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#mobile bay
currentsinbiology · 4 years ago
A Mysterious Underwater Forest Warns of Earth's Rapidly Changing Climate
The discovery began with a rumour about a fishing "honey hole" somewhere off the Alabama coast where the red snapper was plentiful.By the time Ben Raines - an environmental reporter for the Mobile Press Register - heard about the location, the rumour had evolved.
Apparently, a local dive shop owner told him, the fish were congregating around an underwater forest peeking out of the sediment 60 feet below the surface.
Raines spent months persuading the man to take him to the secret location 10 miles offshore, an effort that paid off in 2011 as soon as Raines got his first glimpse of the forest.
"It was like entering a fairy world," he told The Washington Post. "You get down there, and there are these cypress trees, and there are logs lying on the bottom, and you can touch them and peel the bark off."
"It was an otherworldly experience where you knew you were in this ancient place," he added.
How ancient exactly? That was the question Raines and researchers from Louisiana State University and the University of Southern Mississippi were determined to answer when they began dating chunks of wood at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory using radiocarbon dating.
The expectation, researchers said, was that the trees would end up being around 10,000 years old. Nobody expected to find out that the trees were about five times that age, Kristine DeLong, a paleoclimatologist at Louisiana State University, told The Post.
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schoolgirl303 · a year ago
Tumblr media
*Contains Episode 1 SPOILERS*
I came in with the mind set that MC was going to be a super tropey reverse harem heroine. Kind of like Yui from Diabolik lovers where she isn’t even a person. 
Just look at MC she looks like a super cute cinnamon roll but gurrrlllll you have some BALLS and I lived for every single second of her character in  this episode. 
She’s super determined to keep her show running and keep the same energy that her father brought to the show and I love that she’s running from place to place and hustling like a pimp. 
Tumblr media
One thing I can’t stress enough is that she speaks her goddamn mind.
You tell her MC! Finish her! Ref Anna on the side tho lol 
Now don’t get me started when she went to go look for Victor when she found through Anna that he was withdrawing funding from her company. 
Tumblr media
She went up to receptionist of his company like “LET ME TALK TO HIM OR  I WILL GO TO HIM” and she FUCKING DID  👊🏽 👊🏽 👊🏽
Tumblr media
Remember when Vic walked into the building like it was his palace or some shit cuz he had to make an “emergency visit or whateva”?? All his employees started bowing down n shit but my GIRL didn’t  💅🏼 💅🏼 💅🏼
Tumblr media
Then she met with the grand DICK himself my boo Victor 💋
She be like hey why you cutting my funding bruh?? I need it! Then he was like cuz is just as I thought.... TRASH. 
It hurt my girl for like a second but then she started thinking of her hommies from the hood in Loveland and then she pulled up a OOHH Hell NOO and was like Aight you GONNA Pay fo dat shit  🖕🏼 🖕🏼
Tumblr media
If we make it big don’t bring yo lil bitch ass running to me cuz it gonna be late as fuck. You Good? 
MC told him infront of every single one of his employees!! Every single one!! the shameeeeee on his cow tho 
I FUCKING DIED. I was dead.  ☠️ ☠️ ☠️ just like every single one of his employees 
Tumblr media
Then my boii was so amused and so intrigued by hood rat MC  that he looked at her like FUCKING TRY ME   😈 with that sexy ass smile of his 
MC  looked at him like  👿 I’m ready BITCHH bring IT. 
Them death stares got me like OOOOHHH is gonna get good. 
If Anime MC is like this then I’m in for a treat with RENEGADE MC. I’m living so much for her bad bitch energy that I honestly forgot that Gavin didn’t even have enough screen time and that’s coming from one of his #1 hoe’s.  
I think I might up just developed a big ASS crush for MC. 
Anyway, Good Job MAPPA so far I’m hooked. 
Still a low blow for naming her “Watashi” tho when she has more personality than Yui  😒 😒 😒
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priestessoftides · 3 years ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The bay leaf has been held as a sacred tool for cleansing one’s space and alleviating stress, anxiety, and unpleasant energy. 🍃 Bay leaves were routinely burned in temples and sacred spaces to assist in acts of prayer and meditation, as well as wish-making. For this reason it is still a common practice to write one’s wish on a bay leaf, meditate upon it, then burn it. When this is finished, throw the ashes into the wind, which will carry your wishes off to be materialized. 🌞🍃
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realitystop · a year ago
Tumblr media
Sunset, Mobile Bay, Alabama
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mccalllib · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
A serene and well-composed view of sail boats on Mobile Bay, undated. Erik Overbey Collection, The Doy Leale McCall Rare Book and Manuscript Library, University of South Alabama.
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voltagesmutter · a year ago
Kinks With MLQC HQ
Having and finding kinks with Victor, Kiro, Lucien, Gavin.
*Smut & NSFW, only subtle kinks*
Tumblr media
“Ah~" The cries leave your throat, fingernails clawing at the oak desk. 
Two large hands holding your waist, keeping your skirt bunched up, pulling you back as he thrusted into you. Each thrust harder than the one before.
Your knuckles went white from gripping the desk below, your knees almost threatening to buckle under you as Victor repeatedly hit that spot.
The sheer pleasure was enough to make your back arch, head rolling backwards to lean against his shoulder. 
The coil tightening inside you, just a bit more and you feel it snap. 
You were too lost in the pleasure when the words fell from your mouth.
“Harder daddy,”.
‘Daddy’ being a word you’d never said before to Victor. 
His face behind you went bright red, stilling for a moment before pushing your lower back down against the table beneath you, one hand held the back of your neck down so your cheek was pressed against it.
He thrusted harder into you, piledriving you into the desk as it shunted beneath you. The fingertips on your waist sinking into your skin as he pounded you from behind.
“Good girl” Groaning from his lips as you clenched over him, walls fluttering as you came. Quickly followed by him. An almost record for you both.
Tumblr media
“Y-you want me to what!” Kiro’s face as red as his shirt. 
“Forget it! Please just forget I mentioned it,” Your face going just as red, nothing meaning for it to slip out. ‘How about we bring food to the bedroom’. 
Poor boy at first brings his whole collection of snacks, just love the pure thing. 
“Oh~Kiro!” You whimpered, fingers clutching to his hair. 
He was settled between your legs, lapping at the whipped cream that he’d squirted along your clit, each stroke of his tongue sent you withering beneath him. 
“I must say Miss.Chips,” Pulling away slightly, tongue darting to lick the slickness that coated his mouth, his hands hooking under your thighs to keep them apart, “You are by far my most favourite snack”. 
He grabbed the can beside him, leaving a fresh trail of cream down your heated before diving his back down and ravishing you like you was his last meal.
Tumblr media
“Harder” You whimpered, hands fisting at the bedsheets as you wiggled your ass a little.
“My little fool,” A stern but soft voice cooed from behind, the hand of the voice that contacted with your ass only seconds ago, “If I didn’t know any better I’d say you're enjoying your little punishment,”. 
He was teasing you, testing you, wanting to push you to your limits to find out your deepest desires. 
“Lucien please,” A sense of need and desperation in your voice. You knew all too well Lucien would continue his tortuous tease throughout the night if you weren't honest, if you tried to hide what you really wanted. 
“Like this?” An almost sadistic tone in his words, bringing his hand down to slap your ass with only a slight more pressure. 
You whined heavily in frustration, core aching as your wetness seeped down your thighs. The man had you physically dripping without even touching you properly.
“Tell me my queen, I only wish to please you,”. He had been punishing you for seeing Victor with his arm pressed against your lower as you conversed, nothing more than a friendly gesture. Only to find you enjoyed him being rougher with you. But he wasn’t giving in that easy to your pleasure, no this little devil liked you to watch you beg for it. Especially when it was something new he found out what you liked.
“I like it… when you're rough with me,” You panted the plea in your voice, knowing if you was honest you were more likely to receive a reward for it. Something Lucien always delivered on. 
Without a word he thrusted two fingers for the first time that night into your drenched core. A hand coming down harder against you, a motion sending you withering.
Tumblr media
Watching Gavin twirl the metal handcuffs around his index finger did things to you. The rest of the afternoon all you could focus on was how they’d feel around you, pinning you to bed as Gavin ruined you.
“Hey are you even listening?” He pouted softly, waving a hand in front of your face snapping you out of your haze.
“What? Oh yes, um, yes,” You try in agreement, having no clue what he was on about. 
“What’s got you thinking? Are you okay, your face is slightly red?” He questioned, taking your hand in his and giving it a little squeeze. 
“Fine, I’m fine, it’s all fine,” You brush it off, Gavin letting it slide for now. 
“Okay seriously, what’s going on you’ve been quiet all through dinner?” Gavin pressing a hand to your thigh as you cuddled together on the sofa.
“It’s nothing...I-...It’s embarrassing,” You mumbled into his chest, hiding your face.
“Hey no,” He moved back, cups your face in his hands and pulls your gaze to him, “You can tell me anything, you know that,”. His honey-pooled eyes filled to the brim with love and trust.
“I-” Your face going red, “I want to try something new,”.
This time it was Gavin’s face to blush.
“Are you sure this is okay?” You ask, Gavin hovering over you as he crossed your arms above your head, the metal of the handcuffs clinking as he locks them together.
“I’d be lying if I didn’t say I haven’t thought of this myself,” The red glow touching the tips of his ears.
He sat back on his knees, spread your legs apart to hold them either side of his waist. The round of foreplay beforehand moving at a faster than normal pace, both of you eager to try out your idea. One sharp movement and he fully sheathed inside you, hands jolting at the thrust sending a metallic ring through the air along with your moans. 
His thrusts were urgent, more ravishing and dominating than usual. Each one making you wither beneath him, head tossed against the pillows as you back arched. 
You couldn’t run your fingers down his back as you normally would, compensating for it by wrapping your legs around his waist, pulling him flushed against you. 
He cursed aloud, a pure rarity for him. Almost losing self-control to lust as his hips snapped fiercely against yours.
“Agh-I’m close…” He groaned, fingertips sinking into your waist, pure hunger in his piercing eyes. A look of a man driven crazy with lust.
Removing both of his hands, the pure clenching of your thighs giving the ability to hold the position as he continued to plough into you. His right hand spread your lower lips, his left index strumming fierce over your clit. 
The sensation pushing you over the brink, fingertips desperately seeking for something to cling to, crossed over fists tightening leaving indents in your skin. The wonton cry from your mouths as you both came harder than ever before.
“Next time I want you to use them on me,” He panted, collapsing on your chest.
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get-hitched · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
Sunset, Mobile Bay, Alabama
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voltagesmutter · a year ago
Behind Amber Eyes
Tumblr media
Collaboration between myself the fantastic @stehkotori​
Angst, Smut, Hurt, Love with our two amber loves
It became unbearable to stay in the house, the clear blue lines of the negative test sent waves of sadness through your body, it was tainting you just like it was Gavin. You needed a distraction, something, anything to clear your mind. 
Gavin was acting lately with all seeming ability to not get pregnant was really straining your relationship. It felt like he didn’t want to touch you because he loved you, it was like he was pure fucking you to get you pregnant, he hadn’t even made you cum the last few attempts, you found yourself finishing yourself off out of frustration after he fell asleep. All you wanted, so desperately wanted, was a night of passion and in all honesty you knew you weren't going to get that with your husband.
The heavy scent of alcohol, smoke and sweat flooded your scenes as you entered the live house, the atmosphere instantly bringing you to a comforting feeling, it was almost like your troubles faded and future away as you entered deeper into the crowd. You debated heading to the bar, maybe a beer would help but then again the fertility doctor had said alcohol was not a good idea for when trying for a baby, so you stayed clear. You don’t know what actually brought you to this place, you knew no-one here, or so you thought…
The bass beginning to drift into your ears, pulled your gaze to the lilac haired man who stood tall, strumming away at the song the band was playing. He looked up and his eyes, those beautiful amber eyes that made your core melt, met yours. Shaw…
“So what brings you here?” He asked as he sat on the bar stool next to you, beer in hand.
“I just- I couldn’t be alone,” You meekly smiled, your fingers tapping on the glass of water you had requested.
“Oh right yeah, Gave’s away again isn’t he,” You nodded in response, “Water? Unlike you, you up the duff or something?” He teased, before noticing the broken smile on your face. 
“Quite the opposite actually…” You mumble off, as he places one of his larger hands over yours.
“What's wrong?”.
“I-... We trying and it’s just… nothings working and it’s getting really frustrating you know,” It all comes blurting out, “I don’t even feel like Gavin wants to have sex with me anymore, he’s so worked up over it he literally finishes and just... “. You trail the end of your sentence off, Shaw really didn’t need to hear about your sex life. 
“Leaves you high and dry then fucks off on a mission?” He adds and you nod, “You know… if you were my girl, I would devote my life to pleasuring you”. His words sending heat through your body, the first hint of actual being wanted for the first time in months, it pumped sexual desire through your body. 
“Aha, can you tell your brother that,” You laugh slightly, rolling your eyes.
“I mean it, Bella,” Shaw turned serious for a second, the tone of his voice pulling your gaze to his as he gently clasps his hand over yours, “I would give you everything I had, you’d never see me fucking off for weeks on end on missions, especially when trying to give you the thing you most wanted,”. 
“An orgasm?” You laugh light-heartedly.
“A baby…” His words make your jaw drop ever so lightly as you stared into his amber eyes, the same eyes of your husbands, your chest rising heavily and you felt yourself leaning into his gaze. You quickly stopped when a ping of your phone interrupted you, checking it you saw the words ‘You’re entering your most fertile 48 hour period”, a sad smile appearing. Most fertile and Gavin wasn’t here, once again. Shaw’s other hand came to rest on your cheek as he pulled your gaze back to his, the liquid-honey eyes burning into your soul as he squeezed your hand reassuringly and before you could stop yourself, you felt your lips pressing against his. His lips were soft, warming and comforting, they tasted like the beer he has sipping on, they were also pressing back against yours. Neither of you pulled away as your lips glided over one and others. 
“Let me give you what he can’t, just one night, please,” He pleaded against your lips as he pulled away gently, waiting for your answer as his golden-hued eyes melted your core. You didn’t answer, you couldn’t find words for how you felt, instead you leaned forward one more and pressed another kiss against his lips. 
Lips collided over each other as he pushed you back against his front door, keys fumbling in his pocket to find the door key before finally pushing it open, the two of you stumbling inside as your arms wrapped around each other. Everything you feared, Gavin, the failed fertilization, all of it melted away each time Shaw’s lips found yours. It felt right, it felt natural as if you were secretly made for each other. Gone was Shaw’s cockiness, replaced with the softer slightly maturer side he kept hidden, only for you to unravel slowly piece by piece.
Articles of clothing slowly disappeared, both of you taking the time to admire each other's bodies until both of you stood slightly flushed in just underwear. His arms holding your waist as he brought his lips back to yours in a slow-moving kiss, a kiss that sought closeness in one sensation, one never-ending passionate moment. It made your heart race, having him pressed so closely to your almost naked skin, the intimacy between you growing. 
He slowly brought a hand up over your stomach to mess with your bra strap before gently pulling it off your shoulder, followed by the other before finally reaching behind and undoing it. You let it fall from your body, a light thud on the floor as you brought your hands to rest on his chest. Nothing was rushed, all was at a leisurely sensual pace. He kept his hands on your back as his tongue ran against the edge of your lips. Without a word, you moved your hands to cup his and brought them over your naked breasts, the warmth of his hands sending electric tingles down your spine. His hands worked over your chest before making their way down to your underwear, you being pushed back gently until your knees hit the edge of the sofa, knocking you back gently as you fell onto it. Shaw followed you down, kneeling between your knees as he pushed them apart, settling down between them as he pressed light kisses to your stomach, his fingertips on the hem of your underwear. He pulled them off slowly, pressing kiss down your thighs as he followed his hands, pressing a kiss to your ankle before his eyes met your glistening core. 
“Shaw!” You whimpered, your hands grasping at his hair, your back arching lightly as he pressed gentle kisses against your clit. He ran the flat on his tongue against you, sparks accumulating over your body at the sensation as he delved a finger inside your tight core. He set fireworks off inside you as he responded to everywhere moans and pleasurable whimpers, turning you into putty by his actions, your legs over his shoulder, pushing him closer against you. 
“Ngh~ Shaw!” You cried, tears leaving your eyes as you felt the final explosion release, your thighs shaking as you came against his mouth, your essence trickling down his fingers and knuckles. Your fingertips tugging at the lilac hair loosened and he pulled himself away, licking his lips as he stared up from between your thighs, his half-lidded eyes meeting your hazy gaze.
He moved up your body, his hands moving to your waist as you wrapped your arms around his back, your lips meeting again, the taste of you fresh on his tongue. He pushed you down against the sofa, your legs parting as his body lay flushed against yours, the only article of clothes remaining was his boxers. Trailing your hand down his chest, you pulled them off slowly, your hand moving to wrap around his cock as he hissed slightly at the sensation.
“Don’t,” He mumbled, stopping you in your tracks, was he regretting this?
“You’ll make me...” He flustered slightly, sensing the worry in his eyes, “Tonight is all about you,”. Positioning himself to press against your core, the taffy-golden eyes fixed over yours as he pressed himself into you, moans of pleasure falling from both of your lips. He filled you in a different sense to Gavin, physically and emotionally, his lips pressing repeatedly over your neck as he inched further into you before fully hilted inside you. You experienced pleasure no like other as he thrust slowly into you, your hips rolling against his as his lips made their way to yours. You ran your fingernails down his back as he kept his sensual pace, both of you indulging in the pleasurable bliss, your eyes never breaking their intense gaze. He brought a hand down to your clit, fondling the sensitive nub as he brought you both an earth-shattering release, his name crying your lips as yours fell from his. 
Your blissful night of divine pleasure continued, as you straddled him, riding him to another release. One hand cupped your ass as the other held your lower back, your muscles clenching over him, bringing him to a following release after. Sweet kisses pressed to your shoulder as he took you from behind, one hand gripping yours as he leaned over you, finishing for a third time inside you that night. The sensual night passed by, with no pick up of pace, only deep passion as it left you both in a euphoric state.
Morning slowly crept by and reality sunk in, placing a gentle kiss to his cheek, you dressed and took one last look at the man, peacefully sleeping, who gave you unspeakable pleasure before leaving to return home. A heavenly smile graced your lips as you made your way home before the city awoke, ensuring that no-one saw you leave his apartment as you blissfully strolled home, your heart profoundly beating the lilac haired man who was in deep slumber, unaware you had slipped away from resting body.
Once home, the home you shared with your passionate lover's brother, you pulled yourself into the shower as the heavy scent of Shaw lingered on your skin. You lavered yourself up with the scent of lavender, removing any trace of the previous night from your skin, the only thing left was your memory of his ghostly touches. It was a mistake, one heavenly passionate, mind-blowing mistake, you kept telling yourself but you couldn't get the touches of Shaw from your mind. It was a secret night of passion you would take to your grave if Gavin even knew it would break him further than he ever was… 
You yawned from exhaustion, allowing yourself to climb into bed, letting you slip away into a sweet slumber. All you could dream of was Shaw's eyes, his words, his touches, the way he made you feel, how no man ever made you feel…  A hand touching your lower back makes you jolt up in fear, piercing amber eyes meets, Shaw? “Gavin…” You whisper, clutching the bedsheets to you, “What are you, the mission?”.
“I got a notification, I know you're fertile for another day so I came home early,” He smiled, bringing a hand to stroke your cheek.
He wasted no time getting into the action, no foreplay or romance, straight into fucking you. None of the romance or passion you had experienced the night before, the amber eyes meeting your gaze held resembled nothing of the flame that had lit your fire last night. Each time you fell into those eyes, you had to hold back from crying ‘Shaw’, in the end, you made him take you from behind from the sheer fear you could cry out for another. He pounded into you, not helping to bring you to a release as he finished deep inside you before pulling out, leaving you in a heaving mess. 
“I feel like we might be lucky this time, I just feel it”. You heard he saying to your back, a softness in his voice being there for the first time in months. You don’t know if it was the exhaustion, all the emotions from the last night, or the fact that he is being sweet, but before you notice, tears were running in your cheeks.
A few months come and gone before you even notice. You hadn’t see Shaw since that fateful night and, honestly, part of you would prefer that it would continue like this. But since it was his birthday, you and Gavin went to the live house, where some of his friends were celebrating. As soon as the lavender-hair boy looked at you growing belly, though, you knew it was a bad idea. Gavin on the other hand was more than happy. Like always, he puts his hands on your belly every two minutes, just to be sure you and the baby were ok, his face glowing in happiness every time he felt the baby move. When your husband goes get you some water, Shaw comes to your side.
“I see you got what you wanted, in the end.” He says, drinking from the beer bottle. “The both things you asked that night, in fact. I mean, if I’m right and this baby is from that night… Am I?”.
You look at his amber eyes, the same that your husband. For a moment you wanderer if the baby will have that same pair of eyes. You knew what he was asking.
“I don’t know, Shaw. All I know is that I am happy. And Gavin is happy too.” You hoped he understood what you meant. The way his expression got a little more serious and dark told you he did.
Without saying anything else, he just went back to his group of friends.
The labor wasn’t so easy, and part of you asked itself if something about this baby would ever be. But the moment you saw your baby girl, everything started to be worth it. With so much exhaustion, you were fast asleep as soon as you were in your hospital room. Making you lose the interaction that happened later that evening when Shaw went to see your growing family.
Gavin was just radiant, at the point of hugging his brother. Shaw looked at you two, a little disappointed to find you both asleep. While your husband didn’t stop talking about all the labor and plans you two have for your girl, Shaw let himself wander for a moment what would be like if he was in his brother’s shoes. It wasn’t the first time he thought about that, but now there was a bittersweetness lingering in the air.
“I know what you are. And don’t worry, tonight I will let you have it.” Gavin said, making Shaw almost jump, even if he didn’t let it show. “You wanna hold her, right? I know, I felt the same way when I saw her for the first time”.
Gavin took his bundle of joy and then gave it to his brother. A smile in his face. At first, Shaw thought about denying it, since holding her probably would be even more painful, but, just like that night with you, he just had to know what it was like. As soon as the baby is his arms, she wakes, opening her little eyes. The first thought in Shaw’s mind is that she had their eyes indeed, little two pools of honey. The second thought, that was the most painful and at the same time the one that brought him more joy, was that the little strand of lilac in her hair would never deny who was her father.
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anothermrvictormoron · a year ago
MC: What is IPod without Pod?
Victor: I
MC: What is the opposite of hate?
Victor: Love
MC: What is youth without th?
Victor: You
MC: Awww, I love you too!!
Victor: ...Moron
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voltagesmutter · a year ago
Tumblr media
Request: The new SR of Gavin and MC  Pairing: Gavin and MC Word Count: 1500+ Warning: Smut and NSFW
*Literally has no relevance to what the storyline will entail, just smut using the image above*
Your eyes were still taking in the breath-taking sight in front of you Gavin, your boyfriend, your newly promoted boyfriend, stood in his new office. A white leather jacket clung to every bulge of his biceps, the black shirt with silk tie tucked into his black trousers, each piece of material teased over the rippling muscles of perfect that lay-neath. The glint of his badge reflected off the setting sun as he turned, pulling his gaze from the sleepless city below, the muscles of lips curving into a smile when he saw you. He outstretched a gloved hand to you, a gesture to step-forward in a silent exchange of words. A radiating power of dominance poured from him, the fragile and overly sensitive Gavin was lost amongst it. 
Placing your fingers in the tip of his palm, taking elegant steps as he guides you across his office to stand at the wall to floor glass window, admiring the glow across the city as the sun sets. Buildings below to the horizon had a tint of pink, a fierce glow of yellow as the sun peaked behind them, a hint of musky blue creeping over with a slow movement. The office behind you let in rays of the dying light as darkness began to trickle over, night settling in fast. 
The leather glove settled on your waist as his right hand leaned over your shoulder to press against the window, held in tight proximity between Gavin and the window, the hot air of his breath tickled against the back of your neck. Both of you unraveled in the silence, the closeness between you was a blessing, a sigh of relief as his chest held your back close to him. Mission after mission, the nights and days between you grew more distant, the toll of it all leaving you more vulnerable and wanting more than ever. The crave to be held, to be kissed, to be ravished by the man who held your heart in his palm. Finally to be back in his arms where you belonged. 
“This…” His voice breaking the blissful silence, his words tickling the shell of your ear as he runs a finger down your exposed shoulder to brush against the black top beneath, “I feel like I’ve seen this before”. You couldn’t deny it held a striking resemblance to what Shaw wore, a new found edgier style, along with your blazing confidence.
“You almost look like…” His words trail off, unable to finish the sentence, unable to bring his name into the conversation. Too many times had he almost come between them, the lavender hair of his brother was a reckoning force, an uncontrollable storm intensified with lightning, devouring anything or one that got in his way. Forced actions to try pull you away from Gavin, to break the bond between you but a failed attempt every time, a love between you and Gavin that spread across time. “You look so beautiful,” Heat of voice pulsed against your neck, leaving goosebumps to trail across your body, each tiny hair standing on edge. Turning, pulling yours gaze from the now darked skyline, amber-eyes of pure love meeting yours as his face pulled closer. Lips locked together in a desperate frenzy, heat pulsing through your core as he ran his tongue over your bottom lip giving it a slight tug with his teeth. Warmth spread across you, pooling in the pit of your stomach as it slowly grew, the motion of his lips against yours sent your knees weak.
The hand on your waist trialed up your shirt, his gloved hand running against your skin until it cupped under your bra, the cool leather kneading at your heated skin. His glovered fingers rolled your perking nipples between his index and middle finger, tugging them softly until they pebbled and flushed against him, moving his hand to your other breast. Delicate whimpers fell from your mouth only to be captured by his lips, noises only saved for him. 
The subtle grinding of his hips against yours, the flushing of his hardening erection pressing against you, material of trousers and a skirt still between you. His lips broke away first, moving to press wet kisses down from your jaw to the sensitive notch under your ear before sucking against your neck, your back arching, pressing your breasts future into his hands. Dizziness began to intoxicate you as he pressed the faintest of bites along your neck, tilting and extending it to grant him further access. Your hand came up press against the window, your flat palm was covered by Gavin’s bringing his hand down to intertwine over yours. The heat from your mouth created a crystal fog against the window, condensation spreading deeper over the glass with each breath. 
Bringing your free hand to reach behind you, graping at the back of his head neck to pull his lips back to yours, wanting and needing more. The leather grazed back down over your stomach and until reaching your skirt, cupping over your ass until it hit the bottom of the material, edging up slowly in a teasing pace. The flame of desire lit between you, drunk of each other kisses as the passion grew. He ran his gloved digital across your clothed core, dampness ruining the material that pooled from between your legs.
Your hand dropped from his head, reaching down and wrapping your dainty wrist over his to stop his motions, you wanted to be touched by him, remove the leather of his glove. Bringing his hand up to your mouth, pulling away from the heated kiss to gently bite the leather that clung to his hand, pulling it off of him with your teeth before dropping it to the floor. His hand came back down to nestle between your thighs, this time pushing away the material of your panties to stroke against your wet folds. The slight hitch of his breath, the same nose he made every time he felt you wet was for him, sent a shiver down your spine. Your head rolled back to rest against his shoulder as two fingers sank into your core, moans of pure pleasure fell from your lips as his lips returned to suck at your neck, his tongue tracing down your racing pulse. Sparks inside you grew as your toes began to curl inside your trainers, your hand re-wrapping around his wrist sinking your fingernails into it, leaving crescent moons deep into his skin. The coil snapped from within, staring from your toes to build up a tightening crescendo of a wave of pleasure within your body, muscles spasming tightly around his thrusting digits. Head thrown back as whimpers of his name broke through your mouth, thighs trembling slightly as his fingers pulled out from within your drenched core. 
“I need you,” His voice husky in your ear, dropping a few octaves as you met his eyes, amber-filled to the brim with lust as the gloss glazed over them. The metallic sound of his belt unbutton sends tingles over your skin, the shuffling movement of trousers dropping to the floor as his erection pressed hard against your ass, heat pulsing off of him. Taking his hand and bringing it back to your mouth, spitting as he brought it back to rub it over his throbbing length before pulling your waist back in a sharp manner as his head pressed against your core. Thrusting in with a strangled grunt, hilting himself fully inside you as your fingers tried to grip at the window, his intertwined fingers gripping over yours. His hips snapped tightly against yours, bouncing you forward before pulling you tightly back, each thrust becoming more raw than the last. His fingers still slicked with your essence came up to trace your lips, opening them gracefully to suck them clean, heavy pants were hot against the back of your neck. 
Pulling his fingers from your mouth, moving them back under the material of your shirt to cup your breast, fondling them as each thrust sends them jiggling into his hand, your free hand grasping at his arm in need of something to grip. Slapping skin, the sound of your wetness as his thrusts increased with intensity as you felt your walls tightening once more. The glass fogged from the mixture of heavy breaths, your palm flat as it left a tracing outline around it, the city below clueless to the raw passion happening inside his office. Titling your heads once more to find each other in a sloppy kiss, teeth clanging against each other as your fingers dug into his skin. 
An orgasm hitting you with pure intensity, the sounds getting stuck in your throat as you trembled in his hold. Waves crashing through your body as you contracted tighter around him until it lured out his own release, spilling inside you with a heavy groan, lips moving from yours to sink into the back of your neck. Hot and deep arousal mixed with your essence as his head collapsed against the back of your neck, your head falling back on his shoulder as he held your trembling form.
“I’m so proud of you,” You sighed with content, nuzzling against his chest as he held tight to him in his office chair. Sex and sweat filled his office, that and the fogged up glass with a trace of your handprint being the only evidence of your moment together. The darkness outside was greeted by the warmth of his desk lamp, a faint glow hovering between the pair of you, a resemblance of your loving afterglow. 
“Everything's lookup for you, isn’t it Officer Gavin,” You teased, pressing a finger to his nose as a light blush formed across his cheeks, even with his new demeanor of confidence the smallest gestures between you still made him blush.
“As long as you are here, the direction that I head in will never change.” He smiled, your heart warming to see the sight. A delicate kiss pressed to your lips, no-words of love needed to be exchanged as your actions poured out your love and affection for each other.
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goldenginkgo729 · 19 days ago
Tumblr media
"May the wind guide my path, and return me back to your side."
Tumblr media
I tried a painterly style this time🙈🎨
I hope you love it as much as I do!
₍ᐢ.ˬ.ᐢ₎♡ time-lapse video is on my Instagram!
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simmerberlin · 3 years ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Brindleton Bay, 22:20
“But I'm not afraid To walk away, because  I know I'm built to live alone  I'll miss you  I'll miss you  But I'm not in love”
Beginning | Previous | Next
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voltagesmutter · 12 months ago
Epilepsy HeadCannon - MLQC
Tumblr media
*Some of my close friends suffer from epilepsy and I’ve been working with them over triggers and seizures for this piece.  I answered this to the best of my ability from knowledge from friends and online research, everything may not be accurate. Please understand I attempted my best to do this the justice it deserved.*
Warning: Talks of seizures and triggers.
*Thank you to @shadowtsukiyo​​​ for your Lucien-ism and help*
Mr.Mills was away on a family emergency for a couple of days meaning Victor had to go to the store to get the food he needed for Souvenir.
“Come on we’ll go, it will be fun!” You tugged at his hand, the scowl on his face at having to do his own shopping, “Oh wait let me get my bag for life!”. 
The look on his face, the f- is a bag for life?
He took you to the fresh outdoor market to gather the supplies he needed, the only thing left on the list was meat.
Of course he went to a locally sourced organic butchers where the meat was stored in a large walk in refrigerator. You were hesitant to go in at first, the cold temperature was often a trigger for your epilepsy but you didn’t want to be a burden to Victor, hoping you would be in and out in a short amount of time.
But this was Victor Li. 
He took his time examining everything to make sure it was of perfect texture, look and weight for his cooking. 
You’d only been in the cold room for a few minutes but the slow tingling that burned in your fingertips quickly rose up your arms. The feeling of your stomach dropping and the sensation of tingling quickly heated up your body causing an almost cold sweat to tremble across your body. 
“Bella?” Victor turning to face you after you didn’t reply to a comment he made, the panic in his eyes as he saw the colour flooding from your face. Your eyes were focused on a specific spot in the room, even though you was physically there your mind was at a total blank at the buzzing sensation taunted across your body.
The next thing you remembered was being held tightly in his Victor's arms in the basking sun outside the shop, his hand cradling your neck as he held you close to his chest. You weren't sure how much time had passed or what exactly had happened.
“Are you okay?” The soft worry in his voice as he felt you push yourself back weakly, looking up to meet his gaze, his purple eyes wide with alertness. You nodded meekly with a shallow swallow, the rapid thumping of your heartbeat slowing down.
“I-” You started but the tears built up, the softness of his lips pressing against your crown as he let you sob silently against his chest, no rush or pressure to explain. 
He took you straight back to his house, tucking you in his bed as you slept for few hours whilst he stayed by your side and stroked your hair in a comforting manner. 
When you awoke you found him sat at the edge of the bed with a bowl of pudding in his hands waiting for you.
You explained you had epilepsy, that you took regular medication to keep it under control but cold temperatures seemed to be a trigger. 
“Dummy… why didn’t you tell me? You should have waited outside,” The softness in his voice as he pried the bowl out of your hands and wrapped his arms around you.
“I didn’t want to be a burden,” You sighed into his chest, letting the warmth of his body elope you.
“Idiot…” The softness of his cheek rubbing against your forehead, “You are never a burden to me,”. 
He held you close for the remainder of the day, whispering sweet words of love as you peacefully fell asleep against his chest. 
You and Lucien hadn’t been dating very long when he suggested a day out to the new exhibit at the butterfly sanctuary, he’d been given private access to it before it opened to the public.
“I’m so excited!” You squealed, fingers intertwined with Lucien's hand as he let out a small chuckle. The admiration on his face as he watched the smile radiate off your face, letting you pull him along playfully to reach the double doors faster.
“Mr.Mo, it’s pleasure,” An employee of the exhibit held out his hand, Lucien giving him a flash of that friendly smile as he extended his hand out to shake it. 
“The exhibit is already so beautiful, although it’s beauty holds nothing compared to the beauty beside me,” The smoothness of his words sends your cheeks slightly pink.
“Well we are honoured to welcome you both to be the first people to see the new additions, if your follow me,” The employee laughed, guiding you both to a room with a wide screen and a row of chairs, “We just have a short video to play before you enter,”.
You both a seat, Lucien's arm wrapped around your shoulder as the employee stood at the back of the room, the pressing sound of a button and the screen came to life.
Sharp bursts of colours flooded the screen, several flashing lights above it and the next thing you saw was black.
Lucien instinctively grabbed you and held you close to his chest, blocking the array of flashing lights from your vision. He knew your epilepsy was triggered by flashing lights after you had a minor seizure when he was lending a hand on the set of miracle finder. 
“Turn it off now,” His voice stern and in a raised manner, holding you close to him as he continued to shield you from the flickering colour of lights from the room. He refused to let you go until the room was still, silence lingering in the air.
“Are you okay?” His voice softer than normal, peeking down as he watched you nod against his chest. 
“Yes,” You reassured him, he pulled you away in the nick of time, any longer and it would have caused a seizure. 
The employee dashed over with a string of apologies, ‘The lights were not meant come on, I’m so sorry,’. 
You slowly pulled from Lucien's chest and told him it was fine, accepting his apologies but Lucien wasn’t happy to accept.
“Will you bear with me,” Lucien taking your hands and pressing a gentle kiss to your knuckles but focusing his gaze on the employee. 
You sat in the room awkwardly, you could hear the raised but not yelling voice of Lucien from outside in the corridor as he scolded the employee for such carelessness. 
“Lucien, you really didn’t have to tell him off,” You pouted as you took a bite of the ice-cream in your hands. He let out a sigh and shook his head.
He refused to stay a second longer at the exhibit after his talk with the employee, insisting you go and rest in fear of a seizure coming but you reassured him you were fine. Instead he took you to a quiet park where you found yourselves resting under a fern tree with ice-cream as you between his legs, your head resting against his chest.
“My silly fool,” He sighed, wrapping his free arm around your waist. "Your health, your safety come above all else. Just because those..." A cold look crossed his face before softening, "just because they're inadequate in their training, does not mean you or anyone else should suffer. Let me take care of you, silly girl.
“Miss.Chips please you have to come!” Kiro continued to plea through the phone to you.
“Okay, okay, fine! Let me just re-organise the day and I’ll be over okay?”.
“You're the best Miss.Chips, I knew I could count on you!” The over-excited squeal on the other side of the call.
“You owe me a great show superstar!” You laughed, eyes focusing on your screen as you dragged the scheduled work for today into different sections of your calendar, freeing up your day.
“I will, I promise! I’ll never let my number one fan down! Oh I gotta run, Savin is looking for me, I’ll see you soon!” The clicking button of the call ending rang through your phone. You shook your head with a smile, Kiro being just as chaotic as ever. 
You’d left work early, luckily with the little work you actually had going on right now it meant you could get off early without disrupting the rest of your week. Kiro had personally invited you to a private view of his newest album and a special surprise, knowing Kiro it would most likely be a new food or snack he’d discovered. 
Kiro’s studio was located outside of town, a quick trip in a taxi and you found yourself standing outside the doors.
“Heya Bella! Kiro said you was coming, he’s in the usual room,” The security guard, Hank, giving you a friendly smile and wave which you mirrored before walking down the corridor. You weren't even close to the room and you could already hear the bickering between Kiro and Savin.
“But it’s lunch and I’m hungry!”.
“Kiro! You’ve already eaten lunch,”.
“It wasn’t lunch, it was a snack,”.
“A sharing bucket of chicken is not a snack Kiro,”.
“Your just jealous because I didn’t share it with you!”.
“Kiro, the only person you shared it with is your left and right hand!”. 
You let out a burst of laughter as you pushed open the door, Kiro stropping in the corner with his back turned to Savin.
“He’s right you know, a share bucket is for like four people,” You chime in, Kiro turning instantly at your voice, “Although one hungry Kiro equates to four people,”.
“Hey!” He protests, running across the room and scooping you into his arms as he twirls you around with a tight embrace, “You're so mean Miss.Chips”. The pair of you giggled as he finally put you down, leaning up you placed a sweet kiss to his cheek. Kiro, international super star who could charm millions of their feet, still blushed at your affection actions. 
“Come on, I promised you a surprise!” He takes your hand, interlacing his fingers with yours as he leads you to an empty theatre room, a stage set up with a microphone. He led you to a set right in front of the stage and gestured you to sit down before jumping onto the stage and running to the side.
“I hope you're ready for a Kiro special Miss.Chips!” He pressed a button on the side of the stage, music began blasting out of the speaker as the lights in the room dimmed. He ran back to the center, grabbing the microphone as he began to sing but you were unable to hear the words. The flash of the strobe lights flitted across the room, you covered your eyes to block it but it was too late.
You cried out to Kiro, every nerve inside your hands set alight that spread like wildfire up your arms. The recognisable sensation of tense and fear dropping into your stomach as you slumped against the chair. The last thing you saw was Kiro screaming out for Savin as he dashed to your side before it went dark.
You awoke to a team of people around you, Kiro to the side of you clutching your hand with fear in his eyes. You had no idea where you were or what had happened but the reassuring squeezes from Kiro made you feel a little safer.
You were laid across the floor as someone helped you to sip water from a straw, your body feeling it had been hit by a ton of bricks as your muscles inside you throbbed. Kiro profoundly apologised over and over until his voice went hoarse.
“Kiro, please it’s fine you didn’t know,” You squeezed his hand, finally able to sit up as the people around you backed off to give you space.
You explained to him how at concerts you was normally back stage therefore the lights weren’t really a trigger stimulant then, but when you was up close to them thats when they affected you.
“I’m also really sorry about your necklace,” He sighed, the chain that you wore around your neck had been ripped off and lay broken in his hands.
“It’s okay, I needed a new one anyway,” You laughed lightly, you stopped buying expensive necklaces after your favourite one was yanked and broken when you had a seizure as a teenager.
“Well here,” He reached around his neck and took off the silver chain with a cross on it and placed it over your neck, reaching behind and fastening it up, “As an apology,”.
“Kiro I-,” Your fingertips reach up to feel the cold metal against them.
“So that I’m always with you,” He smiled and pressed a gentle kiss to your knuckles before scooping you off the floor and into his arms, carrying you into the room from earlier and resting you onto the plush sofa, “Rest here,”. He hummed to you softly, stroking your hair as you left yourself rest, falling into a restful slumber.
Work in words had become a nightmare. Each day a new problem seemed to be added on top of another and by Wednesday you were on the verge of breaking down. 
It didn’t help upon your never ending pile of work that Victor was breathing down your neck every five minutes, demanding consistent updates on your progress. 
You sat at your desk, fingers digging into your temples as you let out a small cry, everything feeling like it coming on top of you. Every-time your phone pinged you feared to look at it, knowing it was either Victor or someone from the team trying to get a hold of you. 
You let out a sigh of relief to see it was Gavin, ‘Just checking on you pumpkin’.
‘I’m okay! How are you doing?’
‘Have you eaten?’.
‘Yes :)’ - a complete lie, you’d not even properly in two days.
‘Are you in the office?’.
‘Yes, I think I’ll be home late again’.
The three dots appeared on your phone before stopping, Gavin was clearly just as busy as you were. 
You pulled yourself away from your phone before continuing on your screen, getting lost in a document which seemed to never end until a familiar scent of cedar-wood and pine filled your nose. With a smile you turned in your chair to see Gavin walking across the room, a bag which you knew was filled with food in his hand. 
“Hey you!” You got up and flung your arms around his neck, the warmth of him embracing you as he hugged you. He placed a kiss to your temple as he set the bag on your desk, leaning over you as you sat back down in your chair. 
He could sense you were stressed, the gentleness of his hands as he rubbed your shoulder telling you take a break and not to over-work yourself. 
“When did you last sleep?” He asked, the last few nights he’d been working night shifts meaning he wasn’t home when you got back.
“Um… I got a few hours last night,” You yawned, you could never sleep when you were stressed, especially when it was over work. He sighed in response, without even looking you knew the expression on his face, brows tightly knitted together. 
“You need to look after yourself better,”.
“Says you!” You turned around and playfully pushed his shoulder but he didn’t laugh, concern all over his face.
He went to open his mouth but the words of another filled the office.
“So this is why my report is late,”. Victor. 
“Mr. Li!” You panicked, quickly getting up from your chair to see Victor pacing the office with a scowl on his face.
“I expect to see the people I invest in working, not indulging in social activities,” He sighed, eyes glaring at Gavin.
“I’m sorry, I’m almost finished! I just have a lot going on the minute,” You meekly replied, bowing your head in almost shame as he tutted.
“I knew investing in this company was a waste of time,” The sharpness of his words made your stomach drop. You were already stressed as it was, you didn’t need Victor threatening to pull from your company to add to it.
“Back off! You can see she’s stressed,” Gavin stepped in front of you protectively. The glare between the two of them, the words shared between them failed to reach your ears.
Your heart began to race in your chest as you felt your palms begin to tingle with a cold sweat, the weight of the world feeling as if it was beginning to collapse in on you. 
“Gave!” You meekly called out, the feeling you knew far too well to be more than just a panic attack. 
Lightheadedness took over as your knees buckled from under you, the prickling sensation of your nerves set on fire began to trail across your body as you fell to the floor. The rapid pounding of your heart felt like it would almost burst from your chest before you lost consciousness.
Gavin shoved Victor out the way, freeing the area around you by throwing the office chairs across the room as he knelt beside you. He managed to free the choker from your neck, tossing it somewhere as he took your hand, ‘Call a first aider’ he yelled over his shoulder to Victor. Gavin refused to take his eyes off you, watching you with every moment. 
He knew you were prone to seizures, ever since that day in high school when you had one during an exam, knowing stress was a huge triggering factor. 
He held your hand tight but kept a distance to not restrict you or your movements, keeping by your side as he felt fear like no other took over him. He swore to protect you, to keep you safe and yet watching you motionless on the floor he felt like a failure. 
By the time a first aider had arrived you’d slowly regained consciousness, eyes slowly fluttering open but shutting again from the intensity of the lights. 
“It’s okay, I’m here,” Gavin softly cooed, stroking your hand with reassurance. 
“This is your fault,” He turned to hiss at Victor who stood by dumbfounded at the events in front of him. 
You felt weak when you were finally able to open your eyes, a mild thudding in your head as you tried to sit up, trying to piece together what had happened. 
Gavin sat patiently by your side as the first-aider gave you a strong once over, bringing a bottle of water to your lips and helping you to take a few sips. 
“I’m sorry....” You whispered with a collection of tears in your eyes as you peered up to Gavin, now holding you in his arms. 
“Don’t you dare apologise,” He whispered, holding you a little tighter with his words, “It’s okay, I’ve got you,”. You slumped against him, the feeling of your legs slowly coming back to you but Gavin refused to let you go, holding you bridal style as he stood. “I’m taking you home”.
“But- my work,” You weakly protested.
“Go. Take the rest of the week off, I’ll find Anna,” Victor stepping into your conversation, his face still stern but there was a softness in his eyes. Gavin nodded and without a word carried you out of the building before flying you home, never leaving your side for the next few days. 
When you returned to work, the stress of everything had seemed to have faded away. The calls from Victor over your work dialed down significantly and the workload seemed to be less intense than usual.
Maybe Victor had a softer heart than he let on. 
“Come on princess, just one drink,” Shaw continued his protest as you sighed.
“Okay, just one,”.
Just one, turned into many more. 
The atmosphere on the live house began to die down, leaving you and Shaw alone at the bar with your drinks. Normally you wouldn’t have been so easily swayed to stay but the fleeting look of Shaw when you had stood to leave kept you staying. 
With your epilepsy you knew better than to drink, only keeping to a maximum of two but it had been so long since your last seizure you wasn’t overly worried.
“Another round, same again?” Shaw signaled to you but you shook your head and raised your hand.
“I can’t,”.
“Just one more, please,” He pouted, I mean how can you say no that him.
“I’ll just have a water,”.
“A water? Really?” He teased leaning in a little close to you.
“I have to be careful,”.
“Careful?” He questioned, raising an eyebrow to you, “Are you up the duff or something?”. You tutted and rolled your eyes, slapping his arm playfully.
“I have epilepsy,”.
He looked at you a little taken back.
“Tell me you know what it is, or is that too big of an eight letter word for you to know,” You laughed watching the bashful blush on his face as he tutted, “I know what it is idiot,”.
A slight silence fell between you.
“So what, you drink too much and it causes you to have a fit?” A genuine question from the lavender haired boy.
“Sorta, it’s different for everyone, I know my limit after last time,” The thoughts of your last seizure when you were university from drinking too much send shivers down your spine, “I just monitor what I drink and if I start to feel funny I stop,”.
“What about lights and stuff, like the stage lights?”.
“Depends, the ones here don’t flash so it’s okay for periods of time,” You smile, taking a sip of the water the bar-tender placed in front of you as Shaw took a sip of his beer. 
“Oh, so is that you haven’t been down to see my band play,” He smirked, causing you to roll your eyes again.
“I mean maybe if you tried asking me to come watch you play instead of indirect hints I would have you know,” You pressed a finger to his chest with a giggle.
“You would?” He smiled before hiding it with his normal demeanour.
“Of course, I do have good taste in music,” You cradle the water close to your lips, “I’ve heard the bass guitarist is really cute as well,”. Your eyes watch the blush rise of his cheeks as he chokes a little on the air, you loved throwing a little curve ball to him every now and then with a subtle flirt.
“Anyway, I should get going, it’s late,” You rest the glass on the side, standing up and getting your back. Shaw stands up, throwing a few notes onto the bar as he follows you out.
“You need something?” You ask, slightly confused as he walks beside you.
“Can’t be letting you walk home alone, it’s not safe for you to be on your own,”.
“I’m a big girl Shaw, I think I can manage the ten minute walk,”.
“Yeah, well… shut up,” He huffs and takes your hand in his, “Just to make sure you don’t wander off or anything,”. The gesture warming your heart as you felt his thumb stroking over yours.
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