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#mod post

Wow we are already 2k here!

Thank you SO much for the support and for following us!

We still don’t know if we are doing a celebration but our requests are always open so feel free to pop in and request

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Mod: Hey everyone! Hope you’re all doing well.

Now that we’re officially ten days from the premiere of volume eight of RWBY, it’s that time again to make a post letting you all know what tags I will be using to help you all avoid spoilers.

All spoiler content will be saved in drafts until the episode is available for Non-First viewing public, and then will be properly tagged and queued to go throughout the week.

This post will be repeated on the fifth and final days of the hiatus to ensure as many people can be informed on how spoiler content will be posted on this blog and be able to take the necessary steps to avoid said spoilers.

General tags used for every episode:

  • rwby
  • rwby spoilers
  • rwby volume eight
  • volume eight spoilers
  • rwby8
  • rwby8 spoilers

Episode specific content will be tagged as:

  • episode: (insert episode title here)

New characters will be tagged as:

  • new characters
  • insert character name here
  • insert character name (rwby) (This tag is used in the event that we don’t have the character’s full name)

The blog’s queue, where all spoiler content will be set up, is tagged as:

  • vac-queue-o
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Whether you are brand new to Leverage or a long-time fan, welcome! We are excited to have you here!

The  Exchange is a fun, low-key event for everyone and anyone who loves one  of the best TV shows ever created. All it takes is 1,000 words of fic, 1  wallpaper, 2 icons, a 5-song playlist, or a finished sketch to join.  Not only will you get an amazing gift in return, but we are continuing  our tradition of mod gifts. That’s right: you give one gift and get two  in return! Our theme is “Give a little, get a lot”!

Are you ready to join? Here’s what you need to know:


October 28: Sign-ups open

November 10: Sign-ups close

December 5th: Check-in (how is it going and do you need anything), Collection opens on AO3  

December 29th-January 5th: Posting and Reveals!

Check us out at @leverage-secret-santa-exchange  for all the details!

Let’s go Steal the Holidays!

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Ahh I did, thank you very much!!! Also thank you for the kind words, the other mods will probably respond to this when they see it about how they’re doing too~

-Mod Ash

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I’m happy to say I have news of actual progress this month!

Episode 3 has been completed, and the drafting for episode 4 is in progress. I’ve collected my notes in a much easier to read way as well as planned out more scenes for future episodes!

When these first few episodes will come out very much depends on whether or not I end up needing to add a fifth episode to the intro section. I’m still not certain, but once I get started on episode 4 I’ll have a better idea for pacing and all that.

While I’m here, I also wanted to direct some attention to @mfbbetterfury-extras! Everything that isn’t a main update or an episode is going to be posted there. At some point before the first episodes come out I’ll be posting a couple of teaser images, so keep a look out!

That’s it for the moment. Again, thank you for being so patient with me! I’m not able to focus on this as much as I would like to, but every moment I do is a lot of fun.

See you next month!!

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also i really want to make it into actual story with chapters, but my god. i already have oc story in making and writing warriored cats is hard

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i think keeping Firestar alive post-great battle is actully a fun idea, since he gets to see Onestar’s downfall and such


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THREE sleeps until custom card pre-orders open! We can’t wait to start creating cards for you and then, once Dec 1 hits, start seeing all the glorious fills!

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if i was an old timey prospector o wouldn’t even bother panning for gold. i would invest in goo0ogle stock and make my fortune that way. i hope you like this post

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————> Mod Post

Hi, sorry for the inconvenience but I’m nerfing the old posts to rewrite the story better!!! Sorry again, just thought it could be better if more prepare, should it prepared before hand. Silly me, I do appreciate the people who are following this blog and liking my posts, but I want it to be amazing for you guys!!!! So, I’m doing a little editing. Sorry again, have a good day!

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