bebx · 2 days ago
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Mobius really went out looking for something for Loki to wear, because otherwise Loki would probably still be in his inmate uniform with no place to be, since no one else cared if Loki’s inmate uniform wasn’t comforting or that he didn’t really have any place to be since he wasn’t exactly welcome. So Mobius went “you can stay at my cubicle, make yourself at home. I’ll go look for some clean, comforting clothes for you” and came back like “Hey, I found this jacket and I think it matches your eyes” like imagine him walking around the TVA looking for something he thinks Loki might like I’m —
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hoebius · 16 hours ago
i like to pretend i'm an artist by challenging myself to draw a recognizable mobius as fast as possible with virtually no erasing..today's attempt took 3 minutes but at least my phone actually recognized a human face when i took the picture 😭
and let me emphasize the point is to reach RECOGNIZABILITY in a short timeframe, this is NOT a quality/ability test ok so..shut up.
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lotus-eyedindiangoddess · 2 days ago
Have you ever considered shutting up once in a while? There's a reason your stupid posts are on reddit, and it's because you make such insufferable, long winded posts about Mobius and keep shitting all over the good guy. Seeing your url makes me so angry. You see yourself in Loki because you can't fucking shut up just like him and talk too much about things that probably never even happened to you. You're narcissistic just like Loki. No wonder he's your fave, maybe you need to be kicked around a bit too.
Anon... This ask was just... Wow. I can't believe you actually had the gall to type that out, and send it.
Okay one... No, I have never considered shutting up. I don't want to do it, therefore I won't. Just like you dumbasses won't stop sending me shit on anon.
And if my posts are too long winded for you to read, why do you keep putting it on reddit? Seriously just give me the subreddit, I really want to know what you fascism apologists have been getting your panties in a twist about. I'm sorry (not sorry) that my words and opinions have offended your delicate sensibilities but that was absolutely NO reason to send me or anyone else this kind of ask. Oh and please... I need citations that Mobius is actually the good guy. I want to see you try and defend him, really without slipping up and accidentally sympathising with Nazis. Come on, let's see you do it.
If my url makes you this angry, block me then vent to a wall or a blank cloth. Both or better projection screens than either I, or Loki. And yes I see myself in him, not because he's a narcissist or I'm a narcissist (you can't just toss that word around, seriously read a fucking psychology book before you do that) or that we can't shut up (fuck you, we won't) but because assholes like you keep treating us like scapegoats and projection screens for your personal insecurities and issues.
And I've already been kicked around darling, that's why I keep talking about abuse. Want proof? I could send you quite a few recordings of the abuse, but I know that assholes like you still wouldn't believe it, me or Loki. Both Loki and I could literally be tortured on screen and an asshole like you, STILL wouldn't believe it. So I have no intention of proving myself to you, and Loki doesn't need to prove anything to you.
Saying "you need to be kicked around a bit" to an abuse survivor is the best way to get yourself into the "I love, endorse and enable abuse" category. For all I know, you do it yourself. I hope you shove a cactus up your arse and fuck yourself with it.
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forgotten-isles · a day ago
what do you mean the confused guy in the beige coat and tie isn't in love with the weird bisexual with a lot of leather?
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winkyradish · a day ago
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nothidd3n · 5 hours ago
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missing mobius monday
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one detail i love regarding Mobius is that Klein hates radish
Klein hates radish, so Mobius gives her own radish to Klein and tells Klein to eat it all because it’s good for her health (Klein being an ELF, she’s absolutely kidding, which Klein is fully aware of)
and when Klein chokes it down, Mobius laughs
It’s unclear how many time that’s happened, because Klein’s english formulation implies a routine, but I didn’t check the CN. Mei’s guess is that Mobius also hates radish and uses it as an excuse to get rid of hers, but
Mobius is not forcing Klein to eat it, oh no.
She gave Klein absolute freedom and she holds herself to it.
Klein eats it so Mobius won’t be disappointed. She knows Mobius’s claim that it gives her nutrients she needs is a prank, but she eats it anyway, even if she really hates the taste (probably ends up making funny faces, too), and Mobius laughs
and I don’t think Mobius is mocking her at all
picture this. You’re eating lunch with a friend, or a sibling, maybe a cousin, someone you’re close to who’s maybe a bit younger than you. Neither of you likes… let’s say, radish.
You hear your friend say they hate it, so you snicker and give yours to them, “go on, eat it, it’s good for your health~”
Obviously, it’s a joke, your friend/sibling can give you a taste of your own medicine anytime
But what’d you do if they looked at you in the eye and opened their mouth real wide and shoved the detested food down their throat?
They make a disgusted face but they start to chew. You can’t hold it back. You laugh. That’s hilarious. You’re not mocking them. You aren’t looking down on them and you don’t think they’re stupid— you know they know you’re full of shit on that one.
But you share a bond and they ate both of your vegetables and it surprised you. You know they did it only because it’s you and it made you feel warm—
And so you laughed. Laughter is an expression of joy.
Maybe it becomes a private joke, or it’s a one time thing, it doesn’t matter. It was a petty little prank but it made Mobius happy, it made her laugh in the middle of the apocalypse, so what does choking down a yucky radish matter?
Klein just loves Mobius. And Mobius loves Klein, too.
Because there’s more to this than character dynamics analysis!
“Eat your vegetables because they’re good for you” is something parents tell their children, not just because you need the nutrients to grow, but also because you’ve got to internalize this lesson— sometimes you have to do stuff you don’t like because it’s necessary.
Mobius is Klein’s parent, in a way, and while she isn’t a standard one by any means, she still takes on a teacher/parenting role in her own way. She claims people are thrown to the wolves as soon as they’re born, but it’s not really what she enforces.
Mobius grants freedom to her creations, but she doesn’t refuse aid— despite claiming she wants to see how Gray Serpent will evolve without interfering, he comes back to her lab several times, and someone had to give him those umbrellas. She describes his flesh as corrupted when she picked him up from the destruction pool— and he’s majorly cybernetic in present day— you bet she gave him at least a minimum of help until he was capable of leaving the lab on his own. Even the sim admits she’s proud to hear he found himself in the end…
And most importantly, she tells him he is free, that his freedom is absolute, which he takes very seriously. (Seriously enough for him to dedicate significant energy and resources into figuring out what exactly that means, at least)
Mobius also told Klein this, and she repeats it when Klein asks to help in her experiments— “you are free and you don’t have to do anything the other Klein did”
What Mobius does as a parent to the unusual lives she creates is give them values. “You are free to choose your own life and mustn’t feel held back by expectations of others” is a value, and I’d wager it’s even something Mobius holds close to her heart, given that the society she lives in constantly fights her, whether it’s her experiments or people calling her names behind ber back. Infinite freedom is an ideal and the way she sees it, being free from others is how she’s happiest.
This freedom is a wish for the happiness of her “children”, who are not born within standard society and therefore have a chance not to be constrained by it.
While we have little information on what she told Gray Serpent past the freedom bit, the convo where Klein tells Mei about the radish incident holds another value: Mobius taught Klein that “to get through the hard times, you have to do what you have to”. Klein says she was very impressed by this, even though it later turned out the budget wasn’t that dire, Mobius mostly just wanted to eat some cup noodles.
It was a whim, but Mobius still made a point to turn it into a lesson, not just to Klein, but to Fuxi and Nuwa as well (it’s referenced in a much more somber recollection), and it’s another value that she holds close to her heart. Mobius will stop at nothing to get through hard times, whether they’re the apocalypse, death itself, or radish.
So while, yes! “Eat your vegetables” was a joke, it’s also a value with an underlying meaning that Mobius actually takes seriously. You have to do what’s necessary. And there’s one more layer to this (last one I promise), from the Mobius Lab web event…
Klein, the assistant, used to nag Mobius to eat properly.
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I hope we get LONG haired mobius in loki season 2 so it can heal all the trauma that show is about to give me in advance -🥰🤪✨
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92percentloki · 2 days ago
I’m not gonna watch the Morbius movie but I think it would be hilarious if the end credit scene went like this:
*tva door appears* *loki steps out* *time door closes*
Loki: I was told I’d find a “Mobius” here
Morbius: yes, that’s me— and it’s pronounced “Morbius”… with an “r”
Loki: what?
Morbius: yeah, you know—doctor slash vampire?
Loki: I’m sorry—I think I’ve got the wrong person. I’ll be on my way now.
*he opens another time door and leaves* *Morbius is confused*
End scene
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girlcalledwhatsername · 2 days ago
Mobius is the self-insert
I had totally forgotten about this but it's a conversation I had with a friend early in the show. We immediately liked Mobius so much and realised it was because he's literally a fan-insert fantasy of sorts. He knows everything about Loki but Loki knows nothing about him. Like us. He views it all on the screen too with, of course, all footage from the same films we watched, nothing less nothing more, that was bound to be but it adds to the fact that Mobius has the same knowledge and perspective as people who watched the MCU films. He plays it cool about all this vulnerable information he has while also showing Loki a road to acceptance and a kind of support he hasn't had before. Another very common characterisation with self inserts or OCs (no shame there tho, i enjoy those stories too they all serve a different purpose). Mobius was very much the fantasy of Reader Who Knows Things About Loki And Wants To Show Him The Light, and again, I liked him for that reason too. It's so odd to me though people kept insisting that Sylvie is the self insert character because she's female-presenting.
Anyway this is a multishipping zone, i haven't made a Loki post in ages to avoid that exact fandom wank, don't come here to make shipping into activism, i bite.
(p.s, also just realised that the thing about Loki was that every character went through a redemption arc because they were all doing shitty stuff and then thought "what if we didn't do this?")
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bebx · 2 days ago
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hoebius · a day ago
Prez loki shoving Mobius against a podium. Dagger against neck optional.
trying to let out the brainworms you gave me......i cannot stress enough HOW much of a complete, shitty scribble this is atm i promise i'll use references soon and clean it up nice but. anyways. these two sure are a Concept huh
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lotus-eyedindiangoddess · 2 days ago
I'm so tired... And it sucks that I even have to spell it out for people, but sending anon hate to someone for having a different opinion about fiction no less, is depraved and disgusting. And if you're trying to trigger them intentionally after reading what they've gone through, that just adds an extra layer of ableism to it, and makes it even more vile and disgusting.
The fact that I even have to say this is a shame. It should be the barest minimum a human could do, but right now all I see are the worst of the worst in my inbox. I get a few good ones but they're sparse, while the hate keeps piling up and getting worse. I've noticed an influx after the show, hell, even months after and I'm getting so much hate for being so vocal about my dislike for a piece of media. I had to delete and report one ask that was basically just a string of racial slurs. Which brings me to my next point.
I've noticed, and so have my white friends that the hate I'm getting is far worse than anything they've ever gotten for expressing the same opinions. They've apparently got one liner insults but nothing ever to the degree I've gotten. And it occurred to me... I'm openly Indian. My picrew is very much brown skinned, my url is very telling and I can't help but wonder if this arouses internalised racism in some of my askers.
South Asian women in general are seen as very polite, meek and are often expected to be a little more silent and non confrontational. I'm nothing like that. I never will be. And I've also noticed that when it comes to asks I'm asked to shut up a lot. A thing that people of colour are often asked to do as soon as we get too loud. Too vocal about mistreatment and our experiences feel too real, too human. You know, because till then we can be used for tokenism and treated as these exotic but oh so poor and helpless creatures that need to be saved by caring white people. Hell, I talk about colonialism and I've had my points echoed back to me, but twisted and with no understanding of their meaning by a white person thinking they were doing something great talking about something they had no idea about.
The reason I'm getting this level of vitriol is not just because I disagree with them, and not just because I'm vocal about my dislike for something they love... It's because I'm a woman of colour doing so. I'm a woman of colour who's vocal about her experiences, her background, her culture, even her generational trauma. I swear a lot, I curse to a degree most people don't (I love it so I'm certainly not stopping) and I'm definitely not afraid to call shit out. Everyone loves and supports poc for as long as we sit quiet and act like perfect victims for them to show off for their tokenism. But as soon as we act like ourselves, as soon as we show ourselves to be too HUMAN their sole goal, suddenly becomes trying to shut us up and shut us down. And they'll employ any means to do it.
To shorten this, the fandom has exposed it's racism with it's recent behaviour. It's not just in my anons. It's also the notes of our posts. It's in the Loki discord servers. It's fucking everywhere. It's openly so on quite a few blogs, where characters of colour are getting demonised more in comparison to white characters. Poc coded characters also suffer from the same discrimination while characters who are practically Nazis are being hailed. We are being talked down to and talked over. We are being asked to shut up, we are being targeted and harassed.
There's a reason I received a string of racial slurs after I made an anti post. The fandom was mostly white for quite a while. Now that they've seen us in their fandom space, relating to Loki, loving him, caring for him and relating our real life experiences with racism and colonialism with his... They want us out of their white turf. It was poc who even had to START the conversation on Loki's poc coding and fantasy poc background. We're here to stay and we certainly aren't shutting up about it. You can send ad much hate as you want... But I'm not leaving, I'm not shutting up. Die mad about it racist cunts.
You want me to take shit from you because you think you're superior in some way. More right in some way. Hell, I couldn't even cuss out and get angry about a racist and ableist person in the notes of a post without being told to shut up again. To be "nice and civil" if I wanted my "experiences to be validated and heard". Somehow I'm more deserving of the hate. Its not horrible when it's done to me, but it's horribly when it happens to a blonde, white actress. The fandom has exposed it's racism.
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rins-love-wins · 19 hours ago
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Loki: Moby, you was running behind me. Are you tired?
Mobius: No, I'm not tired at all. I just admired your... Back.
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luke-skywalker · 6 months ago
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anxioussailorsoldier · 6 months ago
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he's a god, of course he's into worship
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heckinzeem · 7 months ago
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when u adopt a space god and they wont shut the fuck up
thank u guys whove been leaving nice comments in the tags im crying over them
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heyimboredtalktome · 6 months ago
vilf (villain I'd like to fuck)
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ioannushka · 6 months ago
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And now my heart is filled with warmth after the final..
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lousysharkbutt · 7 months ago
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flattery will get you everywhere
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