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The name Tumblr is derived from "Tumblelogs", which were hand coded multimedia blogs.

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i’m gonna delete this, i promise, but i just need one minute to be honest, because i said when i came back after my hiatus i was doing it for me and i wasn’t gonna get caught up in worrying about other people, but it turns out you need other people to write here so i guess i should have seen that coming.

i’ve never felt like i belonged here and i don’t have any real idea why. i post dozens of prompts and plotting calls and i used to do starter calls until i realized they didn’t work, as if anything has actually worked. i’ve never been able to establish more than a few long-term ic relationships, i’ve never had a thread that ran more than a couple replies, i can’t reach out to other writers without worrying about being overbearing, and when i ask what i’m doing wrong people say i’m not doing anything wrong and i accept that but the feeling doesn’t go away and nothing changes and i’m back to square one.

please don’t think i’m saying all this now just to wrench out some extra positivity from my followers, because i don’t want it. honestly, i don’t. i just wanna write with people without feeling like i’m on the outside all the time.

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“Yes, you can’t just turn that off. I miss him, and what we all had a lot. I’d love to have him back with us, but I don’t know what the future holds anymore.”



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I need you all to know my best friend is coming back to tumblr rp and her multi will in fact include a serious take on Ebony Darkness Dementia Raven Way , fitting her into the canonical HP universe , all because I made a joke about it that turned serious

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Whichever you prefer is perfectly fine with us!!

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now that i think about it… me being a horror buff first, is why i’m not a super fan of AHS, ironically lol

season one was loyal to horror. it felt planned in every detail and they left it as it was. then season two was a whole different showcase of horror genres. again, properly intertwined and well thought out (despite my disagreements with some things… like Kit being OK WITH ALMA BEING SENT TO BRIARCLIFF AFTER ALL HE EXPERIENCED THERE. LIKE, BITCH, REALLY???? but anyway…) both season one and two took real life events and cases and horror films and mixed them to create their own little world. they were beautiful. 

again, despite the flaws.

but then season three came and the show… kinda… changed…. imho.

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