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ioannushka · 6 months ago
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And now my heart is filled with warmth after the final..
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weird-dorky-little-d · 6 months ago
Mobius: It's just a kid.
Tumblr media
Mobius: Don't worry, that devil's afraid of us. We're gonna take care of him. And we're gonna put you back where you belong.
Tumblr media
Loki: What is this place?
Mobius: Come on!
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Mobius: You do know yourself.
Loki: A villain. ( Sighs )
Mobius: That's not how I see it.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Ravonna: But Loki is an evil, lying scourge. That is the part he plays on the Sacred Timeline.
Mobius: Maybe he wants to mix it up. Sometimes you get tired of playing the same part. Is that possible? He can change?
Loki: Okay. Why are you in there sticking your neck out for me?
Mobius: I'll give you two options, and you can believe whichever one you want. A, because I see a scared little boy, shivering in the cold. And you kinda feel bad for that ice runt. Or B, I just wanna catch this guy, and I'll tell you whatever I need to tell you.
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Loki: I don't need your sympathy.
Mobius: Good, 'cause I'm runnin' out of it.
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Mobius: Hey! These people are scared.
Hunter D-90: They're about to die. They should be scared.
Mobius: Okay. Not of us.
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Mobius: Look at me.
Hunter C-20: It's real. I wanna go home.
Mobius: We're gonna get you there. Call the TVA, let the infirmary know...
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Mobius: You were right, about the TVA. You were right from the beginning. And if you wanna save her, you need to trust me. Can we do that?
Loki: Yes.
Mobius: Okay. You could be whoever, whatever you wanna be, even someone good. I mean, just in case anyone ever told you different.
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bisexual-cowboye · 7 months ago
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I really need this right now
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cristinatheloser · 6 months ago
Long haired mobius is just *chefs kisses*
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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unlimitedhearts · 7 months ago
Can I say it's fucking disgusting that people are making "Disney canning Lokius as soon as Pride Month is over" posts? LAST EPISODE HE LITERALLY CAME OUT AS BI. CANONICALLY HES GENDERFLUID, IT SAYS IT ON HIS PAPERS.
WHEN A BI MAN HAS FEELINGS FOR A WOMAN (who, by the way, Loki implied to be bi as well and she did not protest) THAT DOES NOT MAKE HIM MAGICALLY STRAIGHT. IT DOESN'T MEAN HE IS NO LONGER BI.
Also, y'all STRAIGHT UP on some dumb shit bc Loki would absolutely fall in love with himself. I know y'all didn't forget about 2012-present day Loki RP and Loki Fandom, we've been shipping him with himself since before we had a canon way to do it.
In short, Loki is still Bi. It's Bi Erasure and BIPHOBIA to say he's straight all of a sudden bc he has feelings for a femme passing person who - in all likelihood - is as bi and fluid as he is. It's not magically heterosexual. Die mad.
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buckyonatrain · 7 months ago
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loboselina · 7 months ago
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luimnigh · 6 months ago
Broke: Loki is the new tumblr sexyman.
Woke: Loki is an original tumblr sexyman, this is just a revival.
Bespoke: Owen Wilson is the new tumblr sexyman.
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bingoluka · 5 months ago
No matter how tired the two are, late night conversations and lights were always a must
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fake-doberman · 5 months ago
Here's my entry for the first day of the @lokiusweek 🌟
Sunday's prompt: Domestic 💛
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Please, consider buying me a coffee!
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captainwaffles · 7 months ago
Loki spoilers
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ioannushka · 6 months ago
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He has not only two hands but two daggers 😭💔
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damnyoubishop · 6 months ago
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No lies detected.
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bisexual-cowboye · 6 months ago
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abuepana · 6 months ago
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after the hug—
i have so much lokius brainrot
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unlimitedhearts · 7 months ago
I'm just saying, if someone told me back in 2014 that in the year 2021 I'd be shipping Owen Wilson with another man about his height with dark hair that could speak latin and had a chaotic attitude
my first guess would've been another Night At The Museum came out. Not a Loki TV show.
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meepmomp · 6 months ago
pov you have taste:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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paochely · 6 months ago
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in my mind they met again, they said "no fuck you" to TVA and they went on vacation
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buckyodinson · 6 months ago
Relief (Mobius x f!Reader)
Summary: You and Mobius encounter a flower with an interesting side effect.
Word count: 2.6k
Warnings: 18+, smut, sex pollen
A/N: I’m still not quite sure whether I can actually do smut justice lmao (and I never thought I’d ever write a sex pollen fic), but I saw a post by @send-me-to-valhalla​ and I’m very much in my Mobius feels right now, and this just kinda happened?
Tumblr media
When you stepped through a timedoor to a new time and place, all you could do was admire what you saw, never touching anything where possible. Even something as seemingly innocent as picking a flower could potentially cause the Sacred Timeline to collapse. On this occasion, even just being near a particular flower would prove to have significant consequences. Unbeknownst to the pair of you, this particular flower had given off a fine mist that surrounded you, seeping into your pores while you were none the wiser.
You’d pointed the flower out to Mobius, claiming the shimmering silver hue of it’s petals matched his hair. He leaned closer to the flower and turned to you with a smirk, “I’m prettier though, right?”
You tilted your head and hummed in mock thought, looking between him and the flower and raising your eyebrows, “If you say so.”
“Oof, right in the heart.” He held a hand against his chest dramatically as he stood back to full height and carried on walking.
You follow him in silence, looking for any signs of the variant you were hunting. Your TemPads were scanning for any remnants of the variant, but had yet to pick anything up.
After a few more minutes of wandering around, your TemPad beeped, and you looked down at it, sighing. 
“There’s no variant energy anywhere. This one’s another dead end.” you shut your TemPad and put it in your pocket while Mobius fiddled with his until a timedoor opened in front of you. He gave you a quick nod before walking through.
You took one last look around you, admiring the beauty of nature before stepping into the timedoor and going back to the normalcy of the TVA headquarters.
The odd feeling crept upon you slowly. The first thing you noticed was little pinpricks of heat dancing across your skin. You ignored it, figuring it was your body acclimating from the difference in temperature between the humid rainforest and the brisk air of the TVA.
As you and Mobius got back to your desks, he shucked off his blazer and put it on the back of his chair before sitting down and rolling up his sleeves. Unusual, you thought. In all your time knowing Mobius, you don’t think you’ve ever seen him without his blazer. You certainly weren’t complaining though. You’d always harboured a little bit of a crush on your silver-haired (and silver-tongued) partner.
You also find yourself taking your blazer off and draping it over your chair soon after. There must be a problem with the air conditioning, you tell yourself as you try to focus on the paperwork on your desk, and not the man in front of you.
At some point, he’d abandoned his tie and undone the first few buttons on his shirt. You couldn’t bring yourself to look away from him, and the little bit of his chest that was now exposed. You were getting increasingly hot, and before long you’d removed your own tie, unbuttoning your shirt a little and rolling your sleeves up, matching the look Mobius was sporting.
Were you really getting this hot and bothered over a glimpse of Mobius’ chest? It’s been a while, you think, trying to convince yourself that’s the reason you’re acting like this. You force yourself to look back down at your work, trying desperately to focus, shifting in your seat every now and then and clenching your thighs together as thoughts of Mobius flew through your mind. You thought you were doing an okay job at managing it, but with all your fidgeting, you’d roused your partner’s attention.
“You good?” he drawled, and you looked up at him, immediately regretting it. Mobius looked disheveled, but in that super attractive way that shouldn’t be legal. He had a glow about him, and his hair was a bit messed up, likely from him raking his hands through it. He also had a particularly adorable blush painting his cheeks, and you felt your own cheeks heat up at the sight.
“I don’t know, I just feel strange...” you sighed, wiping your forehead and noting how hot it felt.
He thought for a second before standing up, “I’m gonna go grab a Josta, you want one?”
“Yeah, sure. I might take a stroll down to medbay, check if I’ve got a fever or something?”
“Meet ya back here?” he smiled and you nodded, both going your separate ways.
You find yourself speed-walking to the medbay, and thankfully there’s nobody else waiting so you scan your card and wait for someone to come get you.
A doctor appeared in one of the doorways, motioning you into his small examination room.
“What seems to be the problem?” he asked monotonously.
“I... uh, I’ve been feeling off since coming back from a timedoor trip.”
“When and where did you go?” he asks, fingers at the ready of his computer.
“Uhhh, 2044, the Ionesc rainforest on Jaxyx 5.”
The sound of the computer keys tapping is almost deafening as you wait for him to say something.
“Did you touch any wildlife while you were there?”
“Did you let any wildlife touch you?”
“Do you recognise this plant?” He turns the screen and shows you the silver flower from earlier.
“Yes, we came across it.”
He hums and looks back at the screen before questioning you, “We?”
“Myself and Agent Mobius.”
“Please walk through the scanner.” He speaks abruptly and gestures to the machine over to your right.
You get up and walk through it before returning to your seat.
“It’s as I thought. The flower secreted a pollen that can have some... stimulating effects on those it comes into contact with.”
“An increase in libido.” he says plainly.
“...okay. And how do I stop it? Is there like, a pill or a shot you can give me?”
“Unfortunately, there is no stopping it once it is in your system. It is only a matter of alleviation before it runs it’s course.”
You’re almost scared to ask, “Okay, and how do I do that?” 
“Self-gratification will aid slightly, though the presence of another will work better to alleviate the discomfort you’ll soon start to feel.” You feel your face heat up at the doctor’s suggestion. 
He doesn’t give you time to question him, “Will you fetch Agent Mobius and send him to me, please? Once you’ve done that, head home and find a way to work through it that suits you best.”
“O-okay.” you leave and head back to your desk.
You find Mobius sat at his desk, looking extremely uncomfortable, but he puts on a smile once he notices you approaching, “You doing alright?” he grimaces.
“I’ve.. uh... I’ve been sent home to rest, get over this thing. The doctor told me to get you to go get checked too, just in case you picked it up.”
“What is it?”
“Uhh, I think it’s better if the doc explains it to you.” you feel yourself blushing at the thought of what’s happening to the pair of you.
“Well, uh, okay then. I’ll catch you around?” he offers as he starts to walk away.
“Yep!” you struggle to get out once you notice the bulge in his trousers.
You scramble to sort your desk out before you go home, looking at Mobius’ desk while you consider a thought. The doctor all but said that getting fucked was gonna make you feel better than getting yourself off. And since the both of you were afflicted, it made sense to ask Mobius. Right? You told yourself yes, it made sense. But you didn’t want to embarrass yourself by asking him straight up, in case he rejected the idea. So you grabbed his notepad he’d left on his desk and scribbled a note on it before rushing off to your apartment.
Mobius was beet red as he made his way back to his desk after his visit with the doctor, deep in thought about what to do now. He noticed you’d tidied your desk, but he also clocked something was amiss with his own desk as he approached it. His notepad. You’d written in it. He’d recognise your handwriting a mile away. Why had you written in his notepad? His eyes widened as he read your note. After a brief pause to consider, he found himself grabbing his things and heading in the direction of your apartment.
I’m sure the doc told you the best way to get through this is together.
Swing by if you’re comfortable (you know the code to my place). Ignore if not.
You got home and immediately took a cold shower in the hopes it would do something to alleviate the pain that was starting to kick in, but it did nothing. You took some painkillers too, but still nothing. Arriving at the conclusion that Mobius wasn’t coming, you had undressed and were getting ready to get in bed and get yourself off when you heard your front door beep and open.
You heard the familiar drawl of your name echo through your apartment, and you almost moaned in relief at the thought of Mobius being here to help, “Here!” you strangled out.
You’d barely covered yourself in your sheets when Mobius appeared in the doorway of your bedroom. He looked even more discheveled than earlier, and his trousers looked even more strained than they had been earlier. You clenched your thighs together at the sight of him. You knew it was wrong, he was likely in just as much pain as you, but fuck if the sight of him wasn’t glorious. He looked like a deer in headlights, just staring at you, breathing heavily.
“I... I-uh, wh-” he stuttered.
“Just get over here Mo.” you sighed, and he didn’t have to be told twice.
He dropped his blazer and toed off his shoes before almost lunging onto the bed and crowding you.
“Are you sure you want this, sweetheart?” he drawls as he looks down at you, using all the restraint he has not to just kiss you immediately.
“Yes,” you moan in reply and pull his face down so you can kiss him. He groans and kisses you back ferociously, fumbling with a hand to undo his shirt.
He pulls back from you and sits up to unbutton it the rest of the way, and you sit up to help him with his trousers. The sheet falls away from you, exposing your chest to Mobius, and it takes everything in him not to jump right back on you. But he muscles through the need and stands up to shuck off the rest of his clothes before crawling back over you. The sight of his hardened cock has you sighing and clenching around nothing.
He slants his lips against yours again as his hands make their way to your breasts. He swallows your moans and reciprocates with equally wanton groans and grunts. He can’t help but bite down on your lip when he feels your hand wrap around his cock, and it only makes your grip around him tighten as you stroke him.
He pulls away and mumbles against your lips, “Fuck, darlin’. So good.”
Soon enough, he grabs your hand and moves it away, lining himself up with your entrance and pushing into you after one more glance up at you. He slides in easily and he almost collapses on top of you once he bottoms out. The feeling is overwhelming for the both of you. Him simply being inside you already brings a huge relief to the both of you, and you spend a minute just laying there and catching your breaths.
The pain slowly starts to creep back though, and you grasp at Mobius, pulling his face back to yours, “Please, Mo. Move.” you all but sob and he pulls almost all the way out of you before slamming back in. You grab a fistful of his hair and tug on it as you capture his lips once more. He groans into the kiss and you can’t help but smile.
He sets a relentless pace, and you can feel the pain slowly start to slip away as he pounds into you mercilessly. You’re almost delirious, and he’s mumbling incoherently against the skin of your neck, but you manage to make out an ‘sorry’ among the nonsense. You remind yourself to question that when he’s not fucking you anymore.
Mobius snakes a hand down your body, bringing his thumb to your clit and pressing it harshly, pulling a lewd moan from the back of your throat, “Oh God, Mo... please.”
“Please what, sugar?” you can feel his grin against your cheek as he presses a soft kiss there.
“Don’t stop. You feel so good.”
“Don’t plan on it, sweetheart.” Somehow he picks up his pace, and his thumb presses more insistently against your clit and it tips you over the edge. Your mouth opens in a silent scream as relief washes over you, and you clench around Mobius.
He grunts at the feeling and his pace falters as he spills inside you, capturing your lips again and kissing you with all the strength he has. He lazily pushes into you a couple more times, riding out your highs before coming to a stop and rolling you both over so he was laying on his back and you were on top of him.
The ache wasn’t completely gone, and you could feel Mobius was still hard inside you, and you wondered if you’d have to go for another round to alleviate the effects of the pollen even more. But for now, you were content to just lay there with Mobius and bask in the afterglow.
“I’m sorry, sweetheart.” he murmured, and you pushed yourself weakly up onto your elbows so you could look down at him.
“What for?”
“I feel like I’ve used you.” he rubs at his temple, avoiding eye contact with you.
“Mo, don’t be stupid. We both needed to do this. I don’t feel used at all. I feel great, frankly.” you chuckle and move to sit up, careful to keep him inside you.
His tone remains defeated, despite the little groan at your movement, “It’s just... I feel like I’ve ruined things. This isn’t how I wanted this to go.”
“What do you mean?” you rub his stomach softly, admiring the little bit of a belly he had.
“I love you, Y/N. And now, because I couldn’t recognise a stupid sex flower, I’ve ruined my chance to show you that properly, and I feel so stu-”
You grab his face and kiss him with all your might, only pulling away when you needed to breathe, “I love you too, Mo. Since my first day as your partner.”
“Really?” the small smile that pulled on his lips was adorable and you couldn’t help but steal another kiss from him.
“Yes, really. You haven’t ruined anything. As uncomfortable as that flower has made me, at least it finally got us together. Otherwise we’d have probably both danced around our feelings for the rest of time.” you smirk, and he chuckles.
“Yeah, you’re probably right.”
“Once we’re over this, how about you take me out for dinner?” you raise an eyebrow cheekily.
“Sounds like a date.” he replies.
“I love you, Mobius M. Mobius.” you smile down at him as you press a chaste kiss to his lips.
“For all time?” he counters, pulling you even closer.
“Always.” you beam.
You and Mobius ended up going for another few rounds that night, though you’re pretty sure the second round cleared up the effects of the pollen. But where would the fun be in stopping, right?
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oh-so-heavenly · 6 months ago
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head empty, just Lokius
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