesy jokes your best friend made, but you still held onto a bit of sadness. The emotion was still evident in your eyes.
You thought moving out of the country would guarantee that your paths would never cross again, but here you were standing on the pavement looking into the eyes of the man you once loved. The man that you thought the world of. The man who promised to always love and care for you, no matter what.
The sound of Steve speaking out to you began to feel muffled, as if you were underwater. Your eyes then met with your former best friend, causing tears to form. Bucky had the same apologetic look on his face as Steve. The both of them were speaking, but you were filled with both fear and anger that you blocked them out.
Ignoring their confessional pleas, you sidestepped the pair and tried to walk inside your home when Steve yelled out loud, stopping your movements.
“You were right!” he proclaimed, not caring about the listening ears of passing pedestrians, “You didn’t betray me, it was a set up the entire time.”
For the next 5 minutes, Steve proceeded to explain to you Zemos plan. How the true informers were actually two of his own men, not you. He carefully explained that he spent the past few months searching for you so that he could reveal to you the truth. But you knew all along that you were never a part of the police’s efforts to bring his empire down, just a pawn. A means to an end.
Once he finished his speech, you simply looked at him with a raised eyebrow. Your body language evident that you did not want to be anywhere near him.
“So what,” you began, “Do you expect something from me or?”
Steve looked back and forth from you to his best pal. “Well, I- I mean I was hoping we could go back to how we were.”
The abrupt laugh that came from you surprised the two despondent men in front of you, even yourself. The audacity of the man to expect for you to just take him back with open arms, forget all of what he did, fueled your laughter.
“Wait, why are you laughing?” he questioned, a little confused at your reaction.
You couldn’t control the hysterics pouring out of you, “Do you really think- expect for me to just run back into your arms? After what you did to me?”
The air was silent after your inquiry, the pair not knowing how to properly respond. Their silence allowed you to be able to regain your composure before standing directly in front of them.
Looking directly into Bucky eyes, “You dragged me through the house like I was a Raggedy Ann doll and threw me to the floor, without a care in the world.”
“And you,” you yelled at Steve, “You, my supposed boyfriend! My personal protector. You could’ve avoided all of this, if you just sat down and talked to me. I could’ve told you what happened at the park, but you let anger cloud your judgment.”
You thought your anger was at a minimum, but then remembering what physical actions he did to you, only amplified them.
“You slapped me! Put a fucking cut on my face, after I tried telling you the truth, yet you wouldn't let me speak or believe me. Then threw me out of the house like waste. And you have the fucking nerve to come here and expect me to take you back, just like that?”
Steve watched as you got close to his face, close enough to where he could smell the scent of your coffee that you must’ve drank earlier in the day. Hope filled him that maybe you would kiss him, but it was shattered when you leaned to the side to speak in his ear.
“You are a disgusting piece of shit and I hope you burn in hell.”
Saying your piece, you turned around and tried to head inside when Steve caught your arm. His grip wasn’t rough, but more desperate. “Please (Y/N), just give me one more chance. I promise I will do everything in my power to make it up to you.”
You looked into his blue eyes. His orbs were one of a truly sorry man, but in that moment, going over everything you went through in your mind, you couldn’t seem to care.
“I wish I could. But, I don’t want to.”
And with that you entered the foyer of your home before turning to face the former love of your life for the final time, “Never come back here again. I’ve moved on, it’s time that you do the same.”
Steve and Bucky watched as you shut the door on their faces and expelled them out of your life. The pair stood there for a while, absorbing your words before the brunette clapped the other on the back, snapping him out of his thoughts.
The blonde continued his efforts for the next week. Visiting your home with fresh flowers, hot coffee, those ridiculous caramel filled chocolates you used to always crave so badly.
He was a desperate man, yearning for his love in hopes that he could regain you back into his life.
But his efforts were cut short when two Mounties arrived, informing him that there was a call for trespassing and stalking. Ultimately ordering him to leave, the act signaling that he had lost you and there were no second chances in his horizon.
Bucky had to pull the man away, informing him it was for the best that he leave you alone for good. Steve didn’t fight him on it as they got into their rented vehicle and made the trip back to the airport.
After boarding their flight home, they both sat in their respective seats in silence. Bucky sat there as he mourned the loss of a friend. You were always there for him; an ear to vent to and a shoulder to secretly cry on.
As for Steve, he turned to face the window and watched the city fade away and the plane ascending to cruising altitude.
You were the love of his life, the woman he planned on marrying. And he threw it all away because he didn’t talk to you, ask for the truth, he just assumed. He knew it was a long shot when requesting for you to take him back, but he had to at least try.
For the remainder of the flight, he thought about your smile, the way you would say his name all sweetly, and how he’ll never be able to experience those treasured parts of you ever again, all because of his actions.
.·:*¨ ☼ ⭒ ☽ ⊹ ☾ ⭒ ☼ ¨*:·.
A/N: felt like writing some angst, sorry if it's not the best,. feeling a little rusty.
also: in no way shape or form do i justify domestic violence. this purely a work of fiction.
if you enjoyed this, please make sure to reblog and comment. feedback is much appreciated !
i do not allow the reposting, rewriting or translating of my fics. these are works of my own and i do not give permission for any of the acts stated above.
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velvetcardiganbucky · 7 months ago
Mob bucky/seb or mob chris/andy recs??
Tumblr media
Updated 07/04/21 ✨ = Just Added
To be added please tag me in your future works!
Hey Anon! I’m so glad you asked this because Mob/Mafia! Any version of those boys is my favorite. In my previous fic recs I recommended...
If love was an option by @mianorth » Bucky Barnes x Reader — Part 1 🦋 Part 2 🦋 Part 3
Good Little Wife & Good Little Girl by @donutloverxo » Mob!Andy Barber x Reader – A little dark and it has some really good smut in it.
Blackmail by @stargazingfangirl18 » Soft!DarkMafia Andy Barber x Female Reader — You were just doing it to protect your family, at least that’s what you kept telling yourself, especially once you started to like it. (One-Shot)
Blow Sweet and Thick by @angrythingstarlight » Mafia!Bucky x Reader — Bucky is having a bad day, you can help him feel good. (Part of Mafia Monday’s)
Run To You by @bestofbucky » Mob!Boss Bucky x Reader — Mob boss Bucky Barnes hires you to be his bodyguard. (Series)
Can’t Run, Can’t Hide by @angrythingstarlight » Dark!MafiaBucky Barnes x Reader — When you get noticed by the infamous mob boss, you flee. But Bucky doesn’t like to be denied anything and he’s coming for you. (One-shot)
Six Feet | Ch.1 ⚰️ Ch.2 by @queenoftheworldisdead » Dark Mob!Steve x Reader + Dark Mob!Bucky x Reader — Your family’s small funeral home comes into financial trouble. In desperation your father finds the most unlikely solution to solve his financial problems. | (Short Series)
Bankrupt by @mypoisonedvine » dark!40’s!Mob!Stucky x Reader — Your husband’s gambling addiction quickly got him in hot water with the mob, and you by extension. When some debt collectors come by to settle what is owed, you realize that you have a lot more to worry about than money problems.
Partition by @angrythingstarlight » Mob!Bucky Barnes x Reader — Bucky comforts you after a bad day, and your boss learns why no one messes with his girl. —> Part 2: Let Me Show You — You wanted to know what your mobster boyfriend did, lucky for you he’s more into the show then tell.
Say the word and it’s yours by @angrythingstarlight » Mafia!Bucky Barnes x Reader — Your mobster boyfriend rescues you from a long, boring day at work. Bucky always said, “ask and its yours”
Lost Without You by @angrythingstarlight » Mafia!Bucky Barnes x Reader — Bucky Barnes would be lost with you. You’re his everything and he plans on spending Valentine’s Day proving it to you.
All Dressed In White by @angrythingstarlight » Dark!Mafia Bucky Barnes x Reader — You were going to marry someone else, Bucky won’t let that happen. You belong to him now and forever. Till Death Do You Part.
Thick As Thieves by @angrythingstarlight » Mafia!Bucky Barnes x Reader x Mafia!Steve Rogers — The only thing the Mafia hates as much as snitches are thieves. And you’re planning on stealing from Bucky and Steve, what happens if you get caught?
Won’t Let You Go by @kind-of-crazy-butthatsokay » Mob!Bucky Barnes x OFC!Kori — Kori met Bucky in one of his clubs, out to get shit-faced with a couple of friends to forget about her worries and maybe take home a guy to further rid herself of her numerous frustrations. Little did she know that the one-night stand with Bucky would turn into so much more than that.
Tell Me What You Want by @angrythingstarlight » Mafia!Steve Rogers x Reader; Mafia!Bucky Barnes x Reader — Your mob boyfriend, is none other than Steve Rogers and he is willing to get you whatever you wanted, all you have to do is ask. And be careful what you ask for because he’s going to give it to you over and over again.
To Have & To Hold by @slyyywriting » Bucky Barnes x Mob Boss!Reader — Bucky is trying his best to provide and care for his daughter who just entered first grade. Everything was alright until she asks why everyone else seems to have a mom except for her. You’re just a plain mob boss who wants to turn a new leaf. Challenges arise when the world refuses to let you take a softer, non-violent route. A little girl helps you navigate a compromise.(series)
✨ Mob!Sugar Daddy!Stucky Moodboard by @brattycherubwrites » Mob!Stucky x Reader
✨ Laced Around Your Throat by @angrythingstarlight » Mafia!Steve x Reader, Mafia!Bucky x Reader — Your Mob boyfriend knows that the only thing that looks even better than his hand around your throat is his custom made necklace. You’re his girl and the world needs to know it.
✨ Hidden Gems by @jtargaryen18 » Mob!Steve Rogers x Mob!Daughter Reader — Your father is the head of one of the most powerful crime families in Boston but he’s protected you from that life. In your quiet home outside the city, you’ve been cared for and protected. When the desires of a more powerful man with the will to dominate bursts into your life, all your illusions are shattered as he comes to claim what is his.
Necessary Arrangements by @stargazingfangirl18 » Andy Barber x Fem!Reader, Ari Levinson x (Different) Fem! Reader ft. Ransom Drysdale » One of my favorite series, chapters are decent sized and the smut is so good!
Hugs My Love by @thatfuckingweirdo » Mobster!Bucky Barnes x Reader — You just really need a hug, and Bucky is the only one you want it from.
my old man is a tough man, but he got a soul as sweet as blood red jam by @cloudystevie » Mob Boss!Steve Rogers x Fem!Reader — steve gives you what you want… kind of.
Brooklyn Wars by @world-of-aus » Stucky x Reader
Petals and Bullets by @revengingbarnes » Mob!Bucky Barnes x Reader (One of my all time favorites series)
I would check out @sinner-as-saint’s Masterlist they have quite a few Mob!Bucky series and one-shots that I have loved in the past.
Special by @buckycuddlebuddy » Bucky Barnes x Reader — this one-shot is really hot.
Love, Honor, and Obey by @constantwriter85 » Bucky Barnes — This one is good and I need to catch up on.
Mafioso by @captain-barnes-writes » Bucky Barnes x Reader — Please do yourself a favor and read.
Lipstick and Crayons by @oneoftheprettynerds » Dark!Steve Rogers x Reader - In Progress
A really good DarkMob!Steve Drabble called Please Hurt Me by @gotnofucks *chefs kiss*
The Mobster’s Little Girl by @smutsonian » Steve Rogers x Reader
off to the races 🐻 off to the races 2 by @harryspet » Soft!Dark Steve Rogers x Reader
The Ignorant Beauty & the Beast by @mysterioh » Steve Rogers x Reader – With 21 parts sadly it hasn’t been updated in 8 months, it’s one of my favorite Mob!Steve Roger fics out there. *Thanks to @inactivewhore I found out this story was moved to AO3 and is now called where angels fear to tread it was last updated on 13/11/20*
What It Takes by @cherienymphe » Bucky Barnes x Reader — You left Bucky once you found out who he really is. The one thing you thought would guarantee your safety ends up sealing your fate.
Welcome Home by @punani » Chris Evans x Black!Reader — He’s been away for awhile, but he knows that his girl’s loyalty to him knows no bounds. Knows she’s been waiting for him after her adamancy in telling him there was no other option. It’s only right to make the reunion a memorable one. | So, so, so, so freaking good!
These are what I found on Tumblr that I plan on reading.
Handmaid by @extremelyblackandwhite » Sebastian Stan x ingenue!Reader — y/n works as a handmaid for the daughter of an influential mob leader who is promised to the new boss of the most powerful mob family in new york, sebastian.
AO3 Website Reccomendations
Satellite Heart » Stucky x Reader — You used to be Steve and Bucky's girl. Then they fucking left without saying goodbye. Little did they know, you were pregnant. But life went on. You raised your Talia to the best of your ability. But one day, everything goes to shit. Now your boys are back in your life. And they're not planning on leaving anytime soon.
Little Fox A/B/O Series » Soft!Dark Bucky Barnes x Soft!Dark Natasha Romanoff x OFC! & Peter Parker x Soft!Dark Tony Stark — So I can’t stress this enough you need to read the tags for this series and I kept getting confused as I read this story as to how old Violet Mason is. But this series takes you on a roller coaster, I like it, my cousin didn’t finish it, I need to catch up.
Pelmeni *finished* » Stucky x Reader — James Bucky Barnes has a good life, as a member of a powerful organized crime syndicate. His best friend Steve is a member too and his literal partner in crime. Bucky's got a problem though. You. His longtime love and secret girlfriend. Unfortunately, your father is his boss and has plans for you that involve normal life. Steve has a problem too. Steve wants in on your relationship and more than the semi-regular/occasional steamy threesomes. You don't have a problem, you're just busy with a big mob wedding coming up, which means a big celebration, that you're busy catering for.
Dying For This Love » Dark!Bucky x Reader — That was before. When you were Bucky’s girl. Now, you have a score to settle. That’s why you’re wearing Bucky’s favorite red satin dress, the one with the cuts that reach right up to the tops of your thighs, the tennis necklace he gifted you for your anniversary, and are fresh off of a mani/pedi and hair appointment. He’s going to regret the day he fucked with you. | This one is intense and a tad bit dark, but the smut is good.
off to the races » Steve Rogers x Reader — In which you call the kingpin your Daddy.
The Mobster’s Little Girl » Steve Rogers x Reader — what happens when the big bad mobster gets blackmailed by your father to marry you? (kind of fluffy kind of not. kinda dark kinda not.)
Brooklyn Sweethearts » Dark!Stucky x Reader — Bucky and Steve had always been meant to keep her safe and happy. As far as anyone else was concerned, that was their sole reason for being alive. Unfortunately, the things that kept her safe were not always the things that kept her happy. Lately, she was making it pretty damn hard for them to compromise. | Probably one of my all time favorite Mafia!Stucky stories I have ever read, just sadly it also hasn’t been updated in like 8 months and I keep hoping it will get updated.
Hot Doll » Skinny!MobBoss Steve Rogers x Reader — Steve Rogers is on the rise in the New York underground as you’re trying to keep your own place there. | Dark and good!
Doctor Doctor » Steve Rogers x PlusSize! Reader — (1940 Mobster AU!) You're a war widow down on her luck; and the King of Brooklyn, Steve Rogers, takes notice. | Another one of my favorites. A little bit dark as well.
The Widow » Dark!MobBoss x Reader — It’s the 1920s and everyone’s having a roaring time but you. | Trust me it’s just dark enough.
Those are just some on AO3, I would just go through Mafia AU tag and go to filter and click Avengers or Captain America.
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barnestuff · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
summary bucky finds out that you had been hurt during a mission
pairing bucky barnes x reader
warnings knife wounds. doctors. a worried and very sweet bucky.
a/n have nice day/night <33 this fic is based on this request! thanks anon <3 not my gif
✧・゚: *✧・゚:*✧・゚: *✧・゚:*✧・゚: *✧・゚:*
Bucky was running through the compound halls, his mind only focused on finding you.
Quinjet had just landed and Bucky found out that you were injured. He started trembling right after he heard Steve telling him that you had a little injury. He didn’t even think about the word “little”, just focusing on the fact that you were hurt.
His thoughts were so loud but so quiet at the same time. He was so focused on finding you, he didn’t even realise that he was crying. Were you okay? Were you in pain? How could he let you get hurt? How could he fail?
I couldn’t protect her. He kept running, hoping to find you in the medical wing.
✧・゚: *✧・゚:*✧・゚: *✧・゚:*✧・゚: *✧・゚:*
“It should heal in just a week, just be careful, y/n.” Dr. Cho said with a small smile on her face. You nodded with a smile and thanked her before she left.
You had been on a solo mission for about three days. It was tiring and even though you had a knife wound on your stomach, the mission was pretty successful.
After Dr. Cho left, you wondered where Bucky was but since it was 2 am, you assumed he was asleep and decided not to wake him. You wanted to hug your boyfriend more than anything but you didn’t want to wake him up either.
You were almost falling asleep when you heard loud footsteps. Someone was running to the medical wing of the compound and you exactly knew who it was.
You weren’t surprised when you saw Bucky running into your room. His messy hair was in a low bun and the purple circles under his eyes were telling you he didn’t sleep in the last three days. His eyes were concerned at first but when he saw you in the medical bed, awake and alive, he let out a breath.
“Oh, thank god.” he muttered under his breath and quickly walked to the bed. He sat down on the chair next to the bed, holding your hand. He kissed your hand a few times before looking at you again.
“It’s nice to see you too, handsome.” you smiled at him.
“You have no idea, doll. You have no idea how nice it is to see you. I-I swear I stopped breathing when I heard you were hurt.” he said and you could see tears prickling his eyes. You squeezed his hand, I am here.
“How did you find out?”
“I wasn’t asleep, I saw Steve awake and asked him what was wrong, he said that you had a little injury.” he kissed your knuckles again. You put your free hand on his cheek.
“He was right, Bucky. Nothing too serious, just a little injury. Cho said it will heal in a week.” you said and he leaned in to kiss you. His lips were chapped and you could feel all the concern and love in his body. When you finally broke off, he smiled.
“I was so worried, doll.” he whispered. You kissed his cheek and scooted over on the bed, motioning Bucky to lay down next to you.
“You sure, doll? I don’t want to hurt you.” he said, making you roll your eyes.
“You could never, Bucky. Now come cuddle with me.” he grinned and carefully laid down next to you. He had an arm around your shoulder and your head was on his chest. He kissed your hair a few times after sighing.
“I would never let you out of my sight until your wound heals properly, you know that right?” he said and you looked at him.
“Would you carry me everywhere?” you asked playfully, making him smile.
“Anything you want, dollface.” he said and you closed your eyes, loving the feeling of having him this close.
“Goodnight, Bucky.” you mumbled to his chest.
“Goodnight, baby.” he said and kissed your hair, sleep taking him.
✧・゚: *✧・゚:*✧・゚: *✧・゚:*✧・゚: *✧・゚:*
my masterlist || request || join my taglist
taglist: @multiplums @buckythompsonsousa @stuckysavedmylive @amayatheowl @harrysthiccthighss @justreadingficsdontmindme @bucks-bunny @leyannrae @libraries-and-coffee @buckys2thicc @lil-stark @msmimimerton @goodcleanfunsis @bella-romanova-drysdale @moonlight-onyx @mcu-thoughts
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sinner-as-saint · 3 months ago
Night Hours
Mob!Bucky x Reader
Run-through: Bucky wakes you up in the middle of the night because he can’t sleep, and he knows you can help with that. 
Themes: fluff, smut
a/n: just a little something before i get started on my assignments ily. 
Tumblr media
You sensed movement behind you. Followed by a strong, muscular arm circling around your waist and pulling you into a warm, taut chest. 
You waited, waited for the pair of soft lips. And eventually, they found their way to you; kissing your shoulder, along your neck, your jaw and behind your ear. You felt a warm, soft puff of air fanning the side of your face and you stirred, pushing your butt back into the warm body behind you. 
You heard a soft groan. “Are you awake, baby?” His sleepy voice asked, deep and chest rumbling as he spoke. 
Fuck, that voice itself was your undoing. It took you a few seconds to open your eyes and blink away the sleep and the first thing you noted was the way his fingers were slowly tracing imaginary shapes on your skin. You immediately knew where this was headed. 
“Bucky… it’s two in the morning.” You stated. 
He chuckled softly, leaning in closer to press a kiss on the shell of your ear. You shivered and he noticed. “So you are awake.” 
You couldn’t help but melt under his touch. “No, you woke me up. There’s a difference.” You were quick to reply. 
“Whatever. But now that you’re awake....” he trailed off as his hand lowered, and lowered until his fingers found themselves in between your legs again. 
Your body came alive instantly, recognizing his touch. Your back arched against him, pushing your butt more into him. Just a few hours ago, you both had fucked until you were worn out and now here he was - insatiable still. 
“Bucky…” You meant for it to come out as a reprimand but it came out as a pathetic moan. Behind you, Bucky chuckled again as he slowly, lazily pushed his knee in between your legs, separating them as his fingers explored your skin. 
“Hey,” he nipped at your shoulder. “I can’t sleep, and all I want is for my wife to give me some warmth and love, and attention, is it too much to ask?” He asked, lips brushing against your skin. 
You sighed, leaning more into his touch, your body betraying you by grinding your hips against his hand, urging him to give you more. “No it’s not…” Your voice was barely a whisper. 
He hummed. “That’s what I thought.” 
“Whatever. I’m too lazy to move though. Help yourself.” You murmured as you slumped back against him, wanting his touch more than anything but you were also tiptoeing on the fine line between fighting to stay awake and giving in to sleep. 
Oh. He was more than happy too. “Thank you, baby.” He kissed your ear again and parted your thighs even more as he pressed his naked lower body against yours, sliding his cock inside of you. He groaned once he slipped his cock all the way in and you whined in pleasure as he filled you up. 
You waited for him to move but he didn’t. Just the length and size of him stretching you deliciously. He was completely still, except for the delicate movement of his body as he breathed in and out. You, on the other hand, were desperately trying to get some friction. Just something, anything. 
You moved your hips forward a little bit, and then moved back, his cock sliding just an inch or two in and out of you as a result; making you moan shamelessly. You did that again, and again and despite it all, he refused to move. 
Your sleep was chased away by your desire by now, you were desperate. For him, his cock. A dark chuckle from him sent shivers down your spine. 
“Look at you, like a little kitten in heat. Desperately trying to fuck yourself on my cock.” Arrogant words, followed by a gentle kiss on your shoulder. You trembled. “Didn’t you say you were too lazy to move? What happened now?” You could hear the triumph in his voice. 
You should’ve known. Your husband and his wicked games. 
“Please…” You whined, knowing you couldn’t win this one. You needed him, bad. “Buck, please… I need you.” 
He cooed, mocking you. “Aww, are you begging for my cock, baby? At two in the morning?” He clicked his tongue disapprovingly. “You shameless, absolutely incorrigible and insatiable woman…” he teased as he licked along your neck, his hand moving gently in between your legs again; rubbing slow, deliberate circles around your throbbing clit. 
You were an absolute mess; his hands, his words, his cock - too much all once. You begged, please, please, please. And he chuckled at each one of your pleas, earning more and more out of you as he teased you until you were wide awake with nothing but filth on your mind. 
He still wasn’t moving, kept his cock snug inside of you. His self-control was something you admired. He could be desperately craving something, anything, but he would still find a way to have someone, anyone, offer it up to him on a platter as though he had been entitled to it for the moment he laid eyes on it, or even thought about it. Your husband’s power to take control was truly remarkable. 
And right now, even though he wanted you, he wanted you to want him even more. He wanted you to shamelessly beg for it. He needed to hear you begging him to fuck you however he desired. 
Your pleas were getting louder, and louder. 
He murmured, “Shh, baby. The guards are gonna think you’re in trouble…” he paused, smirking against your skin, “Or worse, they’re gonna know what an immoral woman you are, begging for my cock at two in the morning.” And you could hear the cockiness in his voice, because that was exactly what he wanted. To make it seem like you were the one who had desperately woken him up from deep slumber at two in the morning just because you were hungry for his cock. 
You let out a strained moan which sounded a lot like a growl, and Bucky was amused. “I hate you sometimes.” 
Your husband chuckled. “Is that so?” He found that rather funny. “Is that why you’re hopelessly trying to fuck yourself on my cock? Is that why my name is falling off your lips like a prayer? My God, you must loathe me entirely.” 
He moved just the tiniest bit and your face burned when you realized just how wantonly you had moaned for him. You whined and pushed back into him, unable to take it anymore. “Buck… baby, I’m- I need you. Please, please… I don’t care that it’s two in the morning, I need you to fuck me. Right now.” You sounded like you were on the verge of tears, which you might have been because you were frustrated. 
He chuckled, knowing he’s won. “Anything for you, my love. Anything.” 
Bucky grunted as he moved out of you, and in less than a few seconds he flipped you onto your front and lifted your hips up in the air. He slid inside of you again, effortlessly. And the two of you moaned in unison as he filled you up again, your walls already gripping him tightly as if they could hold him in if he tried to tease you again and leave you hanging. 
You swore as Bucky moved his hips against you, slipping in and out of you with ease. Soon, he was slamming into you; his movement animalistic and unrestrained. Gone was the Bucky who had just spent the past half an hour teasing you until it felt like you would lose your mind, this Bucky was relentless, taking what he wanted how he wanted it. 
“Buck…” You whined, trying to meet his thrusts but you gave up because you knew that would be futile. So you just let him pleasure you. Bucky slammed in and out of you continuously, moaning and grunting in the process. The tears finally fell as the pleasure became too much to handle; and you felt a familiar pressure forming in between your legs.
“You feel so good, baby…” Bucky murmured as he increased his pace; ramming into you mercilessly. Your thoughts were a mess yet again as you felt your vision getting blurry with each passing second. You squirmed in pleasure as both his hands gripped your hips, pulling you into him, hard, each time he filled you up.
His cock reaching all your sensitive spots, Bucky knew just what made you tick and he used them all to his advantage; rendering you completely open to him, in more ways than one. He fucked you, not bothering about the fact that both your moans and groans must have filled the house by now. 
He didn’t care, all he wanted was to make you scream his name as loud as possible. Simply because he could. He sped up, rocking his hips harder against your; his hand reached around to grab your throat gently. He squeezed gently, speeding up into you. You gripped the bed sheets as he pounded into you. 
Your walls constricted around him, hard enough to make him go faster. 
The closer he felt his release coming and the filthier his mouth got. “This pretty little cunt is mine. Mine, you hear me?” He spoke, almost growling and causing goosebumps to erupt all over your body. “I’m gonna wake you up in the middle of the night just to fuck you,...” he groaned at how his filthy words made you clench harder around him, “Because I can.” Bucky pounded into you harder than before; the sounds of your skin slapping one another resonated around the modest room. 
He took you higher, and higher, and higher until you felt more tears escape your eyes. “Baby…” you were breathless, unable to form coherent words as he fucked you silly. 
He knew what you meant. He always did. “Go on, baby. Cum for me.” 
You let the pressure build inside you, before simply letting go, unable to hold back anymore. More hot tears streamed down your face as Bucky kept pounding into you, your eyes rolled back and you moaned out loud as you came. He didn’t slow down as you felt your orgasm wash over you, chasing his own. 
He came with a loud groan, filling you up with his cum yet again. He remained still for a moment, feeling your creamy walls clench violently around him. 
His. All his. 
He gasped as he pressed you down on the bed before spooning you again, your bodies still connected. His chest rose and fell rapidly as he caught his breath. With his cock still buried in you, you could feel his racing heartbeat; both against your back and against your sensitive walls. 
He kissed your shoulder over and over again, finally pulling the covers over the two of you. You searched for his hand and placed your warm one on top of his, and he almost purred into your ear at the simple, affectionate gesture. 
“I’m sorry I woke you up, angel.” He murmured into your head. “I just… needed you. I’m sorry.” 
You smiled, allowing sleep to finally take over you. “It’s okay, baby. It’s okay, I love you.” You mumbled, “Now please get some sleep.”
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mianorth · 28 days ago
Hmmm maybe Bucky would be good instead of Chris. Thank you!!!
Tumblr media
Thank you for the request! I hope you don't mind that this became a Mob!Bucky👀💜
Tumblr media
|||drabble ||| all of my fics are 18+ only.
“B-But it's not fair!”
You stomped your foot, groaning out of frustration as your arms crossed over your chest. Standing in front of Bucky, shielding him from entering his office, which he basically lives in. You never get to see him, not even during the night, you always sleep alone in that large empty bed. Eat alone with no one to sit in front of you. Even shower alone; the two of you used to bathe and shower together all the time.
Now, he canceled on yet another date with you.
Bucky sighed heavily, rolling his eyes slightly as he looked off to the side. He could not use physical force to move you out of his way, that would erupt yet another argument which he could not handle at the moment. Trust meant a lot to him and currently, there was a glitch in the system: which meant that someone used his trust to deceive him. Taking his plans and ratting them to another leader.
He was furious.
“I need to leave, baby, can you just–”
You groaned again, tears threatening to fall if he continued this behavior. Frustration took over your body and you refused to move as much as an inch.
“No! I’m not moving! You're so mean! You always do this to me, I–”
He suddenly grabbed your arms and forcefully moved you out of the way, his nose flared and he stood still for a second before. Anger was written all over his face; if it were humanly possible, steam would have been blown out of his ears and fire escaping his mouth. Almost as if an unleashed demon that wanted to push out his body, his sight blinding everything before him and all he could see was red.
“If I hear one more fucking complaint leave your mouth, I'll pop your cheek little girl,” He said, low and dark, like a whisper of threat that sent shivers down your spine. “Now, leave.”
With that said, he entered his office and slammed the door behind him: making your ears hurt because of the loud bang. You hadn't noticed the tears leaving your eyes, and the breath that you held for so long due to fear. But he saw you cry. Saw you scared. Yet he ran away.
You could make an ocean with the tears that fled down your cheeks, the bedroom was only filled with your empty sobbing ripping through your throat. Chest hurt, a heavy stone that laid on it with a hint of fiery anger. The feel of that hurricane pain that ran through your body and mind was exhausting, it made you slip deeper and deeper into a headspace which you were in no condition to go in.
Perhaps that's the reason you held your stuffie so close. Laying sideways on the bed with your legs curled up, the wet pillow hiding half of your crying face.
You did not hear the door opening and closing, nor could you see it due to your tears blinding your sight. The approaching footsteps had a slight clicking sound against the wooden floor, but then it got soft once they stepped on the carpet. You felt a weight behind you, sinking into the mattress and then a heavy, metal arm that was draped over your torso.
“I-I hate y-you!” You cried, your sobs muffled by the pillow.
“I know, baby,” He said, still in a low voice but this time it was softer. “Daddy knows.”
Being with you for a long time now, he could easily tell when you have slipped into subspace. You try to seek for comfort, one that he can give you but he is too afraid that you'll fear him more if he takes actions way too quick. He needs to take it easy.
“Daddy's sorry he said those things, sweetheart. They mean nothing, I would never hurt you.”
“You're-You're still mean!”
He snuggled further and pulled you closer into his hug, and you let him. “I know...Do you want to have alone time, baby?”
Alone time meant that he would give you some space, letting you get away from him for a few minutes until you feel the need to have his touch and care again.
You nodded, and he nodded as well.
“Okay, you call daddy whenever you need me again,” He pointed at your phone which sat on your side of the bedside table. He placed a kiss on your neck and whispered into your skin. “I love you so much, princess. Daddy loves you.”
With that, he exited the room.
But this time you felt calm.
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blanketbarnes · a month ago
what's your problem?
Tumblr media
summary: Bucky usurped one of your most coveted deals and now you're going to show him who's boss. (help me, i suck at summaries)
pairing: mob!bucky x mob! fem!reader
warnings: MINORS DNI, SMUT, oral (m receiving), the reader isn't someone you want to mess with, fluffy ending
w/c: 1.7k
a/n: not beta read, all mistakes are my own.
You saw red the moment you got Wanda's call informing you that Bucky had stolen a client you were after for months and that too from under your nose.
"He did what?!" you yelled into the phone.
"Barnes and Romanoff finalized on the weapons deal last night, she's not going with us anymore," Wanda huffed.
"How dare he, that fucking bastard!" you say, pinching the bridge of your nose. "Anyways, thanks,"
You cut the call abruptly and throw the phone across the room, instantly breaking it into two. 'Probably shouldn't have done that,' you think to yourself. You take a seat on your large queen-sized bed that you slept in, alone. Your thoughts drifted to when you and Bucky were together and you sucked in a deep breath.
It was a tumultuous relationship, to say the least. You loved and cared for each other deeply, but you also argued and fought just as much. You were both extremely ambitious and hot-headed, making it difficult to even have normal conversations with one another. And every argument either ended with you sleeping in separate beds or fucking the frustration out of each other. At one point the two of you realised that it wasn't healthy for you to be like this and you ended it, for good. At least that's what you thought.
You walked out of your room, surprisingly calm and motioned to one of your most trusted bodyguards. "Hope, get the car ready, right now. Also, get me another phone," you order the feisty brunette.
You walk back into your room and put on the sexiest set of lingerie you owned. It was red and lacy and it barely left anything to the imagination. You slipped on a black dress over it and tied your hair up, letting a few strands fall over your face. You checked your reflection out in the mirror and smirked devilishly to yourself. Holy hell, did you look good.
Once you got in the car, Hope asked you where you wanted to go.
"Barnes' place,"
She froze. "Are you sure? Do you really think this is a good idea?"
"Yes, now drive," you say nonchalantly.
As you pulled up to Bucky's house, memories flooded your mind but you brushed them off. You had a plan and you weren't going to let his ridiculously handsome face distract you. You got out of your car and made your way up the stairs, telling Hope that she should leave.
As you walked up, one of Bucky's bodyguards stopped you.
"Oh, come on, Steve. Did you forget me?" you tease the burly man.
"No, but you're a threat and we need to check if you've got any weapons,"
"Hey, I come in peace," you laugh as you flail your arms dramatically. You even pull your dress up a little to reveal that you had no weapons concealed. "A threat, huh?" you chide, watching his cheeks go red.
"Ms l/n,"
"Yes, Steven?"
"He's in his room,"
"Love you, Stevie," you say as you saunter inside, not before blowing him a kiss.
You walked up to his room, remembering every corner of his house like the back of your hand. You knocked and sighed when you heard his gruff, sexy, voice.
"Who is it?" he shouts.
You don't answer and keep knocking until the door flings open to reveal a very annoyed Bucky.
"y/n," he says, surprised.
"James," you say with a nod as you walk past him, into the room.
"To what do I owe the pleasure?" he says with a smirk.
"Oh don't play that game with me, you asshole, you know very well why I'm here," you say, voice raising a little bit. You turn around to face him and take in his appearance. He was wearing a black dress shirt and the first few buttons were undone, giving you a glimpse of his bare, sculpted chest. 'Oh, fuck him for being so sexy.'
He walks over to you and places the glass of whiskey from his hand onto the table beside you and cages you between it and himself. He grabs your jaw, not harshly, but firmly. "Watch your mouth, baby, this is my house," he says coldly, his eyes shamelessly roaming your body.
"Oh yeah?" you say as you push his hand away. "Or what, huh? You're gonna steal another one of my clients? You sneaky little shit." You growl at him.
"Ah, so that's what this is about," he says calmly, a hint of sarcasm in his tone. he walks away from you to sit on the bed, running a hand through his fluffy, brown locks. "It wasn't personal, babygirl, just business,"
"No! This wasn't just business!" you scream, finally letting it all out. "You knew I was after Romanoff and you stole that from me just because you wanted to get back at me!"
"Lower your voice," he says sternly.
"Or what?!" you say, locking eyes with his ceruleans and staring into them coldly. "You're gonna fuck the attitude outta me? Just like old times?" you say as you move towards him and push him down, straddling his lap.
"Would that be so bad?" he says with a smirk as he unzips your dress and slips it off your shoulders, revealing the lingerie. "Fuck, baby. You got all dressed up just to come yell at me?"
"Shut up," you say, rolling your eyes and throwing the dress aside. Bucky attempts to get on top but you pin his hands above his head, making it almost impossible for him to move. His eyes roam your almost naked body shamelessly as you untie your hair. He takes the opportunity to squeeze and fondle your breasts, making you moan out loud. You bring the silk ribbon to his wrists and swiftly tie them to the headboard
'y/n, what the fuck?"
"No. Touching." you warn as you secure the cloth.
"y/n, c'mon," he whines.
"No. Today I'm gonna fuck the attitude out of you," you say, giving him a sexy wink. You lean down to kiss him while simultaneously undoing the remaining buttons of his shirt. You feel his hard-on pressing against your scantily covered core making you moan into his mouth. He slips his tongue into your mouth shamelessly as your hands find their way into his hair, tugging gently, making him moan.
You pull away and kiss his neck, leaving wet open-mouthed kisses. You nip and suck and kiss continually, hands roaming his bare, smooth chest. You hear his gasps and grunts and you feel...powerful. You trail kisses further down and lick a long stripe up his abs, making him throw his head back.
"Fuck...y/n," he moans making you smirk against his skin. You finally make your way down to where he needed you most. You hurriedly undid his belt and pulled his pants and boxers down, freeing his leaking cock. Your mouth watered at the sight of it- red and leaking. You wrapped a hand around him and began stroking gently, picking up the pace gradually.
You gave the tip little kitten licks making Bucky moan. You wrapped your mouth around the tip, sucking some of the precum before taking him into your mouth entirely. You bobbed your head up and down, feeling yourself getting wetter and wetter.
"Fuck, baby, just like that," he pants. You could feel him getting closer by the sounds of his shallow breaths, and just as he was about to cum, you pulled away.
"y/n, what the-"
"Feels bad, doesn't it?" you say, straddling him once more. "Having something you want being taken away from you, huh?"
"Fine, you've proved your point," he huffs making you smirks. "Come on, ride me now,"
You didn't need to be told twice before lowering yourself onto him. You moaned at the sensation of him filling you up and he let out a sharp grunt. Even though the two of you had fucked like a million times, he always stretched you out like it was your first. Once you sunk down completely, you rolled your hips catching him off guard. You smirked as you continued to bounce up and down on his cock. Your mouth fell open and you let out pornographic moans, Bucky completely in awe. He'd never seen anyone more beautiful than you.
He began thrusting into you upwards, bringing both of you closer and closer to you your releases. "Buck...oh my god.....I'm gonna...I'm gonna-" you wheeze out.
"Cum," he finished your sentence or you as you fell forward, your orgasm ripping through your body. You fell forward and buried your face in his neck, still riding in sync with his thrusts until he stilled inside you and you felt his warm load coating your clenching walls.
"Fuck," you pant.
"Yeah," he laughs.
"Shut up," you say as you roll off him and move towards the edge of the bed.
"You're gonna leave me here like this?" he says motioning at his wrists.
"You kinda deserve it," you say with a smirk.
"God you're such a bitch,"
"Hey, watch your tone with me, pretty boy," you tease as you climb over him again and grip his jaw gently. You undo the ties on his wrists and place soft kisses on the insides of them. "Did I hurt you?" you asked genuinely, making his heart soar at the little gesture.
"Baby, you couldn't hurt me if you tried," he laughs.
"So you're saying I should try then?" you say as you curl into his side, purely out of habit.
"I missed you," he says, kissing your forehead. "You can have the deal if you want....I'll tell Romanoff I'm backing out,"
You sit up on your elbows and look at him, surprised. You hadn't expected him to give in so easily. "Really?!"
"Yeah...I don't want us to fight anymore...I just want you back.."
You lean in and kiss him deeply before straddling him again. "I'm glad you said that because I don't have a ride home....I love you,"
"I love you too..and you made a mistake untying me.."
"What?" is all you can croak out before he flips you over and moves down your body, pinning you to the mattress.
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