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I just caught up to around the middle/near the end of the green witch arc. so in a sort of celebration here is the Fluff Alphabet. All Character’s are allowed.

Note i did not make these it was made by @ snk-warriors  


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This story was written by a new writer who has English as a second language . This story involves. A pre established relationship. Hinted  kidnapping and torture. Female Reader. Probably ooc.

Y/N L/n(your name. last name)

B/m B/d(birth month. birth day)

H/c (hair colour) 

if enough people like this ill make more of it

This Story was written by mod Hannah. Story under the cut

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[OOC] Hi there! I’m Mod Hannah! Yes, I share a name with character. She is my persona, after all! Anyways, I’m here to say a lil bit about myself and how I’m gonna be running this blog! I’m 18, use she/her pronouns (cis), am pansexual (or bi? Haven’t quite figured out which label I prefer), and am a huge dork. I’m in many fandoms, but my biggest ones are My Little Pony, and Psychonauts. I’m an artist, and I aim to be a professional one day! I am OC friendly, since… you know… OC blog. I’m here to give some rules/guidelines about how my blog will be run. On to the rules!

1. Be respectful, please. I’m here to have fun, not to get into arguments over self inserts and personas and whatnot.

2. Please, if something I say or do bothers you for whatever reason, DM me and let me know! I don’t want to make anyone uncomfortable.

3. Shipping is allowed on this blog! If you wanna ship my sona with a character, or your OC, go on ahead! Just make sure it isn’t toxic or problematic (you know… pedophilia, abusive… that stuff is a big no no.)!

4. If you wanna draw my sona, go on ahead! Just make sure to tag me in the post!

5. This blog is SFW! No NSFW, please. 

And those are the big things! So, welcome, and have fun!

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I’ve received some very long and detailed asks or messages from users not just on here, but about my stories on other sites! Many end it with an apology and it breaks my heart. Don’t!

Never, ever, ever apologize for that! I know that myself I have a tendency to automatically allow “sorry” to spew from my mouth quite a bit, but anyone who reads and enjoys what I put out or just my blog in general is AMAZING to me!!

I love detail and reading any and every comment even if it’s like “wvdnevuahhnrjauy627478227!!!?-!!?!” 😂

Thank you so much, everyone who has!

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Oh boy I’m gonna regret this later 😅 I’m sure there’s better photos buuuttt…

But I have no problem showing my face, I just prefer not to. This is me a while ago before I chopped my hair off recently to shoulder-length, my bangs grew super fast, and I started self-tanning again so I don’t glow in the dark lol


And me more put together


And a more recent pic of me; which is actually my discord profile picture (I’ve had my nose pierced with a ring rather than a stud for a while now)


😂 hope you’re satisfied anon~

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hi! can u please rec some ianowt blogs? preferably ones that provide trigger warnings for blood bc of that final scene please

Hm, I’m not sure which blogs to recommend that specifically tag for blood/gore…if any of our followers who post IANOWT and use content warnings would please like or reblog, that would be very helpful!

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For the post of jaeden that had water marks and you photoshopped it what app did you use

I use Photoshop CC 2018, but if there are other programs with the Spot Healing and Clone Stamp tools, those would work too!

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um hi, you know the pic from TCA you put your watermark on, they’re literally pic i edited myself because there were the watermarks from shutterstock..

I saved the pictures from shutterstock and removed the watermark in photoshop as well! (I make a lot of changes/mistakes while I do haha)

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Howdy folks! In case you didn’t know, we also run a discord server in addition to the blog! If you’re a sapphic of faith looking to connect with a community, this server is a great place to start. Feel free to drop in and say hi, we’re always looking for new members! 

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Hi all! So a little update from me and my position within the group. I’m going off on an adventure and traveling for a little while in August. So what I’ve decided to do is drop my two lovely characters I play here now, so that someone else can love them and give them all the attention they deserve. But don’t worry I’m not going anywhere, i’m still here as a mod until August and then when that hits I’ll be on a ‘mod hiatus’ of sorts, and will rejoin the other two glorious mods and you all rping when I get back. So with that PSA done, I hope you’re all enjoying our current event! It has started to feel free to interact and get those disco vibes rolling - Hannah x 

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Hi ^^ I just found your blog and I want to ask how to join and if there is a list of the available characters

The links are all posted on the blog


-Mod Hannah

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Hi,I just wanted to drop in and say how much I love and appreciate all of you and this blog.I’m a sikh wlw and your blog always makes feel better about being religious and lgbt,and I know it’s probably helping a lot of other people too.

I’m glad you like our blog, anon! We love and appreciate you too ♥️💖♥️

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