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#mod kabu

!!! that’s awesome!! it definitely took some time to understand myself enough to use he/they, but i’ve felt a lot more comfortable with them! i wish you all the best in figuring out what’s comfortable for you psyduck :D

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hEY, i wanna see something! drop your favorite pokémon game and a theme from the game that really makes you think “oh yeah, this is from THAT game.” i’m not sure if i explained that well, so a non-pokemon example would be the gusty garden galaxy theme from mario galaxy, like it just SCREAMS mario galaxy vibes you know

also, no major battle themes like the champion themes or something!! give the route music some love :)

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i do, thankfully! i changed my password and everything went back to normal, but it was still scary while it was happening ^^;

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Perfect! Wanted to check before writing it haha!

You got a treat coming!

Melony enjoyed spending time with Kabu, but there were times Kabu became sheltered in terms of how he would act with her. For example, when people made comments on how cute they are together he’d look away.

It was like he was repulsed by the thought of that bring a thing.

Which was why she got surprised in many ways by him asking her if she wanted to go to a warm cabin with him for the night. She agreed, making sure to take her water type Pokémon for defense if needed.

Kabu walked her to the entrance of the cabin, opening the door and smiling warmly at her, inviting her into the place.

The cabin was a rustic one, one that as welcomed by both Melony and Kabu for keeping with their historic beginnings. The wooden beams were still in peak condition, and the walls were consisting of logs.

There was a large TV hooked up to a laptop that was glued down to a table, preventing the possibility of stealing.

Kabu pondered out loud what to watch while Melony walked over, beginning to work her magic and putting on a comedy - a genre both liked.

Kabu was impressed by the woman’s choice and got a warm blanket for her to wrap around herself as he sat down. To his surprise, she draped it around him as well.

He looks down in surprise at Melonys actions.

“What? Am I not allowed to cuddle with you?” She asked innocently.

Kabu shook his head no, pulling her in closer and trying (and failing) as hiding his blush.

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Aside from not knowing who Dandel and Laburno are, I don’t really have an answer for this?

Like Kabu’s been in Galar for probably half his life at this point, n met a bunch of challengers who also came from Hoenn. Apart from ‘huh that’s neat’ I don’t think he’d have much of a reaction to the new Champion being Hoennian too. Them winning with a brand new team in a short period of time has him Looking, but moreso for what that says about their strength and abilities as a trainer.

I feel like Kabu’s a much more private person outside of his persona as a Gym Leader, so if they’re kinda Adamant about hanging with him n bonding over them both being from Hoenn, it takes him a bit to warm up to the idea (since he keeps a strict schedule for himself n anything new is Awkward). But he supposes it’s comforting for them to find someone from their culture in a different region, so he doesn’t mind that much

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Oh I used to watch Sky too!! I definitely recommend the ones I mentioned, they make a lot of really good content and they’re a lot of fun to watch! My favorites are:

  • Dream
  • GeorgeNotFound
  • Sapnap
  • Wilbur Soot
  • TommyInnit
  • Tubbo
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Twitter drama is making me kinda anxious rn so uh if you guys wanna send some asks that’d be cool, if not that’s cool too, just kinda want to bunk down here for a bit haha

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Update on Minecraft I’m gonna play on the survival world I mentioned earlier on my own time but I started a survival world with two of my friends and we’re having a great time :) but we had to stop because I have to get up in like four hours for work lmao but we probably could’ve played for a lot longer if it weren’t for that

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Ayyyy same 😌 I’m the palest one out of all my friends and family and that’s on staying inside playing Pokémon all day babey

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YEAH idk what it is for me but like my dad’s veins pop out a lot and it grosses me out so much. And like I said mine kinda do too and it just makes me not want to touch my hands because I don’t want to feel them it’s so gross

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