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#mod talks
ask-jetstream · a day ago
Tumblr media
Mod: Was trying to work on a new post when @askalbinopie‘s mod asked to use procreate and proceeded to make… this
This is a call out post
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itsthesinbin · 5 months ago
ruby dixon said “im gonna play into your breeding kink AND your fantasy of a possessive doting partner that makes you the center of their world AND your fantasy of a giant monster treating you like the most precious thing in the universe” and slapped me in the face
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twstedforyou · 2 months ago
Hello! Mod here. This isn’t an update, unfortunately, but it’s an announcement! Nothing bad, don’t worry, Mod’s not quitting or anything!! Here’s the news in simple terms:
Mod’s computer is old. It’s a hand-me-down.
It’s so old now, that it runs pretty slowly.
Recently, the computer has been bugging out. Lots of restarts to bring to a... somewhat functioning state.
Accessing browsers takes ages. Sometimes doesn’t work at all. Restart again...
Pictures aren’t uploading anymore... which is all this blog has been, drawings from Mod’s computer. So, big problem.
Mod’s looking into a new computer while trying to see if the usual computer can still draw breath.
It’s taking a while. A lot longer than expected.
....In the meantime, will you folks accept text posts? Like imagines blogs do?
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memeclassheroes · 29 days ago
Mod here, I just wanted share something really exciting with you all!
Tumblr media
I'm getting married!!!!
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happy-shower · a month ago
Tumblr media
[Image description: A picture of a trademark filing for Delicious Party Precure’s logo and trademark. End description]
Thanks to trademark bot, we have the name and logo for 2022′s Precure season! Say hello to Delicious Party♥Precure!
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autumnofanders · 2 months ago
Introducing the Autumn of Anders Event!
Tumblr media
What is it?
Autumn of Anders is an inaugural celebratory prompt event for anyone who loves Anders from Dragon Age! The prompts are only suggestions; we will reblog Anders-centric content that meets the rules and tags #autumnofanders or mentions @autumnofanders.
Who can participate?
Fan content creators or consumers! On SEPTEMBER 22nd, 2021, creators can begin posting Anders-centric works. You can use the provided prompts or come up with your own. Content that will be reblogged includes fanfiction, artwork, moodboards, gifsets, screenshots, edits, playlists, ask memes, fic or art recommendations, etc. This list is not exclusive, but just to give you an idea of content to create for the event!
The blog will reblog or queue up posts (depending on amount of response) that tag #autumnofanders or mentions @autumnofanders until December 21st.
Bingo Cards
What content is not allowed?
We will not accept any of the following:
Content featuring underage characters (younger than 18) in sexual situations.
Content that discriminates against a marginalized group.
NSFW content that is not tagged appropriately (#lemon or #smut please).
Content where Anders dies or is killed.
Content which features a canonically gay or lesbian character in a sexual or romantic situation with a character of the opposite gender (i.e. no Dorian/f!Inquisitor or Sera/Anders. Some leeway is allowed for true healthy polyamory situations - Anders/f!Inky and Anders/Dorian, where Dorian and f!Inquisitor are onboard with sharing Anders, but Dorian and f!Inquisitor would not interact sexually). Note: Dorian or Sera in romantic or sexual scenarios with appropriate nonbinary or trans characters WILL BE reblogged!
Content from creators who leave negative comments on the works of other creators during the event.
Any other rules I should know about?
Please do not start posting your content early! You can start posting on September 22nd in your time zone. Anything in the tag or that mentions us prior to that date will not be reblogged.
Please only tag your own content. Fic and art rec lists count as your own content for the purpose of this event!
For nsfw content please tag using #smut or #lemon for the benefit of those scrolling the tags to be able to filter out nsfw content.
Use your own judgement with tags! If it's something you'd warn for on Ao3, please warn for it here as well, both in the tags and before the work you're sharing!
Tag Lists
For information about tagging format, see HERE.
Please send any further questions to our ASK BOX.
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twstedwithyuu · 8 months ago
What do you think the Yuu's would be like in the youkai au? What types of youkai would they be?
Both blogs have actually gotten quite a few asks about the vessels being a part of the youkai au! Normally, Mod would think it appropriate to throw themselves into the sun for putting their own OCs into their AUs, BUT...
Well. Mod wants to expand on the lore. So. OCs it is. Reason being, the NRC boys are all youkai, albeit all from different areas. RSA will all be hunters. But even though literally no one asked Mod about it, Mod had to think about it... That is... mixed-bloods. Because there has to have been people who did-the-do with their youkais. And had a kid.
So, Mod actually wanted to use the boys of this blog to expand on the other parts of the lore--mostly the youkai hunter organization and the topic of those with youkai and human blood. Things that don’t affect whatever story the main blog has going on, but still something interesting in the background.
In other words, the vessels hold interesting positions, but you most likely won’t be seeing them appear on the main blog’s posts. As for the other boys of this blog, they’ll just be regular youkai! They are, technically, part of NRC, after all.
(under the cut: some rough ideas on the vessels in the youkai au! and also a lot of lore on stuff that won’t appear on the main blog... whoops.)
Yui’s a former heroine, so taking advantage of their original role, Yui has been made into a shrine maiden in the AU. The public refers to Yui as a woman, though Yuuto and Yuuma keep using they/them for Yui.
As Yui’s family was one of the founders for the hunter organization, Yui themselves being the heir to the shrine, Yui has tremendous power within the organization. Alongside that, Yui also has the abilities to seal away a youkai’s power through certain means, but as there can only be one shrine maiden at a time with this ability, Yui is never called out to subdue youkai unless absolutely necessary.
The hunter organization actually exists alongside youkai rather peacefully. In most cases, a human might find themselves with only one or two youkai serving them, so when the master passes and the youkai go berserk, it is up to other humans to subdue the creature. In most cases, youkai of the same master will subdue each other, or in the case of the Savanaclaw group, be put down by other fellow youkai.
Your case of having a huge amount of powerful youkai is the rarest case in history, an exception to all exceptions, so please understand that there is no previous example to go off of in how your case is handled! Some of your youkai really should have been put down by now, but with how the Savanaclaw’s leader has become one of your own and the gods themselves defending their fellow familiars, none of your youkai can be put down. It’s pretty problematic.
Back to the hunter organization, the branch that deals with the areas your youkai lived in are the RSA students. As RSA is the “good-boy-hero school”, this reflects the RSA youkai hunter branch as well! Their method of subduing youkai is very kind. It’s those situations where through the power of friendship, love, and talking things out, things get resolved. They are trained in combat though, for those occasions where a youkai needs to get sense literally beaten into them before they’re willing to talk. The gist of it is: The RSA branch of hunters are good people and good boys.
Now, the main branch of hunters... That’s where Yuuto and Yuuma come in. This is the group you call for when talking it out just isn’t working. Or, you know, the youkai in question just really craves death. It is rather difficult for some youkai to die, so the hunter organization helps them out in those cases.
Yuuto and Yuuma are mixed-bloods. Usually, mixed-bloods are either hidden away and merge with youkai or human society until their youkai bloodline dies out, or they’re taken in by the hunter organization. As they’re mixed between humans and youkai, their behavior is a little... off.
Reason being, they’ve inherited a youkai’s obsession and devotion for their master, though it comes up in human stories as “the string of fate” or being “soulmates” and such, but they’re not bound by the limitations full-blooded youkai are, like being unable to hurt their master or fellow youkai. Alongside this, they have a human’s way of thinking and a human’s greed, which means there are instances where they’ll disobey orders from their “soulmate” to satisfy their own wants. In other words, they almost always end up as yanderes, these mixed-bloods, if not raised properly.
Not to mention, youkai will prioritize their masters over their own children, so there have been instances where a youkai who has lost their master then lost themselves to grief, were put down by their own child. This is the case for Yuuma.
There are also situations where a youkai will devote themselves to raising their child as a way to cope with the loss of their master, although they will be struggling to handle their child’s human way of thinking. Youkai put their masters above everything, so that’s fine, but with other humans, they really do not understand how they think. This is Yuuto’s case.
For both cases, the hunter organization comes in to help raise the child. The organization itself is made up of mixed-bloods and regular humans, so they all have a hand in looking after each other. 
As an interesting tidbit, for those who inherit youkai blood and have no idea, as they are too far down the bloodline to be aware of such things, will still have that ability to sense their master. Human interpretations make it out to be “fate” and such, but as the actual purpose is to bind a servant to a master, it is a one-sided thing. Most mixed-bloods will go mad at the realization, hence the yanderes. Add in whatever youkai powers they’ve also inherited, and that’s a recipe for disaster!
(Another fun fact: The weaker the youkai blood in them, the smaller the rope. Unbreakable as ever, but it gets thinner and thinner, hence the human stories of a string of fate! But yeah, no, that stuff is made of the toughest material in the universe... love. And a lot of obsession. No matter how small it gets, that doesn’t change.)
Back to Yuuma and Yuuto, the two of them are the top hunters of the main branch. The main branch works under Yui, so the trio are rather close. Yuuto and Yuuma are both violent in nature, which shows in their hunting methods, and that ended up being the reputation of the main branch. Violent and aggressive, no mercy, and the bodies dragged off away to somewhere.
Now here comes the real question: Are these three in love with you?
Answer: Yeah. Yeah...
For Yuuto and Yuuma, it’s realizing you’re their master, their one and only. Yet it’s also the knowledge that they can’t approach you because they’re both dangerous, abominations, violent and greedy scum. Being envious of your familiars who can be with you with no fear of harming a hair on your head, of how those familiars can always, without fail, put you first, when they’re constantly tempted to just steal you away against your wishes... They’re as eager for attention and care as the rest of your familiars, but they will never get it. They won’t let themselves. And they certainly won’t let each other.
Yui, on the other hand, has no such string of fate. Yui is simply in love with you like how regular humans fall in love. Although, most humans are not leaders of a supernatural hunting organization, and most humans do not manipulate said organization so that you’ll maybe turn their way. Was the fact that the RSA branch of famously good-hearted hunters happened to be in your area a mere coincidence, or a token of Yui’s affection for you? Well, you already know, don’t you?
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goldenimpact · 5 months ago
the xiaoaethers on here are so adorable!! the drawings make my cheeks hurt with how much I'm smiling when I see them 🥰💞 thank you so much for the food I'm always so hungry
Tumblr media
thank you!!! i feed you, you feed me, win-win deal!!
i also just made a twitter to post/talk about xiaoaether and stuff, but. i don’t know how to use it. but you can follow me! but i don’t know how to use it. at all. help
mod’s twitter link! send help y’all this website is too fast for my goldfish brain
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raid-spray · 4 months ago
Sometimes I think about how zhongli was a menace back then and how he threw a whole mountain at venti “venti think fast”
Like I bet someone said “I’m so weak” and then zhongli would go “YEAH TF YOU ARE”
(I bet zhongli didn’t even care about mortals to being with he just wanted to be one of the seven 😭)
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miss-two-bee · 4 months ago
song of the ancients? in MY Olympics? it's more likely than you think
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ereri-lost-and-found · 21 days ago
Found Items
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Want to learn how to find your own fics? We’ve posted instructions right here.
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samwilson-anon · 5 months ago
youre not the real cap
((Well, good afternoon to you too. I’ve been blocking you for weeks but it seems you’ve kept on coming back, so I’ve decided to answer you today because I’m in a good mood.
First of all, no, I’m not Cap. Because this is a fake RP character anon account, with an actual human being with a life behind it. Captain America exists in comics and movies, just so we’re clear on that. If you can’t separate this from reality, please logout and go touch some grass.
Second of all, no argument against Sam Wilson that I’ve seen since the last episode of “Captain America and the Winter Soldier” dropped has been anything other than racist.
“But he’s not a super soldier.” - No, he’s not. But he’s completely capable of holding his own against Bucky in CA: TWS. And took on aliens TWICE with the EXO-7 Falcon as his only means of weaponry.
“But he doesn’t have the serum.” - No, because he doesn’t need it. See the argument above.
“It should have gone to Bucky.” - We all hate Endgames ending, but regardless of that you clearly saw Bucky give Sam the OK when Steve handed him the shield. In Captain America and the Winter Soldier, Bucky was clearly supportive of Sams choice in the end and understood and apologized for the way he acted about Sams previous decision.
Sam Wilson’s speech in the last episode alone should tell you why he’s more than deserving to uphold the true values of that shield.
From the moment we met Sam Wilson in CA: TWS, we’ve seen what kind of man he is. He’s deserving of the shield, of the title, because he’s a good man. Did you forget the words Erskine spoke to Steve in the first Captain America movie? “…not a perfect soldier, but a good man.”
Sam proved time and time again why he’s just as capable as Steve in holding that title. He’s a leader, he’s kind, he’s resilient, he’s smart, he believes in doing the right thing. If you want to continue finding ways to send this bullshit to my ask box, go ahead I guess. But next time just tell me you’re racist and hate Sam Wilson, and you can go. I don’t tolerate that shit here, and if that’s a problem you can eat my entire ass.))
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itsthesinbin · 2 years ago
discourse in other fandoms: lgbtphobia or racism, ships, etc
discourse in stardew valley fandom: if you can fish without mods fuck you
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twstedforyou · 9 days ago
mod, if mc were a deity, would the behavior of the youkai change much?
To be perfectly honest, they already treat you like a deity. 
While the exact details of your position in this world is left up to your imagination, the most that is absolutely certain is that you are 100% human and you are, without a doubt, the Ramshackle dorm prefect. 
So, if you are a deity, you’re simply a human being worshiped as one, and not actually a divine being. However, with your amount of astoundingly powerful familiars, it’s also possible to masquerade as a god.
To elaborate further, you can say that the powers of your familiars are your own abilities and fool people like that, or even that your familiars themselves are manifestations of your powers... As devoted as they are, your familiars will follow with any story you wish to spin to other humans. While this would be an unthinkable feat for common masters, you’re not just anyone, are you?
Back to your familiars, they already liken you to an existence like god. You are their absolute master, your rules above all laws, your affection beyond all treasures, etc... If you don’t feel like they treat you like that, simply bring it up to them. You are a normal human, so they treat you how they feel you would be most comfortable being treated like: normally.
Most humans would find it... alarming, to say the least, to be whisked away from their daily life and worshiped fervently by monstrous creatures with enough power to level a continent... so they are attempting to act casually with you instead, to get you used to them.
Should you have specific requests on how you wish to be treated, convey that to your familiars! They’ll do everything in their power to grant your wishes. They’ve been waiting for you their entire lives, let them spoil you, please?
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incorrect-bsd-x-reader · 16 days ago
Tumblr media
comes back from my indefinite hiatus to post this then vanish into the depths again
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memeclassheroes · 2 months ago
Hey all,
It looks like I'll be taking a hiatus from this page for a bit. I'm working full time plus going to school and its getting hard to make sure I have quality content to post.
I love you all.
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twstedwithyuu · 4 months ago
Hi! So you honestly don't mind if we write/draw things for your au? Are there any hard lines you'd like to draw? Like you're not comfortable with people lewding or writing nsfw for kitsune!cater? I run a mostly nsfw writing blog and I'd love to write for the youkai!au but I don't want to make you uncomfortable by tying back to your hard work if you'd rather not be associated with that kind of stuff.
Mod doesn’t mind at all! In the first place, when you post stuff to the internet, it’s gonna be there.... forever. Even if you delete it, there’s always someone who remembers, you know? That’s just how it goes! 
So when Mod posts art and writings and an entire AU, it’s like... a gift. To all of you! Drawing/writing it made me happy, and Mod hopes that viewing it and thinking about it made you happy! When you’re feeling down or looking for a distraction, it would be wonderful if my works could bring you peace...
And some of you like to create, so naturally, you might be feeling like you wanna make something with the AU! 
As long as you link back to twstedforyou and don’t claim the AU as yours, or try making money off of it I guess??? is that a thing to be worried about..., then everything’s a-okay! Reposts, translations, all that is okay with me too, as long as you follow the above!
Long story short, yeah go for it!! As long as you’re okay with creating it, Mod’s good too! As a personal request, please @ the blog, or tag, or send an ask or DM so Mod can see! People making their own works with the AU is really fun to see!!
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ninjaimagines · a month ago
Hello 👋 so I just started reading ur blog and I 💕love 💕 everything u have been writing and especially ur hc’s 🥰 so may I request naruto and reader going through a haunted house 🤭 since it’s the spooky season 👻 ( if u don’t write for naruto than please with itachi )
why not both!!!
Naruto leads Y/N with absolutely no fear, he doesn't think haunted houses can be that scary.
"Don't worry Y/N-chan, I'll protect you." He would assure as they got closer and closer to the entrance.
He holds their hand and helps guide them throughout the entire hidden maze, carefully leading them from room to room. Naruto doesn't get startled by the loud bangs, or the flashing lights, he just ignores them and scans the room for the exit.
Naruto is all brave until an actor pops up from a trap door and scares him. Then Y/N has to lead them out because poor Naruto is petrified. It takes them twice as long to get through the last half.
"See! That wasn't so bad!" He says once they're back outside, like okay sir then why did you almost piss yourself??
"Lets go home and make those little ghost cookies I picked up earlier." Y/N suggested, eager to get far, far away from the haunted house.
Itachi doesn't think haunted houses are that fun, to him they're too predictable. He prefers to go on haunted hay rides or go through haunted corn mazes.
Him and Y/N are sitting in the back of this old, caged in, rickety wagon that's being pulled by a tractor, nothing super spooky has happened expect for the live spider that crawled on Y/N.
Itachi puts him arm around Y/N to pull them close, just before someone runs up and jumps on the outside wall of the wagon, screaming.
Y/N flinches and grasps Itachi's arm for safety, watching as the person is joined by a few more, who begin to shake the door to get inside.
"Don't worry my angel, it's just a show. They won't hurt you." Itachi murmured into their ear, trying to soothe them.
As soon as the ride is over, Y/N lets out a sigh of relief, happy to be done getting mildly scared.
"Babe, cmon we have to get in line for the corn maze now."
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hollownest-whore · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
Requirements to join in:
▪︎must be following me (it is a follower raffle pfft)
▪︎ must reblog this post with a hk oc or character (any)
▪︎ have fun :] please <:]
It starts today on May 29 and I'll pick the winners on June 5th!
the top 5 will get a drawing chibi (no background) or full image (opt background) depending on what they ask for! once again thanks for 1200 guys!! PK dad loves u
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