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#model UN

15.08.20 // delegate training presentation

i worked on some slide today for a training session i’ll be holding with my delegates for an MUN conference this weekend. i love chairing, but it’s a lot of hard work!

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In Never Have I Ever, when Devi goes on a model UN trip, she starts a nuclear war.  The United Nations Security Council is represented as a crisis committee, meaning that the goal is to become as relevant in the committee as possible, which Devi definitely did.  This means that Devi deserved to win best delegate, not Ben.  In this essay I will

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Hey, I’ve never had to worry about screening for joining the club, and I don’t really know what the club would be looking for. Reading up on what MUN is and how conferences in your area are run would be helpful. In general, learning about world issues also helps I would say. 

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I will never again experience the high of 16 yo me at a Model UN conference representing Vietnam drafting a resolution to essentially kick the United States out of the World Health Organization and have it garner enough support to actually pass. In that moment I was unstoppable. And if the the the chairman of the committee and the security council hadn’t been too coward and let us actually publish the resolution I think I could have revolutionized Model UN.

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MUNs are all about a bunch of teenagers with anger issues that want to blame their bad attitude on a country

No Kevin, you’ re not “respecting DPRKs stance”, you’re just arrogant from mother nature

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I’ve seen this done so here’s a list of things that happened at my first MUN!

  • The DPRK quoted batman while passing their resolution
  • the USA uggested moving everyone who lives in Iran to Alaska, and using Iran’s land to specifically grow marijuana, and it almost got passed
  • Brunei decided that gay people should all be stoned, causing one of two reactions, 1. people crying and feeling targeted. 2. gay people like myself voting in favour and saying things like ‘yasss brunei stone meee🥰’
  • Someone breakdancing in Security Council for reasons we still don’t understand
  • Everyone deciding to nuke Iran because they got annoyed at the person representing the country.
  • The Chair suspending note passing because people were flirting too much
  • The delegate of the Holy See leading everyone in prayer at the start of his resolution, bonus points for no one knowing the prayer
  • When people forgot their reusable cups for tea and coffee and resorted to stealing other delegates cups, using spare bowls they found around the place, and empty milk jugs to get hem themselves some tea
  • France making Lichtenstein cry because he said her resolution was horrendous, she cried because she agreed
  • NATO making business cards asking people to stop bullying them
  • Eventually USA and Iran deciding to start WW3
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I’m wondering if I should rejoin Model UN for my senior year. Because I did it in my sophmore year and I didn’t really like it that much but I also didn’t have my anxiety under control back then so my entire year was pretty bad then. I have more spares next year so I would have more time on my hands to prepare and stuff, plus I have my anxiety pretty much under control now (aside for the occassional bad week or two). BUT on the other hand I am already part of Student Union AND GSA. PLUS I need to get a job so that I can pay for university bc my dad might get laid off and I doubt I’ll get all the scholarships I’m going to apply for. BUT having Model UN on my resume would help me get a job. uuurghhg

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Now I’m imagining a bunch of students in the Mario universe doing Model UN.

Everyone is in a heated debate about trade regulations around shrooms and power stars. Someone threatens your country with dark magic and princess kidnapping because they feel your tariffs are too strong. The girl who got assigned the Mushroom Kingdom only has an army consisting of 2 plumbers, but somehow is considered the biggest threat on the table. For some reason, Italy is there…

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I think this would be a question better suited for your dais. If it’s before the conference, definitely send them an email so you can know beforehand! Crisis is really variable from committee to committee, so I don’t have a ton of advice regarding this specific situation. Good luck!

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Elsewhere Model UN must be more complex than other universities, not only because of the additional rules that have to serve alongside parliamentary procedure, but also because the students keep asking when the Courts are going to be on the Security Council and what their stance on global politics are.
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teacher: hello and welcome back to model un so let’s start out with some research

me: *quickly hides my lego architecture united nations set* there may have been a misunderstanding

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