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#mod ananas
cute headcanons of ananas being a parental figure to mango cookie!!
Mango loves to try and paddle Ananas in the canoe, unknown to him Ananas is helping him row the canoe as well
Ananas always tries to ward off danger, especially from Mango’s routes
Mango always ends up running back to Ananas if anything big happens to tell them what happened even if they were there to experience it
Ananas always encourages Mango to share and talk with others, including themself
Mango brings Ananas cool rocks he finds on the beach before returning them back to their spot
Ananas has tried to teach Mango self-defense just for the sake of their sanity, it’s been hard because Mango is very trusting and it makes Ananas want to pull their hair out
Mango once slipped up and called Ananas “Mom” and they almost started crying on the spot (though Mango apologized and never mentioned it ever again)
Ananas was the one to gift Mango their hat, and often repairs anything of theirs that gets broken or messed up one way or another
Ananas has also scooped up Mango from canoe crashes when he was still just starting out on his routes
While Ananas is never one to hug back, Ananas just stands there when Mango hugs them instead of fighting back or pulling away
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hazyaltcare · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
A moodboard for an ananas dragon cookie (Cookie Run) with themes of being self-absorbed.
Mod Haze (💣Mark)
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proship-moodboards · a year ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
🍑 mango cookie x ananas dragon cookie and avocado cookie x mala sauce cookie sprite edits without text for anon 🍑
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addictedkinn · a year ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Anonymous asked: Could I possibly get a 1440×2560 wallpaper with Ananas Dragon and Sorbet Shark cookie? (Not as ship, they're both ccs for a kin) Perhaps being on the darker side with nature themes (Plants/rocks/sky. No water plz) Thank you so much 💞~🕯️
Ananas, stop poking Sorbet!
- Mod Mahiru
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lgbtqa-pride-icons · a month ago
This is a friendly reminder that this blog will always stand behind all members of the LGBTQA+ community. This includes:
pansexuals, omnisexuals, polysexuals
mspec lesbians and gay men
he/him lesbians and she/her gay men
non-binary people
neopronoun users
If you disagree with any of these stances, please unfollow and block us, as LGBTphobes are not at all welcome on this blog and they never will be.
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not-your-introsource · a year ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
A few icons for Genesis (kin with Ananas Dragon Cookie).
Flags: Ananasgender, Paramegender, Previme, Plurian.
- Mod Mala
Tumblr media
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ananas-dragon-cookie · a month ago
mandatory reading for Ananas likers
Mango and Ananas have been described as symbiotic in their friendship. This is the only canon peek into what they've become after the guild story. I've seen a few interpretations of this relationship but in my opinion, many have been off the mark. Whether they've misinterpreted Mango, Ananas, or both it's just my take that the relationship is not as simple as fanon likes to make it out to be. 
Now, what do I mean by my statements? Simply put, fanon tends to do as fanon does and flattens a character or relationship. Ananas is not nor will they ever be a soft-hearted parental figure. In the same vein, however, they are not cruel or overly malicious being. The same misreading of personality can be attributed to Mango being a softy or just a pushover. Unfortunately, though the way people have interpreted their bond has either been a one-sided friendship Mango has with a distant god or a family bond between the two. Now I will admit I do love some family Ananas and Mango but I have to admit canon shows a very different picture that I need to acknowledge. 
At this point, you’re probably wondering what my opinion is since I've spent thus far only choosing to discredit the most popular interpretations of them I've heard of. Well in my opinion they ARE symbiotic, but not in the way you might be thinking. They don't need each other to survive. There is a massive power imbalance that ensures no matter what Ananas can live without Mango and technically out of anyone on the islands Mango could leave easiest as a talented boatsman. The thing is though Devs never claimed their relationship was symbiotic in a physical nature I believe where they require each other is emotional. 
Let me remind you that symbiotic means a mutually beneficial relationship. Canonly speaking no matter if you agree with my interpretation you can't deny they both benefit somewhat from this arrangement. It's even described by the Devs as a friendship, denying they could even be friends would deny canon. Therefore we establish they both can help each other with their presence. It can also be said Mango can not offer Ananas anything physical that would benefit the dragon. He is but a child while Ananas is his superior in age, power, and influence. So then the only way I can see them benefiting each other is through an emotional connection.
It makes sense if you truly understand both characters. They are both incredibly lonely people. Ananas lives an isolating life up in their palace, only surrounded by beings they morally object to socializing with. Mango is a bit harder to say but I do remember lines that truly point out his loneliness. He says "Legends say the dragons were born here and- Hey where are you going?" also "Our islands are unique! This one has so many- Where are you going?" and finally "Come visit again! Promise? Please?" Through these examples and other info on Mango's character, a picture can be painted. He loves the islands more than anything and as a ferryman, he helps those visiting learn more about his beloved home. Those same visitors however seem to be his only friends as he is desperate for them to return. He is also constantly either ignored or left behind while trying to talk about his interests and his home. These are not the words of a boy who has tons of friends, they are the words of a child with no one to truly open up to. Except, perhaps, the only person who loves the islands more than Mango. 
So far what we know about Ananas makes it clear they love their island more than anything. They protect it from harm and defacing their home is enough to warrant death in their eyes. The guild has experienced that first hand but the inverse has also been shown to be true. Many seem to think Ananas is overly mean and yet once the guild members saved Pineapplmur Ananas not only spared them but helped them get to the ocean. That was an extra effort on their part to help out those who they originally were willing to execute for an "unforgivable" crime. To me it sounds like Ananas is not cruel, they're just strict and stand by their own code of honor. It's not even one too hard to understand. It's simply something like "those who harm what's mine deserve no mercy, those who help what's mine deserve my respect." Milk, who saved Pineapplemur, is given the closest thing to a compliment I think Ananas can give to a standard cookie. If you then look at Mangos chart with Ananas you will see how a mere cookie, who didn't even save their precious pet, is given similar praise. To be seen in such a way by a dragon like Ananas who looks so far down on cookies? One who is not even a warrior, not even an adult? That's impressive. Mango has canonly earned Ananas's respect or at the very least interest on the grounds of his knowledge. 
Leading back to the original point it's quite clear now where this is heading I assume. Mango is a child who loves the islands above all else and seems to be walked away from often when trying to share that love with outsiders. Ananas is a self-isolating dragon who has a passion for their home above most other things and has an interest in Mango's knowledge. Through the guild story, Mango has already been acquainted with Ananas and can build a somewhat good foundation off of that. 
Their friendship is based solely on a need for interaction I believe. Mango gains someone to ramble at and learn new information from in Ananas. Something he lacks in regular island life. It's clear to me the people he meets are fleeting and he knows most everything a mortal can know about island life. In turn, Ananas would be able to gain in Mango compliments and a conversation with someone who knows their islands just as well as they do. Ananas most definitely would appreciate the formal address Mango would slip into as well as the natural compliments from him. They'd also gain someone who knows more about dragons than perhaps any other regular cookie alive. For someone like Ananas, what else is there to talk about than dragons, islands, and themself? Mango is ecstatic to talk about any of the 3 topics so why not indulge the little cookie just a bit?
 That's probably how it started and how it grew past that point was most likely a slow process for them both. Perhaps even now neither of them truly understand their relationship either, it just is as it is. No doubt Ananas does not consider it the same as either Lotus or Pitayas interactions with cookies. Mango similarly wouldn't dream of considering a dragon a friend, the audacity of the assumption would be unspeakable. And yet, just because they don't realize what has truly blossomed doesn't mean it's any less real. 
So if you ask me how I feel about Mango and Ananas I'd have to be honest. They are complicated and unconventional. But, they are friends and understand each other more than either would be willing to admit, at least at first. How they grow and bond past this point I'm not sure but I have high hopes for them. I may be looking too deeply into these characters or putting too much faith in the Devs but hey, it's still fun to imagine. And if I'm wrong, if Devs flatten them both out or rip apart any emotional depth between these 2 characters I love so dearly at least I can say it's just a theory...a cookie theory, thanks for reading!
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crumbling-cookie-imagines · 11 months ago
Fatherly Ananas at Mango cookie platonic pog?
Mango poked his head into the doorway, watching Ananas silently as they walked around the room. It took a little while for Ananas to notice the small cookie hiding by the doorway.
“What is it, young one?” Ananas asked, turning to face Mango as they crouched down to be closer to his size.
“I broke my paddle again.” Mango waddled on in, immediately going to hug the dragon as the build up of tears started to sting his eyes.
“That’s the third time this week,” Ananas mumbled, hugging the little cookie back. “What happened?”
“Rocks…” Mango mumbled despite it not seeming like the whole story. “They’re in a new place now and I’m still not used to it.”
“That’s all?”
“Mhm.” He sniffled, hugging the dragon tightly. 
“Why didn’t you just lead with that, young one?” Ananas asked gently, “I can move the rocks for you. They’re still messed up from when those ruffians came by and ruined the beach, yes?”
“They’re my friends.” Mango mumbled.
“...When your friends came to the islands, that’s when the rock changed right?”
Mango simply nodded in response. The hug lasted much longer than the conversation as Mango clung to the yellow dragon for comfort. After Mango eventually pulled away, Ananas stood up and stretched.
“Would you like to show me where the rocks are?”
Mango nodded hesitantly, grabbing onto Ananas’ hand before leading the dragon out of his mountain abode. It was quite a walk down to the beach, though neither spoke a word of it.
"So the issue is the new rock placement, and just that?"
"Well..." Mango huffed, " can't get mad because of it."
Ananas hummed slightly, "alright, I won't get mad."
"There's some people who like to throw spears at my boat when I pass by sometimes and they've started to wade out to the rock now."
Of course Ananas was mad, though they did tell Mango that they wouldn’t be. They took a breath and tried their best to remain composed.
“And the rock is the main issue in all of this?”
“I think so, yup.” Mango nodded. “If there was no rock I’d be able to paddle away quicker.”
“Okay.” Ananas hummed, silently planning on doing much more than just move the rock. Maybe move the rock onto them, that’d work. “Do you always… run?”
“Mhm!” Somehow, he sounded proud. “I get to avoid conflict so no party ends up hurt! It’s just the right thing to do.”
Ananas nodded slowly. That was certainly a take on the matter in hand. “As long as you don’t get hurt  in the process.”
“I don’t, I’m very quick.” Mango grinned brightly, “and I’m really tough!”
“Tougher than me?” Ananas teased, picking Mango up causing the small cookie to let out shrill laughter.
“No!” He laughed brightly, wiggling in the dragon’s grip. “No, no! Put me down!”
Yielding to Mango’s wishes, Ananas put him back down on the ground without much hesitation. There was a pause as Mango took a few breaths to calm down his laughter.
“One day though I will be!” Mango declared, crossing his arms to mimic Ananas’ common stance. “Then more people will visit the islands!”
“Really now?” Ananas smiled faintly, “I’ll look forward to that day, young one.”
As they arrived on the beach, Ananas could spot the rock easily. There were a few people nearby that weren’t armed with spears so Ananas decided to ignore their existence for the time being.
“That’s it! That’s the rock!” Mango pointed, running through the sand to get closer.
The rock seemed to glow a faint yellow colour before being torn from the water and sand, getting flung onto the dryer area of the beach.
“Does that do it?” Ananas asked as Mango turned to them with a excited expression.
“That was so cool!” Mango gushed, running back over to Ananas, “so, so cool!” 
“It was nothing.” Ananas patted Mango on the hat, “anything to make you feel better. Let’s go take care of your paddle now.”
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cookie-run-ideas · 4 months ago
to that one anon, mod pitaya and mod timekeeper both run kin blogs, mod pitays has a kin discord server, and i have the dark-enchantress-cookie @ lol we r filthy kinnies r mod names r an inside joke because of our kins being in an emo band together
~mod de
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auctioning-kins · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
ananas dragon cookie (cr) icons ; tropical themes and slightly pink
➷ please like/reblog and credit if you use! no kin tags please!
➷ mod ena
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cookieruntips · 3 months ago
any suggested combis for trophy races? btw I'm curious on what goes into figuring out ideal combis and whatnot, any general advice there?
I'm not too sure about treasure meta but I think something pretty safe is to start with a high-leveled cookie that scores well and relay into a cookie with a last blast/revive! Mine personally is Truffle -> Chess Choco with Engine, Pepbook and Nightlight!
Some uhhhh actual combis I found using the internebs?
Bamboo Wilds
[617m+] Sea Fairy Cookie + Wave Drop -> Ananas Dragon Cookie (X-Tra Hot Turbo Engine, Golden Cheese Pickaxe, Horse Figurine) (from Chateaw)
Crystal Pudding Cave
[605m+] Timekeeper Cookie + Magmabird -> Scorpion Cookie (Haunted Snuggly Bear, X-Tra Hot Turbo Engine, Power Energy Drink) (from Fernomel Gaming)
Strange Winded Grove
[625m+] Dark Enchantress Cookie + Eternal Eye of Darkness -> Ginseng Cookie (Tinysaur Hatchling, Perfect Treasure Map, Colorful Paper Plane) (from SinisterVelx)
City of Wizards
[606m+] Hydrangea Cookie + Floral Froglet -> Ginseng Cookie (Carrot Missile, Tinysaur Hatchling, X-Tra Hot Turbo Engine) (from Chateaw)
-Mod Key
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cooky-pride-flags · 7 months ago
Intro post (Please read)
Heya! We colour pick pride flags from various cookies' sprites. We take requests both for cookie ships and individual cookies! Posts are uploaded from a queue and they go up at 10 am and 9 pm EST! Sometimes we might post a few when we feel like it as well.
Info about the mods, DNI and request rules under the cut.
Meet the mods!
• Mod Crepe (aka Kimi, Akari, Vanilla, Takeo, Kip, Moon or Waffle)
- Any pronouns (Including a boatload of neos!)
- White latine, American
- Minor
- Enby (leaning towards male in identity and female in expression), idfk what i am anymore
- I like messing around with art, dragons, playing video games, trying to write stories, the likes. I have Zero braincells in my thick skull.
- Fave cookies: I can't list 'em all but Strawberry Crepe's my #1, Cream Puff at a close second. Walnut, Croissant, Golden Cheese, Pure Vanilla, and a few others with those Vibes are somewhere after.
- Mod Nebbiolo (aka Kitsune or Chibi)
- She/her
- Adult
- White, idk American
- cis female, aroace
- I like to draw and write, as well as play video games. I sometimes post my cookie fanart on @dragocookie . Though tbh, I mostly lay around tired.
- Fave cookies: A lot. Like, too many to list. Pitaya, Ananas, and Lotus Dragon Cookie share my top favorite spot, then there’s Aloe, Cyborg, Red Velvet, White Lily, Sorbet Shark, Golden Cheese, Scorpion, and Pure Vanilla, to name a few.
-Mod Werehound (Aka Brute or Candy)
-they/it/he, glitch/glitchs, fine with any non-she/her pronouns
-Minor, soon to be adult
-Paper (white. Very white.), American
-Bisexual Polyamorous Enby.
-I write a lot, if you wanna read my stories you can find me on Quotev as Murderfox. My main blog is @candycat2004 but it’s mostly reblogs and I basically never post original stuff.
-My favorite cookies are Walnut, Sorbet Shark, and Squid Ink, but my favorite Cookie Run character of all time is Choco Werehound Brute. I also pretty much adore any and all animal-based cookies like Kumiho and Moon Rabbit.
Do not interact:
- Bigots of any kind (rac*st, s*xist, lgbtqphobe, abl*ist, antis*mitic, etc)
- T*RFs, SW*RFs, ALM/Blue Lives Matter, exclus, identify as/support any “supers*xuality” (read above)
- Pr*shipper, anti-anti, (NO)M*P, ped*phile, z**phile
- Say "They're just cookies!" to excuse whitewashing
- Think "blackwashing" exists
- NS*W, k*nk, anything along those lines
- Fuj*shi, fud*nshi
Rules for requests:
- We won't do ped*philic/inc*stuous/ab*sive ships. (Refer to DNI)
- We won't do PomeStar, BruteLicco, any ship involving Moonlight or Sea Fairy with men, and anything with Milk or Goblin.
- Mod Moonlight won't do minor ships but Mod Crepe can. That being said don't submit ships involving young kids like Apple.
- Mod Moonlight has done one before, but we will no longer do Vincian (toothpaste) gay flags. Instead, we’ll do either Cinthean, rainbow, or alternate flags for mlm/nblm.
- We reserve the right to refuse to do a submission for any reason.
- Generally just be nice and patient! These generally don't take us too long to do but it can take us a bit to get to your request depending on the backlog.
- Let us know if you need something tagged!
- Reposting/usage is allowed with credit! Just tag us if it's on here or link back to our blog if it's offsite.
-Rules/DNI may be subject to change!
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addictedkinn · a year ago
Tumblr media
anonymous asked: " Can I have a moodboard of Ananas Dragon Cookie with themes of islands and pineapples? "
apologies for the long wait, i went out to get dinner :P
-mod chiaki
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ask-ananas-dragon-cookie · 5 months ago
Hello there cookies~ It is I, Ananas the Golden Dragon! I know, I know, but please hold off on swooning for I have an announcement to make! I am creating a blog to give u, yes u, a peak into the grand life of a dragon amongst dragons! Ok, now u can applaud~
Ahem! Aren't u forgetting something oh mighty dragon? 
What!? I never forget anything u brat!
Are u serious??
Im trying to make a blog post so buzz off like the insect u r Fire!
Insect? U egocentric ass-
Hey! Calm down u two!
Stay out of this Mango
But there's no need to fight guys! Nana, Fire was just reminding u to mention that we’re also in this blog too!
Oh yeah, i forgot about that. Thank u for reminding me Mango!
Your welcome!
I literally was just saying that-
Tumblr media
Silence Fire we need to wrap this up! Send asks our way if ur brave enough mortal~
ok rp broken, mod here! this blog is for fun and in the same universe as @ask-pancake-cookie​ if u like this au check them out!
1. this isn’t an open roleplay blog so if u want to set something up ill need to know u and talk it out in dms with the other au creators
2. no NSFW or anything suggestive allowed. any asks like such will be blocked
3. any triggering subjects will be tagged but do not send intentionally triggering asks
4. M!A is allowed but mod will choose which ones are accepted and do not try to derail the story with it or spoil things
5. if u have an issue with any of my hcs then block me. do not try to get me to change my blog because u personally don’t agree with how I view a character
6. don’t send an ask for a character that isn’t open it will be deleted or archives till they are, check the Bio section of navigation or down bellow to see whos open!
Currently Open for Asks:
Tiger Lily
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