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Tumblr media
18+ | Mob!Bucky x Best Friend!Reader
the adventures of bucky and his little fairy.
recommended to be read in order, but most can be read as standalones.
just let me see them
your best friend, bucky, has done some research about makeup for you. it's imperative that you show him your boobs.
look at me forever
continuation of just let me see them.
watch me cry
request: can you write some with mob!bucky x best friend!reader where he makes her cry and they stop talking for awhile? please make it angsty!!
big mouth
you have a bad habit of running your mouth when you're tipsy. luckily, your best friend is always prepared to help you out of any trouble that big mouth of yours gets you in.
tug of war
ex!pietro wants you back, but bucky will never give you up. you're his, and his alone.
just like a fairy
the start of the most loving friendship in history.
one of mine
bucky and fairy's second meeting; a chaotic gunfight.
how you love me
bucky's high out of his mind, and paranoid about saving you from apparent danger. taking advantage of the fact that he won't recall any of this, you reveal your true feelings to him.
a fairy's beloved object
never steal from a fairy. the consequences could be deadly.
clingy as fuck
you overhear bucky telling sam about how clingy you are, which breaks your heart.
friends that kiss
bucky and fairy get high together.
bucky gets a tattoo of your name for your birthday.
permanent marker
you get a tattoo of bucky's name.
touching bucky's fairy is suicide.
friends having fun
bucky and fairy get a little carried away after a night out.
play pretend
in order to appease his uncle, bucky needs to prove that he's a family man. what better way to get that image across than with a loving wife? there's only one problem: bucky doesn't have a wife. he does, however, have a little fairy.
best friend
in the face of adversity, you make a tough decision. continuation of play pretend.
something blue
dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to witness the joining of two lives.
alternate timeline
how things would have ended if fairy chose to leave.
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if you were mine.
18+, minors do not interact
summary: you’re dragged along to a gala with your less-than-loving husband, but catch the eye of the most powerful mafia boss in the city: bucky barnes.
warnings: smut, cheating, oral (f receiving), unprotected sex, dirty talk, threats, mob/mafia business 
moodboard: 🤍
Tumblr media
It was safe to say that your husband was a pig.
You knew it from the moment you had met him; the way his gaze lingered on your curves instead of looking you in the eyes and introducing himself as your soon-to-be spouse.
You knew that being an only daughter in a mafia family had its perks - endless money, designer clothes at your fingertips, constant luxury, and men begging at your feet for a chance. But your father had warned you not to fall for anyone: to keep the family successful, you’d be married off to another mob boss.
That’s why you were standing in the center of a ballroom, a sleek dress running over your figure and a champagne glass in your hand. Your husband, Henry, kept his hand on the small of your back, not wanting you to wander from him. People milled around you, chatting politely in the enormous mansion. You nursed your drink, the plastered smile making your cheeks ache.
Bucky Barnes stood across from Henry. He didn’t have to say a word for you to know he ran the city - he radiated power. His all-black suit stood in stark contrast to the gold of the room and the light from the enormous chandeliers.
Henry wasn’t oblivious; he saw the way Bucky drank you in as he approached the two of you. He didn’t mind one bit. Eye candy was better for business. He cleared his throat, and Bucky regretfully ripped his eyes from your face to look at your husband.
“Darling, this is James Barnes, tonight’s host,” Henry said, squeezing your back.
You gave James a polite smile and introduced yourself. “You have a beautiful home,” you said, motioning to the grand interior surrounding you.
“Thank you. As your husband said, I’m James,” he said, leaning in to shake your hand, “but you can call me Bucky.” His enormous hand enveloped your dainty one, silver rings indenting your skin slightly. You relished in the feeling of his touch, and he seemed to do the same.
Henry cleared his throat, obviously feeling excluded from the conversation. You rolled your eyes so only Bucky could see, and he shot you an amused wink before turning to your husband.
They began talking business. You tuned them out easily, a habit you grew to be a pro in from a young age. You knew this business well; in fact, you knew more than Henry and could do a better job at negotiating than he could. But he’d never give you the chance. To him, you were a side piece, an object to sit still and make him look desirable.
They wrapped up their conversation quickly. From the slight tremor in Henry’s voice, you could tell that Bucky terrified him. It was clear why: the man practically owned New York City and could command a room of mob bosses with a flick of his fingers.
What you weren’t expecting was for Bucky to address you personally. Your eyes shot up, full of curiosity as he shot you a killer smile.
His voice was deep as he said your name. You loved the way it rolled off his tongue, and you vaguely wondered what else he could do with it. “It was a pleasure to meet you. I apologize I didn’t get the chance to introduce myself earlier in the evening,” he said, his gaze holding yours as he cupped your hand once again. “If you need anything at all, Mrs. Claremont, don’t hesitate to find me.”
Your lips curved, pleased at his offer. “Thank you, Mr. Barnes. I certainly will.”
“Please, call me Bucky.”
Henry, once again, cleared his throat, and this time you didn’t even try to hide your annoyance at his neediness. “Again, thanks for having us. We’ll let you get to your other guests, Bucky,” he said.
Bucky’s eyes narrowed at Henry. “You can call me Mr. Barnes,” he said sternly.
Henry scrambled to cover his mistake as you hid your satisfied smirk with a long drink from your champagne. Bucky shot you a wink before walking off.
“Now, if you’re done eye-fucking him, we have other people to mingle with,” Henry mumbled under his breath.
Two hours had passed, and you had grown more exhausted. The only thing keeping you somewhat perked up was the occasional sighting of Bucky, who wandered around, chatting politely with patrons. He had held eye contact with you several times, even going as far as to smirking at you.
Now, you held your third glass of champagne, still not tipsy enough for your liking. You weren’t an avid drinker by any means, but you had built up quite the tolerance because of these parties.
You removed Henry’s hand from your backside as you gave him a short smile, promising to be right back.
You weaved your way through the crowded room, slinking between guests. You eventually arrived at the set-up bar, sliding your glass to the bartender and asking for more champagne.
“You must not be enjoying yourself,” said a voice. You turned to find Bucky. He walked up to you, his gigantic figure looming over you.
“What makes you say that?” You asked, peering up at him through your lashes.
He motioned to your glass. “Alcohol is the only thing that gets me through events I have no interest in attending. I’m assuming it’s the same for you?”
You sighed. “Don’t take it personal, Mr. Barnes. I’ve just attended one too many of these galas for them to be interesting anymore.”
Bucky smirked. “No worries, doll. I understand. I wouldn’t enjoy myself either if that douchebag’s arm was around my waist all night.”
You snorted, covering your hand with your mouth. “He’s not that bad,” you said, weakly defending your husband, but one glare from Bucky had you giggling again. “Okay, he’s an ass. But it’s fine.”
“If you were mine, I’d be showing you off to every person in this goddamn city.”
You stifled a gasp at Bucky’s blunt words. He stared down at you seriously, blue eyes piercing yours with careful curiosity.
“Well, I’m not yours,” you nearly whispered.
“No,” Bucky said, narrowing his eyes. “You’re not mine. Yet.”
“Tell me you don’t want it,” he said lowly. He leaned in to you, covering your body from the crowd. Your back hit the bar and you had to crane your neck to see his face. “Tell me,” he continued, “that you don’t want to be mine. That you don’t want me to shower you in affection and love. Give you everything your pig of a husband never can.”
“I can’t.”
“Can’t what?”
“I can’t tell you that I don’t want it. Because I do.”
That was all it took for Bucky to grab your wrist, hastily pulling you away from the bar, abandoning your drink.
He pulled you into an empty hallway and immediately pushed you against the wall. He snaked an arm around your waist, breath tickling your face as your fingers flew up to pull on his long hair.
He growled into your mouth and clashed his lips against yours, moving with you in tandem. One hand cupped your ass as the other wandered over your stomach. You moaned pathetically into his mouth, and he seemed to like it. He shoved his tongue inside and glided it across yours.
“Bucky,” you said, pulling back. Your lips were already swollen, and Bucky felt his chest leap at the sight. “I need you.”
Bucky nodded, pressing open-mouthed kisses down your neck and across your collarbone. “I know, dollface, I know. Not here. Come with me.”
He pulled you along and it wasn’t long before the two of you were in what you assumed to be his sitting room. The fireplace roared dully and a blanket was draped over an expensive-looking couch. Bucky wasted no time in hoisting you up onto his waist, then carefully dropping you onto the velvet couch.
Your stomach was cluttered with emotions, your head running wild with endorphins. Henry had never treated you with so much attention and care. You couldn’t remember the last time anyone had kissed you like this.
Bucky seemed to read your mind. “Never been treated like this, huh, darlin’?”
You shook your head weakly. “No.”
Bucky growled against your skin. “Damn shame. Fuckin’ immature little boys who don’t know how to treat a woman like you. Can’t believe I’ll be the first to ruin you completely. Not that I’m complaining,” he said with a shit-eating grin.
You moaned lewdly at his words. “Please, Bucky, I need you in me.”
“Let me ask you a question first,” he said, pulling back to look at you in your eyes. “Has anyone ever licked your sweet pussy?”
Your eyes widened at his filthy question. “N-no,” you responded.
Bucky smiled devilishly. “You sayin’ I’m gonna be the first one to shove my tongue in ya? To taste ya? Baby, you’re spoiling me,” he groaned, and without warning he shoved your dress up to your hips, pulling your thong down.
You were dripping, completely ready for whatever he had to give you. He licked his lips, pushing his hair back across his forehead before running a thick finger through you.
You moaned, bucking into his touch. He slowly inserted it into you, pulled it back out, then pushed it in again. He lowered his mouth to you, giving you a chance to feel his hot breath on your folds before diving in.
You felt sparks fly across your skin as his mouth finally touched you. He groaned, lips moving and sucking across your clit as his tongue moved in unison with his finger. “S’good,” he mumbled against you.
He continued his assault until you were writhing against him, practically shoving your hips into his face. He took it all, gripping your hips with a bruising force. It wasn’t long before you were coming, sparks flashing across your eyes as you tensed and twitched.
Bucky didn’t give you a second to recover before he was freeing himself from his suit pants. He was enormous - you could see his cock throbbing from where you laid.
“I’ll fit, don’t worry, doll,” he said with a laugh when he saw your shocked expression. “I’ll make it fuckin’ fit.”
He stroked himself a few times before lining up with your entrance, slowly pushing the engorged head into you with an audible pop. You gasped at the sensation, your mouth forming a perfect ‘o’ as he shoved himself in. His eyes screwed shut in bliss when he bottomed out.
“S’fucking tight, you sure your pathetic husband ever even fucked ya? Never felt a pussy this damn good before. Fuck.”
He hoisted both of your legs over his broad shoulders, finding a new angle to pound into you from.
“God, you feel so good,” you whined. “Oh shit, B-Bucky.”
“That’s it, sweetheart. All mine, aren’t you? Yeah, you’re fuckin’ mine. Say my name.”
“Bucky, fuck!”
“Never gonna let that limp-dick douche ever touch you again,” he panted. “I’ve got you now.”
“I only want you, I’m yours,” you moaned. You felt an unfamiliar white heat inside of you, coiling around your stomach.
“You can take it, I know you can, cus you’re my good girl, right?” You nodded against him, tightening your grip. He snarled into your neck as his hips began pistoning into you with a roughness you already knew you would come to crave. “I’m coming, doll,” Bucky said, feeling your tightness around him, “but you gotta come first.”
You didn’t have to hear him twice. You came around him, moaning wantonly. Bucky wasn’t far behind; he stuttered and shoved himself as deep into you as he could reach.
After a minute of catching your breath, Bucky moved off you, picking your underwear off the floor and shoving it in his pocket. He then pulled your dress down to your legs, readjusting your heels and smoothing your hair.
“Do I look okay?” you asked, clearly concerned about your appearance.
Bucky looked at you with something that could only be described as adoration. “You look beautiful.”
You felt a blush creep up your cheek, but it didn’t last as the doors to the room burst open.
Henry stood there, his fists clenched at his sides. “What the fuck is wrong with you?” He snarled, stalking over to you.
Before he could get too close, Bucky stood. He absolutely towered above Henry. “I’d watch yourself if I were you, Mr. Claremont,” he spoke. His voice was deadly calm.
“You just fucked my wife. Get out of my way.”
Bucky tensed. “Remember who you’re speaking to.”
Henry audibly gulped, but he peered around Bucky and glared at you. “Fine. Come on, we’re going home, you damn slut,” he said.
Bucky lunged forward, grabbing Henry by the collar and lifting him off the floor with ease. “You don’t get to fucking speak to her like that,” he growled. “No one does. She’s mine now, and I’m hers. Don’t think for a damn second you have a right to even look at her. She’s not your wife anymore. I give you my word, you’ll wish I killed you once I’m done with you.”
Bucky threw Henry onto the floor and he scrambled backwards, staring up at Bucky with clear terror in his eyes. Bucky turned around, kneeling beside you and pulling your small hands into his large ones. “Come with me, doll. Let’s get back to the party.”
“What about…?” you asked, your words failing as you looked at your husband - no, ex-husband.
“I’ll have my men take care of him. I just want you to enjoy yourself.”
You nodded, tucking yourself into his side as he guided you out of the room and back towards the main hall.
“So, you were really serious about me being yours?” you said, gazing up at Bucky curiously.
“Damn right. Let’s give this a shot, why don’t we? Just needed your piece of shit husband out of the way,” he replied, pressing a kiss to your hairline. “I gotchya now, doll. And I ain’t letting go.”
part 2 here
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Nights & Mornings with Mob!Bucky
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Credit @jamesbuchenan for the gifs
Tumblr media
Pairing || Mob!Bucky x Wife!Reader
Summary || How you and Bucky go to sleep and how you and Bucky wake up.
Word Count || 1890
Contents || fluff, slight angst, smut
Warnings || NSFW, 18+ Only, Minors DNI, dub-con, mob/mafia business, mention of violence, alcohol consumption, explicit content/language, pet names (honey, babe, baby, doll), oral (male receiving), cum swallowing, mention of bodily fluids.
Authors Note || I hope I did Mob!Bucky justice :) I really love how this turned out! Ignore the double Nights at the beginning. The readmore function just keeps fucking up.
Mob!Bucky Masterlist
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Tumblr media
It was becoming late in the night, and you couldn't find the peace to go to sleep—tossing and turning in the luxurious bed you laid in. The comfort of the sheets—safe and warm against your naked skin, usually made you fall asleep right away, but there was a key element missing, and that was your husband, Bucky, by your side.
Yes, James Buchanan Barnes, the feared and dangerous mobster boss in all of New York City. That was the man you shared a bed with, that was the man you shared your life with, and he was currently staring out the window at the city lights from the 40th floor of the building that was your home.
He was still fully clothed—velvet pants and white button-down tucked into the waistband. A glass of whiskey in hand, the other placed in his pocket. He was deep in thought as he observed the city he owned.
“Bucky, come to bed, please; it’s late, babe.”
His head shook no as he took a big swig of his drink, hissing as the alcohol burned his tongue.
“They’re plotting against me; my enemies, I know it. They want to challenge me; they want to take away everything I own—including the one thing I hold dearest to my heart.”
With being the mob boss, threats and danger from his rivals and enemies lingered behind every corner of his life, wanting to destroy him and take away all he possessed, including you—his most prized possession.
His love.
His life.
Your head hung low as you exhaled a sigh in both annoyance and sadness that he could never get a moment of peace without having these intrusive thoughts darkening his mind.
His name fell so soft from your lips as you got up from your side of the bed and padded over to where he was standing, looking over his domain. You circled your arms around his clothed torso, resting your cheek on his muscular back as you squeezed him with the strength you had.
The tension in his muscles relaxed as he felt your love and comfort engulf him. His available hand came to rest on your grip on him. Like this, you stood for a moment before you broke the silence.
“I know nothing I say will make it easier for you, honey, but,” you let go and turned him around to face you, holding his waist, ”you’re the boss. You rule this town, and no one dares to stand against you, James.” Taking his face between your hands, caressing his skin, and running your thumbs along the dark circles formed underneath his eyes from all the stress he had to endure and the lack of sleep. “Please come to bed… you need some rest, and I can’t sleep without you cuddling me.”
A content sigh left him as he leaned into your affectionate touch. Without you in his life, he would go fucking crazy. You were safety and reassurance for him in this dark and dangerous world. The concerned expression on his face softened as you pleaded with those sweet and doe eyes of yours. He could never resist your wishes; he could never resist you ever.
“Yeah, let’s go to bed, doll.”
Taking your hand in his, he led you over to the king-sized bed. He took a last swig of the whiskey, emptying the glass before placing it on the nightstand.
You helped unbutton his shirt as you rested on your knees on the mattress. Bucky smiled down at your naked form, clearly having some dirty thoughts running through his mind as you discarded the clothing.
“I love when you undress me, doll.” He grabbed your chin with his fingers and lifted your gaze.
As you looked up at him, the corner of his mouth turned up into a smirk. His pupils widened as those dark eyes were swimming with sinful fantasies of what he could do to you—sex all on his mind now.
“You wish, James,” you rolled your eyes at him. “We can have sex tomorrow, but right now,” you got comfortable on your side of the bed, pulling the covers over you, “we both need some rest.”
As much as he wanted you in the dirtiest way possible, you were right. He desperately needed a few hours of sleep if he were to function properly.
You admire his toned body while he gets rid of his pants and underwear, licking your lips as a few fantasies of your own intrude your mind. Yeah, you want him as much as he wants you, but that would have to wait until the morning. Bucky needed all the rest he could get to run the organisation for days to come.
He lifts the covers and slides underneath, wrapping his arms around your form as you do the same. His back was facing the door, keeping you safe from any potential danger advancing through it, although that wasn’t necessary as he had plenty of guards posted throughout the building you called home.
With your bodies as close as humanly possible, arms and legs tangled, you can both finally find some serenity in one another. Bucky inhales your sweet aroma, his mind filling up with it as he’s at peace at last.
“I love you, my precious doll,” he exhales. Only a few seconds go by before you hear light snoring coming from his open mouth. A smile forms on your lips at him finally being at rest. “I love you, James.” You nuzzled your face in his chest and closed your eyes, following Bucky into dreamland…
There was no clear indication as to why you had woken up all of a sudden. There had been no alarm or any sign of reason to wake up; it was just one of those days when your body and mind decided it was time to do so.
You blink a few times as you adjust your eyes. The clock on the nightstand says 07:47 am—you breathe out a sigh as it’s too early to be awake. Neither yours nor Bucky’s alarm would go off anytime soon.
Bucky is fast asleep beside you—light snoring coming from his open mouth, chest carefully rising and falling with every breath. You’ve become untangled somewhere in the night, but you still kept your fingers interlocked as you needed contact with each other in some form.
Carefully, so as not to wake him, you snuggled up to his side. You close your eyes, wanting to sleep more as it’s still time to do so before the day officially starts.
You try, but you can’t seem to fall asleep again. A defeated sigh leaves you, and you open your eyes, only to be met with the most beautiful sight—Bucky’s semi-hard cock resting on his abdomen.
This gives you an idea—an idea that will make Bucky’s start on the day the best one ever.
Carefully, you slide down till you’re level with his crotch. You look up at him, checking if he’s still asleep. He was; he hadn’t moved a muscle.
You start with leaving broad licks on his shaft, coating his length with your saliva. His cock twitches—wanting more attention. How can you ever deny its wishes?
You grab the base of his shaft in a soft grip as you lean in to take the tip between your lips, suckling and swirling your tongue on him before you swallow him whole—tip tickling the back of your throat, making you choke lightly. The vibrations on his length has Bucky tossing on the bed as soft moans escape his open mouth as you bob your head on his now hard cock.
Bucky’s eyes flutter open, and he’s met with the most sinful view he’s ever seen—your mouth full of his cock as your naked ass pokes behind your bent form. The sight makes him groan.
“Oh, baby…” his voice was groggy and deep with sleep, making his cries of passion that much hotter.
Finally, he's awake at last.
You look up at him and release him from your mouth, a string of saliva still connecting your lips to his cock. You take his shaft in your hand and pump his aching and red cock, leaving featherlight kisses on his swollen tip.
“Morning, honey,” you say casually like you didn’t have a fistful of his cock in your hand. You take him in your mouth again, engulfing his whole length.
Bucky sucks in a breath as you bob your head on him again. One of his arms rests underneath his head, while his other hand finds its place on the back of your bobbing head—enjoying the show you are performing on him. His hips buck into your mouth, so needy for more, as he basks in the pleasure you provide early in the morning.
“Fuck, baby,” he softly moaned.
You look up at him through your lashes, his face contorting in pleasure, as you slide him in and out of your mouth with ease. You moan and gag around him as his cock pulsates on your tongue. The gags and moans mixed with the sloppy noise you make on his length are the most erotic sounds he’s ever heard.
It’s all too much for Bucky so early in the morning. The sight of you worshipping his cock—eyes so soft and innocent in contrast to what your sinful mouth was doing, was what he needed to come deep in your throat.
“Fuck, doll, you’re gonna make me-“
With a guttural groan, his seed spurts out of his tip deep in your mouth, coating the inside of your cavity. His voice was laced with sleep, hoarse and rough as he cursed your name as he came. You milk his cock, making sure to get everything from him as you didn’t want a single drop to go to waste. The sticky cum trickles down your throat, making you moan out in satisfaction at the taste of him.
Once you were done, you slid him out of your mouth, releasing him with a pop and showing him that there wasn’t a single trace left of him in your mouth.
“Shit, doll,” he patted your head, “good girl, baby.” You smiled up at him. So pleased that he had enjoyed himself.
You giggled, as did he, when you came to his level, both of you wrapping your arms around each other. His lips lingered on your forehead, leaving soft kisses as you snuggled up against your loving husband.
“Thank you, baby, for taking care of me. I needed that.”
“Of course, babe.”
You cuddle for a while, touching and kissing each other softly as you bask in each other’s company. The both of you groaned out when the alarm clock rang, signalling that it was time to get up and leave the protective bubble that was your luxurious bed.
Bucky’s hand caressed your cheek as he gazed into your eyes. His thumb traced your lips, thinking about where they were only a short moment ago.
“What do you say, doll? Should we take a shower together? Let me repay you for the wonderful service this morning?”
His eyebrows wiggled as his mouth turned into a cocky smile. You smiled and leaned your head back with your eyes closed, laughing softly.
“Yes, Bucky, I would love that very much.”
Tumblr media
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MCU Masterlist II
check out my part I if you haven't already!
Bucky Barnes
Unfortunately Yours
3 AM
Pass Out
Bucky's Pastries
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Nothing Wrong With You
Under the Table
Trainer Bucky
Friendly Neighbourhood Mafia Boss
His Love
On My Tongue
No Escape
Just a Scratch
It All Belongs to You
Fed Up
Dead of Night
Hungry Eyes
Move Out of My Way
Sweeter Than Sugar
Top of His List
Perfect, Doll
Caged Bird
Around Your Finger
Who Made You Cry?
My Girl
I Love You to the Moon and Back
Sleep Head
You And Me Against The World
Steve Rogers
I'm Not Finished Yet
Birthday Wake Up
Goddess of Worthy (ft. Thor)
Plus One
Wide Open
Pre Serum Steve
Baby Fever
Happy to See You
Nightmare Barns
We're Gonna Be Okay
Stucky x Reader
Snakes and Ladders
Mafia Men
Pretty Boy
Let Us Take Care of You
Laced Around Your Throat
Daddy Lessons
A Warm Place
Late Nights
The Mess We've Made
Late Nights
You Are My Homeland
Our Girl
No Control
French Fries
No Room Available
I Missed You
Happy 4th of July
Andy Barber
Good Behaviour
Look, Don't Touch
Happy Daddy's Day
Go Ahead and Cry Little Girl
In The Mirror
Necessary Arrangements
Good Little Wife
Ari Levinson
Ransom Drysdale
Love On The Brain
I'd Go Black And Blue
Lee Bodecker
Bad Days
Never Enough
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little lily.
Tumblr media
pairing | mob!bucky x fem!reader
summary | you unknowingly bring out a side of bucky he never knew was there.
cw | fluff, minor angst
Tumblr media
"Francine!" you call out to your housekeeper as you make your way down the stairs. It wasn't uncommon for her to show up earlier than her usual time as she'd sometimes bring you the freshest flowers from her home garden.
"Good morning, Miss!"
You stop in your tracks as you spot her at the end of the staircase, holding the most adorable baby with the chubbiest cheeks and fluffiest hair. The baby lets out a booming laugh as she sees you and you give her the brightest smile in return.
"Hi, honeypie!" you exclaim as your reach the end of the staircase, extending your arms towards the baby as she makes grabby hands of her own. You take her from Francine and she immediately begins to play with your hair.
"Who's this?" you ask Francine as you continue to play with her.
"Lily. She's my granddaughter," she tells you proudly.
"Francine! You're a grandma? You have to tell me what you do for your figure!" You tease her playfully.
"Oh hush, Miss." She says with a radiant laugh. "I was just dropping off the flowers and then I was going to take her back home. Her mum isn't in town so I have her for the week. Little Miss cried all morning," she says gently pinching Lily's cheek.
"No, don't take her back! I'll watch her for the day!" you plead enthusiastically.
"Oh no, Miss, I can't ask that of you,"
"Please, Francine?" you ask with your biggest puppy dog eyes, hugging Lily as she babbles incoherently. "We'll have so much fun! Plus, you'll be here the entire time."
"You're both such adorable troublemakers," she says as she walks off to do her job, leaving you and Lily to your fun.
Tumblr media
Spending time with Lily made you realize just how lonely you really were.
Bucky was busy and away most of the time, rightfully so. It was his job. The both of you had gotten a little closer since the other night when you had told him how you felt about him coming home late all the time. He truly was doing his best to keep his promise but he couldn't deny his duty.
Luckily, Lily didn't complain even once. She was a happy baby. Francine gave you her bag before she left and you fed Lily and she ate contently.
Just then Sam, Bucky's right-hand man and best friend walked into the room. You were laying on the floor observing the Lily's facial expressions as she intently studied her toy.
"Who's this little princess?" he asks as he makes his way towards you, laying down next to you as Lily gives him a big smile. He holds his finger out to her and she grabs it instantly.
"Francine's granddaughter, Lily," you tell him with a smile. Sam was a good man, you'd become good friends with him over the few months that you'd moved in. His banter and bickering with Bucky never failed to put a smile on your face.
"Francine's a grandma?" he asks incredulously.
"I had a hard time believing it too!"
"Gamma!" Lily babbles as she recognizes her grandma's name.
"Yes! Gamma!" you exclaim as you scoop her up in your arms to take her out to the garden.
"Buck'll be back in a bit," Sam informs you. "He told me to remind you to eat because you forget sometimes and that he's already eaten so you don't need to wait up,"
"Sure, thanks Sam," you respond, your cheeks going warm at the thought of Bucky's concern.
Tumblr media
Bucky was confused to see the plethora of toys scattered on the living room floor as he walked in. He scanned the house for you and called out when he couldn't find you.
"In the backyard!" you respond.
Bucky had had a long day today. His meetings had run longer than they were supposed to and he was tired of dealing with everything.
But somehow after seeing you and the way you were interacting with the child in your arms made him forget all the weight he was carrying on his shoulders.
"Hi," you say softly as he walks towards you.
"Hey, who's this?"
"Francine's granddaughter. She's adorable, isn't she?"
"The most." he replies with a smile. "May I?"
You nod, hiding your surprise. Lily makes grabby hands at him as he picks her up, babbling at him.
"Hey, sweetpea," he coos softly as she looks up at him with wide, curious eyes. "Do you like the flowers?"
"It's getting late, you wanna head inside?" you ask him.
"Gaa!" she exclaims in agreement.
He makes a mental checklist to buy out every toy store in town right then and there.
"Sure, c'mon."
Just as you close up the backyard, Francine heads towards you, done for the day. The surprise on her face is evident as she watches the most dangerous man in New York interact lovingly with a baby.
"Was she good all day?" she asks you.
"The best. You oughta leave her with me more often!" you laugh.
"Oh, I'll be sure!" she says taking Lily from Bucky.
"Do bring her by more, Francine," Bucky says. "She's a real doll."
"Yes, Mr Barnes, most definitely!"
Just then, Bucky receives a call and he excuses himself.
"You're changing him," Francine says suddenly.
"You're good for him, Miss. I've never seen him like this before. It's you."
You almost cry at her words as you walk both her and Lily out.
"Thank you, Francine." you whisper.
She responds by simply giving you a warm smile.
"Bye bye, honeypie! Come back to play with Auntie Y/N soon! " You say as Lily waves back at you enthusiastically.
Tumblr media
Later that night, you told Bucky everything about your day with Lily as you began getting ready for bed and he listened to you with intent and admiration.
"I liked the way we were today," you say at the end, your entire body heating up. "And thank you for asking Sam to check up on me. It was really sweet."
"Of course, doll. I care about you."
He cares about you
"I care about you too, Bucky."
"Sweet dreams, doll," he says, the smile evident in his voice as he turned off the light.
Sweet dreams indeed.
Tumblr media
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sinner-as-saint · 7 months ago
Mob!Bucky x Innocent!Reader
mini series masterlist
Requested by anon: “What if there was mob!Bucky and innocent!reader and she works at a cafe. She's all cute and stuff and wayy too innocent for someone of her age. Then u get Bucky who stumbles upon this cafe for a nice cuppa coffee, then when he sees her and talks to her he starts to think 'other' things. Like how he can fucking ruin her. Then he like asks her to come to dinner with him and she say yes. Then other things happens and he fucks the innocence out of her.” 
Themes: age gap, smut, slight degrading kink, 
Tumblr media
“What’s your name?” 
He asked like he didn’t have his people find out everything possible about you. He’d been to this café a couple of times now, but each time he gave you a faint smile and tried to talk to you, you’d get all flushed and look away. 
So shy and adorable. 
One time you even placed his coffee down then practically ran away from him. He wasn’t complaining though, he knew he made you nervous, and he liked the sight of you running wearing that pale pink little pleated skirt. He noticed you always wore those, and he knew that was one of the reasons why this group of boys from the nearby university were here almost all the time. He caught them giving you the flirty stares and fuckboy smiles but you were oblivious to it all. 
So innocent. 
Part of him wanted to preserve that innocence forever and never let anyone taint it, but another part of him wanted to ruin you, to taint that innocence before anyone else could. He decided to go with the latter which is why he was here constantly for the past two weeks. 
Even right now, as he awaited for you to answer his question, he couldn’t look away from your mouth. Your curious eyes. Your slightly messy ponytail; carefully tied up using a white scrunchie with a pretty large bow in it. All he could think about was how disheveled you would be once he was done with you… 
When you gave him your name, he gave you a dangerous smile back. You couldn’t read him too well. Dark coat, dark shirt, dark pants, dark boots and dark shades over his eyes. And his intimidating metal arm. He looked a little out of place in your rustic, cozy little café. 
But he made your insides feel all tingly and fluttery. Even with the shades on, you could tell he was a handsome man. Tall and muscular, even with his suit and coat on you could tell he had a ridiculously hot body. Which was one of the reasons why you couldn’t look him in the eyes for long. He made you feel things you could barely comprehend. 
“Does your family own this place?” He asked, leaning back in his seat by the large window and studied every inch of you as you leaned down to place his cup of coffee down on the table. 
He didn’t even need coffee at 6 in the evening but he wasn’t here for the warm drink. He let his eyes roam your figure. Pink sweater which exposed one of your shoulders, and he could see the strap of your pale pink bra peeking through. He had to shift in his seat. Then he held back a sinful smirk at the sight of your pleated, dark grey skirt. 
So easy to just… he shifted in his seat again at the thought of slipping his hand under there and touching you in between the legs. He noticed the way you squirmed under his stare. His sick mind began thinking of all the ways he could truly make you squirm in his bed. 
You pressed the wooden tray flat against your body, hugging it as you nodded in response to his question. 
“Do you live around here?” He asked. Again, he knew already. He was aware that you lived in the studio apartment right above the coffee shop - which was owned by your grandparents. Besides, the pastel coloured curtains and the huge teddy bear placed as if it were peeking out of the windows above the café could be seen from the streets so that was pretty easy to tell. 
Bucky also knew that you were an only child, and your parents were always away for work, so they left you in the care of your grandparents - who didn’t live that far from your apartment - since you attended the nearby university. He liked that you were safe here, living near family members rather than away in a dorm, sharing a room with someone who could corrupt your innocent mind. 
When you opened your mouth to answer him, he could barely focus on your words. Your light pink tinted chapstick was what caught most of his attention. What flavour would it be? Cherry? Strawberry? Cottoncandy? He couldn’t wait to taste it. But you made him only want you more when you said, “I shouldn’t tell you my personal things.” 
Good girl, so careful even when people your age don’t care about privacy anymore. 
He smiled up at you, bringing his cup to his lips, “Right, you shouldn’t be giving away your personal information to strangers.” He gave you his best, charming smile. “I’m Bucky by the way.” He stood up, ready to leave. “See you.” He left with yet another smile. 
The nature of his work never allowed him much free time. So he hadn’t stopped by the café in two whole days. It felt like eternity. But he still checked in almost every hour with one of his guys who kept an eye on you and the café from across the street, hidden inside an all black SUV. Knowing his people were keeping an eye on you at all times brought him some peace of mind. 
Bucky was counting down hours and minutes until he could see you again. And when he finally had an hour or so to spare, he finally made his way to the café one evening. But he was disappointed to see the look of fear and nervousness on your face. He watched how you politely asked one of the other workers to come take his order instead, while you used the side door and almost ran to the back of the building. 
He couldn’t chase after you right away so he waited a minute or two. He placed a random order and waited for a little while before he carefully got up and went around the building as well, without attracting any attention from the people inside the coffee shop. 
He found you in the alleyway at the back. Leaning against the wall while on your phone, you didn’t even see him slowly approaching you. You were wearing a brown pleated skirt today, with a cream coloured sweater. 
Bucky was mere steps away from you when you finally realized someone was there with you, in a dark alley while the sky darkened more and more with each passing moment. You turned your head and found him standing so still beside you, your first reaction was to panic. 
But before you could move away from him, Bucky grabbed your wrist in his hand. His grip was firm but it didn’t hurt. “You should be more aware of your surroundings when you’re out here alone. Especially at this time, when it’s getting dark and all the bad people start filling the streets.” 
You just stood there, with your head lowered to the ground. You should’ve struggled to free yourself from his grip, but somehow, you just stood there. 
Bucky stepped closer, still holding your wrist. He asked, “Why did you run when you saw me earlier?” 
You dared to look up, and noticed that he wasn’t wearing his shades this time. And the blue in his eyes made you speechless. So blue, you weren’t sure any of your watercolours could capture it properly. You finally said, truthfully because you couldn’t lie even if you tried, “My grandpa saw us talking the other day. And he said you were a bad man, and that when you come in again, I shouldn’t talk to you.” 
The fact that people were warning you to stay away from him brought a dangerous smile to his face. And it only made him want to steal you from those very people even more. 
So innocent and careful, he thought, trying to run from me thinking you can. You belong to me. How did you think you could run? 
Bucky gently grabbed your chin and lifted your face up till you met his eyes. He smiled at you, and said, “He said that?” He enjoyed the rush of power and authority which washed over him. He felt like a big bad wolf, chasing after a little lamb. 
You nodded, looking into his eyes. You had seen blue eyes, but none quite like his. And he was so close that you could smell his irresistible cologne. With a hint of tobacco. He was so close that you worried his delicious scent might rub off on you and your grandparents would find out you’d been out here alone with a man. A man like him. 
Bucky stroked your chin with his metal thumb gently, so gently like you were made of glass. He asked, “Well, do I scare you?” 
There was something about his voice which made your knees feel weak like they couldn’t hold you up anymore. “No, but…” Your voice trailed off as he carefully pushed your back against the wall, trapping you between him and the brick wall behind you. It was darker now, and the blue in his eyes looked like shiny jewels. 
“But what?” He asked, looking down at you. He caught the way you shivered at the proximity and the sound of his voice. He was only holding you by the wrist but he could imagine the way you’d purr for him when he’d put his hands on your properly. 
You rambled a little as you spoke, “I… people, they talk about you. And the things you do. They all say you’re a bad man.” 
He couldn’t care less. He thrived on the attention. “Hmm, and what else do they say about me?” 
“That you do bad things.” You answered, looking up at him with those ‘fuck me’ eyes he adored. 
Poor baby, you don’t even realize how bad you want to come to the dark side. 
He chuckled, bad things… Exactly what he wanted to do to you, bad things. He said, “Maybe you shouldn’t listen to those people, and see for yourself. How about dinner?” He suggested, “That way I could show you that I can be good.” He leaned in to whisper in your eyes, his lips brushing against your sensitive skin as he said, “I promise I’ll be so good to you.” 
Of course, you didn’t catch what he implied and Bucky knew. But he saw the look in your eyes. You were torn between being scared of all that he was and stood for, and being curious to know more about it. Like a saint, just wanting to sin but not knowing how. It was also very adorable, like a curious little puppy looking up at him. 
“I… I can’t. If grandpa finds out, he’ll tell my mom and dad and then-” 
Bucky cut you off. “No one has to know. This can be our little secret.” He pulled away to look at you. “I’ll pick you up after class tomorrow. Sounds good?” 
Your mouth opened to speak and Bucky was afraid you might turn him down again but then you surprised him when you said in all seriousness and concern in your eyes. “But we have to be careful, okay?” 
He almost let out a chuckle at how you sounded like you were making plans with boys your age, instead of a dangerous man like him. So pure… He smiled at you. “We’ll be very careful, don’t worry.” 
He picked you up himself from your campus the next evening. And he had to refrain from reaching out to touch you in any way once you got in his car and your scent filled the air he breathed. Dressed in a white pleated skirt and light blue sweater, you looked like a doll. One he couldn’t wait to play with. 
While he drove over to his place, he noticed the way you fidgeted in your seat, fumbling hands, playing with the hem of your skirt, playing with your hair nervously. Just his presence made you nervous. And he liked it. 
He would be lying if he said he didn’t want to drag you all the way to his bed and make you scream his name in pleasure the very moment you stepped into his home. He sure was a ruthless mob boss, but not an animal. He would make sure you were at least well fed first. 
“Hungry?” He asked, leading you to his lavish dining room. 
You nodded. Too shy to talk and too overwhelmed by the elegance and richness of his home. You had gotten used to your cozy studio apartment so much that you forgot how nice and airy spacious rooms were. “You have a beautiful home.” You told him when he pulled a chair out for you to sit on. 
He smiled at the pure innocence in your voice. Normally people cowered and shrunk in his presence, but here you were - complimenting his house. He wondered if you’d still do the same if you ever witnessed how truly sick and twisted the dark empire he ruled was. 
“Thank you.” He simply said and took a seat across from you. 
Dining with you was probably the most tame thing he had ever done. No business talk, no money talk, just a simple dinner with a pretty girl. He was astonished by how pure and untainted you were, oblivious of the sinful world you lived in. Perhaps that was why your family was so protective of you. Perhaps that was why your parents chose to leave you in the care of your grandparents instead of letting you be on your own. 
It was clear that they didn’t want this world to corrupt you. You were so pure. Too innocent. And Bucky was the monster who wanted to ruin you and claim your innocence, and keep it all to himself. Perhaps the bad in him latched on to the pure goodness in you. 
As he refilled his wine glass, he eyed your glass of cucumber water and asked, “You don’t drink, do you?” 
You shook your head, “I did once. Cognac with grandma over Christmas. Not a big fan of it.” You said politely. 
No alcohol. Why was that even a question? Bucky smiled, looking at you as you carefully placed your food on your fork before bringing it up to your lips. So carefully. He wondered if you’d be just as careful with… other things in your mouth. 
After his housekeepers had cleared the table and he had finished his wine, Bucky asked, “So, would you still say I’m as bad as they say I am?” 
You looked down at your lap, hiding a faint smile. Normally you don't get along too well with people you just met. But there was a strange sense of ease around Bucky. You had heard of him, even your grandpa had warned you about him. And normally you’d listen, but here you were now, dining with Bucky like he wasn’t the most feared man around here. 
You replied, sheepishly, somehow finding a little bit of courage. “I suppose anyone can pretend to be good for a few hours.” 
Bucky chuckled, then stood up. “Come on, since I still have some time to pretend to be good, I would like to show you something.” He held out his hand for you to take. 
You placed your hand in his and let him guide you to wherever it was he was taking you. How did you end up here? One is supposed to stay away from strangers, especially men like Bucky. But the scent of danger and recklessness in him called out to you. So you followed. 
He took you to his favorite room in the whole house. The sunroom, which was also part library. You let out a soft gasp once you entered the room. The room lit up in a soft, golden light and you could see the stars from in here as you looked out of the floor-to-ceiling windows. 
The interior was entirely in shades of brown and green, reminding you a lot of your café. When he let go of your hand, you wandered around on your own with a big smile on your face. Loaded bookshelves and plants made up most of the room, along with ottomans and couches. 
A certain collection of books caught your attention. “Hardcover classics?” You sounded like a kid in a candy store as you rushed over to that particular shelf. You admired the books then turned back to face Bucky. 
He was leaning against the wall, beside the door. Hands in his pockets as he watched you leisurely. “You may borrow whichever you’d like.” He said with a gentle smile. 
Borrow… which meant that he intended to see you again? “I shouldn’t.” You simply said, turning back around to face the shelf. And within the next few seconds, you felt Bucky standing behind you. His body heat wrapped around you even if not a single part of him was touching your body. 
“I know you’re not scared of me.” He said quietly, his mouth so close to your ear. “You’re curious. You want to know what it’s like to be bad. To not follow the rules for once. Otherwise, a careful and good girl like you would never spend a minute with a man like me.” He smirked, trailing a cold, metal finger down your neck. “You want to be bad, but you don’t know how.” He leaned closer, his front pressing to your back as he said, “I can show you how, if you’d let me.” 
You turned around immediately and you looked up into his pretty blue eyes. How did he read you so accurately? You wondered where you got the confidence to say, “Okay.” 
Bucky’s bedroom said a lot about him. Clean, spacious and dark. You looked out of place with your little skirt and sweater in his all black and white bedroom. But when he sat on the edge of his large bed and pulled you onto his lap to straddle him, you forgot everything else. 
Every warning, every word of caution against the kind of man he was, every rule. 
He held you by the waist while you timidly wrapped your arms around his neck. “Tell me, what do you like?” 
You frowned for a fleeting second. “Like… like what?” 
He smiled, slipping his thumbs under your sweater and rubbing slow circles on your warm skin right above the hem of your skirt. “Like in the bedroom.” He said, confidently. Something about his tone made your insides all hot. 
“Oh.” You mumbled, looking down to where your body met his. Just layers of clothing separating you two. “I don’t know.” 
He frowned. His… research said that you had had a boyfriend a few months ago. “You’ve never been with anyone before?” He asked. 
You lowered your head again, unable to handle his curious, lethal stare. “I have, once.” You answered. “But, um, I don’t know.” You mumbled. 
“No one ever made you come before?” He asked, without any shame. 
You were flushed at his question. You never thought too much about… those things, let alone talk it out with another man. Another older, much experienced man surely. You felt your heart racing as you said, “I’ve… “ You struggled to find the right word. That, and also you were a little embarrassed. Bucky found it adorable. You continued, “It never felt any good.” 
Selfish bastard, whoever had taken you before him. He only took what he wanted and didn’t even bother about your pleasure? Part of him liked it. “Oh? So what do you think you might like?” He asked, leaning in to press a gentle kiss at the corner of your mouth. 
You looked at him when he pulled away, squirmed a little on his lap and then said, still a little shy, “I like kissing.” 
Your innocence was making it very hard for him to hold back from just throwing you down on his bed, tie you up somehow and fuck all the purity out of you. He smiled, then cupped your face with one hand and pulled you closer, “So perfect.” He mumbled. He leaned in and pressed his lips to yours, hands trailing down your body until he placed his hands on the curve of your ass and pulled you into him even more. 
You gasped against his mouth, kissing him back slowly. He hummed against your mouth then pulled away to whisper, “Cherry chapstick. I should’ve known,” before he kissed you hungrily again. 
But then, he was done being careful. His hands grabbed you wherever he could eagerly, pulling your sweater up until you took it off and dropped it down on the floor. You stared at him, lips parted, wearing only that little skirt and your pale blue lace bra. 
You could’ve sworn he growled as he flipped the two of you, tossing you down on his bed as he climbed on top of you. He rapidly unclasped your bra and leaned down to take your nipple into his mouth. Sucking, and biting until your back arched off the bed. You moaned as he alternated between each breast while his hand slipped underneath your skirt and he pulled your underwear down your legs until you kicked it off yourself. 
He pulled away to look at you, sprawled on his bed under him. Your hands went to slip your skirt down your hips as well, but he stopped you. “No, leave the skirt on.” He leaned in to whisper against your lips, “I’m gonna fuck you while you’re wearing that little cocktease of a skirt.” Your walls clenched around nothing as he snarled, “Who even lets you wear that? Especially around men like me?” He kissed you roughly, taking what he wanted from your mouth before pulling away to look down at you with a dangerous smile on his lips. “You would be running away screaming if I told you all the bad things I’ve thought about doing to you every time I saw you walking around in your little skirts.” 
You gasped at the brazenness of his words. You bit on your lower lip as he flipped your skirt up and lazily ran his metal fingers down your wet folds. He scoffed, as if in disapproval, at how wet you were for him. For some reason, that made more wetness leak out of you. And Bucky noticed. 
Could it be… that you liked being talked down to? 
“Look at you, so shamelessly wet for a terrible, terrible man like me.” He stated. “Pretending to be so innocent, and pure.” He growled again, grabbing your face in his other hand as he slid two fingers inside you and making you gasp and moan, “Well, you won’t be walking out of here with all that innocence and the good girl image, you hear me baby? I’m gonna fuck it all out of you. You’re gonna be coming back here again and again for this cock,” He chuckled at the thought, “You’ll be addicted, nothing but a little cock-hungry slut for me.” 
He had you coming all over his fingers in no time. He stroked you in all the right places and your body responded to each one of his lazy, deliberate strokes beautifully. You squirmed as he kept finger-fucking you through your orgasm. 
He pulled away for a brief moment, taking his shirt and pants off but leaving his boxers lowered just enough to free his erected cock. He stroked it twice before finding his way back in between your legs. One of his hands found its way to your throat and he wrapped his fingers around it carefully as he stared into your eyes. 
The look in his eyes was so intense and so shamelessly sexual that you might’ve come undone right there if he asked you to. 
“You will come for me like a good girl, won’t you baby?” He asked, guiding the tip of his cock over to your clit and circling it, smearing his precum and your wetness around. 
You whimpered at the sensation. So, so fucking good. You nodded rapidly, “Yes… please,” You begged. 
Bucky chuckled, teasing you a bit more by just pressing the tip of his cock against your tight hole. Not pushing it in, just pressing ever so gently until you whined and clawed at his shoulders. “See? You’re hungry for this cock already and I haven’t even fucked you yet.” He taunted before pushing his cock inside you. 
You whined loudly at the same time as he groaned when he slid all the way inside you. He remained still for a few moments, just relishing the feeling of your warmth around him. Your breath was shaky as you felt him fill you up and stretch you out so deliciously; snug deep inside you. 
Bucky stared at your face, contorting in pleasure. Then he chuckled, and the slightest friction made you whine even louder. “You’re tearing up already,” He pointed out, noticing the wetness in the corners of your eyes. “I feel good inside you, don’t I baby?” He teased, rolling his hips just the slightest bit against you. When you cried out in pleasure, he tightened his grip around your throat and said, “I know baby, I know it feels good.” He whispered. Then he said, “Keep your eyes on me. I want you to watch me while I fuck you, okay?” 
You nodded quickly, a tear escaping your eye already. Fuck, he felt so good. 
Bucky let out a grunt as he started fucking into you hard and fast. He tightened his grip around your throat as he sped up into you, growling right in your ear and telling you how good you felt. You could only respond with moans and whimpers, which only made him fuck you harder. 
He sped up into you, mumbling, “You won’t be the pure, innocent little girl anymore.” He growled, “No, you’ll be my dirty, dirty little cum slut.” He whispered in your ear, in a daze as he pounded into you. Your body squirmed under him, your back arching off the bed; you were burning with desire. And he was giving it to you like you wanted it; hard, fast and raw. 
His thrust was animalistic, his weight on top of you felt too good. So good you never wanted him to pull out of you, so you raised your trembling legs and wrapped them around his hips. He growled into your ear when you did that. 
“Don’t want me to stop, do you?” He taunted. “Just want me to keep going, keep fucking the naivety out of you and make you my tainted, dirty, corrupted fuck doll, huh? Is that it?” He held your stare, pressing the sides of your throat as he fucked deeper into you. He caught the way you were struggling to keep your eyes open when the pleasure peaked. 
He stopped abruptly, and pulled out. You gasped in shock, trying to pull him in again but he gently smacked your hands away. “Oh what, you thought you could just come so easily?” He teased, grabbing you by the hips and flipping you around onto your stomach. 
You moaned as he grabbed your wrists and pinned them to your lower back with one hand, while the other guided his cock over to your hole again. 
He leaned over you to whisper into your ear, sliding back inside you as he said, “You’ve been teasing me for weeks. Wearing those little skirts, and running around that café like you don’t notice the way the men and those useless fucking boys look at you with their cocks hard and lust in their eyes each time you walk by.” He tugged on your pinned wrists, which made you whine in pain and pleasure. “But those days are gone now, baby. Now, you belong to me. So if you’re gonna wear these little ‘fuck me’ skirts it’s going to be only around me. You hear me?” 
When you didn’t respond, because you were busy catching your breath and smiling like a silly woman at the possessiveness in his voice, he brought his hand down and smacked your butt loudly. You yelped in pain, but then he pulled out and pushed back into you from behind and your cry of pain morphed into a moan. 
“I said, did you hear me?” He said, his voice cold and dangerous. 
You nodded, rubbing your face against his dark, cool, silk bed sheets. “Yes… God, yes. Please, just-,” 
He cut you off by fucking into you again; hard and fast. Mercilessly. Like an animal claiming its mate. Rough. Raw. The pleasure was overwhelming, but you wanted more. More, more, more… 
You came all over his cock with a loud moan; gasping and crying as he came right after you - filling you up with his cum as he did. Your walls clenched violently around him, and he groaned in pleasure. 
He let go of your wrists and then you felt him kiss along your spine, gently. Softly. Like he hadn’t been fucking you like an animal just seconds ago. “You okay, babygirl?” He asked, pressing a kiss to the back of your neck. 
You were still catching your breath, so you just nodded. Bucky lay beside you and pulled you into his arms. You immediately clung to his side. He still had his boxers on, and you still had your skirt on. Something about him fucking you while you still had it on made your insides burn up again. You would never be able to wear that skirt without thinking of him again. 
Speaking of skirts… you asked softly, looking up at him, “Am I really not allowed to wear my skirts anymore?” 
God, he could’ve melted right there. He chuckled, rubbing his hand up and down your back; pinching your butt while at it. “Of course you can, baby.” He said, “Just that I’ll be putting a bullet into the head of whoever looks at you the wrong way.” He said, not completely joking.
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chrisevansredbelt · 3 months ago
Love and War
Tumblr media
pairing: mob!bucky x reader
warnings: SMUT, 18+ only, fluff and angst. fighting. violence. swearing. mob stuff. miscarrying. it’s a lot, like i’ve forgotten half of the warnings probably.
please read at your own discretion.
like 10k words maybe?
summary: where to fucking begin omg. you get hitched to a man in vegas you’d only known for two months. despite this, you’re convinced it’ll be picture perfect, he’s rich and hot and fucks you good. except he’s not telling you something. something that’ll eventually ruin your ‘marriage’.
˚୨୧⋆。˚ ⋆。・:*:・゚★,。・:*・゚☆
“Let’s get eloped.”
“What?” You stare at the drunken man before you, unable to contain the small smile that plays at your lips.
Eloped? You’d only met this guy like 2 months ago. Albeit, it’s probably been the best 2 months of your life.
When you had thought about marriage and settling down with a nice man, you never thought that would mean a very scary yet strikingly handsome, powerful, business man.
Business man. What a big, fat lie for what he really was. A cruel and evil mob boss.
When you’d met him at some fancy party being held at an appropriately fancy hotel, you knew nothing of him. You assumed that every man at the party had some kind of powerful business ties to each other and that getting in bed with one of them could mean a hefty financial negotiation.
That was what usually happened. Every now and then, a party would be held, you’d attend due to your connections that your father had. Your father was no different to the man before you. Only- you had no idea. He kept that part of his life away from you the best he could. He wasn’t completely involved, not a boss at least, but a very good and very likeable lawyer that had just gotten involved with the wrong client.
He- along with your mother, eventually died. A car crash. And ever since then, you had been alone.
Left with a large will, with almost everything now in your name, you managed to get on with your life with the help of friends and few of your parents’ close friends.
But that had to be about 5 years ago now.
Now, with said personal connections, you were permitted entry to many gala events. You never knew what or who they were celebrating, nor did you really care. Your fair share of friends were all there for one thing and one thing only. Well- actually a couple of things.
Sex, money, drinks… and maybe the food. Your more riskier friends were out for men to call their husbands, but they were delusional. No man in these parties were worthy of being husbands. Their heads were to far up their asses and in their own businesses to even notice a woman for anything more than a hole to fuck.
So… What was the exception with him?
“Yeah! Come on. It’ll be fun.” He grips onto your hands, noticing the hint of hesitation plastered across your face, “We don’t have to do all that wedding bullshit.” He scrunches up his face before smiling again. God, you loved his stupid smile.
You’d met him at just another one of these stupidly, useless galas. It was a big gala, something for a Tony Stark? In a big tower named after himself…
Anyway, you had attended like it was no other, actually invited this time rather than just rocking up and being granted entry. However, instead of you actively seeking out the attention of a certain man, sitting at the bar with your friends and collectively observing all the men in the room before spotting one, sinking your teeth into them with your not-so-innocent gazes and not-so-subtle indications to follow you to the bathroom. This time, you were sought out.
You’d seen him when you first walked in. You didn’t recognise him and that would’ve peaked your curiosity had his aura not been too scary for you to even consider him a target. You just knew he was trouble and not the good kind of trouble that you liked. So you steered clear.
Until he came to you. He kind of startled you when he approached you, sneaking up behind you and buying your drink before you could.
Your eyes carefully examined him up close now while he asked some silly little question like ‘what’s a pretty thing like you doing at a place like this?’ something like that.
You would’ve rolled your eyes had you not been so entranced by:
a. his cologne
b. his looming presence over you
and c. his metal hand?
His presence was different to all of the other men that would approach you. No, he approached YOU. On his own will. Unprovoked. And he knew something was going to bloom from it.
Of course, you had let him take you to bed that night. Probably the best sex you had in a long while, plus the biggest house you’d ever been in. Maybe the biggest cock you’d seen as well.
Aftercare was a bonus, if you could even call it that, your hot and flustered body instantly cooled down by his metal arm- which you got to find out was more than just a hand and rather his whole entire fucking arm. You hadn’t dared asked what happened, figuring it was none of your business and for the meantime, it would just serve you well as your own personal ice pack.
He’d made you breakfast the next morning- though to this day, you’re still unsure if he made it or if his cooks made it. He was too rich to make his own food, but he did bring it to you in bed on a tray.
That, was when you truly knew something about him was different.
He had gotten your number before ordering his own personal driver to get you home safely.
Two months later, he was flying you out to Vegas and wanting to get hitched.
And of course, you being the stupid, love struck and slightly drunk being that you are. You were actually considering it.
From the second he called you back and asked to take you out, he had showered you with gifts, affections and bloody good sex.
He took you to all the clubs he owned, hosted useless parties in all his hotels, used his name and reputation to get you both into free shit. Stupid wine tastings, yacht parties, fine restaurants, fashion shows, exhibitions, business expos that you mostly served as a side piece for him while he made business.
But you had so much fun. You would both giggle to each other, mocking the prissy, rich people around you. You’d buy a mini sticker handbook and go around sticking them on peoples clothes and have to hold your bladder as you watched him stick one on top of some bald guys head without being caught.
So much so that, your silly little heart had… actually fallen in love. “Can we still go on a honeymoon?”
He smiles wider now, moving closer to speak against your lips in a half-kiss, “Of course we can, my beautiful wife.”
You bring your arms around his neck and press a long kiss against his lips, “Well, then let’s do it, my beautiful husband.”
You didn’t even wait until the next day. You both just went out, bought his suit and a dress, woke Steve- Bucky’s second in command, and the rest of his crew to watch.
You were a little bummed that none of your friends were here to see it, all back home in New York, but it was an elopement, it wasn’t exactly meant for a crowd.
So, there you stood at the altar, looking into Bucky’s eyes with so much love and mostly lust. The words of the officiant going in one ear and out the other as you both stare at each other like you’re the only two people in the room.
The fat rock of a diamond nearly weighing your hand down. He had used the jackpot money from his previous winnings to buy it early this morning.
It’s only when he asks you if you take Bucky to be your husband, to live together in matrimony, to love, honour and comfort him and to keep him in sickness and health, forsaking all others, for as long as you both shall live, that you finally pay attention.
“I do.” You bring your bottom lip between your teeth, trying to contain your smile.
The officiant nods and before he can even get out the words, “You may-“
Bucky is pulling you towards him at full force and sticking his tongue down your throat. It’s an extremely heated and horny kiss and the sounds of his men whooping and cheering only encourage him more.
For your honeymoon, you decided on Europe. Well, it was mostly Bucky’s decision, begging you to go and that it wasn’t a dark and cold vampire continent like you had initially thought.
And he was right. Many places you travelled were fairly sunny and had the most gorgeous beaches.
Your favourites were Positano in Italy and Santorini in Greece.
Even though it was a honeymoon, many of Bucky’s men had accompanied the two of you there. Of course, they stayed in different rooms and took different cars, but they were always around. You’re certain it was for safety, but still… it’s a honeymoon.
And Bucky sometimes left you alone… to go work. You wondered where on earth he would go and what the hell he would possibly be doing. You figured maybe he had connections here? You wondered if that was part of the reason he begged to come here instead of staying in Hawaii for the full duration of your honeymoon. If this honeymoon was just an excuse for his business.
But you pushed those thoughts away when the next morning after he’d left, he’d always treat you with the best sex.
Your time in France was definitely the most romantic part of the honeymoon. Bucky had no business there so it seemed and instead of a big beach house, you had opted for a big, farm house castle in the fields.
Call it a comedown of the honeymoon. No long days in the hot sun, no salty hair, no sandy bodies. Just peace and quiet.
Domesticity, if you will.
There was a granny flat seperate to the house and all of Bucky’s men stayed there. It was big enough for all of them, and by the sounds of it, pretty fun. You’re sure it was just one big man cave and you were surprised at how little time Bucky spent with them.
No, you spent a lot of time together. Dancing, cooking, fucking. The sex was so much better here. It had… meaning? You don’t know what it was, it just felt different.
It wasn’t until one night, as you cooked dinner for the both of you and Bucky had come behind you and placed his hand over your stomach that you realised. You’re unsure if he did it on purpose or if it was purely an accident. But whatever the case, it made you feel… things.
And remember things too. What often came after marriage… on a honeymoon? Kids.
So, that night, as you straddled his lap in bed, your tongues dancing together as you softly grind your hips against his hardening boner.
You pull alway softly, placing kisses all over his face now and speaking in between the breaths you take, “What do you say… we create… the future heirs… of your empire?”
“What?” He softly laughs and you almost roll your eyes at his dense self.
“Babies, Bucky.” You laugh softly, bringing a hand down to grasp his length, missing the tentative look that washed over his face at the mention of kids, “Isn’t that what honeymoons are for?”
He looked at you softer now, sighing a little, “For real weddings. We got eloped, so it’s different.”
Your heart panged with sadness at his words. From the words themselves, the insinuation and also the conclusion that… he didn’t want kids?
You move off of his lap now, not a single part of your body touching him anymore, “So our wedding wasn’t real?”
“Baby, I never said that.” He grabs onto your hands, not missing the way your hands slightly pull back at the contact and he slightly curses himself for the way he’s made you feel, “Our wedding was just different, that’s all.” He tries to explain but it does no justice as you continue to avert your gaze from anywhere but him, “We rushed it. We don’t wanna rush something like this, do we?”
You look at him, observing the wholesomeness in his features and also the validity of his statement, pursing your lips and looking down to fiddle with the ring on your finger, “I guess not.”
“But I promise you, when we’re both ready and when the time is right, I’ll have all the babies in the world with you.” He pulls you closer by your hands and you collapse in his lap as he pulls your chin up to connect his lips to yours, “In the meantime-“
You let him fuck away the sadness that was eating at you that night. You wondered if he really meant what he said. Or if he thought you were just another hole to fuck… only permanently now that you were married hitched.
You wondered if you would ever have children. If his life was ever made for children. If this marriage would even last. You knew about being ‘married to the mob’ and how sometimes it would be more of a business deal, a move-up in the ranks, a sign of maturity. So that led you to wonder again, if he even truly loved you.
Well, from the way he was fucking you, it sure seemed like it.
Coming back from the honeymoon, you had moved into Bucky’s massive house, quit your job and took on the role as a loving trophy wife with full force.
You liked it for about a week. After that, you quickly grew bored.
You attended many more galas, this time with him glued to your side. No man even dared to look at you now. Some of them even seemed scared of you. And rightfully so. When you weren’t looking, Bucky would give every single one of them a piece of mind about who you now belonged to.
Your friends hated you for not inviting them to the wedding, but marvelled at the way you managed to pull Bucky. Like you said, these men weren’t made for proper wives. And you were still yet to figure out how Bucky was the exception to this.
Bucky worked every single day, from early mornings to late nights. Whether he was in his office at home, in his office at the tower, it didn’t matter. He was not to be distracted.
Of course, the odd couple of times came around when you had fulfilled that fantasy of interrupting him during work and he had bent you over his mahogany desk and fucked you senseless.
But lately, he’d been having constant meetings with his men, or Steve was in the room with him, or Sam was standing out the front door. Or he was just not home at all.
You knew it was probably just business as usual, but you couldn’t help but be a little concerned.
One night he even came home with a completely blood stained shirt that he’d brushed off completely, chucking it into the laundry room to be washed by one of the cleaners, before joining you in bed.
You asked no questions, just let him fuck all the pent up anger and guilt out of his system.
To be completely honest though, this new life of yours, moving into this big lavish house with a pool, a garden, a cinema and anything else you could think of in a rich persons house, it kept you occupied for a good while. So much so that you often didn’t realise how much time you were spending alone, without Bucky despite being newly married.
And once you had finally explored every nook and cranny of the house, Bucky began showering you in gifts and clothes, shoes and bags, things to further distract you of his absence. Though you already had many shoes and bags, it was hardly enough to fill half of the walk in wardrobe connected to your bedroom.
Your friends had visited plenty and you gave them yours of them house. You planned on inviting them over all year round, especially since by the looks of things, you were probably going to need their company. However, Bucky had explained to you how things at work were getting rough and just for a while, you would need to lay low.
You’re unsure what exactly this meant, if someone was after you specifically or if it was just a threat that Bucky was being cautious of. Either way you had obliged. What you didn’t expect though was to basically be kept on full lockdown until it was safe.
You had picked up every hobby under the sun to fill the time. You rearranged the furniture of the house at least twice a week. You colour coordinated nearly everything- clothes, books, dinnerware, pots and pans. You had read nearly every book in the house, including some of the stupid business/finance books in Bucky’s office.
There were times when he would take you out to dinner, but he always seemed on edge and Steve and Sam were always sitting at the next table over. It felt more like a meeting than a dinner.
Then they had come to an abrupt end and now you can’t remember the last time he had taken you out.
You knew he was keeping you out of his business, but God, it was beginning to be painful. You were just constantly left in the dark, whenever you asked about it, he would just tell you not to worry and change the subject. When you asked any of his men, they would shift uncomfortably and just stutter and stammer over their words until you eventually left the poor men alone.
Men were often stationed at main entrances of your house too so you couldn’t even sneak anyone in or out.
The endless gifts he showered you with were no longer enough. They were meaningless to you now, which pained you to say because they were so expensive, but you knew it was his way of shutting you up.
You would’ve thought he was cheating on you if it wasn’t for the fact that he was always willing to fuck you when he got home. He would also always text you with updates, little ‘be home late tonight, sorry honey :(‘, or ‘leaving work now, do you want takeout?’ or your fav, ‘tony was being a bitch. be home soon <3’
One night, however, he hadn’t sent a text. You were worried, tempted to call his phone or flick a text to Steve or Sam asking if they knew what was up. But you left it. Figuring it was still early and if it had hit 10pm, then you would start making calls.
You still had security on patrol, who would probably know of your husbands whereabouts, but they were at the front gates and you were already nestled in bed and really did not feel like making the trek down there anyway.
To pass the time, you put on a show. Just a few episodes of Stranger Things.
Though it helped to pass the time, it sure didn’t stop you from thinking about him. Every few minutes you’d check the clock to make sure it hadn’t hit 10 yet.
It had to be about 5 minutes before hitting 10 when you heard the front door faintly shut.
You thought he’d make himself comfortable in the kitchen, fixing himself some food or some alcohol. What you didn’t expect was for him to come straight upstairs, eyes half closed and completely disheveled.
You had to hold back a laugh as he fell face forward into your stomach, taking a deep breath as you ran your fingers through his hair. “Long day?”
He lifts his head up tiredly and playfully glares at you, “You don’t even know.” And he dropped his head back down.
You pouted, feeling the weight of his head against your stomach indicated just how tired he was.
“Maybe you should take a day off tomorrow… and we can hang out,” You suggest, fingers now massaging his head and you swear you feel him pur like a cat at the feeling. He just scoffs at the suggestion and you frown, “Do you ever get a day off?”
“Maybe Christmas?” He mumbled and you furrow your brows.
“We’ve barely spent a full day together since our honeymoon.” You note softly, not trying to guilt trip him or anything, just… persuading him, “What’s one day?”
“A lot of fucking paperwork and a pain in my ass?” He lifts his head now and rests his chin in between the valley of your tits, using your right boob as a pillow as he tilts his head and rests against it.
“Yeah, but you get to spend it with you darling wife so it’s totally worth it.” You smile cheekily, and he rolls his eyes, “Just one day and I’ll leave you alone until Christmas… or until I get really needy.”
“You’re always needy.” He pinches your side and you squirm and squeal.
“So, is that a yes?” You ask and he purses his lips for a moment, “Please, please, please, please, please-“
“Alright!” He groans loudly, “Now shut up and let me sleep.”
You smile to yourself as he closes his eyes. Finally! You get to spend more than 24 hours with your husband!
You sigh to yourself in contempt, before realising, Bucky’s still in his work suit and already half asleep. You quickly get to work in undressing him so that he can at least have a comfortable sleep in.
But of course, you undressing him had brought out the horny monster inside him and he was fucking you into the mattress before you could even kiss him goodnight.
Finally getting to wake up, via your own body clock and not at 5am by Bucky’s alarm, and be spooned by Bucky, was something you wished you could do every morning.
After fucking each other to sleep last night, you had barely separated the whole night.
Your body clock woke you at around 8am and you were surprised Bucky hadn’t already woke yet. But you were glad to see him at rest for once, he looked like he needed it and he looked so much at peace when he slept.
You kind of spent a good 10 minutes just watching him sleep, admiring his pretty face, before deciding you wanted to surprise him with breakfast in bed like he did for you when you first met.
It was a challenge to untangle yourself from him without waking him but you managed. He was in too deep of a slumber to even notice but that still didn’t stop him from gripping onto you with all his might.
You tiptoed out of the room and down the stairs all the way to the empty kitchen.
Before you had both slept last night, Bucky texted all the house workers and told them to take the day off. Even security were cut short.
It felt somewhat weird coming downstairs to an empty house. There was usually, almost always, another presence lurking around the house, cleaning, cooking or guarding.
It felt nice. Like this was actually your home. Even though it literally is, it just never felt like it until right now.
You quickly got to work in the kitchen, familiarising yourself with all the ingredients. You didn’t know what to cook with all the options you had at hand, so you just made everything.
Bacon and scrambled eggs, pancakes and chopped fruit can never go wrong.
You were almost done, you cooked nearly everything all at the same time so that one thing wouldn’t go cold while you cooked the other.
This was his only day off and probably his only ever chance at a proper breakfast, it had to be perfect.
Which is why when you heard him enter the kitchen, you used every single fibre and might in your body to push him back upstairs.
He had come up behind you, wrapping his arms around you and resting his head on your shoulder, making you gasp and spin around, “No! Go back to bed.” You reach up and cover his eyes, walking him backwards.
“Why?” He laughs and unclasps your hands from his eyes despite your efforts to keep them there.
You just pout as he takes a strawberry in his mouth, “I wanted to surprise you.”
“I am surprised.” He defends, motioning to the sight before him.
You roll your eyes, going back to the stove top to make sure nothings burning, “Yeah, but ever heard of a sleep in and breakfast in bed? It’s like, better than sex.”
You place the perfectly round pancakes onto the plate, followed by the eggs and the bacon.
When you turn back around, Bucky’s placing spurts of whipped cream onto the pancake before looking down at you suggestively, “What if you combine the two?”
You know what he’s hinting at, but part of you wants to punish him for ruining the surprise… even if it wasn’t entirely his fault, “Bacon and eggs and pancakes?” You ask dumbly, purposely misinterpreting the question. With your index finger, you scoop up a small amount of the cream and bring it to your lips, sucking it off and giving Bucky the best for eyes you can muster and it takes everything in you not to smile when you see his breath visibly hitch at the sight, “I don’t think that’ll taste as good as you think.”
Before you can even blink, he’s bending to pick you up by you thighs and throw you over his shoulder. You squeal and smack his ass as he turns around, grabbing the plate of food and the can of whipped cream before heading for the bedroom.
“Please don’t drop me!” You wrap your arms around his waist and feel his stomach contract and tighten as he lets out a small laugh.
It’s a wonder to you how he manages to walk up the stairs with you over his shoulder and the plate of food in his other free hand. Bucky wonders himself how he managed to restrain himself with your cute ass wiggling against his cheek.
Setting the plate of food onto the ottoman at the end of the bed, he lays you down against the soft mattress and you fall with a soft ‘oof’, smiling up at your husband when you both observe the dishevelled looks you both already wear.
Grabbing him by his neck, you pull him down to meet your lips in a very heated kiss. It’s so sweet, and you can taste the maple syrup in his mouth from when he’d licked some off the plate as he was carrying you to the bedroom.
You hum at the taste, finding yourself still licking your lips even as he pulls away, to get every last drop. As he brings the plate of food closer to the bed, he pulls out the can of whipped cream he’d stuffed into the band of sweats and you can’t help but laugh at his method of transportation.
Looking up, however, you see the once-cerulean eyes now a dark navy and take the hint as to where this is going.
Slipping your top off, you watch in delight as his eyes fly to your tits. Almost immediately, he brings the tip of the whipped cream van over your nipple, squirting a dollop of cream over each bud.
Poking a tongue out to lick at your lips, you bite your bottom lip as he brings his mouth down to lick the cream off your tits clean.
You squeal softly at the sensation of his mouth around your tit.
Figuring he was just unable to contain his urges, he squirted cream back over each of your nipples before bringing it down the nape of your stomach.
As he reaches the waistline of your pants, he takes it upon himself to shed you of your booty shorts, marvelling at how you went commando. Easier access for him, less fabric to ruin.
Placing a small kiss over your clit, he sprays one little spiral of cream over the little bud before finally marvelling at his work.
He groans as he takes you all in, fully bare before him and covered in sweet, fluffy cream.
Bringing your leg up to rest in his shoulder, he bites your calf, resisting the urge to just devour you whole.
“Don’t tease,” You beg, softly nudging his head with your foot. He glared at you playfully as your foot now massages his scalp and he quickly grabs your foot before biting a toe and making you scream. “Hey, unfair, why am I the only one naked?”
“Because,” He starts, grabbing his phone and snapping a quick photo before you can even cover up- but you don’t mind, you know it’ll be for his eyes only. After throwing his phone back onto the bed, he kneels down on the ground to come face to face with your cream covered pussy, “I’m a bit of a messy eater.” He smiles wickedly before diving into your cunt, your hands flying to his hair as he laps up the cream from your clit.
Let’s just say there were two types of creams that had entered your body that morning.
On top of Bucky’s load, the breakfast you had made had you absolutely stuffed. So much so that you had to untie the waistband of your pants to accomodate for your bloat.
“What do we do now?” You ask once Bucky finishes the rest of the food for you and places the empty plate on his bedside table.
“Mmm, I’m perfectly fine staying like this forever.” He pulls you closer to his side and reaches for the glass of orange juice you had fetched him after he absolutely destroyed your pussy.
“Me too.” You sigh, “But it’s your one day off and I’m not letting you spend it in bed.” Even though it lowkey pained you to move, you were only losing daylight by laying in bed, “Come on.” You pulled his hand to follow you into the shower.
And God, the sex drive on this man. You’d think that after cumming in your mouth and in your stomach only half an hour ago would’ve drained him out. But no, he lasted another two rounds in the shower.
You loved it.
It was kinda stupid to shower, seeing as you both jumped into the pool straight after.
It was the first time you ever used the pool. You just never had anyone to swim with before and you found no use in swimming alone. Plus, you weren’t sure you would’ve been comfortable swimming alone, with Bucky’s men watching over you… You also doubt that Bucky would’ve even let you do so if that was the case.
You had races to see who could swim the fastest, breath holding contests, marco polo, after that tired you out, you both sunbaked on the pool chairs for a bit.
You eventually ended up joining him on his chair so that you could both cuddle as you got to know each other more. It was very strange telling it how it was. Getting to know each other. To be fair, you’d only known each other for about two months before getting married. Really, you hardly knew anything about each other.
You only just found out his birthday, his parents names, his favourite colour and what he wanted to be when he grew up. And vice versa.
You didn’t know how much time had passed, but by the sounds of Bucky’s stomach grumbling, you knew it had to have hit lunchtime by now.
Without a word, you got up off of his warm body and slipped your sandals on.
“Where are you going now?” He asks, completely dumbfounded as you run down to the garden.
“Hold on!” You yell back before disappearing out of sight. Bucky had counted the seconds that you were gone, panicking a little when it hit 2 minutes and 30 seconds. He sat up in his chair, keeping a close eye on the stairs that led down to the garden. If something happened to you this early, he’d be a dead man- “Lunch?” You ask, coming into view with a small basket full of…
“Cherry tomatoes?” Bucky asks with a laugh. There were other ingredients buried in there but the tomatoes were the most prominent item.
“I’ll make a pasta.” You shrug simply.
Bucky smiled to himself as he followed you back inside the house. He got lucky with you. Real lucky.
Maybe his job wasn’t so bad after all.
The pasta you’d made was demolished faster than you had made it. Bucky truly was a starved man. You guessed it was because he just wasn’t used to proper meals and was relishing in it while he could. You only had a few bites off his plate, still not enough room from breakfast.
But you would happily make Bucky food for the rest of his life if he asked you to. Something about it just made you happy, seeing him enjoy something you created gave you a lot of pleasure.
Maybe it was the housewife in you, you remember being told that your mother had always provided well for everyone. Maybe you inherited that trait.
After lunch, you’d both showered again. Completely innocent this time. Aside from Bucky’s lingering hands, you were both too tired to fuck again, let alone in the shower.
The time was only just hitting 2pm when you had both gotten out of the shower. So far you had no other plans in mind, but it didn’t matter anyway because Bucky had pulled you into bed to cuddle… and you both slowly fell asleep.
“We really shouldn’t nap.” You almost tried to fight it, despite the heavy weight of your eyelids.
It was his day off, remember! By the time you wake up it’ll probably be dark out and that’s like 5 hours of day light wasted!
But God, you were tired.
“Shhh, sleep.” Bucky yawns and pulls you closer.
You huff but finally give in, your eyelids winning the battle and plunging you into sleep.
You woke up to kisses pressed to your forehead, blinking your eyes up at the man before you as he had you engulfed in his arms.
He smiled down at you as you rubbed your eyes, “Good sleep?”
“Like a baby.” You moaned, stretching your limbs and almost orgasming from the feeling. “What time is it?” You ask and look over his shoulder at the analog clock sitting on his bedside. 6:06pm.
“What’s for dinner, lovely housewife?”
Shit. You forgot all about dinner, “I don’t know, I haven’t thought about it.”
As you both went silence in thought, it was strange. It was like you both unconsciously knew that you were both too tired to go out for dinner. Even though it would’ve been lovely and it was what you had hoped for when you planned this day off last night, you didn’t realise the extent of how tired you’d be after all your shenanigans.
“We could always get take out?” You smile as if Bucky had read your mind. Because, well, he did. You didn’t feel like cooking either and even if you did, you had no idea what.
“And watch a movie?” You add.
“Sounds good to me.”
Takeout choice for the night was a fuck ton of Chinese. Plus one pepperoni pizza because you had mentioned a slight craving for it as well as the Chinese and Bucky was jumping for the phone to order it. He said it was a ‘thank you for the good sex this morning’.
“What’s your favourite movie?” You ask, skimming through the movies, unsure of what to pick.
“I can’t remember the last time I watched a movie.” Bucky shrugs and you gape at him in shock. You couldn’t say you were surprised, given his lifestyle and the fact that he hardly saw you, how on earth would he be able to sit and watch a movie whenever he liked, “You pick, show me something I’ve missed out on.” He squeezes the ankle that wrests over his lap as you ponder the choices on the screen.
“Harry Potter?”
It was a classic. Nothing cheesy like a rom-com or, to put it realistically, something that Bucky would fall asleep through. It had lots of talking points and points of discussion plus, sequels as well in case you could have another one of these day offs and continue the movie series.
A girl can only dream.
After the movie had ended, you and Bucky had put away all the leftovers, figuring he could eat it for lunch tomorrow- adding it to the rest of the leftover food you had cooked for him today.
He gave you a piggy back all the way up to the bedroom after massaging your feet all throughout the movie. But then he threw you off his shoulder and into the bed and pretended to wrestle you so that was fun while it lasted.
Once more, you both showered together before finally, finally going to bed.
But of course, you were glued to his side the second you got underneath the covers.
It had to be your favourite position ever. Better than any sex position. It just felt nice to be in his arms. He was always so warm, and so big and strong and protective. It was nice.
“Thank you for today.” He presses many kisses into your hair and you smile, looking up at him before reaching up and placing a kiss on his lips.
“We should do it more often.”
“I’ll try.” He sighs and looks a little remorseful, knowing no matter how hard he’ll try, he probably will never, ever be able to do this again.
But you don’t know that.
You just offer a small smile in return, bringing a hand up to smooth out the frown lines on his precious face, “It’s okay, I get it.”
But you don’t, Bucky thinks. If only you did. It would make his life 10x easier.
Bucky would be lying if he said he wasn’t nervous walking back into the office after his one day off.
As he passed by employees, they almost seemed surprised to see him… but mostly scared as per usual.
When he’d entered the main office space where the rest of his higher up coworkers were, he couldn’t deny the feeling of his heart dropping at the soft glare Tony had sent him.
“Heard you had a little day off.” He sighed, scribbling signatures on a few papers in front of him.
Bucky almost stuttered if it wasn’t for Steve giving him an encouraging nod. Don’t lie to Tony, stand your ground, was what it meant.
“She wanted me to.” He defended, and Tony quirked up a brow, almost challenging Bucky’s inference that you had control over him, “I felt bad, she’s just stuck in that house all by herself everyday. Plus it got her off my case.”
The last part of his statement seemed to have sufficed for Tony, as he just pursed his lips before opening up a rather thick file and laying its contents all over the conference table.
“Well, here’s the shit you missed.”
“How was yesterday?” Steve asks Bucky as they drive around the city, running errands.
“Good. Really good, actually.” Bucky smiles to himself, reminiscing on the day off he’d had 24 hours ago, “She made me breakfast in bed, then we fucked, then we showered… and fucked again.” Steve rolled his eyes but smiled, he couldn’t lie, that did sound pretty good, “Went swimming, then she made lunch, then we napped. Then we got takeout and watched a movie.” He finally concluded, “It was good.”
Steve glanced over at him for a second before averting his eyes back to the road. The smile on Bucky’s face and the way he had looked off longingly out the window told Steve everything he needed to know about you.
“You love her.” Steve states, matter of factly.
Bucky readjusts in his seat, sighing, “Love gets you killed. I like her.”
“Tony’s gonna figure it out eventually.” Steve shakes his head, almost beratingly, “You can’t let your feelings get in the way of this mission. Because they will… they already have.”
“I just said I like her.” Bucky lightly snaps, before remembering who he’s talking to. Steve’s just looking out for him and he’s right… “What do you think I should do?”
“Take a step back… act as if Tony’s around whenever you’re with her.” Bucky looks at him like he can’t be serious. But he knew it was valuable advice. “Look, it’ll not only help with the act, but if you really like her so much, it might even keep her safe. People will see that she doesn’t mean as much to you as they thought and they won’t use her against you.” Steve offers and Bucky sighs again, a trait he had become much accustomed to. “Just until it’s over.”
“Who’s to say she’ll still want me when it’s over?”
Bucky had basically resumed his schedule of work. From 6am to 6pm, gone and unreachable unless for extreme emergencies.
You guessed it was okay though. He had his one day off and you were grateful. You knew, in his world, it was kind of a lot to ask for, a whole day off from work, so you were very thankful. But you couldn’t help but slowly fall back into that slum of longing and loneliness.
So, whenever Bucky was home after work, you tried to steer into the direction of another movie or even sex. Anything other than just him coming straight to bed or going straight into his office.
“Hey,” You’d caught him in the kitchen after he’d come home one night. He must’ve thought you were asleep or something because the way he jumped when he saw you.
“You scared me.” He laughs a little before shutting the fridge and heating up the dinner you had cooked earlier.
“Sorry.” You kiss his cheek and try to ignore how tense he felt, “Do you wanna watch a movie?”
For a split second, you swear you believe he’s gonna say yes. Even he looks like he’s gonna say yes. But he quickly remembers what Steve had told him about a week ago and shakes his head softly, “Not tonight, Y/N. I got a lot of work to catch up on.”
“Oh.” You say softly, “Okay, that’s okay.”
He just smiled at you in thanks before taking his food out of the microwave and heading for his office.
In all truth, it wasn’t fucking okay. He just got home from work and now he’s… catching up on more work? What the fuck had he done at work then? Also, he runs a fucking mob how much work does he really need to do?
You know he co owns a bunch of hotels and restaurants and taxi companies but God, are there not other men? What about Steve? Does he do any work? Because by the looks of it, Bucky’s doing fucking everything.
Those were the thoughts that had raised amidst your little… tantrum. You had calmed down a little after an hour since Bucky got home and denied your offer to watch a movie together.
It was now nearing midnight and you were getting tired. Bucky still hadn’t come to bed yet and you were getting worried.
So you quickly threw on your gown, tried to make yourself look a little skimpy to at least… attract him into coming to bed. You were way too tired to do any work in that matter but if it got him to bed, then so be it.
You made your way to his office and knocked on the door softly before allowing yourself in.
He was looking quizzically at his computer screen for a quick moment, an almost panicked expression taking over his features when he saw you walk in. If only you’d known what he’d been doing on that computer. Totally wasn’t looking over years worth of your Dad’s digital banking history.
What you did see however, was the way he carelessly averted his eyes away from you. Hardly even acknowledging you. His wife. Just a reminder.
Sheepishly, you wait at the door now. Initially you planned on literally seducing him to come to bed. But now, now you felt a little insecure. Like he was annoyed at you. But you have no idea what you did and that was the most frustrating thing.
Maybe he just had a bad day.
“Are you coming to bed?” You ask, nails softly tapping against the wood of his door.
Without even taking his eyes off the screen, he just mumbles, “Not yet. Later.”
Your heart pangs with sadness and you just nod softly, “Okay… Goodnight.” When he just nods his head in reply, you feel like crying. He didn’t even have the decency to say it back?
You make no intention of pushing it though, leaving the office to trudge back to your cold and lonely bedroom.
It took you a while to fall asleep. Not particularly unusual as of late, but it felt a lot stronger tonight. Usually you’d be half asleep at around 11 and then when Bucky would eventually come home and join you in bed is when you’d finally fall asleep. So it doesn’t take a genius to figure the common denominator here.
Opening your eyes with a heavy sigh and confirming that Bucky was still yet to come to bed, you rolled over to your bedside table, the little digital clock flashed 1:24am.
Sitting up now, you squint your eyes at the hall outside of the bedroom, squinting to try and find any light from downstairs. You threw the blanket off your body when it was nothing but pitch black.
Tiptoeing along the cold floor of the upstairs, you tightened your robe… it was a comfort thing, felt more secure.
He was definitely shocked to see you awake and roaming the house at this hour, and he almost fled the kitchen when he saw you walk in if it weren’t for the half eaten breakfast in front of him.
Masking the fact that you were quite nervous for this confrontation, you made your way to the kettle and boiled yourself some water to make some tea.
As it boiled and as you got the contents ready for your mug, you spoke to him with your back turned, “Did you come to bed last night?” Of course, you knew the answer. But you wanted him to say it.
It’s a little silent for a moment and you wonder if he’d disappeared from the kitchen just to avoid the question.
“No.” He grunts, almost like he’s uncomfortable at the confession- because he knows it was wrong, “I fell asleep.”
Turning around now, your lower back resting against the edge of the counter, you just stare him down. You don’t know what you’re looking for, maybe the ring on his finger making sure it’s still there or a hickey in his neck from another woman.
It’s a rather uncomfortable stare, mostly for him than for you and it’s only when he starts to shift in his seat that you finally speak, “Is there something wrong?” Your arms cross over your chest and he finally looks up at you, “Did I do something?”
You think for a second that he’s going to apologise. To realise the effect his attitude is having on you and your perception of your marriage. You’re hesitant to confidently say it in the instance that you’re wrong, but it almost looks like he’s having some internal battle with himself.
But that idea is much short lived when he just averts his gaze back down to his plate and continues picking at his food, “No. Don’t worry about it.”
“Well, when you act like you hate me, I’m gonna worry about it.” You scoff. You couldn’t help it, the words kinda just came out. Your anger kinda overtook you for a moment there and… it felt good.
Until, of course, Bucky stood from the stool he was seated at, the legs of the chair scraping harshly against the floor with a loud screech, “I don’t hate you.” He says simply, grabbing his keys out of his pockets, “I gotta go.”
That night, Bucky didn’t come home. You didn’t expect anything less to be honest, even though you should’ve… he totally didn’t hate you, remember?
Waking up alone was no surprise to you as of late. Stretching your limbs across the whole bed, you sighed blissfully as you remembered what day it was.
Maybe there was good reason why Bucky wasn’t in bed today.
Throwing the blanket off of your body, you made your way to the unusually shut door. You don’t remember shutting it last night, nor did you ever really shut the door- but you hoped this was all part of the surprise.
Except, if that was the case, why was it locked? “What the fuck?” You curse, twisting the knob more aggressively now before it’s being unlocked from the other side.
You didn’t even know the door had a lock- let alone from the outside, that just makes no sense.
The door opens and you step back a little as Sam peeks his head in, “Bucky’s in a meeting.”
“You’re not allowed downstairs.”
Blinking at him with an ‘are you serious?’ look, you huff in disbelief, “I need to eat.”
“Just read a book for an hour and you can have all the food in the world.” He says simply before shutting the door in your face.
Sam had knocked on your door exactly an hour later, giving you the okay to come downstairs. You were hesitant, but when he told you Bucky was still wrapping up, you just pushed past him and headed straight for the kitchen, Sam hot on your trail telling you to slow down.
You didn’t listen. You were angry. And rightfully so.
You made yourself breakfast to finally settle your stomach and ate in silence as Sam patrolled the kitchen. Neither of you said anything, you just scrolled through your phone and ate passive aggressively.
Right on time, as you were just finishing up your meal, you heard Steve and Bucky’s footsteps approaching. Without missing a beat, without even acknowledging him in the slightest, you stood from your chair, emptied your plate and put it in the sink with a loud clank. You grabbed your phone off the counter and walked past Bucky without a word.
Bucky just rolls his eyes before chasing after you. You’re long gone by the time he looks for you, by the slam of the bedroom door, he figures where you are though, so he doesn’t have to look far.
He doesn’t bother knocking, just enters and immediately starts explaining himself to you, despite your turned back to him, “Look, you married into this life on your own accord and I vowed to protect you. So when I have to keep you upstairs, just know that it’s for your own safety-“
“I don’t care that you kept me upstairs!” It’s only when you speak that he realises your crying. You’re still turned away from him but the fault in your voice and the way you’ve wiped at your eyes is indicative of such. He’s left pretty speechless, unsure of what it is he’s done to upset you so, if it wasn’t the fact that he basically had you locked upstairs,“You forgot my fucking birthday.”
Bucky feels his heart drop to his stomach. Your birthday? He didn’t even know it was your birthday. Well, he… Okay, he forgot, but you only told him like once and it was like a while ago. He guessed that’s what happens when you marry someone you’ve only know for 2 months but still, he should’ve remembered to have write it down somewhere… you know, to make it seem real.
But part of him does feel bad. A big part of him actually. To have your birthday forgotten? On top of that being locked in your room the second you wake up… on your birthday.
“I’m sorry.” He speaks softer now, slowly approaching you, “I didn’t… know.”
You feel him get closer and you’re basically cornered now. You don’t exactly blame him for not knowing, but it still hurt. You would’ve thought the circled date on his calendar in his office would’ve at least helped him remember.
You almost jump at the feeling of his hands wrapping around your stomach and pulling you back to him. He hugs you from behind and you wipe the stray tears that have soaked your face.
It’s the first time you’ve cried in front of him.
Part of you believes that this is more than just him not knowing your birthday. It’s everything. It’s the being locked up in the house all day, never having any alone time because there’s always one of his men around, nothing to do, barely seeing him. The birthday part was just the cherry on top.
For about three years since your parents died, you had spent those birthdays alone. You weren’t ready to go out and celebrate without them just yet. They always made sure you’d had the best birthday, always topping the last. But when they had died, you lost all that and had nothing to replace it. Those three birthdays were spent locked up in your room all day, buried in your blankets with the lights off and the curtains drawn until the day passed.
The other part of you believes that’s why it’s hitting you so hard. Because in the last two years, you had gotten out of that behaviour. You would go all out for your birthday at fancy clubs, got spoilt rotten by people you didn’t even know.
So from the moment you woke up this morning, the coldness of the room as you sat in the middle of the big bed, all alone. It was hard.
“I’m sorry, baby.” He speaks into your hair, kissing the side of your ear, “We can go out tonight. Anywhere you like.” He promises and you smile softly.
Maybe you were just being silly. It wasn’t entirely his fault. He was a busy man, he’d probably forget his own birthday if it weren’t for you or Steve.
He’d called off the rest of his work things for the rest of the day and spent it with you instead. Because you weren’t going out until later tonight, you both decided to spend the remaining of the day inside.
Basically a repeat of that one time he got a day off, except today you didn’t have to do any cooking. But everything else was all the same, the fucking, the pool, the movie. Somehow, he ended up picking out gifts from you without even leaving your side, Pietro dropping them off as you continued to watch the movie.
The movie long forgotten by the time Bucky came around the couch with boxes and bags stacked on top of each other. Each gift seemingly more expensive than the next. You didn’t need any of it- nor did you really hold it over Bucky’s head that you needed to be spoiled. But you really didn’t expect anything less from him and it did feel nice… after the week you’d just had.
Your favourite thing that he’d gifted you had to be the Tiffany bracelet. Or the cooking apron, or the necklace with the letter ‘B’ on it, or the framed pictures of your ‘wedding’, or the Dior handbag, or the Hot Chick black and red Louboutins or the Hot Chick Plume Louboutins and the black Skims dress to go with it for tonight.
Or maybe the sex.
He made sure it was all about you, never not once focusing on pleasuring himself. Let you sit on his face and then tore you apart until it was almost too much.
Safe to say, that was definitely the best gift and you were able to get the best post-sex nap afterwards as well before going out for dinner… and then reliving what had happened only a few hours ago.
Falling onto his warm chest, you heave a blissful sigh as he runs his hands over your hair. You roll your hips one last time and clench around him as he twitches inside you, collecting every last bit of cum that’s leaking out of him.
He groans momentarily before placing a kiss to the top of your head.
“Happy Birthday, baby.”
Yeah. Definitely the best gift.
“You have to try and keep your distance.”
“What?” Bucky asks, a little nervous at the stern look across Tony’s face.
“Rumlow wants to kill her.” Tony says matter of factly, as if it doesn’t mean as much as it does, “Or at least torture the information out of her or ransom the money out of us.”
‘Motherfucker’, is what Bucky thinks, but is too smart to say out loud for Tony to hear. Shifting nervously in the conference room chair, he thinks over his words, “Why should I keep my distance? If anything I should stay closer to her-“
“You’re already too close to her. Rumlow knows you ‘care’ about her now so he’s put a target on her. If you stay too close now, we can’t get him where we want him.”
“You’re not using her as bait.” Bucky speaks a little too fast for his mind to comprehend what he just said, and it takes Tony’s furrowed brows and menacing eyes for Bucky to realise his mistake, “It-it’ll be too dangerous… f-for her.” He quickly covers up, but it’s probably no use at the way he stammered over his words and kept averting his gaze.
“We have no choice.” Tony says, tilting his head a little now as he observes Bucky at the end of the table, “What does it matter? It’s not like she means anything to us.” He knows what he’s doing with his words, knows he’s trying to sus Bucky out of a confession or something, but he saves him the humiliation and just shakes his head, “Bucky-“
“I know.”
“Remember what you’re doing this for. If you can’t finish this mission-“
“I can.” Bucky’s heart drops to his stomach, not brave enough to hear the rest of Tony’s threat. Look, it didn’t matter how close Tony was to Bucky and the rest of his men- how much he presented himself as a father figure as their leader, Tony had expectations and if you didn’t meet them…
“Her father started this war. If it wasn’t for the money he left me, it would end with her.” He reminds Bucky, “And if we can’t find that money, then it will- and you along with her.”
That meeting had basically set Bucky straight again the day after your birthday. Of course, Tony had heard all about Bucky’s clearing of plans and the dinner he’d taken you out too.
He’d only heard of it because of the file that showed up in his desk the next morning of pictures of the two of you at said restaurant. Tony was no idiot, he knew who took the pictures- also the signed name on the back of the envelope in bright red pen also a clear indication. ‘Brock Rumlow’.
So, just as you thought you’d repaired the pothole in your relationship with Bucky, little did you know that would all come crashing back down on you.
He had, of course, returned back to work as per usual. That should’ve been your first indication that nothing had really changed. In a perfect world, you would’ve hoped he’d maybe stayed an extra hour or two in the morning to make up for what he’d missed the previous morning- but no.
No, it’ll probably be a while until you would happily wake up in the arms of your ‘loving’ and ‘devoted’ husband.
Your ears prick up at the sound of Bucky’s car pulling up to the driveway so early. It’s only about 5pm- usually he wouldn’t finish until 6, then get home at 10 if you were lucky.
Entering through the front door, he looked no different from what he usually did. Stressed and tired- maybe tonight… a little scared?
“Hey,” You speak softly, so as to not overstimulate him the second he walks into the house.
He turns his attention to you and his gaze lingers on you a little longer and a little stranger than you were used to. You couldn’t read his features- nor what he was thinking but it was very peculiar.
He then smiles softly, breaking out of his trance, before heading for the kitchen without a word.
Your furrow your brows, utterly confused. More so at his lack of affection than anything else, despite how used to it you had found yourself. God, isn’t that so fucking wrong? You’re used to your husband not being affectionate?
An idea popped into your head, though you weren’t sure how well it would fly, you figured it was best to give it a shot and at least let him know that you’re still trying.
Joining him in the kitchen, he drinks from a bottle of some alcohol in the fridge. Wincing from the taste, he catches you in his peripheral and you’re almost certain you startled him.
He just purses his lips as he screws the lid back on the bottle, barely paying you any more mind as he shuts the fridge.
Leaning tentatively against the counter, you subconsciously fiddle with your fingers out of nervousness, “Did you… wanna go somewhere tonight?”
Looking at you, it’s so hard for you to read his face tonight. Even harder for him as he suffers with an internal battle, on one hand wanting to indulge in your sweet offerings and be the loving husband he vowed to be- on the other, the words from Tony’s meeting burned into his skin.
Plus the envelope from Brock. He couldn’t take that risk again. Bucky felt a lot of emotions he didn’t know he had when he’d seen that shitty photo of you and him sitting at the restaurant from your birthday. The red dot from the pen of a marker drawn over your head like a fucking sniper target as you lovingly look at Bucky was what really set him off.
If anything, he was doing this to protect you now.
“I’m going to a dinner with Steve… business thing.” He quickly lies, praying to God that you don’t catch the lie despite his horrible attempt at keeping his ground. Ever since the meeting with Tony, he’d been on edge the whole day. The threat ringing through his ears almost every time he thought about you or looked at you.
“I can’t come?” You ask with a sarcastic laugh. You liked Steve and you wouldn’t mind joining them for dinner, even if they discussed business the whole night.
But Bucky’s silence and lack of amusement unsettles you.
“We went out the other day.” He shrugs and you blink bemusedly at him.
It takes you a second to gather your thoughts and you begin to feel your blood boil as he fails to redeem himself.
“So- I have limits on the amount of days I can leave the house?”
The way your eyes darken and the volume of your voice increases causes alarm bells to go off inside Bucky’s head, “Y/N-“
“I’m like your fucking hostage at this point.” You continue, only getting angry and louder, “What? I get treated to one night out a week? Do I need a fucking punch card to keep track of each one?”
“Everything I do is to keep you safe!” Bucky snaps, matching the same volume of your own voice, “All my meetings, every day at work, they’re the reason you’re still alive. By all means, take a walk outside by yourself, see what happens.”
It’s a screaming match now and you’re glad your house square footage is too big for any neighbour to hear you at the moment.
“Maybe I will. And hopefully get kidnapped by someone, probably’ll get better treatment than I do here!”
“Be fucking grateful.” He steps towards you and you surprise yourself when you don’t flinch, “You wouldn’t last a minute without me.”
“I do it every fucking day.” You spit back.
He roughly grabs your left hand, holding it up and showing your wedding band on full display, “What’s this then, huh?”
“A poor excuse of a fucking marriage.” You harshly pull your hand out of his grasp, “If anything, I’d be better off without you!”
For a second, the splittest of seconds, you swear you see his face falter and you worry that you went too far. But let’s be real, he took it too far the second he grabbed your hand which your sure has left a red imprint around your wrist.
“Oh! Is that what you think?” He laughs, chest heaving as you both breathe heavily from running out breath, “Okay.” He nods, backing away from you as he goes to leave the kitchen- in the process, knocking over a glass vase that housed some flowers he’d bought you on your birthday.
You flinch a little as the glass shatters on the floor, but it only makes you more heated as you follow after him, “Yeah, fuck off to your stupid dinner with your boyfriend!”
The slam of the front door almost prompts the tears that waited patiently at your waterline to spill over the edge. You aggressively wipe them away- not allowing yourself to cry over whatever the hell that was.
Maybe it was your fault for escalating it so quickly, but you couldn’t live like this.
Re-entering the kitchen, you tiptoe through the shards of broken glass that litters the floor and make quick work of cleaning up the mess he’d left in his wake of destruction.
Those were your favourite flowers.
“We had a bad fight.” Bucky sighs as he downs his second whiskey in the 5 minutes that he’s already been at Steve’s house, “Tony would’ve castrated me for letting her talk to me the way she did. Now she probably thinks I’m cheating on her or something… well, maybe thinks I’m cheating on her with you.”
Steve chuckles softly as he reloads his gun on the TV screen of whatever game they’re playing, “Really?”
Bucky nods, surprisingly not as embarrassed to confess the harsh words he’d let you say to him in the fight, “She called you my boyfriend. She was probably just angry.”
As Bucky pretty much allows his character to be shot dead, Steve looks over at his slumped form on the couch. He feels bad for him, he really does. Bucky’s obviously his best friend and he knows Bucky would never have wanted any of this to happen… you know, in real life.
“It’ll be over soon.” Steve assures Bucky with a promising look, knowing how much faith they both had in each other, “Once Tony finalises the plan, we’ll be able to get the money.”
“What about Rumlow?”
“He doesn’t stand a fucking chance, Buck, come on. He’s already lost, I don’t even know why he bothers.” Steve huffs
“It’s a lot of money.” Bucky answers for Steve, sighing heavily as he basically rethinks his entire life, “I just don’t want her hurt.”
Steve just nods, holding back from saying anything else because he knows it may not be the best of help for Bucky at this time. Instead, he just refills Bucky’s empty whiskey glass and restarts the game, “Come on, a few more games and I’ll take you home.”
That night, Bucky came home at around 1. He was ballsy enough to sleep in the same bed as you and you didn’t know if you were dreaming or half asleep, but you heard a soft ‘sorry’ and ‘I love you’ at around that time. But, from the way he’d left the bed empty and cold by the time you woke up, you assumed it was a dream.
Days went by and you continued to ignore each other- hardly by choice but just because he was either never here or you were sleeping.
You literally had nothing else to do. So you slept. And slept and slept and slept.
Each night it became more difficult to sleep and you often found yourself in bed, with your eyes closed, but never fully asleep.
You didn’t know what it was. It didn’t matter if Bucky was in bed with you or not, you just couldn’t sleep at night.
You waited tirelessly for Bucky to apologise… properly and not in the form of a dream. You didn’t want gifts or unlimited access to his bank account- you’d already given yourself that the night after the fight.
No, you knew any apology in the form of a gift would just be a way for you to shut up and forgive him. It wouldn’t work this time.
Though, the new flower vase and identical flowers that he’d replaced one random day, long after the fight did make you smile a little when you saw them.
The rest of the day, you’d wondered if today was the day. The day that he’d apologise or find some elaborate way to make up for it. You wouldn’t take gifts but maybe sex would do. Or dining out at a restaurant. Either or. You hadn’t done either in weeks and it was slowly driving you insane.
So, when Bucky had texted you, ‘Dinner tonight? x’, you couldn’t help the smile that broke out on your face. Okay, this could work.
He’d take you somewhere nice, knowing how much you loved dressing up and going out to taste all kinds of elaborate foods, apologise over wine, drunkenly buy you a garden of flowers from a street vendor, take you for some ice cream before fucking you both in the backseat of his car and in the comfort of your shared bed.
You didn’t know what the occasion was- maybe he’s finished a project at work and was celebrating no longer having to work such long hours away from you which ultimately caused the divide in your relationship. Whatever it was, you didn’t care.
You were just glad to have your husband back.
Oh, how wrong you were.
You thought nothing of the way Bucky had tended up under your hold as you rested your head against his shoulder in the car, on the way to the restaurant. Too enamoured by the way he’d looked at you as you came down the stairs in your new black dress. You were okay with the silence, stupidly thinking he was saving his words for the dinner.
Nor did you think anything of the way he’d stayed silent the whole ride. You also missed how Pietro had constantly peered up at the rear view mirror to look back at Bucky and they’d exchange wordless glances.
It was only as he guided you through the sea of tables in the restaurant, eyes landing upon the full table that you’d realised… this was any thing but what you thought it would be.
“I thought we were going to be alone.” You whispered in his ear, tightening your grip in his hand as you near the table.
Tony, Steve, Natasha, Sam, and heaps of others you didn’t know all stared as the two of you approached the table- seemingly the last ones of the party to arrive.
“Well, you thought wrong.” He replies quickly before pulling his hand out of your grasp and shaking hands with his boss, “Tony.”
As you tentatively sat in your seats, you picked up the menu and observed all the choices. Despite the current predicament you were in, you knew you had to put up a front now for Bucky’s coworkers- sure that they wouldn’t exactly be pleased to watch your mess of a marriage unfold.
Whenever out at restaurants, you never knew what to pick and almost always sought out Bucky’s advice. So, purely out of instinct- as well as to continue the loving-marriage facade, you interlocked your hand with his and leaned closer to him, “What’re you gonna get?”
Many moons ago, so it seemed, when you had gone out to eat, a part of you would always be touching Bucky. It was a possessive thing for Bucky and safety thing for you. It let men know that you were happily taken (as if the fat diamond on your finger wasn’t enough) and let you know whenever Bucky sensed danger. It was usually nothing more than just a simple hand hold or a hold on your ankle or thigh. Which is why you thought nothing of holding his hand as you were.
But apparently he did. You felt him tense up first, and then he unfurled his fingers from yours and kind of balled it up into a fist on the table now.
“I don’t know.” He shrugged coldly.
But you barely heard it. Too shocked at what he’d just done. You felt so much at once, anger and hurt the main ones. What had you done? Why was he acting like this? The rejection stung badly and it left a sour taste in your mouth as you leaned away from him now and just kept to yourself.
It was like that for the rest of the night. You kind of realised that perhaps this wasn’t exactly the kind of dinner that you were expecting. It was a meeting, disguised as a dinner or some stupid shit like that.
You kept your head down and your mouth shut, only talking to the waiter in a soft whisper when he’d approached you and taken your order.
However, when the food came, you barely ate anything on the plate. The more you thought to yourself, the more upset you were getting.
Why had he just dropped your hand like that? Was it because of Tony? Or Natasha? What if he and Natasha had something going on? That wouldn’t surprise you, in all honesty.
You hardly listened to the conversations all night. It didn’t interest you. You’d heard enough of this stupid mob shit at home, you’d somehow managed to tune it out during the entirety of the dinner.
But time was still going by painfully slowly, and you had resorted to playing around with the food on your plate, counting each individual pea, separating the colours from each other, making pictures out of it.
You didn’t think anyone paid you any mind, and no one did- no one except Bucky.
He would eye you every so often to see what you were doing before glancing back at Tony, who’d send him a stern glance.
He knew what he had to do, to prove to Tony, but he just need to find the right time and the right words. Something he could bounce back from once the two of you got home.
It finally got to a point where Tony had finished the last drop of alcohol in his glass that Bucky knew he had to say something. Tony was getting impatient and you’d be an idiot to make him wait any longer.
“What’s wrong with you? Why won’t you eat?” It takes you a second to realise Bucky’s speaking to you. It’s only when you look up and see a few wandering eyes that you realise.
You set down your fork now, figuring you’ve made him mad and that pushing it any further is just going to be a headache for you, “I’m not hungry.”
“So why’d you order it?” His tone is so harsh and his stare is so… annoyed. But it’s like there’s something lingering in his eyes like he still cares?
Either way, his tone overrides it all and makes you cower in your seat, “I lost my appetite.”
“Of course.” He scoffs, “But you don’t care, right? It’s my money, after all.”
You furrow your brows and look up at him now. Money had rarely been an issue for him. Especially in terms of spending it on you. Everything you currently wore on your body indicative of such, so you were utterly perplexed at why it was an issue now, “I’ll pay for it myself then.”
“Your money is my money.” He almost laughs and you swear you hear a snide little giggle from Tony.
You embarrassingly swallow a breath, what did that even mean? To be fair, despite your inheritance, you had been basically living off of Bucky’s money. You didn’t think he would so willingly share that information with all his coworkers however, “Then I’ll take it to go.” You mutter.
“This isn’t a fucking Applebees, you can’t get a to-go box at this restaurant.”
“Then what the fuck do you want me to do with it, James?” You finally snap.
The table falls silent now and you’re certain part of the restaurant does too. You’ve never addressed him by his official name before, on top of that, swearing at him as well.
You don’t falter in your stance, you stand your ground and raise a tentative brow. On the inside, however, you’re terrified. The look on his face and the way it takes him a second to reply makes you nervous. You don’t know what you’ve gotten yourself into.
Without breaking eye contact, he leans in a little closer, “Go to the bathroom and freshen up, don’t come back until you’ve fixed yourself.”
It’s almost a threat, the way he says it.
You almost want to challenge him further, to ask him what he was gonna do if you don’t. But you’re on the verge of crying and you know better than to try your luck with a table full of criminals.
Everyone watches as you leave for the restroom. The air is tense and Bucky exhales a breath he didn’t realise he was holding.
“Good.” Tony nods, and a wave of relief floods over a Bucky’s nerves. He was unsure if Tony would’ve approved since you had snapped back at him. The way he handled it must’ve been satisfactory enough, “Now, her cards.”
Remembering the task at hand, Bucky reaches into your purse and grabs your wallet, passing it over to Tony, who lays it all out on the table, pulling out each and every card and using some special device to take quick scans of it.
“How is this gonna work?” Bucky asks, mostly to clear the tense air rather than to actually know the process.
“We’ll tap into all her accounts, we’ll find the money that way- there’s no other place it could be.” It was initially thought that the money your parents had left you was kept somewhere insanely secret- a storage container in the middle of nowhere, buried in their ashes or in their grave. But after a year of searching, to no avail, they figured it was back to square one.
Scanning your cards didn’t take long and once Bucky had put every single one back in their respective spots in your wallet and shoved it back in your purse, it was like nothing had happened at all.
The rest of the table engaged in lighter conversation now that the job was done for the night and they could all relax. Bucky, however, was probably the only one not yet relaxed as he couldn’t help but notice how you hadn’t yet returned from the bathroom.
It’d had to have been well past 20 minutes now and he was growing concerned that you’d run off or something. Knowing Tony would have something to say about it if Bucky had sought her out, instead Bucky leans over to Steve, “Go check on her, will you? Shes been gone for ages.”
The classical music that played through the bathroom speaker did little to calm your nerves as you sat atop the toilet seat, sobbing.
In this moment, you were so glad they had fully private bathroom stalls. You’re sure the elderly ladies or the snobby, sugar babies wouldn’t worry themselves with you had they heard you crying in the bathroom- probably would’ve hardcore judged you if anything and that was the last thing you needed tonight.
You tried to catch every tear with the folded piece of toilet paper in your hand, so as to not completely destroy your makeup and look an even bigger mess than you already were.
You wanted to leave. You want to go home, with or without Bucky, you didn’t care, and just sleep. Maybe even leave the country. You were humiliated, and scared. You honestly considered just hiding out in the bathroom until Bucky fetched you to go home. Or until he got so drunk that he just left without you- you could probably live in this restaurant, you’re sure you remember seeing a comfy looking couch in the foyer.
After a solid 10 minutes, your tears slowly dried out and you held your head in your hands, staring down at the pristine floor of the bathroom. Black and white marble tiles, spotless. Not a single speck of dust. It almost made you miss going to the clubs with your friends and marvelling at the laughably gross bathroom floors.
A knock sounded on the other end of the bathroom door and your heart dropped, “It’s Steve.” Relief. Just Steve. You stood on shaky legs and slowly opened the door for Steve, “Hey-“
You don’t know what took over you. As soon as he stepped foot into the bathroom and shut the door behind him, you just hugged him. To be fair, he did hold out open arms and the remorse on his face basically invited you in. But you’re glad that you did it, you really needed that hug.
He shushed you softly as you cried into his chest, rubbing your back.
“He’s so fucking mean.” You sniffled, basking in the feeling of just being held- it’s been a while.
Steve hesitated to speak for a moment, figuring out the right words to say that wouldn’t get him in trouble with you, Bucky or Tony, “He’s just trying to keep you safe.” Pulling your head from his chest, you look up at him utterly perplexed. That was keeping you safe? “You’ve become more than just a trophy wife to him and he can’t have that out there because then they know his weakness.” He knows he shouldn’t have said it, but it’s not exactly the truth or a lie. “Look, Tony brings out the worst in everyone- but especially Bucky… he has expectations and he’s very hard to please.” He quickly changes the subject to something more relevant, but worries about the far-off look you have as his words seemingly go in one ear and out the other.
“Is he cheating on me?” You ask him simply. You want to add ‘With Natasha?’ but don’t. You don’t even know why you asked in the first place- as if he’d even tell you over his best friend. But you trust Steve… maybe more than you do your own husband, and you just needed to hear it yourself… even if it was a lie.
Steve furrows his brows, looking down at your small and cowering form in his arms before shaking his head, “No, of course not.”
Never mind, it does no justice.
Shaking your head, you swallow the thick lump in your throat that had been growing ever since you entered the bathroom, “I don’t think I can do this anymore.” You look up at Steve hesitantly, and he looks back down at you, half knowing what you’re going to say but also half hoping it’s not what he thinks… for Bucky’s sake, “I think I want a divorce.”
The ride home was painfully silent. The tension of the air was so thick it was almost unbreathable. Or maybe you were just having a panic attack and your throat was just closing in on you.
You tried to position yourself as far away from Bucky as possible. Legs tilting to the right, your whole body leaning against the door and looking out the window. Never not once did you pay him any attention or even breathe in his direction, scared you might do something wrong and make him yell at you again.
He didn’t end up getting so drunk he forgot about you. No, unfortunately, after your confession to Steve, you were led out of the bathroom and back to the table where you’d sat quietly until the end of the night. You didn’t speak a word, no matter how much Bucky looked over at you.
It was only when your home came into view that you felt like you could breathe again.
You couldn’t wait to just hide out in your bedroom, praying that Bucky would probably sleep on the couch tonight.
You got out of the car yourself, not bothering to wait for Bucky to open the door for you to get out like he usually did. That stopped a while ago…
You swear you heard him softly call your name as you basically ran up the stairs and into the warm embrace of your home.
Despite it basically being his house, full of his things and where he resided, you had still found a lot of comfort in it. It was the only place you really knew for the past few months and it really was home. Too bad the person you shared it with decreased that value the second he walked in after you.
As you slipped off your heels in the foyer, cautious not to scratch any of the floors with them, Bucky was able to catch up to you. It was literally like he was chasing you and you felt your heart race.
“I’m sorry.” He finally said as he caught up to you, shutting the door behind him. You paid him no mind, just grabbed your heels and began ascending the stairs, “Y/N-“ He calls again, this time hot on your trail, gripping your arm and shoving you against the wall, “I said I was sorry!”
You flinch, both because- well, he basically threw you against the wall and you feared he was going to do much worse. Your head hurt from where it collided with the wall, it seemed all the oxygen was knocked out of your lungs and your arm stung from his touch.
But the way he looked at you, it was like he was the one that got hurt. Tears had welled in his eyes almost instantly as you softly gasped for air and stared down at his retracting hand in fear. Pure fear.
As if you could look any smaller. The wall was almost swallowing you whole with the way you were backing into it, anything to get away from Bucky.
“Shit, I’m sorry.” Bucky fumbles out.
You barely move an inch, too scared that it’ll set him off.
In a hesitant manner, Bucky descends the few set of stairs left and heads for the door. Hand hovering over the doorknob for a split second before opening it and shutting softly.
You found that it was only when he shut the door behind him that were you able to move again. You slumped against the wall, body no longer tense, sliding down to bring your knees against your chest.
You didn’t know why you were so surprised. Why you had gone into this relationship so blindly. Of course he would put his hands on you. He’s killed people for far little reason.
As Bucky pulls out of the driveway, he stops at the gates to talk to Pietro, the guard on duty.
“Watch her.”
He went to the first place he could think of. Steve’s.
He knew Steve would give him the best advice, tell him how it make it right. Only, even Bucky wasn’t sure there was a way to come back from this.
He wouldn’t even blame you if you’d already packed your bags and tried to leave.
Pulling up to Steve’s driveway, a common occurrence of late, he takes two steps at a time as he ascends the small staircase to the front door. Once reaching it, he pounds his fist again the wood until it’s swinging open in surprise.
“What the fuck, Buck-” Steve asks, having been woken up by Bucky’s abrupt pounding- however, softens his features and voice as he looks over his distressed state, “Are you okay?”
“I-“ Bucky shakes his head, “I can’t do this anymore.”
“What?” Steve is genuinely worried, knowing Bucky wasn’t one to crack so easily, so whatever it was had to be bad, “What happened?” … What Steve didn’t know however, was that it wasn’t something done to Bucky, rather, what Bucky had done… to you.
Uncaring to the tears that well up in his eyes, too overpowered by the shame that rises in his throat, he averts his gaze away from Steve’s, “I… got angry.” Steve manages to connect the dots from that sentence alone and from the way he tenses up a little in disappointment, Bucky is quick to tell the rest of the story, “I didn’t hit her, I just grabbed her and… threw her up against the wall.” Not that it sounded any better.
Steve’s heaves a heavy sigh, unable to find the right words to console his best friend at the moment. He was his best friend, sure, but he hurt you… physically.
“I was trying to apologise, she wouldn’t listen.” Bucky continued to try and redeem himself but it’s really no use. There was no exception as to why he had to put his hands on you like that, “I didn’t mean for it to happen, I just wanted her to hear me out… She looked so scared, Steve.”
Steve didn’t say a word. He didn’t know what to say. But he knew what Bucky was here for, so he opened up the door to his house and let Bucky sleep in the guest bedroom.
You weren’t sure if Bucky came back that night. You didn’t know if you wanted him to.
Part of you knew he obviously regretted what he’d said and done that night, throwing you up against the wall inclusive in that. But he still did it.
However, in saying that, you still worried of his whereabouts. You didn’t know what he was capable of. He knew people and places, he had money and weapons. Those factors don’t exactly mix well, especially in his line of work.
After crying a bit longer and a steaming bath, you got ready for bed. Sleep was no longer your best friend, seeing as you could never get it anymore. There was just so much on your mind at all times, you were scared, you felt sick, you were alone. This big looming cloud above you always told you it was about the fear of the unknown.
You didn’t know what your future was gonna be like, where your husband was, when you’d be allowed to see your friends again, when you would get a good nights rest, when you’d start a family, how different life would be with your parents here, who was currently hacking into all of your credit cards and digital accounts to find the location of a particular sum of money your father owed Tony…
Natasha was who. She had tapped into all your cards, your phones, everything that was once private to you and your parents, now visible to her and Tony.
Of course, you would never know this. At least not now, perhaps later in a few years when you decide to finally check the whereabouts of this money and find it missing from your possession.
Natasha searched and searched through years worth of activity before finally finding it. The money. Tony’s money.
“It’s in the bank.” She gasps, staring at the screen in front of her.
Tony just stares at Natasha blankly, “Are you fucking kidding?” He rounds her to view the computer screen, the bank account detailing the money simply sitting in a safety deposit box. Tony laughs now, unbelieving in how easy this now is, how easy it supposedly always was.
The idea of the money being in safety deposit box was simply too stupid to even consider. No one in their right mind, who knew the value of that money, would just leave it in a place like a safety deposit box. Except, of course, you. Not exactly that you were an idiot… but you didn’t know the value.
And Tony quickly came to the conclusion that your fathers death came far too soon for him to have been able to plan the safety of that money in a place where it would do you no harm.
And so, the following morning of that discovery, Natasha and Bucky set out to retrieve the money. The plan was to transform Natasha into you the best they could- which meant 5 hours in a makeup chair and an hour rehearsing questions with each other to make it seem as real as possible that she was you and that she was married to Bucky.
(a/n: i’m very sorry to my non-yt readers, i didn’t even think of the issue with that^^^ and natasha turning into reader while writing bc i was just wanting to get this story out so fast. pls imagine it as any marvel woman u like. idk how i missed that i’m literally asian. but i’m sorry if i offended anyone.)
To be fair though, half the questions they rehearsed in the event of an emergency where they would need to know these random facts about each other, Bucky doubted you even knew the answers to them anyway and vice versa.
Clammy hand in clammy hand, Bucky and Natasha walk the steps to the bank. The two of them both have ear pieces for Tony to communicate with them if need be, but they’ve been doing this kind of undercover work for a while now. They know what they’re doing.
So it’s not exactly awkward anymore to have to be close to one another, to kiss or to even fake sex when they need to. It’s all part of the job.
They’re granted entry through to the vault simply by the ID’s Bucky had stolen from you early this morning. Natasha’s wig and literal prosthetics served their purpose well in convincing the bank teller.
A notary walks them down to the vaults, carrying the certificate of the box’s contents- something Natasha will take care of later.
It’s music to Tony’s ears hearing the locks of the vault click and it was only when he heard Natasha softly gasp that he wished he strapped them with body cams to be able to see the money.
“Lot of money.” The notary speaks, it’s almost comical the way her eyes light up, like there are actual dollar signs in her eyes, “Set for life.”
“Yeah.” Natasha smiles, squeezing Bucky’s hand out of pure excitement, “We wanna travel the world before we start having kids and figuring out what to do with the rest of the money. It helps to physically have it.”
Using the briefcase Bucky had brought with him, he begins stacking the money inside, communicating with the notary of everything he’s taking out and Natasha keeps a close eye on her body language, making sure she still believes this is just a happily married couple wanting to take out some money for a round the world vacation.
“30 million, huh? You travelling on a private jet?” She continued to marvel at the money, “You sure your Dad wasn’t in the mob?”
Natasha almost chokes at the question. Something in her malfunctions- probably stunned at the amount of money before her very eyes and for some reason she just nervously laughs in response. This only causes the notary, who was initially joking, to slowly furrow her brows.
“Oh! No, no, no. He invested a lot of money and was very good at his job.” Natasha quickly chokes out and the notary just nods in relief, “I can assure you he was definitely not in the mob. He put ‘em in jail!”
Bucky smiles along as the two of them laugh, but really he’s laughing at the way Natasha, after many, many years of undercover work, finally cracked. And for something so little. He would never let her live down the day she almost blew their cover and neither would any one else after he tells them.
After signing of the certificate, and shaking hands with each other, the notary bids them a farewell, “Keep it safe.”
It takes everything in Bucky and Natasha not to scream at the top of their lungs and frolic to the van where Tony and Steve are. But once they get inside that van and Steve speeds towards the office, “We fucking did it!”
“Ow.” You hiss, dropping the knife and pulling your hand towards you. You examine the finger that’s now covered in blood and wince at the big gash that’s exposing bone, “Oh, God. Shit.”
Not caring to drop blood all over the floor, you quickly make it to your phone and call for the home doctor that Bucky told you to call in case of an emergency. 911 was never an option for you, unless it was a fire or death. You were to call Bucky, Steve, Sam or Pietro if you needed police, Dr. Banner for the ambulance. If you or someone else was really dying and needed immediate help than the ambulance was permissible. You didn’t understand, but it had something to do with his job, of course, so you didn’t question it any further.
In the meantime, you covered the cut with a towel, told Pietro about the doctor so that he’d at least be let in without interrogation and then sat down at the kitchen island.
He came surprisingly fast actually and even had a siren on his car. It was the first time you would meet him so your expectations were very low.
But he patched you up nicely. He was extremely gentle and not how you imagined a… mob doctor to be at all. He made nice conversation too, seemed genuine.
Anyway, he had glued the cut shut with medical glue and cleaned you up, wrapping it in a thick bandage to fully secure it.
He gave you some medication for the pain and antibiotics. He seemed to have all these medications on hand… granted, you did tell him over the phone your situation so you’re sure he would’ve grabbed the necessities, but still… what else did he have?
“Can I ask you a question?” You asked stupidly, cringing at the way you worded it.
But he doesn’t care, he just nods, continuing to pack away his stuff, “Of course.”
“Is… there anything you could prescribe me with for sleep?” You ask and he stops what he’s doing, giving you a slight easier brow, “I-I can’t sleep much anymore and it’s driving me crazy I think. I feel so weak all the time… and I’m dizzy.”
“Sure it’s not the finger? The blood and bone might be making you woozy.”
You scoff, shaking your head, “I’m pretty sure it’s why I cut my finger.”
He gives you a once over, observing the dark circles around your eyes, the slight paleness of your skin. Part of him wondered if you really were sleepless, or just found yourself in addiction… but the way you asked him when you sure as hell could’ve just sought it out yourself told Bruce that you were telling the truth, “I’ll prescribe you something light.” He finishes packing away the last of his things and you nod gratefully. “I’ll send a prescription up to the pharmacy, it should be ready in a few hours and I’ll have it delivered ASAP.”
A celebratory dinner party was in order for Stark Industries that night. Expensive alcohol, even more expensive drugs. More so for Tony than anyone else.
But, Bucky quickly grew tiresome of it all. His mission was basically complete, and until Tony came down off his high, he still had about… maybe 3 days left with you. 3 full days of redoing exactly what you’d done together on his one day off, except this time even being allowed out. He fully planned to rekindle your relationship, makeup for every wrong he did you and persuade Tony into keeping you around… and you into staying.
Jogging up the stairs, he hoped you weren’t asleep just yet. It was late but not too late, and he wanted to talk, possibly persuade you into a shower before making it up to you with sex.
As he pushed open the door to your shared bedroom, your sleeping form nestled in the sheets of the bed made his heart swell.
Well… perhaps he’ll wait until morning then. Breakfast in bed! It’s like better than sex, right?
He couldn’t help himself though. He rounded your side of the bed and knelt to be level with you. He smoothed out your hair, lowkey hoping it would wake you… certain it would because of how light you slept.
He tucked the hair behind your ear and placed a kiss to your forehead. Again, he waited for you to at least shift, hitch your breath or for your closed eyelids to flutter… nothing.
“Y/N?” He shakes you a little. He’s aware he still knows little about you, but… something felt off. You still don’t wake and now hes starting to freak out. He grabs your wrist and checks your pulse, heart dropping when he realises how slow it is, “Honey? Are you- Can you hear me?” Frantically, he reaches for his phone but a bottle of pills on your bedside table catch his eye.
He immediately calls Dr Banner, almost threatening him to come to the house. Then he calls Steve. He’s gonna need help with the body.
Once he’s off the phone with Steve, he’s quickly back to you, ripping the blankets off of you and working his knuckles against your sternum. Tony taught him that.
He continues to call your name, softer now as he tries to keep calm. The sudden intake of air and the slow flutter of your eyes is probably the best moment of Bucky’s life.
“Hey, hey- Y/N, stay awake, baby.” He pinches the back of your arm as well before caressing your face in reassurance, “You’re okay.”
It takes a while for you to come to, but the moment you rasp out Bucky’s name and reach a hand out for him is when he finally relaxes.
The moment is short-lived however, as Steve enters the bedroom with Dr. Banner, Pietro following close by.
“What seems to be the proble-“
“You gave her fucking quaaludes?” Bucky’s on him in a split second, confident in Steve taking over keeping you awake, “You fucking work for Rumlow or something?”
Bruce furrows his brows, shaking his head frantically as Bucky latches onto the lapels of his coat, “N-no, I gave her valium.”
Steve asked you a few questions that you accidentally ignored, too concerned with Bucky and the nice doctor. You wanted to speak, to defend Banner but it tired you just thinking about speaking. You felt so weak, all your muscles felt deflated and your head felt heavy- even though you were literally laying down.
“This look like a fucking valium to you?” Bucky shoves the bottle into his face, “Why’d you give her valium anyway, you tryna drug her?”
“He came by earlier.” Pietro speaks, causing Bucky to raise his brow, expecting an explanation.
“She cut her finger with a knife and called me here. I fixed the cut, but she said she can’t sleep. I didn’t want to give her something that directly aids with sleep, so I just prescribed a light sedative.” Banner quickly explains, “I have the prescription somewhere in my bag-“
Bucky does believe him. He does. He’s trusted Banner with his life countless times before. So, it’s not making any fucking sense and it’s only making Bucky angrier, “Then how the fuck does she have quaaludes?”
“Buck-“ Steve intervenes for the first time, fearing for the poor doctors life.
Though Bucky doesn’t pay Steve any mind, he does loosen up his hold on Bruce’s coat a little and backs up a little from his face, “How’d you get the medication to her?”
“I didn’t. I prescribed it and it was delivered.”
“Where from?”
“The pharmacy warehouse… Maybe- see who packaged it.” Banner suggests, nodding to the bottle still in Bucky’s hand.
Bucky flips the bottle all around, looking for the label and any words indicating the name of his next victim. Looking over the fine print, his eyes skim over the jumble of words until he finds it.
‘Filled and packaged by Rollins, J.’
Before Bucky could even react, before he could even see red at the idea of Rumlow hitting so close to home, Steve calls out, “Buck,” Bucky turns and sees Steve gripping onto his phone in one hand and yours in the other, his phone lit up with the incoming call screen, the name of the caller… “It’s Fury.”
Bucky hitches a breath at the name. Fury. Calling Steve.
Fury only ever called if something had happened to Tony.
They know what to do, even if Bucky is torn between choosing work over you yet again. But this time it’s serious.
“Stay here with her. Make sure she hasn’t OD’d.” He orders Banner, “Pietro, watch him.”
Steve and Bucky exit the room and take the call from Banner, putting it on speaker as they linger further from the bedroom.
“The wars starting.” Fury speaks, “Rumlow messed with Tony’s coke. He almost died, Pepper had to stab him with adrenaline. Called an ambulance for safe measures.”
“Fuck.” Bucky mutters.
“He’ll be okay. He’s already up walking around and being a bitch.” There’s slight humour to his words and it at least makes Steve and Bucky feel a little better knowing that Tony wasn’t dead, “Rumlow knows we have the money and he’s not stopping until he gets it.”
“What do we do?” Steve asks.
The line is silent for a brief moment, “Start planning how to kill him.” The pair exchange unreadable looks to each other. It’s hard to tell whether they’re excited or scared… probably shocked is the best description as of right now, “Come to the tower as soon as you can, we’ll go on lockdown and devise a plan.”
The call quickly ends as Fury most likely has to get back to phoning every one else and gathering them at the tower for their safety.
But before Bucky can go back to the interrogation in his bedroom, he just shakes his head, bringing up two hands to run over his face and smooth out his hair.
“Even in my own house, I can’t protect her.” He rants, looking down at the floor, “I gotta send her away to the safe house or something-“
“They’ll always find her.” Steve interrupts, knowing damn well that now, more than ever, Rumlow would be targeting you in order to get to Bucky, to ultimately get the money.
Sending you to a safe house, all alone? He might as well just hand you over to Brock in that case.
“Not in Romania.” Bucky looks up at Steve now, who blinks at him a little stunned.
“Fuck Tony. She’s my wife and I vowed to keep her safe.” Bucky snaps, “He’ll barely even notice and he’ll probably be glad she’s out of his hair, if anything.”
Steve figured he can’t argue with that, however at this current point in time, the pair have bigger fish to fry and need to get to the tower if they want to even consider their futures at all.
“Come on.”
As Bucky and Steve left the room, Bruce had approached you and you offered him a look of sympathy as an apology for the way Bucky had handled him.
He just smiled at you in return, silently telling you it was okay as took your heart rate and blood pressure. Giving you some cold water, you were able to sit up now and you felt a little better- still extremely groggy. That was the best way you could describe it.
“Do you have any particular concerns?” Bruce asks you and the striking pain in your lower half reminds you of such.
“My stomach,”
“Abdominal cramps?” Bruce asks, almost expectantly and you nod as he does too, “I might put you in for an X-Ray at the lab. It’s common to cramp up, but just wanna make sure he didn’t lace it with anything else.” He explains and you’re a little reassured that he knows what he’s doing.
Just as he packs away his things, Bucky and Steve renter the room. From their expressions and body language alone, you’re unable to tell what exactly happened on the phone call, but they do look… tense… er than usual.
As Bucky catches your eye, he’s reminded of the current predicament you’re in and looks to Bruce for updates on your status, “If it’s okay, I think it’s best to take her back to the lab at the tower to do some further testing, just to be safe.”
Bucky nods almost immediately, “Fury wants us all at the tower anyway. Going on lockdown.”
“Why?” Bruce asks, concern laced throughout his voice and from the way they’re interacting with each other now- it’s hard to believe that they were just at each other’s throats a few minutes ago.
“Tony got hit.” You, Pietro and especially Bruce all furrow your brows in concern. Hit? What does that mean? Like punched? Shot?
“Is he okay?”
“Adrenaline shot came in handy.” Steve nods and Bruce sighs softly in relief.
Adrenaline? Drugs? Like Pulp Fiction? What is going on?
“I might go ahead and check on him. I’ll meet you at the tower?” He asks, though it seems he already has answer by the way he’s zipping up his bag and heading for the door.
Bucky just pats him on the back and allows for him to leave.
Steve goes off into your wardrobe now and pulls out three black duffel bags you didn’t even know you owned and lays them out on Bucky’s side of the bed.
Bucky rounds the bed to you now, “Are you okay to walk?” He asks and you just nod, still very confused at what’s happening, even more so as Steve starts packing… guns into the duffel bags? “Alright, get changed and Pietro will take you downstairs. You just wait there, we’ll be down soon.” You just nodded again, still a little too in pain to talk as the cramp remained in your stomach.
Bucky helped you up from the bed and led you to the wardrobe where he helped you pick out a change of clothes to wear. Like Steve, he’d found another duffel while you changed and from what you saw, started packing all your essential clothing items. You were surprised he even knew which ones to grab having barely seen you wear them as often as you did to know that those were the ones you would take with you in a situation like this.
After you were changed, he continued to pack and handed you off to Pietro, who took you downstairs and made you wait on the couch while he went to go get the car ready.
You weren’t alone for long, because Bucky and Steve had descended the stairs almost seconds later with one bag slung over each shoulder, four in total.
Bucky had helped you off the couch once again and led you out to the front door while Steve locked up the whole of the house.
The car that Pietro had parked out the front of your house was different to the usual car you took. It wasn’t Bucky’s flash old Lincoln, it was the RAM truck he had buried in the corner of his 5 car garage.
You always figured it was for when it snowed or if you guys ever went camping somewhere.
Bucky helped you in the backseat, hand on your lower back as he gave you a push. You winced in pain as a particularly sharp cramp hit you, but you tried to hide it the best you could. Bucky went and helped Steve load stuff into the truck bed before rounding the car and sitting beside you, Steve sitting in the passenger side.
The wheels spun as Pietro gassed it out of the house.
You couldn’t help but notice the tenseness of the car. How Steve wasnt leaned back in his seat, how he stared out the window carefully. Plus the gun in his hand and the one resting against his leg on the floor.
You looked down, over at Bucky now. Same stance as Steve. Only one gun. His leg bounced anxiously as he looked around. After deeming the coast clear, he softly sighed and turned to you. You tried to avert your gaze as quick as you could, and hoped he didn’t see.
“You okay?” You look back at him now. His brows are slightly furrowed and he holds a small, almost apologetic, smile. You nod sheepishly and return a small, hesitant smile.
It’s late out and you haven’t seen a single car on the road so far. Pietro takes a few backstreets, but there were times where he’d run a fully red light and no one batted an eye. You found that your heart rate was quickening, so unsure of what was going on.
You quickly make it into the city- no thanks to Pietro’s driving and it’s not long before you’re driving down into the underground garage of the Stark Tower Complex.
Recognising the building from all the galas you’d attended in your younger years, you were even more confused as to why you were here. Didn’t they just say that Tony got ‘hit’? Why would they take you directly to the danger? Also where was Bruce? And where is his medical lab? It’s not in the tower is it?
Bucky offered his hand to you as you got out of the truck and you took it hesitantly. But you quickly figured it was for the better as your legs almost gave out underneath you once you found the ground.
He carried the duffel with all your things, whilst Steve carried the other two. Pietro went ahead and called for the elevator.
It was strange to be back here. It didn’t feel as fun anymore. Everytime you had come to this place, it was almost always for some kind of party or dinner or gala. Now it felt cold and tense- environments you’d definitely become accustomed to as of late but this just felt odd.
The elevator ride is pretty quiet except for Bucky and Steve talking in hushed voices. The dark lighting of the small metal box making your eyes feel heavy and you swore you almost fell asleep if it weren’t for the soft beep and the doors opening to a relatively busy floor.
You intake a quick, anxious breath at the sheer amount of people running around on the floor and you subconsciously tighten your grip in Bucky’s hand as the four of you walk out of the elevator.
Steve heads for the staircase and you all follow suit. On wobbly legs, you take the stairs one at a time, gripping both Bucky’s shoulder and the railing so hard your knuckles turn white. They couldn’t have made this a whole seperate floor that the elevator could’ve taken them too?
Reaching the top of the staircase, it was weird how it was suddenly a lot quieter. By the looks of it, this seemed like a residential floor? You didn’t know people lived here.
Steve takes you deeper into the hallway until you reach an unoccupied room. It’s a massive room, seemingly a mansion inside of an apartment. You thought it was unoccupied by the way no one was lingering about, but as you venture further into the room, you begin to hear hushed voices.
Entering the living space, you see a bunch of familiar faces. Sam, Natasha, other people who you forget the name of but distinctly remember one feature about them… for example, long hair guy, long hair guys brother with dark hair, young kid that looks prepubescent, blondie, old looking guy that flirts with Nat, Pietro’s sister, Pietro’s sisters husband.
“Why don’t you take Y/N to Bruce? Just make sure she gets there okay.” Bucky whispers to Pietro, who nods immediately and takes you from Bucky, leading you back out from where you’d just come from.
Great, more walking. But you’d much rather be out walking then in that room with everyone intensely staring at you.
“What is she doing here?” Tony asks Bucky in an aggressive, hushed whisper, sweat donning his forehead and he really does look like that scene from Pulp Fiction after Mia Wallace gets stabbed with adrenaline.
“Rumlow fucked with her medicine and almost killed her. Banners just making sure she’s okay.” Bucky quickly explains in the same hushed whisper, dismissing the pointed look Tony gives Bucky as he eyes the closed door that you’d just shut, “I couldn’t just leave her.”
Rolling his eyes, he motions for Steve and Bucky to join the rest of the team in the living area, “Come on, then, we got a war to win.”
Banner had sat you atop one of the medical tables in his lab. It was a flashy lab. You never expected for this tower to house anything like it at all, but from your journey to this place, it seemed this whole floor was just medical and science laboratories.
He monitored your blood pressure and your temperature. Took your urine and was now taking your blood. You winced as he inserted the needle into your arm, looking away from him so as to not pass out.
“I wanted to be a nurse, you know.” You try and make light conversation, both so that’s it not eerily silent and awkward and also to distract yourself from the needle in your arm.
“When I was really young.” You nod, “But I was never good with needles. And I wouldn’t have gotten into nursing school anyway.”
“Why not?” He asks, sounding thoroughly intrigued at your story now and now you’re starting to maybe regret bringing up this part of your life as a means to make conversation.
“I- Well, I could. If I bought my way in.” You said honestly, shrugging, “I just never had the right grades for that kind of thing.”
As he pulled the needle out of your arm and untied the belt, you watched as he put a small cotton ball and band-aid over where the needle had been inserted. You smiled a little at that, remembering times when your Mom would take you to get needles and injections and you’d always walk out with tears down your face, candy in hand and a cotton ball taped to your arm.
As he puts your tubes of blood into some special box, he helps you off the med table and walks you over to the X-Ray machine.
It intimidates you a little, the massive magnetic machine that you’ve heard extremely pleasant stories about. But you trust Bruce.
He gets you to take off any metal from your body, piercings, bobby pins, etc.
“Now,“ He sighs, “Any chance you could be pregnant?”
“Um…” You stuttered over your words, blinking at Bruce as you thought out your answer. You furrowed your brows in deep thought, trying to think back to the last time you and Bucky had sex- that in itself should be a good sign that you’re not pregnant, right? “No.” You answer.
He looks over you for a moment, before dropping his voice a little, “Are you sure?” He asks, “X Rays can be pretty dangerous for developing babies… Have you had intercourse this month?” You think a little bit harder now. Well, it’s pretty much been a silent war zone for the past few weeks- ever since your birthday. Oh, your birthday. You had sex that day, and that was like what? 4 weeks ago… maybe 3… oh only 2.
Plus, it’s not like you weren’t already having unprotected sex with Bucky long before that.
The look you give Banner when you realise just how possible it could be that you were pregnant, he rummages through his cupboards and hands you a pregnancy test, “Better safe than sorry.”
Pacing around the mini bathroom he lead you to had to be the worst 2 minutes of your life. Your heart was beating uncontrollably fast and your breathing was staggered.
You found yourself waiting longer than 2 minutes though, too scared to even think about the result of the test. After it was well past 5 minutes and you heard Bruce shuffling around outside the door, you knew it was best to just bite the bullet.
Opening the door, Bruce met you with a sincere expression, though a little concerned at your current state- unable to decipher the news, “Um-“ You can’t find the words that get caught in your throat as the positive test sits idly in your hand, “I’m-“
You’re not crying. Not yet at least. You’re just- at a loss for words. You’re pregnant. What’s Bucky going to think? Does he even want a child, let alone with you? Do you want this child? If Bucky doesn’t want it, but you do, then what?
As you look up Bruce now, it’s your turn to inhabit uncertainty in his expression. He offered you a small smile of congratulations at first, but it softly fled his face as he looked down at the test, “You said you had cramping?” He speaks finally and you nod tentatively, “Follow me.”
Clutching the test in your hand, you follow him as he leads you to another room. Similar to the last except instead of a big X-ray machine, it just has an exam table bed and a few other machines you don’t recognise.
He props you on top of the table and starts hooking you up to some machine.
“What’re you doing now?” You ask just to be sure, trying not to let it show how nervous you are.
“I’m just going to monitor the fetal heart rate.” He says reassuringly, pressing all different kinds of buttons on the machine, “And then I’ll do an ultrasound as well.”
You hesitate to ask your next question, too afraid of the answer… but he knows something you don’t and it’s eating away at you by the second, “Is something wrong?”
You almost missed the way he swallowed a small breath, looking up at you now with too much remorse and empathy that it only worried you even more, “Cramping can be a sign of a miscarriage.” Oh.
As the heart rate machine starts whirring and printing out the heartbeat, you don’t have the courage to look. Nor do you look at the screen of your ultrasound as he moves the wand across your stomach.
It didn’t matter that you weren’t looking anyway. You could hear it. Well, you couldn’t hear it… that was the problem. You had your answer already. There was no heartbeat.
As you swallow thickly, you finally turn to look at the piece of paper coming out of the monitor that clearly indicates a flat line. You still don’t look at the screen, afraid that if you’ll look- no matter what you already know, seeing it would just get your hopes up. Like there was still hope.
“I’m very sorry.” Bruce reaches out and rubs at your arm. It’s only a very small gesture, but God did you need it. It’s not like you could get it from anyone else. Not your parents, not Bucky.
Sniffling, and trying to blink away your tears you just shake your head, “Please don’t tell Bucky.” You whispers silently begging him with your eyes. You understand Bucky has every right to know, but you just can’t bring yourself to deal with all that right now.
“Of course.”
After that, Bruce had given you a moment to collect yourself. You were still yet to start violently sobbing, but you knew it would come later. You still needed to find out if anything in the medication you were drugged with had affected your body in any other way.
So you let Bruce do what he needed to do and finally got the all clear. Just your luck, however, Bucky had come to ‘pick you up’ as Bruce finished up.
He looked at you a little worriedly as you quickly dropped your head low and averted your gaze, but Bruce was quick to cover your tracks.
“She’s all okay.” He informs Bucky, “Just had to flush her system out.” He goes on to explain everything he’d done (excluding the other things of course) and Bucky just nods, every so often looking over you to make sure you were okay.
He didn’t press anything though, despite the fact that you looked visibly upset. He had just assumed you were upset with him for letting it all happen. He said it himself, he vowed to protect you when he married you and he couldn’t even do that.
It was silent between the both of you as he walked you through the tower. He said something about taking you back to the room you’d be staying in while you’re here, so that was reassuring. You could do with a good sleep right about now.
You no longer cared if everyone was still in the living area by the time you entered the room. You didn’t really care about anything. They could all go to hell for all you cared. They never cared about you so why should you worry about them.
They’re not even there anyway, so it didn’t matter. But you still kept your head down as Bucky took you into the room you’d be staying in.
It was big. Too big maybe. Just reminded you of how much space you didn’t need.
Bucky said something along the lines of ‘make yourself at home’ or something but you barely heard it. Ever since you’d left Bruce’s lab, it was like there was this persistent rigging in your ears.
You just nodded to whatever Bucky had said and let your feet take you into the bathroom.
You needed a shower. You felt dirty. You just wanted to wash away all the imprints left on your body from the last 24 hours. And you needed to cry. Long and hard.
It was mostly silent, knowing Bucky was right outside the door and would most likely hear it if you just let go.
Again, you easily lost track of time and the only way you knew that you had spent way too long in the shower was your pruney fingers. Also Bucky’s soft knocking on the bathroom door with a call of your name.
You stopped the shower, but dreaded coming out. You somehow still looked a mess. It was definitely obvious that you had been crying, but maybe you could lie and say you just got soap in your eyes.
You didn’t respond to Bucky, but he didn’t bother you again.
Standing in front of the mirror now, you frowned softly at the reflection of your stomach. Bruce had said something about letting it pass, but something inside you still held onto strands of hope that it was still alive. Your stomach showed no physical indication of it, but a girl could dream, right?
Getting re-dressed into your clothes for the night and brushing out your wet hair, you sighed to yourself and swallowed a nervous breath before opening the bathroom door.
“Are you okay?” Bucky asks almost immediately and it takes a lot in you to not just fall to the ground and cry.
Instead, you keep your eyes to the ground and just walk past him to the other side of the bed, “M’fine.” You mumble, shoving your legs under the covers.
It’s silent then and you think that he’d given up- left it at that. But no.
He sighs first, rubbing his hands over his face before turning to observe your turned back to him under the blanket. He wishes he could just reach out and hold you and apologise and tell you everything was gonna be okay- that things were about to be a lot different. But he could really only do one of those things right now.
���Y/N, I’m sorry.” He says, but it’s sound more like a plead if anything, “I want nothing more than for you to be safe and healthy… It’s hard though with everything going on.” He waits for you to respond, in any way- a shrug, a nod, a twitch in your leg, but it never comes, so he just continues, “That’s why you’re gonna go to my safe house in Romania for a few weeks.”
Now he has your attention.
Coming to rest on your elbows now, you lift your upper half and turn your head to look at him- for some reason, you hoped to think that he was just joking, but his face told you he was dead serious, “What?” You ask, your voice a little hoarse as you raised the volume for the first time that day.
“Just until the war is over and Rumlow is dead.”
“Do I even get a choice?” You ask, cutting your eyes at him and trying to decipher what the fuck he’s getting at with this, “You wouldn’t even let me leave the house but you’ll gladly ship me off to some foreign country-“
“You’ll be allowed out over there.” He tries to add like it makes it any better.
“That’s not the fucking point, what about my say in this?” Your voice breaks countless times and you curse yourself for sounding so weak.
“You don’t know how dangerous it’s gonna get here. It’s not safe for you to be with me right now.” He argues back a little.
You just scoff in response, sitting up now and turning your back away from him, “Yeah.” You agree. Yeah, it not safe for you to be with him at all.
Catching your words, he gets a little angrier now, “It’s not like I wanted any of this to happen!” He instantly regrets his voice, seeing how you flinch a little and even from behind, he can see how you’re scared. But when he hears you cry, he didn’t realise you were that scared of him, “Y/N?” He stands from his side and rounds the bed to come to your side now, kneeling in front of you and taking your hands in his.
Tears continue to fall down your face and you try everything to hide away from Bucky, but it’s no use.
“I lost a baby.”
You don’t know what came over you to come clean, but the words came out faster than you realised. It was more of a whimper, and part of you hoped Bucky hadn’t heard it- but from the look on his face, you know he did.
“You- what?”
Wiping your eyes, it takes you a moment to speak, “Banner made me take a pregnancy test before I did my X-Ray and it came back positive.” Bucky’s eyes light up the tiniest bit hearing the more positive part of the story, despite fully knowing that you had still lost the baby, “But I lost it. He said that I was probably stressed, and also quaaludes aren’t supposed to be taken when pregnant.”
Shaking his head as you shamefully look down at him with tears streaming down your face, he gets up off his knees and wraps his arms around you.
You didn’t care whether or not he would want to have the baby with you or whether he even still loved you at that point. If he hated you for losing the baby, or if he thought your body was broken. You needed that fucking hug.
After watching you sleep for a good hour, making sure that you were properly down and finally at peace, Bucky stood on shaky legs and exited the bedroom, softly shutting the door behind him.
Without moving, he just rests his head against the door tiredly, shutting his eyes and allowed one lone tear to escape before wiping it at the sound of Steve behind him.
“You good?”
Turning around slowly, Bucky’s glad it was Steve to catch him instead of anyone else.
Shaking his head, Steve pulls his brows together concerned and steps closer to Bucky as he lets out a shaky breath, “Y/N was pregnant.” He finally reveals, heart dropping at the way Steve’s eyes lit up and then dimmed at the realisation of Bucky’s use of past tense… was, “She lost it.” Bucky painfully confirms.
Steve often knew what to do in a lot of situations that Bucky didn’t. But right now, Steve was stumped. He didn’t think there was any right thing to do in this situation actually, so instead he just pulls Bucky in for a much needed hug. It seems everyone needs one.
“I’m sorry, Buck.” He pats his back reassuringly.
Neither of them cared if someone were to walk in and see. Bucky didn’t care if he looked weak. He knew he was. He couldn’t even protect you, he couldn’t protect your unborn baby- he failed.
So he was going to do everything he could to redeem himself.
Pulling himself out of Steve’s embrace, he heads for Tony’s office, “I gotta see Tony-“
Steve is hot in Bucky’s trail, following after him closely knowing damn well this could go either one of two ways. Very good or very bad.
“Are you insane?” Tony asks, arms crossed as he stares Bucky down after hearing Bucky’s plea to hunt down Brock and kill him… now.
“No, I’m not. We can do it.”
“How? We only just found out what we’re dealing with.” Tony reminds him, pointing to his own chest. Brock was bold, smart and quick enough to kill Tony, what else was he capable of? Oh yeah, killing you and your baby, “We haven’t even discussed tactics, soldiers, a time, a damn place, Buck.”
“And? The best wars happened on a whim.” Bucky argues, continuing to stand his ground despite the many valid points Tony presents him.
“And too many people died. We’re not losing men for Rumlow. We devise a plan so that there’s no fatalities on our side- it’s simple as that and there’s no argument.” Tony says and it’s clear to everyone in the room that that’s the final decision.
But that doesn’t stop Bucky like it once would’ve, “Well, then I want to be the one to kill him.” He basically demands, a bold move that even has Steve’s heart racing in fear for his best friend, “I was the lead for the mission, I should get to do it.”
But Tony’s not as angry as everyone expected him to be, having just been ordered around. Instead, there’s a look of intrigue over his face as he leans against his desk, “Why? What’d he do to set you off?”
Looking over at Steve briefly, Bucky just now realises he has to come clean, “He almost killed you.” Bucky starts off with, too hesitant to say the next thing, but figured it’s best to just bite the bullet and come clean- as long as it lets him be the one to kill Brock, “He did the same to Y/N… And she was pregnant…”
Tony’s stare wavers as he blinks unceremoniously, “You idiot.” He stands from his desk now, pointing at Bucky, “You were strictly instructed not to get her pregnant-“
“She’s my wife.”
“Your fake wife! That you honestly should’ve divorced by now-“
“It’s not fake anymore. I love her.” Bucky confesses flat out, standing from his chair now too so that he’s face to face with Tony, “And it doesn’t even matter that I got her pregnant, okay? She lost the baby. Rumlow killed my fucking baby before I even knew it existed!”
There was a lot that made Tony Stark a ruthless business man. There was little that made him cry or even feel an ounce of sympathy. The same went for a lot of other men in the mob. But there was a big, thick red line that almost every man would draw, and that was at children. No child gets hurt.
For the first time in a long time, Tony’s features soften as he takes in Bucky’s words, “I’m sorry.”
“She didn’t deserve any of this.” Bucky shakes his head, not even berating himself for letting the tears start to fall in front of his very own boss- no matter how weak it made him seem, “We didn’t need to do all this to get the money-“
“Bucky, come on-“ Tony grabs at Bucky’s face to calm him down, using his thumbs to wipe away his tears, “Okay, I know you’re angry. You have every right to be. You’re right, she didn’t deserve any of this… and whether she did or not, he’s not getting away with killing any child.” Tony basically promises Bucky, “But we have to plan this carefully. I’ll let you call most of the shots, but you just have to trust me on this.”
“We start planning now.” Bucky demands and Tony just nods, staying true to his word, letting him call the shots,
“Okay.” He nods, patting his shoulder, “How about in the morning, I think everyone’s still sleeping-“ He smiles and also manages to get a small smile from Bucky.
Waking up in the soft, cushy, cold bed almost made you forget everything that had just happened in the last 24 hours. Almost. You don’t think it’s possible to ever forget losing a child.
Sitting up in bed now, you stare out the large window that oversees basically the whole of New York. You liked people watching whenever you were in high buildings- it gave you some kind of strange comfort knowing that you weren’t the only person in the world who was going through something. It reminded you that everyone had their own little lives, their own issues. Sometimes it would freak you out just how many people lived in New York also but that was a thought for another day.
The opening of the bedroom door made you turn your head, relief flooding through you that it was just Bucky and not one of his coworkers coming to kick you out.
He smiled at you warmly, muttering a small ‘hey’ and sitting next to you on the bed cautiously, “Are you feeling okay?”
All you can do is nod in response. It was a bit of a silly question, of course you weren’t okay, but you appreciated that he was… trying, “Are you still sending me to Romania?”
“Not if you don’t want to.” You’re a little caught by surprise at how he’s giving you the option to decide whether or not you want to go to Romania, as opposed to last night when it seemed as if he was just going to throw you onto the next flight and see you later. You shake your head, “Then no.” You sigh gladly and give him a small thankful smile, “I’m really sorry, for everything… I just wanted you safe.” He begins and today… you really feel like he’s being genuine. Moving a careful hand up, you interlock your hand with his and squeeze, sort of as a way of telling him that you forgive him, “I’m sorry.”
Looking up at him, closer than you’re used to, but not a complete stranger to, you finally see the dark circles under his eyes, his bloodshot eyes, the small stubble growing on his cheeks. Bringing up your other free hand, you caress the spiky stumble, “Are you okay?”
Smiling, he places a hand over yours and just holds it against his face for a moment, “Yeah, I’m okay.” He moves your hand and places a kiss to it before both of you move in sync to rest in each other’s embrace, a long awaited- and of course, very much need interaction, “I promise it’ll all be over soon.” He kisses into your hair.
You’d spent the rest of the day exploring the tower by yourself. You had nothing else to do and Bucky was- you guessed it- at work.
But he’d told you that tonight would be the last night he’d be at work for a long time and that after tonight, he wanted to plan a vacation with you. Anywhere of your choice.
The tower seemed like this never ending maze and you were surprised by just how much actually fit inside it.
By the time you’d seemingly explored every square inch of the building and returned back to the living area, it was empty. There were a few people lingering when you had began your journey, but they were seemingly long gone now.
You furrowed your brows, honestly a little unnerved at how eerily silent it now was. So, you sat yourself down on the plush couch and turned on the TV- which of course had every channel, movie and tv show that ever existed- which meant you were well-occupied until Bucky would come back from wherever the hell he was.
“Shit!” Steve mutters, clenching his eyes shut as he clutches his bleeding leg.
“Steve!” Bucky yells, looking over at his best friend on the ground, quite literally watched on helplessly as the bullet disappeared into Steve’s thigh.
Seeing Sam run toward Steve, Bucky’s blood boils as he searches frantically for Brock in the sea of flames and rubble. Spotting the little rat, Bucky quickly aims his gun and shoots blindly into the general direction.
He can’t see much, but from the way a loud yelp rings throughout the building, Bucky knows he hit someone.
Tony and Natasha run back to the car now, not a single scratch on them as they immediately aid Steve.
Seeing as everyone was making their way back to the cars now, it was clear that the warehouse had been cleared out and that many- if not all, of Brocks men had either been killed or scared off.
But that’s not what Bucky wanted. He wanted Brock dead and what Bucky wants, Bucky gets.
“Get him to the tower!” Bucky orders Sam before fully bottling towards the warehouse.
“Bucky!” He hears Tony yell, but ignores it as he pulls out his smaller pistol.
Entering the now desolate warehouse with multiple bodies covering the floor, Bucky can hear Rumlow scurrying about like the rodent he is and smiles to himself. Spotting the bundle of gas pipes with danger signs planted all along the walls above it, Bucky shoots each pipe until he hears the burst of each one.
Then, slowly back away from the pipes towards the door, he pulls out the lighter from his boot, flicks it on and chucks it straight to the gas-leaking pipes.
He runs as fast as his feet can take him, until he finds himself on the floor. The brunt of the explosion too big and loud for Bucky to keep running. But he’s not dead- well, he hopes not.
He sees a light- but usually there’s only one bright light, right? Why are there two?
Sam skids the car to a halt right in front of Bucky as Tony jumps out and pulls him into the car like he did with Steve not too long ago, before Sam is jumping back in the drivers seat and revving off back to the tower.
You were half asleep by the time you’d heard the rumble of commotion coming from the elevators.
Your eyes shot open and you frantically sat up, worried that it was all finally happening. ‘The war’ that Bucky had always talked about. They’d find you and torture you and keep you hostage- maybe even kill you.
As you come to your sense and look over at the elevator, you’re relieved to see Bucky- but that relief is short lived when you see him covered in dirt and blood, “Oh my God-“ You stand from the couch, gasping abruptly when you see the rest of them carrying Steve who looks close to passing out- possibly death if you didn’t know any better.
“Where’s Banner?” Bucky asks you, having tried reaching Bruce multiple times on the way here, to not avail.
“Wh- Supply run.” You answer, remembering him coming up to the floor you’re on now and informing you he’d be back soon.
“Fuck.” Bucky mutters, “Okay. Go upstairs-“
Ignoring Bucky’s order, too distracted in the way Steve is literally bleeding out all over the marble floor whilst the others cluelessly try and console him, you realise you have to step.
“Steve-“ You approach him as they set him on the couch, assessing the bullet wound in his thigh, you grab the think blanket draped over the end of the couch and rip a long strip off the end with ease, tying it harshly above Steve’s thigh to stop the bleeding. He winces in pain as you tie the knot and you feel so bad for hurting him, “I’m sorry.” Looking down at the bullet hole, you realise that it’s gonna be best if the fabric of his pants aren’t in the way, “Hey, stay awake.” You slap his face softly, seeing his eyes slowly drift close but jolt awake when you make contact with his skin.
“Banners coming up.” Bucky announces and you just nod.
“Someone get me scissors?” You ask frantically and Natasha quickly jogs to the kitchen and back with a pair of scissors. You continue to repeatedly apologise as you cut around the wound, removing the fabric from his sticky skin causing him to groan.
Once the fabric is removed and you feel you’ve done the best you could to make sure Bruce can properly remove the bullet, you slap Steve’s face a few more times to make sure he stays awake.
When Bruce arrives on the floor, he quickly takes over, not even bothering to move Steve to the med lab, instead just getting to work and removing the bullet.
You left the scene to go wash your hands. Somehow you’d managed to get Steve’s blood on your hands and shirt.
You hoped he was going to be okay. You’re almost certain he would be, but you hope he doesn’t have to amputate his leg or anything. Though, it would be cool you guess- especially because Bucky. Metal arm, metal leg. Besties.
After you changed your shirt and washed yourself clean, you exited the bathroom to find Bucky just now entering the bedroom.
“Is he okay?” You ask, assuming Banner had finished taking out the bullet from Steve’s leg now that Bucky was no longer out there.
“Yeah, he’ll be alright.” He nods, “Banner said you did good stopping the bleeding and keeping him awake.”
Whatever Bucky said, goes in one ear and out the other as you eye the blood spots that stain his shirt from the inside.
“You’re hurt.” You tell him, approaching him to get a proper look at his injuries which just so happen to be small cuts and forming bruises.
“I’m fine.” He waves you off, “I’m not shot.”
Shaking your head, you make him sit down on the bed and rifle through your duffel bag to fetch the first aid kit you saw in there once before.
Grabbing the rubbing alcohol and a few bandages you pour some of the liquid onto a cotton pad before softly pressing it against the fresh cuts, the sting causing Bucky to flinch and wince.
“Sorry.” You apologise, wiping the cuts clean so that they won’t infect into something much worse, and bandaging them up.
“Thanks.” He mumbles after you patch up the last small injury, smiling down at you as you pack away the things back into the kit.
“Did you kill that guy?” You ask curiously, connecting the dots earlier that ‘The War’ had in fact started and was the cause of the teams dishevelled state.
“Probably.” Bucky shrugs, “Blew up his warehouse with him inside it. Killed all his men. If I didn’t kill him, then it definitely won’t be long. He can’t survive without them.”
“That’s good.” You nod, and despite the fact that Bucky didn’t exactly know for sure if he had killed that Brock guy, you still felt an abundance of relief knowing he probably wouldn’t be causing you any trouble anytime soon, “Y-you should shower.”
“Do I stink that bad?”
“You’ll thank me later.”
Despite Bucky promising you that after yesterday, he’d take you on a long vacation to any location of your choosing, that wasn’t exactly the case.
There were a lot of legal matters to take care of to cover their tracks in killing all of Rumlows men and Tony and Bucky had basically worked with their authority friends all day to conjure up an alibi as to what happened that night that wouldn’t land them all in prison.
You didn’t entirely mind. Now wasn’t the exact appropriate time to go on vacation anyway and besides, if you were on vacation, then who would look out for Steve?
Everyone else was so busy dealing with the aftermath of the war that you were really the only person who had time for Steve. But that was okay. Steve meant a lot to you- he was always so nice to you and you knew he’d probably do the same for you if Bucky wasn’t able.
You spent most hours of the day by his side in his recovery room, mostly just watching TV, but every so often monitoring his heart rate and vitals.
He’d lost a lot of blood, especially since no one had stopped the bleeding from the location to the tower and thus, he entered a coma whilst Bruce took the bullet out.
“Anything?” Bucky enters the room, startling you a little as you watched the TV on low volume.
“Hasn’t moved a muscle.” You shake your head, rubbing your thumb over Steve’s hand, “Do you think he’ll wake tomorrow?”
“Probably.” Bucky nods, “Banner said 2-3 days and Steve’s a unit.” You smile a little. Yeah, Steve was a fucking unit. Rubbing your shoulder, Bucky turns off the TV in front of you,“Come on, he’ll be okay. Come to bed.”
You set Steve’s room back into place, cleaning up your mess and tucking him in for the fifth time that day before placing a kiss to his head and wishing him goodnight.
Turning back around, you smiled as you saw Bucky tick his jaw playfully, “Oh, stop. He’s like my brother-in-law.”
“You never kiss me on the head like that.”
“You’re never in a coma.”
As you watch an episode of SpongeBob, your head whips around to Steve as you hear him shift in his sleep. Pausing the episode, you place your hand over his and watch as his eyes slowly flutter open.
“Hey,” You speak a little too loud, excitement taking over you as Steve finally wakes up, “How’re you feeling?”
He swallows before speaking, “I’ve seen better days.”
You smile as he offers you the smallest grin, so glad that he’s okay. Reaching over to his mini fridge, you pull out a bottle of cold water and Gatorade, handing them to him as he sits up slowly, “Here.”
He takes the Gatorade first, indulging the first few sips since it’s been two whole days since he’s had any kind of refreshment.
“You took care of me.” He says matter of factly as he puts down the bottle.
You roll your eyes, abashed, “I stopped the bleeding. Banner saved your leg from amputation.”
He opens his mouth to speak again, but Bucky’s booming voice entering the room catches his attention instead, “He’s alive!”
Standing from your seat, you let Bucky and the rest of the team catch up with Steve, telling him all about what happened with Brock.
“Can I speak with you for a moment?” You turn at the sound of an unfamiliar voice at your ear, heart picking up when you see who it belongs to.
Tony stands before you, and you know better than to turn him down, “Sure.” You hate the way your voice quakes a little when you answer him, following him on nervous legs as he nods to the living room.
You don’t exactly know what you expected him to say to you- or do to you. Part of you was scared he’d kill you- for what reason you weren’t sure but the possibility was definitely out there.
“You helped save one of my men.” He starts off with, your heart rate going back to normal as his face doesn’t seem as stern and he sounds… grateful? “I’m sorry I never really opened up to you. You’ve got your dads eyes and your moms smile…”
Blinking up at him, your mouth opens and closes like a stupid fish as you take in his words, “You knew my parents?”
“Somewhat.” He shrugs, “Weren’t on good terms when they passed. I guess I took my guilt out on you, you look so much like the both of them it’s actually kinda scary.” You had absolutely no idea. If you’d known he knew your parents, maybe you would’ve felt a little safer with him- or not. Because he was lying… “I’m sorry… redo?” He holds his hand out for you and you shake it immediately.
No matter what had happened in the past few days, things were really starting to look up. Bucky was a lot happier and had a lot more time with you. Natasha and Wanda even talked to you a few times.
Though, you had a few moments where you’d remember… you know, but Bucky was always there to console you.
So, you were very open to redos. New beginnings.
It was about a week later that it was deemed safe to go back home. At that point, however, you barely wanted to go back because you were having so much fun at the tower with everyone.
But, you knew that the quicker you were gone, the quicker you and Bucky could go on that vacation.
Practically jumping out of the car- both in excitement and because it was literally too high from the ground.
“Nope.” Bucky shakes his head, rounding the car from the passenger side and stalking towards you, dipping down and picking you up bridal style.
You squeal in surprise, but let him carry you up the stairs of the house.
You giggle as he struggles to unlock the front doors many locks, as well as hold you up while you press kisses to his neck.
He kicks open the door once he finally unlocks every lock and you bite his neck when he squeezes your ass.
“Let’s get married again.” You almost don’t hear it, because he said it so abruptly and you were in the middle of laughing,“Properly.”
“Wha- why?” You ask, halting all playful actions.
“Because,” He shrugs, “You deserve a proper wedding.”
Bringing your bottom lip between your teeth, trying to contain your smile, you nod, “Okay.”
˚୨୧⋆。˚ ⋆。・:*:・゚★,。・:*・゚☆
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cryptidcasanova · 4 months ago
My Devotion
Tumblr media
Mob!Bucky Barnes x F!Reader
Summary: The one where Bucky doesn’t take your breakup well.
Warnings: Angst, Violence, Mentioned Infidelity, Smut, Kidnapping, Language, Possessive Bucky. 10k words. It’s a long one. Bucky tries to have his cake and eat it too. It’s a lot of terrible mobster activity and behavior, but with a happy ending.
Tumblr media
“It’s just business, doll.” James sneered, barely looking up from his scotch. “It didn’t mean anything.”
Christ, you hated him.
You hated his prowess and the dark, bored look in his eye. You hated how detached he had become.
“You know what? Go. Have your fun.” You all but growled out, pointing a finger at him from across the table. “Go on and sleep with every broad this side of the Mississippi. But don’t expect me to be here waiting up for you.”
He stilled, looking at you with an ire you had never seen. The hair on the back of your neck stood on end.
“I never asked you to.” He spoke flatly, clearly knocking you off your center. “Go home. We’ll talk about this tomorrow.”
The nerve. To deride you after everything.
“Don’t bother.”
You turned, walking to the door with a huff. With one last glance you watched as his stormy eyes moved back down to his pictures, nursing his glass.
"I can't do this anymore, James."
Your voice dropped, your energy deflated, but you knew he was listening by the quip in his lip. You never called him James. Not once.
"Goodbye, good luck, and good riddance."
You turned again, this time for good.
James didn't follow you. He didn't bark or fight or fall at your knees and grovel. And after everything, you didn't expect him to.
He was a businessman.
And, as he so thoroughly proved, business comes first. So, you left the brownstone office. Sam was there at the front of the building keeping watch, giving you a forlorn expression before watching you leave.
You didn't even bother to make a detour at your own apartment before taking a taxi straight out of Brooklyn.
You knew a storm was brewing long before the fallout.
James thought he was untouchable. He was too hung up on the power and the attention it brought him. At least now, he wouldn't bring you down with him.
Tumblr media
“I would never do anything to jeopardize what we have.” Bucky swore, looking down at you with eyes as dark and choppy as the Pacific. “Never.”
His accent was sharp, and you would have thought it more sincere if he weren’t basking in the afterglow of your bed. He had you wrapped around his finger, especially in these moments. But you knew how he operated. If he were going to bring up something heavy, this would be the time.
“But that being said, there’s something I have to do.” He brushed your cheek with the pad of his thumb, speaking slowly. “Doll, I’ve gotta have dinner with Rumlow’s sister.”
There it is.
That’s why he was being so sweet on you. Your stomach rolled; Dana Rumlow was just as nefarious as her brother.
“Buck, I don’t think that’s a good idea-”
“She knows somethin’ about their inside operations,” Bucky interrupted. In the low lighting of the room you could still see his jaw lock. “And I’ve got to be ready if Brock makes a move.”
The certainty in his voice made you realize that he had been thinking about this for a while. What were you supposed to say?
No one messed with Brock Rumlow. He was Bucky’s biggest competition, and if there was a way to take him down? Damn. You’d support him.
“It’s just dinner. It won’t mean anything.” He assured, pulling you into a searing kiss before letting you settle back against the sheets.
But you couldn’t sleep. His words were burning in your ears.
It won’t mean anything.
Famous last words.
You see, Bucky had already had dinner with Dana.
He already knew that Rumlow was going to strike one of his warehouses.
And Bucky knew what it would take to keep his empire from crumbling.
Not that he mentioned any of that to you.
James had been so sincere, so sure of himself that he would find out to take down the other big time families in Brooklyn.
You tried to remain neutral when he set his mind to something, really you did, but it was always at the expense of something else.
In this case it was you.
See, it wasn’t just one dinner with Brock’s sister.
He wasn’t just prying for information about business, no.
It was late night meetings on the far side of town and lunches in the middle of the week at high end restaurants. It was him taking the extra time to pick her up coffee on his way to her office.
You weren’t entirely surprised about his absence. James was always working late and leaving early, so it wasn’t any new behavior. But you couldn’t help but feel a little worse for wear.
He was being so public about his business activities.
In his new pursuit to take down the Rumlows he left you in the dark. It had been weeks. Weeks passed since James last took you out to dinner, hell, since he took you anywhere. You spent your days with Becca and Sarah and Wanda - all of the sisters of the family you found. But one thing was for sure.
Bucky’s detachment was evident.
And then, the icing on the cake. One afternoon an anonymous photographer finally cracked your resolve; they sent you a number of photos of James with Dana in her apartment in different forms of undress.
You let James’ infidelity slip right under your nose, but something snapped inside you.
You trusted him.
You had trusted him entirely and blindly, and that was the real heartache of it all.
James Barnes had broken your heart. You let yourself fall in love with a dangerous man, and now you were living with the landslide that came with it.
But you weren’t one to be made a fool.
Part of you wanted to be long gone by the time he came home. You wanted to leave and only leave behind the pictures, probably with the note written by the anonymous photographer.
How well do you really know him?
But you had been with James for too long. You thought you knew him inside and out. You wanted to confront him head on, to see the look on his face when you call him out. And for what?
“You trailing me?”
“It’s just business, doll.”
“It didn’t mean anything.”
Tumblr media
You startled up with a jump. Another nightmare. But it was more than a nightmare - it was a memory.  
Damn him.
You checked your phone to find that it was nearly three in the morning, and as usual, you had one missed call at around midnight. Unknown number. No voicemail.  
But you knew it was him. James might not have been calling from his own phone, but he was trying to  reach you. Another night, another unanswered call.
Your stomach ached.  
Every morning flowers were dropped off at your door. And almost every morning your folks threw them away before you even noticed.
Every evening there were calls. Anonymous and cowardly.
How long did it take him to figure out that you weren't bluffing? When did he finally catch on that you weren't coming back? That you had left Brooklyn in your rearview without packing up your things? Did he have Steve check on the house? Did he check on the house?  
You shook your head. It didn't matter.  
Taking a breath, you got up. There was no point in trying to go back to bed.  
You did go home that first night, back to your childhood home, and you were there ever since.  It had been the better part of a decade since you spent a night there, but your parents kept it ready for you.
You quietly made your way down to the kitchen to avoid waking up your folks.
You brewed a pot of coffee and sat with an old argyle blanket, but you couldn’t focus. Your thoughts kept drifting back to Brooklyn.
"Honey, you up?"
Your dad found you in the same spot an hour later, and your eyes were glazed over and far away. “Honey?” He tried again, breaking you from your train of thought.
If there was something you gained from the severed ties it was a renewed relationship with your father.  Your dad was protective and loyal to a fault.  
He was the one who went back to your apartment in Brooklyn to clean it out. He was the one who gingerly dropped off a trash bag of James' things at the front of his business. And part of you knew that he must have had a few choice words to say.
You two weren't close growing up, but your Dad wasn't going to let some scrub of a man let your world crumble.  
"How you doin', kiddo?" He asked in a whisper, adjusting the glasses over his nose. You offered him a half smile.  
"Another day above ground." You replied from behind your mug.
It was something your dad used when he couldn't find anything good to say. He let out a gruff noise of understanding before stepping  away to the kitchen to pour himself a cup of coffee.
Your Dad didn't know a lot about James. He knew that he worked in the city and had been respectful the times he met your parents. He was the man that wore the nice suits. But more than that, he knew that James had broken his little girl's heart.
And even worse, he could see the weight you carried. You never took the time to grieve.
You bottled up the sadness, the betrayal, the heartache, and it was going to eat you alive. It was just a matter of time. He knew it, well, because that was how he handled his own emotions.  
You were slowly sinking into the upholstery, falling in step with the background noise. He didn't want that for you.  
"I find that in moments of turbulence, I try to find some kind of closure." He looked over to you once before sipping his coffee. "Helps me sleep at night."  
Through glassy eyes you blinked twice before looking up at him. Your dad shuffled back out the doorway, leaving you in the quiet of the living room.  
Closure. You didn't know what kind of closure you were going to get.  
It had been three months of avoiding any kind of news coming out of Brooklyn. Wanda had tried on more than one occasion to let you know about the craziness of it all, between the Barnes and Rumlow families, but you didn't care anymore. You couldn't afford to care about it anymore. So eventually Wanda gave up. You stayed in touch, but often it was to give you the juicy details of her job or love life. She was your tether to the life you used to live.  
The day passed by in a blur, your head full of what ifs, of unanswered questions, and more than that, of your own heartache burning in your stomach.  
James Barnes had burned a hole deeper than you could have ever imagined.
You were friends with Sam's sister Sarah long before you ever knew of the Barnes family. You practically grew up together.
Once Sam introduced you to his friends you were done for, and after the better part of three years of doting on him, Buck-James showed you his true colors.
At one time he had been so undeniably family oriented. His friends were his second family, helping them without question.
Bucky grew up fast after he came back from service, taking over the family business and watching over his mom and little sister, Becca.
Your heart thrummed wildly against your chest. Becca tried to call you about a week after you left, but you didn't have the energy to talk to her. You never did call her back.
A suffocating thought struck you. You missed them. You missed all of them. You missed stopping for pizza with the group and drinking in Sam's gym. You missed how carefree everyone used to be.  
Everything changed when Rumlow Senior stepped down, letting his son Brock take over the family business. Brock was a spook, not playing by the rules and letting it slide if people got hurt. He hired thugs on the streets, had a nasty reputation with women, and carried himself with the kind of prowess of a narcissistic king.
He was reckless.  
That's when things started changing. That's when Bucky started changing. Oh, Bucky. He had tried to be civil, especially at first, but it was hard when Brock was taking over the suburbs. Bucky didn't want any of his men to get hurt. He didn't want his family to get hurt. So Bucky started playing by Brock's rules.  
And he was terrifying.  
Even then, you knew Bucky's reputation and you loved him anyway.  
You never thought long and hard about it. About your blind trust in Bucky or his men. He had never given you any reason to worry.  
Even when you had your reservations, he urged you to stay.  
That's when - no. You couldn't think about it anymore.  
And then, when you thought the night would swallow you whole you heard the low buzzing of your phone against the hardwood of the nightstand.  
No. No. It was too soon. But the feeling of falling down the rabbit hole was too close.  
You needed something to ground you. You needed something to feel normal. So you reached for the phone and answered it. And for a moment, all was quiet.
Suspended in midair, you felt yourself plummeting as you spoke.  
"Hello?" You answered, barely louder than a whisper.  
A choked noise reverberated through your speaker. It was him. You knew it was him.    
"Bucky," He insisted. "It's Bucky, sweetheart." His words were guarded, wavering on frantic, and you could imagine him pulling a hand through his hair, resting it on the back of his neck. He did it when he was nervous. He wasn’t  expecting you to answer. "Please."  
But he didn't know what he was pleading for. For forgiveness? Understanding? You weren't sure either.  
You answered the phone. You answered, and it was more than he expected. A moment passed, and Bucky was seized by his own tormenting thoughts.  
"Are you okay?" You asked, letting your own swell of emotion fall wayside.
Listening to his shaking breaths, you pulled yourself up from the bed. Something was wrong. James wasn't one to be caught off guard. He was always calm, always composed.
You heard a curse under his breath. The line disconnected.  
Your eyes went wide, and when you redialed the line, it was out of service. He smashed the burner phone.  
Damn it.  
Even when you tried his real number it went straight to voicemail, which was full.
"Come on, Buck." You shook your head, letting the phone fall into your lap. You didn't know what to do.  Anxiety rippled up your skin, leaving uneasy goosebumps in its wake.  
It was just after midnight. Shit. You shouldn't even be thinking of calling anyone else, but this was Bucky. Shit.  
So you dialed again, a different number this time, and were more than surprised when Sam Wilson answered on the second ring. "Hey?" He answered lightly, but a little confused. "Long time no see. Do you know what time it-"  
"Is Bucky with you?" Your words were rushed, toppling over one another before you could stop yourself. "Is he okay?"  
There was a beat, a pause where Sam must have been contemplating reply. It was taking too long.
"Sam," Your urgency must have sliced through his confusion "Is he okay?"  
"Yes, yes." He insisted. "He's been home all night." There was a pause, a faint curse on his breath. "You know what, I'll check on him."  
Thank goodness.  
"Thanks Sam."  
He bid you a goodnight, and it was only then that you let the phone fall from your grip.  
You were falling down a rabbit hole again, faster this time, and this time Bucky wasn't there to pull you out of it.
Your body was tense. You were anxious. It was exhausting. Sleep claimed its next victim swiftly, and if anything you were reprieved of having to think about the man that carved a hole in your heart.
The next time you opened your eyes sunlight was flooding in from the curtains.
You slept through the night. There were no nightmares.  
When you finally gained the courage to check your phone there were no new notifications. You had to double check your recent calls just to be sure it wasn't all a dream.  
But it wasn’t a dream. The call was real.
A knock on your door stole your attention.  
Your dad opened the door a moment later, all dressed and ready for the day, and offered you a jovial smile.  
"We're out of coffee. What do you say we run a couple errands and stop for one of those fancy cups of coffee while your mom makes up some breakfast?"  
You knew what he was trying to do. He was trying to get you out of the house. And it was working.  
With a lazy smile you agreed, shooing him out the door as you clambered out of bed.
Tumblr media
An hour later you were parked in the middle of town helping your dad talk down the prices of fresh caught fish with one of the market vendors. Your dad, after years of practice, was able to haggle down the  scallops he was eyeing.
But you were distracted by the sweet smells from the bakery at the end of the corner. Four muffins later you were walking back to your pops when your phone started to ring.  
With a sharp inhale you froze. What does he want? Do you answer it?
Of course you answer it. It’s just Sam. On an exhale you pulled your phone up to your ear.
"Hey Sammy-"  
"You need to come back to Brooklyn." He forced the words out, and it made you stand up straight. Sam never used that voice with you before. It was his no-nonsense voice.
"I -” You froze up. “I can't do that. You know I can't, Sam." You stopped entirely, watching your dad from a distance.  
You heard Sam shuffle in the background.
"Look, he fucked up. He's a fuck up. But Buck’s in a bad way. He needs you here. He's not talking to anyone."  
"Then he should've thought about that before deciding on a public affair." You winced hearing your own tone. It was harsh. But it was true. "Sorry, Sam."  
Your apology was for your tone, not for your words.
"I've got to go." You put the mask back up, securing the walls around you.
“Rumlow made his move.” Sam urged, piquing your interest just slightly. No, no.
This wasn’t your fight. Not anymore.
“I can’t Sam. I’m sorry.” You hung up without a goodbye and put your phone away, forcing a smile in your dad's direction.  
“Everything okay?” He asked as you approached, but when he spotted the muffins his attention flew out the door. “Blueberry?”
“Blueberry.” You confirmed with a tight smile, falling in step with him away from the market.
The last stop you made was to the bank, letting your dad out at the front so that he could deposit a couple of checks. You sipped your coffee, noticing his wallet must have fallen out of his pocket and was left in the seat, and rushed inside to catch up with him.
But something was wrong. You hurried your pace, and you needed to get to your father.
Dark SUVs swarmed the parking lot, and it was only once you were inside the bank that you noticed the robbery taking place.
You were pulled to the side by the hair, yelping in pain as one of the street rats pushed you to the side. The emblem on his jacket made your eyes go wide. You knew that symbol anywhere.
All of the civilians were cowered to one corner of the bank, your father included. You needed to keep their attention away from him.
“Isn’t this part of town out of your jurisdiction?” You sneered at the goon, looking up at him with fiery eyes as you soothed the pain in your skull.
“This town is our jurisdiction.” The man spat, getting in your face. “You better get on the fucking ground.”
But some part of your brain told you not to listen to him. Bucky taught you that. He taught his guys that. Because Bucky knew that civilians were off limits.
The syndicates that ran along the east coast never hurt civilians, otherwise there would be hell to pay with the DA. ‘Crime among criminals,’ that’s what he used to say.
“Come on you guys, it’s early.” You bargained, looking away from your Dad back to the goon. “Doesn’t your boss keep you on a leash until nightfall?”
The moment you watched the butt of the man’s glock hit against your sternum you knew these guys weren’t going to play by the rules.
Oh fuck. Shit.
“That’s enough noise outta you.”
You clutched your chest, slumping to the floor. The hit knocked the wind from your sails.
“Hey!” One of the other men called out. “Leave her alone. She’s just a lady.”
The other goon looked at the man in front of you, eyes widening in realization.
“Come on buddy, why’d you have to go and do that?” He floundered. “Boss ain’t gonna like this.”
“Why the fuck should we care?” The man next to you griped back, turning the gun around with a wink.
The safety was still on. You could tell by the way he was carrying it. No one would have been so reckless if it was a live weapon. Rumlow’s goon was a coward. He was a big bully.
“She’s cute, but no dame should have this fat of a lip on her.”
The other man cursed, throwing his head down in exasperation.
“But she just ain’t any dame, asshole. That’s Barnes’s girl.” The rational one explained, and you watched the eyes of the guy in front of you go wide.
He realized he made one big fuckin’ mistake.
“Well shit, we can’t put it back in the box now.” His apprehension was understandable.
“If she leaves, she’ll squawk. You here alone?” The goon threatened, and while gasping for air you nodded your head. There was no way you were dragging anyone else into this. You didn’t even dare to look in the direction of your Dad. “Then you’re coming with us Princess.”
“This ain’t part of the plan!” The other man fought. “We gotta get out of here.”
“Plans change.” The bully barked, and the next moment you were rendered unconscious with a knock to the back of your head. Today was not your day.
Hydra scrammed with the money and with you in tow, leaving the civilians locked in the back room until the authorities could arrive, or until the next shift change at the bank. Hydra would have been long gone by then.
Tumblr media
When you woke up it wasn’t in some abandoned warehouse by the docks or in a shitty back alley. It wasn’t like the stories Sam or Steve used to spook you with, no.  
You woke up on a couch, a rather nice couch in an office. Your hands and feet were bound to each other, but your mouth was uncovered.
This wasn’t meant for torture. It was meant for you to stay put.
As you looked around the office you spotted pictures along the walls, some of young kids, some of family pictures, until clarity came back to you.
You were in the Rumlow family office. It was different than you thought. It wasn’t as dark or deceptive as Brock was. It wasn’t as uppity and modern as Dana was. It felt, well, it felt like home.
You tried to keep it together, but it was unnervingly uncomfortable.
“I’m sorry about this, kiddo.” You jumped at the sound of the voice, cocking your head to see none other than Rumlow Senior standing in the doorway.
He was tall and broad, just like Brock, but in his older years grey hair replaced the black combover you had seen in pictures. He wasn’t scary, no. He looked like any other man, wise with the years he lived. You sensed his power though, a frightening, lingering power.
“Wrong place, wrong time. You know how it is.” He groveled, taking a seat behind the desk. Instead of arguing with the former mob boss you nodded your head.
For a lot of people they were in the wrong place, wrong time. It was a way of saying things went south.
“Did anyone else get hurt?”
Your question surprised him, and as he gave you a look over from the cut on your head to bruise forming on your sternum he shook his head.
“No, no.” He assured, shaking his head. “Thankfully no one else got hurt.” A moment of silence passed between the two of you, and he eyed you with a critical stare. “This has never happened before.”
He knew your next question before you had the chance to voice it.
“Wives and daughters are off limits, you see.” He answered thoughtfully. “And these boys,” he all but spat out, “they don’t know how to control their tempers. So, until we figure out what to do wit’ you, you’ll be here with us.”
If it was meant to sound welcoming it did not hit its mark.
“But I’m not with James,” You answered painfully honestly, and you were sure he heard the disdain in your voice. “He made sure of that.”
“Oh, I don’t know about that.” He leaned forward in his chair, looking at you with dark, secretive eyes. The sincerity in his tone had you concerned. “Men are like pigs. Sometimes they have to dig in the trash to find what they’re lookin’ for, but they don’t stay there for long.”
He pulled out a bottle from the cabinet, an old bottle of red wine, before standing up.
“James hurt you real bad. That’s on him.” Rumlow acknowledged, stepping around the table and stopping in front of you. “But if we hurt you? That’s on us. Blood for blood. We don’t fuck around with that.”
In one quick moment Rumlow procured a switchblade from his pocket and offered to slice your binds.
“The Missus is making spaghetti. You hungry?”
You were blindsided, and Rumlow offered you a slow smirk as he cut the bindings.
“What?” He joked with a crooked grin. “Not all of us are spooks.”
Old, traditional values lingered in their home. Family values. It reminded you so much of your early days with Bucky and his family.
This was no office at all. You found yourself a guest in the mobster’s personal residence. You thought about it long and hard, and the only thing you could think of was that Bucky wouldn’t be able to get to you so far behind enemy lines.
This was a smart, tactical move on Hydra’s part.
Sure as rain, Rumlow led you down to a dining room set for three. The room didn’t scream 1960’s mafia, but was a quaint, lovely little dining table meant for a family. You had pictured them all wrong.
“It gets so quiet around here.” He hummed, looking out over the spread. And then the lady of the house appeared from what you assumed was the kitchen, dressed in a simple, but fashionable dress. “It’s a nice change, wouldn’t you say honey?”
She let out a clipped noise, glancing over with heavy, doe-like eyes.
“I hate to say it, but you’re right. I just wish it were under better circumstances.” She added.
You didn’t hide your bitter smile.
Everything about it was domestic, far too domestic, but you were in no place to refuse their hospitality.
And then there was dinner. The older couple spoke very little, but you appreciated their efforts. It could have been a world of difference if you were in the company of the new leader of Hydra.
You must have been knocked out for the better part of your day and thought of your Dad. You hoped he was okay. You couldn’t have even imagined what he must have been thinking.
And then, while Rumlow was pouring himself another glass of wine when you heard the telephone ring in the other room. He excused himself promptly, sharing a reassuring look with his wife before stepping away.
You sat and waited, waiting for the final curtain, but instead you were met with the slow, gentle voice from his wife.
“It’s not always like this.” She blinked away, looking at the empty chairs at the table. “Are you alright?” She wondered, looking across the table.
You looked worse for wear, but it was more than skin deep pain. The gash on your head had stopped bleeding, but you wore your heart on your sleeve. You were worn out. You were so close to your breaking point.
“I hope so.” You replied solemnly, blinking back tears for the first time in months.
But before anything else could be said about the subject Rumlow walked back into the room, eyes looking as worn out as you felt.
“Barnes knows about the bank.” Your heart fell into your stomach. “He wants to meet.”
There were no details, no frills. And for the first time you had seen Rumlow Senior look the part of the tenacious mobster.
He finished his drink, ushered you out of the room, and before leaving the house asked for your hands.
“Just a formality.” He assured, binding your hands again. And then the finishing touch - a black bag that was placed over your head.
You were led silently to what you assumed was another black SUV. Rumlow was there, you were sure of it. But after what felt like them leading you in circles for far too long, you were starting to feel sick. You couldn’t think straight.
“Breathe.” Rumlow Senior spoke quietly. “We’re here.” And almost on cue the car came to a halt.
End of the line.
Again you were ushered out of the car, led through the cold into another, more expansive building. Here was your warehouse. The only thing you could hear was the quiet scuff of your shoes against the floor and your shallow breathing.
And then, at last, you were stopped by a tug on the shoulder. Flanked on either side, you could feel the men lingering behind you. This was bigger than just a family quarrel. Hydra was on the line.
The bag was pulled off your head, and the lighting in the room made you wince. But you didn’t avert your gaze. There were probably a dozen men in the room, but you only noticed one.
There, not even twenty feet away from you James Barnes was standing still, like a cat about to pounce. His eyes were hard, his jaw locked, his expression a mask.
He was frightening.
He was decked out in a black suit. Black suit, black shirt, black shoes. His body language screamed danger. A gold watch was the only thing that stood out against the background.
James had cut his hair. Gone were the long locks and beard and they were replaced with a short fade and a five o’clock shadow. He looked every bit as dangerous as his title.
And when his eyes found yours you couldn’t fight the choked up noise in the back of your throat.
He was going to rip them apart.
Right behind James you saw Sam and Steve flanking their leader. They were equally as intimidated.
“James,” Rulmow Senior nodded in welcome, his voice firm. The rest of the room was quiet. “Please forgive this inconvenient misunderstanding.”
There was a pause, the room waiting for James to take his turn. He took a step forward.
“I’d like to see her.”
It was as delicate as a game of chess. Each piece had their role, took their turn, made their move across the board. It was diplomatic. Rumlow Senior nodded, holding his hand up for his men to step back, and with purposeful strides James stepped forward.
He moved like a cat, quick and nimble and powerful, until at last he was in front of you. You held your breath, braving to look up at him square on. It was too much all at once. It wasn’t fair. James scanned for injury, stopping when he saw the gash. Those crystalline eyes pounced back to your own.
“Did they hurt you badly?”
The softness of his tone almost brought you to your knees.
At that moment he wasn’t just the mobster James Barnes. He was Bucky, your Bucky. He was the man that didn’t break your heart; your best friend.
After all the heartache he caused, all you wanted was to collapse in his arms and let him swoop you away. You were tired. You were so so tired of being angry and hurt.
“No.” You whispered, breaking from your revelry. “No, I’m okay.”
Physically, maybe. But emotionally? You were beyond fucked.
James gave you another once over, took a step back, and looked at Rumlow Senior. With a nod in the older man’s direction, James looked down at his watch.
“It’s late. I’m taking her home. And I want the men responsible.” James wasn’t in the mood for bargaining.
“I’m afraid that they are currently indisposed.” The older man replied curtly, watching James’s reaction. But there was none. James nodded his head, understanding Rumlow’s meaning. “You may go. Leave in peace.”
And that was it. You were free to go. But you were still riddled with anxiety.
James tilted his head in the direction of the former man,  and with a hand at the small of your back James led you to the other side of the warehouse. Both Steve and Sam caught your eye before focusing back on the opposing family.
You were so close, but you weren’t free yet.
“No fucking way.” A new voice bellowed, and from the other end of the room you saw Brock Rumlow slink out from the shadows. “You’re just gonna let them go?” The younger man looked feral, waving his gun around as he drew attention to himself.
“Yes, we’re just going to let them go. This was our fault, Brock.” His father firmly stated. “This is the way.”
But Brock didn’t like that.
“This ain’t a tea party.” The younger man bristled, taking a step closer to James. “Besides, I don’t see the big fuckin’ deal. It’s not like she’s the one keeping his dick wet.”
The atmosphere changed.
His words were a sucker punch straight through the walls you built up, and you stopped. You didn’t see the wicked snarl on his lips.
“Oh come on. Did I hurt someone’s feelings? Toughen up, princess.”
The air was electric and you turned to face Brock but James was in your way, looking down at you with an indistinguishable stare. His jaw was locked up tight.
“Don’t listen to him.” James warned you against it. Brock was goading you, and you knew it.
“But please, take him back.” Brock ebbed on. “I’m sick of hearing the whore mouth of my sister all night long. If I have to listen to her choke on his dick one more time I’m gonna blow my own fuckin’ brains out.”
You held your breath, but something snapped. All of the emotional turmoil bubbled up into something mean. Your face felt hot, your limbs shaky, and you shifted your gaze.
You couldn’t look James in the eye.
“Untie my hands.” You quietly demanded, keeping your gaze down but lifting your hands up to him.
“No.” James deadpanned. “No. It’s what he wants.”
“I know it’s what he wants.” You argued, your hands shaking. You were so angry. And all you wanted to do was take it out on someone. James must have seen the feral look in your eye. “Move.”
“No.” James gripped your chin, making you look up at him. He was trying to hold his composure, but his eyes were deadly. “He’s a lying sack of shit. He’s not worth it.”
Couldn’t he see it was eating you up inside?
“Oh, princess?” Brock taunted again, and you tried to break James’s hold, but he shook his head, making you keep your eyes on him.
Your cheeks hurt. You were grinding your teeth together.
“Princess, you know what a little birdy told me?” Brock continued. “It told me that you were a one trick pony. A fucking bore. It’s no wonder why Bucky here didn’t try to stop you from leaving in the first place. You ever think about that?”
You couldn't breathe. You couldn’t think. You couldn’t see.
Your eyes were welling with unshed tears. You were livid, full of anger and sorrow and grief.
“I’m going to kill him.” You whispered. An angry tear slipped down your cheek.
James’s hold on you faltered, his expression flashing like a fire was set under him. What did Brock unleash?
Two things happened at once.
First, you pulled back and out of James’s grip, but in the process reached for the short switchblade he kept in his front pocket, slicing the zip ties that bound your hands together. He taught you that trick.
And two, you didn’t drop the blade but spun on your heel to the outside of James’s reach finally coming face to face with the man that had been instigating you.
Brock Rumlow was the biggest bully of them all, but just as you were out of James’s reach you figured out why he was caging you in. Brock was waiting for his shot.
“It’s time we made some new rules, Barnes. I’ll show you how real men conduct business.”
You heard the gunshot. Everyone heard it.
One, lonesome shot from the other side of the warehouse. But while you were spinning out of James’s reach you stumbled, and Brock’s shot did not hit its mark.
It whizzed in the air past your cheek, forced past you entirely, and hit an unopened Hydra shipment.
Everyone drew their weapons on Brock, but no one made a move. This wasn’t a normal gunfight.
James’s eyes were filled with fury, and as soon as he saw you weren’t hit he spun around to the oldest man in the room, Rumlow Senior.
The old man raised his hand to command the attention of the room.
“The intention to kill is enough.” The older man announced, looking down at his son. “Your insolence,” he sighed slowly, “is no longer my concern.”
There was a heaviness in the room no one could shake.
“Blood for blood.” The older man spoke, his words resigned but final, and he turned away from the mess. The message was clear.
James was quick on the draw and emptied all six of his shots into Brock before you could look away, and the towering man fell. Six shots to the chest. Six shots to kill.
Their aim was true, his blood spilling across Hydra floors. You watched as Brock met your gaze for the last time, glossing over before he hit the ground.
And then, before your legs could give out beneath you James was there, easing you down to the ground and turning you away from the carnage.
“Hey hey,” He shushed, caging you in with strong arms. “I’m here. I’m here.”
His words were your undoing. It was like a match was struck in a powder barrel.
Bucky was there. He was there for you.
A cacophony of anguish rattled your bones, and you were suddenly kicking and pushing and crying, pounding on his chest and kicking up dust.  
“I hate you.” You wept, pushing him away. “Let go of me Bucky, I mean it. I hate you!”
James took every ounce of it, every hard hit. He didn’t even try to defend himself, but he didn’t let you go either. With a broken wail you wiped the tears from your eyes before continuing your rampage.
“You humiliated me!” You kicked blindly, your breath hitching in the back of your throat. “I-I trusted you. I trusted you.”
You were ruining his suit, crinkling and tearing at the cloth. You were hitting and scratching, getting every ounce of pain he caused you. You don’t even remember him picking you up and carrying you out of the warehouse.
“I can’t. I-I can’t do this.” You sobbed bitterly. “I can’t. B-Buck, leave me alone. You don't get to be the hero.”
You were unraveling in all directions, and Bucky Barnes was taking the brunt of it.
He managed to get you to his car, albeit with a frigid expression, and with Sam behind the wheel you were off. It wasn’t long before the adrenaline slowed down. Your punches turned sluggish and your wails stifled off into hiccupping sobs. He held you close, even then, so that when your grip on his jacket finally lessened and exhaustion caught up with you he’d be there.
James fucked up once in the pursuit of making a name from himself.
He wasn’t about to lose you. Not again.
Tumblr media
By the time he made it back home Bucky had already called your folks to let them know you were okay.
He had to thank the stars for your father.
If it weren’t for your dad calling him in the first place Bucky wouldn’t have known you were taken. They were going to come to Brooklyn first thing in the morning, but he needed time. Bucky needed time with you.
He took you back to his home, careful to tend to the slice on your head before getting you settled in bed. Buck decided his room would be best. If you needed anything he would be close by, and that way he could keep an eye on you. He could protect you.
He would do anything to protect you, and he almost lost you.
Bucky had a hard time owning up to his mistakes. He was the boss, and thought he didn’t make mistakes.
But he fucked up big time. He was walking away from the bed when he heard you shift against the covers.
“Are you leaving?” He eyed you for a moment.
Bucky thought you were asleep, your bloodshot eyes told him differently. In the shadows your frame made you look vulnerable. You were vulnerable. Buck was shaking his head as quickly as he registered the words.
“No way, doll. I’m not going anywhere.”
He couldn’t tell if you were annoyed or were relieved. Instead of leaving the room he walked back over to the bed, sitting on the corner of the covers. Your eyes were sluggish, but your grip on the sheets was like an iron vice.
You were nervous.
“Get some rest, sweetheart.” He insisted, reassuring you with a tight smile. “I’ll be here when you wake up.”
But sleep was hard to come by. Every time you closed your eyes you remembered just how badly the night went. You remembered the hard words, the blood, the carnage. You remembered every sour word, remembered all of the scandalous pictures from before. You were in a constant state of suspension, somewhere between asleep and awake.
Bucky wasn’t much better. He planned on keeping watch all night to make sure a concussion didn’t pull you under.
He could feel the restlessness in the air. Barely an hour had passed.
“Are you awake?” He called out, and you turned to look at where he had situated himself on the couch.
You grimaced, reaching for the bandage that ached on the back of your head. It was the least of your concerns.
“I haven’t been sleeping well.”
You could see his silhouette from across the room. He hummed real low.
“Me neither.”
A moment passed, a moment of silence, and Bucky let his hands brush over his face. And then the silence closed in, leaving you with the one question that danced in your subconscious. It was the one question you couldn’t answer.
“Why’d you do it?”
You turned, looking up at the ceiling instead of James out of the corner of your eye. You didn’t think you had the guts to ask if you were looking at him.
“My dad,” You paused, trying to keep your voice steady. “My dad said it might help to get some closure, that maybe I’ll sleep a little easier.” Your words broke off into a bitter frown. “So why did you do it?”
You could see when he pinched the bridge of his nose out of the corner of your eye. He knew this was coming. Instead of staying in his place on the couch Bucky stood, bravely making his way to you.
"I don't know what I was thinking. I was scared.” He admitted sourly. “I tried to be like my own father, make the best decisions for this company. I thought I’d have to pull some strings like he did, like his father did. So I entertained the enemy.”
It sounded rehearsed. It sounded like an excuse. 
“Did you care about her?” You interrupted, turning your head to watch his expression.
“Not for a moment.” His disgust was evident, and you hated the satisfaction it brought you. “I wasn’t thinking about anything but the job. I got so messed up I wasn’t even thinking ‘bout me. And even worse, I wasn’t thinking’ bout you.”
“Thanks Buck,” You chided. “I feel a whole lot better now.”
Resentment bubbled low in your stomach.
“Hey, wait a minute,” He interrupted this time, his accent coming through stronger than before. “I didn’t think of the consequences. I thought we were taking down Brock Rumlow, and Dana was too goddamned sneaky for even me to see it. She had her own agenda. Dana wanted to take down her brother, but she was also the one who planted the photographer. She was tryin’ to take both sides off the board.”
She was trying to bet Brock and Bucky out of the way? You couldn’t believe it.
“You’re lying.” You countered, shaking your head in denial.
James started pacing - it was a nervous tick of his when he was trying not to break anything.
“See, that’s the kicker of it.” He clicked his tongue against the roof of his mouth before pacing back towards you. “After you left town she released those pictures to the public. It didn’t matter whether or not I fucked her, just as long as everyone thought I had.”
He stopped in front of you, placing his hands on the bed.
“It forced Brock into a dangerous position. He started making bad judgment calls. You see, he was trying to keep a step ahead of me because he thought I was fraternizing with his family. But instead I shut down every major warehouse because I couldn’t fucking handle it. She got me real good. Dana got what she wanted and high-tailed it to the next sorry sucker.”
He paused, clearing his throat. “I almost ruined fifty years of hard work because I couldn’t keep my shit together. I hurt the people closest to me trying to get more than I could chew.  A friend doesn't do that. A leader doesn't do that.”
Your stomach was in knots. You weren’t sure what to believe.
“You didn’t sleep with her?”
James turned his head again, looking at you hard and long. “Does it even matter? She won.”
“Of course it matters.” You instigated, pulling yourself up from the covers. You needed to hear it for yourself. “Did you fuck her?”
James watched you with cautious, cold eyes.
“No, I didn’t.” He admitted with a huff, keeping his gaze on you. He hated when you called him that. “But I got damn near close, and that’s bad enough. It was the lowest moment of my fucking life.”
You contemplated his words with a frown. That wasn’t quite what you were expecting.
“And I’ve got to live with that.” He acknowledged, his voice breaking, but he didn’t look away. “I made my bed, doll. Now I’ve got to lie in it.”
You were too stunned to speak. What were you supposed to say?
“You just let me leave.” You were baffled by your own realization. “You just let me go, knowing you could have stopped it. You’re an asshole.”
“I panicked.” He admitted, the gruffness in his voice falling away. “I didn’t know about the pictures. I didn’t know what to tell you, so I put up a wall. I gave you a way out.”
He didn’t give you a way out. He was a coward.
You groaned in frustration, holding your face in your hands.
“But why didn’t you tell me?” You were exasperated, trying hard to understand. “You could have just said you tried to have it all, and it didn’t work out. That doesn’t make you a bad man.”
"Oh, but it does.” He explained. “If I woulda kept you around Dana would have only caused more trouble. So I let you slip through my fingers. I ran away like a little boy.” Bucky shook his head, bloodshot eyes finding your own after a moment of hesitance.
He was choking up. “I didn’t just lose my best girl, I lost my best friend. I lost everything. I didn’t deserve to win you back.”
It was your turn to choke up, and with your free hand you wiped a traitorous tear from your cheek. Damn him.
“Ask anybody. The best parts of me went with you.” Bucky’s voice was so broken you thought he would collapse. “I’ve missed you so goddamn much.”
Your ears were ringing. You sniffled, covering your mouth with your hand at the intensity of his voice. You had only known Bucky as strong and unwavering, but he was weak. His words were small.
He was unsure of himself.
“I’m so sorry, baby. I didn’t mean for you to get wrapped up in this.”  His tone was slow but tender. He was remorseful. He was being honest.
Bucky was giving you room to make up your mind. Would you meet him where he was at? Now? In his lowest moments?
Or would you tell him he didn’t make it on time?
Your breath hitched in the back of your throat, and you thought of the pain and the torment and all the unanswered questions that followed you for months. But you got your closure.
Bucky didn’t think he deserved you. He didn’t deserve you.
But you couldn’t spend another moment fighting. 
He was going to have a lot of making up to do. You reached for Bucky, pulling him by his shoulder onto the bed.
“I’m so sorry. Please forgive me.” He repeated, careful to wrap his arm around you like you would push him off at any moment. But you didn’t. Bucky was chanting his apology, his head in the crook of your neck, holding you tight.
Bucky was scared, so scared that he wouldn’t get this chance. He was worried about you thrashing and fighting and leaving him in the rearview. He wouldn’t have blamed you if he did.
If he were a stronger man he would have left you be. No. If he were a stronger man he would have never lost you in the first place.
Time bled on, until his words dried up all together. Bucky could hear the little hiccups in the back of your throat even though you were trying to put on a brave face. God, he missed you.
“I don’t deserve it,” Bucky whispered, “But if I gave you my devotion like I should have when you were mine, would you take it?” He asked honestly, filling the silence and tilting his head up so that it was level with yours. “Would you hold it tight?”
You whispered his name, your heart heavy, but Bucky wasn’t done.
“I'll be patient. I can give you your space." He promised as an atonement, pushing the hair out of your face. "You can hate me. You can yell and hit and hurt me. But I can't keep going on without you.” He admitted, striking a chord deep within you.
You reached up for his own face, brushing his bristled cheek with your thumb. It was wet, and it was only then that you realized he had been crying. You sucked in a heavy breath. James Barnes never shed a tear, not in all the time you knew him.
“When you're ready, I'll be waiting,” He continued. “I’ll wait till you're calling my name. And then I'll spend every goddamned day trying to make it up to you."  
You couldn’t take it anymore.
You gave Bucky a heavy stare, full of all the love and emotion reserved for him and pulled him in by the back of the neck into a kiss.
You needed it. He needed it.
Bucky was going to give you every ounce of his repentance.
It was burned into your lips, into your cheeks, into your jaw. He kissed away your tears and soothed the sides of your face with his fingers. He was unequivocally devoted. And when he finally pulled back, out of breath, you stared up at an oasis of blue.
You couldn’t live without him.
And he was waiting. Just like his promise, you knew what he was waiting for.
“I need you, Buck.” You pulled yourself up on your elbows. “Even if you’re an asshole. I’ll always need you.”
You reached out for this shirt, undoing his buttons one by one as he looked at you with that heated stare. He was holding back.
Once the shirt was undone you rolled it over his shoulders one by one, letting your fingers trail across his collarbone, across his abdomen, down to his side. And when he still didn’t move, you reached again, this time for the belt buckle. He moved into your touch, just slightly, trying to keep himself steady.
But you watched the way his eyes fluttered as your fingers danced along the seam of his slacks. The belt was gone, the button unclasped, the zipper down. It was only then, when your fingers reached out to cup the cut of him that he moved.
“I’ll always need you.” He repeated the words back to you. “Always.”
“Then prove it.”
Your whisper brought him to a full stop.
His nostrils flared and Bucky pounced. He pulled you into a sweltering kiss, this time all teeth and tongue.
His pants were kicked off the side of the bed and crawled over you, hooking your leg over his hip before flipping you over. It stole your breath away.
Your exhaustion was long forgotten as he gripped your hips under the hem of your shirt, grinding up into you with a groan. You let your head fall back, tugging your shirt up and over your head.
Bucky came to a full stop, his face guarded, his hand crawling up to the bruise blooming across your sternum.
“They hurt you.”
His eyes were dark, pupils dilated, and you put your hand over his.
“Honey, look at me.” You urged, rubbing your thumb along the back of his hand.
When Bucky’s gaze finally moved it was to find you looking down at him like he hung the stars in the sky. He could hardly breathe.
“It's done. They’re gone.” You reached behind with your other hand, unclasping your bra before shrugging it down your shoulders.  “I don’t want to talk about them anymore.”
Your admission stoked a kind of fire within Bucky.
You were so much stronger than him. You were brave. You were lovely. He groaned again, cupping you in his hands. From his vantage point he basked in the sight of you arching into him, dragging your arms along his.
You were an absolute vision.
He hardly noticed when you leaned up on your knees, dragging your pants down your thighs. It wasn’t until you were reaching for the elastic of his boxers that he jumped out of his enraptured thoughts.
Oh, and the way you touched him. It was divine. Bucky followed your lead, helping him get rid of the last barrier before crushing your weight down into him. Skin against skin. So close, but not close enough.
It was then, when you reached between your bodies with a delicate touch at his heavy need that an animalistic fervor fueled Bucky.
You were his. You were always going to be his, and he was going to make sure of it.
In one swift motion he raised his hips and drew yours down into him, watching as your eyes went wide in surprise.
But it was more than a surprise; you cried out as he speared into you, more pleasure than pain, but you weren’t ready for it. It had been so long. He was going to tear you apart.
“Bucky,” You gasped out, grabbing onto his shoulders as his hips rutted forward again. “Bucky, slow down.”
When you looked down to him Bucky was unhinged. He was fixated on the smooth bridge between your bodies, watching you try to catch your breath.
But he didn’t stop. Bucky looked up at you, blinded by lust and took refuge in your body.
He poured every ounce of himself into his thrusts, making up for every single missed moment. He was rutting hard, so that even in the farthest corners of your body he could find his respite.
He was met with the most breathtaking sounds, a chorus of breathy whines and moans from your lips.
It was like honey.
Bucky slowed, grinding into you, taunting and sickly sweet, and it felt so good that you let out a shaky moan.
Yes, just like honey.
What was he doing to you?
As he ground his hips down into you he could feel just how wound up you had been. Your legs were quivering, walls clenching to him tight. This was where he was supposed to be.
You could feel the pleasure rippling in as Bucky slowed his tempo altogether, and he pulled his arms around your back, pulling your weight down on top of him.
“You’re not leaving me, sweetheart.” He whispered against your skin. ”You can’t leave me.”
You didn’t even know what to say; you didn’t know what you could say. You wrapped an arm around the back of his shoulders, grinding back down onto his hips with the leverage.
His groan was swallowed by a kiss, and it was your turn to show your affection. Bucky’s eyes rolled back and he let you grind down into him. You were going to show him you had no intention of leaving.
“You’re so beautiful. So fucking beautiful. I’m a giver,” He groaned, jerking again. “But I’m going to take everything I need from this pussy. You’re mine, baby.”
You rolled your hips again, faster this time, before pressing your knees into the bed on either side of him. You needed the leverage. You needed something to ground you, otherwise you would have fallen apart right then.
Bucky might have been holding you there, trapping you to him, but you were the one showing your power. The friction of your body rolling into his burned deliciously. It started slowly at first, but was growing to a bubbling boil.
But you hardly noticed. You were so distracted by the way Bucky’s dark eyes caught yours, how blissed out he looked, how he kept you close the whole time.
He wasn’t giving you any room to move away. He was stealing wet, smoldering kisses when you leaned into him.
It was only when his hips jerked, and you wept out his name that you realized you were past the point of no return.
“You better slow down,” He gasped, pupils black as night, “or I won’t be able to give you what you need. I won’t be able to hold out.”
Good. You didn’t stop, not even when he growled out your name.
Bucky sounded far away, and you watched his glazed expression, like he was admiring Venus herself. You were melting into his grip.
It was euphoric.
And then in a flash he changed, his hips pistoning up and his arms pinning you down. You couldn’t move.
All you could do was take it, your own expression mirroring his own. He was so lost in it, so suffocated in the way you were squeezing him.
His thrusts knocked the air from your lungs and your legs were shaking. You were combusting from the inside out. Gods, you didn’t even realize the noises you were making.
What once was a cacophony of Bucky’s name dissolved into indistinguishable moans and cries.
You were absolutely wrecked.
“Does that feel good? Do you feel full?” He was tormenting you, and you let your eyes roll back as he nipped the skin on your ear. “You better get used to it, sweetheart. I’m going to show you all the reasons why you should be waking up by my side.”
Your nails dug into his skin and he hissed, listening to the way his skin slapped against your own. It was absolutely obscene.
“Come on,” He ebbed. “Show everyone whose dick this is. Make a fucking mess of me.” Bucky groaned into your shoulder, suckling a nasty purple mark there. “Fucking show them.”
You couldn’t stop yourself, letting your high finally crest. You had been fighting it, fighting him, part of you thinking he was going to let you fall. But Bucky Barnes was right there to catch you.  
Even as he succumbed to his own blinding pleasure he had you, safe and sound in his arms. And he held you there, suspended in his hold as gripped your chin, making you watch him lose himself.
He was breathtaking.
For a moment the room was quiet, where you could only focus on the way you were both catching your breath. For the first time in a long time you didn’t feel like the floor was going to collapse under you.
Bucky let go of your chin, his eyes softening as he pulled his lip between his teeth. You swore he looked ten years younger. All the tension and heartache dissolved.
After a moment he turned, pulling you down with him against the sheets. You were completely and utterly exhausted. Your body was worn out.
All you could do was look at him with new eyes. You supposed he was doing the same.
Bucky wasn’t the man you left in his office all those nights ago, but someone else entirely. The night passed you by, and you didn’t even realize your eyes were getting heavy until you felt Bucky move, brushing his thumb across the swell of your bottom lip.  
“All my life and all my love,” Bucky vowed quietly. “I devote it to you.”
Tumblr media
A/N: This was loosely inspired by the song Devotion by Coleman Hell (which I would definitely recommend giving a listen!) and this is the longest oneshot I’ve ever written.
If you’ve made it this far, you’ve trekked through 10.4k words to get here. You’ve made it with me past an incredibly disheartening shadow ban. You made it, and I couldn’t be happier.
I love you. Thank you.
And as always, the treasure trove of dividers are made by the lovely @firefly-graphics
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christowhore · 10 months ago
Eye For An Eye
Tumblr media
pairing: mob!bucky barnes x barnes!wife!reader // mob!bucky barnes x mistress!dolores // mob!thor odinson x barnes!wife!reader
summary: you come home one night to find bucky in bed with another woman. after threatening divorce, he begs for your forgiveness and tells you he'll do anything. he should’ve known to always be careful with what you wish for.
word count: 6.6k
warnings: angst, bucky is a scumbag, infidelity, use of pet names, daddy kink, mentions of divorce, mentions of murder, smut, use of restraints, forced cuckholding, sub!bucky?, oral (m/f receiving), fingering, choking, spanking, unprotected sex, cream pie, happy endings for some !!! 18+ MINORS DNI !!!
notes: this is my submission for @ambrosiase 'the hotel indigo' writing challenge. it starts off really angsty, but it turns very smutty. hope you enjoy ! 💗
join my taglist !
room: the honeymoon suite ❦ room service: mobster
You weren’t supposed to witness this. You were never supposed to see your husband of 7 years, laying in your marital bed, fucking another woman. Hearing him call her the pet name that you thought was reserved only for you, while he drove his hips into her. The way ‘sweet plum’ rolled off his tongue with unwavering ease made you nauseous at the revelation.
You should’ve immediately known something was up when you entered your Manhattan townhouse that evening. The apprehensive looks you picked up on from the assigned security details should’ve alerted you that something was wrong, but you ignored it, desperately trying to reconnect with your other half.
Being away from your husband for 2 weeks, while on vacation with you sister, made you stir crazy due to not having Bucky near you. It was with unfortunate, yet fortunate luck that landed you here due to your sibling getting sick with food poisoning; the event resulting in your month-long planned trip being cut short.
Loading into the elevator and clicking on the master floor, glee filled your body as you ascended the 3 flights up. But the second those doors opened up, dread took its place.
The first thing you noticed was the stray high heel; the item was 6-inches and hot pink, a stark difference to your usual choices. The shoe started the trail of strewn articles of clothing that led to your shared bedroom.
Following the string of garments, taking steady steps, you heard the familiar moans of your husband. His deep grunts were distinct, rich and gruff, the acclimated sounds were already implanted in your hippocampus.
Pairing his groans of pleasure were the squeaks of a woman. Hers were shrill, the piercing yelps already causing a headache to form. All you heard were the over exaggerated pleas of a wanna-be pornstar escaping the confines of your bedroom.
Though you had heard the infidelity, nothing could have prepared you for the sight of it unfolding before your eyes.
Bucky had the long haired redhead bent at his will. His large palms pressed her thighs back to where her knees touched the sheets, no doubt causing a burn to run through her legs.
His hips proceeded to rut into her, the sounds of slapping skin bouncing off the walls. You watched as their eyes were trained on each other, a slight smile adorned both faces as they moaned out.
“Fuck sweets, you feel so good taking my cock,” Bucky swore at the woman underneath him, “You like Daddy’s dick tearing you apart, don’t you?” Her yelps of desire were an acceptable response to the brunette.
You stood there for a while, not able to tear your eyes away from their motions. 7 years of marriage down the drain, 7 years of love and tenderness thrown out the window. So caught up with misery, you didn’t realize you had started crying; but the pair did.
Removing himself, Bucky jumped up and grabbed his crumpled boxers off the floor and quickly pulled the material up his legs. “Sweetheart, this isn’t what it looks like, I swear.”
A dry chuckle boomed in your stream of consciousness. It was honestly amusing to think that a idiotic line like that would excuse his actions, yet he said it anyway as if you didn’t just watch him be balls deep in someone other than you, his wife. You continued to stand there, mute, as your thoughts ran wild.
“(Y/N), baby please,” the man pleaded, staring deep into your eyes, “Just hear me out.”
Not wanting to listen to any lame excuse he could try and conjure up, you brushed past him and towards the walk in closet, avoiding his insisting eye contact. Following in tow, he watched as you grabbed a suitcase and started stuffing as much of your wardrobe in the travel bag.
“Wait- wait hey, (Y/N). What are you doing? Where are you going?”
You filled your bag with your clothes and grabbed a carry on, side stepping your husband yet again and heading into your combined bathroom.
“Please, baby, I’m sorry. It didn’t mean anything, just look at me and let me explain.”
Bucky stared at your rigid frame. You did everything in your power to not pay him any mind and it broke him.
He knows he shouldn’t feel bad, he brought this upon himself.
Being the leader of the Barnes Family Syndicate, it was always expected of him to have a wife and a mistress. His father had one, as did his grandfather and so on and so forth.
When he met you, he realized he didn’t want to follow in his family’s footsteps of infidelity so he maintained his devotion to you. But dealing with constant teasing from fellow heads of families of how whipped he was, and how he wasn’t a ‘real man’, made his resolve slowly weaken.
So the day you left for Tahiti with your sister, he thought what better time than then.
He had gone to his best friend’s, Sam, nightclub and that’s where he met Dolores. A pretty little thing, with flowing red hair. She had caught his eye as she danced on the crowded floor. Bucky watched as her hips glided to the beat. The skirt of her dress rose due to her actions, enticing him even more.
An hour later, he had her pinned down in the backseat of his town car. His motions caused the vehicle to rock back and forth as it stayed parked on the sidewalk.
After the moment, he was filled with a tremendous amount of pride. He had lived up to the family name, following in his fathers footsteps. But once his driver, Peter, climbed into the front seat and looked at him through the partition with shame, his bones were riddled with mortification.
He had broken his sacred vows. ‘To love and to cherish’ were burned away as the sweaty redhead laid next to him, stroking the damp hair away from his forehead.
But the ridiculing words from the other syndicate leaders flowed back into his mind, pushing the guilt he felt away. So he ordered Peter to drive him back to your shared home and rolled the barrier up, avoiding the young man's piercing gaze.
Bucky should’ve never acted on the words of his colleagues, because he knew how much they loathed that he got someone as beautiful as you.
It was no secret that you were out of his league. The moment he saw you enter the crime disguised butcher shop, he knew he had to have you.
Your beauty made everyone stop and stare, it caused him to lose friends and colleagues due to their own lustful desires directed towards you. That’s why he married you only after 6 months of dating, to make sure that he could never lose you.
Yet here he was, wearing only a pair of boxers while you packed up your belongings after watching him have an affair, his nightmare coming to life.
You continued with your actions, making sure you had every item of your beauty regime packed away. Collecting your belongings, you began to make your way out of the room before Bucky’s booming voice rang out.
“Jesus Christ (Y/N), just look at me! Talk to me! Say something!”
Frozen in spot, you felt 2 pairs of eyes on your back. One from the redhead who stayed tucked under the covers, and the other from your husband.
You cleared your throat, removing the bile that had built up there upon your revelation. With your back still towards the pair, you found the courage to speak. “How long?”
“Listen sweet plum-” he began, but was quickly cut off by your sharp voice.
“I asked you, how long?”
With a sigh, he revealed to you the horrible truth, “Since the night that you left with your sister.”
A broken sob shot through your being. He couldn’t even wait a day without your presence for him to go and find someone else.
Wiping away the stray tears that escaped your eyes, you picked up your suitcase, slung the carryon over your shoulder and made your way out of the home, making sure to grab the luggage you had forgotten when you first arrived.
You didn’t bother taking the elevator, not wanting to be stuck in the small space with the cheater so you descended the stairs, bags in tow.
Bucky’s apologetic pleas followed you down the steps and out the front door, the security that were posted avoided the unfolding scene like the plague.
Stepping out onto the city sidewalk, you raised your hand to hail a taxi, desperately trying to escape the begging man standing only in his underwear.
“Please baby, she means nothing to me. I got so caught up in the guy's words that I felt like I had to do it. But it meant nothing, it won’t happen again. I promise you.”
You ignored his sorrow-filled confession as you watched the yellow cab pull in front of you. The driver could sense the tense energy and popped the trunk, staying in the safety of his vehicle and not wanting to mess with the well-known mobster.
Lugging the heavy cases into the trunk, you closed the lid and entered the backseat.
Before the driver could pull away, you rolled down the window and finally locked eyes with the brunette.
Bucky watched as a smile found your lips, and he began to feel hopeful. But the words that left your lips next shattered his aspirations.
“The next time you hear from me will be from my lawyer. I’m filing for divorce.”
And with that, Bucky watched as the cab drove away along with his self-sabotaged marriage.
Tumblr media
It had been 3 weeks of radio silence from you and Bucky was an absolute mess. He tried to call you, visit your family and friends, and even used his connections with the NYPD. He did everything in his power to talk to you but you had ignored all efforts of communication.
His empire was slowly collapsing, due to his queen running away. He never admitted it, but the reason he had become so powerful over the years was due to you.
The effect you had on business partners and clientele gave him a leg up in the competition; everyone desperate to be in your presence, in any way shape or form.
Now with you not by his side, he was crumbling. His usual attire of 3 piece tailored suits were replaced with stained t-shirts and baggy sweats. Bucky’s hair was typically kept neat, not a strand out of place, but now it had become unruly, matching the scraggly beard he had developed.
During those 3 weeks, the brunette managed to drink through a plethora of liquor bottles. Finishing off every glass in hopes that it would somehow bring you back, but to no avail.
That night when you left, he threw Dolores onto the street, treating her like the trash that he should’ve when she started flirting with him that night at the club; ignoring the obvious wedding band on his left hand.
Unfortunately he couldn’t escape the sex-filled odor of his actions that soaked the bedroom, so he had it deep cleaned. The action was supposed to make him feel better, but it only made it worse when he realized that the sweet smell of your usual vanilla and caramel perfume was gone.
Bucky spent most days crying on your side of the bed, grasping onto a forgotten sweater of yours that had traces of your scent ingrained in the fabric.
Meanwhile, a few miles south in Greenwich Village, you sat in the office of Stephen Strange, a reputable divorce attorney.
It took a while before you were able to conjure up the courage to step foot into his office. But today you felt better than the days prior, finally wanting to get it all over with.
“So you don’t want any of the houses or the cars. You’re fine with just alimony?” he questioned, his coiffed hair bounced as he turned his head to the side watching you.
“Yes, just alimony, he can keep everything else. I don’t want anything else tied to him.”
He nodded along to your answer. He knew who your soon-to-be ex-husband was, but wasn’t scared of him. The Strange family had their own notoriety that made them a formidable opponent so he wasn’t worried about any backlash.
“So did you want to fi-,” his question cut short at the ring of your cell phone, the 17th time ever since you sat down less than an hour ago.
Growing tired of the nuisance ringing, you angrily picked up the phone, “Did I not say that the next time you’d hear from me would be from a lawyer? Or were you too busy thinking about your side pieces cunt to listen to what I had to say?”
You heard the sounds of a broken man wailing into your ear, the noise making your eyes roll.
“Please baby, I can’t do this without you. I’m so goddamn sorry. Just please give me one more chance.”
Your chest rose as you took a deep sigh, rubbing your temples in the process. “James, you couldn’t even wait 24 hours until I left the country for you to fuck somebody else. How the hell am I supposed to trust you? How do I know this was just a one time thing and you haven’t been making me look stupid for years?”
Stephen slyly listened as you yelled into your device, half-focusing on the papers in front of him.
Bucky had never heard you call him by his first name the entirety of your relationship, only addressing him with pet names. The government name sounded foreign, your tone filled with rage, as it ran off your tongue.
“Please sweetheart, it was only the one. I promise you. I can’t tell you how sorry I am, I feel like shit. I can’t sleep knowing that you’re not here anymore.”
You looked up at the ceiling, trying to maintain composure so that you didn’t cause a scene in the office space. “It’s kind of hard to believe you, considering the fact that I probably would’ve never found out if I didn’t come home early from my vacation.”
Bucky’s tears started to flow freely, he felt like he was in a nightmare that he couldn’t wake up from. “Please (Y/N). I’ll do anything. Anything you want I’ll do, just please give me one more chance.”
The LED lights hanging from overhead, caught the pear cut diamond of your engagement ring. The unplanned action gathering your attention to the 40 carat jewel.
You sat there as your mind raced, pondering all possibilities when one particular thought came to the forefront of your mind. “Anything, huh? You’ll do anything I say?”
Bucky sat up from the plush bed, hopefulness rushing through him like a tidal wave. “Yes doll, anything. You name it, it’s done.”
A smile decorated your face, “Alright. Remember our first anniversary, we stayed in the honeymoon suite at The Hotel Indigo? Meet me there tomorrow night, 8:45.”
You ended the call before you could hear his response. Pulling up your text messages, you scrolled until you found the desired contact. You typed in a message, detailing your plan before sending it off.
Once you were finished, you met the questioning eyes of your lawyer.
“Well, as I was saying,” his voice laced with interest, “Did you want to file the papers or did you want to hold off on them?”
Tumblr media
Bucky had arrived at the hotel ahead of schedule, but waited in the car, not wanting to arrive earlier than expected and ruin his chance of gaining you back.
He made sure to look his best. Getting his haircut and beard shaved, dressing in that black sleek suit with the red floral patterned shirt that he knew you loved so much.
It was 5 minutes until the designated time when he climbed out the vehicle and made his way into the lobby and towards the elevator. His intimidating presence alone made the hotel's occupants stop in their tracks and shy away from the mobster.
Once he climbed up the appropriate level, he nervously walked down the hall and towards the honeymoon suite. The sight of the door bringing back a flood of memories of the night they shared all those years ago.
His ringed hand knocked on the hardwood door, the sound echoing throughout the empty hall. When you opened it, he was met with a sight he never expected to see that evening.
You had donned a red lingerie set. The cups of your bra elevated your breasts, your ass was accentuated with a lace thong. There was a matching garter on your waist, the straps of it leading and connecting to a pair of mesh stockings; the feature allowed your freshly painted white toes to shine through.
You looked absolutely delectable and Bucky could’ve came in his pants right then and there if he didn’t control himself.
“Come on in,” you stated, your voice seemed devoid of emotion as you walked back into the room.
Bucky followed as he watched you sit down on the creme colored silk sheets, your manicured hand pointing to the placed chair in front of the bed. “Sit.”
Listening to your orders, he immediately sat down in the seat directly across from you.
“(Y/N), baby I can explain. I-”
His pleas were instantly cut short at the raise of your index finger, the simple action shutting him up.
“I’m not here to listen to your excuses. You said that you would do anything, right? Anything, and you’d do it without question?”
Bucky nodded along, not even noticing the smirk on your face or the honeyed tone from your lips. He was beyond desperate to get you back. “Yes sweetheart. I can’t lose you.”
You smiled at him, content with his answer. A few seconds later there was a knock at the door. “Oh, that must be room service.”
You sauntered to the door, trying not to seem too excited at the expected guest. Once you unlocked the door, you were met with the 6’6” Adonis himself.
“What the fuck are you doing here Thor?” Bucky yelled, furious that he was interrupting his personal moment and also due to the fact that he has now seen you in such an intimate way.
The blonde chuckled, the noise was guttural and mocking, as he made his way into the suite carrying a plastic bag. It’s evident contents pierced through the plastic. “Hello James. Lovely weather we are having tonight.”
Bucky stood up, getting into the blondes face, “I don’t know what you’re doing here, but you need to get the fuck out now. You’re not welcomed here.”
“Actually he is. I invited him.”
Your confession had his eyes darting back and forth between you two, disbelief overwhelmed him. “Wh- what are you talking about (Y/N)?”
You made your way back to the bed, kneeling as the silk fabric caressed your legs. “Well, you said anything. And well, I realized that you won’t experience true pain, true heartbreak unless you feel what I felt that evening. So, you’re going to sit in that chair and watch as I let Thor fuck me.”
You couldn’t deny the fact that you found the blonde attractive. From his massive stature to his raucous and smokey voice that only accentuated his deep accent. You would always catch his wandering blue eyes whenever he came to visit for the weekly syndicate meetings. And though the thought of actually acting upon the urges never crossed your mind, you did always wonder what it would be like to lay with the Norse god-like man.
So when Bucky informed you yesterday that he would act on anything you desired, your first thought went to him. After scheduling the meet, you found Thor’s saved contact and told him about your plan. How you wanted to get back at your cheating, scumbag husband in the worst way possible.
You weren’t expecting him to agree so suddenly, his accepting response sent in not even 2 minutes after. He even said he would bring a special something to make sure everything went according to plan.
Which brings you back to this unfolding moment.
Bucky’s lips sputtered like a fish out of water, trying to form a sentence but was completely flabbergasted. “W- why him? Why this? Isn’t there anything else, something else I can do to prove how sorry I am?”
“The only way you’ll know what it feels like to watch your spouse fuck somebody else, is to actually watch them fuck somebody else. So it’s this way or the highway, take your pick.”
Bucky stood there and weighed his options. The thought of another man touching what was his made bile rise in his throat. But if letting Thor fuck you just this once would guarantee that he wouldn’t lose you, then that’s the price he would have to pay for his actions.
With a heavy sigh, he nodded his head. “Fine, if this is what I have to sit through I’ll do it. I’ll do anything to get you back, doll.”
Thor clapped his hands together, the mighty sound rang in your ears. “Perfect, now we will just need one more thing before we get this party started.”
Reaching into the hardware store bag, the man produced a lengthy amount of rope.
“What the hell do you think you’re doing with that?” screeched the brunette.
Thor looked at you, silently asking for approval, and was grateful that you nodded to his request.
“This is to make sure you do not get up and try to stop me. Or punch me. It’s for both actually.”
Bucky looked at you, silently pleading to stop this madness but you looked at him with daring eyes, trying to see if he actually wanted you as much as he cried out.
Knowing that his efforts were going nowhere, he sighed and made his way to the chair, sitting down and resting his arms on the wooden rests.
You watched as Thor securely tied him to the chair, tightly restraining every part of Buckys’ body, making sure there was no chance of a sudden escape.
Satisfied with his handiwork, he made his way to the bed, staring down at you. “Oh my dove, I have wanted to do so many things to you the second I met you. He is a fucking imbecile to stray away from a goddess like you.”
His intense gaze and pet name had you giggling, you felt heat rise up your body and warm your face.
“You better not even think about cumming inside of her!” Bucky interjected, his arms testing out the durability of the knots.
The two of you, lost in each other’s embraces, ignored the pleas of the restrained man.
“I am going to make you feel like a queen amongst men when I’m finished with you little one.”
And with that, the blondes hand latched onto your throat, dragging you to your feet to stand in front of Bucky.
With your back pressed against his front, Thor’s hands glided across your body. His rough and large hands were a stark contrast to the soft, suppleness of your frame.
A breathy sigh left you at the stimulation as he continued to massage your body. His warm palms cupped your breasts through your bra, fondling the fleshy mounds while his thumbs stroked your covered nipples. “Oh, Thor.”
All the blonde could do was smile at his dream come true unfolding. He had a crush on you the moment he saw you enter the meeting room of your shared home with Bucky years ago. Dressed in a pair of tight leggings and a crop top, he could barely contain the desire that flooded his being at the sight of you.
So he did everything in his power to break the two of you up, even joining in on the other leader's tirades of convincing the brunette to cheat.
When he heard that you had uncovered the truth he was overjoyed, even more so when he got that glorious text from you yesterday.
So he here was, groping and fondling your body with the grace that you deserved.
“That’s it love, just relax,” he purred in your ear.
Reaching behind and unclasping your bra, he removed the lace material to unveil you to him. Turning you to the side, he bent down a tad to take your left nipple into his mouth. His taut tongue swirling around your hardening peak made you press your chest deeper into the man as your back arched.
With your tit in his mouth, he occupied his hands by grabbing handfuls of your ass, relishing in the soft feel of them. Bringing a hand up, he collided his palm with your flesh, a loud spanking noise ringing out. The feeling of the metal rings he wore imprinting your ass made you lewdly moan into the air.
Your hands grasped the sides of his face, pulling him up to tower back over you. With his suit jacket in your hands, you began to strip him of his attire; starting with his jacket, unbuttoning his dress shirt, and finally removing his belt out of the metal clasp and pulling the leather out of the belt loops.
Looking deep into his eyes, you sank to your knees, tugging his slacks down in the process. Thor’s bulge was prominent through the thin pair of black briefs he wore, his hard on pleading to be free from its confines.
With your hands in the waistband of his briefs, you tugged them down his long legs, only stopping until you heard the thunderous noise of his heavy cock smacking against his abdomen.
You looked up at his manhood with your mouth agape and eyes bulged. Buckys’ cock was big, but Thors’ was huge.
The red mushroom tip was heavily leaking precum, the secretion already sliding down his stomach. His length was thick and veiny and his balls were heavy, the sight making you salivate.
Reaching up, grasping the base of him, his girth only allowing you to circle half of it. Thor sighed in relief at the feel of your soft hand easing his ache. “Ahh, you see what you do to me my love?”
Thor watched you look up at him as you took his head into your mouth, sucking and lapping up his precum.
You knew due to his girth it was going to be tough to take it down your throat, but you were determined to consume as much of him as possible.
Pulling away, you spit on his cock and begin rubbing to get it slick before shoving it back into your mouth.
“Oh yes, little one. Such a perfect mouth of yours.”
You could only take a third of him but you stroked what you couldn’t with your hands.
Bucky sat and watched as you pleasured the blonde, his heart breaking in the process. He knew that his punishment had only just begun but he didn’t know if he could handle watching anymore of it.
Thor grabbed onto the top of your head so that way you could look your husband in the eyes. He bucked into your mouth, the tip of him poking into your cheek and extending the fleshy muscle. “How in the world could you ever stray from a perfect little mouth like this one James? Feels like fucking heaven.”
His taunting words had the brunette tug at the binds, desperate to remove him from you.
“Now as much as I am enjoying your tongue,” the blonde began as he removed you from him, “I need a taste of your sweet cunt.”
Pulling you up by under your shoulders, he lifted you onto the bed. He wasted no time in ripping your thong to shreds before diving in tongue first.
“Oh fuck yes!”
You felt his tongue dart through your slick lips, tasting every crevice of your core before sucking on your clit. The action made your back arch and your cunt press more into his mouth.
Thor placed his left hand on your stomach, pushing down to restrain you. With his right, he pushed his middle and ring finger into your sopping heat. Every push and pull of his digits caused the fire to bloom in your core. Your juices leaked out and soaked his face and ringed hand, making the metal glisten under the light.
He felt your walls tighten and spasm, your impending orgasm evident. Thor sped up his motions with his hand and applied more pressure to your mound with his tongue until he felt your juices squirt out and a loud moan ring in the air. “God- fuck!”
The blonde finger fucked you through your release, until you were a panting mess. Removing his fingers he placed them in his mouth, sucking off your essence and making sure to be loud enough for the tied man to hear him. “You taste absolutely divine, my dove.”
Thor’s cock bobbed at the sight before him; your body spread out as your eyes were hooded, rising chest, and swollen cunt. You were a sight for sore eyes.
Even though you had just experienced an orgasm, you desperately wanted more so you reached out to him with grabby hands directed towards his cock. The action caused a booming laugh to escape him.
“Needy little thing I see,” Thor taunted, “I guess you needed a real man to show you how it’s done.”
All that flashed through Bucky's mind were thoughts of murdering the blonde with his bare hands. “You’re lucky you tied me to this fucking chair otherwise you’d be dead on the floor already.”
Thor ignored his threats as he pulled you up and into him, your legs wrapped around his waist. He carried you until he was right in front of the brunette. Placing you down on the floor, he manhandled your body until you were bent down, your hands holding onto Bucky’s forearms with your face directly in front of his.
He held the base of his cock, using it to run through your folds and getting it slick with your essence.
“Here little one. Let me show you how it feels to actually be fucked.”
A sharp yelp turned moan ripped through you at the sudden intrusion. Thor's cock filled you up in crevices of your cunt that you didn't know you had. He wasn't even fully sheathed inside of you and yet you felt so full. “Ahh- oh god.”
“Fucking hell princess, such a tight cunt,” spoke Thor through battered breaths.
With the compromising position you were in, Bucky felt every sharp breath leave your lips and waft over his face. Every buck of the blonde's hips pushed your frame into his. He watched your eyes roll back into your skull due to ecstasy. Ecstasy that, for the first time in your marriage, he wasn’t the cause of.
“Yes Thor, fuck, just like that.”
You felt the man behind grab onto your hips and pummel inside of you. You felt every ridge of his cock drag against your spasming walls.
The pace he had set was brutal, making you feel how badly he wanted- needed this.
Thor needed to show you what true bliss felt like. He needed to show you how you didn’t need the pathetic excuse of a man in front of you. And more importantly, he needed to show Bucky how much of a dumbass he was for thinking he needed anyone else but you.
He pulled out of you, much to your dismay, before trudging you back to the bed. He sat down on the edge and maneuvered your body to where your back was pressed against him once again while your legs were spread out on either side of his thighs. The position left you bare to the restrained man, allowing him to watch everything that was about to be performed to your soaked cunt.
Thor moved your right arm to sling across his shoulders, allowing the two of you to watch your victim. With both hands on your waist, he raised your body up and sunk you down on his shaft. A content sigh came from you both.
“You feel so warm my dove,” he cooed only loud enough for you to hear, “I could get used to this pussy wrapped around my cock for the rest of my days.”
You moaned at his statement while locking eyes with Bucky.
He unwillingly sat there and watched Thor piston into you. His sharp thrusts continuously impaled you as he matched them by bringing your hips down, creating a sweet tempo.
By the feel of your channel tightening around his cock, he could tell your second orgasm of the night was imminent.
Moving a hand down to your cunt, he rubbed taut circles to your numb, drawing a frenzied cry from you. “Oh yes! Fuck yes, please don’t stop!”
He laughed at your unadulterated request, “Would not dream of such a thing.”
Your head flew back in ecstasy as he continued fucking into you while rubbing on your clit, the pleasure becoming all-consuming.
“Look up,” Thor ordered you, “Look at your husband. Look how pathetic he looks as he watches his wife getting properly fucked. He cannot tear his eyes away from your delicious cunt. Poor bastard even has a hardon at the glorious sight of you taking every inch of me.”
And it was true. Even though Bucky hated the scene in front of him, he couldn’t deny the fact that it had him hot and bothered. The way your breasts bounced and the sounds of his- your squelching pussy had him in a daze.
Thor proceeded with his actions until he heard a mighty shout from you. “Yes- yes I’m cumming!”
He felt your cunt squeeze the life out of him as your juices soaked his cock and thighs. His thrusts began to dwindle down, trying to stave off his own release.
You felt like jelly against the mass of muscle pressed into your back. The two orgasms you experienced felt better than anything Bucky had ever given you in your 7 years of marriage.
Sensing your exhaustion, Thor slung his arm around your torso, keeping you upright. With you secure in his arm, he stood up and walked you around the side of the bed, then crawling onto the mattress. He flipped you onto your back causing you to stare back at him.
He maneuvered his hips until his dick caught onto your hole before slowly sinking in, your warmth engulfing him yet again. “Princess, you're going to be the death of me,” Thor spoke through clenched teeth, making you giggle.
With this new position came a new pace. What began as brutal and quick thrusts turned into slow and deep ones. He made sure to make you feel every ridge and every inch of him. The curve of his dick made your walls flutter around him, the stimulation driving the you two wild.
The both of your foreheads were pressed against each other, your eyes locked in as you savored the moment together.
So lost in the moment, you forgot all about Bucky sitting there watching. So far gone that you didn't register him crying.
Bucky had never thought he could feel true heartbreak until then. When he first got with Dolores, he thought about the off chance of you finding out, but he thought the revelation would be something you would be able to get over.
But sitting there, watching the love of his life being pleasured beyond belief by another man, he finally knew what you felt that evening when you walked in on him.
His chest was hot and heavy as agony filled it, tears fell down his face, and his whole body shook due to quiet sobs. “Please, please (Y/N). I get it. Just please stop.”
The pleas of the broken man fell on deaf ears as you and Thor were lost in your own world. The heavy weight of his large frame was comforting as he slowly drove into you. His hot breath warmed up your face as he looked down at you, his eyes filled with both lust and admiration.
“Who does this pussy belong to, my love?” He quietly questioned, directed only to you.
“It's yours Thor. It's all yours.”
With a content smile, he leant down and connected his lips with yours. His kisses were hungry, desperate even. Thor etched the comforting feel of your lips against his own in his mind.
Your mouth opened, giving the blonde the chance to slither his tongue into you. The wet feel of his tongue massaging your own, paired with his leisurely thrusts brought you to a blissful stupor.
You were both close, your breathy moans signaling your impending third orgasm were swallowed by the man above you.
Though his thrusts were still languid, Thor added a bit more power to them. His soft head repeatedly nudging your g-spot. Every impact from his cock made you lose a bit of reality as your core began to bloom.
“Cum in me,” you breathed into his mouth, “Cum in me and I’m all yours.”
With your blissful words filling his head, he delivered a few more passionate thrusts into your heat until you both came with a shout.
Even though you were blissed out beyond belief, you felt Thor’s cock pump and coat your walls with his cum. Heavy amounts of his seed spilled out from your battered cunt, sliding down and staining the sheets below.
His thrusts continued but were slowed, all of his focus still on molding his lips to yours, drinking in the heavenly taste of you.
Once he had completely emptied himself inside of you, he removed his lips from yours and smiled. “You are mine forever, little dove. I’m not letting anyone take you away from me.”
You looked up at him with a dopey smile and eyelids heavy with lust. It was at that moment that you heard the sobs coming from Bucky.
Looking to the side, you watched as the brunettes head was down as he cried out, but quickly returned your attention to the man above.
“Take me home Thor.”
The blonde removed himself from you to search for his clothes. Picking up the stray material of his dress shirt, he waited for you to sit up before dressing you in it.
“Wait,” Bucky interjected, “What are you doing?”
With shaky legs, you got up from the mattress and went to the bedside table where a manila folder had been sitting; your cum dripping down your thighs and onto the bedroom carpet. Picking up the packet, you walked in front of Bucky and placed it, as well as your wedding ring, on his lap.
“Here are the divorce papers,” you avowed, “Make sure to sign them right away.”
Once he had put back on the remainder of his clothes, Thor went and picked you up bridal style and headed towards the door, leaving your now ex-husband to reflect by his lonesome.
“B-but you said-” the brunette bewailed, his eyes bloodshot and full of tears.
Looking over at the man, you laughed, “Did you really think you could have your cake and eat it too? That’s not how it works James. Have a nice life, I hope she was worth it.”
And with that, Thor whisked you away, down the hotel and towards the awaiting car, leaving the broken man tied to the chair.
Bucky was now a shattered being. Though part of him felt pure rage, his emotions were more consumed with grief. He had lost the greatest thing to ever happen to him, all because of his stupid desires.
So he unwillingly sat there, tears flowing uncontrollably as he wallowed in his self pity, regretting all of his choices knowing that he had now just lost you forever.
Tumblr media
A/N: whew, this was a hot concept. i absolutely love cheating fics for some reason but i hate it when they make reader get back together with them, so decided to change that.
If you enjoyed this fic, please make sure to reblog and comment. feedback is much appreciated !
i do not allow the reposting, rewriting or translating of my fics. these are works of my own and i do not give permission for any of the acts stated above.
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Noises | Bucky Barnes x Female!Reader (18+)
request: Hi I was hoping for 150 😉 "Stop trying to figure your way out of this, and do as your told". Bucky or Sebastian which ever you prefer
a/n: THIS ONE GOT ME. to fuel my writing for Bucky/Sebastian -- i had to write this first. ugh, i've missed writing for this baby! i hope you guys enjoy!!
**inspired by @pitifulbaby Mob!Bucky story Business As Usual. CHECK IT OUT!**
warnings: smut, fingering, oral (f!receiving), unprotected sex (wrap it before ya tap it, babes!), choking, slight begging, guns (only used in interrogation, not on Reader)
pairing: Mob!Bucky x Female!Reader
main masterlist
Tumblr media
Being the mob boss's girlfriend had its perks. You were showered with endless love from the scariest man in Brooklyn, while others ate the demise that ushered from the barrel of a gun. While his shined designer shoes were being ruined with blood splatters, you experienced the tender love that was Bucky, although known to his enemies as James. He insured you were protected by his two closest men, Steve and Sam, to who you each took a liking. You and Steve joked about the old days when Bucky wasn’t ruthless, while Sam dabbled in your playful banter, truly becoming an older brother to you rather than your boyfriend’s right-hand man.
Bucky cared more about your protection than his dabbling, which meant sometimes - you were brought along. You’d take a position by the wall and watch as the taller male turned into the hunter, feasting on his prey. Bucky’s steel-blue eyes and deep voice sent chills racing down your spine. Watching the mob boss act in his element was not only a rush but a serious turn-on.
Steve and Sam had gathered leads on Bucky’s latest target, Damon. The guy was scum buried deep within the earth, and Barnes had gathered extensive leads. It was all just a matter of time before he figured poor Damon out. You watched from the corner, a cherry-flavored lollipop stuck in your mouth. Your tongue swirled across the flavored ball as you hurried to the center, although you took a few moments to pause… You licked around the stick, eyes centered on Bucky who was slipping out of his black jacket. Tossing it to the floor, you saw him crack his knuckles. His left arm donning the ribbon of tattoos, his short strands of hair pushed back as it surveyed his enemy.
You wouldn’t lie, your thighs were sticking together when his neck rolled from side to side. His buffed frame waltzed around Damon who clenched his fists, knuckles turning pale. His blonde hair was falling into his eyes, the nervous sweat collecting around his temple.
“Tell me what you know, and this doesn’t have to get too ugly. I may even let you go, but it depends on how bad you piss me off.” Bucky’s deep voice cascaded around the room. You licked your lips, closing your eyes. That all too familiar second heartbeat formed in your core, your breath hitching. You essentially began to block out whatever the two men were discussing, instead, you focused your eyes heavily on the brooding boss. He was gorgeous like this. At first, when you met Bucky, you were terrified of him… But then you uncovered the sweetest parts that only he let you see, and it caused you to ricochet.
The blows were heard, as Bucky turned the man into a bleeding mess every time he didn’t answer correctly. The cherry-flavored treat in your mouth was diminishing in size, and you couldn’t help but let your eyes gravitate towards his black pants. If he would just hurry this game up, you could have your actual treat. It finally got to a point when Bucky delivered the final words, you couldn’t help but let out a soft moan.
"Stop trying to figure your way out of this, and do as you're told.” When Damon chose not to answer, that was when Bucky reached and grabbed the pistol. One pull of the trigger and the man was laid dead before you. His chair hit the ground that he was tied to, a pained gasp escaping his mouth. When the noise penetrated Bucky’s ears that left your mouth, his head slowly turned. Those deep-set blue orbs landed on you, and the excitement was spurred. Pulling the sucker from your mouth with an audible pop, you saw the transition in his eyes.
“Clean this up,” Bucky said to Steve and Sam who were quickly jumping into action. Bucky’s eyes centered on you. “You, come with me,” He reached his hand out and grabbed a hold of your hand. With a smile, he wrapped his fingers through yours and led you out of the lower room.
“You think you can just moan while I’m taking care of business, doll?” His voice was deep and sultry, lacing your ears with lust. Your heart had kickstarted and you knew this situation would lead to more. Before you realized it, the two of you were whisked upstairs and secluded in his massive bedroom. Once you were pushed into the room, your back was pressed against the door. A gasp fled from your mouth as Bucky’s right hand outstretched to tangle around your throat. With a small amount of pressure, he knew the boxes to tick in order to make you quiver.
“You wanna embarrass me, doll? Is that what it is?” Bucky asked you. You smiled widely, his eyebrow arching. “You little minx…” He trailed, bringing his lips to yours. Crashing them against yours, a moan cut from your mouth which he easily swallowed. Your hands moved to tangle through his dark hair, tugging roughly at the ends to spark a reaction. Bucky groaned against you, reaching below to grab your hand. Pressing it to the front of his pants, you felt his current state.
“Oh, Bucky,” You moaned sweetly into his mouth. “I just wanted you all to myself… You know how I get when you bring me along for interrogations…” You said, batting your eyelashes. You palmed him through the fabric, earning the gentle roll of his baby blues.
Bucky smirked, his hand positioned over your throat, while his thumb danced across your bottom lip. Pulling it forwards, his height allowed him to brace above you. Resting his forearm above your head, he had you pinned. With his knee, Bucky pushed your knees apart. Immediately, he pushed his knee upwards and connected it with your raging heat. A breathy moan escaped your throat as you squeezed your eyes shut. The sudden bucking of your hips to try and obtain friction only made the mob boss laugh.
“Doll, you are something else… Do you deserve me?” He asked you tauntingly.
You nodded quickly. “Yes,” You said through a pant.
“Should I really let you have me?” He lowered his head, his warm breath fanning against your neck. He pressed one simple kiss to your hot flesh and it was enough to force a whine. Bucky smirked, shaking his head. “You are such an impatient little thing, kitten…” He groaned, bucking his hips forward. The added pressure against your core caused your orbs to roll.
“Bucky, please, you know I can’t stand teasing,” You whispered.
Bucky released his hand from your throat. With his knee still lodged in between your legs, he began to unbutton his shirt. Your eyes widened at the sight, watching as his delicate flesh was exposed to your feasting eyes. The white button-up was cast to the floor, his eyes watching you the entire time. Your mouth was watering as you begged to touch him, but you knew if you tried without being told to do so, the punishment was certain.
He leaned forward and while kissing you with such fierceness that it knocked the wind out of you, he had the hem of your shirt in his fingers. Breaking the kiss for not even five seconds, he had the shirt whisked from your body to expose your clothed breasts. Hungrily, Bucky moved his lips down your neck and started to pepper the flesh with purple marks. His teeth grazed the skin as moans carried from your mouth like a symphony, your fingers tangling through his hair. With one hand, he reached behind and unclasped your bra with his fingers, the fabric falling to the floor beside his button-up.
Groaning heavily, Bucky took one of your nipples into his mouth. Pushing the erected bud into the roof of his mouth, he diligently sucked against it, earning the bite of your lip. One hand was pressed flat to your belly, while he skimmed your skin with his coarse fingertips. Whimpering, your head fell back against the door as the pants were becoming more fervent. Moving his hand to the other breast, he massaged the skin and his fingers worked your opposing bud. The roll of his fingers on one while his warm tongue lapped the other was enough to have you screaming.
When he had enough of that, Bucky dropped to his knees. Gazing up at you with intense eyes, he unbuttoned your jeans and jerked them down your legs with intensity. You smiled widely, feeling as he brushed his fingers across your clothed heat. “You’re soaking wet, Doll,” He groaned, kissing your flesh. Whisking the drenched garment down your legs, you aided him by stepping out of the pool. Bucky grinned widely.
Without a warning, Bucky attached his mouth to your dripping core. A hiss left your mouth as you felt the warmth of his mouth wrap around you with pleasure. Bracing your hand above your head against the door, he forced your legs apart and started to work his tongue in between your folds. “Bucky!” You cried, eyes closing tightly. You nearly lost it when his tongue discovered your clit, adding kitten licks before he started to stroke it with the muscle in his mouth. That familiar feeling started to form in your belly as you groaned louder. He hooked your leg over his shoulder, pulling you in close. His hands gripped your ass, the flesh molded into his fingers.
Your walls were clenching around his tongue and as he pulled it out, he replaced the friction with his fingers. Pushing them up into your deep channel, you tightened your core around him. Gasping for every breath, the moans were being worked from you at a quicker rate. Bucky was enjoying himself as he felt you shake against him. He was the type of man, he devoured you until he was finished. And that was his very intention. His fingers curled within you, easily pinpointing your most intimate spot that had you arching your back off the door.
“That’s right, Doll, ya feel that?” Bucky’s voice laced your ears. Biting your lip, you continued to rake your fingers through his dark hair, the delicious grunts he pushed against your cunt all the more building your climax. Your belly started to tighten as you realized you were on the brink of losing control. Bucky knew, too. He wrapped his lips around your clit and started to suck at a steady pace, sending you falling over the edge. A string of incoherent words spewed from your mouth as you came hard, but he wasn’t stopping. He pulled your sopping cunt closer to his face as he buried inward, licking every ounce of you as though it were the sweetest concoction he ever had.
You were trying so hard to push his head away, but it was no use. The overstimulation was setting in as he destroyed whatever sanity you had left, your legs shaking. When he finally came off of your core, his face was glimmering as he licked his lips. Eyeing you with those delicious eyes, he brought himself to his feet and pressed his lips to yours. You moaned at the taste of yourself, Bucky smirking against your lips.
In one fluid motion, the mob boss had you picked up with your legs wrapped around his waist. He could feel the slick mixed with his saliva against his belly that oozed from you, causing his length to ache. Resting your back against the bed, he wasted no time stripping his lower half. You were still trying to catch your breath, that you were expecting him. The moment he was lined up to your entrance, you felt his tip brush past your folds. Both of you locked eyes as moans escaped your mouths.
Eyes rolling, Bucky’s head fell against your shoulder. “I just need to feel you, Doll,” He groaned against your ear, kissing your neck. “I couldn’t wait,”
You giggled quietly, another pleasurable groan freeing itself from your lips. You tangled your legs around his waist and secured him to you, your chests pressed tight. Holding your hand to the back of his head, Bucky’s face buried into the crook of your neck. He released a muffled groan that was sputtering, his length massive within you. He stretched you out in ways that no man ever could, and you loved him all the more for it. Bucky was certainly the most amazing man underneath the sheets, and although his roughened exterior proved him to be terrifying in the eyes of those around him… you had this side of him all to yourself. The one that took care of you and loved you.
Bucky lifted his head and stared down at you. With each stroke, his lips were moving closer to yours until he finally kissed you. Reaching for your hands, he interlaced his fingers through yours and held onto you. You kissed him back passionately, feeling the twitch of his cock inside of your tightened walls. Your second climax was building and you knew neither of you could hold on for much longer.
“B-Bucky, I-I’m,” You stammered, but he shushed you with another intense kiss.
“Please, baby,” He begged. That was all it took. Your orgasm rocked your body as you came with a forceful groan, squeezing your legs tightly around your boyfriend. Bucky shook against you as his climax ensued, leaving you both breathless. Your noises mixed together and the bed rocked like an oasis as he held you close to him, squeezing your fingers.
As the motions came to a standstill, Bucky rested his forehead against yours. Both of you opened your eyes to greet the other, smiles spread out across your faces.
“I love you,” Bucky whispered, holding you to him. He was still settled within you, but when he finally removed himself, you felt emptier than ever. When he pulled you onto his chest, you grabbed the sheets along the way and wrapped them around you two. Nuzzling into his chest, you stroked your fingertips across his inflamed skin.
“I love you more,” You answered him with a smile.
And needless to say, Bucky would certainly bring you along for more interrogations.
Just you making that one noise sent him overboard and as he laid there with the most beautiful woman outstretched across his chest, he knew one thing for sure;
He had his entire world.
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kinanabinks · a month ago
something blue
Tumblr media
dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to witness the joining of two lives.
Content Warning: Mob!Bucky x Best Friend!Reader, mature themes, best friends to lovers, violence, mention of blood, minor character death, fluff, mention of smut, sexual language.
Series Masterlist
Tumblr media
The aisle is lined with lilacs and lilies, freshly picked just hours ago. Rows of chairs are uniformly arranged on the grass; not many, as only the closest of friends and family are attending. There's a lightness to the air; the sense of a fresh start and freedom.
Sam is talking to a few of Bucky's cousins when a little girl comes up to him and tugs on his trousers. "Hello, prinţesă," He greets her warmly, crouching down to her level. "Do you need something?"
She blushes brightly, before leaning forward and coyly whispering, "Miss Fairy wants you."
"Me?" Sam asks with a frown.
The girl nods before running off again with a giggle, making him chuckle softly.
Meanwhile, Peter's managed to make your bridesmaids swoon and convinced them to leave your room, allowing him to speak to you alone. "I'm a sucker for traditions," He tells you. "You need something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue."
"Okay," You nod. "Well, my ring has a diamond from Bucky's mom's ring, and that was in the family for generations."
"Great!" He says with a grin. "Something new?"
"Uh..." You trail off, before lighting up. "Does my dress count? Bucky had it imported from Milan; it's a one-of-a-kind." The dress is made of the finest silk and it compliments every curve of your body; simple, elegant, and classy.
"Most definitely counts," He nods. "Now, you need something borrowed..."
"Who the fuck am I gonna borrow something from?" You ask incredulously.
Narrowing his eyes, Peter contemplates your options before suddenly jumping. "Got it!" He exclaims as he begins to pull out one of his tiny hoop earrings.
"Ew, gross!" You whine, taking a step back. "I don't want your diseases!"
"I don't have any diseases," He promises, before reaching out to put the earring into your ear.
"I can't just wear one earring," You say incredulously.
"You're right," Peter agrees before pulling out the other one and putting it in your other ear. "Done! Now we need something blue."
"Blue..." You mumble, frowning.
Looking around the room, Peter sighs, shaking his head. Then, a large smile grows on his lips. "Well, you'll have Bucky's eyes on you the whole time. They're pretty blue," He says slyly.
You grin. "That is the sappiest shit you've ever said."
"I'm not wrong!" He laughs, before sighing, looking you up and down. "Gorgeous. You're the most beautiful bride I've ever seen, ma'am."
"Thank you, Petey," You say warmly, pulling him in for a hug. "I appreciate your help."
"I mean, I created the problem myself by introducing the tradition, but you're welcome," He chirps, patting your back. "I'll see you out there. Good luck!"
He goes to leave and when he opens the door, Sam is standing with his fist raised, ready to knock. The two men share a nod before walking past each other, Peter out of the room and Sam in.
Looking you up and down, Sam's face lights up. "Wow. You look absolutely stunning, Y/N," He tells you with a growing smile as he takes your hands in his and looks you up and down. "Barnes is one lucky bastard."
"Oh, stop," You say coyly, welcoming his warm hug.
"Was there a problem?" He asks with concern. "What did you need me here for?"
Your cheeks heat up as you look down bashfully. "Actually, uh, I've been doing some thinking," You begin, looking up at him. "As much as I want to do it alone, and be independent and shit... I would really like for you to walk me down the aisle, Samuel."
He's taken aback by your words, his eyebrows shooting up.
"You don't have to say yes; I know it's a big ask," You assure him. "I won't be offended. Just thought I'd put it out there."
"Y/N, I'm... I would be honored," He tells you, taking your hand in his, before letting out a laugh. "Now I feel like I oughta give Buck a talk about treating you right."
You snort at that. "You can try, but he'd probably kill you."
Sam grins before pulling you in for another hug, being careful not to mess up your hair. Just then, Bucky's aunt walks in with urgency.
"It's time!" She exclaims. "Come on! Grăbiţi-vă!"
Bucky's standing at the altar, a little confused as to the whereabouts of his best man, but too on edge to put much thought to it. He's about to marry you. His stomach flips and he isn't sure how to handle being nervous as it's something he hasn't felt since he was a kid. He's excited and terrified, but he's never felt more alive.
When the violinist begins to play a sweet melody, his heart skips a beat and he stands up straight. The priest gives him a reassuring nod and Bucky turns to the side, ready.
Two of his neices come bounding down the aisle, tossing flower petals with giddy smiles. They're followed by a few of Bucky's cousin sisters, as well as Banita who he flew out for the wedding. Once the bridesmaids have made their way to the altar, it's your turn.
The second you enter Bucky's vision, he's a goner. He has to blink repeatedly to fight back his tears, especially once he sees your arm linked with Sam's. The thin, lace veil covers your face, but Bucky can still make out your features, more so when you get closer.
When you get to the altar, Sam takes your hand and puts it in Bucky's, giving him a wink and a nod before taking his place behind him. You stand in front of Bucky, nervous as all hell.
Slowly, he reaches out and lifts up your veil, tossing it over your hair. He swallows thickly before whispering, "You are so beautiful."
You grin, but when you glance down at his hand and see his bloody, bruised knuckles, your brows furrow together. "What happened?" You murmur.
Instead of answering you, he takes your hand and gently kisses the back of it, before giving the priest a nod. The priest clears his throat and begins his speech, speaking in Romanian while you try your best to keep up with the small amount that you've learnt since being here. Every so often, though, your eyes flicker down to his knuckles, but he gives you a reassuring wink whenever he spots you looking.
Bucky is irritated at himself for not being more careful, but when Jack turned up earlier, he couldn't hold back.
"As your Godfather, it's tradition that I pay for your wedding," The familiar voice called out. "I wish you told me earlier."
With a clenched jaw, Bucky slowly turned around. "I didn't tell you at all," He muttered coldly. "What the fuck are you doing here, Jack?"
"It's my nephew's wedding!" He replied with a laugh, stepping further into the kitchen. "I knew you and your girl were pulling my leg when you told me you were married back in New York - it's nice to see you're finally making it official."
With a deep breath, Bucky did his best to remain composed. Not on your wedding day, Buck.
"You betrayed Y/N," He said bluntly. "And when you betray one, you betray us all. You know what happens to traitors."
Jack let out a dry laugh. "Come on, now, son. I'm your uncle. Aren't I owed some forgiveness? I made a mistake."
"You risked Y/N's life," Bucky corrected him curtly as he walked closer to him. "I don't take shit like lightly, not even from family."
With a hardened face, Jack sighed. "Calm down and remember where your loyalties lie, James. Pretty gold-diggers like her come often and in abundance, but family-"
Bucky cut him off with a swift uppercut, making Jack stumble backwards. The dam broke. With no composure or self-control left, Bucky continued pummelling Jack to the ground, driven by his pure rage. Jack tried to fight back, but being twice Bucky's age held him back from landing even a single punch. And thankfully so, because Bucky knew you'd kill him if he was standing at the altar with a black eye.
"Boss!" Sam yelled as he rushed in, slamming the door shut behind him.
Bucky pulled back and looked up at him, holding out his hand. "Your gun, Sam," He ordered him firmly.
Sam faltered for a second, but Bucky doubled down.
"He's a fucking traitor," Bucky spit harshly. "I'm not gonna ask you again."
Quickly, Sam pulled out his gun and handed it to Bucky, who held it up to a weakened Jack's head.
"I didn't wanna have to do this on my fuckin' wedding day," He mumbled bitterly. "But you just can't do a single thing right, can you?"
"You're weak," Jack hissed as blood coated his face. "Your father would be-"
The gunshot interrupted him mid-sentence.
The priest, having finished his long speech, tells Bucky to begin his vows. Both of you agreed on wanting to write your own, and your heart thuds with anticipation.
You hear a few appreciative murmurs from the guests, but you pay them no heed. Your eyes and ears are for Bucky alone, who speaks more eloquently than you've ever heard.
With your hands firmly in his, Bucky stares down at you like you're the only thing that exists. "Ever since the day I met you seven years ago, I've loved you," He begins, already making you tear up. "I didn't really know what love was; I thought movies had made it up and that it wasn't something real people felt. But then I met you, and I got to know you, and I knew it was real," He continues earnestly. "We agreed to be friends at the beginning, but somewhere down the line that changed. I found myself falling with every smile you gave me, every hug, every annoyed little punch that I had to pretend actually hurt. I am so glad we made that promise to be friends, because it created the basis of our perfect relationship. It allowed me to truly learn you; to become fluent in the language of your love. You've changed my entire outlook on life. Where I once chased power and money, I now chase your love. Your happiness. And I promise, my darling, that I will never give up that chase."
"Your safety and comfort will always be my first priority," He promises. "Everything I ever do will be for you. With you. As my wife, you'll be half of me, and that will never change as long as I live. There'll be no secrets. Your importance to me will never waiver. The respect I have for you will never be tarnished. I will belong to you, wholly, and only you. Nobody will come above you."
You blink a few times to prevent your tears from falling, tightly gripping onto his hands.
"I will stand like a bridge over any troubles we may come across," Bucky vows, meaning every single word he's saying. "There is no problem or hardship bigger than my love. Nothing that could make me give up on us. You will always have my heart. You are my soul. My fairy."
As he finishes, the guests clap, but you can only focus on him. You want so badly to kiss him, but you respect the tradition and remain composed, knowing it's your turn next.
The priest nods at you, and you clear your throat while your stomach fills with butterflies. Turning to the side, you lock eyes with Bucky's aunt, who gives you a knowing nod, silently motivating you and telling you that you can do this.
You take in a deep breath and look up at Bucky with a smile. "Eu te voi iubi mereu, Jamie." I will always love you, Jamie.
His heart skips a beat as the words fall from your mouth.
"Iti voi... apartine mereu. Voi avea mereu grijă de tine," You go on to say, hoping you haven't mixed any of the words up. I will always belong to you. I will always take care of you.
Bucky grins widely. Some of your words are mispronounced, but it only makes him love you even more. He can tell from your shaky voice that you're nervous, so he squeezes your hand to reassure you.
"Poți găsi mângâiere în mine," You say. You can find comfort in me. "Te voi proteja la fel cum mă protejezi tu pe mine." I will protect you as you protect me. "Voi fi mereu de partea ta. Majoreta ta. Partenerul tau." I will always be on your side. Your cheerleader. Your partner. "Uneori mă enervezi atât de mult încât vreau să te omor," You say, earning a few laughs, including a hearty one from Bucky. Sometimes you annoy me so much, I want to kill you. "Dar o privire la ochii tăi și uit că am fost supărată." But a look in your eyes and I forget I was upset. "O privire în ochii tăi și mă simt în siguranță." A look in your eyes and I feel safe.
He brings your hand up to his lips and kisses it softly as his glossy eyes remain trained on you.
"Esti cel mai important lucru pentru mine," You tell him. You are the most important thing to me. "Și asta nu se va schimba niciodată." And that will never change. "Eu te voi iubi mereu, Jamie." I will always love you, Jamie.
You breathe out a sigh of relief as you finish, smiling widely at him. He shakes his head in disbelief, wondering when you practiced them. "I love you," Bucky whispers with adoration in his eyes.
One of Bucky's nephews then comes running up the altar, holding a small floral box up proudly. Bucky leans in to take your ring from the box, before gently sliding it onto your finger. The plain band fits perfectly around the diamonds of your engagement ring, making it look complete. You then take Bucky's ring from the boy before taking his hand and putting it on his finger, feeling a magical wave of joy wash over you as you see him adorned with your ring. Your name is carved on the inside, matching his tattoo.
With a grin, the priest raises up his hands and joyously says, "Poți să-ți săruți mireasa!"
Before you can mentally translate what he said, Bucky grabs you by the hips and pulls you closer before planting his lips on yours. The guests burst into joyous cheers as you share a sweet kiss, making you feel completely whole. Bucky pulls back before lifting you into his arms, making you squeal while carrying you through the aisle, through the guests who lovingly throw petals onto the both of you.
At the end of the aisle, he carefully puts you back down and you're met by his close family, including his grandparents.
"You must wear these," His aunt tells you as his grandma holds out two crowns. "It's Romanian tradition!" She carefully places the small gold crowns on each of your heads, smiling widely.
Sam pats Bucky's shoulder, grinning warmly at the two of you. "The queen and her king, huh?"
Bucky links his fingers with yours and you're guided to the larger garden which has been decorated for your reception. Before you can be swarmed by his family, Bucky steals you away back inside the house, to a quiet room.
He gently pushes you against the wall, cupping your face as he smiles down at you. "My beautiful wife," He utters, stroking your cheeks. "Is this real?"
"It's real, Jamie," You tell him with a soft laugh. "Your vows, James, my God. I almost burst into tears. Since when are you that soft?"
"Since you softened me," Bucky mumbles with pink cheeks, before frowning. "And since when are you Romanian?"
You laugh heartily, patting his chest. "Tanti helped. It took a lot of rehearsing. Did I sound stupid?"
"Absolutely not," He assures you firmly. "It was perfect. You're perfect. You're my perfect wife."
"And you're my terrible husband," You coo, resting your hands on his shoulders. "We're actually married, Buck."
He kisses you again, wrapping his arms around your waist. Just as his tongue strokes against yours, you pull back, frowning.
"They'll be wondering where we are," You say nervously.
"Don't worry about them, baby; we're gonna be out there with 'em all night," He tells you. "Just let me have you to myself for a little while." Stroking your waist, he looks you up and down as his eyes darken. "You know how badly I wanna fuck you right now?" He mutters into your ear, sending a shiver down your spine. "Just wanna rip this beautiful fuckin' dress off you and make you scream."
"Jamie," You whisper, tugging on his suit. "I want you so bad. But if you harm this dress in any way, I will castrate you."
"I can't believe you've made me wait until marriage," He says with a chuckle, making you snort. "Ma would be proud."
"It wasn't my plan," You promise, cupping his cheeks. "Where do we even start?"
"I don't know," Bucky whispers, resting his forehead against yours. "Actually, that's a lie. I've been fantasising about our honeymoon all week."
"Yeah?" You ask him lowly. "What have you been imagining, Jamie?"
He bites his lip, pressing his body to yours. "I can't say," He claims.
"Why not?" You whine.
"You'll want me to do it to you right now," He says with a smirk. "And we have a reception to get to, fairy."
You narrow your eyes at him. "Tease."
Chuckling, Bucky pulls you off the wall before slapping your ass. "Come on, Mrs. Barnes. Let's get drunk."
The second you and Bucky return to the garden, everyone cheers. Rice and wheat are thrown over the pair of you, and you're dragged over to a long table where a feast has been placed. Everybody eats, drinks, a few of Bucky's cousins give speeches in Romanian that you're partly glad you can't fully understand, and then the dancing begins.
You and Bucky are given the floor at first, and the live band plays your song. Si Tu No Estás Aqui. You slow dance, and it's like the world around you disappears.
"I'm so grateful to have you in my life," Bucky mumbles, swaying you from side to side. "I'll never stop reminding you of that."
"I can't wait to start our life together," You say lowly, with your arms around his shoulders. "Though, I can't imagine it'll be much different to before."
Laughing at that, his eyes light up. "You'll finally properly move in with me," He says. "I'll hire a decorator. You can change whatever you want."
"Whatever I want?" You repeat, tilting your head.
"Whatever you want," He confirms. "I'm putting it in your name the second we get back. It's yours, baby."
You beam at his words, clinging to him. "What about the cars?"
"All of them are yours, too," He promises. "Everything I have is yours."
"Even the diamonds in your safe?" You question.
"Especially the diamonds," Bucky confirms with a smirk. "I'm gonna put every single one of them into pieces of jewellery for you."
"I don't know if all that's gonna be enough, Mr. Barnes," You tease him.
"Name it," He utters, leaning closer to you. "You want breakfast at Tiffany's? I'll buy you the whole fuckin' company."
Grinning, you lean up and kiss his chin. "Just you is enough, James," You tell him honestly. "Nothing else matters more to me than you."
The rest of the guests slowly migrate onto the dance floor, and you share dances with some of his uncles and cousins.
"I've never seen him so happy," His older cousin, Dumitru, tells you as he leads you in a dance. "Loving you has made him healthier."
Your heart pounds at his words as you smile brightly. "He makes me happy, too," You tell him.
"As he should," Dumitru says firmly. "He ever fucks up, you call me. His whole life, I'm the one man he's feared."
"Is that right?" You ask curiously.
"I'm his big brother, dragă," He tells you with a smirk. "He doesn't forget the times I beat his ass when we were kids. He may be grown now, but I'll always be bigger. And stronger."
"I'll keep that in mind, Dumitru," You say coyly.
Bucky approaches you both with a knowing smile, raising a brow. "Whats he saying, fairy, huh?"
"Nothing bad," You promise.
"Did Jay ever tell you I stole all his girlfriends?" Dumitru tells you proudly. "Whenever he visited Romania, the little player found a new girl. Then, I'd take her."
"That isn't true," Bucky claims with an eye roll.
"He's probably scared I'm going to steal you from him as well, dragă," Dumitru says with a wink, putting his arm around your shoulder.
"Oh, please," Bucky scoffs. "Go ahead, brother, try your best. This one's too obsessed with me to be stolen."
You hit his shoulder, frowning. "Don't take my loyalty for granted, Jamie."
"Yeah, Jamie," Dumitru echoes mockingly. "You know all the girls love Dumi. Watch your back."
"Shut it, măgar," Bucky mutters bitterly.
Dumitru chuckles, before slowly becoming serious as he lowers his voice and leans in closer to Bucky. "Hey, tell your short friend to calm down, yeah? He's been flirting with our sisters the whole time. I let him off because it's a wedding, but my patience isn't that strong."
The three of you look over to where Peter is standing, having the time of his life as he's surrounded by Bucky's doting cousin sisters. They're feeding him sweets, feeling up his biceps, and giggling at everything he says.
"Ah, he's harmless," You assure them. "He wouldn't hurt a fly."
"No, but he might try and kiss it," Dumitru utters. "Tell him, James."
"I'll talk to him, man," Bucky assures him, before holding his hand out to you and smiling. "Are you ready to cut some cake?"
Everyone gathers around as you and Bucky stand close together. You're holding the knife and his hand is wrapped around yours, keeping it steady as you cut through the soft cake. Sam makes sure to get plenty of photos and videos as you feed each other a bite, before cutting the rest of the cake into small slices for everyone else.
Bucky's aunties cry the hardest, soaking his suit while he does his best to keep them calm.
"She'd be so proud," His eldest aunt tells him, cupping his cheeks. "Your mother is smiling right now, I hope you know that."
You can't help but cry yourself, your heart aching. Though your parents are absent due to the lack of your relationship with them, you feel the absence of Bucky's mom even more intensely.
"Hey, what are you crying for, huh?" Bucky asks, releasing his aunty to instead hug you.
"I just wish she was here to see it," You cry, clinging onto him. His mother had always advocated for the two of you to be together, and she was never too shy to make that known.
"Oh, fairy, me too," Bucky mumbles, doing his best to keep it together.
"She is here," One of his other aunts tells you with a nod. "Her love, her spirit. That will always remain with you both."
You nod at her words, allowing them to comfort you. The two of you give everyone a hug, drowning in congratulatory praises and luck. One of Bucky's uncles pulls up in a decorated car, honking the horn with a grin.
"Come on, you happy couple!" He yells out the window. "Honeymoon time!"
Bucky takes your hand in his and leads you to the car, letting you get in first before joining you. You have no idea what he has planned, but you don't care. You'll be with him, and that's all that matters.
He wipes away the tears on your cheeks and smiles at you as the car begins to move. "I love you, fairy," He tells you sweetly, kissing the back of your hand.
"I love you, Jamie," You reply, feeling your heart swell.
Meanwhile, back at the reception, Peter is faced with a difficult choice.
"I live alone," Elena tells him teasingly.
"I'm the only one who knows how to cook!" Gabriela interjects with wide eyes.
"Oh, please, your cooking is teribil," Reveca mutters, before smirking at him. "I can teach you many things, Peter."
"And I," Dumitru booms from behind him, firmly slapping his big hands onto Peter's shoulders. "I have many, many guns. Big ones."
The girls huff before walking away, knowing they've lost their chance with the pretty American boy. Slowly, Dumitru turns Peter to face him.
"I'm sorry," Peter chokes out, terrified. "I wasn't gonna touch them, I swear."
"That's good to know, dragă," Dumitru purrs, leaning in closer and lowering his voice. "Because I want you to myself."
Peter lets out a squeak as his pants tighten. "Oh."
On the other side of the garden, Sam approaches Banita with a half-empty bottle and a blank look. "Yo."
"Hello, Samuel," She replies dryly, looking him up and down.
He takes a step closer to her. "You wanna finish the rest of this champagne in my room and then let me fuck your brains out?"
Narrowing her eyes, Banita waits a few moments before shrugging. "Sure."
Tumblr media
ah, the beauty of weddings.
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tell me you’re mine.
part 2 to if you were mine
18+, minors do not interact
mob!bucky x f!reader
warnings: lots of smut, fluff, divorce talk, public sex, breeding kink, possessiveness, mob/mafia business
Tumblr media
Some would say that you and Bucky were in your honeymoon phase.
You could agree with them, for the most part, but the phrase suggested that the good times would end sooner rather than later - which was false.
You knew that life with Bucky would be lavish, but not this lavish. He spoiled you like a princess; breakfast in bed every single day, custom-designed jewelry, spontaneous trips to Europe - he gave you everything and more. He’d gift you the damn moon if you asked.
It’d been six months since the momentous night at the gala. You hadn’t spoken with Henry since, but today was the day you were placing the official finalized divorce papers on his desk.
Bucky had handled everything up until this point. You wanted absolutely nothing to do with Henry, and Bucky was more than happy to assist in making sure you never had to hear from him again. But the law firm you were using required in-person signatures, meaning you’d be face to face with Henry again - today.
“Good God, you are…” Bucky finished his sentence with a low whistle, running his large hands along the curves of your body as he stood behind you in the mirror. You wore a simple black dress with heels, deciding on the morbid color because you saw this as a funeral of sorts; an end to your marriage with Henry Claremont (not that you were complaining).
“You clean up nicely as well, Mr. Barnes,” you retorted. Bucky was dressed in his usual Armani suit, his hair pulled back into a low bun. The glint in his eyes told you that he had been looking forward to this day for a long time.
“And soon,” Bucky said, pressing a chaste kiss to the skin along your collarbone, “you’ll be Mrs. Barnes.”
You laughed, pushing away from the large man. “Says who? You really have to ‘wow’ me with the proposal if you want me to say yes,” you teased, but both of you knew that no matter how he asked you, you’d agree to marry him in a heartbeat.
“Have you met me?” Bucky asked. “You know I only give my girl the best.”
“I’m well aware.”
“Good. The car will be here in two minutes, doll.” Bucky grabbed your purse and escorted you out of the enormous master bedroom, down the spiral staircase, and through the main hall of his sickeningly large mansion. His hand remained on your lower back the entire time.
Within your first few days of being with Bucky, you quickly learned that his love language was physical touch - along with gift giving, of course. He was constantly in contact with you, finding any excuse to pull you into his side or wrap a thick arm around your waist. He was also brutally possessive, and would try to have any man who even looked at you killed. You had to remind him on multiple occasions that a side-glance was not a decent reason to murder somebody.
It wasn’t long before you and Bucky were seated in the back of his sports car, separated from the driver with a pull-up window. Bucky typically liked to drive, with you in the passenger seat controlling the music. But today, he wanted you all to himself with no distractions.
“How are you feeling?” He asked, his voice low.
You hummed. “Good, I think. I’m happy this is happening.”
Bucky smirked, unbuckling your seatbelt and pulling you into his lap. “I know you are, pretty girl.”
“Bucky,” you whined, rolling your eyes as his hands wandered up your thighs.
One thing you learned about Bucky was that he would find a way to get into your pants anywhere. He was insatiable, with an appetite only for you. That’s partly why your relationship was so exciting: the sex was mindblowing. Bucky was like no man you had ever met, or even heard about. He took his time with you, learning your body and what made you tick. He always made sure you were one hundred percent satisfied before he even began to think about his own pleasure.
“Sweetheart,” Bucky groaned against your neck, “you can’t wear that short little dress and expect me to control myself.”
“Maybe I did it on purpose,” you retorted, gasping when he bit into your skin. “Maybe I wanted you to lose control.”
“Well, it fuckin’ worked.”
He was quick to shove his metal hand under your dress, feeling around your panties and pulling them down hastily. You yelped when the car hit a pothole, but he only tightened his grip on you and continued to undress you. When his cool fingers came into contact with you, you sank into his embrace, breathily moaning into his ear. “Please don’t stop,” you pleaded.
“Never fucking stopping, darling,” he said. “You should know that by now.”
He slipped two digits into you and you immediately clenched onto them, throwing your head back. Bucky sucked on your exposed neck, pistoning his fingers inside of you. You could tell he wanted to mark you up, turn your skin red so that when you saw Henry, he’d know that you belonged completely to Bucky.
“Gonna make ya feel real good, sweetie,” he muttered, drawing his fingers out. “Gonna make you scream for me.” He fumbled with his belt, huffing in frustration. You smiled, pecked a kiss on his nose, and gently pushed his hands aside, replacing them with your delicate fingers. You unhooked his belt loops with ease, pulling it off and unzipping his pants. He smiled up at you, squeezing your waist with affection. “What would I do without you?”
“No clue,” you said with a smile, guiding his leaking cock to your entrance. “Please, get inside of me.”
Bucky didn’t have to be told twice. He shoved himself into you, groaning as his length filled you completely. Your walls constricted around him. “Never felt anyone this tight,” he stuttered, forcing himself into you repeatedly. “God, this pussy was made for me.”
You nodded against him, already sinking into his broad chest. He sighed into you, holding your tiny frame against his huge one with ease. “C-can’t take it,” you whined.
“Yes, you can, baby. You’re my good girl, right? You take what I give you. I fuckin’ own you, isn’t that right, doll? You’re mine, yeah?”
“All yours. I belong to you, Bucky.”
“Say my name again. Who’s making you feel like this?”
“Fuck, you are! Oh, god, Bucky,” you whined pathetically, biting into his shoulder so you didn’t scream. “You fill me so good. Never felt this good before, baby.”
“Yeah, you love this shit, don’t ya? You love when my fat fuckin’ dick is fucking you stupid? When you can feel me in your guts?” Bucky’s words were practically snarled at you, his demeanor turning vicious as he got closer and closer to his release. “You gonna come all over me, aren’t you, you filthy girl?”
You nodded, incapable of forming words.
“I know you are. God, you look so innocent. If only everyone knew how fuckin’ slutty my girl is. But I ain’t sharing you, doll. Never gonna share you.”
His words literally sent you toppling over the edge. You clenched, every single muscle in your body spasming and constricting as you screwed your eyes shut and opened your mouth in a silent scream. Bucky took this opportunity to shove his tongue into your mouth, covering up his moans as he thrusted into you a few more times before coming deep inside of you.
Your heart raced as you came down from your high. You realized your nails were clenching Bucky’s biceps so hard that you had indented his thousand-dollar suit. He didn’t mind; he had a hundred spares and could afford as many as he wanted. As long as you were the one ruining them, he didn’t have a single complaint.
“God, I’ll never get used to that,” you said through a sigh, nestling into Bucky’s shoulder. He smirked, kissing the top of your head.
“You better. You’re gonna be spending the rest of your life like this, honey.” He was quick to clean you up, pulling your panties back on your hips and rearranging your dress, soft hands fixing your hair and gently positioning your jewelry. His eyes glazed over with love and adoration as he examined you.
“Now I have to go into this meeting looking like I just got fucked,” you whispered, burying your head in Bucky’s shoulder. He only laughed, rubbing small circles around your lower back side.
“That was the goal, sweets. Need him to know you’re mine now.”
You didn’t reply, instead smiling and pulling back from him. You two had apparently finished just in time because you felt the car be put in park, its slight shake cueing you that it was time to get out.
Bucky got out first, walking around to the other side of the car to help you out. You shot him a shaky smile, taking his hand as he pulled you out and up. “You’re okay,” he murmured into your hair. “I’m here with you. You’re not doing this alone. Yeah?”
You nodded into him, inhaling his expensive scent. The sun was just beginning to set, and you could see its reflection in his steely eyes as he gazed at you. His face was set in its usual stoic expression, but you could fish out the hint of softness he reserved only for you. He truly was your person - and you, his.
“Thank you,” you replied, squeezing his hand in signal. “Now let’s get this shit over with so we never have to worry about this douche again.”
Bucky barked out a laugh. “That’s my best girl.”
You smirked, tugging him along with you as you led him into the looming office building. It felt intimidating, but the knowledge that the most powerful man in the city was accompanying you provided an enormous comfort.
Bucky’s hand grazed your back possessively, sliding into its usual place. The two of you entered the elevator. Most people in this building didn’t know who Bucky was and what he was capable of, but his large frame and cold gaze had people jumping out of your way nevertheless.
It wasn’t long before you were sitting in a closed off office, having checked in and consulted with your lawyer. Usually divorces were done in court, but somehow Bucky had bargained his way into avoiding that hassle. He didn’t even want to have to leave the house, but he settled for a business building instead.
“Hello!” came a cheery voice from the doorway. You turned your head, meeting the stare of your lawyer, Kristine. She nodded and greeted you, then turned to shake Bucky’s hand. “Good to see you both,” she said. “Mr. Claremont is on his way up. He’ll be accompanied by his representative, of course, but this process shouldn’t take long. All we need is two signatures, one on your part and one on his, and we can all be on our way. Sounds good?”
You smiled. “It does. Thank you, Kristine.”
Bucky nodded in appreciation, squeezing your hand from under the table.
He didn’t remove it when Henry walked in the room - if anything, he held you tighter. You watched intently as Henry’s eyes flitted to your cleavage, and you bit down bile.
It had been half a year since you‘d seen him, and he hadn’t changed at all. He was still the selfish man you knew, only thinking about himself and his pleasure.
“Alright, we’ll try to get this done quickly,” Kristine said as Henry sat down, his lawyer next to him. “If anyone has any questions, you have every right to ask.”
“Uh, yeah, I have a question,” Henry said, raising his hand. “Why is he here?” He pointed an accusing finger at Bucky.
You inhaled sharply. You had been clinging on to a slim hope that Henry would be mature, also wanting to get this over with as fast as possible, but you were obviously incorrect.
“You were informed that you could bring a plus one,” Kristine said. “You chose not to. But she reserves every right to have her company.”
Henry scoffed, but his eyes landed everywhere but Bucky’s cold stare. “Whatever,” he said. “Let’s do this.”
Kristine began reading off of her computer, listing legal terms such as “plaintiff,” “prenuptial,” and “writ of summons.” You didn’t care to listen, knowing that Bucky was. It gave you reason to zone out and stare blankly at your lap, where his large hand rested on top of yours.
Several moments passed, and you snapped out of your haze when Bucky tapped your thigh. You glanced up, feeling everybody’s eyes on you. “Sorry,” you said, blinking rapidly. “What was the question?”
Henry scoffed in disbelief. “You file for divorce, after cheating on me, and you can’t even have the decency to pretend to pay attention? I don’t know if I can sign these papers,” he said, making a show of shoving the folder in front of him.
You felt Bucky tense, preparing to defend you, but a quick squeeze of his hand had him shutting his mouth and shooting you a curious side-glance.
“Do you know how many times I washed lipstick off of your shirts after you came home from wherever the hell you were?” You hissed at Henry, leaning forward. “I will not allow you to sit here and pretend that you were some loyal, loving man who had my best interests at heart. You and I both know you don’t. You never did. I am finally happy after years of a suffocating marriage with you. I won’t let you ruin this for me, Henry. Not anymore. I refuse to give you that power. Now sign those goddamn papers before Bucky ruins your fucking life.”
Henry looked at Bucky, who raised an eyebrow, practically daring him to say one more word. Henry gulped, wisely shut his mouth before averting his eyes from the infamous mobster. Kristine cleared her throat, seeming unphased by the outbreak. As a divorce lawyer, you thought, she had probably seen her fair share of spousal fights.
“Fine,” you heard Henry mutter, but his voice cracked. He signed the presented papers in shaky writing, dropping the pen down onto the table and sliding the papers to you. You grabbed your own pen, holding your breath, and signed.
It sounded cliché, sure, but you truly felt an immeasurable weight lifted from your back as soon as you lifted the ink from the paper. You were no longer chained to Henry. Now, you and Bucky were able to truly be together in the way that you wanted. It was just up to him to make it official.
Once Kristine confirmed that everything was set, Henry cleared out of the room faster than you had ever seen anyone move. Kristine shot you a wink, following the other lawyer out of the room. Just you and Bucky were left.
The second the door closed, Bucky was on you, kissing you feverishly. “God,” he grounded out between groans, “at one point, I thought I’d have to pull my gun out to get him to sign.”
You pulled away from Bucky. “You brought a gun?!”
“Doll, I’m almost always armed,” he said, “but I’m constantly armed with you.” He pressed kisses across your face as you frowned up at him. “Gotta keep you safe. You’re my responsibility.”
“You didn’t need to bring a gun to my divorce signing,” you grumbled.
“I absolutely did, darling.” He snaked a strong hand up your thigh, and you gasped as he came into contact with your panties.
“We can’t do this here, Bucky,” you whined.
“Haven’t you learned by now that I can do whatever I want?”
“Can you wait until we get in the car?”
Bucky sucked on your neck, clearly aiming to leave a mark. That’s how the man worked - he needed to mark his territory.
You whined as his bulge pressed against your thigh. “You’ve always been mine,” Bucky said.
“I know, baby,” you replied, but Bucky wasn’t having it.
“No, doll, I need you to know that a bunch of fucking papers don’t matter to me. From the first second I saw you, I loved you. Today doesn’t change anything. You’ve been mine from the start, and I’ve been yours.”
Your eyes glazed over, tears threatening to spill down your cheeks. “Bucky, baby,” you whispered, staring steadily into his icy eyes, “I love you too. I can’t wait to spend a lifetime with you.”
Bucky didn’t respond, instead, he shoved your dress up and groaned against your neck. You leaned your head back, exposing your throat. Bucky wrapped his metal hand around your neck, squeezing just enough for you to whine. He moved his right hand and practically yanked your underwear down. He sucked in a breath when he saw how wet you already were for him.
“Still got me leakin’ down your thighs from our car ride over here, sweetheart,” he said cockily, “and now I get to fill you up again.”
You moaned lewdly at his words. This man could make you finish with his words alone, and he knew it too, which was why he was sure to be so vocal in the bedroom (or, in this case, the office building).
“You like the idea of that? You want me to stuff ya so full of me everyone can see me dripping out of you when we walk out of here? My filthy girl.”
He pushed two fingers inside of you. You clenched and bit down on his shoulder, your entire body tensing as he thrusted them in and out.
“You know how pretty you look like this?” Bucky asked, peering down at your blissed-out face. “Lips all puffy, hair messy, eyes crossed. Fuck, could spend the rest of my life just looking at you, you pretty little thing.”
“I… Bucky, I need you,” you said, your voice involuntarily high pitched.
“But doll, you have me,” he replied, feigning confusion.
“Need… need your cock,” you clarified, and Bucky chuckled.
“Why didn’t you just say so? I’d be more than happy to oblige.” He unzipped his pants hastily, wasting no time in pulling his hardened cock out and tapping it against your soaked core. “Look at me,” he said. “If you look away from me, I swear to god I’ll stop.”
You looked into his eyes as he pushed inside of you, opening your mouth in a silent moan. He pulled out, leaving only the tip in, then shoved himself all the way back in. He pressed his forehead against yours as he peered deeply into your eyes.
“You feel so good,” you said, clutching onto him for dear life.
“Oh yea? You’re shaking already, doll,” he commented, holding your trembling thighs with his ring-clad hands. “You can take more, baby. I know you can. Can’t you?”
“I can take it,” you gasped out.
“Atta girl. You’re so perfect. Can’t believe I get you all to myself.”
You clenched down around his length, drawing a moan from him. You loved the thrill of it, the sheer power you felt. You were doing this to him, making him make these sounds. You were the one making him feel good - and he’d never let you forget it.
He set a brutal pace, practically breaking the table as he fucked into a pussy that was much too small for such a large man. He gripped your neck with force, and you had to tap once on his arm to let him know that if he didn’t let up soon, you’d pass out. He loosened his grip, but only slightly.
“Tell me you’re mine,” he growled, and you could tell he was getting close by the way he gasped your name.
“I belong to you, Bucky. I’m yours. Forever.”
“Fuck yes you are,” he snarled. “Don’t ever forget it.”
You were coming soon after, screwing your eyes shut as he drove into you with such force you were sure he’d split you in half. He thrust in several more times, pushing himself as far in as he could go before releasing deep inside of you. You groaned at the feeling of warmth spreading inside of your core.
Bucky pulled out slowly. He squatted down, gently pushing your shaking legs apart so he could get a good view. His release slowly dripped out of your quivering hole, and he licked his lips at the sight.
Your face flushed with embarrassment and you had an urge to close your legs, but the adoring expression on Bucky’s face had you keeping them open. You’d do anything for this man - anything he ever asked of you.
“Fucking shit. I can’t tell you what that does to me,” he said, standing up and smoothing your dress out. “You are just…”
“Sexy? Pretty? Wonderful?” You teased, hugging him tightly when he kissed your forehead affectionately.
“All of those things and more, sweetheart.”
He helped you off the table, gathering your things before ushering you out of the door. You felt somewhat bad about doing such… unholy things in a public place, but if Bucky Barnes was by your side, you knew you’d be untouchable.
The two of you made your way to the waiting car, Bucky nodding to the driver before helping you in and scooting in next to you. You leaned your head against his shoulder as he buckled your seatbelt for you.
“I love you, Bucky,” you said.
Bucky said your name, gently pulling your face up to look at him. “I love you. You are my everything.”
You sighed happily, leaning into his comforting hold as you wove your way through the bustling city.
“Gonna give you everything, doll,” Bucky whispered, eyeing your bare ring finger. “Everything.”
a/n: since i am 19 and have never been divorced, i have no idea what the process is like so this is a shot in the dark. ignore any unrealistic scenarios please & thanks <3
hope you enjoyed, lovelies. 🤍
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noceurous · 7 months ago
—teach me what love is
Tumblr media
summary: love is messy and tricky, something you could never thought you would have learnt from your husband whom you were forced to marry with
warnings: arranged marriage (kinda forced), angst, minor fluff, usage of pet names [sweetie, dove] cheating, anger sex, smut (18+), fingering, oral, p in v, degradation kink, praise kink, slight pain kink, cream pie, a few spanks, mentions of blood and implied murder, running into an ex-boyfriend, swearing, not much of a Peggy Carter fan words, arranged marriage, mob!bucky
a/n: this just happened with an existential crisis || don’t forget to reblog/comment 🖤
He looked at the gorgeous blonde taking off her dress in front of him, smirking as she started walking to him. Swaying her hips just to get his attention on her excuse of a thong. She didn’t even bother to wear a bra.
She straddled his thighs, throwing her head back slightly, arching her back so he could see her breasts clearly. Nipples erected, begging to be sucked.
“I liked the presentation.” He chuckled, placing his glass on the table, hands going over her waist. Holding her tightly as he pulled her close, making him feel his erection through his briefs.
“It made me want to get a taste, so badly.” He leant down, biting down her nipple as she moaned loudly, not caring about anyone else’s presence in the mansion.
Her hips started to move, cock hidden between her clothed folds. She whimpered to the friction, her clit rubbing on his cock. She wasn’t ashamed of the fact that he was married and neither did he. He didn’t let anything to slip, it was always for the relieve of the stress he was carrying. She let him do it, liking the huge checks stuffed at her bra afterwards.
“You feel so good, sir.” She moaned, hands landing on his large biceps. She was really good at this, Bucky thought that he should thank to Steve for his recommendation of her. But his thoughts about this stopped when he heard your voice.
“Sweetie, I’m home!” He threw her next to him, clearing his throat at the sudden shame radiated off his body. He knew you thought of your marriage as just some words on a silly paper, without feeling but still he hated getting caught.
The blonde shrieked a small protest but he didn’t care.She rolled her eyes at him, no matter the money in their pockets men were all the same; not feeling guilty until getting caught.
You put on a huge fake smile, trying hard to not roll your eyes at the situation. This wasn’t the first time Bucky brought some stripper at home for some ‘action’ during your absence. “It’s nice to see you didn’t waste any time during my absence.” You said, pointing towards the blonde with your chin. “After you’re done, please don’t forget we’re expected by the Rogers’. You need to get ready and not smell like whatever cheap perfume she was wearing.”
You turned on your heels, closing the door behind you. He took a look on the blonde, her eyebrows were raised, waiting for an explanation. “Get dressed, as you’ve heard I’m busy.”
He said as he got out of the couch, getting dressed and walking behind you to your bedroom, after leaving some hundred dollar bills behind her for the scene in which you practically insulted her. 
“I thought you weren’t getting back until tomorrow, dove.” He said as he buttoned his pants, closing the bedroom door so the maids could not eavesdrop your conversation.
“It was before we got this invitation,” You said, shaking the small card in the air. “it’s for Steve’s son, or daughter, maybe the dog I don’t care.” You shrugged as you tossed the paper to the bin, taking off your clothes.
You were heading for a long bath, trying to relax yourself for the extravagant party Peggy was hosting, and her bitter words for you. She never liked you for some reason, probably because you didn’t buy the perfect couple game she was acting. Every couple had their flaws and Peggy and Steve were not better than you and Bucky.
Bucky cleared his throat to the sight of your body. Trying to not get affected by your look in your underwear, he knew you would not allow him to touch you after you just caught him with another woman. “Peggy doesn’t like you that much, are you sure about wanting to be there?” He asked, trying to look at somewhere else than your butt in the small black thong.
You smirked, and turned to him before opening to the door of the adjacent bathroom. “Like I care about what that bitch thinks about me. We’re married for a reason, remember? I’m just playing by the rules. You on the other hand cheating and dirtying our sacred bond.” You fake gasped, winking at him as you walked in the bathroom.
He rolled his eyes at your reasoning, he knew how he felt about your marriage, but it was made for a reason. But he also could not play the innocent when he was the one fooling around with other women while you were just playing the role of the perfect wife. Even though he didn’t give you any reason for it.
He couldn’t just open up to you and say that he saw you at one of the Tony’s parties, in which you didn’t even acknowledge his presence since your eyes only focused on your boyfriend. After some digging he knew what he had to do to have you. You were just stubborn, but he believed somehow he would get your heart. He just needed to be patience.
His thoughts are distrupted when he heard the music you put on. He just sighed and took off his clothes to wear something that didn’t smell like a stripper.
You hopped inside the bathtub, hoping the bubbles and some soft music would calm your nerves. You really didn’t like Peggy and didn’t want to be around her, or be somewhere that belonged to her.
You sighed, closing your eyes. Of course your parents would arrange a marriage for you, considering your previous incidents with men that they didn’t approve. Adding to that; it was a tradition in your family. Every daughter gets married with a powerful mobster eventually, to increase the family strength and have powerful allies.
But you were supposed to marry someone else, until Bucky Barnes came in the picture, trying to have your family on his side, saying he was better than the guy in their plans. Your ex he took it as a sign to break up with you, when Bucky stepped in. Saying he didn’t want to have Barnes as an enemy, leaving you just like that.
Somehow you didn’t hate Bucky, he was nice and kind towards you. Taking slow steps so you would adjust the idea of marrying him. You just didn’t understand why he would want to marry you out of the blue. Considering you haven’t even met before. He just happened to be in your father’s study room, when he announced that you would be marrying Bucky instead of Derek.
You walked in your shared bedroom, supposedly shared, considering you two rarely spending your nights together. He usually spends his night at the office or on the couch when he comes back from strip clubs.
“What are you going to wear, so I can pick my dress accordingly.” You asked as you watched him button his black shirt.His hair was slightly damp, he probably took a shower in the other bathroom to get rid of the cheap smell.
“The one I wore in our engagement party.” He answered as you chuckled at the memory.
“I know you hate me for what I have done, dove. But trust me, you’ll like me. I’m much better than him.” It was before you arrived at the party. You stood silent for the whole car ride, breathing through your nose. You were still angry at Derek for leaving you, and your parents for agreeing to this nonsense.
You thought he was just acting until you gave in to him. He wasn’t just nice, mobsters are never nice.You knew from your family, you knew from Derek who clearly had many imperfections but you still found yourself loving him somehow until the recent events. So why should be Bucky nice towards you, someone he barely knew?
You finally ended your silent treatment, clearly had some points to make. “I don’t hate you, I just don’t understand why you want to marry someone you haven’t met before.” He chuckled, placing his fingers under your chin. Making you look at him in the eyes.
“I have my reasons. You’ll find out, eventually.” He said before kissing you on the lips. No matter how much distant you were trying to be, your body always gave into his small touches. “Let’s get inside, shall we?” He added, winking at you.You nodded with a sigh, no reason to cause a scene.
You decided to wear something new, still matching perfectly with your husband. The cameras flashed as the two of you got out of the car, his hand placed on the small of your back as you walked inside the place.
“Mrs. Rogers loves to be on the newspapers. Is there anyone she didn’t inform about the party.” You whispered to your husband, staying close to him to not be a topic on the gossip sites tomorrow.
“She lives for publicity.” He whispered on your ear. Both chuckling at his comment when you saw Pepper walk towards you, extending her arms in the air.
“I’m so glad you made it. I’ve heard that you were in a vacation in Italy. Thought you wouldn’t come.” She gave you a small kiss on the cheek and you hugged her in response.
“How can I when I got a handwritten invite from Peggy Rogers herself?” You smiled at her. She was better than Peggy, at least you could gossip over people and she would be always true to your face. Someone nice to have inside your circle.
You looked over your shoulder to see your husband, saw him walk over to his friends. They cheered when they saw each other, but you saw the gun inside the jacket of Steve. So there was something they would attend tonight, not caring the huge crowd of papparazzi taking all of their pictures when they entered the mansion. 
At least he would be in a good mood tonight. After letting out all of his stress on some poor bastard, if not getting caught.
“You look thousand times better than the host, it’s nice to see people who still cares about fashion and what it stands for.” She explained as she walked you over to your table.
Peggy made some long speech of the meaning of the night, you on the other hand went to your dreamland and pretended you were back in Italy, wandering the streets of Portofino.
You held Bucky’s hand, gently squeezing it so he could raise his head and see how bored you were. You’ve had a deal, if you give him three squeezes, he would come up with an excuse for you guys to leave early. And that one was the first.
He leant over your ear, whispering; “I have some business to take care of, let me handle that and I’ll drove us away. Promise, dove.” He ended it with a kiss on your cheek.
You nodded, trying to not look too excited. Smiling at him in return, cupping his cheek. You two really looked liked the perfect couple on the outside. After Peggy’s speech was done Bucky excused himself to have a talk with the boys from your table, even though everyone knew what that meant.
After few minutes of Bucky’s disappearence everybody was wandering around, and talking something supposed to be important for the nights event. You were talking with a guest, about his charity. It was clear that he was trying to get a big fat check from you as a donation but you weren’t having it. You put on your fake smile, eyes looking for your husband to come back and drift you away but your eyes met with someone else.
He smiled at seeing you. A blink later he walked towards you, his famous smile still on his face, the one you used to adore. “Looking beautiful as always. May I take her away?” He said as he wrapped his arm around you, pulling you closer so the guy who was talking would finally let you go.
“You owe me, your disgrace and disgust could be seen from 10 miles.” You rolled your eyes at his chuckle. He was never fan of your outcast soup to this events.
“What are you doing here? Since when are you welcomed by my husband’s friend’s parties?” You spoke through your teeth, pushing him away slightly. You didn’t want his touch on you anymore.
“Well, considering I’ve got an invitation, I have no badblood with them. And why should I, I gave you away didn’t I?” He shrugged, popping an ordevr into his mouth from the trail next to you.
You saw his silver wedding ring across his hand. Trying your eyes not to tear up with the memory with a similar one.
“Once I have this ring on my finger, you’ll be the only woman I love. And I’ll prove my love to you everyday for the rest of our lives.” He said, looking at the silver ring. You bought your rings, for the wedding. Celebrating this with making love.
“I’m already the only woman you love. You should start proving your love to me.” You said kissing him, pulling down the dark red sheets covering your bodies. “I can think of some ways, want me to show you?” Your hands wandered on his naked body, getting lower until it reached the destination.
“Gladly.” He moaned at your firm touch, raising his hips slightly to get more of it.
“Don’t talk about me like I’m an object.” You said as you pushed away the memory. Stepping closer to him, pointing your finger towards him.
“You didn’t give me away, you decided not to fight for me, afraid from the guy whom I call husband now. You promised to love me and prove your love to me every single day. Thanks to Bucky I know you’re nothing by a liar.”
“Baby I know I sh—“ He tried to speak but you stopped him.
“Do something smart, and don’t ever cross roads with me ever again. I can make you regret it.” You turned around your heels, heard his response but didn’t care.
“You’re a true Barnes.” You started wandering around the place to find your husband. Hoping he wasn’t fucking someone in a private place, he never done that before, but better safe than sorry. Both of you knew how fragile your reputation was.
You walked over to one of Bucky’s men, the one who drove you here. You usually hated them being around but this time it came in handy. “Jacob, can you do something for me?”
“Of course miss.”
“Can you find my husband and tell him, that I want to leave, and I cannot wait for some reason? If he can’t come, I’m leaving by myself.”
“I can inform Mr. Barnes about your situation miss. But I cannot let you leave by yourself. I have direct orders from Mr. Barnes himself.” You rolled your eyes. Of course he gave such an order.
“Okay, but be quick, can you?” He nodded, finger pressing on his earpiece as he walked towards the corner of your room.
You crossed your arms around your body, trying to think about some happy memory instead of watching your ex with his wife. Who happened to be right in front of you, dancing in the extravagant living room of the Rogers’ mansion.
He was dancing with her, soft song playing in the background. She looked happy like you were happy when you’ve had Derek. Their wedding rings, shining with the lights of the room, looking like the perfect couple they are.
You’ve had million questions in your mind. What would happen if Bucky didn’t step in? Would you be the one in his arms and dance with him? Did Derek really loved her, or just married with her because he wanted a wife? Did he still think of you from time to time, like you did?
Bucky never danced with you, only one time at your wedding since it was a tradition. You hated every second of it, missing your ex and in your mind pretending it was Derek and not Bucky.
“Dove?” Bucky walked over to you, brows frowned in a worry. “What happened? You said it’s urgent?”
You blinked your tears away, chuckling at the splatters of blood on his face. So he had better time than you. “I’m homesick. Can you please take me away?”
He clenched his jaw. Looking at the direction you were facing before and saw the dancing couple along with the others. He thought you were passed this, that he wasn’t a issue for your marriage anymore. “Sure.” He said, wrapping arm around your shoulder.
“You should also wipe away the blood, or stand apart when you shoot people.” You whispered taking out his handkerchief from his jacket, wiping away the small droplets on his face. “People can notice, sweetie.”
You stepped closer, kissing his cheek. “Thank you.” You whispered to his ear. You knew he knew why you were upset, and a confrontation was waiting for you back at home.
During the drive back, you didn’t say anything. Only placing your head on his shoulder, he was your rock from time to time. Someone you’d always have by your side. You actualy said till death do us apart, after all.
“What did he say?” Bucky finally snapped once you entered your bedroom, you taking off your jewellery.
“You know.” His tone was cold and bitter. You could sense his anger. You tried to sound nice as possible, trying not to start any argument.
“He didn’t say anything, I asked him why he was there and he told me he was invited too.” He shook his head. It wasn’t the answer he was looking for, so it was better for him to ask.
“Do you still love him?”
“No.” You said without a blink, and it was not a lie. You didn’t love him anymore, you were just upset with his decision.
“Then why seeing him makes you upset dove?”
“Because he promised me something even you cannot give.” You said as you stood up, hand going behind tour back.
“And what is that?” Bucky admired and hated your calmness. Even thought he world was ending you’ve had the ability to talk like you were going to grocery shopping.
“Love.” You answered, pulling down the zipper of your dress. “He loved me, something you are not capable of.” You finished finally turning to him. Standing in your black lingerie, but no matter how hot you looked, it wasn’t enough to calm him down.
He growled with your accusation. Walking closer to you. “If he loved you, why didn’t he even try to fight for you, dove?” You tried to walk back, but he already cornered you between him and the wall.
You tried to find an answer, something you were doing since Derek broke up with you. Bucky placed his hand next to your hand, leaning closer to you. Caging you completely. You knew what he was trying to do, breaking your walls. So you would tell him what you really feel and face with the fact that you’re a true married couple.
“I can give you power, money, and safety. Something that prick cannot even provide to himself, aren’t they important dove?” He whispered. His hand landed on your exposed waist, cold metal leaving goosebumps
You gasped when his hand raised and wrapped tightly around your throat, making you look at him in the eye. “And if love is what you desperately crave; what makes you think that I can’t give you love, dove?” He breathed into your ear, his thumb tracing your jawline, eyes went dark with anger.
You laughed at him, “My husband who cannot stop fucking other women behind my back is talking about loving me. I’m sorry for not believing this promise.”
“You never gave me a chance. You didn’t talk with me, unless you had to. Didn’t spend anytime with me, other than sleeping in the same room.”
“Why should I? You destroyed my relationship. I was forced to marry with you because of business. You aren’t that fond of me either so why should I give you another chance?”
He laughed at your question. “I’m not fond of you ha?” He took your hand and placed it on his pants. Breathing through his nose. You gasped when you felt his hard cock. “See what you do to me, dove?” You looked into his eyes, smirking when you saw how darkened they were with lust.
Your hand closed around his hard on. You started palming his erection. “Give me a chance dove. Remember our honeymoon,” He groaned at your ear, fingers moving along your clothed folds.
Chuckling when he felt your wetness, pushing the underwear inside to feel you better. Your breath hitched with the cold contact, you raised your hips, trying to get more. “I can make everyday just like our honeymoon.” He licked the shell of your ear, pushing his finger inside, just like you got your hand inside his pants, touching his cock, moaning at how hard it is.
You smiled with the memory of your honeymoon. It was something just full of animalistic sex, not romantic at all. You two didn’t leave the bed for days. You were in your rebound phase and Bucky took great advantage of it. By fucking you in every position possible in that luxury hotel room, making you forget about Derek’s existence.
You gave up, it had been long since the honeymoon. “Oh, I need you inside of me, James.” You moaned out when he curled his fingers. The sound of your juices echoing in your ears.
“As you wish.” He said as he pulled down his pants and your panties. Wrapping your legs around his waist when he pushed it inside you.
“F—fu—fuck!” You stuttered when he wasted no time to fuck you. He was eager to give you pleasure. And he knew well you liked rough.
He raised your chin, smashing his lips on yours. You felt his warm tongue moving on yours, sucking tightly. You moaned into the kiss. Your nails went to his back, digging them on his soft flesh, not caring about leaving marks. You knew he loved them.
You broke the kiss for air, his lips moving on your neck, biting down on the soft skin. Leaving a nice mark so everybody could see who you belonged to. His tongue licking the sore flesh, he was smiling at his artwork.
“You feel so good, dove. Tell me who’s fucking you. Be a good girl for once.” He said, hand going back to your neck to push it on the wall. Making you look at him in the eye.
He smirked when he saw the small tears of joy. Lips all swollen from the kiss. You looked perfect, just like how you were making him feel.
“You are, fuck! James you fuck me so good.” You breathed out, your fingers dived in his hair, pulling down his locks. He hissed with the pain, moving his hips faster.
Your toes curled, you could feel your orgasm getting close. You knew that he knew too, he could feel how your walls clench round his throbbing cock. “That’s right, dove. Fuck you’re milking down on my cock, you’re one desperate thing aren’t you? Come on, I know you want to cum. Cum all around me.”
You cried when the tight knot in your belly snapped. The euphoria taking all over your body. Your body trembled all around him, your mouth hung open, almost a drool escaped your lips.
He carried you to bed, laying down your gentle body on the soft sheets, as he slowly pulled out with a hiss. He turned you around, making ypu lie on your belly, as his large ringed fingers roamed around your back. Stopping when he reached your butt, giving you a loud spank.
“Oh.” You moaned with the sharp pain, hearing his chuckle after the shuffling noise of his clothes being discarded. “You always loved getting spanks, my dirty little whore.” He said before he spanked you once more. Smiling at hearing your sweet moans.
He placed his hands on your hips, pulling you closer to his erection. You whimpered when he pressed his tip on your aching folds, pushing himself inside of you in one move. Both of you swore with the contact. “Fuck!”
He mumbled something you could not understand under his breath, moving slowly inside of you. Biting down his lip at the feeling of your walls, sucking him inside.
“Fuck, James!” You cried when his tip brushed along the right spot. Hands going to your soft pillow, squeezing it for a support. “Right there! Fuck! Don’t stop! Please don’t stop!”
“Yeah? You like it dove? My good little girl taking all of my cock like a pro. You liked getting fucked like a whore, didn’t you?”
“Hmm.” You mumbled, feeling the heat surrounding your body, you arched your back, feeling more of him.
“Yeah, am I better than him? Better than the sore loser you once called boyfriend.” You smiled at his jealousy, turning your head to see his darkened eyes. Lust and jealousy radiating off all around his body.
His hand went to the back of your neck, wrapping his fingers gently around it. Pushing you back, leaning over your figure. Now, his lips were close to yours, you could feel his breath fanning your cheeks.
“Answer me dove.” He groaned when he felt your walls clench around him, giving you one more slap on your butt. “Answer, be a good girl!”
“Yes!” You coughed the answer, he laughed at your ruined figure. How your swollen lips parted and mascara smudged. He gave you a longing kiss, all with teeth and tongue. Bucky got rougher, and faster. You could feel him deep in your belly, moving. You knew you were close again for another release. The taste of it almost on your tongue.
His teeth biting down on your lips, getting whatever he can from you. His other hand snaked under your bodies, cold fingers pressing down on your swollen clit. “James!” You protested, hand wrapped around his wrist but he didn’t care.
“Give me one more, dove. Make a mess on my sheets.” He flicked your clit again, you bit down the pillow the muffle your scream. This one was more powerful than the first one.
“That’s my good girl. You did so good, now I’m going to cum inside you, I want to fill you up, okay?” He said as he pet your hair, you nodded slowly. Feeling some sort of a pride when he praised you, wanting to be his good girl forever.
“Yeah? You want me to fill you to the brim. You’re my dirty little girl, tell me you want it and I’ll give it to you.” Your walls clenched around him, your legs almost trembling to him edging you.
“Fuck. James, please.” You whispered, feeling his cock twitch inside you. Your walls started milking him, eager to give you what the both of you want. “Cum inside me please. I want to be full of you. Fill me with your cum, please!”
All he need was your words, you felt his warmth spill inside of you. He bit down your shoulder when he came. His hips stutter when he emptied himself inside of you.
He threw himself on top of yours. His fingers went to your sore folds. You tried to pull away but he pushed them back inside you. “Can’t get any of it go to waste, dove.” He said, as he pushed back the leaking ones back inside you.
You giggled, taking his fingers into your hand, guiding them inside your mouth. You moaned at the taste. Sucking down on his fingers, he moaned at the sight in front of him. Pulling back his fingers to replace them with his lips.
“Fuck, dove. You’re something else, aren’t you?”
“You’re not so bad yourself James.” He smiled at you, pulling the sheets over your tired bodies. You drifted to sleep, being tangled to each other.
Bucky didn’t want morning to come, afraid to see you get cold to him again. But he knew what to do, he needed your ex to be out of the picture completely so he would not fog your mind. He couldn’t risk being affected by his presence anymore.
Nobody should have messed with your mind and feelings. He loved his dove, and he would teach her the real love, no matter what it would take.
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summerofsnowflakes · a month ago
His Angel, His Sweetheart
Tumblr media
Pairing: Mob!Steve Rogers x Fem!Reader / Mob!Bucky Barnes x Fem!Reader / Steve x Reader x Bucky
Word Count: 3.9K
Summary: You and Steve 'break up' after a nasty fight in front of his guys and you have the perfect idea to make him jealous.
Warnings: This fic contains smut, 18+ MDI, threesome, overstimulation, spanking, fingering, oral (M and F receiving) Pet names, sub/dom dynamics.
A/N: This is purely just porn with a tiny bit of plot and I'm not sorry about it.
Dividers by the amazing @firefly-graphics
Masterlist | Marvel Masterlist
Tumblr media
Your heart was beating out of your chest as your knuckles wrapped against Bucky’s office door. Anticipation thumped through your body, you could hear the low hum of your own anxiety buzzing above your head. 
You knew this was a terrible idea, you shouldn’t be doing this. You were signing your own death certificate. You wish you’d realised an hour ago when the idea popped into your head.
But it was too late to back down, you had to push through the nerves. Steve was a complete asshole, he’d treated you like trash, shouting at you in front of his men. 
He needed to be taught a lesson, even if you would end up worse off from it. 
Bucky smiled up at you as you treaded carefully into his office. “Hiya Doll face, what can I do for you?” 
You breathed out shakily, strutting over to his desk.You smiled proudly when Bucky’s eyes flickered from your face to your hips, entranced by the way you wiggled your hips from left to right.  
You placed your hands on the edge of his wooden desk, fingertips curing round the stained, pushing your low cut top into his eyeline.
“I need your help with something, Buck.” You sang sweetly.  
He cleared his throat painfully, leaning back in his chair to create some distance between your bodies. He adjusted his pants, not hiding the growing tent in his suit trousers. 
“And what’s that, Sweetheart?” He smirked.
“Well…you see…” Your teeth chattered as you forced the words past your lips.
“StevieandIbrokeupandIwaswonderingifyoucouldhelpmemakehimjealous?” The words tumbled out so quickly that you Bucky barely had a chance to register what you’d asked of him. 
He studied you, pulling apart the squashed jumble of words and piecing together their meaning. You watched as realisation washed over his features, “you want me to do what?” 
“Help me make Steve jealous.” You stated more clearly. Shock turned into amusement, a cackle escaped his lips as he shook his head incredulously but remained silent.
“You’re the boss and his best friend and it would really get him back for the way he spoke to me this morning.” You continued, pacing back and forth frantically in front of his desk. 
“You tryna get us both killed, Sweetheart?” he scoffed, “I may be the boss, but Steve’s the muscle in this operation.” 
“Pleeease.” You whined, rushing around his desk and grabbing his hand in yours. You ran your soft fingers over the back of his hand, toying with the silver rings that sat comfortably on his fingers. 
“He really hurt my feelings this morning, it’s only fair I get to hurt him back.” You pouted, fluttering your eyelashes at him innocently. “I need you, Buck.”
Bucky sighed, dropping his head in defeat and mumbled a soft agreement. You let out an excited squeal, jumping into his lap, you wrapped your arms around the back of his neck. 
“You’re the best, thank you!” You cheered, kissing his cheek lightly. “I’ll see you at the kickback later?” You asked, you face centimetres from his. 
“Yeah I’ll see you there.” He smirked, placing his hands on your hips, helping you out of his lap.
Tumblr media
Bucky waited for you outside the club, his cold stare burned through the tinted windows you hid behind. You were late, very late. 
He opened the door for you, thanking Frank your driver and helped you out of your seat. “You’re late, Sweetheart.” There was a soft seething in his voice, no one kept Bucky Barnes waiting. Ever.
The heel of your shoe caught in a crack on the sidewalk and your leg gave out, clumsily falling out of the car and into Bucky’s arms. His strong arms wrapped around your waist, large fingertips splayed over your body in the most delicious way. 
Your breath caught in your throat as you peered up into his smirking eyes,  “careful, can’t have you hurting yourself before the night’s even started.”
You mumbled a sheeping thank you, as he led you through the doors and into the darkness. 
Everything in your body screamed for you to slip out of Bucky’s grip, to run back to the door and get Frank to take you home. Until you see Steve laughing and joking, surrounded by the regular women that hung around. 
Your blood boiled in your veins, you knew what they wanted. They were always ready to pounce on him the minute you were out of sight, tonight he looked like he was entertaining the idea of them too. 
You made eye contact with him over the smoky air and your heart gave out for a short lived second. 
Bucky’s fingertips rubbed soft circles over your waist as everyone came up to pay their respects to the boss. It was a grounding moment, the push you needed to work through the guilt and anxiety. 
You offered Steve a menacing, albeit fake smile, cocking your head sideways playfully. 
You lent further into Bucky’s  body, reaching up on your tiptoes and pressed your lips to his cheek, your eyes never leaving Steve’s furious gaze as you soft lips ran across scratchy stubble. 
“Think it might be working, Buck.” Your lips lingered over the shell of his as you shot a wink in Steve’s direction and walked off. 
“Yeah, I can feel the hole he’s burning into the back of my head, Sweetheart.” He chuckled. 
You reached the VIP section of the club and were welcomed by Bucky’s men with their usual standard of hospitality. 
Bucky took a seat at the highest point of the section, the highest point of the club, bar his office. He was the king looking down on the land he ruled, his subjects danced the night night away as the heavy baselines thumped through connecting bodies. 
It was the ultimate power trip. 
The closest you’d ever gotten to that seat was with Steve, you sat beside Bucky in the seats placed just below his. You knew your place in the club usually, tonight you were a fish out of water. 
You looked around the VIP section, like a lost little girl and moved to sit in your usual seat. 
Bucky cleared his throat, capturing your attention once more and patted his knee, signalling for you to sit down with him tonight. 
Nerves tingled in the pit of your stomach as you grinned at him. He was taking his role so seriously, it was good to have someone on your team. 
You climbed into his lap, settling your back against his warm chest, he wrapped one arm around your waist. Metal fingertips grazing over your bare shoulders softly, awakening a trail of goosebumps along your exposed skin. 
Steve couldn’t look away, he watched from below at your little scene of payback he was forced to look at. Fire burnt in his blue eyes the glass in his hand shattered under his iron grip. 
You heard the sound of fractured glass falling to the floor and you knew it was Steve, but it was too dark to see it happening. 
You fidgeted in Bucky’s lap, squirming at the thought of Steve's anger boiling over. The only thing keeping you calm was Bucky’s fingertips toying with your skin lightly.  
Through the flashing lights and clearing smoke, Bucky met Steve’s gaze over your shoulder and smiled at him. 
You couldn’t sit still, no matter how hard you tried, it was becoming hard for Bucky to concentrate. His hands gripped your waist, stopping your movements entirely as his arousal grew harder to control. 
He lent into you, lips grazing your ear, his hot tongue licking along your earlobe. “You're killing me, Sweetheart.” He growled in your ear. “You need to stop fidgeting or I’ll rip that dress off of you right now and fuck you here in front of Steve and everyone in the club.” 
Your eyes fluttered shut, a soft moan slipped past your lips, only loud enough that he could hear. You circled your hips against his bruising grip. 
“I’m sorry Buck.” You whimpered, “feels really good.”
Confidence surged through you, you knew Steve could see you, but you were getting lost in Bucky. You grabbed his hand and led it up your skirt. 
His breathing picked up when he realised you were wearing any panties, his fingers gliding through your soaking folds. You couldn’t hold back the broken whine that ripped through your chest as his fingers teased your clit. 
“You enjoying the thought of me ruining you right here, Sweetheart?” He smirked, lips moving against your neck. 
You nodded frantically, as the tip of his finger teased your entrance. Your head fell back onto his shoulder as you pushed your ass back on his hardening length. 
You heard him before you saw him, the thundering of his footsteps against the sticky floors. A cloud of rage shrouded the VIP section as he ripped the rope and stormed up the stairs. 
“Upstairs, now! Both of you.” He roared, his face flushed with deep seeded anger, a fury in his eyes you’d never seen before. 
He didn’t look at Bucky, his eyes stared straight at you and you walked up into Bucky’s office, a sheepish tale between your legs.
Fear rippled through your body, you weren’t sure what to expect. You and Steve had always been volatile, constantly arguing, breaking up over silly, insignificant things. But truthfully, you wouldn’t trade it for the world, no one ever made you feel the way he did. 
Bucky walked into the room first, patiently wandered over to his desk and sat down. You walked in next, head hanging low, you refused to look at either of them now. 
Steve walked in behind you, closing the dock behind him, the click of the lock, made your body jump nervously. 
Steve pressed his body against you, your breath faltered in your chest as you felt his hot breath move over your neck. “Bend over the desk facing Bucky, Angel.” He ordered quietly in your ear, “and pull up that pathetic excuse of dress.” 
You followed his instructions and bent over the desk, you peered up at Bucky looking into his cold eyes for any sign that he would help you. You found nothing but amusement there, he was enjoying seeing you like this. 
You were on your own and you felt humiliated for ever considering going to Bucky for help. 
You released a shaky breath and pulled the silky fabric over your ass, exposing your bare pussy to Steve’s vexed gaze. 
He walked up behind you, pressing himself against you, pushing his cock into you. It was gone before you had the chance to push back on it.
Steve dropped to his knees, kneading the globes of your ass, spreading them apart and watching your slick spill from your slit and down your legs. 
“Such a naughty girl,” he murmured. “You wanna tell me who made you this wet, angel?” He demanded, his fingers digging into your cheeks roughly. 
You stared up at Bucky frantically with parted lips, waiting for him to jump in and claim it was all down to him. He did no such thing, instead he quirked his eyebrow at you, waiting for your response.  
Steve’s hand cracked down your asscheek harshly, the sound echoed through the room. You whimpered at the sting, head dropping against the desk in defeat. 
“I asked you a question, I expect an answer.” He slapped the same cheek again, with the same force. “I’ll ask again, who made you this wet?” 
You shook your head frantically, lips not daring to open and stinging shockwaves washed through your body.  
Steve laughed menacingly, unleashing another slap on the same cheek and this time you cried out painfully. 
“Interesting, you were so vocal when you were begging Bucky to agree to your little plan to make me jealous. So where’s that voice gone now, Angel?” He sneered, the life drained from your as you met Bucky’s smirking gaze. 
You hadn’t banked on Bucky double crossing you, you hadn’t considered the strength of their friendship. That was a colossal mistake. 
“I have to say it worked out very well for everyone, all things considered.” Steve continued. “Even though I knew what was going on, it still took everything in me to not walk over to you sooner and shoot you both in the skulls.” 
You whimpered at his words as he clapped his hand down on you, tears stung the corners of your eyes. You rested your head against the desk,  defeat flooded through you. You’d lost this little game, you had to take your punishment and pray Steve didn’t kill you at the end of all of this. 
“I’m gonna ask you one more time Angel and I want an answer. Who made you this wet?” Steve's voice grew more stern, his patience wearing paper thin. 
“You and Bucky.” You whispered into the wood, shame creeped up your neck. You prayed you said it loud enough that you wouldn’t have to say it again.  
Steve’s hand slipped between your thighs, taking your clit between his thumb and index finger and rolled it gently. “See that wasn’t so hard was it?” 
You moaned as he worked your clit slowly, building up the pleasure knotting in your stomach, the pain spread of your ass completely forgotten. 
“I have to say Angel, I am impressed by your nerve, but if you wanted to be fucked by Bucky, all you had to do was ask.” He huffed, tapping your clit with his finger, his soft tabs against the bundle of nerves grew harder until you were crying out for him. 
Steve’s name echoed around the room just as you teetered on the edge of pleasure. Without warning, he removed his hand from you completely.
He left you like that for two achingly long moments, as you cried softly, begging him to let you cum. 
He leant in close, blowing cold air over your sensitive clit, flicking it with finger every so often. Everything was dialled up to hundred, you felt his every move on your body so much more intensely than usual. 
“But instead, you had to come up with some elaborate plan that was only going to ensure you got punished.” He growled, slapping your ass again. 
As your body jerked forwards from the impact, Steve’s tongue was out and ready to capture your clit, he swirled his tongue around it.
“Steve, please…” You sobbed desperately, your body jerked uncontrollably. “I’m sorry.” 
“She finally speaks.” He muttered against your thigh. “Sorry isn’t going to cut it this time, Angel.” 
He repeated his last movement on your body again, but this time when your body moved forwards his lips wrapped around your clit and sucked on it harshly. Your body shook with pleasure, your thighs threatened to give out under you. 
The cord threatened to snap in your stomach as you mumbled and cried out your apology over and over again. 
“Hold it.” Steve demanded against your clit, the vibrations nearly took you over the edge, but somehow you held it. You were determined not to make him more angry. 
Steve’s hand connected with your ass cheek and this time when you pushed your clit to his lips, he grazed his teeth over the pearl. 
Your body convulsed above him, you couldn’t hold it back any longer, but you had to. You were so close to pure bliss, but you held yourself together by a very thin piece of fraying thread. 
Bucky’s hand gripped your chin, forcing your vision up to him, metal fingertips wrapping around your neck and squeezing the air from your lungs. 
His other hand fisted his thick cock quickly, you could tell by the pained expression on his face, the stuttering of his breath that he was as close as you were. 
“Be a good girl and hold it just a little bit longer.” He breathed through gritted teeth. Steve’s teeth grazed your clit again as he pushed two fingers inside you, curling them up into your soft spongy spot. 
“Please, please please.” You whimpered through strained breaths as Bucky’s fingers tightened around your neck.
“Go ahead, Sweetheart, make Steve’s face all wet.” Bucky moaned as he fell back in his chair, his seed spilling from  his cock all over his hand and his white shirt. 
Steve’s fingers dragged along your walls quickly, hitting all the right spots while his tongue flicked your clit in his mouth. You came with a loud scream, one that overpowered the sound of the music outside the office. 
It was the most intense high you’d ever experienced. Steve’s fingers and mouth worked you through it all, his hand and face soaked in your juices. 
Steve gripped the back of your neck, pulling you up from the table, tight against his back. Your head spun lightly, you felt your mind and body floating apart under the strength of pain and pleasure Steve had caused you. 
“Don’t think I’ve ever seen you act like such a good girl, usually you never listen to me.” Steve kissed along your neck, his fingers pulling the top of your dress down over your breasts. 
“You trying to show off because Bucky’s watching you, want him to think you can be a good girl for him when you’re naughty for me?”
“No, I want to be good for you, Steve.” You mewled, reaching between your bodies and gripped his length through his pants. 
“Oh Angel, I think we’re way past that now.” Steve chuckled, “sit on the desk, legs spread, facing Bucky.” 
You followed his orders to a clumsy degree, climbing onto the table. Bucky’s face had changed completely, he offered you an adoring smile, licking his lips hungrily at the meal presented before him. 
He looked up at Steve, hands crawling up your open legs, pulling you closer to him. “Once I start, I don’t think I’m gonna be able to stop.” 
“Who said you had to stop?” Steve smirked down at his best friend. “Fun’s just beginning, Buck.” 
Bucky’s eyes travelled from Steve’s to yours, checking for any signs you wanted to stop. “You sure about this, Sweetheart?” 
“Certain.” You nodded, fingertips lacing through his long, brown locks and pulled his face down to your core. You moaned brokenly as his tongue explored your sensitive walls, as he breathed you in. 
His tongue dipped between your folds and into your entrance, slowly fucking you with his tongue slowly, his hands travelling up your body to cup your breasts.
Bucky lapped up the juices left from the orgasm Steve had brought down on you. He watched Steve roll your nipples between his fingers, tugging and pinching at your sensitive skin. 
“It’s okay Buck, she likes it rough.” Steve chuckled as he slapped one of your breasts. You mewled and rolled your hips into Bucky’s face. 
Bucky’s fingers toyed with your clit, smiling proudly as you bucked your hips wildly each time his fingers brushed past it. He continued his assault on your pussy, guiding your hips with his vibranium hand back and forth on his tongue and he delved deeper into you. 
Steve gripped you by the neck as your breathing became more laboured with each time his tongue dipped inside you. “Don’t be rude, Angel, you gotta let Bucky know he’s doing a good job.” 
You whimpered and writhed at Steve’s words, you looked down at Bucky through wet eyes. “Buck your tongue feels amazing.” You breathed, picking up the pace of your hips, grinding down further on his tongue. 
“Not as good as you feel sucking my tongue in greedily.” Bucky grunted against your core as his fingers rubbed a figure of eight into your clit. 
You didn’t get the chance to ask for permission, you were already falling apart by the time you could think a  coherent thought. You soaked Bucky’s chin more than you had to Steve. A drawn out cry ripped from your chest.
“I’m sorry,” you muttered over and over, falling back against Steve's rock solid chest. 
“It’s okay Angel, I think we can let that one slide.” Steve whispered in your ear, as Bucky stood and pulled his hard cock from his pants once again . “You’re doing so well for us, can’t wait to fuck your throat.” 
“Love you Steve.” You muttered quietly, focusing your gaze on Bucky, the sight of his cock bobbing as he inched towards you had you clenching around nothing. 
He gripped the backs of your thighs and pulled you to the edge of the desk and lined himself up with your entrance. 
You whined as he pushed inside you, the stretch was delicious and dizzying.   “Fuck that’s even better than I ever dreamed it would be.” He grunted, bottoming out. 
“Bucky.” You whimpered, head lulling tiredly as he allowed you the reprieve of getting used to his size. 
“Can see why he keeps getting back with you, Sweetheart. The way you're squeezing round me is just too good to give up.” He moaned, pulling out leaving you completely empty. His tip hovered over your entrance until you lifted your hips and pushed yourself down on his dick. 
You both groaned at the feeling, Bucky watched as you swallowed him whole and started to drive his hips in and out of you. 
You reached behind you, moving Steve’s hand from his cock and replacing it with your own, pumping in time with Bucky’s thrusts. All three of you were experiencing a different form of heaven, no one wanted the pleasure to end. 
Steve rutted his hips into your hand, desperate to quicken the movements as he chased his high. 
Bucky’s hand raked down your body, grabbing at you roughly, doing as Steve had done earlier, pinching and rolling your nipples between his fingers. 
“Fuck, sweetheart.” He growled as he felt your walls contract around him. “You gonna be mine too? Let me have this tight little pussy whenever I want?” 
“Only if Steve says it’s okay.” You groaned, as your hips met his thrusts.
Both men laughed at your answer, Steve placed a soft kiss to the top of your head, whilst Bucky’s fingers threatened to play with your oversensitive clit once again. 
“I can get on board with that.” Steve moaned, “Lay down Angel, I want your mouth.” 
You laid back, head hanging off the side of the desk, mouth in line with his cock as he pushed it passed your willing lips. 
They worked in tandem with one another, when Steve thrusted in, Bucky pulled out. Setting a relentless pace on your holes, both eagerly chasing their own highs as they used you for their own pleasure. 
Bucky lifted you leg over his shoulder, thrusting into you at a deeper angle that had you crying around Steve’s cock. The vibrations on your moans pushed him over the edge and he shot his seed deep down your throat. 
Bucky’s hips began to falter as he neared his high. Steve pulled himself from your mouth and reached over your body to press down on your clit. 
Your third and final orgasm exploded inside you, white hot pleasure coursed through your veins as you clenched around Bucky’s cock and forced his own orgasm. You finished with a pained cry and fell limp, as he fell back against his chair tiredly.  
Steve tenderly picked you up from the table and carried you over to the sofa in the corner of the room. You curled up into his side as the intensity of your orgasms died down and fatigue took over. 
“Relax Angel, I’ll be right here while you wake up.” He spoke softly as you floated back down to earth against the beat of the music downstairs. 
Tumblr media
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buckgasms · 29 days ago
Bestie. Babe. What about dom mafia Bucky finds out innocent reader is actually a spy??? Or something like that??? Please omg I’ve been trying so hard to write something like this but literally I have nothing
Praying to my daddy and saviour Bucky Barnes that this is any good for you my sweet @bunnyscraft ❤️
This is my first time dipping a toe into the world of Dark!Bucky so I hope it's ok 🤞🏻 Bucky is narsty in this one but hopefully not so narsty that we don't still love him with our weak sappy hearts!
Warnings: Dom!Bucky, mean Bucky, bondage, overstim (always and forever), reader did a bad thing and now she's gotta face up to it 🙈 gun is mentioned but never used; spanking; spitting and a little bit of breath holding
Please don't read if Dark isn't your thing. I'm not responsible for your content consumption, you are sweetie ❤️
Requests are open
Tumblr media
He had been sitting on this revelation for a week now. It was almost like he was enjoying the pain of your betrayal. That's what Sam suggested after three days had passed since he broke the news of your double cross and Bucky had failed to act.
Maybe Sam was right? He should bring it up, but every time he had an opportunity he looked at your pretty doe eyes and decided against putting a bullet between them.
But no one betrays Bucky Barnes without suffering the consequences. You had to pay the price.
You had received a text from Bucky, asking to join him in the little summerhouse in the gardens, he wanted you in a pretty little skirt and nothing else. You skipped along happily a familiar tingle in your tummy as you walked past the pool and into the echoey room.
"Hi Bucky" you said sweetly as he let you press a kiss to his cheek. He smiled and led you to a little chair in the middle of the room. "How are you Princess? You feeling ok today" he muttered as you sat and he clicked some restraints around your wrist, then your ankles. He pressed a kiss to your lips and you nodded, not able to stop shivering with excitement as he stepped away from you.
"You recognise that chair babygirl?" He said, leaning against the wall. You looked down and cringed when you saw old, dried blood on the restraints. "This is the naughty chair, for Daddy's enemies" you said, your brow furrowing in confusion.
"That's right baby, this chair is for people who have hurt me, do you understand?" You shook your head as your palms began to sweat. You realised Sam was in the room then and he passed Bucky a file.
In that file held all the evidence of your betrayal. Bucky dropped papers on your lap, with emails you had sent to his rival Brock, pictures of you meeting in various rendezvous, Brock's arm wrapped around your waist and you smiling up at him.
Tears spilled down your cheeks as you jerked against the binds. "Bucky... Daddy.. it wasn't - isn't like that... Please let me explain" you sobbed as he stared at you, his jaw tensing in a rage you had never seen before.
He grabbed your face and squeezed until he was almost crushing your cheeks, "this picture was taken last week..." He held up an image of you and Brock at a museum, his hand pressed on your ass, claiming you. "And this message, sent only on Friday, right around the time of our little dinner date, remember baby? Where you told me how much you loved me?"
You cried out in pain, both from his hands and his words. "It's not like that, it's different, please Bucky-". His hand smacked across your cheek and you sobbed loudly, body rattling as you felt true fear pulsing through you.
"I'm your girl, I'm your girl, I do love you, I do" you whimpered over and over, trying to get him to see sense, to believe you. You loved him so much, things had just gotten out of hand, you didn't want Brock. If you could just explain...
He grabbed your face again, forcing you to look at him. "I don't think I believe you, little girl. Think you lie as easily as you squirt on my fat dick. But I know how to get you talking straight don't I? Know how to treat Brock's little whore just right huh? Until she does just what I say?" He hissed at you and you cried more, begging him for mercy, promising your loyalty.
"Bring me the gag, she doesn't need to speak yet and I don't wanna hear another fucking word" he snarled and Sam handed him your pink ball gag, a cruel reminder of all Bucky had given and all that was potentially about to be taken away.
Thanks to your skimpy attire you were totally at his mercy, something you had been looking forward to before this all began.
He did many of the things you would usually enjoy, but with all the rage and none of the love he usually had. Well perhaps that wasn't strictly true but the rage was definitely stronger.
He pressed a thick rubber cock into your pussy, thrusting it in and out as Sam wrapped his thick arm around your neck, minimising your supply of air, bringing the pleasure in your pussy to new heights. You flexed your fingers as the pressure built, but neither of them relented. You came, eyes rolling and a muffled scream behind your gag and spit drenched your chest. Bucky continued to thrust and he played with your nipples, pinching and pulling harshly at the sensitive skin. He landed slaps to them, to your cheeks and your thighs. He made you count on your fingers, every spank that landed on your aching skin. You lost count after 20, and watched as redness blossomed across your skin.
You stared at Bucky, your eyes praying for mercy, for him to relent. He locked eyes, then spat in your face, thrusting harder and deeper. You came again despite the sensitivity and you thrashed against the binds.
"Such a good little whore hmm? Never keep me waiting do you Princess?" You nodded and moaned at him, tears welling again. "Like being used huh? Like being trained into my little fucktoy?" You nodded again and he laughed. "Does Brock treat you like this? Does he treat you like I do?" You shook your head with vigour and sucked in a shaky breath.
"Let's ask him huh?"
You blinked away tears as Bucky and Sam stepped away from you. You watched as Bucky pulled out your burner phone and tapped on the screen, then snapped a picture of you. You heard the whoosh of it being sent away.
"While we wait for his reply let's get you to that special place in your head huh baby? The place where you can't lie to your daddy?"
You nodded, praying that you could give him the answer he wanted, that your stupid, stupid brain would be able to prove you were his girl. Not Brock's. Not Brock's. Not Brock's...
It had been an hour. You had watched the little clock on the wall through blurry, tear filled eyes. Bucky had strapped a vibrator to you and he and Sam had left.
There was no escape, no relief, just endless buzzing, bringing you to peak after peak. It hurt, it ached and you cried and still you reached another peak.
You finally heard footsteps and Bucky walked in through the door, his white shirt sleeves rolled up to the elbow, black trousers straining against his thick thighs. How you would kill to be sat on his lap, his best girl again.
He said nothing as he turned off the device and untied the gag. He hushed you as you began to babble nonsense at him. He sank two fingers into your mouth and let you suck, your mind foggy now, eager to please him. His thumb rubbed at your jaw, easing a little of the pain you felt.
Eventually he removed his fingers and dragged a chair to sit in front of you. "I'm gonna ask you now for the truth, and I swear to god baby, if you lie, I'll put a bullet between those beautiful eyes. You understand me?" To emphasise his point he brought out his gun, and rested it on your lap.
You nodded and leant into his hand as he brushed stray hair out of your face. Your glassy eyes focusing on his piercing blue ones. All you had to do was tell the truth, that was it.
"I want to know how this all started, how you ended up fucking me and Brock at the same time, tell me that sweet thing?"
You nodded and took a shuddering breath, throat aching from the crying and screams. "Was with him before you... Told me to trick you... Said you were bad and I would be helping him... Loved him then daddy... But not now..."
You whimpered and more tears came. He brushed them away and brought your face up to look at him again. "More baby, need to hear more..."
Breathing in again you pressed a soft kiss to his palm and continued. "At first it was easy, just told him little secrets. But then I realised... Loved you daddy, didn't want to trick you anymore. But I was scared. Scared of him and you. So I would see him... Take him some little secret that didn't seem to matter... Kept trying to tell him I didn't know anything, so he got angry. Had to... Had to be a bad girl... Didn't wanna daddy... Told me if I stopped he would tell you... Didn't want that...."
Bucky stood and walked around the room, rage pulsing through every vein. He fucking believed you. He had to, you couldn't lie to him when you were like this. You were his good girl after all.
Brock hadn't responded to the text and word had it, he'd gone underground. If anything that proved you were telling the truth. Brock could bully a silly thing like you, but he was no match for Bucky. He would leave you to take the blame and resurface unscathed months later.
Well Bucky had already sent Steve out to sort that problem. Brock would be dead by the end of the night. You were a different problem all together.
"I'm so sorry Daddy" you cried, your whimpers echoed round the room and your knees shook so hard his gun fell to the floor with a clatter the sound of it making you sob harder. Suddenly your wrists and ankles were free and he pulled you into his arms.
You wrapped your arms around his neck and clawed at his shirt, wiping your messy face into the expensive fabric. He pressed a kiss to your head as you continued to cry until you had nothing left but little hiccups and swollen eyes.
"Hush baby, I know you're sorry" he murmured, fingers running through your hair as his other hand ran soothingly along your leg. You wrapped your arms around his neck and pulled him into a desperate kiss, his mouth quickly dominating yours. He kissed you hard, biting your lips, and pushing you until you were laid flat out on the cool floor.
He pulled away and hovered over you. His fingers traced over your lips, "who owns these lips baby?" You kissed his fingers and whispered, "you daddy." He repeated the action over your breasts and made his way to you ass and pussy. "Who does this cunt belong to princess?"
You shivered, aching for him, afraid of what might happen. "It's all your's daddy, only for you." You whined again as he unzipped his pants and pressed his cock into your aching hole. "Louder, slut, need everyone out there to hear it, so they know you can be trusted again, scream it little girl."
You obeyed, not really much choice about it. You clawed at his arm as he fucked you, any clarity you had was being eroded away as his cock filled you, creating a bulge in your stomach, with his unrelenting thrusts. "I'm gonna forgive you baby" he growled, "but things have changed now sweetheart, now you gotta make a fucking promise... And if you break that promise..." He punctuated his last sentence with deeper, harder thrusts that made your walls spasm almost painfully around him.
"Well let's say it'll be bad for you... You're mine now, just mine. Gonna keep that pussy filled, mouth stuffed, ass full. You ain't ever gonna know what day of the week it is, where you are, nothing. All you need to know is where your daddy's cock is. Understand me princess?"
You whined and writhed on his cock, desperate to escape the pressure but he didn't let you. "Do you hear me little slut? Do you understand?" You came hard and screamed your consent to his offer, feeling him fill you up to the brim. He still kept you tight on him as he pressed soft kisses to you forehead.
"Good girl, no more tears now, Daddy's got you, daddy's gonna keep you just like this." You nodded and let him kiss you more, returning his kisses, whispering "yes daddy...only yours daddy" in between his kisses.
You pushed at his shoulders, begging for relief, but he shushed you. "Told you princess, this is mine now, so be a good girl and keep still, daddy's gonna take care of you."
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sinner-as-saint · 5 months ago
Good To You - 1
Boyfriend’s Dad!Mob!Bucky x Reader 
series masterlist
Requested: “Ok but imagine mob!bucky or mob!seb being your boyfriend dad who fucks you nice and hard behind your boyfriends and his mothers back-”
Themes: smut, explicit language, infidelity, age gap
Tumblr media
You had gotten downstairs into the open kitchen in the middle of the night looking for water. But you found your boyfriend’s dad that you’ve been fooling around with for months instead. 
You and your boyfriend’s family were at one of their vacation houses by the beach for the weekend. 
“Thirsty?” Bucky asked, leaning against the kitchen counter, shirtless and a dangerous smirk on his face which made your heart race. 
You approached him, “Very.” You whispered, letting your eyes wander all over his bare, muscular chest. 
He held a hand out for you to take. Once you placed your hand in his, he pulled you closer and nuzzled your neck, “I’ve missed you, babygirl.” 
You shuddered and held back a moan as he lazily kissed your neck, “I’ve missed you too. But we can’t,” You pulled away to look up at the man who had stolen your heart the very moment you laid eyes on him. “Not here. If anyone wakes up, they’ll-,” 
He cut you off by pressing his lips to yours, kissing you until you melted. His tongue found its way into your mouth, teasing your own as he tasted you leisurely. His hands trailed up and down your body, sliding under your shirt and fondling with your breasts. You couldn’t exactly follow his movements given no lights were on. The only light available was the moonlight coming in through the windows and the one coming from the fridge which was slightly open. 
You had to keep yourself from moaning too loud, fearing that someone might wake up and you two would be caught. So far, you have kept your little affair with the mob boss well hidden. But Bucky was making it very difficult to be quiet right now. 
He shamelessly slipped his hand into your pants, finding you just as wet as he knew you’d be. He chuckled against your mouth, “We have to be quiet baby, okay? We can’t wake your little boyfriend up, nor my wife.” 
You gasped and before you could process anything else, he turned you around and bent you over the counter. Your body tingled under his touch as his fingers grazed your skin as he pushed your PJ bottoms down and gently smacked your butt. 
“Bucky!” You whisper-yelled, despite the burning desire, “If anyone-,” 
“Shh,” He cut you off, his fingers quickly finding your throbbing clit and your wet opening. He liked the way you tried to keep from moaning as he slowly finger-fucked you to get you ready for his cock. “If you keep quiet, nobody’s gonna wake up.” He lowered his pants and took his cock out, removed his fingers from you and pressed the tip of his cock against your dripping wet hole. “Now shut up, and take it.” 
He pushed inside of you in one smooth stroke, both of you gasping in pleasure as he filled you up. He pulled out and again, thrust deep into you. You had to bite down on your lip to keep yourself from moaning or making any kind of noise. 
“Fuck,” He swore, “You feel so damn good. So fucking good…” He quickly grabbed both your wrists and pinned them to your lower back as he started fucking into you. 
You gasped and whined as quietly as you could the more he picked up his pace. 
“I knew you’d find me somehow tonight. I saw the look on your face at dinner,” He whispered, “I knew you were hungry for my cock, babygirl.” He said, pounding into you so hard that your whole body moved against the stone cold counter each time he thrust into you. “You were, weren’t you?” 
“Yes,” You admitted, whimpering as he fucked you harder, deeper. 
Bucky chuckled. “And is that why you’ve been arguing with my boy? Just trying to keep him away from your little cunt, aren’t you? He came to me, you know? He came asking for advice on how he can make things better between you two.” He growled, tugging on your pinned wrists, making you wince in both pleasure and pain. “He thinks you’re fucking someone else behind his back.” Bucky chuckled again, as he rammed his cock deeper inside you. “He doesn’t know, does he? He doesn’t know it’s my cock you come on almost every night. He doesn’t know that it’s my cum you’re filled with almost each day.” 
Your walls clenched violently around him at the sound of that. “Fuck…” You whined under your breath. “Bucky, please,” You pleaded, feeling yourself getting closer and closer to the edge, “Can I come?” 
“No,” Bucky grabbed your ass cheeks and pushed them further apart so he could fuck you deeper. “Not yet, baby. Hold it.” 
“Bucky…” You moaned “I’m so close…” You whimpered. 
He fucked deeper into you, pounding into you relentlessly as he threw his head back and growled, “Your cunt feels so fucking good… so fucking tight for me.” 
His voice, his moans, his touch - it was all too good. You felt yourself getting dangerously close to the edge as he pounded into you aggressively. You felt a tear slip out of the corner of your eye as you felt the pressure in between your legs getting too much to contain. 
Bucky felt it too, as your walls clenched violently around him yet again. “Fuck,” He growled, “Come for me, now. Come all over this cock, babygirl…” 
You bit down on your lip as you came all over his cock, coating it with your wetness as he came as well, buried deep inside you. You were gasping for air still as he released your wrists and pulled your upper up from the counter. You winced in pleasure and pain
Pressing your back against his damp torso, and keeping his cock buried inside you, he whispered, “Shh babygirl, you were so good to me.” He wrapped his arms around you, nuzzling your neck and kissing your skin so gently like he hadn’t been pounding into you like an animal just now. “Now,” He said quietly, “You’re gonna go back to bed with my cum still inside you, yes?” 
You nodded, still trying to calm your racing heart. 
He chuckled and pressed his lips to your temple, “Good girl, I’ll see you in the morning.” 
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itsthewritergal · a month ago
Birthday - Mob!Bucky x Reader
Hello hello, 
so this is my first mob!bucky... I hope I did him justice :) 
Love you lots xxx
If there was one thing Bucky didn’t worry about it was money, he never bothered to check labels, checks or card machines and he had the same rule for Y/N, he had made some speech to her when they first dated that as long as Y/N was with him, and he had planned for forever, she would never have to worry about money. 
Y/N was grateful for Bucky looking after he, it wasn’t something she was used to but money was the one thing she had grown up worrying about and that and of anxiety didn’t just disappear instantly. With Y/N’s birthday looming she had made ever effort to save up as much as she could from her small cafe job for a shopping day with the girls. She refused to tell Bucky that she was already worrying about how much she could afford, knowing that he would just give her his card and tell her not to worry. 
Y/N woke up alone on her birthday, Bucky had told her that they would spend the evening together giving her the whole day to spend with her friends. Despite wanted to spend her entire birthday doting on her every whim he knew Y/N would want to spend it with her friends, so he backed off a little. By the time Y/N’s friends turned up at her door she had memorised the amount of money in her account, and just how much she could afford to spend after her train tickets and lunch. Her friends dragged her into shop after shop persuading her to buy more and more, Y/N was hesitant at first remembering her strict budget but after constant pressure from her friends she began to just keep spending. Bags upon bags were piled up on Y/N’s wrists and they continued walking around the shopping centre. 
“Where are we thinking for lunch?” One of Y/N’s friends asked, 
“Ooh well there’s this new super high market Italian restaurant over the road and it’s supposed to be amazing. We should try it!” 
“I don’t know about that” Y/N sad suddenly becoming aware of just how much she had spent 
“Come on we’re celebrating!” Her friend argued 
“I really don’t know” Y/N said, “Can’t we just get something simple?” Y/N pleaded, 
After a few comments from her friends Y/N gave in and they headed over to the restaurant, Y/N wished quietly that they wouldn’t be allowed in, or that they were full up but much to her dismay they were led to an even fancier part of the restaurant where her friends immediately ordered a bottle of champagne. 
After what felt like hours of Y/N putting on a fake smile and just wishing she had agreed to spending the day with Bucky, all of her friends had finally finished their meals. 
“Ok, so Y/N you get the bill and we’ll just go wait outside” One said simply standing up and grabbing her own bag 
“No we’re splitting this” Y/N said bluntly, 
“Come on, not everyone can have a rich boyfriend to give us money” Another laughed following the others out of the restaurant, 
“Guys you can’t do this, I can’t afford this”Y/N argued suddenly feeling a wave of despair drowning her 
“We all know you can” 
Then suddenly Y/N was left alone at the table, she half debated standing up and just leaving but she knew deep down she couldn’t never do that. 
“Here’s the bill” The waitress said with a smile, “Is that going to be on card or cash?” 
“Card please” Y/N said dreading the next few moments, 
“I’m so sorry, but it’s been declined” She said with a sympathetic smile, “Do you have another card?” She asked 
“No, I don’t” Y/N admitted “What about the girls you were here with? Where did they go?” “They wanted me to pay” Y/N admitted “let me call my other friend, I think she’s in town” 
Y/N grabbed her phone with a shaky hand and dialled Nat’s number, 
“Hey birthday gal” Nat called down the phone “Nat are you in town?” She said with shaky breaths  
“Me and Steve are, what’s up?” She asked
“I need you to come to the new Italian restaurant, my cards been declined” She whispered. 
“Two minutes darling” She said instantly, putting the phone down. 
“She’ll be here” Y/N promised the waitress, 
“Ok just give me a shout when she’s here” 
Y/N sat with her knee bouncing up and down waiting for Nat’s arrival, she knew that she would almost definitely have told Bucky the moment the phone had been put down, or if Nat hadn’t then Steve definitely would have. 
“Hey darling” Nat said pulling Y/N out of her trance, “What happened to your friends?” She asked, as Steve made his way over to the waitress, 
“Long story,” She whispered, “I’ll pay you back” She assured nat, 
“Don’t be silly, it’s the least Steve could do for you” She laughed “Are you going to tell me what happened?” 
“I don’t want to talk about it” Y/N said her mind instantly casting back to the way her friends just left, 
“They left you here alone didn’t they?” Nat said putting the pieces together, 
“No I agreed to meet them after I paid, I completely forgot that I didn’t have my other card, I should go and find them” Y/N said, 
“Are you sure? You want us to come with you?” Nat asked as Steve almost instantly materialised by her side 
“No it’s ok, I need to find them. I’ll see you guys tomorrow at Bucky’s?” 
“We’ll be there” Steve grinned, 
Y/N pushed the door to her apartment open with a sigh, she had taken back every single item she had bought that day and already put the money she owed Steve into an envelope to give him the next day. She was exhausted and the last thing she wanted to do was see Bucky, knowing he would ask her all about her day and he would be able to see through her lies. 
“Hey doll” His voice rang through her small apartment 
“What are you doing here?” She asked turning around and meeting his stern gaze, 
“I can’t surprise my doll on her birthday?” He said with a raised brow 
“Sorry Buck, I’m just tired” She said wrapping her arms around his middle and breathing in his scent which instantly calmed her down, 
“Now are you going to show me what you bought?” Bucky asked as his hand tangled its way into her hair,  
Y/N den’t reply, instead she just pushed her head further into his chest 
“Doll?” He asked Y/N took a deep breath knowing that she wouldn’t be able to lie to Bucky for long without him picking up on it. 
“Didn’t get anything” She said, keeping her head buried into his chest, it wasn’t a total lie she told herself. But Bucky didn’t believe it, he lightly pushed her away form his chest and studied her face 
“What happened?” He said suddenly turning stern 
“Just didn’t like anything” Y/N said letting her gaze settle on the floor 
“Come on doll, talk to me” Bucky said manoeuvring himself to sit at one of the kitchen chairs with Y/N tugged onto his lap, and so Y/N told him. Every single detail, of her friends, the restaurant and how Nat and Steve came to save her; by the time she finished she was sobbing. 
“I’ll kill them” Bucky said 
“No Buck,” Y/N replied, knowing that he almost definitely would if she gave the word 
“They can’t get away with that” Bucky said, “They won’t get away with it, they don’t get to upset my girl on her special day” He snapped, 
“Please Bucky” She whispered “I just want to spend the evening with you”  
“Fine, but I’m not making any promises especially not if I see them” Bucky said, Y/N could sense his furious tone. 
The next morning Y/N woke up in her bed alone, she had expected Bucky to be there but he wasn’t, she assumed something had come up. It wasn’t like him to use disappear, as she padded into the kitchen she heard the soft humming of the radio. 
“Buck?” She called 
“Kitchen doll” He replied 
Y/N shuffled her way into the room, her eyes widening at the sight of her kitchen full of bags of every size shape and colour. “Buck what’s going on?” 
“You took all your stuff back last night, but it was lucky I had some guys keeping an eye on you so they went and bought everything you wanted to get” 
“Bucky, you shouldn’t have done this. It’s too much” She said as he wrapped his arms around her tightly 
“I’ve told you before doll, you never have to worry about anteing when you’re with me. I’m just proving it” 
“I love you Buck” 
“I love you too doll,” He said pressing a light kiss to her lips “Now I want a fashion show” He demanded with a grin. 
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metalbuckaroo · 26 days ago
Summary// Bucky gets played at his own game
Warnings// fluff, angst, smut, unprotected sex, light mentions of violence and guns (no full detail just mentions), Bucky ‘handling it’, cursing, maybe a lil toxic
AU// mafia!bucky x f!reader
Note// I’m soooo fucking behind on everything and this has been sitting damn near finished in my drafts for weeks, if not months. As I’m posting this on my lunch break it’s not proof read, sorry 😅
Dividers by: @firefly-graphics
Series Masterlist
Tumblr media
You knew how to play it when you saw Bucky walking towards the front doors. Glancing over at Mavis who bit her lips into her mouth to stifle a laugh.
“What time are you off?” He said, leaning his palms against your desktop.
“Four. Why?” You said crossing your legs as you sat back in your chair.
“I was thinking we could finally have that dinner.”
You furrowed your eyebrows, folding your arms across your chest and cocking your head to the side. “What makes you think I’d want to have dinner with you?”
Any sign of a smile fell from Bucky’s face. “Maybe New Years.” He said as if it were obvious, narrowing his eyes at you.
“What happened New Years?” Mavis stifled another laugh before Bucky glared at her and she put her hands up in defense before standing from her desk. Leaving just you and Bucky in the lobby.
He walked around to lean against the edge of your desk in front of you. “Do I need to refresh your memory?” He said, reaching his hand out to pull back the collar of your blouse slightly.
“Yeah, I think you were dreaming.” You tested, a dark chuckle rumbling from his chest as he shook his head.
“Well played, sweetheart. Well played.”
Bucky walked out to his car, eyeing the blacked out car across the street as he opened the passenger door.
“I take it things didn’t go as planned?” Steve said when Bucky got in.
“When do they ever.”
Tumblr media
Bucky had been mid-meeting when he got the call from one of his men that had seen the news before him. Panic surging through him as he grabbed his keys, leaving Sam in charge as Steve trailed behind him.
“You need to slow down.” Steve said, gripping the door handle as Bucky sped through traffic, screeching to a stop at the police block off in front of your building.
The panic that had bubbled in his chest was unmatched, something he’d never felt before as he walked closer to the building, ignoring the police that told him to stop.
Every window was broken, EMTs scattered to evaluate everyone’s condition. His pounding heart not calming until he saw you being guided out of the building.
“Are you okay?” He asked, getting a harsh glare when he reached his hands out towards you.
“Get the hell away from me.” You seethed, his stomach lurching at your tone.
His protest died on his tongue when you pulled away from the EMT, spinning around to face him. “This is your fault, James.”
His hands dropped back to his sides, eyebrows furrowed as he watched you follow the paramedic.
“She okay?” Steve asked as he walked towards the brunette. “Yeah- figure out who did this.”
Tumblr media
Bucky hesitated to open the door of your room at the hospital. Heart wrenching when he saw you sitting on the side of the bed, butterfly tape on the cut on your cheek.
“Why’d you do it?” He stopped in his tracks at the bland tone, wetting his lips as he shook his head.
“Do what?”
“Order the hit on my work.” You said through gritted teeth, finally looking at him.
“I don’t- I didn’t do that.” Bucky insisted, stepping closer.
You scoffed, rolling your eyes as you stood and faced him. “I’m not stupid, James. I know what you do, what the meetings are about. I’m an assistant. But… all because I played the same mind game as you? Pathetic.”
“Listen, it’s my fault that it happened, but it wasn’t me.”
You looked at him for a moment, trying to gauge whether he was lying or not before you sat back down. But, the uneasy feeling still hadn’t let up in Bucky’s stomach as he ran a hand down his face.
“I need…” he inhaled a deep breath, looking up at the ceiling. “I need you to come home with me tonight.”
“Not happening.” You mumbled, looking to the glossy floor as he started pacing.
“Steve hasn’t figured out who the hell this is, you are staying with me.”
You cocked an eyebrow at the demanding tone. “No, I’m going home.” You said calmly, a soft knock at the door catching his attention.
“Just need you to sign a couple things so we can get you out of here.” The nurse said, holding a clipboard out to you.
“You’re staying with me.” Bucky said lowly when the nurse walked out.
“I’m fine.”
“You were shot at!” He boomed, anger flaring in his eyes before he took another deep breath.
“I’m fine, James.” You said slowly, Bucky going back to his pacing.
“Just stay with me for the night so I can make sure you’re safe.”
You rolled your eyes, rubbing your palms against your skirt. “You ever gonna stop pacing?”
“Not until I handle this.” He muttered, scratching his stubbled jaw. “I gotta- I gotta handle it, so I know you’re okay.”
“What does it matter?!”
Bucky flinched slightly at your sudden change of tone, leaning his hands against the footboard. “People going after someone in my life just doesn’t sit right with me.”
“Someone in your life? Last I checked I’m not exactly in your life.” You corrected, watching as he stood straight again and started towards the door.
“Fine, have it your way. I’ll handle it.”
Tumblr media
You huffed a breath when you saw the familiar car parked across the street from your apartment building. Bucky picking up on the second ring when you called his phone.
“If you’re going to sit outside my apartment the least you could do is be a little more discreet.” You quipped, leaning your palm against the windowsill.
“If you were actually paying attention, you’d know I’m not sitting outside your apartment.” He retorted.
“I see your car, jackass.” You snapped, narrowing your eyes at it.
“Open the door.” The line clicked off and your arms fell to your sides in defeat, going to unlock the front door.
“What happened to you?” You asked when you saw Bucky on the other side of the door with a busted right hand and exhausted expression.
“I told you I’d handle it.”
“Hand looks busted.” You pointed out, raising your eyebrows at him.
“It’s fine.” He mumbled with a shrug.
“Come in.”
Gathering cotton pads and disinfectant, you gestured for him to sit on one of the stools. Soaking one of the cotton pads with the liquid before taking his hand in yours.
“So, did you handle it?” He cleared his throat slightly and nodded.
“Yeah- My hand is fine.” He mumbled, going to pull it away before you shot him a look and went back to silently cleaning the scrapes.
Bucky didn’t say anything for a moment when you were done, heavy left hand lifting to rest on your hip as he looked at you. “Thank you.” He said quietly, wetting his lips. “Can I stay? Just to be sure.”
Inhaling a deep breath through your nose, your raised your hands to lock your fingers at the back of his neck before nodding in agreement. Leaning forward to lock your lips in his briefly, pulling away only to be tugged back in.
His hands gripped your backside as his tongue slipped into your mouth, slowly standing and backing you towards your bedroom door.
“Need you, sweetheart.” He huffed against your jaw, arm going around your back to brace you against him. Your arms tightening around his shoulders when the backs of your legs hit the edge of the mattress, Bucky letting you take him with you onto the bed.
“You have me.” You murmured, slipping your hands down to work at the buttons of his dress shirt. Groaning when you couldn’t seem to get them undone quick enough as his teeth nipped your collarbone.
It was hungrier than previous encounters. Hands pawing at clothes as both of you grew more impatient-
The flimsy shorts you worn torn at the sides along with your underwear, the last few buttons of his shirt now missing from the fabric and slacks shoved off in a haste with his briefs.
Your bottom lip knocked the tip of his nose, head tipping back in a gasped out moan from the abrupt snap of his hips. No warning or easing in- just a euphoric spark coursing your veins as he filled you to the brim and quickly found a ruthless pace.
The slide of his thick cock against your walls had your mind reeling within moments, metal fingers digging into your cheeks as he fucked perfectly into the deepest sweet spot.
“Look at me, sweet girl.” Bucky huffed, choking on a moan when your cunt fluttered around him. “Open those eyes, I wanna see you.”
Peeling your heavy lids open, the look in his eye alone could’ve sent you over the edge. Hungry and lustful, with something else hidden in them. Something needier as his hips rutted into yours.
“Are you mine?” Your nails curled into his back to distract him from the lack of an answer. A deep groan sounding from his lips as the light sting raked down his skin. “Answer me, sweetheart.”
It felt crazy to give him what he wanted so easily. But, there was something in the way he made you feel. A security that was unexplainable and a comfort behind slate blue eyes that.
Or, maybe it was the unmatched bliss that surged through you as his hips met yours. Working you to the very edge when the sputter out ‘yes’ tumbled out. Hungry lips finding yours as he chased his own high, teeth knocking together when he started to lose his rhythm and spilled into you with a low moan.
Slowly moving away, Bucky laid next to you. Propping himself up on his forearm and pressing his fingertips to your cheek for you to turn your head towards him. Glossy eyes peaking open at him before he pressed a brisk kiss to your lips.
“Do I really have you, sweetheart?” He murmured, nudging the tip of your nose with his.
“I’ll have to think about it.”
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cryptidcasanova · 2 months ago
R U Mine?
Tumblr media
Mob!Bucky x Reader
Summary: You made the mistake of falling for the mysterious stranger you met in New York. Unfortunately for you, you never asked about his line of work. 
Are you mine tomorrow? Or just mine tonight? 
Tumblr media
Words: 5.5k
Warnings: Protective/Possessive Bucky, hate sex, vulgar language, violence, degradation, knife play, overstimulation. Dub/Con (I’ll list Non/Con to be safe).
Tumblr media
“C’mon doll, don’t do something stupid.” James warned with a debonair smirk.
You didn’t like it one bit.
The dark, goading look in his eyes made your heart constrict. His pupils were dilated, and you knew the look all too well. He wasn’t angry, no. He was ravenous.
“Stay with me.” He coaxed, gently this time, setting down his glass of bourbon to cup your face. He was so close that you could feel the warm timber of the words that rumbled in his chest. “You don’t have to be scared.”
His words would have melted into your skin if not for the heavy implication behind them. 
He wanted you to give up your family, your life, your everything to be his. You weren’t scared, no. You were angry. 
James pulled your attention back to him with the caress of his thumb on your cheek. Firm, yet gentle. Always in control. He drew you in like waves to the shore.
“Come on, doll. Are you mine?” His seductive purr made you shiver, and he knew it. Your skin crawled at how easy he could manipulate your body. 
But defiance was carved into corners of your heart, and you weren’t giving up without a fight. And while you closed the space between you your hand reached down, gliding across the cool crystal glass of bourbon.
Whispering against his ear your control snapped.
“Fuck you.”
Before James could react, you used every ounce of your energy to propel your arm, shattering the glass across the side of his head.
He fell to the ground with a thunk.
And for a moment, just for a moment, you looked at him with pity. You cared about James, hell, maybe you loved him. And you didn’t want anything to do with him.
Hysteria was an ice bath to the system when you saw the splintered glass in your hands. And the blood. You needed to get out of there. 
The front door was not an option. Someone could be waiting for James to come back downstairs, and you definitely didn’t want to run into any of his goons. 
Goons. What a word. 
Your thoughts drifted back to when James introduced you to his friends Steve and Sam. You had just started seeing him and he took you to the greasiest pizza place on the east side. Together the three of them were so happy, so carefree. You loved every moment of being with them.
Like a punch to the stomach, you shook your head. They were all just muscle men. They hurt people. They weren’t your friends.
You rushed to the window and looked out to the countryside before pulling yourself out and over, sparing one last glance at the man passed out on the carpet.
You hurried through the yard and climbed the neighbor’s fence and ran until your lungs burned and legs ached. You didn’t stop until you made it to a part of town where you could call a taxi to take you home. 
And then a thought struck you; you couldn’t go home. If anyone came looking for you that’s the first place they would go. Giving the driver different directions halfway through the drive, you had to stay on your toes. 
It wouldn’t be too long before they knew what you did. You needed to find somewhere safe. 
The thought of running to the police would have been more appealing if you didn’t already know that the police worked for James. He was untouchable. How did you not see it before?
A thought struck you - you had an aunt that lived just outside of town. She was estranged from the rest of the family, and it had been years since you had seen her, but it was the only place you could think to go. She was one of the people you had never told James about. 
Stopping at the end of her street you walked the rest of the way, looking over your shoulder the entire way. Every crunch of leaves and the sounds of cars in the distance made you jump.
But you were alone.
The house was quiet and overgrown in ivy from years of neglect. The lights were off. It must have been pretty late. Rummaging the potted plants until you found the spare key you let yourself in quietly, and it wasn’t until you closed and locked the door behind you that you let out a breath you had been holding all night.
You were running away. You were running away from a life of crime, hostility, and fear. All on your own, you had run away from the largest mobster in New York. 
You couldn’t go home. Nomadic in your own right you would have to keep running.
“Auntie.” You called out once, turning to face the walkway. The house was quiet. “Auntie, I hate to show up like this -” 
Stepping from the walkway towards the living room you stopped. It was too quiet. Turning to the light switch you flipped it on in a hurry. The sinking feeling escalated when the house remained dark. Dark and alone, your heart was hammering. No. No.
And then the familiar sound of a metal lighter made your eyes snap to the living room.
Even in the dark, sitting in the silence, the silhouette of a man sitting in your aunt’s chair was all too familiar.
He didn’t say anything but toyed with the lighter, the flame licking light into the room. Even in the flickering glow, he looked just the same as you had remembered him, as if it weren’t his blood dried into the cracks of your hands.
James looked as composed as you had ever seen him, but his eyes told a different story. If looks could kill.
“I think we ought to talk, doll.”
You couldn’t find the words to say. James was a ghost in your story, and you were stunned into silence. 
His sneer was muted by the way he licked his lips, teeth catching them in a way that was practiced. He knew exactly what he was doing. 
“I think you’ve stated your position clearly.” He taunted, letting the light go out once more. “And now I’m going to state mine.”
It was a business transaction to him, and if you wouldn’t have been flooded with adrenaline you might have had the good sense to make a run for it. But you were a prisoner, trapped under his stare. His blue eyes were swallowed by the darkness of the night until he looked like one of the monsters in one of your bedtime stories.
This wasn’t the man you knew at all.
“We’re going home.” James cocked his head to the side, eyeing the way your hands were shaking. It made his lip twitch up into a muted smirk. “And then I’m going to teach you some manners.”
His words were the switch you needed, blinking in anger at his assumption.
“I’m not going anywhere with you, Bucky.” 
Oh, and that got his attention. 
You had never called him that. Everyone else called him Bucky, and his real name was reserved for you. He was proud in admitting that it was the second-best sound you could make. Saying his name. Screaming it for the neighbors to hear. 
But not now. Not anymore. He had taken your love and trust and manipulated you. He wasn’t the hero in your story.
“See, that’s where you’re wrong, sweetheart.” He grinned but it was a cold, detached grin that didn’t make it up to his eyes.
You had only seen that look in his eyes once before. It was before you watched him knock a guy’s lights out after an incident at a restaurant. Steve tried to deflect you, to steal your attention away from the scene, but you couldn’t forget the sickening crunch of broken bones. 
And it was all because of you. 
James needed to step away from the table to take a call, and in the brief time it took him to leave, the waiter - or what you had thought was a waiter - was trying to steal you away from the table. 
To steal you away from James. Of course, you didn’t know what to make of it. And then when you noticed the gun tucked away in his jacket pocket you couldn’t help but freeze up. 
“Come with us, princess. And you better not make any noise.”
You weren’t trained to be a fighter and never needed to be one, and with shaking hands, you followed the thugs. Your eyes desperately roamed the restaurant until they finally found the solace of Steve’s baby blues, and while yours were brimming with fear his eyes hardened into something mean. Something wicked.
You weren’t just pulled out from the restaurant but were yanked around like someone’s life depended on it. In hindsight, it very well could have.
That was the straw that broke the camel's back. Someone had laid a hand on you, and James watched as it happened. And then before you knew it all hell had broken loose. 
Tables were kicked over, windows were broken, and people were screaming bloody murder. 
You couldn’t pinpoint the moment between when James threw a coat rack like a javelin or when you were pushed to the ground by the frightened wait staff, but it all happened so fast. You couldn’t tell who was an undercover thug or who was just caught in the fray. And then, when you flinched away when someone else touched you it was Steve, holding his hands out in peace.
Strong and imposing as he was, he wasn’t going to hurt you. He saved you, pulling you away from the mess.
Your heart ached. 
A frustrated tear slid over the slope of your cheek, and before you could wipe it away James was already there. He had moved across the room and was watching you with a curious expression, brushing the tear away with his thumb.
You didn’t even hear him approach. Closing your eyes, you couldn’t admit your defeat. 
It wasn’t fair and you knew it. 
“I am going to give you credit,” James spoke slowly so that you could hang on every word. “I didn’t think you had it in you to fight, and I’m proud of your will.” 
He caught another rogue tear, watching your composure crumble in his hands. You had fought so hard. Had run so long. “But you will not fight me on this. Baby, you’re not getting away from me.”
Leaning back against his hand you took a breath.
“How?” You mustered, opening your eyes slowly like it might have all been a dream. “How did you even find me?”
He didn’t reply right away, a somber grin on his lips. 
James was digging into his pocket with his free hand and pulled his phone out before showing you the small going dot on the map. It was your location. He was tracking you the whole goddamned time. 
“Because you belong to me.” He paused for a moment, biting his lip. “And I care for you too much.” 
His touch lingered, moving his hand from your cheek down your jaw and around the back of your neck. Crushing you closer he reeled you in, nose to nose until you could see that hard exterior of his start to crack. 
He was full of malice and frustration, but you saw something more. He was trying to stay calm.
“I mean it.”
And with a heavy exhale you stared back at him, crushed by his admission. Your heartstrings were aching. Of course, you wanted to believe it. But that wasn’t realistic.
“I can’t do this.” You croaked, biting back the bile on your tongue. “I can’t be your girl, James.”
He shook his head once, nose brushing against your own.
“Yes, you can. I know you can.”
And then, like his mask had been cast to the side he looked at you void of all the rage he carried before. It was just him. Sweet and kind. Your James. 
The pitiful whine that left your throat left you weak. Why couldn’t he have been the man of your dreams? He had been perfect. He was so much more than you could have ever wanted. 
James observed you the same way. He was watching as you shed the layers of pain, deceit, and heartache. He knew it was inevitable. 
Deep down he must have understood, at least to an extent, that beyond everything else you were vulnerable.
And he loved that about you. 
You loved with your whole heart and hurt just the same. And he knew that this was going to hurt. 
He guided you into a kiss, the hand at the back of your neck holding you close while you tensed up. You didn’t fight him, but you didn’t open up to him either.
Oh yes. This was going to hurt.
When James pulled away it was with a lofty breath, and his unguarded expression had hardened back into the businessman mask. Cold and closed off, he turned you by the neck to face the door. Against the shell of your ear, you heard his enunciated demand.
“Enough running. It’s time to go.”
And at last, he let go of your neck, letting you stumble forward on your own. James watched you closely, waiting for you to take your next move. 
It was a game of chess and you needed to stay one move ahead of him.
You had fought so hard to get to keep your future your own and you were starting to rewrite it without James Barnes. There would be no going back after this.
You drew your leg back between his own hard and without mercy, and you knew you had hit your target when a low hiss spilled from James’s lips. And then when he was down on his knees you took your chance.
With any luck, he would stay down. Damn him and his sweet words and his condescending power play. You weren’t going to give everything up for him.
Instead of running out the front door, you turned at the stairs in the entryway, taking them two at a time without looking back.
You could run to one of the back bedrooms and jump out the second-story window -
And then on the last step, a hand shot out and grabbed your ankle, hurdling you back. Even in your best efforts, your momenta was absorbed by James, and instead of falling down the stairs, he spun you around, pinning your body between him and the steps.
The wood was biting into your back and hip and his weight kept you pinned down. His smile was long gone. His eyes burned with something brutal.
“I said enough.” 
Your chest was heaving, breathing uneven, and he wasn’t even breaking a sweat. As a last resort, you took to hitting his chest to try and break him off. You needed space but James hardly reacted, and when he did it was to pin your hands with a quick shush. 
Hovering over you he shook his head, biting his lip at the compromising position you were in.
“I was going to give you a minute to catch your breath,” He taunted with another smirk, shifting his weight over you. “I can see that your heart is jumping out of your chest.”
He was provoking you.
“But you had to go and do something stupid.” 
Pulling one of his hands back to the other pocket he procured the pocketknife he carried. He would never - 
“But that’s fine, sweetheart. It doesn’t change anything.”
You stopped fighting against him the moment he moved the blade across your cheek, pressing just enough to get his point across. Holding a finger to his lips he pulled out his phone with the other hand.
It rang once, and when someone answered James moved the blade in warning across your bottom lip.
“Leave the car.” He ordered into the phone, pressing the dull side of the knife against your lips. “This is going to take a while.”
With a haunting click, the call was disconnected. James and his attention shifted back to you.
“You’ve done a number on me tonight.” James chastised, running his free hand over the side of his head where the glass was smashed. “And I was so goddamned angry with you, you little minx.”
With a tsk he dipped the knife lower, down to your heaving chest.
“But it was so fucking sexy. I couldn’t stay mad.”
Eyes widening at his words you tried your best to stay still. The kind, compassionate man you cared for was also this feral beast.
“James -” 
He shushed you again with the knife, a devilish twinkle in his eyes. 
“And even now you defy me.” He purred, moving the knife away so that he could admire you. He treasured you, coveted you, and would do anything to keep you. “You drive me mad.”
In a beat he changed again, leaning down to capture you in a poisonous kiss. James was possessive and domineering, more than he had ever been before. 
Even now, trapped underneath him, your body was succumbing to him. It was familiar with him, calling for him, and he used it to his advantage. 
He had ruined you.
James was goading, teasing your tongue with his own until a groan was swallowed by him. He was trying to remind you, to coax you back to the way things were.
He was still the same man. Your man. 
You hated him so much. 
And then you kissed him back. 
Fueled by white-hot rage you kissed him back. 
Every kiss and bite on his lips and every scratch of your nails against his arms was to pronounce your fury. You yanked at his hair, still threatened by the knife at your chest. The cold metal made your pulse jump.
You loved him, hated him, and needed him.
His groan spurred you on, teeth clashing, tongues fighting, lips bruising. When James finally pulled away you were lightheaded. 
“You’re it for me, doll. Why can’t you see it?”
James pulled at your thighs, drawing them around his body before settling both of his hands to your backside. The knife was forgotten, earning second place next to harshly groping your ass. 
Before you could protest James moved, pulling you up and away from the unforgiving wooden stairs and closer to his body as he stood. Your arms held onto his shoulders, eyes on his.
The storm in your eyes was exactly what he was hoping for. 
“Use your words. Don’t tell me you don’t feel the same.”
“We can’t do this.” You implored, grasping his shoulders to stop him. “I hate you. I can’t lose everything I have for you.”
“But you care for me.”
His smooth words made your pulse jump.
“Of course,” You roared. “I fucking care! But none of this is okay.” You were more than agitated, smacking him across the chest for good measure. 
If anything, it spurred him on. James could take the pain. He could take your aggression. All that mattered to him was that you cared about him, and he was going to use it as leverage.
“I care about you too, doll.” He urged. “I’m going to change your mind.”
“Like hell you are.” 
James smacked your ass with vigor, smirking at your yelp. There was light filtering in from the window that exaggerated his features. He was striking with his eyes blown wide and his cheeks sharp enough to cut. He was more unhinged than you had seen. 
“I get it, sweetheart. You’re upset.” 
He pulled you in, tugging at your bottom lip harder than before. The lonely whine that fell from your lips echoed through the room. 
“So why don’t we make use of all that pent-up energy?”
James rushed forward, charging you into the wall. Your back stung and you could hear a picture frame crack from the force of it.
He swallowed your pained hiss with his lips. 
The rush of it all made your body hot and angry, and James was branding your skin as his own. He nipped at your lips and your jaw and your neck. His sharp bite made you push your chest out at the sting. You were pushing him away, nails digging into his shoulder. 
He wasn’t deterred. James’ hands kneaded your ass painfully before moving around your thighs and to your hips.
He was holding you up only with his strength and the pressure against the wall, and you only helped his cause by tightening your legs around him. The friction of your jeans against his body only made your body buzz to life. Fuck.
His thumbs rolled over the indent of your nipples through your bra and James groaned. He wasn’t satisfied. 
The rational part of your brain was silenced when he roared, using both of his hands to tear your shirt straight down the middle. The ripping of cloth made you jump, watching his hungry expression land on you.
Fiery eyes were on yours he reached up again, and with a hefty yank, the fabric of your bra was destroyed.
He wasted no time grinding against your covered core in hard, forceful pulls. The brutal snaps of his hips and bruising hold on yours left you reeling. Between your jeans and the confines of his slacks, you could feel the heavy outline of his aggression aching. 
He was going to destroy you.
And all the while his hand yanked at your hair to gain access to your neck. Sharp teeth bit down at the apex there, and with a hearty shriek, you pushed against him. The sting at your scalp and jumping pulse at your neck sent you into overdrive, and when you groaned against him, he cupped his other hand over your mouth. 
At the sound of muted whines, he smirked against your skin, biting down again. Biting and sucking, he was marking his way down to your chest.
Hot and angry, your skin jumped with goosebumps. He was showing no mercy, and with a fervent hunger, he pulled and sucked at the skin sloping down your chest. He let go of your hair, focusing on overstimulating the breast he couldn’t latch onto with his mouth.
His grip was brutal. He was kneading, pinching, and groping, and all the while his mouth assaulted your other nipple. You couldn’t push away, only managing to push out your chest for him to use as he pleased.
And the grinding. It was all too much. With one exceptionally hard thrust, the picture frame fell behind you and you gasped. Legs shaking, you were losing your grip. 
The pain had left a wave of pleasure in its wake.
When he pulled up James’ lips we bruised and parted, a thin line of red outlining his bottom lip. Blood. He had drawn blood. And then his lips were back on yours, both of his hands at the sides of your face.
“Still with me sweetheart?” James teased. 
His eyes had moved down between you and with it his hands. You were mortified. Down the slope of your chest bruises were building. Worse yet, at the apex of your legs a dark, wet outline from the friction of his thrusts.
“Would you look at that?” He whispered in awe. 
Fingers dancing between you he rubbed right there, right at the outline of your cunt.
“You’re soaked, babe,” He smirked “Should I take care of that for you?”
His offer was tormenting. Your nails were digging into his jacket sleeves, trying to push him back. 
“No, no James.” You pleaded, pushing at his sides. “This is all your fault.”
He jeered out a laugh.
“You know, I know just the thing. You wanna act stupid?” He warned lightly, and with the smack of your ass, he pulled you away from the wall. “Fine baby, I’ll fuck you stupid.”
His long strides made quick work of the space, throwing you down to the ground in one of the rooms. Overstimulated by his swift movements the next thing you knew he was tugging at your jeans.
“James, f-fuck off.” You struggled to find the words, pushing at his chest. “I, I mean it -”
“Me too.” He promised earnestly, and once the pants and panties were cast to the side, he gave you another chafing look. “Look at me.”
The raging fire within you was fueled by his taunting. When his hand moved your chin, you gasped at him and then the mess between your legs. 
Even in the low light, the gleam of your excitement was coating your thighs.
“I think you love this.” He preened. “Your body loves this.”
And then his hand attacked with the speed of a viper, cupping your cunt fully. His fingers toyed there, swiping back and forth to create a sloppy sound for you to hear.
“Tell me to stop.” James teased darkly. “Tell me to fucking stop.”
But you didn’t. You couldn’t. There was no time.
His fingers had lined up and attacked your cunt. Your soft, aching walls were burning for contact and he scissored them open. You were positively dripping for him. His harsh attacks were focused. His thumb was pressed down hard on your clit.
James was stroking at a devil’s pace, and your legs locked up when he hit a certain way.
His eyes told a story all their own. Jackpot.
He was relentless, aiming for that spot to make you jump. 
And he found it. Over and over he assaulted that spot until you were writhing. Even then he didn’t stop. 
Oh god, he didn’t stop, and then you were gushing all over his hand and down your legs and onto the floor.
James was making a mess of you, and your blubbering had turned into lofty moans when he paid attention to your clit. And he didn’t stop, wringing out the pleasure from your body with forceful orchestrations.
Your legs were tired and your stomach was taught from contracting over and over again.
“Such a fucking pretty cunt. So good to me.” He purred out with a smirk. “You like that?”
When you couldn’t find the words to reply he yanked at your hair again. Crying out he looked at you down the bridge of his nose expectantly.
“Stay with me.” He warned. “You like it when I take you apart. Who would have thought? Maybe if we did this sooner you wouldn’t have run.” 
You hesitated when he let his fingers go still inside you. Holding a breath, you tried your hardest not to react, but your cunt was clenching around him as if your life depended on it.
“I hate you.” 
Your tone said otherwise. You had to swallow a moan as his fingers left you empty, wiping away your mess against your hip.
“Prove it.” 
James was challenging you behind a Cheshire grin and when you couldn’t produce a quick enough reply he pulled you up by your arms, spinning and pushing you down against the edge of the bed. 
Pushing your legs apart he hummed in appreciation. Ass in the air and nose to the sheets you turned your head to face him.
“Stay there.”
James was in a hurry to rip his clothes off, tossing them to the side before he licked his lips. The way he stalked back over to you was primal, ravenous.
“I’m going to break you, doll.” He promised. 
A quick sting rippled through you as he spanked your ass cheek, making you wince into the sheets.
“You are going to break, and you are going to beg, and are going to wish that you would have just listened to me.”
Another spank made your skin jump. 
In an instant he lunged, his fat cock spearing you open with a grunt. You couldn’t take it; you weren’t prepared for the intensity of it. 
Your legs were still shaking from the mess you made on the ground. 
James was merciless, plunging deep and hard and fast until it stung at the corners of your eyes. Your body ached at the assault. With every thrust, his balls were slapping against you and his cock was grazing the most sensitive parts of you. 
Whimpers turned into full-on howls when his hand found your hair again, yanking you up to meet him.
“James!” You yelled out in frustration and pain, and the bubbling noises of anguish racked your body.
He was using you to keep himself suspended, and the burn made you yelp. You needed to use your arms to keep you steady as he ground his pelvis into your backside. 
And he didn’t stop.
James was going to break the goddamned bed. His other hand was there, digging into your hips before it danced around to the front of your pelvis. His hand slithered further until he could trace your clit with quick brushstrokes.
“James,” Your panting was broken up by another sharp thrust. 
His cock nudged deeper and deeper into your body until your toes were curling at the pressure. 
“No, I can’t. I can’t!”
“You say that a lot, sweetheart.” 
James chuckled, pulling your head back far enough to groan against your ear. 
“You can take it.”
And with that he released your hair, letting you fall back to the bed while he took you from behind. One hand against your hip stabilized him as he ground his body against yours and the other had found respite at your clit.
A thunderous roar poured from your lips as you came hard and fast around him.
Your body ached with electric jolts, but James didn’t let off the gas, pulling pleasure from your clit until you begged him to stop. 
You pushed at his hand feebly and when James finally let go it was only to settle both of them at your hips. It was a dangerous position to be in.
His stamina seemed limitless, only ebbed on by your defiance. You scratched at his legs to push him back, but his weight was too much. He had you surrounded.
“You’re the only girl for me.” He chanted. “And I’m the only man for you. You are taking my cock like a goddess. My little minx.” He laughed when you scratched him.
His ruthless thrusts burned you from the inside out until your voice was hoarse and your makeup was smeared. And he didn’t ease up until all that you felt were the hard planes of his body melting into your own.
The fight was being pulled out from your body as James took your power and converted it into his own.
“You don’t hate me.” He soothed against your shoulder. “I know you don’t.”
His thrusts had changed, and his long strokes were replaced with quick, shallow ones. 
“You love me.” He added with a grunt, his voice cracking. “And I love you.”
Your ears pricked up. 
He had never said that before.
You hardly had the energy to turn your head to look back at James, and as you looked across the planes of your body, between the blood and the sweat and your sticky mess your eyes found his. 
He was losing his control. 
The dopey, stupid look in your eyes was his undoing. With a final thrust, he stilled, seated, and sated, and he looked at you with clarity. 
A moment passed filled with longing and aching and vulnerability.
“You love me?” You whispered, at last, vocal cords aching.
James, with his blown-out eyes and his chest heaving, hovered over you with a gentleness that had yet to make itself known.
“Of course, I do.” He kissed the curve of your shoulder. “Of course, baby.”
And when his hands caressed your sides lovingly you almost gasped.
“Are you mine, Y/N?”
His question sent a shiver down your spine. James rarely used your name. 
And even now, though your mind and body disagreed, your heart had fallen into a content, steady rhythm.
A slow, creeping smile tugged at your lips.
“I suppose I am.”
That was all he wanted to hear you say - that you were his.
“No more running, little minx.” James hummed his satisfaction, kissing your forehead tenderly. “We’re going home.”
Your eyes were heavy as he moved away and wrapped a blanket around your body. As James pulled you up into his arms you knew that your fate was sealed.
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And the thrill of the chase moves in mysterious ways
So, in case I'm mistaken, I just want to hear you say 
“You got me, baby. Are you mine?"
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pov: you are cooking something in the kitchen, when mobboss!husband!bucky comes behind you, slips his arms around your waist and tries to get you in the mood for sex
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