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clakearts · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
thinking up some possible outfits for season 2
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smudgeandfrank · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Part 1 of my Lokius comic, Human Ailments, is up on my Patreon for $2/month and up tier supporters! 🧡💚 Patreon link in my bio!!
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mobiusslover · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
loki went from only trusting himself to trusting mobius 🥺
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wowwwmobius · a day ago
love how discussion of the actual plot of loki going forward /the multiverse in the mcu had died down and now we're back to important topics like gosh i hope mobius has long hair and gets to roll his sleeves up and ooh maybe a jet ski
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Has Owen Wilson… ever played a true villain? This juicy way-too-sexy Mr. Tesseract art is getting me all hot and bothered, and I’m just wondering about his range 👀
Can you imagine ol’ OCW, in a DARK suit, long silver hair, tesseract-blue eyes, slowly strolling up to someone who’s tied up, tilting their chin up gently with a black gloved hand and saying in his smooth drawl, soft as you please, “Hi there, pussycat.”
Because I can.
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bebx · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Mobius carried the entire Loki series for all of us. A true king and a hero.
(Thank you, Owen Wilson)
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llynwen · 2 days ago
the loki show is basically a wattpad y/n fantasy come true for mobius; his lifelong celebrity crush is dropped into his lap and falls in love with him, what a girlboss
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pointlessnachos · 2 days ago
Prompt request for Lokius: how about Mobius finds Loki with New!Mobius. Jealousy angst that ends in admission of feelings and perhaps a passionate kiss?
thank u so much for requesting!! I hope you enjoy <3
It had taken… a lot. A lot of hard work, a lot of searching, a lot of crying. But it was all worth it, in the end- everything was worth it, for him. At this point, it was scary the number of things Mobius would do for Loki.
It had taken a while for him and Hunter B-15 to figure out where the hell Loki had gone. After leaving Loki and Sylvie in that grassy field to go and battle whoever- or whatever- would be waiting for them, Mobius had gone straight back to B-15 to fill her in on everything that had happened. He wasn’t overly worried about him, at least on the surface, and kept telling himself that he’s a literal god. He was more than capable of keeping himself safe, especially when teamed up with Sylvie.
But the time had drifted by after Mobius had stared up at that screen watching an uncountable number of nexus events form right in front of his eyes, and the minutes turned into hours and hours turned into days and days turned into weeks and weeks turned into something else, and Mobius knew deep down in his heart that his Loki was not okay.
He was in a different timeline. It seemed so damn obvious in hindsight, but the worry resulting in a thick head and the twisting nausea of dread settling in his stomach made his thoughts much less clear.
He felt like he was falling apart.
But Mobius knew that he had to keep a clear focus. He knew he needed to keep his feelings out of the way- he’s an analyst, for god’s sake! It’s his job to look at the whole picture and come up with an objective answer.
So, here was his answer: locate Loki, pinpoint his place on the Sacred Timeline, and fucking bring him back.
What Mobius could have never predicted was the pang of jealousy that hit him as soon as he stepped through the time door.
He’d half expected Loki to be locked in a cell somewhere against his will- that was why he still hadn’t come back yet, right? He was smart. He’d be able to figure out how to get home.
But instead, Mobius saw Loki and… and himself?!
Grey hair? Check. Uncomfy brown suit? Check. Crooked nose? Check.
Mobius couldn’t believe his eyes. There he was, his Loki, arms wrapped around his identical counterpart as they embraced in the middle of the archive shelves. He watched in disbelief as the second-Mobius pulled back from the god, running a hand down Loki’s arm and patting him before speaking to him quietly- Mobius strained to listen, but couldn’t hear a thing he was saying.
Loki laughed wetly, a halfhearted thing paired with a sad smile. “Thank you, Mobius.” He heard him say, the god’s voice incredibly affectionate. “We’ll… we’ll have to see, won’t we?”
Second-Mobius nodded, smiling up at him warmly. “We will. But I promise you,” he took Loki’s hand into his own, and Mobius had to choke back a small sound threatening to escape from his throat. Second-Mobius paused for a moment, looking around the room to find the source of the noise, but his attention was quickly returned to Loki. He squeezed his hand lightly, shaking it a little as if to get his point across. “It’ll work out. If everything you’ve told me is true.. it’ll work out.”
Mobius swore that he could see Loki’s eyes shining.
His heart was racing. Who was this guy!? Coming here and keeping Loki from him, holding his hand, making him cry. Why did Loki hug this other Mobius so freely when it took so long for the god to do the same with him?
Was this Mobius somehow better than him? Was he being an idiot for assuming that Loki would even wanna come back with him? Was this all some big fucking mistake?
First it was Sylvie, having to watch Loki fawn all over her, and now he had to compete with himself?! He knew he wasn’t much; he knew he was just a boring man with a boring life compared to the god. He knew there was barely any chance for him- I mean, look at Loki! Powerful, charming, attractive as anything. What would he want to do with an old guy?
But he thought things had changed. After that hug… that embrace, how Loki pulled Mobius into him, had clung onto him, fisted his fingers into his jacket, was Mobius being a fool for assuming there was a glimmer of hope in that hug?
“—catch you later, okay? Just… take it easy, for now, yeah?” Second-Mobius had dropped Loki’s hand and was pulling his blazer on, looking to Loki with a gentle expression. “You know where my quarters are. Go sleep if you want.”
How did Loki know where his room is?
“If you need me in the meantime, use the TemPad. Don’t make me regret giving that to you.” His tone was more amused than actually threatening. “All good?”
Loki nodded. “All good.”
“Alright. I’ll head off, then.” He patted down his pockets, making sure he had anything. Then he waved at Loki, stepping backwards before walking away. “I’ll find you when I get back!”
And just like that, he was gone.
Loki smiled at him as he left, big hand coming up to the air to wave him off. He sniffed, his fingers quickly coming to rub at his eyes for a moment, before he stood quietly with his hands in his pockets. He looked completely lost in thought.
Mobius’s feet were moving before his brain could come up with a rational thought.
“Oh! Mobius, you’re-” Loki cut himself off, confusion pouring onto his face. “...Looking awfully irritated. It’s been but a minute, what’s pissed you off in that little time?”
“Loki.” Mobius couldn’t think of anything else to say.
“It’s me. Mobius. Not whoever the hell that was.”
He watched Loki’s face for a moment, practically able to hear the cogs turning inside his brain, then his mouth dropped open and he was gawking at the shorter man.
“How the Hel are you here!”
“I don’t know, Loki, maybe the weeks of searching for you I’ve been doing! I see you’ve moved on from your girlfriend.” Mobius’s lips were moving faster than he could think- he didn’t mean to say all this. He really didn’t. “That was fast. Didn’t know she’d ever be replaced considering how much you apparently loved yourself.”
“What? Slow down, gods, Mobius--”
“And- what- you’ve replaced him with a better version of me? What makes him so different, huh?” He could feel his eyes pricking with tears. It felt so pathetic. “He’s still just some old man, Loki. You really make some strange choices when it comes to dating, your majesty.”
“He’s not better--”
“You really have a thing for variants, huh? Can’t get enough of ‘em, apparently. I mean, really, I can’t believe it took so little time for you to abandon us all at the TVA- our TVA, I mean- or should I believe it? You are a Loki, after all. It’s kinda in your nature.”
“I didn’t abandon--”
“You’re smart, you coulda figured out how to get back. Yet you decided to stay here? With him? What does he do for you that I can’t? I thought we were friends, Loki! I thought we--”
“Will you shut up for one second!”
Mobius snapped his mouth closed.
Loki sagged forward with a sigh. Now Mobius could actually get a good look at him, he looked tired. His hair had been pulled back into a messy ponytail, bits and pieces sticking out in random places, and his eyes were… sad. That was the only word for it; sad.
Loki took a deep breath in before he spoke, his voice low. “I’ve been trying. Trying to get back to you. I couldn’t bloody find you. After- after everything with He Who Remains, with Sylvie, the timelines… Everything got too messy, okay? Too many damn versions of you flying around the Sacred Timeline and I couldn’t figure out which one was you.” Loki stuck a stern finger out at Mobius, prodding him in the chest. His shiny eyes were threatening to drip tears down his cheek. “Don’t you dare accuse me of abandoning you. Not after everything.”
Mobius didn’t know what he was talking about- He Who Remains? What happened with Sylvie?
He stayed silent nonetheless, letting Loki say whatever he wanted to. It was only fair after Mobius had word vomited at him just moments before. Jealousy was an ugly look on him.
“I haven’t replaced Sylvie.” He carried on. Mobius’s heart dropped. “She was never there to replace. She’s not my girlfriend, and I don’t want her to be. I thought I’d made that much clear. Love and I don’t get along, apparently.” Somehow, Mobius’s heart dropped even more.
Loki’s voice sounded venomous, sharp and dangerous and setting Mobius’s blood on fire. “I can’t believe that after all of this, after everything, this is how you greet me. Is this how friends act, Mobius? I made the mistake of thinking it would be a happy moment when we reunited.”
“I am--”
“You are? Gods, if this is you happy then I never want to see you furious!”
“I am happy, idiot! I never thought I’d see you again!” If Mobius felt like he was falling apart before, this was him crumbling into pieces. He’d royally screwed this up.
“Then why are you yelling!?”
“Because I love you!”
A silence fell over the two of them, Mobius practically panting from the shockwaves flowing through him. He felt like pure electricity- if someone were to touch him now, they’d be zapped to death whether he liked it or not. His heart was threatening to beat out of his chest, and at this point he’d be more than willing to let it. None of this would have happened if he didn’t have a damn heart.
He turned around, not able to look at the way Loki was staring at him with eyes as big as saucers. Instead, he focused his gaze onto his boots, counting all the little scuff marks that he could see. It was quite a lot. He’d probably have to replace them, soon.
He could hear Loki breathing. That was all. He hadn’t walked away, yet, though. Mobius supposed that was a good sign.
After a few more moments passed, he figured that Loki wasn’t going to be speaking any time soon. He cleared his throat.
“I’m sorry.” That was the most important thing to say right now. That’s what he needed Loki to hear the most. “For everything. This- I didn’t plan to come here and yell at you. That wasn’t the plan. I- uh- ...I was hoping for something a little… Sweeter.”
He heard the slightest huff of a laugh come from behind him.
“I don’t know what happened after you left. With Sylvie, and- what did you say? He Who Remains? I don’t even know who that is, Loki.” He rubbed a hand over his face. “But you look tired. Real tired. So I’m sorry, if it was hard. I wish I coulda helped you.
“And- ah- sorry that--” He paused, his sentence falling from his lips. “I hope he’s been nice to you. And that he is better than me. God knows you deserve better than this.”
Another silence fell onto them both. It was the thick kind of silence, heavy and choking and squeezing all around them.
He was a love sick fool, at the end of all things. He’d fallen hard and fast for the god, and seeing someone else take the place next to Loki that he so desperately wanted felt like a punch in the gut. A million punches in the gut. And yet here he was, yelling and accusing the one man he wanted to hold gentler than a babe. He deserved all the kindness in the world after the shit he’d been put through.
Loki took in a breath.
“Do you mean it?”
Mobius blinked.
He looked over his shoulder at Loki with a furrowed brow. “Course I mean it. I was an asshole.”
“No, not the apology, you dope.” The god was staring at him, a sharp expression on his face but a tinge of hope in his eyes. Was he blushing slightly? “Did you mean it?”
Mobius took a second to figure out what he was referring to, then it hit him.
‘Because I love you!’
Mobius turned around, fully looking at the raven haired man now.
He prayed to any god that was listening that his answer was what Loki wanted to hear.
“Yeah. I meant it.”
Loki was kissing him before he could even take a breath in.
His pointed nose was poking into his cheek, their teeth clacking together, but Mobius wouldn’t have it any other way.
He was kissing Loki.
Or, rather, Loki was kissing him. Mobius could barely keep up.
He brought up a hesitant hand to cup Loki’s jaw, thumb running over his cheek and smearing wetness around. Mobius hoped they were happy tears.
Loki’s eyes were scrunched closed, all of his focus going into kissing the life out of the bureaucrat. That’s what it felt like; like Loki was sucking Mobius’s soul out, taking every last breath from him and killing him slowly.
It felt wonderful.
But he had to listen to his burning lungs. He pulled away, gasping for breath and leaning against the shelves behind him for support. His knees felt like they were gonna give way any second now.
Loki followed him, hands clutching his waist and his forehead falling to Mobius’s shoulder.
They stayed like that for a moment, panting into each other’s personal space, hot air puffing onto Mobius’s neck. It’d make him shiver if he had the energy to.
He felt Loki shift, pushing himself up until he was standing upright and looking down into Mobius’s eyes.
“You were jealous, weren’t you?”
There was no dancing around the topic with Loki. Mobius felt himself choke on a breath, face flushing with shame as he looked awkwardly to the side. Loki wasn’t having it, though, and a slender finger was hooked under his chin to bring his gaze forward again.
“That’s all the answer I need.” Loki leant down to murmur into his ear. “It’s not a good look on you, you know.”
“I’m aware…” Mobius mumbled. “Quit playin’ around. I know I was a jerk, you don’t have to--”
“I’m not.” Loki said firmly. “Playing around, that is.”
“Then why was he--”
“Oh, heavens above, Mobius.” Loki rolled his eyes, an annoyed lilt to his voice. “He was comforting me. He had no idea who I was, so I told him everything. I told him I- ...That I missed you, that in another timeline you and I were close. He said that we’d reunite sooner than I thought we would. I suppose he was right…”
It was Mobius’s turn to gawk at Loki.
“Oh.” He blinked. “So he was holding your hand--”
“--Because every Mobius in every timeline is incredibly touchy. It’s how you give comfort, evidently.”
“Right.” Mobius was pretty hands on, he’d agree.
Loki raised an eyebrow at him. “Still jealous?”
Mobius shook his head, hesitating for just a moment. “I just- you..?”
Loki smiled down at him.
He pushed Mobius further into the shelf, crowding all around him and pinning him in place.
“I love you, too.”
All Mobius could do was kiss him again.
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Tumblr media
Me thinks this is my new favorite AU
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marvelous-whovian · 22 hours ago
Mobius: I don't really have anything to be worried about. Loki has never been good at the flirting thing.
Loki: What are you talking about? It worked on you.
Mobius: Oh, you know what? You're right! We met, you flirted, and then BAM, nine years later, you had me!
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Loki: Am I in trouble?
Mobius: Take a guess.
Loki: No?
Mobius: Take another guess.
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sylvieismex · 2 days ago
Mobius leaving the time theater after jealous ranting for 45 minutes, throwing shade at sylvie, and putting loki in the time cell while "lokius" plays at the background.
Tumblr media
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