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#mod ash
desi-anon-confessions · 9 hours ago
ok it’s the anon who had a crush on anya so we’re in tenth grade now and she’s in a different class than me and we haven’t texted in ages, mods any advice?
You could like text her again like send her a meme or something to start the conversation maybe? Or just be like "Hey long time!"
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desi-anon-confessions · 9 hours ago
*gibs mod Saturn a cookie*
*Takes it*
Sowwy mod saturn 🥺
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desi-anon-confessions · 9 hours ago
hanuman is the og himbo but we're not ready for that conversation yet
Jdjdndbxjdjjd lmaaooo yes so true bestie
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desi-anon-confessions · 9 hours ago
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desi-anon-confessions · 9 hours ago
I was gonna rant to you about anxiety that I feel when I'm on tumblr, but then I got anxiety about that ask so I didn't send it lmao
Oh dear omg ndjsjsisus you can send in any rant bestie dw avout it
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havent seen mod bambi in a while are they okay?
Yes theyre fine just busy with school work :)
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just cleaned up my spotify playlists — i didn't realize exactly how many there were until i deleted about 50 of them (currently its 55, there were 105)
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i think krishna is pansexual aro bc you see how almost every woman he's married it's bc they fell in love with him first and he married them in a 'oh i'll fulfill your wishes' kinda way???
Yes exactly and he loves and respects them yes but first its cause they fell in love
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me praying at the temple, with my 87 year old grandma and a bunch of other old, hindu, religious people: prabhu plz give me harry styles gender plz plz plz give me long hair in a guy way plz plz harry styles gender plz bestie
Im wheezing this is so me yes
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Today is the last day of my sophomore year. Within a month, my best friend will move to India, where she will stay for two years. I'm scared we might grow apart. We value communication overall and we truly love each other, but what if love is not enough? I know friendships come and go, but this one, I want to keep.
It will be enough and we have social media and you can call a lot na? Some friendships do stay forever and as long as yall talk and communicate it will be fine
My mom and her bsf have been bsfs since they were in school and the bsf now lives in the US and has been living there for atleast 15 or more years now and theyre still extremely close. There are some bonds that survive the test of time dw
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If they is gender neutral, is it ok if we use it on someone using he or her as a gender neutral alternative for example if my friend is talking about a friend of theirs, and we do not know the gender of said friend, so I refer to them as them?
Yes actually thats what we've been doing for a long time like this is in English grammar textbooks that if you dont know the gender you can use they/them
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Shoutout to @leestillyeetschappal . Gotta be one of my favourite genders
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hi i saw this post and im super happy for the person but i didn't know there was a way to *not* get the stream that you want??? like is there a chance that ill just not be able to do what i want to do??? im sorry that makes no sense lol but like i thought i could always end up doing what i want?? im just 14 but ive told to be 'realistic' but it just doesnt seem like an option to me???
As far as i know in 11th/12th you can get whatever stream you want jaan dw
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ranboodaily · a day ago
what happened here...
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ranboodaily · a day ago
Do you all make the art? :D
yep! except for the ones tagged as randaily submissions/offerings, thats all submitted art
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desi-anon-confessions · 2 days ago
@nikeopolis is underrated
I like their blog sm
Yes nike is *chefs kiss*
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desi-anon-confessions · 2 days ago
For some reason I think of Krishna as a Panromantic Ace
Could be could be he has the vibe for sure
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desi-anon-confessions · 2 days ago
how do i gain weight wwithout gym...gym are closed??/ i want help so badly
Gain weight?
I mean if you want to workout then there are a lot of yt videos you can do yk
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desi-anon-confessions · 2 days ago
A stupid joke to make someone's day :)
Tumblr media
Hdhshsjsjs lmaaoo
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desi-anon-confessions · 2 days ago
thinking gay thoughts hbu
Stressed and tired hbu
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