toaarcan · 7 hours ago
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Metara, Fallen Toa of Psionics
Controlling a Ce-Toa is difficult, but Makuta Reytez still made a solid attempt. A partial light drain and regular doses of antidermis mostly did the trick, but her grip was imperfect, and Metara ultimately escaped. With the assistance of another partial-Shadow Toa, and days of intense meditation, Metara was ultimately able to steady herself, and learn to control her dark powers.
Metara heavily favours telekinesis, and uses it to wield her Aura Glaive. In contrast to some of her fellow Ce-Toa, she feels uncomfortable rooting around in other people's heads, and is wary of the damage it could cause.
Like all members of Reytez's Hagah team, Metara was given two biotech implants made from crystallised Kanohi, granting her two additional powers. In particular, hers were Shielding and Quick Travel.
Metara wears a Mask of Intangibility, that was recarved to resemble a Kakama upon becoming a Toa Hagah.
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transfaguette · 3 months ago
The never ending loop of silence and erasure of marginalized men goes like this:
1. manhood is talked about only within the context of white cishetero patriarchy, typically by white, cis, and/or hetero women.
2. marginalized men try to speak up and add nuance and awareness to discussions and activism
3. marginalized men are shut down because manhood has become synonymous with oppression
4.repeat indefinitely.
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intersexfairy · a year ago
Men deserve body positivity & neutrality. And I mean all men. Not a single man left out. Not a single fucking one. Everyone deserves to feel comfortable in their body, regardless of gender, regardless of marginalization.
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tilde44 · a year ago
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Eraserhead Baby
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horrorshow · a month ago
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— Danusha Laméris
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shermangiftbasket · a month ago
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look at how cute I looked yesterday
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bethanyvenefica · 11 days ago
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IKEA BOHROK - very smooth and delicious 
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kodiak-captures · a month ago
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Toa Tuyet The Despot
Built for the Tuyet contests
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introwertyzm-egzaltacyjny · 6 months ago
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gifftings · 2 months ago
.  ✧  .  *  .  ˚ toheeb jimoh gif pack
by clicking the source link below you will find 194 gifs ( 268 x 155 ) of toheeb jimoh, best known for his role in ted lasso! i made all of these from scratch, so please do not redistribute or claim as your own! he is of nigerian descent and was born in 1997, so please cast him accordingly. i only did season 2, so please let me know if you want me to update these with season 1! potential trigger warnings: flashing gifs, age gap relationship, semi-nudity
please do not use my gifs if: you rp taboo subjects, you are using them to portray toheeb in a celebrity rp, or if you are in a smut rp. thank you!
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kris-lulu · a month ago
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What do you do?
Love Me 1.03
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wjbs-bonkle-au · 2 months ago
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Feeling stressed from college and gender dysphoria and stuff, anyway here's some more unconventional Toa, at least one of whom is trans because I say so.
Top to bottom:
Shardslinger (Magnetism), who lost his original Toa Tool when he accidentally launched it all the way to Bota Magna when first trying out his powers, and now entirely relies on his natural ferrokinesis to fight, coupled with his mask power.
Acrobatic Assassin (Psionics), wielder of the Mindknives.
Power Balladeer (Sonics), wielder of the Rhythm Rammers, equipped with the Desert Claws.
Molten King (Fire), wielder of the Magma Spears.
The Twin Miners (and their combined form) (Earth), wielders of the Split Claws. They have the ability to combine into a larger, four-armed form.
Salvager (Water), wielder of the Recovery Claw, equipped with a Storage Canister.
Enhanced Inventor (Plasma), wielder of the Machine Wrench, equipped with a self-made prosthetic arm.
Steel Lord (Iron), wielder of the Legendary Blades.
Karzahni's Escapee (Stone), fused to a modified Cordak Blaster and the Superheated Staff.
Neon Vigilante (Lightning), wielder of the Lightning Blasters.
(part packs used: VCParts Enhanced Mata, a lot of stuff from here, a couple of KingSidorak parts, one of VCParts' mask packs, Megawillbot's articulated hand)
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intersexfairy · a year ago
I just wanna shout it from the rooftops how much I love men, because there isn't enough positivity for that.
It feels like some people think loving women is superior to loving men and it just... hurts my soul. A lot.
We aren't monsters... We can love & be loved. Beautifully. Gently. Softly. Carefully. Genuinely. The honest intimacy between a man and their lover(s) is absolutely gorgeous.
This goes double for marginalized men, who are often demonized or ridiculed or invalidating in regards to both their marginalization and their manhood.
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magmafrost · a month ago
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No more anime girls, this is a Skrunkles account now Makuta here takes design cues from both the movie and toy designs, so its a bit of a hybrid. Im glad I could pay homage to the reversible mask (albeit with a bit of partsforming). He's totally buildable with real parts. Takanuva is errr... not, buildable with real parts. Not at all. -------------------------------------------------------------------- Ok so maybe Im a *little* late for april fools. But in my defense I had to learn both mecabricks and blender from scratch overnight, and those programs and I do *not* get along. So IDK what's going on with the lighting here, or why some parts are randomly glowing. But these are the sacrifices I make to get around stud.io's awful metallic colours.
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socketballmocs · 3 months ago
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Pure Shadow Toa
Enemy of team Prisma
"Our brothers and sisters who have aligned with darkness wear wicked armor and wield brutal looking tools. This is a cheap intimidation tactic. Their desire to strike fear may produce equipment that is impractical. Do not be fooled." - wisdom of a sagely Turaga.
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pimpmybricks · 2 months ago
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Deep Space Shipyard by Tino Poutiainen https://flic.kr/p/2n4tkgA
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onvermel · 3 months ago
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Ah I had forgotten that I once made a custom canister for an older version of myself moc. I even made a custom poster. The biggest problem with something like this is the model on the canister was outdated really quickly. I would update it again but I fear my selfmoc will never be done.
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bethanyvenefica · 21 days ago
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SWATCHLING -Can’t believe I didn’t share this Deltarune MOC I made before!
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pcelinasl · a month ago
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rahisaurus · 2 months ago
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Siika, a shark-like Skakdi hermit who happily lives her peaceful fishing life away from conflict. But when it's forced upon her, she picks up her crystal spear and tower shield and recalls her warrior days...
This moc was so much fun to create! I started with the head design, and put off the rest of the body for a long while until my wife brought home some old dinosaur bits she had lying around in her parents' house. Playing around with those old dino bodies inspired me to finish the model!
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